Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 17, 1959 · Page 11
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 11

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 17, 1959
Page 11
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-. LOST S Months olrt Bull Dog, Brown marked with white enr.«, clipped and taped IOIIK tall, MO fl-0.'i7|, reward. INVIGORATING, N0?-Broad at the Paris Zoo, hauls himself stimulating dip. The colder the him of home. • -bottomed Anatole, polar bear from his private pool after a better for Anatole—it reminds Special Natiee* Aleefiefle* Ananyrtiaui Ph. &tO 4-7600 42A Carpenter Work 42A 69 MiteeKaneaui for Sale 69 ____ 8TAUKFKII Home Reducing- Pfftri. For free denionstrfltlon, call Vlcltl Wll llama, MO S-5664. RKMODKLLVO Job ing. MO 4-4176. , And ftibfcMo* Bill- POU'KK Sprayer for fialfl, almost new. Jame* !•>?<!' Store. S22 S, Cuyler. 103 Real titafa Far Sale 103 103 Real Citate tot Sale 103 LLOYD MALLOY I'of-merly with Purclfty Motor ('a. \vl.«dW to thank his friend!! and customer* ami will announce new location as .«ooti as possible. 35% Discount on Jlug cleaning. «-tl2'8 I $r>. All cftrpet* cleaned, work guar- I nnteeri. MO 4-8381. O. W. Fields. .cuurn Cltanar^and ail other 4SA Tree Nuriery 4SA 70 Muiieal IrtirrumenM 70 10 Last & found 10 HTUAYKT): 4 months old male Rhep pard pup ninck and Brown. Reward for return 517 Red Deer. MO 5-5407. FOUND: small red mate Dachshund (log, wpuring rollflr, no lag*. Owner plenum rail MO 5-4503. 13A Busin^** Services 13A KOI I i:\pert floor \vaxlng and window (•(pulling In your home of hUHincss. MO 4-Bi!!)&. A-1 Window Cleaners. _ l"N7:OJtK TA~X~i:rtiii-n8, Accurate and fn.«l servli-e. J. O. Watson, 1032 Prairie Drive. MO 5-30IK!. 15 Instruction 15 HIGH SCHOOL at home It. spare time. New texts furnished. Diploma awarded Low monthly payments. American School, uept. t' N. Box !.7' Awarlllc. Te»a». THEE Trimming. HYee estimates. Call [ PIANOS MO 5-4301. Lowell SatlerwhIU . I 'VURLrTZEH AND KNABH ANY"TYPK"of fF^rSei^iciT'CalT MO '-"I™?, 6 . T°«n .CHKIWY. WALNUT, H-IUnfi. Curlev Boyd. BISQUB" MAHOGANY, MAPLE, KHONY. AND BLOND OAK, fil.....'.^. V*i j U/*»L jIV • FROM $")8S flowing, lara TYOfK HI , Bench & Freight Free. Suitable Terms Compl« J ts^y^rd t ~*etiAbl'lshrn*nt. Roto-! WILSON PIANO SALON tilling, sod cutting. Seed. Top soil. 1221 WllllSton MO 4-fi57l — **—-• — • | 3 blocks E. of Highland Hospital 47 EyUITV In J-hedroom home. Car port, plumbed ft: washer and dryer. 102fl Neel Kd. MO 6-2B&). HAVK >rrSF\ a-fotdroorn brick home. Will trade for late model clean Chevrolet or JUrd that is clear for clown payment. Call MO 4-3292 or nights MO 4-4742. F-BE'DROOM house, fully furnished, wool ruR on living room, fenced back yard and garage. $6000. Phone MO S-4521. FOR SALE or Trade: 3-bedroom""with utility room, double garage and | storm cellar. Will trade equity tor i lots^ jMO 4-2238.' 1 IIOOM Only MO 9-962a._Lej'oy Thprnburij;. | r A n tS ft«d tjairten Pnfni-v TMI>'nir MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS' PIANOS YARD and Uarden Rotary leveling, seeding and sodding estimates. Ted Lewla. MO 4-6910. Yard and garden plo\vlng," post holes levelling, roto - tilling. J. Alvln Reeves. MO S-r.023. 48 Trees ortd Shrubbery 48 '"~BRUCE NURSERY ~~~~ Largest and most complete nursery stock in the Golden .Spread. 26 miles southeast of Pampa on Farm Road . 291. Ph. SF2, Alanreqd. Texas. \J\ Bitycle* TRESS Trimmed. Complete shrub ^v~r. + ».+ *.»+.~.+ ~^*~• care. Yards roto-tllled, leveled, etc. I VIROIUE'S W. U. MUchslU MO ">-3J67._ -complete Mock ORGANS PAMPA TEXAS 71 (;<>MPL,KTI'; Ai'ODKKN help. Your child nteils to improve his school work. Contact Klmer SLimson, Kd- ucation Councelor. MO 4-4127. _____ _ Ever Greens. Shrubs, Rose Bustle* BUTLER NURSERY 1802 N. Hobart repair S. service Cuyler BIKE of pArls SHOP one day Modern house to he moved. $500. Call 4-6881. FOR SALE or Trade tor acreage near Pampa: 3-hedroom home. 2 baths, 2 garagea. 44jt CJraham._M O_4-3']24._ 2 BB0RROM brick home with double garage. See at 1125 K, Francis. EtJUITY in 3-beSroom home, attached lawn. 18.11 N. .Sunnier. hrick on Beech Latin. I^'V^ down payment. MO 5-643!'. _ Nl'i'-B residentlsl loT 50x14n~Tt. '.vYce locution. JSOO. Mood buy. For Sale: Nice lot. 7i-ft. (roul, jtiu ft. long—ju*t outside city limits. Prlee 12, l«n. 11 For Halo: 320 ni'res Improved farm, | 220 ftrres In cultivation, 100 acre.x In grass, 135 acres In wheat, STi acres to be put In row rrop, gas well 'j royalty goe.*, \\\ crop goes, tl'.'t per acre. J20,00(i down, good terms. I. S. JAMESON, Reol Estate 13(19 X. Vntilkner MO 5-53SI — CONST RUC*ldN STAftfet>-a S*l«ot Your Hurtie Today $8250— FHA $250 DOWN— $60 MONTH 3-Bedroom Homes with Attached garage. Soxl-il-ft. Lots. In the new Keister Addition Dunham Const. Co. Uo out S. Barnes to McCullough East to Site MO 6-3332 Day, MO P-3SS3 Nitea lt.A. MACK __ ^ _ " B. G. E. FERRELL Agency Pho. MO 4-4111 E. jrinnin,_MO_9-9518 __ iY j\H\V 3 I)(;dro6m, Briuk. garnfie, carpeted, fenced hack yard, _i.L'!' 0 '^i-_Jl''_ 1 ' OWf '" •^ t -_*! u 4 ~ rS -Ll!i: "C H. MUNDr," Realtor MO 4-37B1 105 N. \Vynne 120 Automobiles tot Said WILL Sell enxlli,/ Irt 1?SS Impala convertible. Call MO .<-4;.'4S before S p.m. H no answer cnll MO 4-2243. _ _^_ ~CASH"PAID"FdR CARS MO 5-3743 Bob Bwing 120U Alcocj* '§~a"Uf£K .CO.""" - OPKL - f'imc* _.MO _i-_i5l? JOE TAY'LOR MOTOR co. We Buy, Sell rind Trade Bulck . 123 North. QMC . Pray ' . 118 8. H (it Stat- 10.-.7 FOIUJ "Htation Faumne.r._Call_MO •y7V* L ___ AIJT"i')MOPlLK FOR "Rnlo: S trade equity In 19. IS Vaushall ion WaRon. 40* Hafr. __^__ "JiiTiEWAT "MOTOllS Home of the Ed*el Automobile Hi W. Footer ________ 2i!?,-H£i? FOR QUICK sale: Kqnity in 1?53 Bnlrk. <?ood condition. MI' .'-S23I. C> ; :EVROLET 104 Farmi for Rent 18 Beauty Shops 18 HI-FASHION BEAUTY SALON Operator Imo Gene. Owens York, MO 4-4171. 912 Alcock. PJjAXT NOW, New shipment of bar<» root roses, flowerlns shrubs, fruit , trees. Stull's lawn and garden sup- I plies. 864 VV Foster. !75 & Seedi CHE'J! NULL'S Beauty Shop. Cold waves $6,50 and up. Nell Everett, __rna_na(?er._101£ S. Siimner^ MO 5-4402. VK5LET S BEAUTY Shop "where hair styling in an nit. Far those who _oa're._lon _K. Foster; MO 4-7191. SA\ r E~TIM'K wTt'h a lovely soft easy to do Permanent Special. $i.jU. City i-:\'7\'.s BKAI;TY BOX. < : oid waves Jii.50 and up. Shampoo, .»ct nnil cut. Included. Operator? Kva (illl, Kfolan Ueriiandex and Audry Dixon. SOU VfriRcr. AIO 5-l!fi5!. _ ^^ VOGUE BEAUTY SHOP TL'ft K. ramphetl M'» 4-«l51 Gable Laughs At Rumor Of His Death .By VEItS'OX SCOTT UPI Hollywood Correspondent HOLLYWOOD (UPI) — Clark Gable IS not dead. j He's not even sirk. j put the rumor propped up this, week that Hie handsome arHor had gone to his reward- again! "I've laughed about my so-; called 'death' before," Gable said' on the set of his new innvie. "But. this time there could have been! complications. A reporter called' my home and told my wife, Kay,' there was a report I was dead. "Kay has a heart condition and a thing like that can be dangerous. "She railed me at the studio, 1 and thank God she wasn't excited • bout the rumor. Kay's a good; sensible girl. ! Cities Hiintnif Humors "They'll be right about my ( death some day, but Jet's not rush it." i ttftble isn't the only star who! hears frequent reports about his: death. It's a rare month that goes by without a false rumor on ths passing of some well-known •tar. Usually tha "departed one" is Bob Hope or BIng Crosby. "Maybe It's because we're the | oldest guys around,'' Gable said, 1 flashing: hi.« famous grin. j "Death rumors aren't as bad as ( some of the others. It's surprls-1 ing how often I pick up a paper j or magazine to read where I'm! off hunting in Africa when actual-; ly I'm sitting by my pool atj home. j "Nobody could hunt as much as I am credited with doing. There Isn't that much game in the en-| tire world. I hunt a maximum ofj 10 days a year.'' j "King' 1 Gable rattled off a list! of other common rumors. Divorces Kuinors In l'as| "Movie stars are forever reading where they are getting marled, becoming engaged, being divorced, being injured, traveling to j distant countries, romancing a girl they've never met and ap-j pearing in pictures that aren't I being made. T could go on and on. "Fortunately, the maniuge andj divorce rtimots are all in the j.ast j for me. Il's been years since I've, gone through that," hp laughed.' "If I made all the news that's written about me I wouldn't have time to work — or even sleep," he said. "But I'm not complaining. The movie business has been awfully kind to me and 1 wouldn't change jobs with anybody — dead or alive." I 21 Mole Help NKKI'i I'.xpTli-iu <>'! shoe mnn or would accept yoiiiiK man to train for ."hoe department. Hood start Ing iftilary. Apply Mr. Miller. Punliip'*. 22 Female Help^Wa'rUeT'22 from own home. Alall MualifiVatlons lo rCdlth iJlllliHiik, SOS K. Jmvood, Wichita Kails. Texas. WANTKI): AIO 4-iiK.l. 'Beautician guarantee. 49 Cess Pools Tonks 49; HKH nfl His. All-in-one Krumoles with each booking of 100 Spring Chicks. James Feed Store 22 S. Cuyler MO 5-5851 PH MO 4-3420! INUKPKNfjK.N'T service station for .^-^.^~^.^.~*^-^.. I snip ut H hargalu located on Hwy. UK. 3 bedroom llvlnjf '|t«. Plenty of Gacollne storage tanks. Possession now. J3.500 down will handle the df-al. For further information Ph. I Clara Itanklns. .">0."i, Hhamrock, Tex. HAVE buyers for farm lan-1 In Car- con, Armstrong, Donley, and Gray Counties, List fith me for quick sale. S. 1C. ROACIT, Kealtors, Uroom, Texati, P.O. Bo* 148, Phone 3721 jnt) W. Fo9ter_ ''^"'.'.'L-Ar.^ GIBSON MOTOR" cb. SttiQerhal-tr - Sal-i — Service ifOO K. Brown St. „ 104 IBXTELLKNT fVfnily rnr: 1950 Bulck 4-donr Special, stanrlard shift.. *175 or swap for other merchailalse. MO 4-S.174. 10S Lots 105 121A Trucks, Machinery 1214 75 CKSSPOOLS anrl Septic Tanks cleaned. C. !.. Casteel. )403 H. Barnes. JIO -i-40.'!!). 80 Pets 801 49A Pest Control 49A A..1.8. PKST CONTROL GOT KM—ANTS—T.KT Kit Phone MO 9-9552 for free estimates 50 Building Supplies 50 "~~PA~N'hrANDLE LUMBER CO. ALLIED PAINT 420 W. Foster MO 4-BS81 ERKI.MO Cockers. Cliihuahua. cock. Spilx, Tov Kox Terriers, PpklnReso, DticVisliound, The A<iuarium. 2:!14 Al- 83 Farm Equipment 83 FOXWORTH GALBRAITH i* • • ^-*.*^* LUHBER Mct:OUMH"K Kiirin l->|Ulpment Store, for International purls ;ind equlp- nifin. I'rit'HJjmd._AIO_4_-_74i^i. Machinery For Sale; - I-N'<i. 1.11 IMC 1.1 font ronihine, like ' 2 i new IIHR only cut r.un ncrcs. ; 'l-ll«'avy duty coinldiu- till lr;iik-r. i 1-liilcrnatlnnal I'lllily :i5" tractor ,1 wild traction 'onlrol, tnd»ppndi?nt i r-'iiwpr liiUc off. faKt hitch and 3 ! VHlvcp, run less than 500 hours. ,2 l-t Itow tool bar and planter. l-llot»rv Hoe. l-Koliiry Cutter. (-:! Section harrow. 1-S foot tandpm. •See Lloyd I!ariu-tt Home 2 Pampa, Tfxa;- JMi. MO 4-2" 17 23 Male & Fe™ alc Help 23 FINISH High School or grade school at home, spare time. Jlooka furnished, diploma awarded. Write Coo» 1511. Amarillo. __ _ WAXTKIJ: jfistiTct miUiagrr (malu or female) 1'ampa and vicinity for la r«e legal reserve Life Insurance Co. AK«' -."> to 4.",. Life Insurance experience not necesnary, but selling experience ilfKlrahlc Write Kiv- lt\K »K« anil i|uallfica.loiis tn: J. V. 1'riiu c. State MKr. 3916 Linden Ave. Ft. Worth 7. 'IV MIS. 25 Salesmen Wanted 25 l-:i-;i> 2 NKAT AppcariiiK men ases 2.1 10 4."- for Inrxn llu.spitalizatioii InsurancM Company, for local area. Company fringe benefits. Contact manager Monday, Tuesdav and Wednesday 4 p.m. to li ji. in, AIO r SA'LES~OPPdRtO"N'lfY~"" DOCTOR FIXIT CAN DO YOUR JOB Call Today FOXWORTH GALBRAITH 214 East Tyng MO 4-7433 84 Office, Store tquipmcMt 84 BUY A HOME FIRST | V'KTEIIANS: Look at. the new home* | now under construction In the Mont- i errey Addition. f!o east on Brown- Ing St. find Kouth on Lcfors St. to) sili-. These are nicr .'1 bodroom ! homes with attached garages, mahogany cablnpt.» and ilnorr, forred air heating and plenty of closetB for only J9,4fiO. Tom I rnova In cost only J2SH. tfil a month. 2 I.IKPRQOM hoinf near Lamar School (farage, fenced yanl, immediate, possession. AxHunift 4T r loan, payment* only .<47 month. S7,2"i'. LAMi.IM .t bedroom in g"ood location cloKCln. Bis living room, utility room carpet, (Unlnn room, utility room. RarHRv, top condition. }lfi,nOl). UKDKOOM on N. Sumncr. newly refinished inside and outside, natural woodwork, $7.!M».i. .1 HKDIJUOjr on Hamilton I'... baths. year round all* condltloninR. $14'"M) }13.SOn loan coinmltment. 2 HOI'SKrf on N. Banl<K. Cood In- rome property. |8,u(W>. LAROK .t bedroom on tdit corner lot on Hamilton, big carpeted living room with mahogany paneling, attractive location. SIS.'inn. 2 BEIHIOOM brick In Cole Addition on Clurcnd'iii Highway. Living room and dining room carpel td, utility room, double garage, inn ft. fenced lot. KOli SALK: Two 50-foot lots. 710 N. Koberta. JISOO. Call MO 5-3240. 113 Property to OB Moved 113 KOll SALE: 4-Room modern house, I lots of closet and cabinet space, back porch. 2-ltoom house. Uno! 12x14 room and one 12x22 room, large garage 14x2" ft. 2 Large, chick- ! en hoiiHes or stnrnge, located on ,1. 1.1. Bowers lease. ;> miles south of i lowu. to lie moved, (.'fin be seen j after 12:00 noon anytime. Priced at i JSlJ^O. MO 4-2885. j KOU SALK: Apartment house to be moved. 2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen and bath $S9.~>. Located at Bunavista. 2 miles west of Uorger. .See W. H. Lawrence. Phone HI! •(- 2^Sfi Borger or TKemont S-2073 St inn e_t ^ FOli SALK: 3-berlroom house to be moved. MO 4-39.1i;. FOR SALIC or Trade: 1H50 ton Pickup. Wry Rood Call MO 5-5_'>i>0 afj.er_4:.10. 1953~CHB"VROL ; B'T' "Pickup Cull VI 8-22S*. model %• condition, ___ for sale. prices over 2000 in stock, good «ei- election of truck t'res. llnll TlM Co 700 W. Foster. ItfO 4-r,.^l. 125 Boats & Accessaries 125 BOAT RKPAiniNO, Marine Suppl Ciisey Boat Shop. S3. E. of City 114 Troiler Houses 114 KOH 1!KXT or Kale: mobile scout trailers. Post Office Trailer Sales, ,12.'i .S. t*aIlard.MO43]. W NEW A.NL USKD TRA1LKK3 B*uik Rates BFST TRAILER SALES Highway 60 >-„. MO 4-3250 XV ILL tlTAUE 37 foul ".Spartan trailer" for - bedroom home In north east. or ii'irlli part rf city, MO 4-349S or l'"7 M. Brown. 5T'~ i:i."v7~Ti(Ji5?:L~Trailer houne, -will (nidi- my equity for furniture. MC) 4-i.:i'i:( or M' i -i-.sfi37. RKXT late-model typewriter, adding machine or calculator by day. week or month. Tri-Clty Office. Machines Company. Phone MO 5-5140. 86A Boby Chicks 86A .SPKCIAL Crice on Ned and baby] chicks. See us before you buv and i save. ('Iray County Feed. W. i KoMtff. I 89 XK\V " bedroom on X \\>ll.«, birch. —^ woodwork, larsce kitchen, with wash- :PHIVATL SPAI h for trailer bouse, PI- and dryer connections, air con- 1 -f2.'.. Ji-?r month. All bills paid. Out rlltioner installed on roof, hi* KUT-i of City limn.-. .MM 4-2715. aite, $1.101' down and assume Joan, I WILL TKADK Trailer House for fur- immediate po«5e«slon. j niturtj or equity In 2-bedroom home. .120 ACRKS in MOiithwest Misxourl, ' Aid 5-3497 after .0:30 p.m. nearly all bottom land, rm^lirujl^---^^ water, good improvement*. $SO,000. We Sell, Trade Or Buy Sell equity for $.100. See. \V. H. Carson m 1'iimpit Trailer I'iirk. Wanted to Buy 89 57 Good Things to Eat 57iwot:Ln i,ike to FKKSII Dressed AVeldlnff Shop Pheasants located at White Deer. TU 3- buy used furniture of all klnds. CalI_MO .1-341»_. \VANTF.I>' LeRal or letter-slzo fireproof cabinet. Call MO 4-:i442. Vnlina Le»-ler—MO 9-!>xii!i Helen Kellcy MO 4-71fii (jlurla Hlflnton—-.MO !)-!•:!7.1 Bob .Smith lies. I'hone MO 4-MHO Jim Ilailfv—liei. .\Ior-.!2!H __ . _ OHDKHS t nken for unme-mudu pies and lakes. MO 4-7J49. Mrs. Hob Ixirris. 92 Sleeping Roms 92 ol! SALK: ilnwii p;iyi L'-licdronm h «>rirMO S-S47 use, email 63 Laundry 63 KI'l.N'it Room* In private home. N. Weal, luuulre 60S W. Pram-its. l-'OIt SALK: hoti.'f. I'i2 *l(|i)(l p "t Muff In :-h«drni AM> 4-2712 •'( , bas n- e i 'oni|»;io\ -> Uocbiick and n^ t«r nuiiiir-d '_'."• Chuckles ROSKS ARK RKI1 . . . CHICAGO i UPI i -The National Safety Council issued these reminders for a safe Valentine's Day weekend: "Valentine, I love you true; "Sine hope no one inns over you." And "Watch yoiiisi-lf in traffic, mine; "Wlui \vunt» tt bandaged Valcti- liiia'.'" frflary S.i.Vi H drnw). plus commission. Triunini; at our ex- pcn.-f. Many tifin-lits. liicluillnic Seal's Profit t-'h.trlnir I'lRii, droiip I. He and jli^i>M:ili/.aiion ln>ur:inc«, pnlcl \',i. ,u i.'i:« ami IHt-count on i>eur> f'urcluisep. This is a real Opportunity f'"' ft. Hiicce*sful sales- .liinii. Insurance experience not necessary. Kor A iHtnintinervt write filslrlct Sales ManiiKvr, MBrtin Jone« Box U-S, c/o 1'ampii News Kivlnf! full particulars on bualnesR and family ImckKruund, information confidential. UDrJAL STEAM LAUNDRY INC. ' Kainily bundles Individually washed. Wet \\asb. JlotiKh dry. Family fin- l«h. _3J1 K. AtcliiscMi. MO Ijjj'^j^ _ WAsTflNU 'Jc lu. IronJne J1.-5 dozen mixed piece*. Curtains a ipecialty. 71'u N. Banka. MO 4-(ilSO._ __ I1UXN1NCI done liriiiy" h'ome. *i.0n dozen, mixed jueces. Also baby selling: by hour or day M- K. Locust. MO- 4-4:xi. IS 1 1 X I S(7r \Va i iVe d" ' J I . ". 5 "a " d o z e i f I ' VI 1 1 ff any lima or call 3-44U3. J-U N. Ward. lHoxTxcrcione~in my liome in Skelly' 95 Furnished Apartments 95 J. _- --. \VAXTKI>: IroiiliiK to do lu "my hom« )1.2S per mixed dozen, or J1.50 picked up and delivered. Phone 4-27S6. 1205 K. Fouler. FURNISHED It »nd up weekly. Hllti paid. Se* Mr*. Mustek a: lfl< E. Tynr__Mq_«_-B60^ ___ :i'-'lT<'ii"'M. liVivnte bath, TV Hiitenna. washer and dryer, bills paid. 418 X. WcrO. Ml I .•|-.'i8'S. _ __ "Prtui'iM nicMlern garag* apartment, in, iic^s. MU 4-"J2.'i. _ ______ •i "iVi-yi.lUUUM 'iiKHionirfuriusirci'l. hills' pnlil. Apply at ToniR Plan 1 . SI2 K. Kredtric. _________ _ 5- ROOM furnished «partm«nt. Call MO 5-.10 42. S15 Ituth ____ __ _ E. Rice Real Estate 7 12 N. Somerville MO 4-2301 i Lincoln HU KILL k SOX Hear Kront Knd and Service I.}_\V._KosUir I'hone MO 4-6111 If You Can't. Stop,~I>on't 'Start KILLIAN'S, MO 9-9841 B rake an d Wine h _3e rvj c» WT'A. "BILL Tr ""J(./NKS" Auto Engine Rebuilder 1-' \'i'i have batterj" failurt-. V.\'i IjHiterv addiilv will rescore life in \oiir iiatter\. ."-t Doucrtte or call inii]<f» 'iii. tlo«i* duwn. . ll. -al hf.ii. down. ____ modern efficiency upartment, _bllls paid. US N. PurvlHtico. ___ FOR RKNT: Larse 3 room furnished iipurtment. Newly decorated. Close «3A Rug Cleoning 63AI 'ly^--^^ 30 Sewing 30 ALTKHATIOXS and Dressmaking. SAVE MONEY Rent our Has Shampoo machine do your own, it's no eaMy and y Lo UKLTS JiTTTTriNS. itutton holes, Allrratlunci. .Scott Sew Shop. 142U ; _Jlarket. MO 4-7220. _ — - i VVli.L'lio aiteriiiiuiiH. iln--<s making' a sijrciullly. Call Mi) .'.-I'lld. | !31 Appliance Repair 31 ; 'j i -AaT<^s' w ASM K n "SK! : \'T'E,'wUi 1 repair, rent 01- xell Automatic' w»»h- i eih. 1121 NeH |(u«d. Ml) 4--il76 134 ! .SAN l-'ltANC'ISCO (I'PIi - The i Southern I'Mcific Railroad soon juill provide the ultimate in piggy- ilKick hauling aiM\'ii-e. | Railroad Prt'siclfiit Dunalii J. jHii.-i.scll gaid tl.s flatc-ai's will haul j trucks which will be loaded with, autos. Radio Lab C&M*TELEVTSION \. rioiiK'ivill.- AI04-1SII 9 a.m. I* the Dallr Deadline for Cl«$8!lied Ads. Saturday for Sunday edition. 12 noon. This U also the. II a.m. dally and 4 pm. Saturday for Al.niit People Ads will be taken up to bunua>'» edition. CIA«SIFIED RATE! 1 Day -- tlu per line a Day* — tic per line per d»j 1 Day* — 12c per line per d»y 4 Days — 21c per line ptr d»y 6 Day* — lie p*r line pf Ua» C Day» — tTc per line Dei day Monthly rate: {2.?!> per Hot PW Month, (uo copy ctuuiy«. MliiltDUQ) »d: tbrea «-point line*. The New* »ccepte re*pon»iblllvy (or .'I'lOm on the flrtt Injertlon ooly leadline for ad cancellations. Miinl/ UNITED TELEVISION lu I N. lli.l.:ii'_ ___ __ All I ', -'..'HI; Pur i;eilaijii~'rV~Service Call GK.NK i DON'S TV .SKH\ r |( 'K 6U \V. Fojiter ___ I'll. MO 4^tit81 Aiitt-nii;i Scrsii.'f*. New and Uaed An** lennafi fi.r isali-. 1117 V'arnon Urive. _-VlL'*'. 4 ?. : i_ ( '!! > '. 1 .'J e W1 "* : H*wkin* Rudio & TV Ub do U quickly and sately. I.ow rental! nOO e .M«rDONALD KUKNITUUK CO. j iU S. Cuyler MO 4-6521 , 66 Upholstery, Repair 661 Brummett's Upholstery ! IfilS Ah i.. K iHiil -\l' i 4-75SI KIHt.NI'l'I'iu'' Hepwired — Upholidi i*d. Janeiy'x New HUd VavA Kurnllur*. »tl 8. Cuyl«r. MO 4-Di'is. '34 iV^Houjehold Goods 68 TEX ATT u R'N nfuRE 'c o. 2(0 Niirth Cnx I'-r -M" 4-4S23 I'.iKlll l'>^-it l-'l ,-i-/i 1 i. i;il:n .1 hi fi-d. and ___ you TllItKh Kod.M Modern furnished apartment. Bills iiald, »4a a month, imjulr* Mc- Arlam»_Cft f e._VVJi i t e_t >«»r_T »fa*^ jjOOM "furnished apartment iVfytiHoOM *"'"' mo " furnif-hed .11M_ N. _ furnished ^ pariment. O 4-451J8. Couple _- - !?TrrM "and liiiiti. Iti'lU paid. inly. 7<»4 X. Oray.__AIO _4^;*>1_7._ __ irii i.M nlcirh furnishrd. :iuti-iuui, oft w,ili-r, lill» paid, lutullb. 412 N. 96 Unfurnished Apartments 96 2 Street. JI7:.() N Nelson: NKW ;i be.lro :N. Bonks: 2 BKOnno.M hrii k. nt'.ached garage 'central h«at J12,2'K». i.NICi: 1 BKJilICKJ.M rock, nil carpeted, | attached jrar»6r. N. Ru*»ell I14.4UO. |N. Sumner; |l BRnnoOM. UrK* ^.tached eara«e, central heat, carpeted living room 113.200. Chestnut Nice 3 bedroom. 1% baths, nice car- petinir, central heat, fenred yard. 120,6(10. KOFI SALR or Trade: Will take 3 or 4-room house on new 2 or 3-bedroom home Henry St. N. Starkweather ].ar«e 2-be.droom and garage, fenced yard. $1350 down Clone in: Two 2-bcdroiun house" and two i-n.qBi -oarimHiits on IcO-ft. fn;ii!. *!l'."p n*-r iiionih incniiie. $k.r.nrt. (Id'ili lil'PI.CX. \ l-'r.iKt. JI7..H down . U . M- :i I.,,|I.M,MI Hiid 111 I-:. I trow n AIO S-4J9I 117 Body Shops 117 I FORD'S BODY SHOP Car Paip'lng — Body Work M. Pros* /MO 4-46 19 fOU SALK or trad*: l',i4S B'.ilck 4-door ; sednn. lifpendable, run« good. 1041 ' Xeel lid 1930 MOnKL"A~Ford Coupe MO 4-"iru 424 N. JU'clts. _ _ _ SALt or trade for ilder car: o r > Olds Super 4-door. loaded. J134S. Ke« at 61 fi X. Somervllle after 6 p.m __ ci,"ybK""j6NAS MOTOR '"co."~~ —Authorized. Kambler Dealer— 119 N. Ward _ _ MO_.s-Mj){ REX ROSE Strvic*. Body, Parti, Trim Shop 121 N. Ballard __ MO 4-6877 5.'. F'Ollli l'-door custom V-S. MO 4- sj;u. -;:M N W<-UM. _ _ C. "c. MKAIi ITscfl car» it Oarag*. We buy, sell and srriice nil ma'<e» TrailfrH and K W bar» for rent. 211 !•:. lironn. MM 4-47h'l. HIGHLAND HOMES LOOK BETTER * BUILT BETTER C? IS BETTER 0 MAXIMUM F.H.A. LOANS $400.00 DOWN PLUS CLOSING COST SALES OFFICE & FURNISHED MODEL HOME 2100N. DWIGHT SALESMAN ON DUTY IN AFTERNOONS & EVENINGS MO 5-54 10 COMBS-WORLEY BLDG MO 4-3442 I; I'M iCCMKATI'JIi 4 ro iiu-iil. '• liilts paid. pt i.- c 'i-ffee St 1 AM' .'-IiKI)l:i hli.u-lini-Hi <.»-i RADIO i*,-. TKLKVISION i-vjiiiir service on anv DiaUe nr inmlel. i>» lo ;i.'p% »<ivings on luben and parts. Anten- r i.s installed l-'itl and reliable, lime iia\menti. Moutjomery Ward A- Company. Phon« MC) 1-3' 36 Appliance! TV APPLIANCE & SERVICE 3f>S S. Cuyler MO 4-»7»'J MOORETINSHOP Air Conditioning — • J'ayiie Heat 32(1 W. Kingemlll Phone MO 4-2711 38 »nd Paper JUoginjf. All work guaranteed. I'hone MO 5-6201. F. K. Uyei, 600 X. Uwight. Kosli-i. AM 1 1 '.Ml Nevvton Furniture Store . 5^ij|_W._J. < i)sii--r __ __ AIM 4-1T31 ~ DON'S USED FURNITURE " \\'e linv <v ^5ell t'fd Kuiniiurc K'n \\ p . r'otifi _ I'luuii- Al< i_4_-4ii:H kLKCTilIc"C!"othe»~<lrye"r. J49.ft5. Paul _ Cio*«nian. li)8_N. Russell. MO 4-iiS^K Whittingron's Furn Mart I "Low XVii v» Juit Iion't Happen — I They Ai» .Made" 1_OS t. Cuy\tr _ ___ Ph. MO 8-3J3I i CLEA'ilA XCB SALE on good ns«d : TV *eti Some set* have new picture tube All f«ts are sold on a guaranteed basis. Conv*nitnt hud- get termn. B. F. Goodrich Store 108 S._Cuyler __ _ MO »-J131 McLAUoHUN FURNITURE 400 S. Cuyler __ Phone MO 4-J90J "SHELBY J! RUFF FURNITURE BOUC.HT & SOI.D 612 S. Cuyltr ^U> S-.'-S** '1 (loot) I'sed autuinutlc »u»lifr» One >~lrv.sion« and one Fhllcu {H'J 95 i each. Kuaranteed, Firestone Stuns, ! 1IT S. Cuyler. in duplrv nii.irl - Adllls on!) . Nil Mi > 1-7H" i.M iinfill-nijiln ij .\ni( K4M (Mill 4 I T -:^. HHJ S Kaiill.n'-l «fl. i •'• I-"'-""> 111 KIM iinfill nibtipil apmi infill TS aiilriiiia. uircd -'-''- i-xliu large ImilliB. i'.H Ilinlilti, I'ilU |.HIii 1IT ( re,(. MI i ^ •; 14.1 1...I t: hit i: 17ih i .ill AIM 4- Si-'l 'i:\ISII I'.'H dii|ii GRACE Real \,-'. t-r Broker H. 'nil. -i i. Mi i L. V Ii.s'j (-' !•'. [• \TS V I: VK.v\ l'i i\ BOOTH-PATRICK AIO 4 -".•.. Estate ~ \tii ii-'.r.fl? i 9 :i> '',-> t --"'.-• Real Estate r ~ HOMES BV "~ DUROHOMES ick H»^l('.«s. MO 4-««4 M. LANt REALT>' I'll. «-'!li«! 01 'i~,ni ___ _ FOR «ULB S«ver«U u*f4 rwfrlgeratort. W. Rich .), .MI i d. delivvr*.l p. Full Oi.tinl . .1:,':' § Special Neh'cei 8TAUff6K a«aucln|[ Pl»n. For .., dtiJiaristriUwii ^ill ilr* R, O CJ»ra *;U*. UO 5-iiKj or UO S-SI187. I Pampa Warehouse & Transfer! 1 iluvlnj with Cm « Kevry where j 117 I'-^Tiljif I'h. MO 4-4221 I "dt'OK'b 7 T'nANSFieS "is. dti .UAifhi " . ire i-urpel mid _ ___ . . . "kfipsT ji famou* Ulue ui.hi.Ulery tU- ol'..>ni l.u«- ; HI-:!'!!' " iAl (in ni.-hcd iiinj-1'. il'ii-p in.! i ('all Mo 4-3oi)" liKiuir* -iJT Hili »t i - rfar. after •> '" week da> * __ _ | 4 hi«"iM Sto'T*rii lurnUlied home, 1 inquirt 321 S. Somer%Jillt. ___ _ | FrKMSHKD " S loiMiv hou^e" Fenrerl . >ard. Ciood lunilnlun Couple pre- j 1 ftrred or 1 email child. J3o per mo. ! _MO_J-jU(iK ____ •CLKAN 3 room modern hi>u>«. All bills paid C»ll after 12 noon s-unday. al 'l _ l 9 ! 5 -?'- 9T ' Unf iTrnithf d H ou MI 98 2-bKDiU)OM tirl'-k, «!4 J'owfll 1!25 month. L. V Sar.f'.r.t 7H K Fic.l- _«rlc. MO 4-JS'i!. 'NEW EXTUA Urse uiifiutn.-li^d 3 room hoiist. lia^ iil« kitrl.f" -ii't jiatli floor, medicine and linen rl. ..««•[ lii.iuire 51it S. SomerviHe. 'J RO(.)il modem unf'.ii-ubl.til f'.r r«nt. I/I mile E. of Country cluh ^lJJL r '"''?''i — •Kills k'KNT: 2 beifroom unfurnlahed small rhthl. 69 MO S. - M>> 40A i STOCK-Betty Lou i Deal's »bbrevi»ted western $ei- ' up to Advertise th» San Aa- •tooJo (Tex ) tenth anniversary dock *how tad rodeo. It'll b» Steam Buthi Sw.-11-li "\f»«**f* 5*" _4Ui:iti£. _iii(J Alcoi.'k. Ml) 6-4218- _ T Pampa Lodge No. 966 4!W West Kiu{;in]!lJ \\Vt1. Ki>l'. I s 7•'in p m. Siudv A K.Jum* Tlc,i»., rf r, r.. 7 -,.i ,, rn . t'<" f>e-(ie* VUltjfj Mekcnib- Mtiolei* ur(«4 W |tt«nd, Oicfj- fb|*r«, B'.it * I Boy'f r0aiffr ft Moving Hoy Ki»«~3''>3 R. Tuke 4-S15T , --- < . < .,^-*^-^, --- *. -- r~-~+*-* Pointing, Paper Hug. 42 -iiR r*|.ierii'g. patntit.s, Icxl .".'ng nf a", n in rail M'i "• i39l. Fies e»- t.i>j_ai. -• L-;ke lV"ii*:i. l\&l~. Estimate* on dforaliny netdl, p»p*nng. p»in'iri. tap'cj. t«stoft lr.« . etc. MO 4-6547 or MO i-'.aM. Mi»c«llqneoyi For $Q'e69 Thompson's United Rent-Alls "We rent most anything" 120 N. »jem«rvil!« MO 4-?3J1 (••Hi; H l-t NT Ciifiiriilsiii'd Kinall r:il i-UJOIK hol.-r -tn.'iU j^rtl-i. I. 1121 K. Kre.liro. . fit «n\- »ir.t. Panip* Tent A * ** ___ _ THE AUCTION SALES I 'R SAl.K t'v ««-<er 2 r-clrm port. . »rp*t», plucubtd 'or » fenced >»rd, njontb-Iy MO J-93SJ. JS3. I North Crest, 3 BEDROOM 2 BATHS BRICK Gl HOMES $451 Total Move-In Cost $89.68 Monthly HOMES OPEM p.ui.v TRY A CUSSIFIFD AD? TO BUY TO HIRE TO SELL TO RENT MO 4 2525 Place Your Ad by Phone

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