Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on November 28, 1935 · Page 7
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 7

Lenox, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 28, 1935
Page 7
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it an obvious, a tlrtue-so obrl. there Sugar Causes Brilliant Leaf Colors of Autumn tt'a not an early frost, as commonly supposed, that produces the most Colorful autumn leaves, says the United States Forest Service. It'* a late frost—and the sugar lo the leaf —that gives us the brilliant colors. lust the right combination of temperature and moisture Is needed. The best colors come when the thermometer doesn't quite reach the freezing point for several weeks during the latter part of September and through October. SllvlculturletB explain that before the leaves fall a layer of cells forms at the base of the leaf, which ultimately loosens the leaf, and, when It drops off, forms a scar. If frost doesn't arrive too goon, this layer forms early and quickly. It holds more sugar In the leaf and the sweet sap causes the brilliant reds and oranges and yellows that delight the eye. This Is not only true of the gorgeous sugar maples In the north, but of most of the colorful hardwood trees—the oaks, (§>ms, birches, other maples, sweet gum, black gum, hickory, dogwood, and many others. When frost comes too early the leaves dry ajad lose their sugar before they have time to take on high color. LENOX TIME TABLE. LENOX. IOWA THIS WEEK A Cheerful Briton That German Steel "We Go Up to 14 Miles Danger to Their Souls MaJ. L, B, Angus, British flnan cler, addressing the American Bank era' association, says: "Confl deuce has now returned to th United States tear has declined, monetar; in Improved j] Uniform II International II I « SUNDAY Items in Simple Modesty i ... .*t_i_ _ hefty countryman on one of his rare visits to the big city entered a T T< r< o 4~\ TVT imall restaurant which advertised "•• I. K X X 11 f\ "•" a special lunch—as much as the ous- "^ "^ ^ *°* ^"^ ~ lj.-,_~- ....J »/, A«» tnv *nrn atiHKnlHL By REV. P. B. FITZWATER, D. D.. Member of Faculty, Moody Bltil* Institute of Chicago. © Western Newspaper Union. tamer cared to eat for two shilling*. The waiter showed him to a table. "Will you take the special ?" he I asked. "What's It consist of?" asked the Lesson forDecember 1 "™K*\, mato soup. «*ii soup, ._«..... ....Willed sole. Dolled halibut, roari beef, Yorkshire pudding, new pot* toes, apple tart and coffee," replied the waiter, reading out the menu. "That's champion," said the countryman. "Bring me tomato soup, ox- tall soup, sole, halibut, beef, pudding, spuds, Jam roll, and tome cheese and coffee." "Will that be ain" asked the a* tonlshed waiter. "That's all," said the other. "Then may I ask," put In the waiter quietly, "what'i wrong with the apple tart and cream?"—London EZRA'S M ISS o LESSON TEXT—Ezr* 7:6-10; 8:U- 13, 31, 32. QOLDKN TEXT—The hand of our] Ood Is upon all them for good that *eek him. Ezra 8:22. . PRIMARY TOPIC—Bringing Qlrti for God's House. , JUNIOR TOPIC—Ezra's Long Jour- ijr. INTERMEDIATE AND SENIOR TOPIC—How God Helps. YOUNG PEOPLE AND ADULT | TOPIC—Purposeful Prayer and Con- rageous Action. Answers. J'OH WAD THE POWERS—" An elegant young woman strolled down the main street of Skopj*. Yugoslavia, attracting a d m I r 1 n g glances from all she passed. Sudden* ly a man dashed out of a shop, lifted her off her feet, took off her shoe* and set her down again to walk horn* In her stocking feet The assailant* • •hoemaker, explained that thr •hoea had not been paid for, and h* was tired of seeing his clients going about In comfort while he wns on til* verge of bankruptcy. ney Arthur Brisimne jor-may al, he CONSTIPATED 30 YEARS ple could feel fine, be tegular, if they would e rule of doctors and K relieving constipation. «take any laxative that is ton. Or one, the dose of be exactly measured, e danger if this rule use ^reducing the dose until the ^ted no help at all. ted dosage is the secret of Nature in restoring regularity. «t use a little less laxative (Sue, and that's why it should Mi like Syrup Pepsin. • 'our druggist for a bottle of tail's Syrup Pepsin, and if Bu't give you absolute relief, if ft a joy and comfort in the way imes biliousness due to con- i, your money back. "For thirty years J had chronic constipation. I. Who Ezra Wa« (7:1-10). between God and the people. *»*r «* *• nrst company The or-my e « and multiplied by ton-saj-s truly Zerubbabel, a sort of military gov- reat need now wns for there is any amount of money ,„ ernor. The great need now wns for America, bui It "revolves" too slow- a religious leader, for the people ly. It will soon speed up and "re- H S° ne far from God as we see volve," or-change hands thirty-five from the Mble « f ° rmntlon whlch | Hmp , „ vpar Ezra effected. «Uoy'ds would insure the accu- * A ready scribe (v C) He was | racy of the major's prediction, a |a teacher of the law of God. good many would buy policies. * he The particularly offensive plan to chronic constipation, buy In Germany steel to build the, Sometimes / did not go Triborongh bridge In New York will \ ^ ° ivuiu. * { :fJhad^A^oJ. Probably not go through. It »" « ; ^ Ws Jeart to ' ' ' ' plained by those concerned that \^°™ pnn lnlh they can buy 1,000,000 pounds of' "• < v " Good Quality ho look honest are often ing, headaches and pain in the beck. Adlerika helped right away. Now 1 eat sausage, bananas, pie, anything 1 want and never felt better. I sleep soundly all night and enjoy lite."—Mrs. Mabel Schott. If you are suffering from constipation, sleeplessness, sour stomach, and gag bloating, there is quick relief for you in Adlerika. Many report action in 30 minutes after taking just one dose. Adlerika gives complete action, cleaning your bowel tract where ordinary laxatives do not even reach. Dr. H. L. Shoub, New York, reports: ''In addition to intestinal cleansing, Adlerika checks the growth of intestinal bacteria and colon bacilli." Give your stomach and bowels a real cleansing with Adlerika and see how good you feel. Just one spoonful relieves GAS and chronic constipation. Sold by oil druggists and drug departments. seek the law of; the , to obey tney can DUV i.uw.wu pouims 01 not „„, con . SfTe SJrffprS;".^ ™ "'* ^ "*'* "' ther "reason" It Is said "American °»* ^i"? " invented to prevent t cutting; \ B ™ God's Word cannot In-1 An I teacher preacher, or Sunday Is obedience to | but that Is not the question, nor. Is the difference in price or the fact * cn1 °,° v ,, that work Is taken from American ^oas woru workers to give it to German work- c ' , „*, ers the most important fact Buy- ™ O ^ ^ & ing steel in Germany helping to «; l God , s Word but a desire to finance the German steel industry P - t f ofters _ and Mr. Hitler's program, with implant in ln , T . 112e , American dollars, would seem to I II. Ezra's Commission (i.11-26). c. He set his heart to teach in Israel God's statutes and judg Indorse Hitler's program of perse- Ezra went forth backed by the de- .STOPPED-UP INOSTRILS, duelocoUU. Vie Mentholaf um> lo help open the 'nostrils and permit freer breathing Without Remittance When a man gets used to falling he Is ruined,—T. 0. Cuyler. ENTHOLATUM 5ir« COMFORT Daily [itfjouprefer nose drop«,or throat »proy, call for the JW MEHTHOLATUU LIQUID lift taidy bottle wtlh dropper Beware Coughs from common colds That Hang On I No matter how many medicines tan lIKlOrSt; mim o 1>1V6>""' «i t-v..— i «_i n ^«-..na Tho cntlo, That ,s_the_im P ortant fact, cree fro^Mng Artaxerxes.Jhe Officers of the American air corps, which authorized him tc.lend acom- Capts. A. W. Stevens and Orvll P»ny hack to Jerusalem. This de r=^ r h e7wr s.%r.d t issss^J?^ tt °VyaZ7of°ir nh g ° lng " P r^ecute penalties (, 26). n his chariot of fire^ gren twas the king's confidence The American officers radioed. fc delegated all these •We are 75,18T feet, trying for 80,- »*,«* v aa^ ^ ^ ^^ ^^ 000 feet." They did not go higher, ^^ uftcd hlg , )eftrt to God . . i ,1 -,11 i*A/-mt*^iC ... f\r* f\Ct\ TT n • but broke all records. Seventy-four thousand one hundred and eighty-seven feet Is more than 14 miles. 2,000 feet higher than Russian record of But Does Love Care? t will find a way, but Is that i best? ||Quick, Safe Relief I For Eyes Irritated * • 5 ' P By Exposure % To Sun, Wind and Dust - « don't be .discouraged, your with the safe medication in the unofficial 72,200 feet. A movie news reel photographer in Ethiopia, Edward Genock, was assaulted when he tried to make moving pictures of warriors at Harar The Ethiopians beat the camera man, explaining afterward. We shall lose our souls If we are photographed." That will surprise lollywood, where the belief is the other way aroirnd. Once it was generally believed, even by real Chris- ians, that If you made n wax miniature fljrure of a man and .tuck pins in It at Intervals you would Wll the original. Man Is a superstitious biped. Not long ago, when foreign countries were starving, America Bent American corn, and the tor- thanksgiving (vv. 27, 28). He was mainly concerned with the fact that he was to beautify the Lord's house und acknowledged that God had put his purpose into the king's heart. 111. TheCompany Which Returned With Ezra (Ezra 8:1-20). This company was comparatively small, only 1,754 males, but Including the women, children and servants there were perhaps 0,000 or 7,000 people. Before proceeding on the Journey Ezra was careful to find out as to whether any of the Levltes, the ministers of God, were with them (v. 10). He knew that the success of their enterprise depended upon the spiritual condition of the people Temporal blessings and prosperity of the individual and the nation depend upon the people's nt- ISSIFIED ADS Ry.SEFAUATOKS. Factory rebuilt. IZ k Be grantee. Big savings. Let us |J™ J«» to get FREE RINGS lor your KB fen?!. make °r size. See your Tiro ™ TH dealer or wrltB h»«-738,tOKT HURON. MICHIGAN. Quick, Complete Pleasant ELIMINATION eign countries would not eat it. Even Russia refused. , lovU , PS No w thanks to various devices for persuading our farmers to pro duce as little as possible, the United States imports more than 20,000,000 bushels of corn In one year. Shortage of corn means shortage of 00,1 for hogs, und that means expensive "hog meat," pork chops always has to pay the KSf and counter-irritant for your * it°? s '" L& wrenceCaustic Balsam. 11 Ine black and white carton, Id.60. iS.'SV ORCHESTRA DRUMMING 'Slit i !ewne d by mall. No drums used I**!,.. E_ Z ghort fxune school o| MS E. 7th St.. St. Paul. Minn. "idYourself of Sidney Poisons ,Dw V ? u Iuff « burning, . b«ckich i, lou of r^msSftssi SKBS«W2s;SSsS """"ft' tK°« S Si •~ UOT ' i •SSSSSSSBftiysftSS :, ootnploto, lom « voui «comm»nd«< 9" *• Doui'« «t «ny and titude toward Ood. IV. Ezra's Prayer and Fasting (8:21-23). The first thing that he did was to seek God's guidance. The reason Ezra sought the Lord's help wns that as fur as possible he desired his mission to be free from human dependence. He did not minimize the dangers attending his journey, hut since he hnd assured the king that the Hand of the Lord would he upon all for good who sought him, he was ashamed to ask the king for a military escort to protect them from the marauding Arabs. His desire was to prove to the king the reality of God's help, (is God's honor V. The Successful Journey (88:2132). Sneaking in Arlington national j °-£j d heard their prayer. The ppmewry the President warned the entrusted to them was country that there is danger of war ™ perhaps the entire value of urSg '"denuate defense on land. ^ d gacre d utensils was near, sea and In air." ly five million dollars. For a small He knows, as does everybody J J lravan to go U.rough a country n- fr ^^n- first in the air, and| fested by these ro bber bunds carry- Kirtant ** j uU«uTol milk ol Bxe.gn«»». All ot »"« j uU«u adult dew aaraa=:--= srs-^'n^" —• UUU r*«*a *• — - — President Roosevelt announced them _ observe: PreSl consummation of a com- ^ The care and hones y(yv. 24- the same. " Calumet sure gives you your money's worth, jntfa that Big New 1O/ Can!" SAYS MRS. W. W. H1CRBY. OF CHICAGO. HJfc. "THERE'S a lot of good baking in that lOc can of Calumet," observes Mrs. Hickey. "It's worth more than a dime any dayl "Of course, with my big family I get the full-pound can—and it's only 25c now. As long as I bake, Calumet will be in my pantryl" Grandfather Rommel j who was e baker for 40 years, says; "Calumet take* the guesswork out of the job nowadays." LOOK AT THE HEW CALUMET CAM! A tlmfli twist ...and tht Easy-Opening Top lifts off. No delay. MO spilling, no broken fingernail! i WHAT makes Calumet «o dependable? Why i» «t <«?"«* fVom othTrbakmg powder.? Calumet combine, two d,.t^ct eavening action.. A quick action for the mWng bowl-«t fre« by H?ui<L A .lower action fot the oven-«t free by heat.Thi. Double-Action produce, perfect leavening. ? -» All Caiumet prices are loWCr! Calumet is now selling at the lowest prices in its history.. .The regular price of the Full-Pound Can is now only 25c! And ask to see the new lOc can —a lot of good baking for a dime—with Calumet, the Double-Acting Baking Powder. A product of General Foods. 'Hero .WHfff RIGHT HASI fUSfeN.VOU^LOOKAT fo etJJOV UF£ «l IVOUR COATUJOOK V AT( |oOTANt>SHOOr, IT'S SW£Ll FUN VOU FEEL 'SHOES J'GGT INTO 5TAV mS^f^f^T^ ^^^ /TrWfeTrte.llCKei:.: ; .SPOIL"HIS FUM/. NOT SR/e rW LACIN&1 WrW 16000 RG MftKlNG MISERABLE, IftR I SOU HAD MV •HEADACHES AND START 6HOUU)fJT vr»o*" v * fpOSTUrA?j we sou UP OM THAT AREi [COR«S/ >SOT WRONG j, \SH& KWO [ALWWS- weighed when authorities at to honest Lhe trust was that they uui , ^en and were entrusted that which belonged to God. safe arrival (vv. 81, and one-half months were While eleven lawyers and clients •1 AfHY wa» coffe* YYbadforyou.Dad? • ..-.I thought it wa» bad ju*t for us kid*l" "Oh, nol M«nr grown-up*, too, find that the caffein in cof- CMWM IndlgMtion or U«P» them «w*ke nighut" If you «rc bothered by headaches, or indigestion, It ^on^nTnocaffein! It it «mply whole wheat andbran, roarted and slightly .wectened. If • Sy to make... cos* lew than half a cent acup. If i delicious, too... and may prove a teal help. A product of Gencrd Foods. f R E EI Let u» •end you your fiwt week*, supply ci Pottum h~l Simply m»U coupon. -- MILNESIA Nature WAFERS Poctum. Strut Citr- | ._^^,, M ^^«apM»HP»i*T'*""'iJ mte «ftttag JTO^T^ P ; - ~w ' K s' m> itfVf' I f.VV, * pi ills- •'{< ji* i i < .L

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