The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 27, 1859 · Page 4
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 4

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Friday, May 27, 1859
Page 4
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the Emperor ; .Tke SartUniMt^fficral Bulletins oofltlnne to report wtrogiide moveraenta by $ trims, whose head quarters waro^at G ' BritS»h MTernment ^oraully prooliumli *nu-u*w , —bjectfi against r '**irlimHffP*• tv-.-i - ~ The TTM department issued an important war. ..:C The Parliamentary elections are nearly all over. J* j • ' The result is as last reported. wa» under orders for ''' ' ""''"' !!;, 'fc^ • f 4 * jnat would raise the French troops in Italy to500,000,inen,. , ., , French legislation on the corn lawt is postponed sine die. The Bank of Franov lost 2,000 000 f. in specie daring themonth. , TheBoanebad been active and higher, bnt declined lo S-4 on the 13th. : The projected mission of Prince Windisoh- grati to St. Petergborgh, is abandoned. The Qermari diet had adopted a proposition ic pot the feder|ii. e ga>riBp»f|orii 'a war foot Ing. The Prussian Chambers hare both anani- monsly authorized a war loan bjr the govern- meat. Adrices from Turkey report increasing agitation -in the provinces. . Breadstufla — K. Spenoe & Co. quote more buoyant since th» departure of tbe Vanderbill and City of Baltimore. Flour bald for an advance but wu difficult to sell. Q notations Ilal4. Holders of wheat ask an advance 6d , which checked sales and business was limited . ; Western Red, 8»1 la. White, 10s6daUs5d. Southern. 10«9aal3s. -• Corn, Yellow and mixed at an advance of 2a8d. White unchanged, mixed 6<nido.7s. White, 7«9da8fl4d. . Tallow dull and Is easier. Butcher's Association, to arriv, 57s. Sugars active, bnt at lower price*. Molasses dearer. Coffee dull. Rice firm and active at full prices, under llaU. Folpers of wheat ask an advance of 6d, which checked sales, and business was limited. Western red. Sails; white, 10s6dalls5d ; Southern 10s9dal3s. Bigland, A. & Co., Richardson, 8. & Cc., and other* report beef very quiet and only retail sales reported; 'prime generally firmly held, bnt inferior heavy and better at the close. Pork unchanged but more freely offered. Bacon in 'better request. Lard in better request at 60*63. Coin. — Yellow and Mixed at an advance of 2a3d r White unchanged. Mixed 6s8da7s9d. White 7s9da8s6d. Begjand, C. & Co., Richardson, 8. & Co., and Others, report beef very quiet, and only a few sales reported. Prime generally firmly held, bnt inferior heavy cut rather Letter tone at the close. Pork unchanged. i, May 24. The U.S. sloop of war Preble, Commander Jenkins, has arrived here after a passage of 60 days from Mooteredio. Later from Pikr'a Peak.. LBAVISWOETH, May 2£>. The overUnd express with dates from Denver Citj to the 13th inst., arrived here this ••'• evening. - : •• . ;• • '•'."•• The panic among the" emigrants has subsided in a great measure, an i better feeling prevailed. Quarti had been discovered, and promised to yield well. Dost had been offered in limited quantities in Denver, bat there had been none purchased. Expaoalon of a Locomotive. LAFAYETTE, Ind., May 26. At the SAM. freight train for Indianapolis on the Lafayette 4 Indianapolis E. R. was starting out this morning, the locomotive Lebanon exploded, seriously injuring Charles Cullen, Engineer ; John Dougherty, Fireman; and the brakeman, John Tracy ; also Peter FOOB. The engine was blown a distance of 100 feet, and is a complete wreck. The cause of the explosion is supposed to be a defect in the boiler. Loui8vn.iVE, May 24. The annual private tobacco premiums have been awarded ; one hogshead taking the first premium ; manufacturing sold at 60c per Ib. The second premium for manufacturing sol '1 ••' 880. Six hhds shipping, third premium b^.j at 33 3-4o per Ib. The competition for the. annual State premium will take place to-morrow. I f •" /y ' ; •: ' :, BUFFALO, May 26. The Lake Erie & Buffalo Steamboat Company has completed its organization and appointed B. B. Chapman Superintendent. The following are the directors : John Striker, President: Dean Richmond Wm. O. Fargo, Daniel Drew, John D. Camp, bell. The boats, City of Buffalo and Western Me tropoUs, will make nightly tripe between this • -olty |and j Cleveland, commencing June 8th, fronrCleveiand. - ; , May 26. . The democratic State convention organize! i ttxis morniug. Payne has withdrawn his name - ; lorGovernor. Eanney -will probably be the 'nominee. ; In the habeas corpus case, Waloott has been speaking all the forenoon and tbe case is no' deojded. ' * c ~-' " ' ~ 'IIXAV'ENWOETH, May 24. The charge* preferred against Capt. Van y , yiiet,by some ..mule contraoton during the r- Utah oampai^m, are generally regarded herein the light of pareecations. It is nnderstooi that affldavlts from the parties represented as •having paid Van TOet a bonos ihave gone to Washington—that they will quash the case o his accusers, and that Van Vliet; will demand a opart of inquiry into his official conduct. WILMIKOTOK, Dei., Hay 24. The Assembly met again to-day. The Presbytery of Kansas was recognized! and connect «d with the Synod of Iowa. i I The^6l> foreign Missions, ''without proposing a dis'solatiorT of relations with the American Board, concludes that the i time has:ooma for bringing the {work on the foreign field into closer connection with the denomination. Two and ; a half per cent, o the church erection fund was voted for £.an- , itjll sttarce, and -iaukert decline It ls v v«j (<x>d: The earrenc^ Is' pretty gent rally Wisconsin; Very little f aar; other Bsoklng hours will ' Tranuctlooi on iihange -»t the opcnlog to-da^ rerejiit prloti «6«»e«Bat better for No. I «hc%tthtuv«n . before the of the bnoyancj was lost aba the &, 'SC l f r«lT «f««a at 1^0 ' " without bnyen. Other qatlltl^ sold at a decilnb^ Bale»3e,MObn«. " ' ^ \ , ...^ oar^bere .WH.-liUle .done, 150 bbli 'of mliei • br»ndia.Ye,TB, comprtaing »U that transpired. Jy at an adranceof 8c w)thont !.CorQ"'ower at the cb«e; holders aiklog 60 aid buytri -ifferlog f5, .'"',. j . .., \'. Milwaukee WboirBale Market. PrelghU.-Tho\V. Lewis taiea a cirgo of wheat to O»wegt) oni the ownen a4^jimt. ; .The'*'I'ropeller Tly. month, of the .Western Tr»e»port«tlon Co., took 2,100 >bl«-floor yetterdaj, contracted through to NeW York by Si 1 *: Central B. R. at^Bo; TOieat—No. 1 So better—other quajitlei lower. Sales :0,«00 bu» No. 1 r. o. 'b., 1,86; 5,000 do.eztra Ko. jl f. o. b.,l,40j 800 do wlntert,60; flpO do'chbice titr» Ko. 1 1,86; 1,000 doUo. 1 in itore I,t8. ••" ; Floor—dull and lotrer. Bales ISO bbls mixed country brands extra spring 6,75. Corn—down 8c. Salti 100 bns>helled at 80. Hlghvrlna*—le decline. Bate 60 bbls at 28. Quotation! are>a> follows : Wheat—No. 2 Spring Wheat 1,00(2*1,05; No. 1 Spring Wheat l,20(3il,2S, No. 1 Extra 'Spring Wheat 1,40; Club Milling Wheat 1,80@1,«' extra; W'nter Milling Red 1,80®1,'0; Winter Milling White ^Vbeat 1,60^1,65. extra. Rye—1,00®1.05 Barley—no sales. OaU-60. Corn—80; corn (ear) —. Eggs—noaale 1H. Butier—no aale, 91^14. Hldra—green 6; salted 7; dry 12@14; full trimmed 16 ©16. Salt—l^a. WOOL TEA.DB. Wool—The Cincinnati GaieOt, S5«h says ab ut «0,OOOJbs n-w clip sold.within tbe wick >t prlcei rang- ng from SOc to 45c per Ib. The market continue! rather dull, though the receipts have met wltti a fair demand at the range of prices ply-en. Shipments by Lake. SCB IMPORTS DUHara THK psPT.'nratrrT-Pooit Hoaas.— 3} hhds sugar; 89 bbls do; 1,425 pkgs sundries; 2 I agi offec, 1 bbls molaisrs; 49 bf casks fish; 241 tuns ,m<li, 0* bui wheat; 3 calks llqaor, B bbls syrup; 640 M umber; 800 bunches lath; 21S M shingles; G3 M iquar timber; 46 cords wood; 502 bus rye; 62 bbls hlghWlnes Lill, EXFOKTfe DCKTBd THB PAST T» r.11 f-fODH BOCKS.— » hf bbls been 7 bbls sundries; 104 pkgs do; 15 tuns mdt; l.Wfi bbls floir; E24 bus corn; 92 do barley; 8 bbls whiskey; 22 bf bbli beer, 500 green hides; 88 bbls salt- do pork; 8 do liquor, 64 dned bides. Ballroad Itecelpi*. ElCEIPTB BT LiOBOSSI * : MtI.WaUUI 40 bus wheat; 190 do barley; f 1 do oati; ISO do potatoes; «0 do beans; 141 bbls! flour, 83 sacks do; 23 dos iatll; 4,888 Ibs hides; 16,951 do sundries, 2.2OO ft lom- t>er. ftletc>orolo|rtcal. Mir 2»th. 8 a. u—Wind N. E., tky clear and bright, tx^pt are with heavy bank In West. Barometer 29, 47. Thermometer do. 18 K.- Wind K E. , tky very buy. Barometer 29, 88. Thermometer &1. 4 p. «.—Wind N. E., sky overcast, raining Barometer 29, IV Thermometer 46. T p. ».—Wind N. E.; ratning with thunder Barometer 29, 04. Thermometer 45. oa anesre; ower ejman, gon , Madlsor,; N a rVooa» *;Co. FaclOcr J HVoparpff, Ban; Clalr; D 8 Cook. McGregor, J 8 Pllltbury, Bt Anthony;; Richmond * Tucker, Prinoeton; Webb * Rawaon, LaO "''"' ''''" ..o., /. B. (.rdajford, Jtgtat,.M. fKS.S.ffect. , , Vox Pcssora mimi Onrr.— A Qunnlson, Kean 4 Klct, H 3oiwoith; * Bons, John Qoodmai, Bonn ft Crosby, OHarrlog.O Ms t«r. ,. , • •'' totiTtsBCan ?u 'ra« OotnrriT. — David Cramer, Lowell Station; Demlrjg A Jines, iladlson; Lloyd *8up- ple , I a Oroise K S Co, 8t Paul; EDaven Pott, Green- flsld; O-J Oee, \\aupac; Halnes, Butterflcld, Merrl- mack, A W Patten, Neenah; JM Wins, I'orta eClty; M ttfltngwell. Fond du lite ^EOftbt, Madison; L X No He, We« Union. "•' ; -'- ; a *" ' ~' Sun o* RBIL Ear n.—J. Annjtrong's Warehouse and lot CO by 20 feet trai sola on Wedoesday for $8,000. Wm. Young is tbe pnrchuer. CITY ADVERTISEMENTS. " Oat OoHpTROLuut's Orrtor, I OTDiPAimniT, May 19, '59. ( Q£a.LED proposals win b« reoclved at thli office, un- t> til Mooday, May SOtli, lost, at 8 o'clock r. »., for making such alterations and repairs In the Police B'-ation and Municipal Oon.t Konmt as require*! In the plans and specifications, which may be seeo and examined at the office o( Hlgatt A .-chmldlner, where such Information as deilrcd may be obtained. may20-dlOt K. L'H. GrAKDlNgR, Comptroller. Our COUPTBOLLU'S Ornoa, , Contract Depsrtment, May 24,1819. f T HE followlnp described lots In the 6th Ward of the OHy of llllwaakee, by resola ton of the OommoD Council, adopled the 9th day of Hay, 1859, were declared public nuisances by reason of -stagnant x-sur and Qlth theretm, vU : Lot 4, block 19; lot A, Work 18, lot 0, block 19; lot 10. block 27; lots 1, S, 12, 18. 14, 16. 16, 11 and 10, Illicit 28; lots ft, T, 8 and 9; block 85; N # 2; 8 X 2, 10, 11, 12, 13, U. block 18; lots 4. A, 6, block 84; lots 1-. 2, 8, 4, 5 8, T, H and »; block 27; lots 10, U and 12, block 85; N •< 1, N M 2, lot 8. 8 and 9, block 108; W >« of 8, IV X of K X 8 and 9, bloct 8*; lots 4 and B, block 29; lot 8, block (5; lot 12, block 24 lot 9, block 11; 1U 1, bl ,ck 7 Uilwans t-f Proper. Lots 2, block 7; lots 1 2 »:iU S, block £; lot e aod 6, block C; loU (, 6 and 14, blor ,- 8. Walkers Point. Lots 4, 6 and C. block 844 I 1 10,'blo;k 92; block (9, t 20 of W,120 of N X of 11 an-l E !0 of W 120 of 11 and 12; loi 11, block 11; lot i" bloi-k U; lot 7, bloct It; lo-.8, block II. i wners aod agtrnts of abor • described property arf hereby notified to abate sai i nnbiaoce irithla tweoly- ooe days from the pablicatu u of th's nr>vlc« otherwise the £t r eet OomfBlSsloDers ol he 5th Ward, will ca> se the same to be done and aha «ed to the respective lots according to law. , ma;24-d6l L'H. (; \ aDINES, Comptroller. OITT C.,«PTROLLCB'B Ornoa, 1 Gootract D^*partmeot, 1111.. May 24. 13.M). ( T HE folloalng Idctcrlbed otj lo; the Fifth Ward of the city of Mllwaukei liy resolution of the Cam moo Coancll, adopted May I'm, 1859, were dec'ared a public nuisance by reason o Blag aot water and Qlth thereon, and tald nuisance o ilereil to be abated within within 10 days from the • uhllcstlon of this notice, Tttr Lot 4, blo-k 7; TJ % 6, l-lock J; 8 X 5, block 7. N K 12, I'lnck I; 8 X 12, bl-nk 7; lot 13, block 7; S. H t>. block 8; lot 1. block 18; i..l S, block 4; 'ol 9. bloct 4; lot 10, bl.,ck4; I Jt 11, bio- I, lot 12 block 4; N <i 1, block 16; 8 X 1, block 18; io. t>. block 5, lot 7, b ock 5; lot 8, block 10. Owners and agents oT abov.- described property are hereby notified to abate * > l nuisances within the time named above, or the Si Commissioners of said 5th Ward will cause tbe same !<> )>•? don : and charged to the respective 'lou, according t > law. mayV4-dfil E. L'H. bAKUlNKR, Comptroller NOTIl 1C. Cm C "crraouja's Orrici, I Contract Department, Mllwnuace, May 25, 1859. f T HE following Is a tchfl.,r of loll froullnc on Elver street, from Oneld* u, to Dlrislou s-.rrct, In 7tb Ward uf Milwaukee; al > showing the amount vhich each lot will be benefit'- > hy praveltng said street, accordlugto plan and estimau ut the City Engineer, as follows : VlCrOBBCUCXTE, sircft Commisiioutri. THB Nof.ra, WB>T AID RBO EIVKR. — Yankee enterprise and the go.altradltivrneas of our western friends )lds fair to accomplish what our Canadian neighbors tare long neglected Last winter the materials of a loal to navigate tbe Re-i Elver u-ere cunr.yed orer and about 150 miles to the head wat«rs of that river, were put tcgeC:er daring the spring, and the vessel Is now nearly ready to carry down to Fort Garry the firat oad of Hodson's Bay Company foods, which have atery been landed at ftfilwaok-«. She will be employ ed In that^and other werk for about a month or six weeks, and then It Is proposed lo haul ih sels up he falls of the S'skatcne* an, and to cxplorr the rtrer o the hlgrest narlgahle point. .Another steamer will irobatlr be on the Eed River before tbe other l.arrt uid with a lar. er and stronger vessel od Lake Uloov pee, the line of navigation would be completeljr BCD >lled. The successful establishment or this line wouli n no wise Interfere With other and belter vease s which might be put on. The navigation 1s too extensireto be efficiently supplied by three floats while their introdnc tlon will develope the business, and .encouraye furthei vestments of capital.— Buf KepuUic. MARINE RECORD. 1859. 26 . f • ; WHIOH li WgrAtest f 'While the tine has explored the atoWt'iria«;e*»ible~tooiiDtaln' rigiont of fiontti America, aod added largely to our 'geo|raphical knowl- given hls.attention to the tal^a- ' ofSmnan' tnierlng; andln his In medicines ereryirhere, at 7B cent* peri '-- - J gibe worms (.'-jpnerjated tn the toman ayftem. - Scarcely any topic of ' leUect^inoreaOTtfobMrtaHoii-aiid * *""^ a —'-'-"-^flclaiii iari 'i^efyjDQiiDh Itmnst be admitted, after all, a 'mode or cxpeUlog these •-*—•"•- body from " ;: : ' ! '' ' ''' J of more Talue than tl^e »lsest disquisitions as to the ill , i i» . It.' taper : cao, l»elng wl . int^ ctlUoners. . «•'. ?S.«!tf-. : «;*fii^i; »£, maanficturl' ;»d^TU3»WO<BW&or*m»ba^ a'toi Mf ,can .'VSPB,; Port of imi»*aukcc, ARRIVED. MAT 25rs. Stmr Traveler, fSweeney, Chicago—15 hhds sugaj-, 10 bbls do.lCl pkgs mdt, It pass. Btmr Cleveland, Doogal, Grand Haven—24 bbls sugar 2bags couee, 4t hr casks fish, 256 pags sundnes 22 pass. Stmr City of Cleveland, Squler, Grand Haven Stmr Traveler, Sweeny, Chicago—700 bosh wheat, 2C hhds sugar, 8 bbls do, ISO ptgi sundries, 27 pas eenpera. Stmr Cleveland, Grand Haven- 2S tons mill, 8 cask liquor, 205 pkgs sundries. iUrZ&TB. Stmr Gazelle, Butler, Two Elvers—9 pkgt rundries. Schr North Star, Roberts, Navareno—IHu m lumber, 800 bundles lath. Btmr Olty of Cleveland, Equler, Grand Baren—1 ton mdt, 23 pass Bchr Flsbnuwk, Thompson, Bbeboygan, 186 m ahlnRics. Scbr Florence, Freeze, Muskegon, €0 m lomber, 80 m lum, 80m shingles, gchr Emma, Leigh, Hanlstee—70 m lum, 15 ro squar timber. Schr Rose Donsman, Richardson, White Lake—S5 m luro. Schr SAB Stronach, Otto, Manlstee—85 m lum. BcbrBuena Vista, Leigh, Manlstee—75 m lum, 40m square timber. Schr Triumph, Lee, Chicago. Prop Gallena, gteele, Buffalo—192 tonsfmdt, Sehr gonvener, Chrlstlner, Sheboygan—46 cords wood Prop Eaclne, Brim Chicago. Blmr Cleveland, D ugal, Grand Haven, 20 tons rods lOTpkgs sundries. Schr Toledo, gar eland, Muskcgon—60 m lum. Stmr Traveler, Sweeny, Two Elvers—602 bush rye, 68 bbls hlghwtnes, 29> pkgs sun••rlrs. CI.EA.UED. Prop Tonawanda, Palmer, Chicago. Btmr Traveler, Sweeny, Chicago— i tons mdt, 29 hf bbls beer, 28 pkgs sundries. MAT 26ra. Stmr Gazelle, flullin, Two Rivers—6 tons mdz, 82 bush barley, 8 bbls whiskey, 22 hlf bbls riter, 600 green hides, 6 bbls sundries, c2 pkgs do. Stmr Olty of Cleveland, Sqnler, 8 tons mdz, 880 bbls ^our, 224 bos corn. Schr Florence, Freeze, Muskegon. Schr Bmma/Lelgh, UanUtee. Bchr Triomph, Lee, Uanlstee. Bchr Free Democrat, Qflmore, Billy's Harbor—15 bbls salt, 6 bbls pork, 8 bbls liquor. Prop Racine, Britt, Buffalo—260 bbls flour, 1200 bbls wheat, 64 dry hides! Schr Bnena Vista, Leigh, tfmiistee. Stmr Cleveland, I>ougal, Grand Haven. Bark Shanghai. Cheyue, Manltowoc. Schr Toledo, Sweetland, Huscegon. Stmr Traveler, Sweeny, Chic»go. iOABINE IIVTELLIGEIVCE. •Propeller Iowa, Jones, Chlca* *T 24- go.— Stiff. Courier. e understand that The American Transport»UoD Co , have sold the propeller Sun to the Clinton Bank, and the Clinton Bank have resold her to Oapt. J. Imson of this city. The price paid did not trsnfplre.—.ffujf. Courier. torn RiOHMOifi, TA.—The schooner Clifton, purcbsaed at the Receiver's sale of Lake Navl,atlr n vessels last spring by a New Torknrm, took out acleara ce yesterday at the Custom Home for Richmond, Virginia. Ebe takes out a load of lumber.—£ujf. Courier. BAKE ro« n« "B«rkeDtlne n . . has just been built by Messrs., Gray A Fordham, shipbuilders.*,! Bandnsky, lor Mersrs. jvilliam Mills, Wm. 8.' Plerson and Captain Hoot, which was launched a tew days since, and Is described as a perfect beauty by tie .Bandusky papers. She Is to >e named after Mr. Pierson, and Is to be -commanded by Captain Boot, an old and well known lake captain. She Is intended for the European trade, and will sail as soon as her cargo which 1» now . ready, can be put on board. She ranks '"ommendeabrOaplaln Davidson, one 0 * ae •»«««'. J-rte Dnderirriters , aSiar.-Ofttcopo Prut A 7W&~ 'by By Steamer weraand—n. A if. B. s. is-'fBiCirT.—Morton ft »acon, Jtoff, Macl Bro, G H Jewell, J 41 Warner VooWT.' •.<•««:i^wtuVn M B iu.~ JiiSifrn'sV'VrP. 0w.uu,^««itaiuAi/t ** <* vnswiuu«.uo l u Bradley 4 Metcalf, jW.Ledyard, aUnecke, ,„ Je«dortiOo,Bl»ir4Par»oiis,BPCady,XTerry*Oo. ^ »oa »teBo«s i« W^ornrw.-^ H Brown 4 do, J Monas, Wlnons; D Lestner, Eochester; Jas Scott, SS«<**if«SM?'*l' 2iJ?»°'?•»«»»il:«!W*. --.« Go I DremaB, P du CThlen; W Buyer* Co, J SulllTan; ttfredson, 01) Head.Kenosha; D H 4 P J Btiffot-d, A B Pnrguson, 1, A BtockwtU, J. J, Loveday, Wankega; H BcriTer,NorthfleId; Thcs. Duntton,' Mt. Ternonj D E M, -fyna^au- lister^ B Platt,' Bearer.;Dami J, Sasklns, Armttong.JSt Anth fta«er.Mllton; E4 e, aeroir: llams.Waukesba; 8Lpemtog,OretnBay, v ,< , . . ony; Levi A Daniels, Btlllwater; R 1, H8 Howell,: Watertoirri: i P WU-- Bros,Strickland t Oo,IiMra'««reeii; H 0 Cook *0o, A-flaiWotti,' eimore* Bro.fl J tairo!* Co, SB * Co; J —i^^**^^^»t«w^*5ir l»ii•JkPwaoM.fl '0 BeweMH(ain * Oroi . JB VPIQI&, janm BonBeUk. ^C cJ,O Harrington, Jno ftrloog* « Tno Klee, Haiuy * D«Bow, Patton * WlfJiam*; Btrohri Block. 4T 47 47 47 47 47 47 47 47 4S 49 45 4^ 45 4S iii 40 4J SI 51 M bl M 33 52 K 58 Lot. 1 •i 8 4 Benefl's. 2JJS1 22,51 22,51 22 Bl 2251 2! .61 80,t>0 I lock. 49 4" " 4K 4» 49 49 4V &.I 60 50 5li Sa 50 50 5J 51 53 Mi 58 M M M M M M M Lot 5 e u II 10 11 1 8 4 5 V 111 11 1 Benefits. 22.61 ••S.S.I « AI 2St51 2- v Jl 24,11 SS.64 « 51 W.5I U25I •-'• •--.51 22.51 In subdivision of loti B A- 9 in M U 22.M Si 31 2251 11 il 22.51 maj'ZS-dSt E. L'H. OARDINKR, t A> ORBINANCE To preTent tbe removal of stone, sand or earth from the Beach on Lake Michigan. The Common Council of the City »f Milwaukee do ordain as follows : S ECTION 1. No T erton shall take, remore or carry away, any stone, sand or earth, from the Beach, or from under tbe water, within one hundred feet of high water mark, along or Dear tbe shore of Lake M chlcsn, between the extreme Southern and Northern limits of the C ty of Mllwiakee, under a penalty of not leu thin twenty -fire dollars nor exceeding one hundred dollars. MX. 2. The provisions of thi* Ordinance shall aot apply to tbe owner or owners of any lot, piece or parcel of land fronting or shutting on the Like Shore within the limits abore mentioned. L PAAE, Ma or. AN ORUI1VAMCE Establishlnfr • Hay market and rrgulating the nale or and Seventh Wards, of the Olty of Hay lo the l Iwautee. The Commoti Ooanef! of the City Of Ifilwaaktt, do ordain as follon-i S U ECTION 1. It! cfertumbere I one hundred and forty-<lx (146), now owned by the City of Milwaukee, and such parts of the following named streets, to wit: The north half of Opden street; the east h If of North WatiT, and the wi> half of Market street, at adjoin said block numbered one honored aod forty-nix, and all' lying and being s tnate t ln the First Ward of the Oily of Milwaukee, Is hereby nade and declared lo be a public stand for the tale of loads of hay. Sec. 2. The AldernHn and Cooncillori of the Flr«t and feventh Wwda, or a majority of them from each Ward, are hereby authorized to remove tbe hay icale now owned by said wards, fr. m the corner of Blddle and Market streets, to block numbered one hundred and forty tlx, In the First Warl, and place the tame thereon for me; and U>e said «?ale, Ii hereby declared, and made, aUlty Hay Scale. Sec. 8 No person or persons shall be allowed or permitted to expose for aale any load or loads of haj lo the Pint or Seventh Wards, or the City ol Udwaokee, without having such hay weighed, as hereinafter provided; or shall any person or pert cms who may be the owner, or driver of any wagon, cart, sleigh or other vehicle loaded with bay, stand on any street In the said t irjt and Seventh. Warda, more than ten minutes at mny oaethne, other than on the parts of streets and the block designated In this Ordinance as a public hay market. Bee. 4. Before offering any load or loadt of hay for sale within the limit* of the Pint or Seventh Wards, inch bay shall be duly weighed, and a written certificate of the weight thereof, obtained from the attendant of some established, and sealed city hay icale, within the city limits, and tbe owter of inch hiy shall exhibit hit tlcke'. to the purchaser, before being entitled to receive any pay therefor. Sec. D. The attendant upon anyj City Hay Scale thill be entitled to receive the sum of twelve Cents (or weighing each load of hay, or for weighing any other article, for which a certificate Is required to be paid by tbe person to whom the certificate it delivered. Sec. 6, Any person or persons who may violate tbe pro-visions of this Ordinance, shall forfeit and pay for leach offence not less tttan five nor more than ten dol- ars, together with all costs ol ^prosecutions. •Bts. 7. It is hereby made the doty of tbe Chief of Police and his assistants, and the attendant of the hay scale, hereby established to prosecute' before tbe Municipal Court, any and all violations of this Ordinance, which may come to their knowledge. Sec. 8. Bo much of any Ordinance or resolution heretofore passed, as tn-any manner conflicts' wllh this Ordinance i s hereby repealed. , : HERMAN L. PAGE, May-ir. . .. ., ,. ..... ., . aeof an eitcuUcw inued from «aid Court In e abore entitled action, to me Directed and Je. llvercitagaliutthe pertobal and Teal property of tlie abore kiuned defecdanti, £ hare iciied and levied on the following real estate, loi wit: , , i Beginning at a point In the Ilnebeiweeo •' -t^tlon 19, anil 20, 12SJ&CI north pf the quarter (eetlon corner, running thence west 699J£ feet toithe eut line of Fourteenth streel; thence ' with laid cut line of BourUentbl ttreet, north 164 feet to Beaubian street, or the extension of .• . thititreetu repretentcd In-the plot of Vllet'a * Addition to the city of MUwaakee; thence wiib; Iht aoqih line of aal^ street, eut,&06 feet; thence wllh the toutberly line of >aid street boHheasteriy about ill! fret to an angle ID taid Orieet; Ibenee with the (oath line 6f said street eatt about 60 feet to itye point where the Booth westerly line of the land conye>ed to Ahram Vliet by deed recorJeu In Mllwtakee County In vol 61 of deedt at page 310, crostea >ald loath Itn^oftald yrcel; thence with tald luuthwetter- ly line ol AKram Vliel'e land >outh 4T degrees, ea4t about 609 feet to a point on Eleventh •trjiet, where said line M intersected by the west lir£ of Abnin Vilet't lind, accoMintr' to deed recorded In TO! 61, ol deeds at page 248; thence •oath with tald weit lint of Abram Vllet'i land 12JJ8 chntru to a corner; thence west with boun- kry ofnaid Abram Vltet'kland 8 chains; thence south with tald bouniiarj 015 X feet tn north lint ol Sherman street; thvnce with laid north lln(!, wejt S.W chains to section line; thence tri^h sectloD line north 959 leet to the place uf beglnnlnt;, containing abont iki.lo acres, ana be|bg litaated In the east half ol the north e»8t ^nirter of section 19, and in the west half of thd north wedt quarter of section '2U, town 7, range 28. Also lots 9, lu, II, 12, block 3. Lots t, 8, 4, r>, C and I, block: K. bot 6, block 4. to' 6, hlock a. Uot 8, block I a lit in Vllet's Addition to the city uf Mil- Wabkee, being iti the etst half of tl,e north eaaiqa&rltr of section IU &nd tbe west hall o( N W Ji of section Wf, town 7, rauge -r.i ea.4t. — AlA> the following real estate beKlnnlaii at. a paUit In section line between flections W ami 20'at north side of Sherman street and 82a feel Doftti of the qaarter flection corner, tlience with section line north 939 feet; thence west 399JK feet to east side of Fonrtrenth street; Uietice with east tide of said urcet, soulb isa feet to north side u! an alley; thence witn nort}i side of aaid alley south easterly 646 teri to north side of Sherman street; thence with s&l(l north line of Sherman street 2U1 lert t« plabe of beginning, coolainlnf: 11^ acres m>:re or teat, being sltuatetl in the easl f i*f tbe Ocfth eatt quarter ol section 19, town T, rtnpe IS eut. Alto but 4, block a», ttecooJ Ward. North % lot 6, block Oft, Second Wir.l. Alrfo the lollowinK real estate beinx in u t r north east quarter of section 17, town 7, rnoxc J^, beginning at a point In tbe went hr»« ut na.d qu irter ce^-liou IUJU6 ciiains qoilh ol it.t «oulh \te&t corner ot«ai'd quarter dectu<UHt it>r u<.rltl we*t corner of laittld conveje-t b> L>.»n.rl U Uicoartls to onejuhfi V. nhoeaj&cl.f-r. ttf> lr wltb said west line uf e>aid r { u^(U:r 4e^li"i< ifrrtl, toapotut^.16 chains ICULII i.f Lhr ui.rl' M,^I cortier ol said quarter st-ctluu, thfnrr ' a.-"! L4.ZU cUama l<« ui. .1. He u{ Greeli Hay r'.a^l, ttif&cc alooK midaje ul >a il i uad M>uU. to p.'iut 111 UG ohaltij uorlti ol Uir south hot- >'t »a .d quarter »t- v -uoii, ItM-nre Hrsl 14. lu i-ttt-in* i-i place ol be^iiin.n^. >:ontaio t ijt.' aboal 4-i a : r« and be nif on Un- u^i: »|.le L,I tl.e (iir.ii II ._> rOaO. Colds, Conghs, and Hoarseness. BamiZLB, SUsa^ 20th Dec, 1844. • fit. 3. 0. Am: I do not hesitate to siy th» bsatTemsdj I haw eter found for Oougha, Hftsnsnsss. Inflvnua, and the ooneomlUn t symptoms of a Oold, is your OHMai Piownui. Its constant use in my pnctie* sad my tsmlly for the last ten years ha» shown K to pnsnns superior virtue* for the treatment of these complaints. EBEN KNIQHT, M. D. A.B. MORTLBT. Ks<}.,of DllOi, N. Y_ writes: "I ha« used your Ftttoral myself and la my family ever sine* yon invented IL and believe it the best medldn* for its purpose erer pot out. With a bad cold I should sooner pay twsnty-flva dollars for a bottle than do without It, or take aay other remedy.' 1 Croup, Whooping Coach. Influenza. BnrjnmUD, Mm, Feb. T, 18M. BxotHD Ana: I will sheerfnlly certify your Ptdaral ls tbe but remedy WT possess for tbe cure of whoontnz cough, eronp, and the eheet diseases of children. Wi> of your fraternity-la the South appreciate year skill, and aonunend your medicine to our people. HIRAM CONfCLIU, M. 0. AM08.LBE, Eaq_ Momur, U-, wrltea, 3d Jan, ISM: 11 had a tedious Jnftaansa, which conined me In doors six week*; took many medicines without relief: finally tried your Rctarai by the advice of our clergyman. The Bnt dose relieved the soreness In my throat and Inngs ; leas than on* half the bottle m»2> me completely wed Tour medicines are the cheapen as »«2 u the best we can buy, and we esteem yom. Doctor and your remedies), as the poor man's friend. • rthnm or Phthisic, and Bronchitis. Wm lUncanni, Pi-, Teh. i, 1850. 8n: Four CVrry Retoral Is performing marvellous sures In Ud» section. It has relieved several from alarm me symptoms of consumption, and Is now enrlng a man who has labored under an affection of the innf* Sir the last forty years. HBNKT U PARKS, Merchant. A. A. RAMSKT, IL D., Auiok, Monoi Co., lows, write*, Sept. 0,1856: " During my practloeof many ymn 1 hav» fonnd nothing equal to yowr Cftfrrf Ptttaral for saving ease and relief to cotnnmptlve patlenta, or euring sach M are curable." ITe might add volumtt of •videnoa, bnt the sras* ena- Unclng proof of the rtrtuesof this ramady I* txtmi hi Its wfteU upon trlaL Consnmption. Probably no one remedy has ever been knova wfelet cured so many and nch dangerous rsses as this- Some a* human aid can reach; bnt even to tho*a the Cherry rtatorai afforda reli«f and aomfisrt. Asroa Bono, NSW Toil Cm. MMTC* 6, ISM. Docros Am, LowiLl: I f«el H a duty and a plearare to Infcrm yon what yeur Cherry Prdarai ba» don* sbr my wife. She had been five months laboring under the dangerous symptoms of Consumption, from which no aid w* eonld preenrvnvehermnrh relief. She was steadily fcfl. Ing, natfl Dr. Strong, of this dtyrwhore we have mm* (» advice, recommended a trial of your medicine. We blase his kl&dneaa, as we do yooi skill; for she haa recovered from that day. &h0 to not yet as strong as ah* used to be, but is free from her sough, and calls birsolf well Yours with gratitude and regard, ORLANDO flirKLBY, o> tfuumus l^-^ri,:;:;, 1 , 11 ^,: 1 -' r.. 11 :." DR. HOOFLAN3XS GERMAN BITTERS, •il will, :»,,- r I lir J. r,,. ih... A.I I -i T'..- . DR. HOOFt/UHTD'S BALSAMIC "'£?„;'" ".'„ ; CORDIAL, , «>>•• *......." f:-n. i. ., . I -my .'.Tt.itu l" <m.-.t i , The great ^standard medicine* of the present ^ oai- ",•.•«. »n '-r. : .. - ... age, have acquired their great popularity only ti( _ nl , , 1(ri , ... ; ,. r ^ r through yeart of trial. Unbounded satixfac- - '''JiV^T'," '" ft'on w rendered by (hem rn trf/ cases, and the *.i.i '.. ..- I-H-- . t> people have pronounced (hem worthy. Liver Complaint. Dyspepsia, Jaand.ce, Debility of the Xervous System, - Diseases of the Kidneys, and all disease* a ri.iiny fro m * Border -d liver or weakness of the tto/nach. and digestive organs, are sptfdiLy and permanently cured by the GERMAN BITTER8. The Balsamic Cordial huj aryuirtd j reputation surpassing <>f -my nmtiar pr-- paratwn sxtant f( wilt cur*. WITHOLT FML. tht most severe arid IVIHJ-standing Cough, Cold, or faoarsenesa. Bronchi^-a. Influenza, Croup, Pneumonia, Incipient Consumption, ever knoirn of Confirmed Consumption. A few doses wtll al*o at .-i*--' ..-(fjcrv tnd cure (he most wen Dlarrhcea y » — ./i«./ /rt/m COLD rN TH-E BOWKL^ The*? msdtcinea jrt prtpurtd hy />r i \[ JACKSON 4 Co., .V'; -1 1*5 Ar<-k Str--r p'; t i, ta. Pa., and art sold by ./ruv/'J'. '•*-/ DISCOVERY OF THE AGE vi, do not deepalr till yoa have tried ATXX'I CalUT PicToaAI. It le made \>J one -f the twel medical chemilta la the world, and Ita ennm all aroand at beep«4Jk the btgb merlu of It9 Tirtowi — PbJadelplita Ledger Ayer's Cathartic Pills. ST^BS teimcem at CbfdlfOj And UM3cii>« h*»« bma A taxwl their atmocl to prodoc* thi* tM«t, aux lv* whleb U known to mao. Wbtcb »».il proper.,. « slorc^.d. 1 •« ui c«,,o*e for ' ?<"*«"• -™" » ««"« » »•«- ««««..»* j.rno« stJe «i«l »eli »l 1'ublic Auction *i U» Court H^tr tn the » •*• lboWB "^ ***"• P*"* ***" Tlrta « wtlirf > «*rp»« "> City of; Milwaukee, OD Salurd >\ > , lilt* IDlll Day i «wIie*.-» th* ol .ll.>rcli, *s»»t», &i the lour u. 2 P. M., i-f that nay ' prvcvdttntKflj upon tn satisfy eaid rlerutluu, to^vllier ft:'Ji eipeli?efl of of til m*m. «j win an LJtted Bherifl'e Oilioe, Milwaukee, FrU ft, pivotiEd, LTSD* A U.LLsCh, i A J LA.N.J fl'llB AH'/*- ( Sr.'tl. Mn. Co . VVw. jevaSW-iiUwG* fy (The -boYe t*j« is t.e chy |>o5({.<>neU i.Il P»lur- d»y» tbe 20th day uf U«rch, 1-i'J, at trie Foal-Office, al the boor of 3 p. u Sheriff's Urtice, MU«»uk«r«r, March 19, ls5U. A. j. LANO\\UUTIJT, mal-^Q £b«r.lT M Iwauk^*- Co. ^^^ The il'Ove *»!•= i* further po*tpone-<1 t • *V C <1- pesJiy, thr 6th <,«) uf Apnl, a' ihe **CD* ,'larc and time of day. D*-ledSheri.T'B Uffii-r, M:.*, Uartii <*• 1- ^. A. j. L&M.ivnrtT.i v, m»rid M.fnn M i 0- 53T" Th* nhoY* atir .s lurvht-r poftipmit i ' ?»it»[ d»j, liW ilst .1.1 v of May, IsM, at [he I'o-t othce, the hour of ^ r t* , of ih»t .j«.y. Dstt«-tl Shrnfl 'n iifiirc, M:l mutt re, April 6, lS : /J A. J. l.ANOWi.itl H V, apr7 Mi** »«» r- • -. t^" Tbe at'OFr «alr ;• f.^rchj further [ ••• > |.--nr'l Saturday, the 2"th day < I *!»> , at ibr aau • j >*> ••-* Urn*- of Oaj D*t«d Sr.sriff rf oft. r, *I.J« aukec, Maj ^1. IVy. A. J LASo^t'KI H V, ma.-.'J >hir T .Mil C^> . \*w ao<3 pl«uant to Uka. bnt powerful to cnr« Tbelr pene- tratlnf prop«rtl*«etilnnlat> tb« rtuJ actirlti^of th* body, ramoT* Ch« obrtroctioaa of Ita orcuta. portly th* btnod, and •rp<>I diMMa. Th«y pur(»<rat Ut»fcnJ bnmur* which breed Kn4 STC* Jt*t*mp*r, rttmolaU ihiftjlih or diwtr dandorfUMlnto thfrtr oatonl action, and tmjArt health j ton* with ctrangth t* die wbola lyttcm. ^iot only do they can tha >Tf>ry-<lay oaffiplalnta of «T*ry body, bat tlao formidable and daagereaa iliMaMa thai U»T» baffled th* t**t of hamAu iklll WTiIle they prodno* powarfcl •ffecta, thay ar» at th* cam* time. In -llinkiiihecl dcoes, tb« Mfod «jd b*«t phy.dc that CMO be amployvd for ckildm. B«lng (agar-t-atxl they art plouaat to tak«; ajicl beixiti | purely Tejj^abl*, an tn* fr*m aay rtak of barm, Cur« bare b**»n ma^le which mrpftM tfltlof w«r« they ntt tub- »t*Qti*tM by men of rach eialtad poBltloo and character 1 ' ai to forbid the fnvptHon of nntratk 51 any •mineol i dwrgjmen and pbyalcl&aj b*»» l«nt cn«u naaiaj to mttfy i to the pa bile th« rfViabtUty «f my ranrad^a, wbJla othen ha*« Bent me the annrmaefl of their OOB fiction that my '' t^paratlons oontrlbata lmOJ*tia*ty to Ui* relief of my d amVted, mflerlng fallow m« a. ^ I The Agent betaw named la plowed u> furnlah jrratifl my HTMMA, contaiTilog dlrwrCoo* for th*lr na» and of their tnirea, of the following complalntii — per bottls. The. signature oj l M J \. K t,,v u'*ti ^ <JH the vttndr u-r>ipp*r -' '.t<-h •-,/• - In tf>{ Almanac vufJu^fd tu.n '*.///•/ ' 7 '>'. pr>'pr\f{<jr f, f^i'lt-d EVER Y BUD Y 1 11. M \ *• Vt y/u m// flnfl' f'Sttnitsny in<i -""\ <u r 'n-fni " / 'tutiCfJ t'r'jm ri/y yar' j .f 'h* •••in 'n, J' \**r Almanacs jr* ^,,-et, irtay '•>/ ^. "f .;</-'.'' * .-•' t- !<-i IIo Un-l'i 'i^rttsAi B t:v. M-., * *-..»- ra «>]; .1A.T ly rn i J J '. vn I N V IuOK A To K | n ow i,. r-,r- '.! - [-u,.l-c. •i.i - I.H,| m \U r r A^.'e-i 4 r L' ,fi 'te-T i-!,i.-e » ^ ^r-Vtft.l 598] SHERIf•»•'?» SAl.t. STATE OF WL-«Oo\rJN, ^ Circuit Coort, Mll«i.uki-e Count/ ) TTj^m** A. LjrLe, C»r< hnc J. l.yn*-. JOMI li K A J'uUen. I N ^jrtuc of and pur^oaTjl t> * •'.••t-f r Bftlii Court, ir. D.f bl>.ve ruUtlr-.i n.ct'C-1, ai publ.c auct...n. -t U.c I' Cft.-c iu i:. w tuiier, ,.i. sui urda>< I be ^ d' <lH > •> i$r<9, n t*.*' iitiur i>r ^ F M «r 11,41 .itj, «r>' > T- \V » CocdT^nceA, Bllkmi Complaint*, Rheum atlarn, Drop«y, Beartborn, n««4arh« ariilng frvm » (bul ctumach. Nan,, Morbid Inaction of th* B^we i arlminf tbsrwfrom, KlAlnleDcy, Lna-t of App*>tit«., alt Clcar- OQI and Cvta[i*«rm5i Dla*«j»v whicb cwquire an crartuint mvxliclcft, 9-rrofnLa or Kln^f'i KrlL Tb*y «J*% by pnrify I log the blo^d act) itlmalmtiDj th* fjiteot, faro m&ay mm plain ti whlrh It would Dot h* fnppnor*,' Ch**T cooJJ i r*«ch. rach a* DnaftiMia, ParttAl BUmlorn, Nanraitrlvand Jill)-, 1.) , may be tiec<s-»rr to la »»• h^ »in u.n • 1 n>«mt*, liii«rr«t and cosia, t<>,rvtj>cr wlitt • v sale, to-srU : •• Th> north one half .if l-.t« r -uTihrr 1e anil twelve (.?), lo t>l.>ck LUQjt^-r fonjr P x in UleBlirrWh ward <r( ti e ».„! o t } .f M , kee, bemft n-, Walker'* Pjl:a Ail't.Nou i clly,'ln V** County of M.jWauiee. S^it- f * n- CODSlD "*^ Dated Sheriff 1 ) office, tlUwaukee. April 1. l-.'i» Flicuta, l.rsiui * Miu-i.. I A J LAN'tU OBT.tT, Plaintiff's Attornejt. ( chenlT Mil Co , » n. *ai<l 003] stn-:icii »*s >AI.I . v t .\»» StATEOF W15CON8IN, t Clrcolt Cbart, Milwaake* Couiity. f LucieO Bottles, Eiecolor of ttif last will ai>J i«strvm*-u( of Joel BottleJ, dr-cr^e.i, ; a gal ml EUiabeth Greenfield, widow ol AduL^. Qrveaf.«M,'i &****<!) Lroau Aaer and Wllltam Claud^r. Foredbiare. I N virtbe of and pursuant to a ju.lgTneoi ren ler^d in uaidiOorirt, m Ltic above eriiiileJ »cLi'>o. iiarM cember Slit, 1SS&. I §ha,l expove for public adclion, al the Post ( kee, on Mlluriluy, Ibc in Uie ia.t »r V.IB-HU day ol .1 n I ) A. J. LANt.WORl'nV, fhertir Mil I M , W U. In Chance/y 1859. at the liour of v r. * «: that JA.J , u.« devcnbed mortgaged;*,. r «o raur i ihfrc"( m*y be Qeccssarjf lo r»j»e itie ittiiouot of BK.J /.-Jcnu lolerfsl ind c«Bta, toother with the «i[.*-i:»«*« f •* to wit I r ** Loi number BtiUeo (1C), in blocK <»at; hac- dredi and twent) -»c,co vl-t>, m Lhr ^t--mti WaTq ' f the cJtj of Milwaukee, County ->f iJ l- w»ukee, Stat« ot WUCOB^IH. Dated Sberifl's offlc*, Milwaukee. A[»rti 1st ISiy. Oooas, HkowH A OGDEX, l ------- PlalntilTi Auon.e>i f ajirl-3tjiXin2vr CIVlTtD STATES '1 VIlSHAI.'s .s\l,K John A- P»ge, executor of) tbe last will and testament | of HeltkJah H. Re«d, de* | ceaaed. - TB. David P. Hall, U&rlfta Aitoa Hall, ltd win Palmer Trustee, Joshn* Hfethaway, Byron W, Clark, Chat-lei &• Clark, Robert Bi Bell. The Fanner'i A Mlller'i B*k Henrj L.?almer, Herma&zii&cbwartlDg, and Angnatnj, A«- Blgnees of the People's Bank of:H&ertel, Oreen- leaf A Company, Edward U. Tyler, Jabei 0. Footer, Horace Hi Hunn and Juper E. Goodrich. X W porsf anee and by virtue of a decree made by the Dlitrittt Court of the Unl ed States for the DlstrK t ol WiiconBin. OD tbe twelfth day of March, i. D , 1650, tn theab.-veentitleii caove, I shall ««-U at Pabllc Auction, at tbe United States Marshal's Office, In the Cltjr ol Milwauket, on Monday, tbe nmth da> of Alaj, Ib5l», at 11 o'clock: A. 11-1 " The following real estate being and lying 10 UjeConnty of Milwaukee and State of Wisconsin, and k&twn and described as the south east quarter of the north west quarter of section number ten (10), In township number seven (7), north of r*npr number twenty-two (22) t-ael, les* the BOuth cast quarter b.-ing ten (,10) jacrrs of the abuve described Vraci o( land whleh ll tfxce.ited and res erred." Marshal'i Office, Milwaukee, March 2S.1359. M.J.T11OMAS.U B. MATShaJ. A. C. MAT, CompU's Solicitor mar34-lawtt py The abore sale la hereby adjourned to Monday, the eleventh day of July, 1S09, ^t lh« same hour and place as above. Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, Hay 9, majlO-lawtl 1S59. waue, , . , M. J TllOM AS, U. B. Marshal. GOT} SHERIFF'S SALE. [New* NOTICE. , . , N OTICE Is hereby glren that the Ordinance regula- > tint backs, cabs, drays, omnibuses, *c., te., win be strictly enforced after the flrsi day of Jane. Tbe owners of drays, hacks, cabs, omnibuses, lum- ttet.lfnroltnra »nd eiprsss,.wagi,ns, are hereby notified to procure a license and number for inch, without farther notice. . - ' WM. BEOK, Chief of Police. Milwaukee, May 28,1869. . m»y2«-dlOt OtTT X'OKFTSOLLU'a OtnCK, I Contract Deparlment, May 28,1809. f L. EALEI> proposals will be received at this office. BD- r til Monday, May 80th, mfllX A. H., for planking ie onflnlthfd portton* of E. Road street from Heed to Monroe street, In the Fifth Ward of tae'e'lty of Itllwau- at ; saB work 'harlnj'been ordered by tbe Board of XToanclion, 'Aug. «tr, I8fi8, andi concarred In by the Board of AUerma.n,4n(!. 16tn, 1853.. • ' " Tn»r26-dtt B. L'H. QA BD1H8E, Comptroller. ' ; Cm CoKFTaoii«B'B 0»no«, I i 8TATK Ot WISCONSIN, i Jlrcult Court, Milwaukee Uounry. ( • : Alonio L. Kane,( ! • against John B.iFOlmore,George W. Peckham and Oilbert Boe. FortcJoiare. I N TlrtQ« of and pursuant to a judgment rendered In said ponrt, in the above entitled action, dated March 18,11869,1 shall expose for sale and sell at Public Auction, at the Poit-Office in the Olty of Milwaukee, OD nattirdays ibe SJdduy of July 1659, at the bout of 2 p. M., of that day, the fullowing de- lorlbed mortgaged premlsts or lo much thereof as m«y be necessary to raise the amount of said judgment, interest and; costs, together with the expenses of sale, to wit:' 1 !:• "Lot number thirteen [13] and the east thirty ISO] fset of lot number twelve IS], In block number seventy-seven [7TJ, In the Fourth Ward of the City of Milwaukee, In the County of 1111- wadket and State of Wisconsin " Dated Sheriff's Office, MUwaukee, April 1,1S59. 'iMAOonn, l A. J. LANffWORTHY, PJ'fl-a; Atfy*. Sheriff Mil. Co., Wi«. -j Contract Department, Mil., May 28,1BS»7 f ( S «ktto prbpoial. wUllwrecclvel »t thl. oflice; nptil' hi-^vS^K*' 80 *' u *•». '<»»»»lng alley throSgfi J^rsSnlsSlS".^ 10 *'- 1 »»4j,.KBD V«& ottK S*yjpf Mllwaukeo, tht • same having been ordered by * Mllwahkee County.) ' : . i Charles W. WUIardJ Plaintiff, . . ... I , against William Smith; Henry HenfUebed, Loclus K. Walt, John M. KlmbKlI, Christian H. Ucyar, Otto FleMng, 0. Ar- ntld, 'A^ Jf. SueUlohn, Frederick Mueller, Sidney "bepardand Augustus H. Wood, Defendants. -' ' Slate of WlacoriEln, to the atioTe earned defendants Ou AaB hereby Summpnedj andj required to- an- ..---... A i.-. r; •<*,; -.V.. -; p- ^ -.,..... |8, hereby given, punuant to lection lo, chapter 118 t KevUedSUtuiMoftheetateof Wb on*lnTthatlh« Grand andPetltJnrori. for tlie June Term Court, 'Milwaukee Coonty, will' be drawn , f , J8B9J/U the fhmt<oaj,'«? Hie | Municipal Coin* ' «, .-- . 'thl« jactlSn,-|»Heh In the office of the Clerk of the Clrtqlt Court, for the County of '.Milwaukee, at the City -c f'HIirwaatee, In •aid Oounlt, and to atrve a copy af your answer lo the laid complaint orr the jubaeilBert; at : their office, No«. S»ndl AlbanrBolldlirr, Initbe iildClty of J1U- wanlw, wlfhln twenty days after {the d-rvlce hereof, ex- clnilveof the day of racb servlw; and-lfiyou .fall to aMwer the! compIatnV wllhlrj the time aforesaid, the plaintiff wlp apply to the Dourt for the relfef demanded In the complaint. : :-:•:.;.-.•: ., . (— ^ > T «lta«H the Hon. Arttrai McArthur, Judde of p I theOircnltCoort fo> iald Ooantyof MU' '' MUwWiW«, thl» tUrtr.flnt d»r ' -! I ;.- i . ' ffl'ASOaanBBQ.r > KatatUfl Attorney*, ^ "Of March, 1859.' i HOO :^^^i^^^f^y^.TSss^t^sJ^^:£s^^.ij^^^f^^J^-^ ! j'St oeyn. Oont. and nth^r klndrvd nrnnplalnta atlsing tr low state r>f th« bu<ly or nbctrnction uf Its functions l>o nut t« pnt off by nnprloripM Jr*lan with other ptll th«*j rnaks mor« profit on Ask for A you romparis with Uiis Ifi Its tntrlnafc *altn* er car pow*r*. T>1» sick wrnnt th* best aM thi>r« is ftir t aod th«y should hav« It. Prepared by Dr. J Practical and Analytical Chemist, Lo-well. Plies 98 On. ro Box. PYrs Bnira ma | t BOLD BT JOHN RICE, ifllwaakee. J. H. RKKD A CO.. Chicago, town In th« Dnited Rtat^s. DR. M'LANE'S CELEBRAILI) VERMIFUGE LIVERJPILLS. .[ i. ti. i, * • .-it . • •-'. ~*^ • i. .. i, .. .1 T , |'f. . r. ;*••! *•, '• •• ••<! ^^ iiii.- h-r. i . , I f, . m r.fl.n,; • • (jri' 1 *•- .' : * -.ft «(,... r, In - * 11 ». **j t rr , -, - ^*. . '..f,t.!,t.-h* K V IV \ N 11 I '. I I I >l I . i . AYEB, , Lo-well. Mass zsa pro $ 1 . ,/!,'£ f^-'J.'' ""'"*""' '' r ""' J/.3- tr<:t*r in ;v .......M .,-itA W r«h . .^« l.,; , , « pl.t 1. I'd. H«'-rO«.l>. rr«.|,r..n. r. N • ^48 V .r . N W 'J H t. A T M K N 1 . ^I I 1>I* t I l> I M !• V 1 K \ Medical V T the Ballalo Vr ,-ori! f Sjphil,, beg leave to call the attention of the Trade, and more especially the Physicians ot the country, to two of the most popular remedies now before the public. We refer to ' Dr. Cbas. SI 'Lane's fclfbraled Vermifuge and Liver Pills. We do not recommend them aj universal Cure-alls, but simply fbi what their name purports, viz.: THE VERM I FUG E, For expelling Worms from the human system. . It has also beer administered with- the most satisfactory results to various Animals subject to Worms. THE L1VKR IMLLS, For the cure of LIVER COMPLAINTS/ all BILIOUS DERANGEMENTS, SICK HEAD-ACHE, &c. In cases of FEVER AND AGUE, preparatory to or after taking Quinine, they almost invariably make a speedy and permanent cure. As specifics for the above mentioned diseases, they are Unrivaled, and never known to fail when administered in accordance with tht directions. Their unprecedented popularity has induced the proprietors, FLEMING BROTHERS, PITTSBURGH, PA. to dispose of their Drug business, in which they have been successfully engaged for the last Twenty Years, and they will now give then undivided time and attention tc rheir manufacture. And being determined that Dr. M'Lane's Celebrated Vermifuge and Liver Pills Shall continue to occupy the high position they now hold among the great 'remedies of i the day, they vrill continue to spare neither time nor expense in procuring the Best jnd Purest material, and compound them in the i most thorough manner. Address all orders to FLEMING BROS. Pittsburgh, Pa. P.& Deslora and Physicians Ordering from othen Jan Honing Bros, will do well to write their order, UsUncUy, and iota now hit Dr. Jflatufi, prepared 6j noting Bros. Pitttbunh, F*. j To tbon wishta* «6 «J« (hem.» trial, tn, win farwmrd pgr malL port paid, to anj jart at in» TJnlted States, one boxo? P«la^>r twelTi Jhre«-cmt postage stamp*, or one rial of Vermifng* fin bnrtcen three-cent stamp "" ' - - • M accompanied by twen$ WholessJe" asd Betall, |if«nt aod H'Laoe Vtrmlfuf. •poll .... . « ,i V .-»'•<:. Uuilata, N V Utfi<-e, .-Mrnffr .( H:i r: «ir-'ci.i, i up stairs. > A MOST tfClENTIFlC I.NVE.NTllIN Hi 71 Jj; I jflceD Jaja !ot*o monifts tiy l/l^ J... . ^.'m n.i I iii'^u l . i TOCNO MKN TAKK P«gTICCLiR NuTK'*' I Ur AMOi * SON '.*»,• pir».iure n «[.nouncj:n -hAl l i>!Ai)j Horn b) kiiit;s or h!ir|)«-r the '.'i * tf»t l>y tNe mn-<t emmr-ut [.ii/^n.^n.H 11 L..I ' ititf . nly useful insirumerii evrr inv^i t^.l f ir -[^ | r.t tH-mma! Weakness, or any disease f u - ivr, L. I jand, cause"! riy the stcrrt '.*bil o; y iu.ii I'r . i l-ulin by ma.l or express. A CURE WARRANTKl) Dr AMOS * SON hsvo i^T')leil Ui^r att.inj..n ctiisively to Utis peculiar class -it aiaiailtrs, lui r~±if': Lhey havt. eon-.-qu*?ntly b^cn -nablnl u> rtroder .iftt^'r [^ll.iw or-'atart^, is tuily tentirt^l in.l gratefu^y .lAily amvinu m town from all parts •( the country for Jle i-ipress purpose .'oly if i;u»suitaLU>ns, while their exertions jfeave b«n crowne<( wtth the ai.nt signal atl- vaotaved . yet from what they hav* eiper enoecj iu fn- ifttinng tnl.i ih^ causes of those injections .••>nipi^i[it ^tr'tm tnu^t stmple ci<n-tlituiti tt» triat if 'h« THOHI .tfsn((eriius and Inveterate.) they fi*ve ilwayi ^nier- Laineil the possibility .if Uletr pr-venti.ui »nd ' »i*l, \»U lllieTtse invariably found tfiai ihe mo<*t li.irnhl.- ind cnall^uant forms of iltsea^e C"Ulii »lnio*t nviiiadly be rraced to one of the folu'V.ntf causes iKivT-im-e, neglect, or Unj ill vtTects of unnKilifui and :mpr"l'er treatment , thtrefore, Da. Ajfos 4 SoS'Jiave *nc<;eedeil in aisc.ivoriug, in the selection of iheir remedle*^ * ^afe, ellectual and cautious coarse ; mtitti t \ I btnatlon of remedies which bear an TMJUIVOCA. .-iinrac ter, aa »*.'li TS those whose premature >f inju.llcli'U. 1 * application tniffhl be productive ..f bad cun.*e4]UerKV« ir. the hands 'if private indlvidu.ilB. In ihnr*. t.'... *od* ble end of their remedies ,s ti.e lessenim: *r i ^r^^i mass of human misery by Ihe .illevatn n. -• iif! vnu prevention of those crievous alQlctl"Ui« thai arq IL rvality the .ecret foes f life, and «h rd. wh' .- if.^v «o fttensi v.-ly surround u«, i-^il alouil ' r ^ur <«n inil ! .iterfereiice in their r xtermmatioo UOL'NTIlY INVALIDS. Pers ns in any ] art of the world may lie *u, .•••\sMily treatol by forwarding a correct .leutn of meir .ukse, w th a remittance for Uediclnes, Ao. Address Dr.. AMOS A dON, anraer Main an I Quay street, Buffalo, N Y. jaoi ojwljr AH orders from Canada m&sl cejftreitra. \Hh.t ! 1 <• ' ;. 11 • i - l .' \ tiKA I. I I l" I. .-I - t.' f \ • \ » H A ,_ 1 1 r \ \ I - * ' K t ' i \ ' ' ' »K>..-*I ti * •:!' . N K * I I 1 H.. IJ 1 M ' !l ^ r v -' HU ru r i • . -v .1 II. -Til 1 M - . BUT u run . :(• « P'ljTHK i-KEATHjT M , K I'D TliK liUK.% rK.-ir v»K. 1 i) 1 lit UKS-lTs-iT 4ltK ru r.iK nAKArKsr AUK. BY I Sl\(i H 'i. ll-M - \. Hi : -l^t. A 1.1.-. .|\ ; IIY i ^IXr •> i .. - ,• . i M 1 M .-O IlK-rt.K-.- '.ii \ i il i . :1 I I 1 \ 1.8" K li..-T< ' rt 1^.-. . t \ i • I l ! r< I P AI--O HHM "Krj« •. , l i i , ; '< , r 11 >n u h>Ti ' ii p:s , :t \ ( ,M . K r,, i - - I llr.VKN • H , r^ t \ I i -. I'K- VKNTS ITS y <i.i..> .IP vn.\ rs i v- *• ii.i-i ^ " IK\ J.N r^ i r- •• 11 , . -, STATK OF WISCONSIN, ( Olrcult Ooort, MUwaakeu County ^ StJney Shepanl, against Christian Ucnry Meyer, and Margaret, tils wife, .Ntn- . S. Brown, Davln G. Pturer, Edwanl Uaase, vv.ili «m P. Merrill, Helsoo Webster, Charles .» K.iMllr, Detmer Fischback, B. Eoddis and A. w Grmwoi.t Administrators of the estate of John C LeKny. le- ceased, Ormand T. Crane, Charles t Bode, Admlnis- tnttor of the tsrate of Chares t* Schre'ner. ilectiis- ed, James W. Afelell and Herman O. 0. Hamper I N virtue of and pursuant to a judirmenl rendered In said Coort in Ihu abOTe entitled actlon^dated February 3, 166J, I shall eipose for sale and sell at Public Auction, al the Post-Oftce, In the City of Milwaukee, on Saturdays (be Oth day of Jnli, 1^9, a( the hour of 2 P.M., of that day, the following Je- scrlbed aaortpiged premisfa or so much thereof as may Da necessary to raise the amount of said udjrmetrt, interest sad costs, together with tbe tfxpensts of sale, u> wit; ^."Lot number slxt&en i!6) and the east half f lot number fifteen(15), In block forty-Bvi-(46|, a the Second Ward of the City of Milwaukee, being on Tamarack street, between Fifth , n,l Sixth str«eU, all in the County of Mllw ukee and State ol Wisconsin." Dated Sheriff'*Office Milwaukee, April 9, 1*A9. A. J. LAN..WUBTHY. apr8-8rn-llti2w Sheriff llllwaaltee Co., Wls. 1.4 « »HK»T JIM 1 . ST i.ii| I.i : t H-lRHKT ST . il 1 ; ,il l.t .1 VIAHKUT <T .-T l.ilrl-. ill II A UK at SI' , ?T L.lL I.-' V N U Hie ti,tsl.i .irm-, in- i ror '. w.> 1.. ti ^ , • . ll, per -,.„, ;.„.• : nottle o j WOOD 11- >•• .. .V ork, , ,ii '.h.- •<- i- ^ \ v - anil 111 M trUi-t u., -it. L..O i. ' Sold Hi H \.lii;i.i. I .'N .I .1* SI (F H 1 A N 1 i H OOO1 SllEIliri'S S.VtE L>O»V. 8TATB OF WISCONaiN, I Olrcnlt Court. MUwaukee County ( James 8. Brown, Jaihua FJithaway and Thnmaa L Oy- agalnsi A. Patterson Smith and Alfred Edwards. • I N virtue Of and pursuant to a judgmtnt rendered in i said Court. In the ahore entitled action, J.ted March IT, 1859, I shall expose for sale and sell ac Publlo Auction, at the Post OBce, in the city of Milwaukie, on Satiirdar* «l»e 2d dar of July, isas, at the hourof 2 r. ». of that day, the following described mortgaged premises, or so much thereof as m»y be necessary to raise the amount of said judgment, fnterest and costs, together with the expenses of sale, 10 wit: "Block number twenty-eighl <J8), of Clark's addition, taOfee Eighth Ward, of the city or Milwaukee incRfconty of Milwaukee, and State of Wisconsin.- Dated Sheriff's Office, Hllwtnke*, April 1st, 182}. DiTn> B. Ooour, l ' A. J^LI.NGWOHTIIY, PlITs AU'y. ( Sheriff MIL Co., WIs. aprl-Smllnlw ?-irtnerly if At .No. *S rlanilolp^i. ^ .rtn-r tf Dc.irh.irn »tr--»t, * 'worhiou niirii'ies .n the '.vi*y oi r.-^infUif L os T s m n r A ND u FARING -fSt'pWfmH j( TWO UUNIXIKP hit-- r»ei-n received t»y Dr 0- w thin tht? it-**. i« u- *erSij, m-my of wfiom h&vti bt-*n bllnil Tor months sn-l y—irt S.t,v,' h.-id their fight rexroretJ mitanilv i'v /r/*. <tt* ind 'nfiriUtitperititon** while otliers, *»hu ^i-* v v - hem -uff' r^n from Jlseue, have liecn oiiricult-usiy -urt><) i>y mil< »oJ reotle treat* meni. The beat proof i^ c.t how Dr. C,'>* *rr**.•*.!& iro apnr«- cifttetl 1», th;U-hc "-*:iily r.-.-i'fvinp n< <» i-.-uien»* 'ro ro all parta of the coantry, »mtl tHsmi»rt».^. an ':ur-«i, his eariy rpcelved cas^s. ffO Fee la rt*(|iilrcf| for in «Ti!nm;itif n or --pinion.— No CHAKOB 'or servtc^H thai WK n tt t t**cce**ful, u »tli be listed wben tlus p»Ucai i* received. Dr. I'a TVoafatM on tA^-Sar ajtJ Jj/«' pUoation ai above. 4tfc£; iS.JAJMg'Aa

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