Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 18, 1966 · Page 1
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, July 18, 1966
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Coffat Bmk • Theft's nothing wrong with TV or radio that lowering tho won velum* or turning it off 't improve. _. . , You're tore? Because tho DM freeway wrecks 2 golf links A hundred! of good hornet? Shuck*, next tho Capitol, City hall A Fed bid*. . . . Noxt time LBJ viiit* Iowa lots assign squads of girls in white drossos to blow him kit- sos, so he'll be sure he's loved * # * Ah, you can't block Civilization forever! To the Pacific isles the Spaniards brought smallpox, Germany gave 'em leprosy, they got dysentery from the English, & the U. S. gift was venereal disease.. (And all we lowans aim to give; the world is cornflakes!) ."';..-• '* * * Already 25 of the 80 goblets in the Air Academy's champagne showcase for Jimmy Doo» little's Tokyo raiders are turned down empty, Iowa tourists report . . . When only two survivors, are left the two will open the farewell bottle, drink it in full sight of 1,000 air cadets at mess, a toast to departed heroes. "— family reunion at the lake" At our July family reunion at Lake Okoboji, I aim to show the small fry that a mature adult can surfboard at 30 m.p.h. as well as any fledgling. But with 7 grandchildren to sneer, I must bo on my mettle. In this picture the man looks pretty deft, eh? * » * SUSIE ON PARADE She wears a coal black harem veil Her eyes are sapphire blue. A snggly fitting fur about Four hose instead of two. She comes to call on me each day She purrs of this and that. She mews in excellent Siamesie 'Cause she's that kind of cat. —KATHLEEN HEMPEL .. El, Katlef • *••": # * # A few doctors think Iowa's medical college could turn, loose, 2iO new docs every yearT'we need 'em. And every village & town ought to finance the training of at least one nurse and one doctor annually; all sworn to serve 5 years in Iowa. ••;: « * ... My wife thinks "Battle of the Bulge" is the best war movie she ever saw. (For once we agree about a movie.) . . . After 9 months as a Steno in a DM office, an Iowa county seat girl took a job as waitress. In 2 days she phoned to get her old job back. (Taught HER a lot- son!) ... My wife warns me not to discuss sex in my speech at Fort Dodge next year unless I go into it more profoundly than at Ma son City. ... In Italy I saw sportsmen in 2-whool carts drawn by 1 donkey more euphoric than a Grin- noil boy in a 360 h.p. sports car. ... There is no solution; seek It lovingly, BUYS BUILDING WhittOmoro — TheV Whittc- more Feeds firm has purchased the former building from the Hy-Line Poultry Farms of Oes Moines and has moved its offices into it. "Our competitor never disputes this fact State Historical Society Iowa City, Iowa. the Advance has the largest PAID circulation In Kotiuth County* Alqona h(muth County / . ;'" . . /— Entered as MCond clou matter, Dec. 1, 1908, at Algeria, Iowa, 505(1 pditotflee under Act at Coiwttt March L 1879 VOL. 66—NO. 56 MONDAY, JULY IS, 1966 — ALGONA, IOWA — 8 PAGES IN 1 SECTION Judge is • ' ' • " •"' ••'••;*& New addition to Wmley school ol year of the in the be ready for use during the 1966-1967 and is being added to the south and present school building which can be SHOWN IS THE new addition to the Wesley public school, replacing the building which was burned in a fire April 10, 1965. It is expected to Exclusive Advance Photo by Mike Stillman, background! Hits tree in Algona when curve is missed "—is it an even exchange?" As luck would have it, right in the midst of the controversy •bout the prevalence of wife- swapping in Iowa our artist caught 2 Iowa sportsmen in the middle of what is obviously a wife swap . . . On the other hand, they may be returning wives after an unsatisfactory or merely tentative swap. (This is how mythology flowers.) * * * I am shocked by the sheepish way we lowans let the highway zealots run over us. Is there something sacred about acres of concrete, & cars speeding 90 m.p.h. to buy a hamburger? We don't need all those elaborate splurges of concrete, acres & acres unessential. Let the traffic slow up. We want divided roads & safe ones, but not a contractor's greedy dream. * * * DIVORCEE'S SECOND LOOK Always too many boy scouts and blue-birds and music lessons and ballgames and bosses with cold svelte women and always and again always conferences and committees and cocktails. —ONIETA FISHER West Chester * * * ... I salute the lowans who recently had an audience with the Pope ft kissed his ring & were bUssed thrice. They didn't know the first kiss wit i lif- nal to depart. .. . Yep, the best chicken consomme I've ever tatted if blend ti right here in OM, ft yog can hjvy it in * cyp at oil fMtions. filed. THE ABOVE PICTURES show what is left of the 1957 Cadillac, driven by Luther John Fairbanks Jr., Algona, which went out of control Friday at 12:23 a.m. and struck a tree on North Jones street. After hitting the tree and jumping the curb, the machine came to rest only inches from the home of the Merrill Walkers on the east side of the street. Fairbanks was going south on Jones when the accident occurred, and he was taken by ambulance to St. Ann hospital with head injuries. Charges are pending. Photos by Sheriff Ralph Lindhorst. Riderless Honda smashes into truck A freak accident Wednesday at 4 p.m. resulted in some $500 damage to a 1966 Honda driven by Marvin Dean Grisham, Algona, and owned by John Hardgrove, also Algona. According to the police report, the mishap occurred when Grisham, going east on McGregor street, saw a truck coming and thought he was going to hit it. He jumoed off the machine, which continued to travel forward until it struck the side of a truck. There were no injuries an4 no charges have been Two cars collide Friday afternoon Autos operated by Richard L. Anderson, 29, Whittemore, and Florence Marie Harris, 32, Algona, collided Friday at 1:52 p.m. at the intersection of College and Moore streets in Algona. The Harris vehicle, a 1959 Chevrolet, was going north on Moore street, and the Anderson auto east on College when the accident occurred. The former received some $150 damage an<3 the latter was damaged to the extent of $200. Anderson was charged with failure to yield the right of way City purchases smoke tester for sewage lines The Algona city council met in regular session Wednesday evening at the city hall. The purchase of a smoke blower-exhaust pump machine was authorized for the testing of the sewage lines and storm sewers in the city. The smoke blower will be used for locating bad connections and cracks in the sewer systems. When converted to an exhaust pump, the machine can remove objectionable and poisonous gases from the sewer lines. Joe Straub represented John Forbes in a conflict concerning the establishment of rules governing airport operation at the Algona airport, The Airport Commission will study the matter. A letter from the highway commission was read wlu'ch stat- d the city requirements for fu- ;ure develoment of highway 169 hrough the city. Other letters were from the Mason City Jay- :ees inviting the mayor to at:end the dedication of a new airport terminal there, and a letter from the mayor of Sioux Cen- ;er thanking Mayor William Finn for attending their Centennial celebration last week. Royal Nold and Roy McMahon, representatives of the Iowa State bank, inquired about customer parking meters, and the council approved the trial of two six minute meters for the bank. A Class C beer permit was authorized for the East End Grocery, and the council adjourned until Wednesday, July 20, at which time they will make the annual budget study. 0,M. V.I. charge lo Fenton man A Fenton man, Dennis Lee Ohm, 22, has been charged with OMVI and released after a single car accident Thursday at 8 New Policeman POLICE CHIEF Al Boekelman pins a badge on new policeman Charles Day who became the newest member of the local force Saturday. He is married and has one child, originally coming from Hum-bold! 3Va years ago. Charles replaces officer Ray Gerdes who resigned May 31. Exclusive Advance Photo by Mike Stillman.. Swea City youth hurt in motor scooter accident A 14-year old Swea City youth is in serious condition at Holy Faniily hospital, Estherville, following a motor scooter accident. Eugene Guinn was knocked unconscious when he lost control of his motor scooter and went into a ditch about 5:30 p.m. Wednesday. He had been working in a field and was on his way home when the accident occurred. X-rays revealed no skull fracture. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ormal Guinn who farm between Armstrong and Swea City, took him to the hospital in an unconscious state. Beer truck locks are broken Friday Don Armstrong of the North Iowa Distributing Co. reported to police Saturday morning that a beer truck parked behind the firm's warehouse at the old post Grace Mersch of West Bend dies Tuesday West Bend — Funeral services for Mrs. John Mersch of West Bend were held Friday at St. Peter and Paul's Catholic church at West Bend with the Rev. Louis Cravings officiating. Burial was at St. Peter and Paul's cemetery. Mrs. Mersch died at her home in West Bend last Tuesday afternoon, following a four months illness. The former Grace Collins, she was born at Gilmore City and attended high school there. She attended the State College of Iowa and taught for a number of years before her marriage to John Mersch of West Bend in 1939. The couple established a farm home northwest of West Bend, where they lived until moving to West Bend in 1961. Mrs. Mersch is survived by Two moves by lay members cause delay Two moves in the case brought on the nomination of district judges for this district of Iowa led Friday to the postponement of any real action until Monday, July 25. The plaintiffs, or the laymen members of the nominating commission Thursday filed a petition to add Governor Hughes and Chief Justice Garfield to the list of defendants. And they also asked an order staying the governor or the chief justice from making an appointment from the two nominees selected by the commission. The situation arose July 7 following the resignation of Judge Hudson. Under the constitution and the law a commission of five laymen named by the governor and five attorneys elected by the lawyers of the district met to nominate two lawyers for the governor to select one for appointment as district judge. The commission met and Joseph L. Hanson, Emmetsburg, and Murray S. Underwood, were nominated and certified to the governor as the nominees. THE FIVE laymen members of the commission, who were appointed by Governor Hughes, then filed a petition for a writ of-certiorari (review) of the actions of the commission.. This was > aimed at District Judge G. W. Stillman, who by ,the constitution^ a^ member arid chairman of the commission as the senior judge in the district. Judge Stillman took the position he was entitled to vote, and he did so. The laymen members are objecting on the grounds of an attorney-general's opinion stating the judge could not vote to break a tie. Judge Hand Friday granted the writ of certorari and set July 25 as the date for a hearing on an order to stay the governor or chief justice from acting on the nominations. Under the constitution the governor makes the choice between the two — but if lie does not act within 30 days the chief justice makes the appointment. It was apparent the case would continue for more than 30 days, hence the inclusion of the chief justice as a defendant only for the purpose of preventing an appointment while the situation was in litigation. Judge Hand, Emmetsburg, a democrat, also ordered Judge Stillman, as presiding officer to file with the court a full transcript of proceedings plus shorthand notes, including the rules if any were adopted, and the original ballots. He also ordered the plaintiff laymen to file a $500 bond. A NEW ATTORNEY was added to the Linnan, Lynch and Straub firm in acting for the laymen. He was C. A. Smedal, Ames. Representing the lawyer members of the commission is Don W. Burington, Mason City. The case has aroused statewide interest because of some legal questions raised that have not come up previously. The pro- Record Sealed The record of the judicial nominating commission was filed Friday and ordered sealed by' Judge Hand; The record was demanded by the plaintiffs in their amended petition. Normal- aly all matters in a case before the court are open for public examination. In this case Judge Hand ordered them sealed. Whether they will be produced and made public later has not been indicated. What -they contain has been the subject of many rumors, including one that the commission itself voted 6-4 in favor of Judge Stillman's voting. Whether this will be substantiated depends on if and when the record is made It is reported the record was made by Dean Parrbtt, court reporter for Judge Stillman, whom it is said was. named secretary on vote of the, .commission. This too will have to wait for .verification if and when the record is made public. office building had been broken her husband, John; two daugh- inito. ters, Mrs. James Goebel of St. He said he didn't think that Louis, Mo., and Joan Mersch of p.m. two miles northeast of Al- any beer had been stolen, but Denver, Colo.; one granddaugh- gona on the Plum Creek black-1 that both locks on the truck had ter; two brothers, Eugene Col- top. He was going north on the been pried open. road and missed a sharp curve, i rolling the auto into a corn field. The 1958 Chevrolet received $400 damage, and Ohm was taken to St. Ann hospital and released. TO HEALTH INSTITUTE Leon M. Arend pleaded guilty to a fifth offense of driving while intoxicated and was ordered to the mental health institute at Cherokee for treatment of alcoholism. He was arrested July 3 at 1:20 a.m. on McGregor street, FINED $300 Dennis H. Ohm was fined $300 and costs by Judge G. W. Stillman Friday on a plea of guilty lins of Gilmore City, and Joseph Collins of Milwaukee, Wis.; and five sisters, Miss Angela Collins, Miss Rowena Collins, and Mrs. Joann Lentsch, all of Ft. Dodge, Mrs. H. D. Wittman of Hobart, to a driving while intoxicated !lnd., and Mrs. John Bemrick of charge. He was arrested July 14 Pomeroy. on the Plum Creek road. FENTON GAS ELECTION Voters will go to the polls to- TQ VIET NAM Whittemore — Engineman 3rd Class Wayne Schumacher, son morrow (Tuesday) at Fenton to of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Schuma- vote whether to give the North Central Public Service Co. a non-exclusive franchise for natural gas in the town, Viet Nam. oher of Whittemore, has reported for duty with the U. S. Na- cedure is new and was set up by a constitutional amendment adopted by two sessions of the legislature and voted by the people of the state. Following adoption of the constitutional amendment the legislature enacted laws to implement the requirements of the constitution. A commission was formed to make nominations for the supreme court, and district formed to in the dis- commissions were make nominations tricts. The legislature set the number at five laymen and five lawyers. The legislative enactment provides that the nominees must be by a "statutory" majority of the commission. However the constitution says the senior judge of the district SHALL be a MEMBER and the presiding officer. tion in opinion of the laymen members who are supported by an attorney-general's opinion issued in another situation. This ruling held the "statutory" was controlling. The lawyer members of the commission take the position the judge is actually named as a "member" by the constitution itself and therefore would have a right to vote. In.a^cpnflict be-/ tween the law and the constitution the latter would prevail. They say it would be, ridiculous, to have the judge as a member without having a vote. Twin livers names new superintendent L. A. Miller of Bode, superintendent of the Twin Rivers school district for the past four years, has accepted the county superintendency of a tri-county area composed of Bremer, Butler and Franklin counties. He will begin his new duties Aug. Mr. Miller will be succeeded by Darrell DeBoom, principal in the Waterloo, Iowa, school system. Mr. DeBoom will begin his new duties Aug. 1. Mr. Miller served as superintendent of school at Elkton, Minnesota, prior to moving to Iowa. The Miller family will move to Hampton, county seat of Franklin county, July 29. Three damage cases filed on one accident Three damage cases were filed in district court last weekend as the result of a collision between a car driven by Marcella Carman and a truck driven by James G. Riddle, who is defendant in all three cases. There are six plaintiffs in one case. In this case Violet Davis asks $10,000; $1,000 each is asked by Paul Carman, Theresia Hoberer, Patricia Holecek and Arlene Garman; and Dorothea Garman asks $2,000. In another case Marcella M. Garman asks $5,000 for injuries. In a third case Gerald H. Garman, owner of the car driven by Marcella, asks $1778 for damage to the car: STANLEY M^DONAUD PIES Stanley McDonald, 51, djled on Friday of a heart attack at his place of work in Pasjeo, Wash, val Support Activity in Saigon, THIS MAKES a conflict be- Itween the lav/ and the A J He was the youngest son, of late W- E, McDonalds a^ brother of Donaid. SAerwoo4

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