The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 27, 1859 · Page 3
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 3

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Friday, May 27, 1859
Page 3
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SU8INBS8DIIUBCTORY^ A Ito of »«§»«*• Howe*, ana an among the b*»t ttd A»cHiTEc?r & B»M u>d Spedfleatton* Tor «D Un4» _ : farnUbadstih^tnoUoe»ndonU»mort UberjJMffll, Watikcftha C-onwiy MiHI. <j tofornishlhe cltlMW of MUirkokee •'• -rom '-the well known JhUrjr of M. BAKBER, tto •«t » fair 'price and In .quantities from : • pint to ajm eheon. ThwewUhlng to be supplied, can leave Ih order* with Mean. Bono t Crosby, oppoiltc the Wai- kerHonse. , T.fcABB AMERICAN CORNET BAND! CAPT. ALEX. SCfJXT, LEAUEil I8NOWEEADTTO FDRNISU ANT * L number of Instruments, from one to C twenty-two, lor Balls, ParUea, Parades, Excursion*, Ac., Ac., at reasonable Apply i»r a4dreia Oapt. Auot Bootror at Hempitedl MURRAY, PRIOR * OO-, Seaman'* Mammoth Home FnrnUhing Block! ffi •AjroTtOTUBsas or, 8TOVJS, TTO, A GA1TANECEDIKOH ROO'INS,. Gutter and Conductor Fine. Also, agents for CoUinr celebrated Ventilators and Chimney Caps, Bet Air: furnaces and Registers, Ventilators, ftc. Jgf Orden thankfully received and promptly atten- (d to. ISAAC K1NOSL.KY, CAS & STEAM FIRE KITTEtt, - NO. 891 EAST WATER STREET, WBOLKSAJ.,* ABU BITAIL DSALIB II 5 A5 AND 8TKAM P1PI3, - GAS, STEAM AND WATER COOKB, QLOBE AND CHECK VALVES, QUAGK COOKS, 4c., Always on hand, a large assortmenl of H AS Ft \ T. V JttES Work done In a workmanlike manner, at short notice i *>nd lowest prlcea. '•• ,''•; . ' ''- jt»-alj N. L. RETAIL UEALU8 11 LADIES', GENTLEMEN'S AM i» CHILDREN'S BOOTS, SHOES' AND GAITE11S, MASON STREET, O i> i> o * U e the W Hiker House. myil 1> . WKINBKKNNEK, KUECFACTDREB AID DIAI^a IB * BOOTS, SHOES AND GAITERS, NO. 24 SPRING STREET, OPpoeile American House myll Boot ik »lioe Store, NO. 48 EAST W A TEK 81 KEET, JOH_N .PH-EL.AN, KEEPS always on hand good custom made Boot* and fiboes. All kinds of Ladles' and Gentlemen's Boots and Shoes made to order in the latest atylt and warranted topive satisfaction. *P r8S JOHN KICK, W II O t. F. S A L. E D H C G G 1 S T , NO. 83 EAST WATER STREET, Has just received a lull supply o Celebrated Union works Cylinder Glass, Manufactured at Cleveland, New Tork- Tr*njpe-»«d entirely by vessel, It comes In perfect order, and enables me to tell at low rates 1 have permanent ar raneemenls to sell this brand of Glass hereafter. _jny«_ _ JOHN RIPE. AKMSTKONU & L>ON N UJL.L.Y PAINTERS, «iHAInj.EKS, AXH SIVK WRITKKS, »t,, hctnecn main & Water. Particular attention puld to Ealsomineing Cell- Papers, A <il^f^^^^iis^^S!^^^S^». Jttt^il^^^yipf: Jggij C;ggffg||gg : : ^KAgr WAT^SiVJiartnEl^OT'S BLOCK, S^S? URDWJa,LIN6,Btoreor>IercnandJ«elninredf *ii not, cairiinme'Uately and get, them; Intored io tha Jollowmg -;nr«. WaM," iiol ert^ktahek and pratnpt : ~' J " "•"•*•'•" .- -' r»ylng Companies ,:, ,,, Of Hartford, OonnectlcuU-: • V 4 IN 0 OK e 0 M A T JB tf ,I"S [f 8 1 » . £=9*411 Capital and Soriilaj.:.''....'.^...!!^*?^*) 08 HA ItTFOIlU INSUlTrVMClC cblH PAN V, j... i -:,; • 5Qf Htrlfrord,Connetttcnt,; .«!: / ;Csah Capital andBurplus,...; U.iv : ..'..i.IT> f '" -•!'•• ' Of Now Tork City, V-7 tash Capital and BnrplM,.... ..., i ...$1^7T,»»0 40 INSURANCE 4JOMPANV, -- 'Of New York; s .-. Caih Oapltal and Snrploi,., ster of the Rocky M( .From tacts narrated bv hinueU. v Joit received by • -___i*n'- • .1 • ' ""-I-'"tiwmr/drrf A kir\ L fir* -•. Rebback'8 Pencils, TJfcR It Y & O LJJ5 A V ER, •BOoksEl.L.EB8 JUTD 8TATIONEB8, .167 East Water street, jmiwaatce. . j have just received a fall supply of these Celebrated Pencils from the aanufactrry of J. J-i Rehbach, In Begensburg, Bavaria. They ar e carefully assorted, and iach grade Is distinguished I f a popular brand. Particular attention .Is called to - hc "OppoiH tlon Pencil,? (round .black giljj) and to the "People** Pencll,"Hronna ri-d'gilt) 4tf«o4o the "Engineer 1 * Pen- til," (kexagan gilt.) All of * hlch will be found superior to any other penc I ID the martet. Always on hand a complete assortment of black and colored lead pencils of all the desirable grades A discount allowed to the Trade proportioned to extent-of orders. api29 ATsLIBQNE'S DICTIONARY OF Harper Brolhcrs, (Ettal'IMied in IMS,) HOUSE -SIGN, SHIP, OARKLAGE AND OEM AMENTA I Faiuterst, Clazlem A; Papcr.IIan^era, IB4ITATORS OP WOOD AND MAB.BLE, NO. ^fl O. N E I D A STREET, A FEW DOORS EAST OF TBX HAEKfl DOUSE. JONKS & WH1TKHKAL) General Land and Insurance Agents NOTARIES JPl'BI.IC, AC., OPFICEV, cnrner of Heed and Oregon streets, Mey rose's Block, Fifth Ward. Will attend to the buying and selling of Real Estate, Insuring Goods .and Buildings In responsible Companie*, Attend to the Collection of Acconnu, Making Jut of Deeds, Mortgages, Contract*, Lease*, *c. All Collection!! made on account* placed In our hand irill b* promptly paid over. A. O. JO* SB .......... jy2S- ...... tOBIBT WUlTCUaAD. TEA« AJVD COFFEES, W H O L K S A I, K & K B T A I L — AT— Robert fsVurney's UKEIT 'WESTERJi TEA STORE 174 EAST WATER STREET, Retail prices from 10 to 35 per fi> lower than any other store In the city. Coffee Roasted and Ground on the premises by the most Improved methods. Java IBe. Bio 15c. Bt. Domingo 12%. Bemember the number 174 East Water St., Seaman * Wing's Old Store. jyfl SCHN<ECKKl, i BHUNOTTO, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Seal Eetatt and Money Broken, NOTARIES PDBL1O, MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN. O»no»— No. 4 Market Square, opposite the Old Pott- Office. mart" A Critical Dictionary.qf.JGngto* Literature and 1 JSrUithand American AvOtixt, living and de- .•''\esMSdj /fiintkt SarUfttAfcmnt* to the Middle o]Cke nincieeiitn Century. Containing lUrty Thousand BioyraphUn and Literary polices; v itli firrty Indexes ifSv'jects. frict »6. L NDEBPENBABLY n. ceisary to all who Bead, all who Write, all Clergyman, all Physicians, all Lawyers, Scientific snd Literary Men, Merchants and Farmer*, Manufacturers and Mechanics. IT IS A HOUSEHOLD COMPANION. fORNISHKD BY STRICKLAND »V CO., BOOK & STATIONERY JOBBERS, 135 East Water ttreel, MILWAUKEE, ... WLSCOXSllf. [From Theophius Parsens, L. L. D., Professor of Law in Harvard Onlverslty.1 CAVBUDOS, Jan. &, 1859. DEI* Blfi :—I have had the Orst volume of your Dictionary for some days, and hare sat sQed myself that your p'an Is excellent, and that you hare carried It out with very great Industry and with good judgment.— The fullnesi and accuracy of its Information concerning modern authors and their works, are indeed remarkable. To any one who desire flic knowledgr your biok purports to give—and what educated man does notf-^ It must be of great Interest a >d value. Respectfully, Ac , THICOPUll.CR PARKER. S. Austin AH', Esq. ...... ,..$SS3J)50 32 COMPANY, vi-,--! «:i Of • Hartford, ConnecUcot, • ' Cub Oapltal and Surploj,.... ....... ...1419,084 « LAMAIt FIRE INSURANCE CO., Or:Ne*Tork, •• " Oi^n Oapltal and Barplni^ .......... '. ..$269,069 33 KESOLUTE INSURANCE COMPANY, , ,,0/Seif YorkOKjjr, " T Cwh Capital and Surplus, ........ ..... »248,88» «8 CITY F1UEJNSUKANCK COMPANY, i Of Uartfoid, ConnecUcut, Oath Oapltal and Borplul ....... ....... ,..»SOa,t31 48 I solicit business Tor the above namftd Oompanlei, entirely upon their own Merits and responsibility, anJ refer to their prompt and liberal settlement of all Lostei heretofore, M a guarantee for the future. Policies •§- laed without delay. • : . W.HKNET HOLLAND, AgenL JOBI UOLLAID, Asj't. Northwest cor. Main and D. P. MARSHALL, Surveyor. WUconitn sts., Mtlwaokec. septi ' United State* .»i. AL F. ins. Co. ,..-.»100^)00 00 ».658 00 SDKPLDB Office, under Mitchell's Bank, corner of But Water and : Michigan street*,; J. A. Uelfensteln, K. Bandenon, Moses Rnceland, 8. 8. Daggett, Samuel Hale, G. D. Dousman, H. U. Palmer, Edwin Townsend, Solomon Adler. J. A. UELFENSTEIN, President. Q. U. DOOBMAN. Vice Preddeat. W.T. PALHEK, General Agent. B. 0. WIST, Secretary. B. 8- DAOOETT, Treasurer. H. L. PAUUB, Attorney. mar 10 MLL.WA11KKK t I TV INSVKAIVCE * O., In Jnitcbell Building, nilcblgun. •«. Uo-WAOita, Wuoomu. CHARTERED CAPITAL, - - $!it)0,000 €ash Paid iu, $JOO,OOO. DIRECTORS: U. L. PiLMia, O. D. DAVIS, W. A. Pasjrrias E. Towisno, 8. 8. Oosrovn, R. KHLISBAOTT, ). 11. Kruxioo, J. HDMTHEKT, JOSEPH P. llru., J. 8. HARRIS J. H. OOEDSS, JAB. MnaaAi, UBAB. OIISBEKQ, U. COWITOCX, Oro. Dria. E. TOWNSEND, President. A. L. WALSATH, Secretary. H. L. PAijaa, Attorney. f Irt and Marine Risks taken at current rate*. [Prom fi. lrena;us Prime, D. D., Editor N. V. Observer.] NEW Yo«, Feb. 3, 1SS9. GcBTLEXEy :—^The first volume of your prea't Dictionary of Antbora, 1 have peroited with astonishment -a- d delight. It Is just what I bave long desired to have, fend havr sought for in vain. Thousands of clergymen, students, and all literary and lutelli. ent men, nium wish to have just t'H worV; and they will hare it, irlieqi tliey learn t at It la id the world. It deserves themost cordial reception, and I trust that the author and tbe publishers will have the largest reward for their enterprise and labor. Yours ttuly, B. IRKN.SU8 PRIME. Ohllds 1 Pet, reon. AND FIUE INSI'HA^Ii I . T 11K underslirned U prepared to take Marine Risks and Fire Risks on Produce In store. In the North Western Insurance Oo., of Oswego, New York, at a* low grates a* by otber reliable Companies. The reputation ol this well-known, lone established Company entitles I tto public confidence. novS Im.<wnn, Jan. 21,1859. Mv Dais Sn :— With better knowledge of your book from repeated feasls upon It, I am asham d to bave written yon so commnnplnce an acknowledgment of its first rec Ipt. Of all the storehouse of interesting and readable maU a rthe "Dictionary of Antb'ir ." see c t > me the roost captivating. The good taste, industry, and skill of arrangement therein maulfesiei! could not be an -passed, and It wil make .or yon a reputation very enviable. I shall try to make amende tn print for mr apparently inappreciative first acknowledirment of the acquisition. With many sincere thanks for ihe prize I hare in the book, 1 remain, my dear sir, T..urs, fa trifully, N. P. WTLLIB. S. Austin Alllbone, Esq. may 19 NE%V Jl VENUS PUBLISHKL) BY CAKTKKS. A LICE AfD -DOLFHDB. Aunt Jnay's Tales. Parables from Nature. Mote* In the Bun Ueam . Fanny, the Flower Girl. Oncle Jack the Fault Killer. maylK For sa!r by TERHY A CLEAVEB, 167 Ea«l Water st. D. OORSON, ATTORNEY AT LAW. HAS removed to .Office, No. C, State Bank Building, corner ol East Water and Michigan street, Milwaukee. CAPITALISTS \Y/TILL find at my office a Register, open to their in- TT spection of Bonds and Mortgages and other securities offered for sale. Persons wishing to obtain Loans or having Bonds, Mortgages or other securities for sale, may find It to their Interest to file with me their applications or statement!. C. 80HLET, ylB Opposite Walter House. NEW BOOKS —AT— TERRV & ( LEAVEK*, 167 EAST WATER STKEST B ABTH'S Travels in Central A'rlca, 1 vol., abridged. -Llvinpston's Travtls in Southern Africa, 1 vol. Speergeous Sermons. Z»th serle* Higher Christian Life. mnvl/i irew AHiv;FAyoRilJB soirrB DETROIT & MILWAUKEE R, R "' ;;*»» . . Botfl lo^ffantre Mrtt-Glau Stamen, : City of taeveland ." 4 "Cleveland," (Hiorongli1y red tt*df or U>U route.) ' O N Aw> IJUrrsa MONDAY, April 11, IBM, PU- •enecr Tralni will mn M follows: ' GOING WEST: ] Sup. Bridge, 4 P- •Detrolt, depak.. FenWnvllle, arrive •Oiwego* arrive.. A.«. 7:00 IhSO 10:60 ,, r. «. Bt.J ( .hns, arrive. 12:10 : Night *f*J1. . Mixed.' Accom. Kxpreu. P.M. r.«.' A... A.». fc» 4M\ A. K. 1:80 : 6:86 7:40 4:4S 7:80 8:00 Grand Bapldil arr. •ilnuid Hateo, arr. Milwaukee, mire. 8:06 4:40 A. M. fcSO 9:85; i. 1C 220 8-.60 '•1- A. M. 18:16 2:88 8:BO r. M. 12:15 •Refreshm ienU. OOINU EAST j Aeco. Milwaukee, depart •Grand Haven* dep. Grand Rapid*) arr. Bt. Johns, arrive... Owosso, arrive. ... Fentonvllle, arrive . i •Detroit, arrive... 8ns. Bridge, arrive A. ». 7:00 fc40 r. H. Hall Kipr(« r. •. 8:00 A. M. 4.-00 620 7:84 8:3(1 938 5 P. 1C. 12:15 "••*. 9:55 Bflxed. Expr's. u. IfcOO A. IS. F. •. &« 10:30 A. H. 1:00 940 .6:80 11.-SO r. •. 2:16 6:30 A. If. fcOO C.-00 r. •. 4:50 *aefre*nmerit>—Hotel in Depot at Grand Haven 1 . Boat will leave Milwaukee on Saturday* at 8 P. M.— for BMurdav flight's Express psaienger* west, bat 4 A. M. train will *JT leave on Bandars. Trains Ua«re,'tennlol dally. Band«j» eaeopted. THI TELiakAPH LINK I* uow open for POILIO Bo- ! CONNKCTIONB. AT DEThOIT—GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY for all points Raat—MICHIGAN OINTUAL and MICHIGAN SOUTHERN RAILROADS, and CLEVELAND Line of rBteamen. AT OH AND MAVElf—With " HTJROH " Steamer for CHICAGO, Ac., 4c. AT IfllbtVAUKEK—With the MISSISSIPPI, LA CR098K, CHICAGO, WATKRTOWS and HOUI- CON RAILROADS, for all Important polnu West and Northwest, and on Mississippi River, and with Steamen for Ports on Lake Michigan. - Panengen for Great Weitern Railway go on the Railway Pcaxr STiiMEs, at D. * il. R. Dock, leaving Dock at SttlO i' M , 1:00 r H., and 7:30 r. M. NIGHT TRAINS on the G. W. R. have BLEEPING CARS attached. PARCELS Idft at any of the TICKET 0»TIOES are forwarded by Passraota Tiaim AT TUT Uooia- 1T1 RiTtS. The Company's Time-Tablef can be had at any of the Station*. W. K. .HMtt. Oen'lflop't. Wsrrxn t »o»»ia, Ticket Agent, 230 Kail Wal«r it WH.GE^BAIC, freight Agent at Oomoany*s Dock. £l. O. Wruiol, Gerieral Western Agent. D. * M. R. Offices, April, 18S9' apr23 HORATIO HILL, Agent, at ..fflce of H. A J. F. UlIK BY WISCONSIN QENEKAJ^ INSURANCE AGENCY CUAJiTFH OAK FIUE INS. CO., Hartford, Coon. CASH ASSETS ................ *841,6&6 9S NORTH AMRRI4JAN FIRE INM. TO., Hartford, CODD. CASH ASSETS |J»4,S60 0« Nil., Hat. & Baraboo Valley liAlLROAD- O N and after Monday, April <tb,and until farther notice a Pailenger Tram will leave Milwaukee from the depot,foot of 8econd street, fur Pewaakee, Uartlaod Pine Lake, Ocooomowoc. Watertowo, Lowell, anil Columbus at 4.200. m., arriving in Milwaukee at \\Jto a. m. Panengen arriving at Milwaukee by the Milwaukee * Chicago R. R., La Cross? t Mil.R. R., and Mil. * Miss. R. E., or by lloat, can proceed to the above place*. Gonoeettan*are made at Watertonn with stages for Late Mills, Jefferson, Waterloo, Uancbetville, Ban Prairie, Cottage Orove and Madison. Also at Columbus for Lodl, Mertmac, Ataego, Fall Rive', Lerd'a Corners, Uamden, Lowvllle, Dckora, York, Arlington, Bristol and for all points (o the West aod North Weat. Passengers arriving ai the Junction from the above places make connections li the Milwaukee A Mississippi R. R^ for Janetville, Madison and Prairie do Olnen and at Milwaukee, with roads to the South, West and North. aprS B. & MKRRILL, dnperlnteodeEt. WESTERN MASS. FIRE INS. TO., Of Piunneld, Mass, CASH ASSETTS $205,69941 FIRE INSURANCE CO., Of Conway, Ua». CASH ASSETS >2C3,451 47 IIATIPDEW FIRE ITVRrRANCE CO., Springfield, Mara. CASH ASSETS J225,000 6IRARO FIRF. INS. f:O,nPANV, Or Philadelphia. CASH ASSETS -|284,T89 78 J. W. (/rain, Agent, OFFICE, NO. 2, MARTIN BLOCK, UP STAIRS, mar29 . MDwankee, Wlreooiln. MIIJLJNERY GOODS. OF PKOiJUCK r^lAK supply themselves with Bill* of Lading at U TEttRV t CLEAVER'S, ma}20 1C7 East Water street BOOKS. C UE stock Is tbe largest In the West. We sell every Book at the Publisher's price. We can fornlih to order any book which exists, either the English or other languages. We receive new books as Issned from the Press. Jan20 STBICKALKD t 00. School Books. *L.«ery & Boarding Stable, Foot of Mason stseet, (on the River.) T HE Bubscrlber* have removed their stock from the stable formerly occupied by them, corner of Main and Huron street*, to the old establishment foot , of Mason street, thus consolidating the two establish ments, making the largelt and best appointed Livery establishment In the West. W» shall be glad to see our old friends and customers, aod feel confident that we can furnish them with as good and stylish a turnout a> any «*Tr,iifc» ewM^^^^^nt in the city. Thankful for past patronage, we hop. io meet a continuance of the same. I^T* Particular attention given to furnishing carriages an I nmrae* for funerals. myl» . BTTTLKR A PORT. OOOD CHAN OK. HODSE AND LOT FOR SALE CHEAP. («', HE nnderHgned will sell his House and Lot, now I occupied as a Taven by him, situated on Main st., Baclne, Wisconsin, near the Steamboat Landng and tbe R. t M. R. R. Depot. The house Is located on the best business place, and the House as well as the altua- Uon of the Lot, wonld answer for any branch of business, especially for Wholesale Stor«, which branch Is already now projected at that very locality. Those who like to make a pood bargain, are requested to apply W E have every them at whole JaniO tichool Book in demand, and se nile or retail. STRICKLAND A CO. Bargain* in Dry THAI IMMENSE STOCK Of jry AT-1 SCIMMliK AKliANtJKMKN'l Kaciuc <fc ^Mississippi K. K. FURNITURE SALES. -TO! »0 IBII.ES. MONliASf, DKO. 6, 1868, Train* will ran u follows, vii: -•;•;•• eoiNU WKSI. Leave Bacloe for Davis—freight'* Aco., » A. B. Leate Kaciue for Belolt—Passenger, • S r. n. ... •"• • G01N&IABT. Leave Belolt for Sadne—Passenger, 7:<tOA. si. Leave Paris for Kaclne—Freight * Ace., b JO A. n. Eaiseogers bv taking the J A. •. train on the Lake Shot* Railroad at Milwaukee, connect at Racine with train to D*Pvi*; arriving at Davis st 8:30 r. *. Stage leave* Davis lor Irreeport on arrival of train. fcflo A. tt. tnin from JJatrl* conned* at Racine with afternoon train* on the Lake Bbore Railroad North aoil South. BIT Freight, forwarded with dispatch. decS KOBKKT 11 ARRIS, BuperinUndent. Pittibureh, Foii Wayne Ac Chicago ' ROAD. mHISnew and direct Bontc now open to New Tork, JL Boston, rilUborgh, PhUaitelphla, Baltimore and Washington city, Cleveland, Dunkirk, BndiJo, Niagara fall*, and all eastern cities. Cincinnati, Colnmboa.Day- ton, SprlBKfleld, Urbana, ZacavUle.atenbeuvillt, Newark and Wheeling, and all Interior towns of Ohio, Penn- lylvania, Virginia, Maryland, He* Jersey, «c. JUnkiug one (<rau<i Uubrokcn R. H. Line UrWUI CHICAOO AID TB« aAST. SJf AJ LO W A3 AMY UTUfR HOUTX. Those desiring to go by this Konto will be particular and enquire for Ticket* via fort Wayne, thereby avoiding the annoyance of rechecklng their Baggage. TRAINS LJCA VS DKfOT OS VAX SDKXJf 81. DAILY, AJi tOLLOVr&i 8:00 r. «.— Night Kipreis, dally, Saturday* exceptcd. «:00 A. «.— Morning Uall aad Kxpren, daily, Sunday* ezcepted. With but one change of car* to Pittsburgh. onoma aAOOAO* To Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Baltimore and New Tork, connecting directly with train* oo the great Pennsylvania Central Railroad, to all eastern .cltle*. Also, with Cleveland I Cotombus Uallroad to Cleveland, Dunkirk, Buffalo, Niagara Vail* via New Tork Ceclral and New fork A Erie Railroads to New Toik and Boston. Persons going east will find this route by tar the most desirable, both from the advantag « In point of distance, variety and beauty of the country through which the road* pals, a* well aa the lei* frequnt change* of cars and. the annoyance of re-checklfig baggage required toy other route*. raclliUe* for the transportation ol ••reigbt and Live : fitock by ihl* root? arei unsurpaMcd. Rau* a* low as any other route, and with eqnal dispatch. Ticket* for sale at alft he principal ticket offices In the W&t, and at Company'* Office, No. 80 Dearborn street. opposite Tremont House, Chicago, and at the office >n the Lake Shore Railroad, Milwaukee, by A.U. Lelanii v JNO. J. HOUSTON, eeneral Freight Agent. Pittsburgh, Pa. D. W. BO88, (General Western Agent, Chicago. Chicago, March 6, 1869. _ marl) Chicago K. K. 1859. 1859. SUMMKK AKHANUKMfciNT. Great United Staiei Hail and Ezpras Remit. TfflQK only reliable and AU. Eours TO TH* KAST. SOOTH JL and NoaTB-Wasv, and tbe only LUle making sure conoectiona. Bairgage checked throogtt to priocjpal potota. On and after MONDAY, AfHII, i.5«b, ISTiS, Trains leave Depot, corner of Florida anil 'Barclay ita., as folio* a : 10I3O A. M.— Exrassa PAMMOM—arrnlng at Chicago at 2:lor. ii. 3:1 5 P. SI.— Eirataa PA«nom—arrUmg M Chicago at 6:10 r. M , and man .nif «lose connections with Evening Trains East and Boutb West, anil with ihe Kaflne an<l Alississlppl Bailroa^, at KartaK junction, for Uelott and othf r stations on tbat Line freight Train leaves at i:K» A. " , arvlns ft:UU p. •Freight forwarded with despatch, and at lav rates. Passenger Trains leave Chicago I r Hllwau^ee and tbe North West at 9:00 A. •., and 4:15 f. •., arriving here at liSO p. n. and U 15 A. M. aplIM JN1. T. MOODT, Master Tr.nspoftation. OFFICE OF THI I NORTBBaS TaASSPOBTAT 09 CnMPAXV.V Mllwansoe, April lo. 1^». \ Bates of Freight Reduced Again by New York A: Erie Railroad -NOTES, FLERZHEIM &, OO.; B MNG about to dissolve their Co-partnership arrangement*, their whole (stock Is offered «tc... . reserve. The best and l»rge*t stock of FURNITURE! ETBR 0>VISKT> IN THIS CITY, AT GREAT SACRIFICES, FOK THIS NEXT SIXTY OAYS. THE STOCK IS HEAVY, AND MUST BE *OI,D ? 218 and 220 East Water Street, apr8-d2mo KOSC^LANEtDUS^ DR. H. W. REDHEAD, VETERINARY SCRREON, FORMERLY o» CLIVSLAND. O, respectfully Informs ihe the cilisens of ttllwaulree that, having located In thl< place, he Intends practicing his pro- fesslao. All diseases to the Horse treated In a moat scientific style, and general tat- factlon warranted. In con. necllon with hid pra» t3ce he will Prick snd Dock Tails In the most approved style; and, I'*, to ealn the confidence of the ' public, he refers to the following gentlemen, who have employed Mr. Redhead many time* prbfesslanally In the coarse of ten yean. We feel justified in saying lhat hin practice Is superior to the general run of Veterinary Prsctmneers. John C. Brodhead, •awicxii. Wm. Jamtson, Murray, Pryer t Oo., GLIVKLAIn. Judfe Wilson, 11 Blshqp, " Kelly, " And-ews, " Vllden, aAcnia. James Kelly, Doet. H. A. Aekley. " M. L. Wright, " ». L. Dewit. Jno. Kirlcland, CHICAOn. ^m. Downac. Dsra'iiT. C Bi» N. A. Brovn, James Foloy. uriar n«a or OUVBLASD. W. J. Q»in.l,j Oeer 1 U*rrtni<t.>g, White A Newel, 0. U. deymour •*JiBBR3 or tarn HUJUIB EtaiiaDBa'< locitn f J. K. Curtis, Wm. Patu, »llas Merchant, Wm. K. A.lams.' ff Office. Kirby'3 Livery Ktable, Malo itreet. aprl$-dawtf DRY GOODS, &C IH5O/ ^ E \\ I^.11> SPRING AND SUMMER DRY GOODS! East Uai<-rM MILWAUSKK,. I HNOW rec«lvinK <• eU Stocks of (iuo which will be milde. •eaaons. The Latest Novelties ! BUFFALO, CLEVELAND AND Chicago lane of Screw Steamers. 1859. Northern TraosporUliou EXPRESS- U NTIL rurlhv«r notice th«- pr\crs from N«-i MUwftufct*-, will W u foUowi pt-r hN> V-i eu At >toreJ ' lit Clau -•! CUm». .^1 CUai Ode. 5or. 4,*t . nd Tier vft.:\tr —VIA— MKJHIQAN CJENTKAL —AND— G. Western (Canada) Rail-way. fllRAINS leajfe the Or»at Central Depot, fool of Lake fjilCsTO***? iV A street Chicago, as follows : slerchandile nhlp|>ed hy fn rout*-, the Hth Inst., will be charireil *l tb«-r cvnJruclefi "r mj. Api I* !•• J li.CRAWf-uKD, Ajrnt, .SfW York 4 Ki.c g».,ro,,i. J UTiks, Aitrnt, 177 Broa.lw*,. N V £J9 Snip -laity Irotn Pier •(, Itasl liivrr, itr fool DuaDe street. New York. *|>rl -<ltfAw4v 7:OO A. BIND UP YOUR MAGAZINES ! *mp# are prepared In our Blndjry to Bind Magazines, TJ Periodicals or anything else In the Corm of a Book,lo neat and durable styles, at low rates. janZb STRICKLAND A 00. W Stereoscopic Viewa. E bave reclved a fine lot of Sterencopic Views embracing views of interesting localities In RUSSIA, !SWITZEKI.AM>, SPAIN, < Ji G Y P T , NUBIA, QREKCB, {TPRSET, IRELAND, <fc'., AC Also a large variety of new American Views. New and very desirable styles of Stereoscopic Instrument*. STRICKLAND A CO., Booksellers and Stationers, aprl 134 East Water xtreet. SIXTH YOUI'lTIF. WISCONSIN KEPOKTS For sale at STRICKLAND * 00, febl» 134 East Water street. No. 187 Erst Water Streei, MDST BE CLOSED OUT A T7 ^^ INT C3 TTB j BY TtLK ASfclONKK. ~8O— Great Bargain* ma) be Expreted* pr!7~<ltT JOKF.PH GARY, AsslKcee. REMOVAL. at the undersigned. Racine, January 26, 1858. JOHN BARTH. )an°.7-d6ro Lumber Vessels for Sale. Schconer Fashion, 224 tuna. Schooner D. Newhali, 190 tans. 1 Scow Schooner Rugby, 168 tans. Tbe above vessels will be sold at very low prices for satisfactory security. -Good title. TAYLOR It JKWETT, Buffalo, New Tork. Enquire of B. B. JOKKB, Mil aulcee, Wisconsin. feb«i GENTLEMEN'iS PURNISH'G. NEXT DOOR TO A. B. VAJS COTT'S. o o to i .8 P4 1 H a ^ 6- S S B I-. L. Q 0 t. Hi H PIKE'S 1'KAK. A NEW MAP, showing the Route to the Gold Regions in Kansas, jnst received by 8TRICKLAKD * CO., feb» 124 East Water strert NOTICE THE INSPECTOR OF FISH, A PPOINTED by the Common Council ol the Oily of Milwaukee, In pursuance of An Act r.f the Ln^lsl*' tare, approved March 17, 1859, hereby pivea nollct tbat he is now furnished with tbe proper weight* and brands for tfce due performance of the duties of his office. By the said *Act"1t Is made the duty of all persons dealing In Fish to give notice to the Inspector to have the same duly Inspected and branded before paclcing. M-.Smith will be found at the Nei Warehouse of Messrs. John Furlong * Bon, South Water st.. Walker's Point, where all notices are rt-quesied to be lelt. Mllwa-kee, May 7,1&M. may 10 JOHTi SMITH, Inspector. a. 0. KTAN JAS. O. JKVEIKK. Ryan & Jenkins, OOUN8KLL.OK8 AT LAW, MITCIIECL'S BANK KHILUI1VG, Corner East Water and Jfichigan gt»., itttwauket. msyB James A Swain, OF THg LATE FIRM Of MAGKIE & SWAIN, WILL remain at the old stand where be will be pleased to •welcome tbejpatrons or the establishment. aprl2-dtf 0 •eqnlred f or a f all And: aMorted stock BWholesale and Retail DrogBtorel* INCREASE OF BUSINESS. L ADIIB— your attention Is now called u the best stock of BONXKTS, RIBBUKS AND PLUWERX, Ever brought to Milwaukee, to be f»nnd at BLANCH AKD'S, yor*(.'s RI.OCH.^ JIIAIN XT. aprZl _ _________ ___ __ PHEIVII U1TI ITI ACH I M *• UK DOUBLK TOREAD SEWING M A C H I N r H. That took the KlllST I'UEMIIISl & 1MPLOMA, rnr Family use, at the Wisconsin Bute Fair, October 8, are for sale at the £e wing Jtlachine Eiiiporiiim YOUNOt'S B1.OOK. octl9 IMA AC A. IIANOE & CO. I'NITED NTATKS ]VIAR8fIAiVN SALE The Farmers Loan A Trust Com ^ pany, | vs. | Tbe Milwaukee A Superior R .11- road Company, Clty of Milwaukee, John Stewart. Johann C. A. Allerdtng, Christian Hahm and Qottfried Wootsch. | 4:OO A. m. —DKRTOIT ACCO>lMODAT10N,(»un- '- days excepted), arrive at 1 etrott 6.()0 r M. CINCINNATI HXPRCB8. (*Jaad>n ^xcepteu.) Arrive at Indianapolis 4:00 p. M,; Cincinnati 6:80 p. H. 8:OO A. HI»—I.IOHTN1NO EXPRKsJI, (Sundays ei- cepte.1,) arrives at Detroit TnM) r. M., gnspenilOD Bridge or Uuffala 4:(P A. H , Albany 3:UO r. u., Ur* 1 ork 9 W r M.; UOSUJD 11 p. M. 2:O() P. HI,-N ILK- AUlOMUODATION, cicej.t Sunday. S:00 »>. HI,—NKWTORK AND BOSTON KtPRRSS, (excef'tHatnrday.) Arrive at Detroit 7:15 A. V ; Masprnston 3ridge or Buffalo 430 p. M.. Albany 4.1)0 A. n.; New Vors. 1U.-UO A. M.: Boston 2:»i P. ». S-00 I'. HI.—CINCINNATI ANP LOUIrlVlLLE EXPRESS. (K.K-ept Saturday.) Arrive at Cincinnati SMO A. •-; Louisville 4^>) r. M. One train on Sunday at 8:OU r. •. TheS^O A. •. and B^X) p. •. trains! connect at Parts with tht Buffalo t Lake Haroo Hallway, for Buffalo and all points eut; at Toronto with Grand Traak Railway, to Klngvtia, Ogdensbtny, Montreal, Quebec and all points lu jOanada East, Nor*}>ern Vermont, New Hampshire add Maine. QsV Baggage ehe»«0 thronch. Through ticket* for sale at the principal Railroad offices In the ; West, and at the general office, corner Lake A Dearborn street*, opposite the Tremonl House, Chicago, and at the Depot, foot of Lake street. T ' R. M. RICE, SnpX H. J. BpAjJnio.flen. Pass- Ag*t- aprl? Detroit & nil. Railway. THE Steamer Cleveland will take her place In line of the Detroit i Milwaukee Hallway, on Monday, the 14th March. Pass-ngen wishing throbgh ticket* can be supplied on and after Monday next, at 230 East Water street, or at the office on the dock oj tbe Detroit * ililwaukc- Railway Co.— Due notice of ithe lime of departure will b« given. This will make tbei shortest, cheapest and quickest route to all points East. marS Mil. Kail road. W E, tl.e uD'l^nipnetl, Layvng t»ei n &p[ ( t tfvntjt for the rollection and d^ftverj "f krrtcht lur this company, beg to inform r errhanta *n-i utti^m that an office (No. 9 Wisconsin streel.) i>peiit't on tile 1st of April, wher« orilers caA b« l^ft, mod will re««l*« prompt atientlon. uar aatborlzetl collectors vttl rrcmp« guous at the warehouses of shippers. Isformatit.o r**«pectin(c v^reifEht Ljanapot tatton on thlj lint cao i>^ hail by application at the office of Mr. A. fnKW, Aieni. IUK.NOSUK A CO. Milwaukee, UarchSu. 1 S3». aprl FAKE REDUCED. DY THE O N the opening of Lak'e Navigation, the Pruprietora of thlB Lint; vtll pat on the roatfl from Buffalo to Chicago, leven fir»t C\**t A 1 Screw Steamers, of gr*>at strength and £v*t:ii. FOU n I K G A TR I. W E E H I. V I I % K, And in conoection at Builalo wuh tbe NKW YORK UKNT&AL II R.,. and the MKM.CHANTS 1 CKN- riUL Ll.NK UKCA.NAL BOAT-, oa lh«r ICnv OannJ, an<l at Cleveland with the CLEVELAND t KlTTtf BL li<»U li. R,, touching 1 at Detroit, Uackio iw, Aieboy^an, Port Washington,, Kacin*. Kfamha »n.i W *u- ksgan* -i Thia Line is DOW prepare*] tn ifwae cnntrmcu £h<l <iv^ through rec«ipt3 for property il«sitoeil tn P«-tf rut, iJlevel»u<J, BuLtaJn aad *J1 v^y *iationti in the N f Central. Western in*l Unaton at><l Worr^ur d»<Lr<ia<ls, and priucipal places on the Line of the Ki >e 0*0*1, A i baoy, Troy. Uoa'on, Mew V.irk «nd ^ittabargh, *a,i from those places to i*i!ieboyK»n, Purt W uhinijtoQ, Mil•-no it re, ttacine, Keuoaha, W aakftC^n °>o<] Chicago. The liberal patronage extended tu the Line the p\t »*a«on I>JF the tr»v*t.og put-tic, ti*a n.iuc«M ih« Pr^ prietors lo greatly inercaje Uieir a^xoiniii'MtaUiin foi passenger*, and Lhnie 'ffiinnn E ch^ap, *»(c aud c<>tn- fort.*bte route, wll find )' by taumu tfu^ <>n** Insurance on property shipped by Una ,ioe "*n ft* '•btalned at a i*:SJ r >te than by *ny n'ftrr, ,t H»v n t ' within the two p»»t seasnni tr«cspcirted property to aa amount rioepdin^ sixteeu mill. on JuJt-trs n /%iU'- • i thud t any low. With these anequalled facilltlri, ift«- proprirtor-* .lop*10 recelTe \ Uberu palroaatfe. CONTRACTING AtiKNTl*. JOBS H. Hnax, A grot N 7 C. R R , N... iiiT hr . a .| way, New York. M. H. Sf AiiLDmti, A./fnt HpauMin^'s E^ pr^ns, 'i4D Ur<i*dm\3, N-w Y-rk L'HA HBiiatj!l, Tno»A-t A Co , Pr»prietor>i »f MercfiAoia Orn*»?U CaD»i Lmr^ No. 191 Br^ adway. New • '>rti — -.•VAST, Affrul Ciev^lao.1 A Pltlstniri/h Rj*.ilr»i.t1. Our *rr..0 getiief! in Ha.»i if (J • >MPVTninjl, id T-J h&v» i i> u jarHtft W^ »r- Jr-tfrm tifil ... THE LARGEST AMMT t TI4H VT O U lllll < inistan Is »ory Tall »n.l utra.Hi 1 •, -.. •y ^llki, Tljtsu^s. Bareges, I N ) I i; White tiencrai Frt-ii<hi Agrot, P [ist>urjf, §t.i., NEW YORK & ERIE RAILROAD! T [YHK Fare between Dunkirk New i'ork A Erie, ther not.ce. aprlO 1. H.CaAWFOKI). N»f* Tork |7 ,641 until fur- V\ Vf L'H R.JHlrun,<J, Uil A M^KKI.-'I PorwirUiUii .\lrrcliaiii, ClfV-iAinl. R.ICRMOSD *t Uo-, c^iraer u/ Clnrk «JQ>| J*uuth W*i( Chicsffo, J J T4.mi.iiXr*, \\ Uit ililw-iner; A If.mtttippi R. R. I>o k, VI vf »»iik-<- m»r4 Otficti f<.uL *f MjctniC&o it., Burialo, N Y. DETROIT & MILWAUKEE Railway Steamboat Liiie ! s| H rlKU RE SAI I. O N and iv/l*r 2.1 May nrxl, parties Ihe SWift »nd clrgant .itf tm^r^ • \iy ami ftretlnntl, to (Jrwf Hsv^n, tht?nc t*r»t.ii KAL>H!H s\nd back *i .-heap rt -ur^ t«mr nJIoriicU '« vit-w U.« U-aut '.n «<•«-;. t r» ..n th«- tirmn.i R v-r »r<Miu.l if.-- ' K«p >l4. v>t4. <(4 - YPSl'M KK il r tr ? carrinl r>y y i-f < 't^r^.tnd y trims u> farra, ami SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. Tli I wan kee & RAIL SHORTEST AND ItlOST EXPEDITIOUS HOI T El TO , La Crosse, Winona, jRead'i Landing, Red Wing, PRKSOOf T, BT, PAUL AND ST. ANTHONY. In the CJ. S- DIs- trlct Court for the District of Wisconsin. In tqulty. CHARLES QUENTIN & CO. QUKNTIN A CO., corner of East Water \J and * ason streets, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, have for sale Real Estate, in the Olty of MUwaokee.ln large or •maU pared*. Building lots in every Ward oft h city, of all »lies and price*, for business or resident and on «**y term*. Also, small Farms "tit fronrS to SO seres, near the Olty r for gardening porposa. Also, several thousands of acre* of the beBtfarmfng lands in Wisconsin in quantities to rait any demand. . feb29 3HARLBS «OBrfrTO 4 00. WESTERN UNION —AND- ' Wi»«on8iii State Telegraph J • tffiee,Frte Democrat Keck, MUuxuttee. ( with all Lines .East.-: j I N pursuance and by virtue of a decree made by the District Court of tbe United States, for the District of Wisconsin, en the nineteenth day of March, 1859. In the above entitled cause, I shall sell at Public Auction, on Tuesday, 2nd day of August, 1859, at 8 o'clock In Ihe afternoon, from the steps ol the Custom House, in the City of Milwaukee, all and singular, tbe mortgaged premises mentioned In 'the bill ol complaint In said cause, and described as : "All the following, present and in future to be acquired, real aid personal property and real estate of the sanl defendant, the Milwaukee 'and Superior Railroad Company, t at is to say, all of the first division of the Railroad of said Railroad Company defendant, from the City of Milwaukee, to the City of Green Bar in *ald Slate of Wisconsin, a distance of one hundred and twenty miles, Including the right of way, and land occupied toy aald first division of said road, (subject to the right, title or claim, which the said defendants Stewart, Allerdiog, Hahm and Wootsch, or either of them, may bare bad at the time of making said decree, to land upon which sal J Railroad Company nas located Its way, and for which no compensation has been made to them,) together with the superstructure and track thereon, and all rail* and other material* used thereon,' bridges, viaducts, culverts, fence*, equipments, necessary depot ground* and Moldings thereon, belonging. to the said Railroad Company, and all rolling itock, engines, tenders, can, tools, materials, machinery, fixtures, and all other personal property appertaining ,to said first division of said road, and all riphts thereto, and Interests to be acquired by laid defendant, the Milwaukee aqd Superior Uallroad Company, together with the name aad function* appertaining to the said first division of said road, all tolls, rent* and Income to-be 'bad or levied there- from. and all corporate and other franchl*es, rights and privileges of (be «ald Railroad Company In or to or concernftB the same.". ....,.„ Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, Wli., ApriHI, 18B9 ' United State* Marihal, District of Wisconsin. EMMO»S, VAH DTJ*. A BASULTDX, Oampl'ta Solicitors. tpril-dtt ' - NOTICE. OFFIOI OF BISHOP A CO., MORI, AlY*KS. I la PoeaaKuoai or MIL. *j CHICAJ» U. K Mlrwaukee, April i, I--S9. Y*KS. I • . K., v' 9. \ O N and after April 9th, 1859, and until further notice, BO person is authorized to make pnrchaacs, or contract for materials for the Milwaukee and Chicago Railroad without a written order from the undersigned. llllls will be paid monthly and afr«un:i will not be rootlnued with any concern Wat neglevu lo render monthly bills. O. B. HALL, Oenl Agt Mortgage**. apr!6 J. T. MOODY, Master of Transportation. 1*59. THE NORTHEKN TRANSPORTATION COMPANY Will, during th« present Season, run their well known and popular Line of First Class Screw Steamer*, Regularly, between OGUKNSBUKOH & OSWKUO, AND TlfF ITPPEB LAKES! Forming a Semi-Weekly line between Ogdensdurgh and Oswego, and Chicago, Milwaukee and loterme.liate I ort», connecting at Ogdeniborirh with the OODESSBDROH * VBRMONT CENTRAL RAILROAD ROUTE, Between Ogdensbargb, Barllngtno, Concord, Manchester, Haihna, Lawrence, Lowell, Worcester and Boston, and at Oswt/go with the New Oswego Line of Thirty Krst Class Oanal Boats on the Enlarged Canal, ew York, between Oonoectlof also (Albany * also at Dunki kirk with 0. RAS&ntOTON, UaBartTVa - ' - WUcontin State Line* ran from Milwaukee till Piniir. Tflnfl rln Lac and Waupun,<m Railroad JBoktea. AlsotrWwIllwaukeetoJanesvlllerMadlsonj 1 Watertown and Prairie dn Chlen. : Stations at all imJ I portant Intermediate point*. j Bf~ Offlcehoor* from « A. w. to g r. M. A-WKLLBE,Agent. Change of Time, Monday, April 4, 1869. I - - I ST TRAIN LEAVES 1TI 1 1. WAEHEE ll.-OO A. M., Arrivlrar at Janesvll'e 2.30 P. M. ; Madison »35 P. M.; Prairie do Chlen 8.DO P. M. Connecting with the Prairie dn Chleo and SL Paul Packets, which leave Prairie dn ObJen on the arrival of the 8.-00 P. M. Train. 2D TRA.^N I-EAVF.N MILWAUKEE B-OB P M-, Arriving at Janvesvllle 8S5 P. M. ; Madison ifcOO P. M. ff Pan io all points on the Mississippi River.** low a* any other Konte. T WILLIAM JEHVM, ap!6 j QenM Superintendent. LA CROSSE AND MILWAUKEE IIAIL KOAD. 1859. p»@5^S8S 1859. SPKIIJG AKKANQKMENT. GREAT AOROTH-WESTERN UNITED STATESITIAIL A: EXPRESS AND OffLT ALL KAIL ROUTE. T<p LA OROSSE On the UPPER MISSISSIPPI RIVER, On and afujr Monday, April 25th Two Through Express Trains Daily, L.KAVK MIL.WAUKKK. FROM DtPOT FOOT OP CHESTNUT 8T&HT, NEW YORK AND BRIE RAILROAD, And forming a Trl- Weekly Railroad Uue between,. Dunkirk, Milwaukee & Chicago, Property forwarded by this Line will be subject HOU - KB .REJNTKD, VrrtLLIAMS A -BCD WAT will give attention lo the TV renting of Home*. Partle* having Home* to Kent, or wishing to procure tensment*, win clea*ecal * ii ro : 1.1 \. Ifl. and t2:45 P. ITI. 9:3O Train* arrive at Milwaukee at , Al M. AND 3:8O H. M 1 - ons are made at LaOrosie. Bt U Wisconsin street. tt r^AMPDENB, Burning nnidV tiptrll* Turpentine, al\J iray* oa hand at > • 'fenp •> HAERIHGTOIPRi 'OOBXBDHPB.InttoTe.tOrlale. •f M«U LATTON Olojetconnectl Twice daily eacb way, with the Mia- nesota pnckut Company's New:'and Splendid Uaited States Mail Line • of Steamers to <&from St. Tunl.. . | awl interrnediate.poittts. Bsf Palsekgen, by taking- this Vont«, will «ave 100 miles In diitijncc ana 18. hoar* time, from Chicago or Milwaukee to L*. Crosae wr BV Paul, over any other •Mondays kzcepUd. ^ tSundaj i exqepted. Milwaukee April W, 1869. JEDWIM B. {QOODBIOII, «J»J4 CHANGE OF TIME. 1 O N tad at <r Uooday, April ith', train* on th« HU- iraqlcee Watertoirn 4, Baraboo Talley Ballrniit, will arrive WMilwaui«e»'":30Ai ^ and depart «t *»F.«.i -•JpJrdtf to bnt One Transhipment. Of- Merchandise marked "N. T. CO. EX. PKES.V will be forwarded from New York by an Brnrttt FrtigM Train ootr «A« Nm> York it Srtt Uailroad, And promptly forwarded from Dunkirk.] APPL^ TO J. Mvzss, Agent N. T. Co^ ITT Broadway, New Tork. J. L. Wiuna, Agent N. T. Co., 3 Counties Slip, New York. GHAS. 8. Tamil, corner 6th and Ohesnut si-, Phila. HoViT * GaiwroaD, Oiwegt> N. T. 8. D. CiLOwmii, Agent, Dunkirk, N. T. CBinuLTJi, OuWfOOD *Co , Cleveland, O. JOHH Uocrrao, Agent N. T. Co., 9ft State st., Boston. A. COBHXIS, Agent V. 0. Line, 108 State st., Bostnn. J. P. CBUSOH, Agent, Rouse's Point, N. T. Qto. PASMB, Agent, Ogdensbarjh, N . T. L. J. HieuT, Milwaukee, WI*., office LaOrusae * U. R. R. Depot. ' rtvr— t • Grtn.l *«)f part ^s -f fiv i t,r»n.l R»pi-'s »n.| 'in hi>*r 1 *i fl t v "-n Partita cai l«-tv- tickets made v*Ji-| t .tne Weela- II our* <»r H Leavr Milw*akep Lcmre Qr»od Haven Art ive nt (irmn.l RapK !,«•»?(? (rrmnU Kapulm . l*av«. Grand H.\vrn Amvtf &t SJilwaatie* 1 1 M K. *ntl rrturn any z <k . .in*.. liunnlac af U .TO *. *--lS F • 4 « t) i. >-'_'U i. i:U5 p. '!..& t M *-Jtt» A. M 12:13 r H Diere ts B new ami comfortable hot^l Ih* K&llvT&y Depot at Grand Hav^n, wh Pmrties (Jeainn»j to ipt-nd a few hour^ at or on th<- Beach which IB quite cio-*e '- 1 L)eLmt.> tnny have every aU^nuon. |^" Parties rrntu Colleum, Sch-mls »n.i ^.iher Hi inautotlons, will be carrteJ on w*ry low KMT™ , can be had on application to the subscriber. &T TlcttUcan be had »l Dock Office, ->r fr-) •era on board Steamers and W K. XIOIH. W GRAHAM, Genera* Superintendent, Dock Otflf aprSU-dlm Detroit. Mllwaa KAL.l. OK Dl EK Si €O M 1.1*1 F.A.ST WATEH STKEFX, i . .» .1 t .-. i* ............ . ...... Manufacturers and WhoUsaU and IN Hit-. CLOTH DEPARTMENT IN *>>li.iV4!t Mantilla *'- la»« < In- n«nr<,„,..-.. Hosier PKINT'*. Ho.»H -.KIHI,. OUR JOBBING DEPARTMENT DRY Q09D8 AND YANXEE NOTIONS Which *v »r- iifer titf -.,) Uer-hA.lirt^ c: n t; AP FO i: CASH. 100 H. 1 4>lll|» NM\\ ami. i N I r Ulr ir~i'*r A N I HI « K. m N is ri;K'N C* ).VU'i JL This irticl- \»M1 •>- '.tun. I t.t •v-r .J»r,,l u, tli,- j,,!!,,,,.. 1,1,1 tHe fabric in tfin ^-aai By IN )n« half ihe IH.ID 4n>] ,.*li"r miw Mrs Purn Tcai, jeifers..n ,(•-.•! *»ri II OH.H-KBII mil >3r^ [[ K t'.tr tale at ur. 4l.?<»ti 's Dr-^ ^tor ilrocery, ;o. oer jprinK «nu rhirl ,i ipr^T-iitf U. SOUTHWELL, JK,, tarpeiiU'r, Joiner aad t/outraftor, K trr Mi UIODI.JC AMD S his il.nka 'nr th^ k - ~,~ i,., ... for Uli? put -ifhl /ears, ID. I »..ui,i ,,r,r.n »i»y wishiojj U) improv, -.he itr^^^nt iljil^ ,' -h- i,^, tel, tn»t Ho is >n ^unJ w »tt r n.l u, all «-.r« n -,1, ,,,,.. sqrh aj Ule ertH-Uon of DWELLING HOUSES, WAREHOUSES. ..&(.< either Woo*! or Brick, in flrst <T|» CO suit ih«j time.; he riu, ».«o, »111 enable him u> ^7 a flntlr ^tafajn^ bla »«rvtc>»«. BT" Jobbing fc*i.J a«paln lone with .food uaor ther facilitie W OUL er», Office near 11. i U. R. R. Depot. N. B^-Shlppers are request*! to see one of the above Agents before making contracts, as they are prepared to offer verr low rates, and their connections with the Ogdensbnrgh and Oswego roous, and especially with the New Tork * Erie Railroad give them unsurpassed facilities for cheap and speedy transportatiop. roarlS-dam-laitwlaw OULD reapectfully annoance to their old customer», that they still continue to keep the largest and best -elected Stock of Qooda in their lltir* to be- round In the State, and will conduct their bun la 63*, u heretofore, with the intention u f (ftvinK tatls faction. — To u many new customers as may feel inclined to glv? us a call, we would say one of our firm resides lu M«w Tork, and, we have tacU.tie* for ths uorohaae and manufacture of goods that can Dot be excelled. We are ai all times ready tn uke advantage o/ : BaAtem Market*, and hare been enabled to reduce tho price, of many kinds of <oods, which we «*iAll oontmue to tell at the lowest prlcea In Western V. rkuta. We are constantly receiring aiiditloD* to oar ftock, and will krt?p It *o complete aa to be able ai all times to fill orders for any kind of Saddlers', Carriage Trim- men' or Trunk Makers' StocaVand will <to §o in a manner to mve satisfaction In respect to quality *nJ prices We alao keep an assortment of Bent Smif, Holes, felloe*, .Hpoices, Hubs, Ac., Ic.j^n.l nare constantly «n hind, or will make to order, any kind ,>r Gnach, 0»r rlage, Wagon or Team Harness. Call aneLsee for yoarseWes. Q<> REMOVAL W . F . B A V L E 1 . Has removed to his old stand, N«I.I 198 EAST WATEB ..STREET, '. N. Bontsttel't Dry aood* tjtar*,) Notice to Contractors* S EALED proposal* wlO be received anta noon of the 84th hut., for the grading, bridging and track-laying required to complete the Kaelne and UlasltilppI Railroad from Its present terminus at Davis Station, to Freeport. Contractor* will be required to commence the work on the 1st of Jane, and com. leta the same on or before Ihe lit of September next. i Information concerning the amount and character of the work to be done, may be obtained by application to ROBERT HARE18, Superintendent, at Racine. Propoials will be addressed lo the undersigned, Attorney* for the Mortgagee* of laid road, atKlce, Wl*. i 3> A. THOMSON, T.B.BLACK8TONE, Racine, May 18,1859. may21-d4t Attorney*. NOTICE:. mUKKB hundred mad twenty-two thousand dollar* of J. the dm mortgage bonds of the, Milwaukee* Superior Railroad Oo., will be sold at auction ou Saturday, thoSSthof MayUutant, atUtfr. M., at the Ohambar .otOominerce, -•'. •• 1IO.L.DOWI.. i........ 8WOS1UITT, .DOKAN & L.KVY, Attorney and Couruellors c Law, S<ut Waierst., . !.... wtaoosais And having made such additions to his facilities for executing FINE IP O H T K A I T S ! As to enab e him to say to the public with confidence that he Is now prepared to furnish them with every ife- slrabte style of Picture known to the community, anil at such Astounding Low Prices as to defy competition ; Tor example, Daguerrotypes tor Ct*. KIZi: PHOTO.ill AFIIM For only |1,00 the first one, and Me for the Dupllc.-.tes MELAINEOTTfPES, AMBHO«;HAPH!» At d In fact every other k styla of Picture, at corre (ponding low price*. IMPERIAL PHOTOOItJsrUS, Colored In either Oil or Water Colors, and anlshed In the highest style of the Art.| THE 8TEJULOTYPE, A new and popular style of Picture, Colored In Oil. which far excels in Accuracy, Boldness and Beauty ol Unlsh, any ottter Picture ever-offered to the Public.— These Pictures have only to be seen to be admired. All who are desirous of saving money aro respectful!; solicited to- call and examine Specimens at tha Old Stand, No. ISa Bait Water street, Mhaaatee, Wisconsin marlS-dom W. F. BATLEV, lo6 1 '*wSr iB * ****'• SL "™ 1 ~ ! ^ ltt ~ r UTTOH A PLAKIHTOR. LOOHOL 8» pej ct. n Jtanu/aatare'* price. A LOOHOLMptrct-MiIan «»«» •* -,lgm Doctor C. Lander. H AVH*O located himself In Milwaukee, offers hi services to the public. Or. L. baa served In the Brlllsb Army for arteen years, in India, Burmah and In the Crime*. Surgical cues promptly attended. Office corner Huron and Tan Buren it. At B otnU. ptr 100 Ib*. J. A. T Hats, Taps and Slraw «,ood,s, AT WHOLESALE AND HKTAIL. KTo. 1SQ VV A I b. K N 1 K K K 1 . '-. A IS T MILWAUKEE, my'^lt ATLANTIC CABLE — AND— FALL »TYLKK fil %T« ! U NOLK BKN aptothe times, »l|| Issue the Irtil <t vlr H»U af D'Onay, Uary t Co., and U,.,*,. , ,or 1863, on HATUKUAY AlKUitSl —AT- IV p . 1 Q O Ea»l Water Mir«-ct B. ruaoop 14 1 H augU W. B. ttregory A: C' 0 ., MKKCHANTH. WO. 3«S \»t>:ST WATEH STREIVT. Personal attention jiven to Uonsl)fnments of k'lour and ail Umla ol Produca. | ecU HKTKK'S PATKN I <>>as Lamp. BKST, brllllaut, economical, (rce from smoke or «meil »n« .hat I, more, entirely ,afe from all danger ™ "ip", •Ion. Apply at JOHNUOODSIAN^ , „ aecs er „ J OHS UOODSUN'3, 85 Wisconsin ,tre«t, LO B. W. »ARNf «, Agent for the State of Wisconsin. Jonathan C r o u r h , UNDKKTAKKK "prlng *tt,, Oppoallo Anicrlciaii llouno KKBP3 CONSTANTL? on band a large usortmen o[ Mabofrany, Black Walnut aod other Wnod Uofflns, together with yisk's MeUOlo Burial Cain. Tin-office o/lhe forest Dome Cemetery Company Is atmy pJaceiWhero Ihavethe plat* of the grounJs. I ID always ready to accompany patrons to the Ueme- irey to select lota Or places for burial, and oan be founii anroy place of business Jay or night. Coffin Trtia- anjrtof aU kinds for sale. <ep36 n My fjraverin I* at ' nod artlele, m store, for sale.

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