Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on November 28, 1935 · Page 8
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 8

Lenox, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 28, 1935
Page 8
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THE LENOX TIME TABLE. LENOX, IOWA iiimimiimiiiumiiiiimmiiiiiiiiiiiiii School in history. Charles Barteau won the content during National Book Week ! to sc who could read the most from page one) i ).'.oo':j. 1 There were thirteen As in milll[|tl!m:;::ii:ilimmiHHl!llllllim spelling last week. The Lenox Second Grade I Spelling Aces are ahead in the Second graders are quite en- ; contest. Robert Bennison 4 Grace Clipson 4 Frances Ecklin 3 1 Flora Eckels 4 Senior Class A B Jean Harvey 4 Margaret Carruthers 3 1 Mildred Walker 2 2 lone Bare 1 3 thused over braiding rugs. For their picture study, they There were eight A's in spell- \ are studying the picture, "Reing list Friday. A new spelling , turn of the Mayflower", chart has been made and each' Billy O'Dell was absent Mon- time a pupil receives a perfect day. paper, he will get a gold star j Seventh Grade on the chart. j The class officers elected last In language they have been Friday, were: Chairman, Dick reading poems and stories Dunbar; Librarian, Jack Hayn- about Thanksgiving and the es; Reporter, Dale Ethington; Pilgrims. ! Host, Duane Toland; Helper, Third Grade | Albert Wurster. The following new officers ; Two new pupils, June and were elected: desk inspector,' Vernon Gibson, have been en- Eleanor Beemer; Health inspec- rolled in this grade, tor. Vernita Moore; Pencil sliar-; In Geography they are study- pener, Kenneth Kilby; Floor in-' ing the Mediterranean region. spector, Gertrude Ross; Librar- | Eighth Grade ian, Gene Stoaks. I "Organization of National In this grade the boys are Government" is beirtg studied making Indian wigwams, while j n civics, the girls weave rugs. There were eighteen A's in spelling last Friday. Chapel Rev. Kelly delivered the first chapel talk Wednesday morn- Dorothy Bubb has returned to '• i ng . His whole talk centered school after a long absence, around the kind of company we Kenneth Kilby and Donald Bunn were absent last week. Fourth Grade The Thanksgiving posters j participating in a have been finished in art class. South Chicago. choose. He told of interviews with a young man who had been put in a penitentiary for robbery in This young These pupils have been reading "The Turkey With a Stuffing" and "The First Thanksgiving Day" in reading class. Last Friday brought fourteen A's in spelling. These pupils are also starting to weave. man had come from a good family, but had fallen in with bad associates which led to this theft. He closed with "We tend to be like the folks with whom we associate". Honor Boll Another six weeks period has Charley Manroe was absent rolled around and the follow- last week. Fifth Grade The Revolutionary War is being studied in history. They have been reading about ! Leona Herbst 2 Pilgrims and now they will | Lois Clayton 2 ing names go on the honor roll this time: Freshman Class: A B Jack Moore 3 make booklets. The sides in spelling are tied so far. Jean Teatsworth has been absent from this grade. Mrs. Schaub and Mrs. Miller were visitors. Sixth Grade This week the bulletin board is devoted to pictures on "Things To Be Thankful For". "How the Different Nations of Europe Began" is being studied 1 2 2 Marjorie Stoner 1 3 Leila Orr 1 3 Mary Kilby 1 3 Joyann Clipson 1 3 Josephine Beach .'. 1 3 Sophomore Class A B Maxine Ferguson 4 Helen Bare 1 3 Merle Ferguson 4 Leona Baker 4 Dwain Boyer 4 Marian Haas 4 Junior Class A B COLD WEATHER FOODS Everything here that V T OU will need to make meals attractive in cold weather CRANBERRIES, lib. 19c PUMPKIN, [2 29-oz. cans 25c FUMFK.LN PIE iSPICE 9c PINEAPPLE, I.G.A., fancy, icrushed, 20 oz. No. 2 can __ 18c CORN, fancy Golden tBantam, 2 No. 2 cans 25c BAKING POWDER, Calumet, Ib. can 21c CAKE FLOUR, iSwansdown 25c ^RANGES, IDozen 29c .BANANAS, U Ibs. 25c ICOFFEE, \Blue-G, Ib. 21c Foods At Reasonable Prices Mwaya iCOCOA, Ibs. __. 19c CATSUP, 114 oz. bottle 15c iOYSTERS, \18 K 5 oz. _ 14c FRUIT COCKTAIL, itall can 18c GELATINE DES-, \SERT, I.G.A., 4 pkgs.. .CANDY BARS,, 13 for 17c lOc ENGLISH (WALNUTS, Ib. & Wood Here. Co. femes, fowft Town Council Proceedings Lenox, Iowa, November 5, 1935 Regular meeting of the Town Council of the Town of Lenox, Iowa was held on above date with Mayor Cassill and all members of the council present. The minutes of last regular meeting and all intervening meetings were read and approved. The Finance Committee audited the following bills: Consolidated General Fund Joe Probasco, salary ....$ 55.00 Jay E. Hughes, election judge ................ 4.20 J. E. Cameron, election judge ................ 4.SO W. J. Kiltay, election judge ................ 4^0 H. T. Cheese, election Clerk ........... ' ____ - . 4.20 H. C. Killion, election Clerk ................. 4.20 Lenox School, rent on bldg .................. 4.00 L. A. Bubb, coal ........ 4.25 First Natl Bk, int on warrants ............. 5.83 Marvin Deaver, labor . . 5.00 L. B. Carruthers, salary . 15.00 L. B. Carruthers, supl & expenses ........... 10.71 Moore Serv Sta, gas and supl .............. 13.13 C. B. Cassill, mayor salary ................ 12.50 Munic It Plant, city hall Its .............. 6.46 Reimer Oil Co, kerosene .98 Haynes & Son, labor- team ................. 2.60 J. C. Pearson, salary & exp ................ 66.74 Mary E. Orr, care rest room ............ 2.50 Morgan Print'g Co, supplies .............. 2-1.16 M. Parrott & Sons, elec supl ............. 19.02 Hawkeye Lbr Co, supplies .............. 58.J90 Frank Wiand, tractor rpr ............... ____ 2.50 Lenox Time Table, publ proc .................. 5.40 Barber-Boltinghouse, supplies .............. 38.59 J. V. Wynn, rpr & supl . 7.39 Water Fund L. B. Carruthers, salary 110.00 First Natl Bank, int on warrant ........... 96.00 D. A. Baum, rent ...... 300.00 Joe Probasco, salary ---- 15.00 L. B. Carruthers, suppl, expense .............. 18..23 Moore Serv Sta, gas and supl ............. 13.12 Munic Lt Pit, pumping & supl ............... 27.15 Barber-Boltinghouse, supplies .............. 3.01 J. V. Wynn, rpr, supl . . . 7.40 Western Tel Co, phone, tolls .................. 4.65 Hawkeye Lumber Co, supplies .............. 3jl6 Crane Company, supplies 1.00 Pitts Equit Meter Co, supplies .............. 2.70 Vernon Adair, labor .... 1.25 Water Works Extension Bond Fund Davenport Bk & Tr Co, Int on Bonds ........ 500.00 General-Obligation Fund First Natl Bk, int on warrant .............. 8.92 City Hall Fund First Natl Bk, int on warrant .............. 4.58 Hawkeye Lumber Co, suppHies .............. 6.99 Consolidated Light Fund Munic Lt Pit, st Its & bulbs .............. 139.39 Fire Fund Munic Lt Pit, whistle rpr ................... 1.25 L. Salisbury, labor ...... 1.00 Funding Bond Fund Equitable Life Ins Co, interest .............. 150.00 Waverly Savings Bk, interest .............. 75.00 la. Des M Natl Bk & Tr Co, interest ........... ... 25.00 Bankers Trust Co, interest .............. 200.00 Electric Light Fund Duro Test Corp, supplies 20.63 Ballard-Hasset Co, Interest .............. 406.33 K. L. Stoaks, labor ...... 25.00 Shell Fefcrol Corp, fuel oil .................... 364.17 Barber-Boltinghouse, supplies .............. 18.40 F. E. Strunce, salary .... 100.00 Wm. Severn, salary — 90.00 R. L. Stoaks, labor ..... 25.00 Munic Lt Pit, plant exp 57.15 Munic Water Wks, water 8.45 John Slattery, gasoline . 1.21 Hawkeye Lbr Co .supplies 1.22 Western Tel Co, phone, tolls 4.84 Graybar Electric Co, supplies 8.88 American Electric Co, uspplies 55.00 Fairbanks-Morse Co, repr, supl f 100.55 Terry-Durin Co, supplies 8.44 Diesel Service Co, repr, oil 104.24 John D^y Rubber Co, supplies 8.43 It was moved, seconded and passed that bills be allowed as read and warrants drawn foir same. Moved by Nelson and seconded by Preston that Bonds for members of boards of trustees of Municipal Light plant and Water Works be purchased through E. C. Dunbar and H. Roy Long as agents at the rate of $4.00 per thousand. Motion carried. Councilman Preston introduced the following resolution and moved its adoption: Resolution Whereas, some of the bonds issued by the Town of Lenox, Iowa were made payable at the Banking House of Geo. M. Bechel & Company, and Whereas, the firm of Geo. M. Bechtel & Company is not a sol-, vent concern, and Whereas, some of the holders of the bonds of the Town of Lenox, Iowa have notified the Treasurer of the Town of Lenox, Iowa, not to send the interest or principal of their bonds to the Bechtel Trust Company, but that they would be sent direct to the Treasurer of the Town of Lenox, Now, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the Town Council of the Town of Lenox, Iowa, that the Town Treasurer be, and is hereby instructed to notify the Bechtel Trust Company that interest and principal on bonds of the Town of Lenox, Iowa, will be paid only on presentation of said bonds or interest coupons to the Treasurer of the Town of Lenox, Iowa. Motion was seconded by Councilman Tyler and on roll call the following vote was recorded: . Yea—Eberle, Nelson, Preston and Tyler. Nay—None. Council Adjourned. C. B. CASSILL, Mayor Attest W. C. LEWIS, Clerk two daughters, Ralph Crow, Eugene Swartz and Leona Riley were dinner guests Sunday at the Roy Bush home. James Tallmon of Wheatland, Wyo., and Robert Tallmon of: Melcher, Iowa, were guests at Mrs. Elsie Tallmon's Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Forrest McGregor and daughter of Prescott were six o'clock dinner guests Sunday evening at the Fred Olson home. Miss Helene Austine and Mr. Johnson of Conway, and Earl Margerum were guests Sunday at the H. M. Bush home. What might have proved quite a serious accident last Friday evening, turned out with no more serious results than a mashed wagon. Monard Bush was driving along No. 34 with a' load of corn, when a car ap- i proached from the rear and the ; driver evidently underestimated , the speed he was driving and caught a corner of the wagon with the above result. The: team did not run away and no | one was injured. Prairie Star Events Stringtown Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Black and son and Mrs. Frankie Miller and daughter of Lenox, were dinner guests last Tuesday at the Roy Bush home. Mrs. Harry Miller and son Cecil Carl returned from Council Bluffs, where they had spent a few days at the Curts home. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Brown were Greston business visitors last Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Case and Mr. and Mrs. Ray Hewitt and children visited Sunday even!- ing with Mrs. Hewitt's brother, Lloyd Denhart and family in Creston. Mr. and Mrs. Ira Campbell attended the funeral of Mrs. Isaabelle McFall in Kent Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Leach had as their dinner guests Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Shawler and Vina Lee, Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Leach and Dorothy and Donald of near Clearfield, and Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Leach and Loan, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Leach of Creston. Bill Caney is helping Lloyd Ward pick corn. Mr. and Mrs. Denhart of Ayr visited their daughter, Mrs. Ray Hewitt and family last Friday. Mr. and Mrs. William Nixon are rejoicing over another boy, born Nov. 18. He will answer to the name of Vernon Roy. Bob Reynolds and wife and Chester Campbell and wife were entertained Friday evening at an oyster stew, at the Willard Campbell home. Miss Doris Denhart visited over the week end in Mt. Ayr with relatives. The Farm Bureau met last Thursday evening at the James Bowman home. Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Leach and vToan, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Leach were callers Sunday evening at the William Nixon home. For the Homemaker Ideas, Suggestions, News for Women Readers Hot Water Safe for Rayon Rayon fabrics may be washed safely with strong alkaline soaps and hot water, according to results of experiments by members of the textiles and clothing staff ate Iowa Stat RATE—lOc per line for first insertion; 5c per line each insertion thereafter. Display classified, 25c per inch. For Sale FOR SALE—Spotted gilt. Also Guernsey heifer, year old, good breeding. Leo Ford. 9-1 FOR SALE—Dry block wood, also standing trees. W. F. Tripp, Kent. 8-2p FOR SALE—White Rock cockerels. Argle Hayes, Lenox. 9-2p COAL — Illinois, $7.50 per ton, delivered. Phone 170J. Arthur Cavlin. 9-2p FOR SALE — Big easy feeding Poland China boars and gilts. Gilts bred or open. Immune. L. M. Young, Lenox, Iowa. 8-3p FOR SALE — Alfalfa hay. Also some oat straw. Geo. Barrans. 8-tf FOR SALE — Hampshire boars, pure bred, cholera immune. 3 miles SW of Clearfleld. Sam England. 6-5 FOR SALE — Sharp price cut. $5.00 off on suite with extra trousers. Limited time only. Fred Abernathy. 5-2 are in the market for Timothy seed. Would buy some Soy beans if good. Would not care to buy many Manchue Soy beans. J. w. Abraham, Prescott, la. 7_tf MAN WANTED for Rawleigh Route of 800 families. Write today, Rawleigh, Dept. IAK-335 -SA, Freeport, 111. 7-9 Lost and Found FOUND — Hampshire male hog. Weight about 250. Edgar Black. _ Legal Wanted TIMOTHY SEED EXECUTOR'S NOTICE Notice is hereby given to all persons interested that on the 12th day of November, 1935, the undersigned was appointed by the District Court of Taylor county, Iowa, Executrix of the Estate of B. H. Clayton, deceased, late of said county. All persons indebted to said estate will make paymen^ to the undersigned and those having claims against it will present them, legally authenticated, to said court for allowance. Emma Clayton, Executrix W. O. Van Houten, Attorney. ,?ut>Hshed in Lep^ Time Ta. 31 and 28 pul Dec. 5. I • Crackers Ib. box salted soda A-l Closing Out A Few Odd Lots of I teim Real Price SHOE POLISH, lOc size only tan and oxblood left FURNITURE POLISH, Parker, I bottle Free with each bottle BLUING, Orth, lOc size W-HY, Wade b Lewis Lye. i, 15c size ______ II — —, SOAP, Crystal ri mnn4- gian 1 , bars __________ 1; White King, 25c sze I • B OVER 2 TONS Fresh from the Candy Factories. lOc to 25c Ib. Candy •~———————— ^ Salad Dressing Swifts, in fancy bridge glasses 8 oz. 12lc B PANCAKE FLOUR Robb Ross, special for waffles, large size PANCAKE FLOUR, Buckwheat, Oh Boy, Buckwheat cakes, Ig. size ^•IH • • GRAPES, 2 Ibs a APPLES, 10 Ibs. SQUASH, 4 for _____ Table, Queens CRANBERRIES, per pound BEEF ROAST Ib. 19c 25c 15c WHEAT HEARTS Robb Ross, for a r breakfast, large size -... 19 FRUITE-GEL 4 for 17c STEAK, Sirloin, Ib. • COMPOUND, 2 Ibs. KRAUT, bulk, Ib 5< Thursday Girls Baked F» Sat., Nov. 29. Every thing good to. Home Baked Kraut Juice 5c Bring Container Per quart College. In making these tests, fabrics of rayon, wool, silk and cotton were boiled in lye baths to determine their insistence to alkali. The silk and wool decomposed rapidly, but the cotton and rayon were only slgihtly affected. It was concluded that the mild soaps advised by manufacturers for laundering rayon garments are not absolutely necessary for their proper care. In working with rayon, how- jver, it was found that the fabric requires careful handling when wet as it stretches and tears easily. Hot water weak- med the material no more than that which was lukewarm. Buy Frozen Vegetables It is better to buy frozen veg- itables than fresh ones when they are obtainable. This was the conclusion of the committee on buying of food as reported to the National Dietic Association in Cleveland, Ohio, recently, according to Dtf. Margaret Ohlson of the Foods and Nutrition Department at Iowa State ollege. Reasons to support this contusion were given. Vegetables used for preservation by freezing are of top quality. They are selected in the field during ;he time the vegetable is being harvested, and are Immediately prepared ftr freezing. QM$ .ve^ tyw peas am* all inferior jxssaji' arfc .'jfa % preparation Js cook the frozen ve is required for fresh vegetal Color and flavor are not fected in any way by the ft ing. Frozen vegetables may kept any length of time to frozen state. They mu used, however, soon after ing as spoilage occurs qnte This method of pr««» is being used more andj especially in the city, since buyer feels that she » better quality for the pays. Ads in The Lenox Time Tab! Will Add

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