The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 4, 1966 · Page 11
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 11

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 4, 1966
Page 11
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Tests For Drivers | SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (AP)—j Insurance broker Harold Marshall says psychological tests Zee motorists would help "spot the guy who's going to take it out on his car if he has a fight with his wife." Marshall appeared at a state commission hearing an<J said insurance rates could be cut if applicants for drivers' licenses were given such tests. Save Now ONLY- More Days To Save By The 10th and Earn a Full Months Dividend March 31st DIVIDENDS PAID 4 TIMES A YEAR WE HAVE FREE GIFT FOR YOU!! When You Open An Account Of 25°° or more... OR Add S 25°° or More To Your Present Account HARRIS COUNTY Federal Savings & Loan Association 37 Years of Solid Service "Save Where Thousands Save MlHlons" Driver Must Assume Blame ***.: NEW SURVIVAL CAPSULE—This revolutionary fiber glass surviva! capsule \vas dropped 40 feet into the water in a test during the Offshore Exploration Conference at Long Beach. Calif. The capsule is 8 feet in diameter and is said to be unsinkable. It has a 35-man capacity and would be used to replace conventional lifeboats on ships and planes. By BERNARD GAVZER Associated Prese Writer When there is an automobile death or injury — and there is one every 18 seconds — it usually is blamed on one — or a combination — of three things: The car, the road, the driver. Mainly, the driver. If this is the culprit, what makes him that way? For years, he was usually described as the decent chap who £ turned into a holy terror the minute he got behind the wheel. Or he was pictured as the guy who had one too many at a parry. Or he was either too young to be driving or too old. But now research indicates: — He may be drugged and not mow that it impairs his driving ability. — He may be affected fay a poisonous gas and not recognize — He may be ill with alcoholism, not merely a social drinker. — He may be unable to handle his emotions. Cold War GI Bill Is Signed By LBJ WASHINGTON (AP) — Pres-,may approach S130 billion. This ident Johnson signed into law Thursday the "cold war GI bill, but remarked that its cost goes further than he was willing to recommend. Johnson signed the measure in a ceremony in the White House East Room in which he noted that both houses of Congress passed it unanimously. "I am going to resolve the doubt in favor of Congress." he said. "It just could be that the President was wrong." The measure sets up a permanent program o£ educational benefits, housing Joans and limited medical treatment for honorably discharged veterans with more than ISO days of active military service since Jan. 31, 1953, when the Korean GI bill of rights expired. Johnson said the — He may be determined to kill himself. The millions of drivers pedestrians, the millions of automobiles and trucks, the millions of miles oi road have together produced an ironic catastrophe: the blessing of fast, cheap, universal transportation has brought with it fast death and maiming. In 1965. 49,000 persons were killed, 3.5 million maimed and injured. The loss in dollars: $8.5 billion. The finger usually has been pointed at the driver. But what about toe automobile, tires, roads, weather? None of these factors is dismissed, and experts agree that in cases of automobile death and injury more than one factor may be involved. Practices within the automotive industry are now being challenged in federal and state hearings with the one theme consistently stated: Detroit thinks mor e about style than isafety. Would Safety Aids Help? What would happen if there,work that are impervious to the was an overnight miracle and'good intentions of driver or ad- suddenly all autos and all roads'visers. met the highest standards of safety? "The impact on reducing fa-, cilities wouldn't be greater than] ceut ical 20 per cent," answers James P. produced The widespread use of drugs came under scrutiny. Briefly, the medical-pharma- Economos, American director of the Bar Association's breakthrough stimulants, which antihistamines, hypnotics, tranquilizers, and pain-killer or sleep-in- is the figure he said departments and agencies asked in the fiscal year beginning July Ij and which he trimmed to a little under $113 billion. The measure is estimated to cost 5350 million the first year traffic court program. "Thatj duc ins synthetics of all sorts, leaves the human element to also made it possible for mil- deal *!*• than is probably per cent."' Howard Pyle, president of the National Safety Council, says "statistics do show that driver g^^ •s r fifth yea Johnson wanted benefits limited to veterans of combat would cost a year. about cost of the be $24 million more had recommended for bill will than he the first year and S1.8 billion more over the next five years. The President did not elaborate on his cost figures. Earlier estimates, admittedly dependent on how many veterans apply, had put the cost of the bill as passed about S200 million higher than Johnson proposed for the first year. Sen. Ralph Yarborough, Tex., the bUl's chief sponsor, es- million veterans will ibe eligible for the new benefits. and $500 million annually by the j fault was present in about 85 per cent of all automobile accidents, but this does not mean that other factors may not also have been present." The driver has been flooded with special training courses, !ong litanys of "do's and don't," car care tips and about everything else in the book. Since the deaths and injuries continued to grow, researchers began to wonder whether the advice was simply being ignored, or wheth- lions of people to get easy ale for the things that botherec them. The stay-awake, go-to- sleep, calm-jangled-nerves, lose-weight, stop-sneezes pills produced by the ton and areas. This S150 million An individual can receive $100 a month in education payments for each month's service—with a 35-month limit. If he has a he can get S125 a month, or more dependents $150 monthly. Education benefits begin June 1, but other parts of the program are effective at once. Education payments can be use for high school, as well as college classes, for correspondence courses and by persons on active duty if their military assignments permit. There is no provision for retroactive payments for veterans who have completed college, but the payments may be used for graduate work. Veterans attending school part-time will receive scaled- down payments. Veterans must complete their training within eight years aft- Referring to the nation's over-ier discharge. For those covered iall fiscal situation, Johnson j retroactively to 1955. the eight served "most solemn warning" years start June 1. sold supermarket fashion. Since there are 96 million licensed States, drivers in it follows the United that these pills, capsules, tablets, elixirs and what-not are being consumed by people who at one time or another operate a motor vehicle. While the medical profession knows about the side effects of many drugs, the exact role they play in accidents involving auto- been fully measured statistical- er there might not be forces at ly. Tronqui/izers Play Part Dr. L. E. Hollister, conducting number of alcoholized drivers a 90-day observation of 60 patients receiving a tranquilizer reported in the U.S. Navy Medical News Letter that his subjects had 10 times more traffic accidents than would have been predicted for a normal population. The AMA is engaged in an educational campaignto change this situation. There is sufficient reason to believ e however, that no matter how strenuously doctors warn patients about drugs and driv- Idence. the federal budget soon!private lender. that unless future requests are! Th e bill also guarantees up toj ln S. t" 6 advice probably wears imade with what he called pru- 57,500 on home loans made by ai off faster than the drug. And, of course, the doctor really has no control over how people consume over-the-counter pills, the nonprescription ones that can be bought by the carton. While labels warn people about possible side effects, they can be ignored or forgotten. Alcohol has been the most universally condemned factor in terms of driver impairment. In short, alcohol and driving make a terrible mixture. But researchers are now saying that the so-called social drinker has been taking more blame than is properly due him. Researchers say "it is becoming clear to us that a substantial if you have decided to buy air conditioning Buy CARRIER now from us ... and get a Bonus Zenith TV set ... a nifty 12-inch portable with every central home air conditioning installation before March 31. Special off-season offer to keep our mechanics busy and help us meet winter overhead costs. Carrier bought thousands of these TV sets and offers them to us at a special low price to make your bonus possible. The TV bonus does not apply to Subdivision developers or builders, YOUNG PLUMBING AND HEATING CD. 301 N. Commerce Phone 583-7401 AUTHORIZED Carrier DEALER who precipitate grave traffic incidents are chronic alcohol- Alcohol is relatively easy to detect in many cases. After all, booze smells. But sometimes things happen to drivers that absolutely mystify them. For example, here is an experience related by a 26-year-old man in Chicago: "I was driving east on 53rd Street in Hyde Park. It was cold and there was a lot of snow on the ground, so I was going along pretty carefully. The heater was on, and the radio, and I just lit a cigarette. I'd been waiting for someone for about a half hour with the engine running to keep warm, before I started moving. I must've gone a mile or so when something came over me. I felt absolutely terrible, as though I was going to faint. I hadn't been drinking or taking any medicine, and there was nothing physically wrong with me. I hadn't had any problems or any of that sort of thing. I just stopped the car at the curb, got out and lay down on the ground, on the snow. I don't know for how long, but it was until I felt my head was clear." Changes In Figuring Tax Are Small WASHINGTON (AP)—Your 1965 income tax return must be in on or before April 15. There have been a few changes but none basic. The tax on 1965 income is a little lower than the previous vear*s which, in turn, was lower than the year before. The reason is a tax cut spread over two years. No further cut is in sight There's a 55 penalty for failing to list your Social Security number. Enclose all employe's copies of W2 withholding statements you get for tax withheld from you in 1965. Report <~Hily taxable income. Som e income, like SociaJ Security payments, is not taxable. If too much tax was withheld from vou, you can get a refund but only if you file a return. Who must file one? Anyone under 65, including children, -who had 5600 or more taxable income—51,200 if you were 65 or older. You were considered 65 for all of 1565 if your birthdav was as late as Jan 1, 1966. A self-employed person, in addition to paying a 5.4 per cent Social Security tax on income up to $4,800, must file a return if his self-employment income was $400 or more even though gross income was less than 5600. A person under or over 65, j even though receiving nontaxa-j ble Social Security payments, nsust pay a Social Security tax on any taxable earned income he had. There's a limit on how much of it he can have and still draw Social Security payments. If in doubt, consult the nearest Social Security office. Be sure to read the instruction sheet sent taxpayers by the Internal Revenue Service. It has information, plus tax tables and" tax schedules you'll need in working out your tax. For 50 cents you'll get far more detailed information by buying from your nearest IRS office its 160-page booklet, "Your Federal Income Tax." Everyone under 65 filing a return gets a $600 exemption for himself—$1,200 if you're 65— plus 5600 for each dependent under or over 65. You also get a* S600 exemption for your wife— $1,200 if she's 65—provided she meets certain conditions to be explained in No. 3 in this series. A person filing a return gets an extra 5600 exemption if he is blind, the same for his wife, but no extra exemption for a blind dependent. Everyone filing a return is allowed a deduction for certain personal expenses. Without lis- Friday, March 4. 1966 *•• 11 ting them, you can take the standard deduction. If your expenses were greater than the standard amount, claim them in full, but then you'll have to itemize. For details see stories Nos. 2 and 5. You can find your tax either in a tax table or by figuring it. Only under-55,000 people can use th e table, and only some of them can. Anyone with 55,000 or more income must figure his tax using the tax rate schedules. There are two main forms for making a return: 1040 and 1040A which, being a punchcard, is simpler. Anyone can use 1040. Anyone with 510,000 or more income, or who itemizes deductions, rnust use it- Only those under-510,000 people who fit certain conditions can use 1040A. How to choose between the forms, and how to use them, are explained in story No. 2. For most people using 1040, its two pages will b e sufficient. Some, with special kinds of income or problems, will need additional sections of 1040 called schedules B,D,C,F or G. They cover areas such as income from rents, pensions, royalties; retirement income credit; profit or loss from business or profession; business deductions; expense accounts; self- employment, and farm income. Member of the armed forces who served in the Viet Nam combat zone get a break. An enlisted man Is tax free for any month—part of a month is considered a month—served there and each month he was hospi- in winter, in closed automobiles j abetes, alcoholism and mental j talized as a result of such serv- with the heater operating andjillness," says Dr. Julian A. ice. Commissioned officers may Carbon Monoxide The probability, according to some doctors who were told these details, was that the driver may have had carbon monoxide poisoning. "This is not a factor to be dismissed,'' says Dr. Edwin Levine, a chest surgeon of Chicago's Edgewater Hospital. "When carbon monoxide is present, and it is most apt to be extremely dangerous condition." Ulness, of course, can effect a driver. "While the data still is scanty there is enough information to indicate that an increased traffic risk is associated with such chronic diseases as cardio-vas- cular disease, epilepsy, di- the driver or occupants smoking, it has a cumulative effect so that one day of exposure may not be especially meaningful, but four, five and six successive day s can possibly produce an Waller of the California Department of Public Health in a medical report. "These factors probably are involved in from 5 to 10 per cent of traffic accidents." Mental Ulness A Cause Mental illness as s factor has relatively little statistical documentation. There's no chemical guide for physicians. "There exclude up to 3200 of compensation per month for service in the combat zone. Those who must pay tax in quarterly installments, starting April 15, because no tax or not enough 'is withheld from them during the year, will use for this form 1040ES. Som c taxable kinds of income: wages, salaries, bonuses. are three abnormal behavioral j commissions, fees patterns. First, the individual is test of a body, for instance, that so absorbed in his problem that could indicate if the person I he is indifferent and inattentive were emotionally unstable. One'to traffic and the world about way researchers couid get some!him. Second, some individuals clues would be to dig into the background of victims, a tedious and costly process. But it has been done in various research projects. Psychiatric studies conducted by the University of Michigan's Dr. Melvin L- Selzer and his associates showed that more than half the drivers involved in a series of fatal automobile accidents suffered from some form of mental illness. This was based on the study of 72 drivers in fatal accidents. A greater proportion of those involved were caught up at the time of the fatal crash in some "serious personal crisis," such as marital difficulty, intense job pressure or financial problems. "Normal individuals may suffer a temporary emotional upset iimpairing their driving ability," || says the AMA in a medical Chicago. becom e greatly despondent, with actual depression and psychomotor retardation. Third, many such individuals become antagonistic, impulsive, or openly agressive with loss of judgment and loss or caution." There has been suspicion that suicide bent drivers have used the automobile to conceal the nature of their deaths. Life insurance company actuaries have expressed concern over the disproportionately high number of fatal automobile accidents in the first effective year of double indemnity life insurance policies. They have speculated that this may be due to "simulation of accidental death conditions by persons who actually committed suicide," according to a report to a society of the actuaries meeting in dends, interest on tips, divi- savings account and U.S. savings profit from business. bonds, rents, royalties, prizes and awards when you did something to win them. Some nontaxable income: gifts, inheritances, bequests, life insurance payments on death, dividends on veterans insurance, disability retirement payment and other benefits paid by the Veterans Administration, workmen's compensation, insurance, damages and so on for injury or death, Railroad tirement Act benefits. Next: Which form to use. Re- Seat Belts In Demand CHICAGO (AP) — Auto accessory stores report a run on seat belts by motorists who waited until the last minute. The Illinois seat belt law, which requires that all cars built In 1361 or later be equipped with belts, went into effect midnight Monday. g — - fw £— ^fc^—^i hfi^^L^ WKfm nCIS ASTRONAUT PRACTICES "SLIDE FOR L!FE" — Astronaut Nei! Armstrong, co-piiot of Gemini-S. practices the "slide for life" on a safety slide wire leading to the ground from the Titan rocket complex at Cape Kennedy. This device would be used by the two astronauts in event of an on-pad mishap. A 3*-ye«r-old HoUrtott attorney, George E- Fletcher, haa been named Hard aCbuoty campaign manager lor Crawford Martin in Martin's race for attorney general. Fletcher outlined plane *or * vigorous campaign for the secretary of state and former state senator. "We are organizing a speakers* bureau and we win sogat be opening a headquarters. he said. "We will nave the itinerary for the candidate's ap- pearnaces in this area available shortly." Platcher received his law degree from Notre Dame in 1951 and hag practiced in Houston since. He is a partner to the law firm of Helm, Jones and Fletcher. If IfS . JEWELRY Hock's Pharmacies 41 E. TtXM CMclur M •tarHHl 5SS-1755 SB-CM? FACTORY AUTHORIZED ANNUAL SALE Continues...Fantastic Values SAVE $ IOO on magnificent ASTRO-SONIC* Solid-State STEREO FM Monaural FM/AM Radio-Phonograph *NO TUBES Because highest-reliability space-age Solid-State Components replace all "tubes" and damaging heat, they're guaranteed 5 years, replaced by us if defective under normal use. We also-provide free service for 1 year. NOW $ ONLY 395 Astro-Sonic "lOO"-mode! 2-RP658 in beautiful Italian Provincial fine furniture. Complete audfa controls include Step Bass, Step Treble. Music Timbre, and Stereo Balance. Ample record storage, too. Annual Sale Priced. Brings you music so glorious, listening now becomes a great emotional experience! Astro-Sonic surpasses all other achievements in the re-creation of sound. 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