The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 3, 1914 · Page 11
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 11

Decatur, Illinois
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Friday, July 3, 1914
Page 11
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Friday Evening, July 3, 1914. T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W i . Page Eleven For Rural Carrier*' Coni vention at Y. M. C. A. ii ------ ' Th« local committee of rural car- »lers, arranging for the state convention here on July 10-11 have secured the city T. M. C. A. in which to hold ·their meetings. They had Invited the fourth assistant postmaster genera! to attend this meeting but he replied that he could not be here. Among the more inportant men secured for the progr-im are Senator L. T. Sherman and W. B. Brown of Washington, editor of the SV. D. News. --Will be a «ood place to ·penA the Fourth. Dance ·ftczvon and evening. Swimming and footraces (or prise*, be- ·Me» other attractions. Splendid fireworks dlsylar in the evening. Firecrackers, Roman candle*, eto*, for sale OB the grounds. Boy 70or supply there. Good order maintained^ Good car service between city and park. W. A. WALTON, Custodian.--Adv. People You Know PRESENTED WITH SET OF DISHES Mr. mat Mr*. Kntrtt Lswhmin »nr- prlied f"T Frlendi. Mr. and Mre. Brneet Lachman -w«re Elven an enjoyable aurprlee party on Thursday evcningr at their home, 766 liast Cantrell street, the occasion be- intr their twentieth wedding anniversary. They were presented with a hand»ome «et of Havtland china diih- te. The evening wa« devoted to cards and other form* of amusement. Re- freshmentB consisting of ice cream, cake and »od» were served. Theodore Brtnkoetter won the men's first prts* and Bernard Ke!l won the con- eolation prize. Mrs. Louis Rohr won the woman's first prize and Mrs. Bernard Marty the consolation prize. Those present were Anton Spaeth, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Keil, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Schcrer, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Walser, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Heisler, Mr. and Mrs. Victor Schtman- ·ki, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Lahme, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Buach, Mr. and Mrs. Loulj Bohr, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Brinkoetter, Mr. and Mrs. William Piatzberser, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Marty, Mrs. Louis Rohr, Sr., Miss Rose Bortsch, Miss Bertha Platzbereer, Miss Rose Platzberger and Miss Christina Platzberger. BOY SCOUTS ON HIKE TO RIVER The Boy Scouts of Troop 2 accompanied by Scout Master Guy HodfferB, Assistant Scout Master George Proctor and Rev. Leon Morrison and Captain Boy Kiggs of Co. L. I. N. G. went on a hike Thursday afternoon. They started from the Fir»t Methodist church going to the Lost Bridge and from there, a mile down the river, wnere they made camp. Several scout games were played and then supper was cooked over a eamp ·fire. The boys also gathered leaves from different tree* to mount them. A few of the boys took tests for second class scouts and passed. They returned home in time to attend the band concert Those in the party were Ralph Blalock. Paul Weilepp. Majc Weilepp, Har- cld Sanford, Leon A. Morrison, Raymond Hansen, Stuart Wood, Harry Bljrsby, Joe Featheroff. Charles Anderson and Harold Proctor. Three meetings of the scouts will be held next week. Tuesday evening will be a second class initiation, Wednesday evening a first class Initiation and on Thursday evening all members of the Scouts will take a hike. F. J. Schiene, who Is employed at Staley Starch Works, has a_ severe abscess on his right hand. F. J. Parr returned Thursday from a trip through Iowa and Minnesota. John H. Jeworowski Is here for ten days' visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jeworowski, 1253 East Orchard street. He has been In Sar- nla, Can., for over a year as foreman of the core department of the H. Mueller Manufacturing company. Rev. and Mrs. D. R. Taylor and daughter, Gladys, and son, Elmer, 456 Johnson avenue, will spend the Fourth in Bloomington. Rev, Mr. Taylor wi occupy the pulpit of the Free Methodist church In Bloomington, taking the place of Rev. A. J. Smith. Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Panschert, 343 "West Waggoner street, will spend the Fourth in Shelbyville. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Ferry oE Austin were Decatur visitors Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Rodgers and fam ily, Oakland avenue, will spend Saturday and Sunday In Champaign and Urbana. Mr. and Mrs. Simon Huffer. 630 West Marietta street, will spend Sat- Mrs. Rosana Hull of Shelbyville, who has been visiting: her daughter. Mrs. G. A. Panschert, 343 West Waggoner street, returned to her home Thurs. day.. Miss Nellie Brown of Quincy is viS' itms Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Sllfer, 44" East Eldorado street. Local Notices. IBSM Mottoes Are Paid sVdmtMnc. WOMEN PLAN FOR PICNIC Members of St. Johannes' Sewing circle, at their meeting Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. A. Morenz, 1330 East Leafland, decided to have a picnic next Thursday at Falrvlew park. The women of St. Paul's church will be invited to attend A refreshment stand ·w-111 be arranged, and sandwiches, coffee and other refreshments will be on eale The meeting yesterday was largely attended. Two comforts were finished and some fancy work was done. The next meeting will be held uly 16 »t the home of Mrs. Paul Arndt, Illinois street. Tbe movies at the Btjon are MO dn vood these dny* that feller has to pass) up m o t h e r *« · t rawberrr Short Cake ·t (upper and do K Tango to fret TODAY AT THE BIJOU MARY FICKFOHD will ba stalled on a lonely island until some city chap finds her. Everybody !s happy 'till she discovers he is a married man, then she pulls the suicide stunt -QUICK CT'RTAIN'--Adv. Y. M. C. A. INVITED TO SWIMMING MEET May Send Representative* to Biff Tank Near Indianapolis. The local Y. M. C. A. received an invitation yesterday to compete In the Indiana A t h l e t i c Federation championship swimming and diving meet at Indianapolis on July 29. 30, 31. The meet will be held at Broad Ripple Park, where there la the finest out-door pool in the country. The pool Is 500 feet long and 200 feet wide. Thirteen championship events of the A. A, U. will be held. These are open to any rpgistered athletes in the Central Association territory. There will also be many other events. It has not yet been decided whether any representatives will go from Decatur or not. LEGAL NOTICES. Report of th* rendition *f the Citizens Nations] Bank, at Decatur, in the State of Ilh- BO!B, at th« close of business, J u n e 30th, 1D14. RESOURCES Loang end discount! $ 9^1 .OS".02 Ov-jrdraft*. secured and imiecur^d 11 *7" 73 TT. S. Bond* to secure circulation 200,*X0.00 U. S Bond*? to secure U S . deposit?. $1 TOO, to secure postal savings none 1,000.00 Other bondi to aecure C S. deposit*, none: to secure postal saving*. J6QOO'» Bond*. Mcur.ties. etc. (other than Stock in Federal Rpserv* Bank none; all other Blocks. 560,00000 Banking house, furniture, and fixtures Other r^al entate own«fl Iuft from National Banks (not reserve ajrenti Ju% from State and Private Banks and Bankera. Trust companies and Savings banks.. Cm from approved reserve agpnts Cheeks and other cash items .. Exchanges for clear!nt house . Notes of other National Banks . Fractional piper currency, nlck- ·IS. and rents lawful money reserve in bank, viz Spec!« 571.122.05 3ffa! tender notes ... 28.300 OO Redemption f u n d with U S Treasurer (5 per cent, of circulation) 6,000,00 37,088.10 60,000.00 30.000.00 S.SD3.14 9,912 23 23.029.32 124 877, SI . 1,625.00 1132 9S 10,000.00 Total .$1.624,118.68 LIABILITIES Caoltal stock paid in $ 2iV,fiOO.iX) Surplus iuni . ... 100.000.00 Undivided p r o f i t s , lesp expenses find raxps paid (inO-Vlfi National Bank notes outstanding IT, ,VO On Due to other National banks.. 30.1SS.5S Pue to State ana Private banks and bankf r« 39.3fW Pt Dividends unpaid 6,000.00 Indi%idual deposits subject to check Qflfl.Mi.M Demand certificates of deposit.. 3,SOS.78 Tim* certificate*! of deposit pnv- able a f t e r .30 davs or after notice of 30 days or lonf«r Certified checks Cashiers' checks outstanding . .. United States deDosIts .. Postal Savings deposits 23.-8W.18 3.075.11 2.18T.M 1.OOO.OO 3.3T3.30 Totai »I«24.11S.6S State of Illinois, Countv of Macon. ss: I. A M Kenney. pre*id*nt of the above- Mtned hank, do solemnly swear that the ·hove statement la true to the best of my knowledge and belief A. M 'KEXNET, ptesid«nt. Subscribed and sworn to before me this ·rd flay of Juiv. 1914 HENRY A WOOD, Notary Public. Correct--Attest: W. M 'WOOD. E P IRVING. _ LUTHER F. MARTIN. t»«aL) Directors. 20 WOMEN AT FIRST U. B. MEETING About twenty women attended the meeting of the Woman's Missionary society of the First United Brethren church Thursday afternoon. Instead of reviewing the chapter in "The King's Business," Mrs. X. H. Welsh gave an Interesting reading on "Africa." Mrs. Philip Kayser told about her visit to the Pacific Garden mission In Chicago, where W. A. Sunday was converted. Light refreshments were served hy the hostess. Lost--Auto tlr» 80x8, northwest par at city. Be!! 8171. TJnlted Commercial Tr»vel«rs, De catur council No. 219, will not me Saturday night. Meet next repula meeting night, For sale by owner -- excellent lo paved street, car line, shade tree concrete walk, convenient to Wabas shops. $400 if taken at once. Aut 3007. SPECIAlTNOTICE! SEE I/TJCILl/E L.OVE IK THE OPEJ AIR SERIES KO. 1. STARTING FRIDAY, EVENING. JULY 8, AT THE ROOF GARDEN ATTENTION^ MOOSE! Members ars requeited to meet n Moose hall Saturday a. m. 8:45 shar to attend funeral of Bro. Vlrg Sanders T. A. M'GAHRY, Secy. EIKS, ATTENTION! All Elks are requested to attend th funeral of Brother Vlrg Sanders. Mee at the house, 620 W. North St. at »;1 a. m., July 4th and march to th church. LIFE'S LIGHTER HOURS Hocking Chair Club. The Rocklns Chair club met Thurs day afternoon at the home of Mrs. W S. Enloe, 1660 North Broadway. I was In the nature of a lawn party Fifteen members were present and Mrs W. N. Elliott was taken in as a new member. Refreshments were served The next meeting: will be held in tw ·weeks at the home of Mrs. Loren Goff 1614 North College street. M. B. A. Sewing Circle. The Modern Brotherhood of America Sewlne circle met Thursday afternoon at the Odd Fellows' hall. Nine members were present and the tlmi was spent In quilting. Mrs. Ella Car ver was hostess. Refreshments were served. The circle will meet In two weeks at the hall with Mrs. Brubeck hostess. Entertain Friend* Miss Marie and J. Everett White entertained ten friends at their home, 455 West King street, Wednesday after noon. The t i m e was spent in p l a y i n g games and music. Refreshments wera served. . M. W. A. Sewing Circle. hp M o d e r n Woodman Sewing circle met Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. William M o t t r o m , 141D North Clinton street. S i x ^ m e m b e r s were prescnl n n d spent the 'afternoon sewing. Refreshments were served. The next m e e t i n g will he held at the home of Mrs. Anna Layman, 809 North Main street next Thursday afternoon. Prlscllla Pleasure Club. Thp Priscll'a Pleasure club met T h u r s d a y a f t e r n o o n with Mrs. Ed Stovall on South Coifs.*. All members and three visitors were present. G u e c t s from out of town were Mrs. Eliza Powell of Henderson, Ky., and Mrs. William Hamilton of LaFayette, both of whom addressed the club. Birthday Party. Thursday uas t h » f i f t e e n t h birthday a n n i v e r s a r y of Merle Davis, d a u g h t e r of B. W. Davis, and the day was celebrated by I n v i t i n g a number of her young friends to spend the afternoon at her home near Lost Bridge. Games and music helped to pass the time, but the feature which pleased the young folks most was the picnic supper, consisting of sandwiches, fried chicken, pickles, potato chips, fruit, Ice cream and cake, which wa* served on the lawn. 125 AT FREE METHODIST PICNIC The Free Methodist Sunday school picnic at Falrvlew park Thursday afternoon and evening waa attended by about 125 people. The larger boys played tennis during the afternoon and the small children amuied themselves with the swings and other play apparatus. Supper was served In the evening. NEW MEMBERS OF LADIES' AID Five new members were received at the meeting of the Ladles' Aid society of the Third United Brethren church Thursday afternon at the home of Mrs. 3adle Fisher. It was reported that $3 was cleared on the recent iocml and (5 was turned over to the pastor's salary. After the meeting there was t, social hour, with refreshments. Seven women were present. HETTIE BARNHART NAMED FOR OFFICE Miss Kettle Barnhurt w»s «l»cted secretary-treasurar of the Ladlce' Aid society of the Church of the Brethren at Its meeting Thursday afternoon. She succeeds Mrs. W. H. Stempel, re- ·Igned . The women finished a quilt and cUfl some piecing for a comfort. Mrfl. C. C. Armstrong Bntertalnsj. Mrs. C. C. Armstrong entertained twelve little slrls Thursday afternoon her home on East Center street In icnor of Vivian Bristol of Springfield. A musical program was arranged consisting of the following: Piano solo--Helen Amellrig Vocal solo--Jessie Thomas. Recitation--Vivian Bristol. Reading--Ruth Watson Recitation--Alice Virginia Spayd. Piano solo--Bessie Burkholder. Reading--Fay Thomas. Solo--Helen Marie Soayd. Recitation--Lucille Coughlin. Decorations and refreshments were In p i n k and whita and Mrs. Spayd, Mrs. L. Thomas and Mrs. Potter assisted Mrs Armstrong in the entertaining of the children. CHURCH OF GOD MEETING HELD The Woman's Missionary society or the C h u r c h of God held its m o n t h l v meetins Thursday afternoon at the home of Mr? A. J. Roher in the Pythian Home addition. The lesson was "Resources of the King's Army," from "The King's Business." and was conducted by Mrs. Roher In the absence of the president. Mrs. George Lyons lod the devotions. R e f r e s h m e n t s were served by the hostess. WOODMAN CARNIVAL OPENS SATURDAY Several free acts have been arranged by the HdDklna carnival at Dreamland park for Saturday. There xvil] alio be concort by the I i a l l a n bnnd Tho shows will hp oprn from 10 o'clock Saturday m o i m n g u n l l l l a t e at night. The Woodman diamond ring contest closes Monday and much Interest ts being s h o w n in it. Five hundred free votei will be given the contestant who gets th» most \otee be- f««n Friday night and Saturday n l f f h t The contestant* eland as follows: Blanche Hynes, 4,027; May Roach. 3515, Ella Mulhev 2.122; Leah By en. 1 Ml; Thomas McKee. "11; Joe McDonald, 1ST. W i l l i a m Collins, SO NEW YORK WEEKLY BANK STATEMENT New- Tork, July 3 --The statement of th» actual condition of clearing house hanks end tru»t companies for the week (five days) shows that they hold SIO.WO.^W reserve in excess of legal r e q u i r e m e n t s This Is a decrease of $20,76S,40Q from last week. FOB mm Will Be Held at Court House on July 16. Miss Mary W, Moore, county superintendent, hae received notice from the Illinois state examine board that the f i r s t examination for teachers' certificates under the certificating law will be held July 16 and 17. The examination In Macon county will be held in the supervisors' room at the court house. BOYS TO REPORT. Applicant! for scholarships In the boys' state fair school Will report at the office of the county superintendent at 2 o'clock Saturday afternoon, Aug. 1. Any worthy boy over fifteen and u n d e r twenty-une years of age is eligible to compete for the scholarship nd all who wish to enter must file their applications for appointment in writing" with the county superintendent of schools on or before July 25. Emerson Piano House Gives Employes Half Holiday on Thursdays. REV. J.F JILLS Attended NortKern Baptist Convention. Rev. J. F. Hills, pastor of the First Baptist church, r e t u r n e d Wednesday evening- from Boston, where he attended the K o r t h e r n Baptist convention. The other Decatur people have not yet returned home. The Misses Xannie and Josephine Anderson ars coming back by way of Montreal and Mr. and Mrs. H. M Owen and son, Honore, are coming- by -way of New York and Philadelphia. 4,000 DELEGATES. The convention was the largest ever held by the Northern Baptists, about 4,000 delegates being present. It was most enthusiastic gathering. The sessions were held in Tremont temple. Tremont temple c h u r c h has the largest congregation of any Baptist church In America. Services are attended by 3,500 or more people and people are always t u r n e d away. Dr. Courtland Meyers Is the pastor. The church has famous chorus choir and quartet. Mr. Mills reached home just in time to conduct his Wednesday evening service at the church here. M A R K E T S CHICAGO BOARD OF TRADE QUOTATIONS (Furnished by Wars A Lelani.) Chicago, July g -- Fallowing IB the ringe of prices with yesterday's cloze WHEAT-- Open. Hl«h. law. Clou. Yes 79KSZ 70U ---- ---- --- 79«I 79? -"'* J u l y Sep D«c ....... 82' CORN-July. old.. 68U July new. 88$ Sop. old.. " l7 Sep. new.. Dee ....... OATS-July ...... Sep ....... Dec ....... POHK-- July ...... Sep ...... LARD-J u l y . . . . . . Sep ...... RIBS-July ...... Sep ....... 117T 1175 1012 1027 11SO 1177 21S3 2030 1005 1020 1170 1170 Market Gossip. --The Emerson Piano House feels that in justice to their employes they should Join the ranks of the other leading merchants in Decatur by glv- r\s their employes a half holiday on Thursday d u r i n g July ana August. As far as is known they are the only Piano House in Decatur to close t h e i r store on Thursday afternoon. They w i l l also close all day July 4th and keep open Friday night u n t i l 9-30. --Adv. MEDIATORS BACK IN WASHINGTON Washington, July 3.--The American delegates to the Niagara mediation conference--Justice Lamar and Frederick W. L e h m a n n -- r e t u r n e d to the capital today and conferred with President Wilson and Secretary Bryan. While the Niagara conference Is in recess awaiting Carranza's canvass of ils generals u n d e r the plan of Gaudalupe as to s e n d i n g delegates to t r e a t w i t h Huerta's emissaries, the A m e r i can dejefrates will remain in Washi- n g t o n ; the three S o u t h A m e r i c a n med i a t o r s will also r e t u r n here shortly nd k e f p In touch with the situation awaiting- the next move. EXPRESS AGENT ROBBED OF $3,000 Macomb. J u l y :;--Walter I.on^ agent of the Adams Express compan at Goort Hope, near here, was held in today by a lone robber who took i n expresc, package c o n t a i n i n g J3. r '"0 onMgned to a local bank tw a C h l 'a?o bank. Long: h a n d e d over the Jackage at the point of a revolver and ran left bound ana gigged. He was o\md a ttvr minutes later by a man omlngr from the p o ^ t o f f i c e for mail, "he s h e r i f f am] a posse are now scour- ng the country for the robber, who Is ehexed to have escaped in an auto. CHICAGO COCAINE SELLERS CONICTED Chicago, July -The second t i i a l f Truaax, Greene and company for the [legal sale of cocaine resulted in con- ictlon and i n f l i c t i o n of a fine of $65(1 n the m u n i c i p a l court here today. The ury disagreed In the f i r s t trial. C. BEAULIEU DEAD AT ASSUMPTION lins Marie O'Brien Hying; After LOTIE Siege of DlietiMefl. Assumption, July 3--Charles Beau- en, a carpenter by trade a n d slxty- ve years old, died late Thursday from he effects of pnralyels. His wife died ast w i n t e r and his son, Orv.lle, and i f e have lived at the f a m i l y home nee and tnkpn care of him. A dauph- er, Mrs, William Oare, is here w i t h er husband for the f u n e r a l which 111 probably be held Saturday after- oon at the Methodist church. YOUNG GIRL. DYING. Miss Marie O'Brien, a f i f t e e n year Id girl and a fa%'orltf among the oungc people, was saitl to be dyini? "iN m o r n i n g from a c o m p l i c a t i o n of leases. She had in consecutive order ie measles, diphtheria and append 1- t!s. She was taken to the Taylorville ospital several weeks aero and f o u g h t home when het c o n d i t i o n h a d mproved. She had a relapso and death as expected momentaril today. (Furnished toy Con.ay. Qulgltjr A PRIMARY MOVEMENTS. Hacpti Wheat 557.000 Corn 510,000 Oats 605,000 Year ago, holiday Co.) Shpts. l,t«.OOO 422,000 555,000 WlieM Corn .. Oati ... CHICAGO CABS. Reepts 121) !!!)""!!!!" ieo B h p t s 101 6ft 25 Estd. 129 177 160 ESTIMATED CAM. Chicago, July 3.--Estimated can- Wheat, 151: corn. 220. oats, *29; rye, 2: barley, 13; hogs. 87,000. ' New York Sugar. NCTT Tori?, July 3.--Raw Sugar, steady; molaeses. $275; centrifugal, $882. Refined Sugar--Steady LIVESTOCK. si- Chicago Live Stock. Chicago, J u l y 3--Demand for hogs today slowed down on account of the closing of the packing houses tomor row. There was not much life to the cattle market. Nearly all of the sheep and lambs that arrived were consigned direct to k i l l e r s . HOGS--Receipts 12,000; market weak to a shade under yesterday's average Bulk of sales |S.20@8.4S; light (8.10® S-17H: mixed |8.10@8.52%; heavj {7.95@8.10; pigs |7.35@8.20. CATTLE -- Receipts 1,000; marke steady. Beeves »7.15J?9.45; cows and heifers J3.70@8.80; steers $6.50@8.20 stockers and feeders J5.75g7 90; calves $6 75S'!.75. SHEEP -- Receipts 8,000; marke f i r m Sheep $ 5 2 5 @ 6 . 0 0 ; yearlings 16.CI 6 7.-10; lambs J6.25(ff900. St. Louis Live Stock. ?t Louis July 3.--HOGS--Receipts m a t Hot srrong Plg« and lights. STOOLS 53 mixed and butchers, 18108853; good h e a v y ·8 SOUS 55 CATTLE--Receipts, 1.80ft; market steady JCaflve beef steers, 5750^930, cows heifers. J50QQ900; stockers and feeders S500@7.85; Teias and Indian steers, 55 75a S40; cows and hetferE, $450{9GG5; n a t h e cnlwn JSOOSJOOO SHEEP--Receipts, 1,800: market i t e a d v Phearcd native muttone, |475@300; s p r i n g, |R 0038 OS Kansas City Live Stock. Kansas City. July S--HOGS--Receipts 2.000. market Sc higher BulK, $8,25SS 45 heavy. $840658.45: packers and butchers sgSJS, light. t855«jS40; rigs, 17.75® CATTLE--Receipts. 800, market steads- Prime fed steers. fOOO@940, stockers and feeders. J625«750 SHEEP--Receipts, 1,000; market Lambs. $823fl900, atockers and !3 5038 75 Indianapolis Live Stock. steady feeder KILLS EIGHT OTHERS Branchville. T e x , July 3.-- Sholl Man- ng!, a negro, killed eight other ne- roes here today w i t h a short handled xe because he "iispei-ted they had charged him w i t h horse t h e f t . Twice tls week, when arrested at small towns near here on the charge, Mannings broke jail. He arrived here today before daylight. A f t e r the k i l l i n g he was arrested, but escaped from a train en- route to jail. Posses are searching for him FRED HARPSTRITE CONTRIBUTES $25 Fred Harpstrlte Is tht latest contributor to the Decatur Firemen's ppngion f u n d , C h i e f Devore having received $25 from the owner nf tho p r o p e r t y at the corner of Broad- wav and East Prairie itreet The gift w e s made in appreciation of the excellent work done by f i r e m e n in h e a d i n g t h n dangerous fire w h i c h threatened all the bulldlnci there some -nrcks ago Ttn " pension f u n d IB growing r a p i d l v these day, a" people a r r coming to rea'lze morp nnd morp th*» efficiency ot the well organized Decatur department. Progress Kebekah Install!. Progress Rebekah Lcdse No 141 installed the e l e c t i v e and. appointive officers at tha meeting Thursday *»v en . n g in the Odd Fel- ""·" hall on North Main street. The of...,.'s installed were a? follows: Pa*t Noble Grand--Mils Lorena PaxtoV Nobio Gr.ind--Mrs J e n n i e Nicholson. Vice {Srand--sirs. E t t a B. Erwln H e c o i d l n g fiecrriary--Mrs Cora Wacaoer. Chaplain--Mrs n r f i e C "Will.ami. Conductor--Mrs, A l i r * S'ipppard. H i g h t S u p p o r t e r N o b l p Grand--Mr» L D. Stine. Left Supporter Noble Grond--Mm. Etta Sparks n i s h t Supporter to Vice Grand--Mrs. Bettie K a e n e h p r Left Supporter to Vice Grand--Mrs. J A. V a r n r s InsulA G u a r d i a n -- M - « HOPS Outside G u a r d i a n -- M ' M E d i t h Cope. BIRDS OF THE GUANO ISLANDS Dr. H O. Forbes, the ornithologist commissioned by the Peruvian gov- e r n m e n t to Investigate the question of the guano deposits on the islands off the con. c t of Peru, and who recently r e t u r n e d to England a f t e r completing his work here, has made public certain data in connection w i t h his Investlga t f c n s . Tho d i m u n l t l o n in the q u a n t i t y of g u a n o had occasioned disquietude to a g r i c u l t u r i s t s and it was decided to ascertain, If possible, the cause of the decline, w h i c h has been going on for some time. It so happened, however, that J u s t b e f o r e Dr. Forbes's arrival in Peru, which was p a r l y in January, 1912, a very r e m a r k a b l e incident occurred. For sornp r^.T=on, at present unaccounted for, in November. 1911. almost the w h o l e of the birds on c e r t a i n islands foraonk t h e i r nests and newly- hatched y o u n g and did not r e t u r n . M i l l i o n s of nests c o n t a i n i n g many million? of iTead birds w e r e thus forsaken. Shocks of e a r t h q u a k e are not uncommon in these islands, and the birds which live t h e r e are a l w a y s greatly a l a r m e d when such d i s t u r b a n c e occurs. They rise and wheel about In m u c h a g i t a t i o n , e x h i b i t i n g every evidence of the fear which the convulsion creations in them. Dr. Forbes, a f t e r rejecting other and u n s a t i s f a c t o r y theories, surmises t h a t an exceptionally severe shock may have caused tho birds In t h i s I n s t a n c e to t a k e the extremely uncommon course of f o r s a k i n g t h e i r young. No one could eav in what dir e c t i o n t h e y migrated. His own belief is t h a t they went north to the Galapagos Islands, but he wap u n a b l e to v e r i f y this impression. The b i r d s disappeared for three m o n t h s and alt h o u g h t h e v began to r e t u r n In Febru- arv and March, 1912, they did not resume b r e e d i n g at t h a t t i m e , and prac- tlcallv the guano of that season was V F stockyard. Indianapolis, July i ,.» '*. -.,,,.. ,r«- I..-TM n » n 1 in+ «f H oss--R«cslpts, 7,500. market 10 to 15 cents lost, because a v e r y Urge a m o u n t of ]llf . h( , r Top ^, s65 . bu]k ot ,,,,,,,, ,, K the d e p o s i t t a k e s place during tha Cattle--Receipts, SOo Market dull «nd breeding season The guano I s l a n d s lip all alongf the coast of Peru, beginning- w i t h the- Lobos Inlands In t h e n o r t h and extending down the coan to a point opposite Mrlo in t h o south--o distance of more t h a n 1 000 miles. When Dr. Forbes first arrived t h e r e was hardly bird to be seen on the islands. For c e r t a i n reasons his investigations were delayed u n t i l late, in 1912, when he. was i n v i t e d by President Blllinghurst; to make suggestions as to the best means of Increasing the euano supply. The president placed a small motor-boat at disposal, and he visited the whole of the coast from the boundaries of Peru and Chile as f a r as the northern b o u n d a r y . He investigated all the 1s- amls nnd ronsttng rocks along that coast, and was a b l e to make suggest i o n s as to their u t i l i z a t i o n In such a a y ' t h a t more guano m i g h t be collected on them. CORMORANTS AND PELICANS. There arc- about eight species of birds which are valuable i« guano pro3ucers. The most important of these Is Hou- galnvllle's cormorant, whose chief n«st- ng place Is the Chlncha Islands. On the middle one of these islands here were b r e e d i n g In the m o n t h of February pome ten m i l l i o n birds. Bitting In the closest proximity to eaoh other. This Is one of the most wonderful bird sights to be seen In the world. The going and coming of these birds is a marvelous spectacle, and the noise which they make Is hardly less remarkable. Their Instinct in finding: t h e i r nests ts also extraordinary, for t h o u g h they are constantly going and c o m i n g they never make a mistake. One bird alts on the nest while the other ip feeding, and is relieved in turn by its mate. At times the noise is Just like the sough of the sea and at others ft resembles t h e sound of a Kreat crowd, all the m e m b e r s of which are t a l k i n g at once. When they leave t h e i r nests to feed the Br-ufainville's cormorants start for their flshlng- grounds at 5 or S in the morinff and f l y in a. broad stream 20 or 30 yardB in breadth, which o f t e n continues without Interruption till 1 o'clock In the day They settle on some place where the fish is a b u n d a n t and form Immense islands on the sea a mile or lo In dl- amter Wide areas are covered by them and they sit so close together that those on the outside have to rise first into the air before the birds In the Interior are able to get enough air under their wings to admit of their rlains directly from the sea. Next In importance to Bougainville's cormorant Is the psllcan. known as Peliconua thogus. Ths»« birds also nest in enormou* flocks, w h i c h , however, do not assemble so closely 3 white. 37%$ Rye--No. 2. ; No. 4 white, 35337He, DECATUR MARKETS. (Quoted delly by t i e American Hominy Co ) Miller* offer th»«8 prJcaa for Grain on wagons, delivered n Dacatur: Grain price*. New wheat .. ....................... 71 Com ............................ . ...... M Oats, whit» ...... . .............. .,... . 35 Oats, mixe'* .......................... 35 Ry« ............................ . ....... oo Butter and Era. (Quoted daily by Max Pr«*h eggi ............................. 15 Butter, packinj ........................ 15 PoalttT. Quotations to producers by local poultry dealers: Hens ........................... Springs, 1 to 2 Ibs ............ Cocks ........... . ............. .. Toms ...... , .......... *,,........ Gobbler* ........ . ........ .. ..... Hen turkey* ..................... Youn*; turkey* .................. Geese ........................... , Duck*, young- .. ................. Live pigeon*, per dozen ......... Hide* and Wool. Horse bidet, large. . .. .......... Hone hides, email ........ ..... Lamb pelts ......... . ........... Medium wool ......... . ......... Western wool ................... Burry wool . . .. ................. , No. 2 hides, cured. ....... ...... ., Live Stock. (Quoted dally by G. J. Danzalitn * lacI dealer* are offering: Heavy eow* .................... $T.O Choice y o u n r hogs, 200 to 325 ib*.. 7-5 Light pifi ........................ |63 Shipping *t«ers ..... » ............ T.fiO Butcher* *teeri ............. , ..... 6.00 Cow* ............................ 8,00 Choice heifer* . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 B . Heifer*, medium ............. ... 6.00(3 «.K Sheep ............................. 25033.50 Lambs ........... . ................ 8 00$ 8.50 Spring lambs ...................... T 00 ____ Calves ....... ..... ................ .00«S T30 PRODUCE. New York Produce. N'ew Tork, July 8 -- BUTTER. -- Quiet and unchanged. Receipts 10,200 tub CHEESE -- Firm; receipts 8,600 boxes. State, whole milk, fresh whi'e specials EGGS -- Steady and unchanged; receipts 13,300 cases. POULTRY -- Dressed, Irregular; western chlx frozen H H ® 2 0 c ; fowls 12 H @ 18Hc; turkeys 25©2«c. POULTRY -- Live, firm. Western chix broiler* 30(ff2Sc; fowls ISc; turkey Chicago Produce. Chicago, July 3 --BUTTER--UnchinKd EGGS--Unchanged. Receipts, 11.869 CS.BSS At mark, esses Included, 18$18c. ordinary firsts. ir«(glT»4c; firsts, 18H31S5c. CHEESE-- POTATOES--Higher. Receipts, 40 c»rs. Old, 31.SO@1 35; new Arkansas and Oklahoma Triumphs. $1.50^1.60, Virginia blrrels, S4.50®*.«5. POUL.TRT-- Alive. lower. Springs, 18O 20c; (owls, GRAIN. Chicago Cash Market. Chicago, July 3--WHEAT -- No. 9 red 81U@S2c; N O . 2 hard S l ^ @ 8 2 « i c , n o r t h e r n S9691c; No. 2 spring CORN--No. 2 yellow « 8 ? 4 @ 6 9 % c ; No. 3 yellow 68^4p69c. OATS--No. S white 3 6 % ( f f 3 7 t f c ; standard 37%$38?4c. TIMOTHY--$4.2596.60. CLOVER--110.00 CIS.00. FORK--$!1.6S. LARD-- 110.1 J. RIBS--|ll.«2@li.OO. Peoria Caih Market. PeorU, July 8 --CORK--Ho lower. No. 8 yellow, «7Uc; No. » mixed, «7c: NOB. 4, 5, and 0 mixed, 66%c; simple 6S®W ! j4c. OATB--Unchangsd. St. Louis Caih Market. St. Louis, Julr 9.--Wh«at--No. 2 red, 7T14 STSKo: No. S red. 74Wffl7Tc; No. « rsd.TSc; No 2 hard wbsat, TBKaeOc: No S hard wheat,, 7SQ78C Corn--NO. J, «6e; No 8. «Se; No. 4. We: No 3 yellow. 70c; No. 3 yellow. MVie: No. 4 yellow, esc; Ko. 3 WMM T.fflTSc. No. 3 while, Oats--Xo. 2. 37SJ37HC, No S, 36ttC' No 4. cone,No. 2 fl'bltc, SOc; standard, 2S£ci Ko. Toledo Seeds. Toledo. O . July 3. -- Cloverteed -- Prime, cash. |S 20 October, $870, December, $870; March, |8"5 Alslke-- A u f u s t , fO 90. Timothy-- Prime cash, $2 67$4; September, |277h; December, $275 New York Money. New York, July 8 --Close: Mercantile paper, 8* 4 ^4^ par cent Sterling Exchange-- Steady. M day*, ?4S3SO, demand. ?4 R7 70 Commercial bill?. $4 85H Bar siUer, 56^c. Mexican dollar*. 44c. Goveinraent bonds, steady. Railroad bonds, steady. Call money -- Steady; m@2 per cent: nil-* ns rate, 2 per cent, closing iH Time loans -- Easier. 80 cays, c e n t : flO days. 2% (3 3 per cent ·1 S ^4 per c*?nl I er cent. 2^4 P*r alx months, OF lEtT Brought About by Fear Black Rust. Chicago, July 3--Fear of black rust to the spring crop brought about a freah advance today In the price oC wheat. Whereas cool weather and sun- shin? were needed to avert the pest, dispatches from the northwest told of comparatively high temperature and of predicted u n s e t t l e d conditions. Bullish cables and a forecast of big shipments down the lakes from Duluth tended also to strengthen the market. After opening l ' s to He above last night, prices held considerable of the gain. A f t e r noon, a decided reaction took place, influenced to some extent by the fact that export bids were out of line. The m a r k e t closed steady at a range varying from %c net lower to H e advance. Somewhat larger offerings from the c o u n t r v made corn easy. There were prospects, too, of increased shipments from A r g p n t l n a . The opening which, was i 4 r off to ^f up, was followed by a m a t e r i a l decline all around. A f u r t h e r oet b a r k resulted from thd Illinois state report putting the crop condition 25 per cent higher than g. year ago. The close was nervous Tie to lc under last night. Oats weakened with corn. Selling bv commission houses was especially noticeable on the hard spots In the market. Higher prices for hogs lifted pro* visions. Demand was chiefly for ribs. ILL STREET IMS Professes to See Better, Times Coining. New York, July 8.--Wall ntreet professed to pee in recent and coming events signs of a better understanding etween the administration and ths big Business interests and took heart accordingly. Other substantial pains were recorded In the first hour, Union Pacific, Great Northern, Baltimore and Ohio, St. Paul and Chesapeake and Ohio being added to the list of stocks which ose a point or more. The movement otherwise was rather mixed. People's Gas, General Electric and WestimyhouB« rising 1 to 2 points, with more than 3 points gain In American tobacco. Toward midday there was another Inter- al of dullness. Bonds were steady. REV. FRED KLINE AT 1ST CHRISTIAN Rev. Fred Kline, representative of he National Benevolent association of he Christian church, will preach on unday morning at the First Chrla- lon church In thi» city. In the «ve- Insj he will lecture on the work of ho association, Illuitrattnc the talk ith pictures of different phuec of be work, such a« orphan!' and old eoplet' homes, and the like. Kltfcekraenxchea Picnic. The Kaffeekraenzchen had a pienla Uursday afternoon at the home ot Irs. T. Koerner on Lincoln avenue, fost of the women gathered In the fternoon. Supper was served In tho venlnr on the lawn. The oocailon »a a moit delightful one. Mr«. T. Hamilton of Fort Smith. Vrk., who Is vlaitlns relatives In the city, wai a guest. IN £V SPA PERI JEWS PA PER I

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