Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on January 27, 1888 · Page 4
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, January 27, 1888
Page 4
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THE EVENING GAZETTE: FRIDAY, JANUARY, k j7 Last Saturday evening a week ago Frank Andrews of Sterling gave B three hours' talk on Prohibition at the town ball. He gate them an overdose. So much so that E. K. Jenkins has been sick ever since. Supervisor Baer has the full sympathy of all Ms neighbors In his sad af- faction, and we think JSe appreciates the visits of friends and neighbors as they have so universally called upon him, and shown their heartfelt sorrow for his misfortune. - This la leap year and so Miss Carrie Schlck, Maggie Detweiler and Katie Ulm got up a surprise party In honor of Mose Deyo at Mr. Bipley Stauffer s on laat Monday evening. It was a complete surprise to Mose. There were lots of the young people there and the good time they had was piled up high and In such shape that It will keep a long time. Nelson Kldder, who has been haul- Ing hay from Sterling, was hauling last Tuesday when he upset just south of Penrose. He reloaded, and upset again. We hope Nelson remembered the good teachings of his parents jind didn't swear, for we know hii patience was awfully tried. William John Is another of those chaps who are sporting a heart-breaking, lady-loving and horse-killing new cutter. . • . John Hey has a bull and a boar that should be taken into the prize ring. They had, a regular pitched battle the other day and each drew blood. The boar out a long gash right over the bull's eye, which bled quite freely, and the bull cut a gaah on the flank of the boar, which weighs about five hundred ^pounds, and was taken up bodily by the bull with his horns and threw him out of the barn right through the doors, •mashing them into kindling wood. Miss Smith, of Clinton, Iowa, couisn of Nick, Matt and Joe Wilger, was over and spent the evening at Elmer Mensches' last'Monday in company with Joe and his sister. They are a jolly set. The girls took and hid Joe's new cutter behind the straw stack was down at the store and tried to make him believe some' one had stole it. During the cold weather laat week Mr. Stearne had three bead of cattle to fresze to death; Jonas H. Uaer bought' a new cutter a short time ago, not for the purpose of taking the girls out riding, but for his and his family's pleasure and comfort, but now thinks it will be of no -use-to him this winter unless the snow should lay a long, long time. Bat we hope he will soon be out and able to enjoy the new sleigh. It is reported that the directors of the Fairview district have put their big official foot down on the young people having a literary entertainment in the new school house and oyster sup per in the old one. 'You will, have to toe the mark bow boys. Our parlor is t.o nice for use—only to look at, you see. . The brother of Samuel Page and the father and brother of Mrs. Samuel Page are visiting them at Penrose. They are from east of JDixon somewhere. The ex-storekeeper at Penrose, Mr. Chaa. Bennett, was married on the 10th inat. It is no wonder that no one knew what had become of Charley. Uncle Henry, bought some-outs for little Roy and Bertie Baer and when he gave them to the boys Bertie commenced to crack them with his teeth. We asked him If he didn't Jinow that to crack them with bis teeth would : spoil his teeth. "Why, no," he said, "i am to dumb to know that." Leander Menscb, who has been up to Freeport, -selling patent bells, has returned home and reports as having done right well, but would have done better had the weather not 'been so cold. He expects to go back when the weather moderates. If you want a dog, and want one real cheap go and steal the dog that follows Reuben Williams around. He has tried to loose the dog a number of times, by getting away from him in town, but it's no use for just as soon as be gets home there the dog is too,—no dog no tax you see. Prairie chickens are getting plenty. We have seen more and larger flocks tbia winter than we have seen for a number of years. . Jacob Till man has been helping Ben Bresaler.dlg for gM, oil or coal,but they have had to stop to get a drill, it is nidthe Indications are strong for a find of gas, and when they struck trie blue clay, oil could be seen on the wi- ter. Success to them. We are Informed that Jerry Hess has been .beard from. Ilia whereabouts has been a mystery to a great many,, but if rumor can be-relied on he will torn up with a wife before long in Pennsylvania. Willie Hey-who is butter maker for Hey Jk Baer, 'north of the mound, was hauling saw dust the other day and bad an upset with his load. It is »»W Willie hopped around pretty lively and used some pretty choice words to boojt, * for a boy. We understand that Mrs. Chas. Hej ' has taken a back set and is quite sick with lung fever. She was very low last fall but it was thought she bad entirely recovered. We are informed that Baer & Hey aie doing right well with their creamery. They are new beginners at the business, having only, commenced last fall but the*! say they are there to itay and make it pay for Baer & Hey. Several years' ago N. P. Wilson bad A tpau of horses stolen out of his stable ftod tome time after Home moaey and « watch stolen by the thief (ticking * long pole in tee window end fishing out bia panto. Aud a few eight* ago soaw persou or person* went all titroac&psis tNtttt aad ttabta* prouraa- tily in «Mxeh <at fcojsjw*, ten .whether gutt ffjg&twieOi off or weatlwfr there was none that- suited them we nr» unable to say; they stole nothing however so far as we can learn. The Mound school—Tuttles—on Wednesday jumped into a couple of sleds and took in the Prairieville and Gap schools. Jncob Trout, in the spring, will move on the Chase farm—the one Jake's father bought of Mr. Case; and Will. Wolcott wll' move on the farm where Jake now lives and keep bouse for Fred. Trout, «hr» will farm the .place; and George will farm tlie home farnj. Horace £ John was lost In the late blizzard in Dakota in going from the barn to the house, so a letter from Dakota WITH, and would hare"lost his life had it not been for Austin Smith 'call- log for him at the house, and directing bis way to it. The Ore over at Diion the other evening was seen by quite a number of our people. ! Wm. D. Detweiler, the new P. M. and store keeper at Penrose, goes abobt the business as though he was an old veteran, both at handling out the mall and weighing out tea and coffeo. ' Mart Book thinks BO, and_so__do._we i that when a man sells a horse and' don't reserve the shoes they should be left on, but he thinks it admissible to put on an old halter In place of a niw one when a harm is sold. A. J. Buckingham had one of his mules die on Tuesday night—quite; a loss as it will break his team. Mrs. William Davis a widow, lost a horse which broke its neck in the stable Tuesday night. RESIDENT! . 1,1stof Patents Granted to citizens'of Illinois for the week ending January the 24, reported through the law office of O. O. Duffy, 007 Seventh street, N. W., Washington: II C Bowers, Carlyle, folding bed. W Cavert, Sterling, emery wheel. A Curtis, Freeport, Whiffletree hook. J A Davison, Polo, combined photo graphic camera and plate holder. B C Dettra and J C Shields, Rushville, bullet proof case for railway cars. J Haish, DeKalb, screen for windows, doors, etc. J Macphail, and F M Needham, Rock ford, cultivator same hook for singletrees. H K Olmstedt Victoria, two wheeled •vehicle. L A Weyburn and G S Briggs, Rockford, clevis for plows. BliuaM. DAKOTA, Jan 15. Editor Gazette: Dear Sir!—As I am a former resident of your city possibly it will be interesting to some if I at this time write a short sketch concerning one of the worst storms ever experienced by the 'oldest settlers which commenced about 9:80 o'clock Jan. 12,1888. On said morning people were alive to the fact that the weather had changed from Severe cold-to a warm, quiet winter morning,.but just as in all of life's brightest mornings and every one was expecting to enjoy life's pleasure, the storm king - with.' aQ of his fiercest wrath with which imagination can imagine or pen caa picture or portray, we were all surrounded with the fiercest wind and snow storm ever known to the oldest settlers. Our school had called and in the school house were huddled ISO scholars of all sizes. People of our town and surrounding country were beginning to bestir themselves. Many going on the road with teams never to return again, as many were caught and perished in the storm. One poor miafortunate started home some sixteen miles, distant, with as One a team as one could wish to drive. Became bewildered and lost; unhitched from his sleigh, drove his team and walked behind them 20 miles ontil one horse fell and perished in the blinding snow. He worked and tried to get it up, but could not. He- then travelled on'to the southeast with the storm for 3 miles and had to yield and die as determined as he was to live. Another man in our county'going for'the doctor on horseback fell dead from his horse. Miss Maggie Dunn, a school mistress, in going to , her. school went astray in the blinding blizzard and perished one mile from her school house; but worst of all was the case of farmer Goalee two miles north east from St. Lawrence, Hand county, Dak. He being an old gentleman 06 years old who lived alone, and went in the evening to tend his stock, lost his way, passed within five feet of his own house, went right along side of a wire fence for sixty rods within five feet of it, traveled three miles and died in* a pasture.. Others were lost and frozen quite severely, but will recover. Four deaths by freezing In Hand county, but none who were formerly from Sterling or vicinity, except T. E. Gilkeson, of Huron who was out drawing hay and could not find his way bacjc to the house; his body was found four rods from his own bouse. No school children froze in this vicinity but ID some localities school children perished within 4 few rods of home. Turner county lost the greatest number, some tbirty;in all; but human suffering was not. all. The loss of stock cannot be estimated. Cattle died by scores; some few horses; and t e mercury only showed 30 below zero at the coldest point in the storm; but the snow melted the instant it touched and formed an ice in few seconds, and a person or brute froze almost as qulqk as the ice formed. But we are thank- full .still knowing that other good coup- tries are affl^ted .with sore scourges; Nebraska, Kansas* and Iowa suffering nearly as bad if not worse, aud they are grand good States, anil have always had blizzards; but we don't want any more experience wjth one; yet hope our eastern friends won't be alarmed concerning us DakoUana. We are nil right yet, *ad desire to still liv* in Hand county, Dak. PKTKR E. MoCnA Y Th« swladi* ol the ag«a; anthracite 00*1, In this era of transformation and reform- when parties change front and States are whirled round on turn-tab) i platforms— there U to be foand outside of politics new methods denoting how men nnd women find content nnd hnppinew, discarding the old, uncertain means of riddine themselves of bodily misery.. They Keck, find . nnd hold on to, not what merely relieves, but what cnrea without recurrence of pain, Mr. llnrry Williams, dru^ist, notary public nnd late postmaster of Greenville, Cal., not content with a mere statement of facts, affixes thereto his jurnt nnd oflloinl seal, evidently an emphatic method of niuking it unquestionable. He says under date of Mnrrh 6, ISd-i, attested in the manner described: "1 am willing to stole nndcr sen] of iny office, from repentcd^observaUons,-:! have-seen more benefit derived from n single application of St. Jacobs Oil than nny remedy I ever used or sold in twenty years' constant handling of medicines. I have recently had under olwervution n lady who for two days suffered severely from pain in the hack KO intense nhe could not nit np. One application of St Jacobs Oil applied In the evening gave tlie patient ,n good night's rest, nnd Rhe got up well the next morning." June 21, Ift^, lie again writes: "I do n.ot he.iilate to renew what I have said—that too mnch cannot Iw Raid in favor of your wonderful Oil. Having used it in my own family, besides a great numhrr of sufferers who have applied to me, with almost infant and pcrinnneut relief, I can truly say llii't its use has effected curefl to my knowledge and afforded relief that seenied incredible and almost mai-velouR." Also Sniicaut Thos. K. Hogan. Northeast Police Station (residence, 2ll. r > N. Castle street), Italtimore. Mfl., slates: "My wife hud been a miflVrer five or six years with intense pains in her back—hnnliagu—mid found no relief from doctors. She used besides nil kinds of remedies-without benefit until finally I was induced by n brother officer, who hud been cured by SI. Jacobs Oil, to give it a trial to relieve my wife. I did HO, a'lid she used two lK>tlles, which cured her completely. She lias had no return of the pain While using it our boy fell from n shed nnd sprained his leg badly. A portion of the Oil wns used on him and it cured him promptly. My wife attends, to her lions hold duties without trouble." The pusiliic nnd permanent cures—no relapse, no return of pain—arc the point* to which public attention is turned. Modern re- fonri in selecting only such nnd keeping It on hand is the indication of the timea toward what is best. DESOLATION. Alone I sit in Korcnotia ntnte, And view my gnlbered treasures rare, Which neem to mock my cruel fate— My louely lot, so bleak and bare. Within Is wealth and warmth and Hfcht, Close- curtained from tho wn'tatHng wind, . That sweeps aud swirls with reckless might. Whoso breath brings death to human kind. But the cold wind of her deep scorn Has blighted all my Joy of life; Within my soul no hope Is bom— No rest or peace or savage strife. Aud what coro I for pride or fame, Since love from out my heart Is driven! All, all Is hut an empty name- Ashes the prize for which I've striven. Dead ashes from a deep despair, A heart burned out by passion's fire— 0 Ood: she was so false, no fair. And blind was I with fond desire. 1 loved with lovu that ne'er p*ows old; My worship followed where she led; But weary of a tale oft told, Sb« left mo!—and the world Is dead: '—Martha M. Boss ID Times-Democrat. A BICYCLIST IN BENAREJ3. Idols and Temples, Mosques and Bathing Ghats—Gods of the Heathen. At length I reach Benares, wheeling down the luxuriant Ganges valley. Of all the cities of the east, Benares is perhaps the most interesting at the present day to the European tourist. Its 1,400 shlvalas, or idol temples, and 280 mosques; its wonderful bathing ghats, swarmjhg. with pilgrims washing away their sins,' the burning bodies, the sacred Ganges, the hideous idols at every corner of the streets and its strange idolatrous population, make up a scene that awakens one to a keen appreciation of ita novelty. One realizes fully that hero the idolatry, the "bowing down before Images" that in ova- Sunday school dnya nsed to seem so unutterably wicked and perverse, so monstrous and so far, far away, is a tangible fact. To keep up their outward appearance on a par with the holiness of their city, men streak their faces and women mark thio the parting In their halt with red. Sacred bulls are allowed to roam the streets at will, and the chief business of a large proportion of the population scorns to be the keeping of religious observances and pay- Ing demotion to the multitudinous idols scattered about the city. : • Everywhere, In niches of the walls, under trees, on pedestals at frequent corners are Idols, hideously ugly; red Idols], Idols with silver faces and stone bodleq, some with months from ear to ear, big idols, little idols, the worst omnium RatU- ernm Imaginable. -Sati, nothing visible but her curious face, beams over a black Mother Hnbbard sort of a gown that corj- ceals whatever she may possess in the way of a body; Jagoddutri, the Mother Of •the World, with four arms, seated on b lion; Brahma, with five eyes and four mouths curiously made to supply quadruple faces; tounadevaT- the handsome little God of 1/ove (the Hindoo Cupid), whom the cruel Siva or.ce slew with a beam from his third eyeball these and multitudinous others -greet the curious sightseer whichever way one turns. Haij- nman, too, Is not forgotten, the great Monkey King who aided Rama in his expedition to Ceylon; outside the city proper is the monkey temple, where thousands of the sacred anthropoids do congregate and consider themselves at home. ' Then there 'i» the fakirs' temple, the most beautifully carved shivolo in Benares; hare priests distribute handfuls of soaked gram to all mendicants who present themselves. The gram is supplied by wealthy Hindoos, ind both priest* and' patrons consider it a great sin to allow a religious mendicant to go away from the' temple empty hauded.—Thomas Stevens In Outing. • Dakota Editor** Complaint. "We greotjy dislike to find fault with «ny of the customs of our beautiful little city," says a Dakota editor, "but w<)mn«t nevertheless insist that people keep their •win* out tram under the office at this paper. While «ngaged at our desk witting our lender on 'The Stability of Our Torritoruil Institutions, 1 for our paper thi» Wct-k, one of Stuator McBride'g razor backed boga hutfiped up ita Sfdue. and began scratching lt» bait oo ihe twaou under th« flour, jarring t&e whole build- Ing and making it necessary for us to Biop our work on the editorial, crawl under our (MlU-o, and w«i» tl»» er'.ttw along UM •We with a rolumJJ fala. fW* iaferrupt«4 00* train uf UMK&ht, »o4 tt» »dite!*l i* oat what w. cwttli* The foflowitiK is nn extract by W. II. Alexander to his wife: Dahotn Hllmrrt. HrnnETT, DAKOTA, Jan. is. isss. 1 presume you have already rend tin account of the terrible blizzard. It was simply hurrible; I can think of nolh- ing else. Xews fironght to C. Goalee that his father was lost. After the storm they went to the house and found the lamp burning. Beginning the search, they found one of hia nilt- teris and that Is nil the trace of him. Mre. Goalee is in Chicago and L. in St. Louis. '' . F. Gerhard was going to bis house, ioat his way anil when fonnd waa nearly gone. A man named Webber, .who waa living alone, cannot be found. James Johnson went out to feed bis stock at 3 o'clock and was not found until 6 o'clock the neit morning; his hands and feet both frozen and will, perhaps, lose them. Parenta went after their children to the school house. Irwin started for W., but found himself at the Sell school. They, remained all night and took the horses Into the school hobse to save them. On Wednesday morning It was bright Soon the snow began to crust. Blow- Ing from the southeast and kept increasing. At 6 p. m. the mercury stood 2 above. In the morning, I took Clifford and went to father's and white telling him what a terrible night I bad spent I noticed the wind had changed and was blowing from';the northwest I went home and did my work. There lull In the storm and I took a ball of binding twine; tied the end to the dooj and then uy walking backwards managed to reach father's house. The wind seemed to blow from every direction; appeared to be circling tornado like. * * \Vedidnotleayelhe house that night; only succeeded In getting coal and water. Father remained up all night and by morning the storm had abated, so much that they went to work shoveling snow and finding the animals. The snow Is piled up everywhere—crept into the house. The only place not full of snow Is the cow barn; It drifted over the door and sealed It up, which saved the animals. Friday evening the mercury stood at 22 below and HatuWtmt^nlug '32 degrees, '^y ^ One woman was burled art Ze'll, that had gone to milk the cow and could not find the house again. A woman north of Zell went out to get straw and was found dead o'n a tree claim. -A fourteen year old boy at Zeh saved eight little children." A friend of Johnson's came from the north and reported three of his neighbors frozen to death. A great many school children are reported lost. We have experienced more in one week than during all -the five years in Dakota. Praetor the astronomer has been predicting the world would go to smash this year, but this should not deter people from keeping on hand Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup, the great household remedy, for coughs and colds. Things are a trifle disturbed in poor Cuba which suffers terribly from foreign rule. For cure of rheumatism, neuralgia In Its various phases of sciatica, tic douloureux, semi-crania, &c., and gout, use Salvation Oil, the greatest paiii cure on earth. It is a specific for the above disease. Price 25 cents a bottle." Effort Is making to pass B- law in Kentucky forbidding the marriage of persons having certain disease, affliction and deformities. .WE'ARE posi/rivis that Kemp's 8ar- saparilla will cleanse and purify the blood and tone up the system. We have the con'tldence to guarantee it. Price 81 per bottle. A, B. Hendrlcks, druggist. 2K Lincoln for Vice President. A NASAL INJEOTOK tree with each, bottle of Shiloh's Catarrh Bemedy. Price 60 centa. O. A. Oliver & Co, 2 1 Sherman is mentioned for Governor. FOR DT.SPEPSIA and, you have a primed guarantee on every bottle of Shiloh's Viializer. It never fails to cure. O.A. Oliver & Co. 2 Fifer is "doing" northern Illinois. . SUILOH' CUKE will immediately relieve Croup, Whooping Cough and Bronchitis. O.A. Oliver & Co. 2 ' Judge Bailey is a candidate for supreme judj;e (State). SHILOH'S CATARRH BEMEDY—a pos itive cure for Catarrh, Diptheria and Canker, Mouth. O. A. Oliver & Co. '.a Never give up; he that conquers obstacles la the true hero. T WIXL YOU SUFFKB with Dyspepsia and Livej Complaint V Shilotfs Vital- i£er is guaranteed to cure you. 2 Dixon ought to be dammed, instead of praised. ' ' ARE YOU MADE miserable by Indigestion, Constipation, Dizziness, LOBS of Appetite, Yellow Skin? Shiloh's Vit- alizer is a positive cure. O. A. Oliver & Co.' 2 Yes we are better, by a dam site, than Morrison. ' ' "HAOKMETA'OK," a lasting and fragrant perfume. Price 25 and 50 cent*. O. A. Oliver & Co.. 2 T Darn, dam, dam, dam it, ' "The best oh earth" can truly be said of Grigg's Glycerine Salve— a speedy cure for cuts, bruises, scalds, burns, sores, piles; tetter and all skin eruptions. Try this wonder healer. 25-eta. Guaranteed. O.A. Oliver & Co. Let the dam, be built. When you need & friend, select a true one. Dr. Jones' Red Clover Tonic Is the beat friend mankind has for ajl diseases of the stomach, liver and kidneys. The bent blood purifier an tonic known. SOcU. For «a« by O. A. Oil- Ihe Cblcaao boodlerg light hard to keep out of tae penitentiary. WHY WILL Vow cough when Shiioh> Cure will give you iumjodiaUj relief. PrSc* to «&,, 60 ota. and «i, O. A, Oliver 4 Co. s • POWDER .Absolutely Pure. .This powder never varies. A nmrvei of purlr, strength a"d Tvholenomeness. More economical than the ordinary kinds, and can not be sold In competition with the multitude of low test.short welRht, alumn or phosphate powders. Sold onhr in cans._ RnrM, &AKJKO PowpEn uo., 41)6 Wall St., New York. Jansid wiy tni$ht have retrained black if they had not washed with 50 SCHOOL to 1O Tif ears. FIRST GLASS GARMENTS ! You r Last Opport u n i ty To Purchase a Good Cloak at Less Than the Cost to the Manufacturer. New Priols New- Finest Stock Black Dress Goods in Sterling. Per Saved on every yard of Black « and Colored Silk. We are the Cheapest firy Goods Store in Wkiteside County. Goods all Mw. MOld Stock. ; Beat in the World i BJJTTERJCK'S PATTERNS i Beat in the World. . CARPENTER & CO. The Bean Ideal of • Family Hedlelne. A remedy which promply and completely relieves aliments of such- common occurance as indigestion, consumption, biliousness, and disorders of a mularlal type, is assuredly the beaa Ideal of a family medicine. Such is Hosteller's Stomach Bitters, which Is not only capable of • eradicating thesfe complaints, but also counteracting h tendency to kidney troubles, rheumatism and premature decadence of stamina. Taking it "all round," as thb phrase is, there Is probably not In existence eo useful, effective and agreeable a household panacea as the Bittert. Nor is It less highly esteemed by this medical profession than by the families of America. Numberless testimonials from professional sources of irrefragi ble authenticity evince ita merit. The demand for it abroad, no less than in the land of its discovery, is certainly increasing, time and . experience of its beneficent effects confirming the high opinion originally formed or It mwf [ Forcing In the Publta School*. I know perfectly well that I-shall probr ably be colled an old. fogy, if not » crank! for presuming to think that. anything In the past. 'can be batter than' the present, But I insist that the forcing system, a* practiced in many of our 'schools, la cent- dnclve neither to a good ; education, goo4 health nor to beauty of face or form. TO learn many' things indifferently and none well is now the practice in most of out public schools, where BO many of Our girl* spend six hours of the day trying ID vali) to translate some obscure passage In Virgt , or to solve some difficult problem in alge|' bra. Nor does the hard study end wit] i the six hours' close confinement, vartei 1 only by a change from one class room t> another or the climbing of stairs, which sooner or later is sure to tell upon thp physical frame.^'Where there nre KO mau-r lessons to bo learned, and. so long, therfe is scarcely any leisure for exercise in thb open air or recreation of any kind, n6 time for home intercourse or duties and those talks with mother or grandmother which in after years will be BO precious tp the woman and remembered long after Cicero and Euclid are laid upon the shelf. — Mary J. Holmes in New York Mull and ' ' " Runklea'H A rulra H«lve. Tin best salvt- in the world for Cute, Hruiaea. Sorts, Ulqera, SHlt Rheum, Ki'V'erSjrt-a. 1'etter, Chapped JlandS, Chilblains, CornSj and i^ll 6kln Eruptions/and postively cures Piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded Price 25 cents per box. For sate- byS trickier & Boorse. ~ To Ventilate • Boom. The best way to ventllnte a room that J know of is to put a board, long enough to fit exactly in the window frame, and about six luches high, under the lowet sash. If you remember the construction ol window sashss you will know that this oonssquant raising of the lower- one will leave spaces between the glass aud . thp woodwork, through which fresh air can obtain * gradual entrance into the room. Its coanie ia made somewhat tortuous tiid &11 draught th*r*by prevented When It teftcbM the ln*ld« it has an upward direction, too, and (» not likely to come ia contact with tendef eraniom*. It i» Jmpcataoi, la tuiim tola kind of v«q- UM bofts* fl* Us* tStt£»&, TOO LATE. Wli«t ulleocfl \ve keep, year after year With those who are mart near to ua and djor, We lire^beald* each other day by day And apeak of myriad things and leldom lay The 1 full, S*eot.word that lies Ju«t in our reach; Beneath the dommonplaoe of common speech, j Then out of «!|rht and out of reach they go— These doso, familiar friend* who loved u»;- And, sitting In the shadow they hare left, Alow with lodt-linwa and sore bereft, We .tfunk with vain regret of *on» fond word ; That once ve might har* said and tboy bara hMrj. For weak and poor the lore that we expraw, Now swing beside the vast, sweet uneipr*»sed, And slight the docd»,wa did to those undone, ! And small the service sp«nt to treasure* woo. And undeserved the praise for word and deed ! That should have overflowed the simple need. • This U the cruel cross of life, to be 1 Fall Tialoned only when the ministry ." Of death has been fulfilled, and In the plao* Of some dear presence is but empty space. What recoUcctedgervio««'«r nan ihen ! Give consolation for the might hare bcent '—Nora Perry inJfewYorJc Independent.'. Vf«n4erfsa Cure*. W. D. Hoyt & Co., Wholesale and Re, tail Druggists of Borne Oa, say, Wp hare beeu selling Dr. King's New D14- covery, Electric Bitters and Buckleu;s Arnica Salve foe four yean.' Have never, handled remedies that sell as well, or give such universal satisfaction There has been some wonderful cures effected by these medicines in this city. Several cases of pronounced 'Consumption have been entirely cured by use df a few bottles of Dr. King's New JDl}- covery.'taken In connection, with Ele*- tric Bittert. We guarantee theto always, gold by Btrickier & Boorse. , . How They Marry in India, At Trichur, In the East Indies, a town InhaDlted chiefly by KiUrs,,the land holding class of the coast, divorce seems to be as simple as marriage is easy. The N»£r lady Is » very Independent person, gome one offers a cloth; that is the proposal. If she accepts it, that is the marriage. If she gets tired of her husband the gets rid of him and takes tip with another, and is not- held to have behaved disgracefully ija so doing. To give a cloth as a present is a very common thing In India. By cloth is meant the garment worn by women in the east, and it may be very plain and cheap or very rich and costly. But here, whatever kind of cloth it' be, to give one to very significant, as s distinguished visitor to QMchur found when he offered one ,f» a Nalr lady in whose, house he hod i<J- celved some civility. Whatever opinion maybe held from a moral point of view of these marriage relations, they result In manly males and for the moat port comely and very often beautiful females.—PaU Mall Gazette. , 'T Per»onai. , lir. N. H. Frobllcbstein, of Mobile, Ala., writes: I take great pleasure In recommending Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption, having used it for a severe attack of Bronchitis and Catarrh. It gave me instant relief and entirely cured me and I have not been afflicted diuce,' 1 also beg to state that I have tried other, remedies with bo good result. Have also used Electrfs BittoM and Dr. King's New Life Pills, both of which I caa recommend. Dr King's Mow Discovery for Cctuump- ion. Coughs *nd CoUIa, I* «o!d an a po»- tge. Trial bot&a free »t Bwtmw Drag iter* S. M. BEEOHEE, PLDMBEB, STEAM GAS^EiTTER. * Iron, Lead,- Oulvert and A Fall LJne of Brmaa «»«<U, Knglne i Trlmmlnca, At Fumps and Pump Aepalrs, Oas uid Oil Fix. tures. H HOP OPPOSITE POST OFFIUK ON FOURTH STREET I3UNNINQ THBEE WAQONH 4-V *& goods promptly deUverad to tta oarl AT TBS GAZETTE BINDERY. E. B. FACET & CO v. utvuumwuu s»o A*vumJC17. ' TVPOiEHF raDKenieuUi wlttl WALT/KB- A: FAOKT. an expert flumber.Tiow with K. BaRgo* tu.the best plumbing establishment in OhkaEo in case of any nne or eitra work, to assist usT We are prepared to make contract* and furnish mat«H' work £,""> riumblUK, 8«*an> "I da* line, and kerp in stock iron, lead and seiyer pipe, brass goods, pumps, &c.,&c. ; everything to be found To a first-class establishment ai reasonable prices, aud we are 6owpr««ued to Uo work in a Battsfactory manner and xukrauteo »'!, wort ; and material as represented. K""™" 00 1. K. FACKV, who bas been In business here al most continuously fortfeela»tihlrty-two jears, will superintend the work. His quaattcaUona ' 1SClUU ' 10 *™ t °° WCU known ™ nee<l com ~ HHOP AT TMK OJU>'-'*T4JIO FACIY BLOCK. STEBUNfi, ILL JEted JL.ine Kip. 1. IBW1N MoMaJHati EJtB HTAaTZD 4 I oew dray, and Is prepared to do aU kinds o? baullng. UoTlng bouaeSold goods and planol «7p«5Ury. i,e*re orders a" »nd Houiy Jehuiou'i grccerr. tep-jot/ ot • Waadem exist in thpu ruts. But w« «itrp<M»*i! by t i- Ot lUTCHUOli. I'KuMIWilO Hrii 1U UttU 0( ffuoi*'. u> tii pet, ib*y u»e. You are staVied free". Qtiired. otHn** bAve fn&d* ov«r •» fnWs, rail tttl 005 r»- in a »lu

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