The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 25, 1971 · Page 4
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 4

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 25, 1971
Page 4
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THE BRA20SPORTPACTS. Frteport, Twtas, Thursday, November 25, [911, Page 4 RECIPE OF THE WEEK There's nothing better than homemade bread SWEENY — The aroma of home-baked bread Is a wonderful welcome to husbands and children at (he end of a long, cold winter's day. All too often though, the aroma comes from a package of pre-cooked rolls being re-heuted by a housewife who just doesn't have time for the long process of breadmaklng. Mrs. George Long of Sweeny, has found a solution to the problem In an effortless recipe that even a career wife will have time for. Joe Ella Long is an active housewife with three school-age children, Mike, Kathy. aad Becky, She participates in numerous civic projects and clubs. Therefore in order to take part in community affairs and still be able to provide her family with home baked bread several times a week, Jo Ella searched for and found the perfect recipe. Called Mary's Refrigerator Rolls, it makes enouch doimh for three loaves of bread or can be made into cinnamon rolls, dinner rolls, or a variety of holiday breads. There is no kneading, and the whole mixing process takes only about ten minutes. This is a popular recipe for the summer months, too. because it docs not require a hot kitchen in order for the yeast to rise. The dough is kept In the refrigerator where, after four hours, it is more than doubled. A working wife can stir the dough up before leaving for work; shape it in a few minutes after she comes home from FAB1UC and XOV10N —CLOSE OUT:— Rjinrr IMn liamlw flm «<«• chjndrve to car other to<*t*otn. :;, jrt olttfinj tr»mw«««* FABUICS WWL IIEOCCI;O UP TO 3lM> SEW1NU NOTIONS 1Q% BROCKMANS WEST COLUMBIA IJVKE JACKSON •~i » n ( Facts ( About ... ) Women • work and pop It into the oven right before dinner. Rolls cook In only fifteen minutes, and loaves of bread take about 20 minutes. Jo Ella Is a natural to find a short cut for making delicious foods. Her talents In the kitchen are well known throughout the Sweeny area and she often caters dinners for social functions. Speed and efficiency go hand and hand for her and the end results would delight even the cbooslisl gourmet. Recently she cooked rolls for a fund-raising barbeque for the Sweeny Jaycees and served over five hundred people. She knows how to handle crowds and "keep her owl." With Christmus turning up, Jo Klla will more than likely be spending more and more time in the kitchen- She is active in Jaycee Wives, the Sweeny Garden Club, the Brworia Council of Garden Clubs, the City Beautiflcutiun Committee, and the WSCS of the First United Methodist Church. Each organization Mill probably place her on the refreshment committee for the Christmas parties that will be diking place. Jo Ella has always loved to cook, and her husband, George, an electrical engineer with Phillips Petroleum Co. is highly appreciative of his wife, and the way she has been able to cut the family budget with her cooking skilU. However, the Long family likes to take Jo Ella away from her kitchen every once in a while to share In their hobby of camping and motorcycle riding. George likes to race motorcycles and the whole family goes along to watch. Besides the recipe for Mary's Refrigerator Rolls, Jo Ella likes to make another refrigerator bread which calls for a rattier unusual ingredient that helps activate the yt-a»( -~ boer. Called English Beer Bread, the recipe is just as easy to prepare as the Roll recipe and wafts a marvelous arwua through the house while bilking, Jo KHa plans to have a traditional Thanksgiving turkey dinner with all the trimmings this year, and ot course, home-baked bread. With the publuJung of her linn- .vatiiig • wipes, she hopes that oiher housewivw will bv eiK-ouraKvil to surprise their families this year with the tncumooraUc treat of mmle-from-scratch, honwl-nvgocdneM homemade bread. KNGLISII AU-: UHKAl) (makes two loafi) 2 cups warm beer plus v, cup water •i eggs *i cup cooking oil 6 cups flour 3 pkg. yeast 'j cup sugar I", tsp, salt Warm beer and water, add tugar and tall I*uJ yvasi into bowl, add warm beer to this, then add oil, and egg* Mix two cups flour to liquids stir. Now add rent of flour urn! knead with hands right in bowl Refrigerate for 40 mlnum. Divide dough and roll out in jelly roll fashion, Roll up and put Into wvil griNUied pan. Let rts* until doubt* in bulk. Hake at 373 degrees about » mlnuiw or until bread loumb holtow *hen taiXMil mi Inn VARIATIONS: Cut lied Itrcad Use basic recip«. Roll out as for Jdly roll awl jprratl with eggs aind cottage chw« mi«urc, Roll up. wal md» put into w«t|.grva»«d para lUke a( 3» degrees JS to « minute*. MIXTURE: COMING TO ANGLETON TARA ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES PRESENT The ORIGINAL NATIONAL TOURING COMPANY 4 cup Cottage Diets* '., » p. dill sml ••i cup bacon bits v» isp. salt Scramble ct&s. cottage cttccsv, tetcufl btis, salt .MARY'S REFRIGKRATOR UOLl-S t.Makr* U)oirnl basic rtx'lp.-: j cujw warm water 2 pkg* dry y«.« Sprinkle yeast on water 'in Urx<- miitnc tw»|t Mr Set wide am] get ready: 3 vg*s illghtly beaten *i cup* oil *i cup* imar 6t« cup* w*lft«d flour IV» cup» l»p, «lt Wlrn ymm (* dissolved, add cggi • dry IngreiliMli nil at ««« wid ttir until all U «« Com buwl and place in refrigerator. K«t» »t •«*»* ttut ***"* Man u*ir*. Uomh *UI rt*» in refrigerator. w bo *ur« thai omtaitw Is |ar«i> «txm«fc 10 hold dough that >uu impandrd fourlimnlubdk.ThUcfeuKhkei^uptolday* When you want to uw? It. punch down »ml lake »hat )tni iiani to uw Dinner llollsr For ttoivn rolb, UH> ate*tt*ulh tmtk iibuuh l'4l tM on (lourwJ bodrd to onohaK Inch thickrwn Cut *tlh invktt flourtnl euttcr and pl«cv in grrawtj pan HrunJi lof* with twtt«r or «^K and water. I** rtw until 6>Mr in tlte llalr »buut 13 minuir» in WO d«yr«« ovrn. I'urkrr ltou*c Itoll. Kor a diMeii rolU, UK* on^fciurth of ha.uc tku&t l*uxti oil marble >nt Wt* ui tioa^h am) »>>«(«• mio Utlt*. plafc th/rr u> a M^itcm at * grtawl muffin tin. hruth tof» M rii* umit <l)Ubte in »ue (lake II mim)t« at tWdqjftvcrt rn IM< Dread <Ri«ke« one \nnti Takr wie^hat! ol fixlf* of tk»«£h Mv4 rod o*4 on (Voucn) tward to o«* Kail inch DitcVrrw Roil up KU) '"" tattstan and jtlvr a twitt or t*o B«tflll) fut iwo jpfMCMi btt-iJ (»>n« and M rtw in wa/nt placer Irttf from <i*(l, uMtl <i^uU« in «ur tUkr at tn (kern* afcoui W iulnu!p» of ttttH wtmdit lvilk>"* ••tini Upprii or. tlw VARIATin.Vji: *» Iw -Mlbtan crrr five etxn t«r»l Kolltm wnx ftxipr *' (of IrriMl but in* txw tuji c«rn RitftJ 4&4 >« , ettp» ei {W* in k£t±rf. , MM) (fW, 8PM-NOVEMBER26 '*» t»i BRAZORIA NTY FA1TCROUNDS MGinOH: IMEIAttSOH: SHOKI SW ««r BAD TIJ MUSIC FKEKMT: nitST fUfPOXl mnowa AOMIUtOH ~ ADVAMa »4.OO OATt IJ.OO The Bare Facts ant) Atr» Gtrj It at HltAZUIltA an KXIIKV the birth at * ibujMrf Nov |2 in Community llonpiul Sttr- tori#h*d fht pourab, M-rra »r»i Uw birtft at U in Anglrtoo t>4fttj>jf 7 Communtl) HotpiUt S&c Mr Jt*l Mn tknnit Kctth tWr«rn o< HKST CtlLl'MBIA announce (Nr bir(h u< a wxi Nov, n> sn JO KU^\ LONG is not only a talented cook, but the ha* also won plaudits in the gardening and flower-arranging field. She is shown with two of her grand pmc ribbons the received at the Braioria County Fair for h«r arrangements ol dried material! pound*, Mr ar4 Mri Jimmy 0 Woxtofl o( \KU\ an navtncn the b«r<h o< a daugttfrr N'ov t9 in Community HunpiUl S poundt. U Mr and Mr* Raymond J Punch ot U\KK JACK-«M)\ arawwocc (be bi/(h erf « r Ttrrt Michelle, be»n 4 in C< ouncrt Mr ^BLECOLOfT BY RCA ami Mri Jr o< A Lupr G THANKSGIVING SALE! 7000 Shoes & boots in Brockman's Stores to choose from LAUIKS SHOES L.AUIKS I.V TIIK I.ATKST sm'l-ES ,VSD COUlltS ItKG. 111.00 to »zj.OO o.V SALK FOH BOOTS LADIES LONG COATS KUK TUIM WOOL ,1JVD ACHVL/CS .\SSOUTEO COLOKS KE(j. SIZES 8-18 HALF SIZES m*. IK'j £K.VO to JM.W VALUES 8 90 17 90 III W la 788 NOW { T«) 788 99 88 cw PAIH um«. 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