Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 22, 1941 · Page 5
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 22, 1941
Page 5
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Wednesday. October 22, 194! STERLING DAILY GAZETTE. STERLING. ILLINOIS Mendelssohn Club 1941 -42 Season Is Formally Opened Mrs. Lyte Popendick, Talented Pianist, on First Program Thr Mfnrt<-K--ohn '-'.'^ np«T,rrt the wswon Ttir5dav r\T.:r.s a' she home of Mrs Man- Harshnian with a lecture recital. 'Oi: Heritage." presemed h> Mrs I A IP W. Papendirk The spai 10•;<, home was filled with member.- frtr the business meelinc. at which mar.-, new members were received into :!-.e ciub The president. Mrs Ah:am Hev. introduced the program chairman. Mrs. C N. Timmons., who presented the artist for the cvemre. Jean Coomber Papemr.rk spoke in H char-mini: manner of how music was the means of rirawlnc three persons of different, national;;IP.- toeeth- er when she was on a cruise around the world, and of how all barriers seemed cast aside when she played ••Estrelllta" (Little Star' for the Spanish Rlrl. who MUJR at once In her own language. The words were Spanfth as she .-ana. but the melody was the same to both of them, deepening the realization that thoiiRh music may orlRlnate in one country and be typical of its composer, its people, and Its aRe. still there can be no boundary of land or sea to withhold its appreciation from the entire world. Mrs. Papendirk chose to play the music of European composers. Coming from as far back as the 17th century up to the pre>ent the music atill lives ami always will live in the hearts and lives of Americans— just as much R part of. our heritage as if it had sprung up from our own shores and of value because It represents the best of European culture, refinement and art. which, though boundaries may change and governments are disrupted, will never be lost nor withheld from anyone. - The flrst group, by Johann Sebastian Bach, consisted of a chorale from his 147th cantata. "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring." and "Toccata and Fugue in D minor" for organ, the piano transcription by Tausig. Bach came from a family of 60 famous musicians, dating back to the 16th century, over a period of seven generations. All but seven of. the famous Bachs were organists, cantors or town musicians. At 18 years of age Johann Sebastian Bach wa.« organist at Arnstadt. He was born at Eisenach in 1685, and died in LeipaiS in 1750 Ckapin In the following group of Chopin compositions. Mrs. Papendick played "F major Etude." "Prelude in C minor." "Prelude in A major" anc -Walts in E flat major." Frederic -Francois Chopin was born near-War* «aw. Poland in 1810 and died in __JP«riB in 1849. Before he was nine years old he played a concerto in public, and retired from his public • career at the age of 25. He was called a second afocart, and was the botdaat and proudest poetic spirit of the times, hU writing exquisite and his variety unlimited. "Viennese Waltz." by Friedman! Gartner might be called today popular music, because of its impres- aions. While Ignace Friedman was born in Warsaw, Poland in 1862, he toured widely, was a teacher and a baritone singer in Vienna from 1883 , to 1918. He was a friend of Rubinstein, and following an American tour, he fettled in Tacoma, Wash. "Sequidilla." by Albeniz, who born in 1MO in Catalonia, is a Spanish dance of beautiful inspiration. Albenii was an infant prodigy, cotn- I peeing at the age of seven. He toured. Europe and America in 1880 with Rubinstein. . IflB, the founder of musical impressionism, had no musical Interest until "he was 10 years old. He en r ) tered the Paris Conservatory in 1873, at the age of 11 years. After retirement he lived in Paris. He had a versatile Imagination which produced beautiful sketches painted with the subtlest of color harmonies. From his second book of prelude*. ' the artist played "Bruyeres." her interpretation bringing out the atmos phere of the forest ferns about which the composer had woven his ».el8dy. ,.For her final offering. Mrs. Papen- idick played the second "Rhapsody" "of Liszt, quoting a rhapsody as a "string of melodies arranged with a view to effective performance in pub- Ik but without regular dependence Of one_nart_on_anQther/' Franz Liszt would be 130 years old |lf he were alive today, as October was his birthday in 1811. By the time he was 11 he traveled extensively, and from 1839 to 1847 he was proclaimed the greatest of any age. He diet) in 1U& For an encore, "The Juggler" was )as pleasing a contribution as the artist could have afforded, as her afcill in presenting it was enthusiastically received. Mrs. Papendick played with an enthusiasm and conviction that were delightful and pre. seated her contributions with an in- Itinate charm which immediately D her listeners. Her mastery of .the keyboard and ftne musicianship combine to make her presentations highly artistic and praiseworthy. Mrs. Papendick U a graduate of Per Best EESUITS WITH ANTI FKEKZE ••far* ya« put aaU-fracm* !• &URt HUttttlMf 1»AV0 M C|0AJM4» [.CwJk*< as* clucatd far •«- rjr. We are cxperteacad to vara. Ataa auUMriatd agcacr radiaiara, MfiOTTS t AVE. itn Confesses Torch Sloying Robert Larry Gordon. 2p, who Ls f-ald to have settlnif fire that caused death of his benefactor. Georce Eastman. 57. In Kalamazoo. Mich., rooming house, Bradley collrge of music, and WR.S a teacher in the rollcRr of music following her Kraduatlon. Her mother, Mrs. R. L.. Coomber. of FYeeport, was a guest at the recital. Following the music, a social hour was enjoyed with the ho/-te.vv Mrs Harshman. who was a.s.-.L'.ted hv Mrs. Wm. Norton, MLss June Robinson. Miss Evallne Scovill and Mb* Mary Hermes. Conference of Plymouth Dealers and Salesmen Here for Three Days Plymouth mnumobilp dealers and salesmen of StcrllnR. Morrison and Dlxon opened a three-day educational conference at the Lincoln hotel at 8:30 a. m. Wednesday morn- Ing. The sessions are being held to acquaint dealers and salesmen with ways to broaden the Importance and value of the service they perform for the public. The proRram alms at the widening the sphere of usefulness of the dealers to the public and to be of greater service to the car buyers of the community. ElecfClub Officers John T. Beckwith was elected president of the Rock. River Country club at a meeting of the new board of directors. Arthur W. Prestin was chosen vice president, and H. E. Oppold. secretary and treasurer. The committees are to be selected by the president later. DR. WM. J. MAURITS MOBBISON. ILLINOIS The lajtciiaa Treatawal *f KCCTAL OI8EASC8 1M Man Held for Murder In Sangamon Co. Says He Lived Here in 1930 Staff'* A'-nrn^v A O Or of Sprmcfif!fl. Sarieamnis'y. inform.* Th r Oa/fttP that John .?o«rph M)l!r-r is rwinR hHd in that county on R rharur nf murrirr which oc- niirrri in F'?^ Mr Grrrnintt n*- *rrts that Mi'i>r when Rskpri for ft pittiire of h;nr-cif tnkrn vrsr* «eo, .*t<itrd h^ c:d nn 1 ha\f onf h\u that a picitirr wa* tnkrn of him at thr rrar of Ihr Phrlfx. mrat markft at 2fi Wrst TTiirri -trrrt whrn IIP wa« wnrkinc thrm in Mir inll of 1WO Millrr clnim^ t)ir pirturr wa* njn in Thp Gazette Thr Oazetie ''ontactrd 8uprrvi.*nr John F riifi;v who oprralrri the mrst markrt in !93O Mr. Phrlps ytairs that M:!lrr nrvrr was an em- plo\e ot th r matkrt. hut probably hrlprrt in thr preparaiinn of food which wa<- *rr\rd in a .*oup kitchen which wa* operated at the market durine thr drprrs.-ion. Mr. Phelps found the picture, to which Miller probably refer*, and .will Rive it to Thp Garrtte to forward to the 6an- gamon'county state's attorney. *1nnirtf At tb* btirtn«w mwtnsff. iven mit r<^it»inlr»R the year s ra'rnclmr wf etub meeting*. »nd a number of French mmx*. After the meftirn vnts RdjdiirnwJ r^fT^hffi^Ti** snfl jturnes were en^yrd. The offirfT* for the FVench r —^ Irn H«?kell. vice president: Man"" Psirner, «Tret»trT; Boh Hey. trr»,- »-,>rer. MIM Hurrlft, Srhlek. -nhT teaches French in th* 1 hlRh wrioo! :« the *dvisor. The rmrne of the c!;ih ;<• Un Peu T> High School French Club Scavenger Hunt Proves Big Success The October meeting of the French club of Sterling Township high school was held Tuesday evening In the form of La Chasse. the scavenger hunt. The club members met at the home of Lillian Bcrn- st-eln. where they were divided Into three groups and given a list of articles to find. The list was written in French and first had to be translated. The hunt ended at the home of Marion Palmer, where the Chas. Planthaber Dies This Morning Charle.o N Planthsber. 49. p«5*rrl y at 10 » m. today in his homi*. 4O6 Ninth avenue. He submitted 10 an operation for »pp*ndicitlK at the Sterling public hospital two werk? aco. and peritonitis developed ca».«- ln« hlfs death. The body was removed to the Mr!- vin funeral home. Arrang«ment» for the funeral are not completed. Mr. Planthaber wag bom April 21 1892. in Sterling, son of Newton and Anna Planthaber. He is survived by his mother. MJTS. Anna Planv- haber. One brother preceded him in death In Infancy and his father died several years ago. Mr. Planthaber wa* a World war veteran and served over«eiu. If Yoy Wan! New Car, Better Order Now, Local Dealers Say rn?" wjtn ^ :-.'.'- orrii-r in riT RT';i i'- thf nri'-i'"'' nf t'nr ln- 'n r tr^;t] - v is hr»fi!r to hr <n grral '.".SS if wiil )>r ;uar::, a!!\ nn im- vm-i-.ihi'.'.'v fnr la'e fnrr.rrs 'o Ee! a rsr of ar'.v flrvrip'iifi. HIP cmrninu-nt ha' c 1 :'. r)n«n au- 'nnvibiie pro 'irrinji S2 fwr rrn! «.T RC!'. ;T% arr to the irre w::i HP a still ion 8 Hnjnmnb;!' 1 ri^aler i- 'ir.^t a^iotmrni of! ri'itvii at the time he | ^42 Tr>riav hr re-1 :hn: th: - - reri-.iced al- |Ho7r-,rr. On" filffl; r K: *, w a 5 < • i r oflriff) for ce:\ r'i ri'i'irr Conference on Form Defense Program for Production of Food Whifeside eounty 1 s repr at a mTtinc nf ?00 Ill!rn!«. f» hnme Pd'. isors atul rxfrr:^ advisors at the University of for n three da'.- rnnfrrcnrr 'r thr rfTert. n' t;ie fa fen" p-roSTnm on fo<vi pr^ flnniinl mr^t f.rre Assi'.'ar;* sion Director Reubrn Brisr; tiT 1 fi^partmcnt of azric-iir-j Miss Li!-a Bane, head of th<* sitv home eronomif-s rm nrirt n -.'.afT Illinois xiav nn rm He- :-]r:ion Fxten- arn. of ,-e. and •jr. iver- READ THE CTASKIF»?.n ADS Fewer People Here Today Than Usual Tod«y was an exocpiton to the usual rule. There wtre few people in town and the merchant* and their forces had ample opportunity to do their checking. Stocks were put in shape. During the past few weeks business has been so good that the businessmen have had little opportunity to catch up with their "chores" around their stores. SEND GREETING CARDS from your own criepsfcofs • Bring the oentivcs of your favoritt saapahBti to oar store. Cbooic from the many dcsigu «• oJhr taw tf p* of card you wish. Then leave tltt rwt t» «. for your mailing list you'll hi*« a card that'* ptfaoaal aW oia* c, yet the COM «iU fee aurprisiafly low. Only $1.00 for 25 cards with envelopes. HART'S STUDIO & CAMERA SHOP V -WE GIVK MB ORDCB NOW— We are to laal tto effect «f Ike Every Pair ol High Grade Shoes V-Wi ^ 1 — . IOY MW - FIRE SELE6TIMI - HI P1MES! NOW GIEATLY IEBBCEI PUCES! BM^H^WP ^Sr^B^V W^a^Vk^P ^^V ^^•^B^^a^V •B^^W^a^Bsl BVVBVVBV ^^^^B^B^B^^sW ^^•fc m V ^^B^B^Ni ^pMHwl W ^NPnMP ' I < UM Star Inafc. $341 | HJI Nriap ... KM Ghllni's Skats al Isawad Mass. ^^^•^Ww^Bw ^B^W ^P ^^^BB^B^^B^^Br ^WJ •"J^B^'JlBWB^^B^^^^B - •• w w^B^^B^f^PW 200 PAIRS WOMEN'S SHOES CLOSHN OIT Short lines Queen Quality, Enna Jettick, Sport Oxfords- Values to $7.50, on Bargain Tables. All kinds—All heels. Sizes to 10. $2-98 TWO GROUPS $3-98 MEN S GOOD OXFORDS Short lines. Values to $6.00. MEN'S 35c SOCKS MM Long Socks or P 1 ' Ankle Socks. ANtto MEN'S 50c W«rk SUSPENDERS Heavy elastic, closing out .^, MEN'S $3.50 DRESS HATS New fall styles, S9.49 closing out -. mm !•% W. J. BELL CO lotrnent "had acam brn cut ap- p.'ox'.nvitr','. .ifi pr IT.'. Another d^alrr stvM that hr '"-sci been un- ab!r to er- any ripfir.i'e word fromj his manufacturer, whiie still another asscrtrd that h:s quota had been chopped over .TO pr rent. Mere Laxatives Often Not Enough Monthly Forum The Sterling-Rock Falls Ministerial-association will hold Its regular monthly forum at the Y. M. C. A. Friday noon. The speaker and sub-1 ject have not been announced. >-'r'. V~- i>n ]...' • !«:i- ; • n r-HH. i ->] bo* r'd in trf r ri-yrr. p Itfi r:-— ~t'i* r I-,.*.- - r-t IV r"i" n r«"r^r'i^- :-.','..— .,£',^*,1 r rr«r .Tin!-.! At PK\ K R.M ~n « . . -y),;. ALP! S KR.MTI.R t« * »T-.. <|,,| rrrr i^in in' irmh'rluJtu-f. It it t ml H"rr.i! -n*i;r:n*. ll h»'r* th« «tomjrch In fjt*f-*1 for»d it rrr.fotf* the hrmflv in<re»<« Himinxtrm try «»T of the lidp"' tl Mp« ttf iwjjr thill e«**»r»iH M\ft r>( I'nwtl r« »H Mn»t. So cioo t »»i». Aik tot ALPt-N IJIAITER tediy. - Wal|^t>M*i T»rit R»pkl«« •fid IHhrr Atttll«rlwr4 yalifTify Ag« m t* i l«t Are. ylrcnde The Cleon-Dry-Cleoners Odorless, Sterilized, Moth-Treated, Sanitary m At Ihr if-win* rlnh. th*"v (n!(| shont M- "nnly rfi^t* a JMIir m"rr t« havr "(he ARCADE do H." BUGS-BUGS-RUGS Send Us Your Rugs—We'!! Get The Bugs! I CORONADO "HUMIHEET" OIL CIRCULATING HEATER JUS*** 79* m- -^^.y^> AG ^OcHM' %&&& ci^n ^° r u^^ai ' $74.95 •AfV MTMaWfS Healthful controled humidity and heat at low cost Genuine Breese pot type burner. Fuel economizer. Saves hieL Cole automatic draft control. Beautifully srvled with new porcelain lixe inish. TIA»I IN VOUI Ol» OH 44!5 A*£iU CORONADO 6 TUBE A. C. CONSOLE RADIO Rich blended walnut inish cabinet. Superb cone and outstanding performance. FREE tome demonstration. •iMrftMshCaMArt COtONAMXWa 7 TUM COtONAOO 9tub* A.C-D.C •*»• Optratts oa A.C or Mi radio, ft. C A. D.C licaaMd. Cash Price.. 1 •AfY rAVIMNTS STILL UP TO It MONTHS TO FAY AT OAMBLI'S FELT BASE RUGS f ft. M 11 H. »3 49 fin* quality. Long wearing, hud surfaced rugs. Many populttpaneriuaod colors. Spar vanuah«d top surfer*. A great selactioaf I §f HOT WMII CM NIMII Defroster sad - •• foot weraiiaf' outlets. With fa- IA1UTOR WINTIt IIONT IJaiversal siie. Huawstcarsaatd tracks. 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