The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 8, 1973 · Page 4
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 4

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 8, 1973
Page 4
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VIEWPOINT Second thought on China trade 11 It's Not the ONLY Gome in Town, Fellows! 11 \^ \ MfNk..xr»j«fcai r>* t«e HHAWWTOHT FACTI va* majority tt Americans favor trade ami diplomatic contacts with i, M a recent survey can be projected to UK (Mentation at large. According t* David J. Mahoney. prediknt and chairman of Norton Simon. be, a public opinion survey cwering all % Mates, commissioned by his company ttxtused that: -Abaut §4 per cent «l aO time quetttawd favor increased diplamatic relation* with the Chinese gavemment, —Some 7J per cent (a v«r increased trade with the Chinese, and more than half favor legislation removing obstacles from Chinese imports. The latter numbers, Mahoney toW a Commonwealth Club of California audience in San Francisco, are surprising in view of rising protectionist sentiment in America. But we should not. be cautioned, expect a sudden ware of trade with the mainland regime. Kven U we do business wiih duna, U will be fairly modest U. S. trade with CWna went from JS million in 1971 to W million In If/J and may get past the S33» million mark this year, making us China's second Urgest trading partner after Japan. "But that isn't a M," Maboney points out. "China's total external trade last year was only SLS bilbon. which is small for a major country," Mahoney visited China last year to conduct negotiations to import ginger root, edible oiis and Moa-Tai. a Chinese ceremonial drink. Based on his JIM BISHOP: REPORTER observation*, he foresees Increasing demand (ram China for American equipment and technology. "The beat markets seem to be in items which will help China more ahead ~ film processing equipment. Celger counters, food processing equipment, computer tevhootufy petrochemicals. fertiliser." Also, if rumor* that China has great oil reset tea prove true, drilling etjuipruent pipelines and refineries. Cm the negative side, says Mahcwey, there doesn't seem to be much of a market among the Chinese (or counetics, fashions or luxury items like cars and jewelry. As for clothing, Chinese garb "w almost uniform, with slight variations ia tone and color." The long-term prospects for raemifcd trade with China will be greatly influenced by a number of things, inctodmg the political future of Taiwan and the altitude* of the aging Mao Tsetung's successor*. But the United Sates wtU do business with China, says Mahoney. because "we cannot afford to concede to OUT competitor* a market thai represents almost a quarter of the world's popubtten "While this ptXentiiUy significant market will take time to mature, and in spite of recent imhcaiions at mtog; prices in China. I am very enthusiastic abuut our initial prospects for trade "Computer*, petrochemicals, high technology for ginger root, edible mb and *Uo-Tai U there realty that much cause (or enthusiasm? (,\ K* t Comment and Opinion Frrepwt, Teia* . Jwiw ft. l«i ANDCKSON MERRY-GO-ftOUND Martha Mitchell: " Night of the needle H> JACK (MrtHfJWaS A M BUSINESS MIRROR Barking up family tree non-productive The danger of looking up the family tree, corduroy pants Vie also bad worthing 1 found, te the ai-nuanered birds in the lev heavy sticking to hte shoes, ilr Intti m i branches. An honest man could lose an white-washed house wfetrh adjourned a eye. At times, certain heraldic quacks bam. or vice versa. The month «aa Way, have offered lo prove (or a fee that I am but it was cold enough to freeze the stiff descended from kings and princes. For a off the statue of the cardinal litllc extra, I could get an authentic coal of Mr. Bishop was a shade this side at arms, a bunch of bums rampant in a cordial. "St>," he *aid, "yt'rt the saloon lieutenant of police, are ye?" No. I said I asked my old man about it one day That was my father t was a witter. "A Gold for dollars changing values H; JOHN .\i'B« NKW VOHK * A}'» Through the y«m. gufcl WIMTW t» luvr rwW reuafcind ta 4 trance. Ontv it was w«nhip{X^il *» tuviny ran*-frwn the ««, or the hrot«n». Today ttet 6* to U> UK W.'^!. urt44KU<-«4 try Uut rwtsWMj ot£ft t«f»»i*i»«. i5Ti.iKU.-ft te*t*7 ts if r v < has. the tWUr ia » trarfsfe again, ttalbn AT* bcttt% fM for jf^hS, «3. fntkraiog tb« Idw <)t aad dmndisct. the dnUar'* prhw t» down, tbr prke «< in he was in a good wood. He had just swindled ; my mother oat of the bouse | money by tossing her dauble or mining with a IwoJwaded nickel. "You." quoth my sainted father, •'are a direct descendant of Adam and Eve." ••Wett, M I said brightly, "that makes me an Mth< cousin once removed of Moses, but I'd tike to know sometbfag about the Bishop and Tier families." "If you can spell tfcem." he said sharply, "you know enough." DOG WITH BREEDING U seemed remarkable to me that I could trace my dog's lineage back twelve :*. what?" A writer (a blunder eo my parO. N\**Aad what," be said, Shavian: yesterday'* i , tew toward the front burner, "do ye • * "Dirty books," 1 said, "bwS I'm interested ia you. Where dtd our family j come Irom?" tie pointed to UK earthen floor, "Right here." he said. Personally. i he was 74 year* old and tingle. The family. it scents, had a lot of sons, aU erf whom worked u beet farm and were told that glrb were an occasion of sin. This, in turn, led to a ma» migration to the U.S.. Australia, and Can*d» II was UK girb who left The tea bubbled black in the old leaves and he poured. Then be whacked a thick slice of boc&tmade bread and pushed it toward me. That and ao old ti rtrtMrfcvd 4 pn<v- at tlvio I UB aa r/jijitc. up «S i*r ccn! M» p«i j (itiAfKljl *t«tj that xtrr m dofor» were twUcfetMdf te«o Ami, bctauM! ni inlUtien. » tut ot .OJSMfel t* dune tin'! (tii «:(2i fss* lijtiriTwftf; So itif Jtemtic Catnmtltev t&rti."lhp na'-anr. M 4 « J:l that •ystrm . taerr et plenty wf tmjtTJ «B tnki for «oW in Uvc fu*anr, r»«t though to ewrnx-w-s tw wittt »t»w4 *« cwrxni KO In flw generations, but couldn't track my own newspaper bunched up and Um*d iato a beyond two. My mother, JowyTkr. said the Bishops were all day laborers who left County Wexford. Ireland, on some strange vehicte called a rafl. "Couldn't write their own names," she said. My father said that one of the Tiers was a numbers runner, and he wtxikl say no more about it At this my mother flounced her apron and said the Tiers were first cousins lo the rich Aston of New York, but were not speaking to the Aston these days because, in 17 IS or thereabouts., the Aston robbed the Tiers of aJtfee land between the Battery and Wafl Street in New York. Pop said that bit grandfather was an Irishman who served as a Colour Sergeant w the English army u the Crimean War — "may he never have * day's rack, God forgive me." 1 went to Ireland to learn more fascinating detail* about my forebear*. I have new seen such loth greenness in the land and Ike people. Talking must be a mortal sin because nobody said a word. They puffed pipes; worked the farms; built stone walls and waked three mUes to a tavern for exercise. Above Eamscortby there was a country lane leading lo Upper Scoby and there I found the family farm. Ttoe Btahop who owned it wore a peaked cap and had twine around lac boUom of bis fireplace canititutrd the hoapiUhty el the home When I left, be looked rdMnred. lie said he had me pegged (or somebody who either wanted something, or WM going lo ask him losign a paper, lie was a trig man and when be laughed he showed a couple of siroog-tooktftg brown t«eth in front As far as ancestry was concerned, be knew hti father's name was John Bishop and hto mother was a lass from Lower Scoby She died of "asthma or the consumption." he wasn't sure. OBITINMiJTTIJKS tits father knew when any member of Use family was going to die because be awakened at dawn to tec the image on hi* bedroom wall I would ata gue» that there were a (ew dead soldiers under the bed. lie shook hands half embarrassed, bughing at nothing. I swore off looking back to any kinship with King Brian Bora. "Weil." he said, "a man who b a lieuteoact made good in the new country. You look the part. Jim. And if you ever have aiew spare ihillin', write home." I promiMd. U I could only find the numbers runner on the other side of the family, I'd nave the first plateau all worked out. . . T>icrc »nr tftoswir wbu cannot twtetr thai trurj can rid himwK at liv> to (frj»l jai they rtuy be- ri^ht CeU it 4 nwUiura of exchange may be camMkftd prinuUirc'. bu( it rrnwuw un<v«rufl> jur«rp«ifcir The turret rotrrpurOtKiit erf tb* gold prtcv n that the t-aitnt economy cuniiount to wrffer niOMUrain* premcw* (runt 4bnv< the futwrv '"uxt ttsur sJfiJ itttpurt* tntxr (tun H iwro tfw>( «vrMiu»r| 4* She »T»> ««•» is!rfr»>{w»iai to psJi up it> frwc (t rru^W 40> tndrmtt. they know . t*i$ INrj ( HAL BOYLE'S PEOPLE For tto* i* 4 « twttrv k*t eJat IJaftitel Bui U» VUrtfcj ttfU AI faO Nm« fwuicr. + Refrigerator cat's heaven on earth BIOSSAT DEIHirS WORLD NEW VOKK "Al't Every creature probably baa tU own idra of txatvn I'jnwlo*: lo our family cat l,*dy am convinced, IMS in our refrigerator. That » what the U forever trying to poke her none into To her. Ibe refrigerator is si l^ind of I'ktuj j c«4 Eden »«ix-k«l with endkwt guodics But no mailer «ilwi I lake out til it Ut feed her. uhe givw nw a ^— —, metaudvoly took that *»y» BiBOYIJJl "U juo'4 )u»t let nw get in there mytetf, I'm Mtfe 1 could find something better " Sixni-tiinrs when I come borne ttvtn »«rk I find Lady IMli* buncoed cwnjoftabty on brr paws on the kikbcn now iUiui^ woniupfutly up at the r«friger jtur »»if it were brr ideJ Who can say Uui it b not?> iMlu- w OOTI 13 If >c*» wullipiy that by nevcn, Ibe Kttmtwut mi'lhod of ibe butnao wjujyck-ia of an agv, she is 91. 1 inmit »4> she dmn'l feuk it Siw is growing old quiie grav«fuUy, Site still has all her daws and iwrth. ha* plenty ol bounce in bcr pourice and retains her lultntst m the world around brr. As a mutter of (art. her cwknMy, far Itvut drying up, a growing steadily Her %hi»k«r* and Mack-dotted MOM rexuircn evtf > tWiij{ thai came* into or goet out <4 wot apartotiiit. We can't tvt-o ojwo a pa<*aKr. r»ro U it u Addreued to u», itrt b(.T, WitlKMt Lady I Jot lie tr>uig to nuttt be fur her. Ji U a 0wk of i»i*J«« ia a huinan UMcg toadUcve a rtote *weuily ia the darkwiiftg IwiligW of a*r, to ttof respect tady OwUJe is * wu« cat iwfctd $«BKiUffltf w» watofc her «*/# calmJy from hw wiaOw percn ai the world fed &at Me Mi ton greatly in We bj tuv «« rao**d mjn) of (be wild pfeaMtfci* known to rtiomiag *»t» But ii Uw rus bnra rot«b«d «{ mach of her fcitnv birthngnt. Urf? Dmiw showi OB resentment She IMS no* bct« mad* ftcurottc ^ tt»t«- dtBAiit «l fxr freedom Bora into 4 world O«p nrtvr made, sh* k*.tmn)ea wwid w< her own turned an §U» floor apartfrwn! two h#r ptnocal empire A* Ow tx-j* tVnwr mtooWag*. »UD «bl« of body »mt MTTMW «f ip4ni Uady DotUe *«fn» lo have wily one frwttalcd jmiwtlon S<HtteUia«<. somehow, sftr'd tik« lo get lh»l rrfrtgeraiar dcor open by hrrnelf . Jump in. and spend a night aloe* m The 'killer instinct' dominates politics Until tb» terror* s* twj. UM u» Ktwwity N»c«t wwr* t* «aw R<g wi««tT» *t»* w*id la find H They MM! tlwtt tafctitd if thvy had it. and iconwd tf UMT; (tit Uwtf situatiw «MTM4td It *>-*» a good (ku) bk« sajlcw >ou have In h*i« U>« Ustk. Listening MAUOV *» I jin n wjjl lake the lj»rd"i Mfi Itsf m« to put iiu will atwad of my own r«cty <t>> IMI vmli all my heart I want to dri ju»! lh»f "IK AfiV MAN WOIUJJ tIJMK ArTBK ME. LKT HIM MENY IHMSKI>- Mttt TAKK Uf KtS CWlSS DAILY ANDFOU/JW ME " Luke » 23 0RAZOSPORT FACTS r*tt 4.. t,r,f*t tltft t, •<, W t, !••*,* V< fM»(.llt I.M.. 4MM4 4 »*i»^« •"*«-*- «*#-, ton l.^W, V. IW Mtd it gmMi feMbMI town hod lo da on Sunda)« No f**M*WI, M DMIMt bttag wtiitng to play rpugs Bring together »ay veteran gnaup of pnliikral rffMtier* and yeu «xtkl (fwkkly turn up nttntntt««iKc» from <4d Jeltn K Kcntedy helper*, proudly ctaitning be *t<A they had the ItUcr itmmrt deemed vital to «ktarir In two there wen M m*ay cbargc* of fuugb play wg irvrltd *f\iJ«| U» Kennedy (e«m that fas took wry note of them when be gmted nb d«dkatcd s»«Uiiei the morning after bts preaideaUal noouMtion Ittutnfti tn Lot Acgeks Will* a bread g/to, fat wid "Ck«d mcrrdflg } »»»J to Uwnk you »tt And I don't koow you." But is there a plac* in pdttic* wncr« r0ughne>* tods, tad would tmtn to be y«. of the Fair Campaign Practic** t'wnmiltcs i*«*unt«a Ott» U war* upon rtAlly ugly tactka, etfwciaUy wt*n too lai« to be The line l*i*«tn tip bcarabk and the cao bt flM, MN( many Si««B'» I«M rw* tt fur th* US SMHI*, bn fan dcuded tte Md me: "Thry «*»» kUim (thr Mtw« K*M» V«w wrre nUwr f or i tb««n • Th«» WM a let wJ Uut to th* «r« faMtical bMkm <* Sen Bairy UMdwattr t» I*M. aad u u now patttruDy ap$*rmN thai wnw mm with that cast at mutd wcr« drawn ctowiy to Mr, NUHMI aidt M Ite IMC CfttRAlttllv YH UM {Ml NUaa trw. ckwry w*» 4 wined bag. wMb tttwai lirftuiMijil tn*a pUytng it vtfy hMd but ttrai«M Th* s«d (wmmcMiary te t* Made u that, «wr ft* gaunt Uat Wkite HOHM, UM «*«r> (fl&'titMt (yfiNHk fciNCAilME* dkMBb^MttC <r *~ gav* bJstory a cwtout twtot Yun Uw crujWiig el UM dmaat, gnrihntaaiy Uo*dw»tcr, »MD« mot who BMldwl Uw tteriwit of nu> fanatical fuUovm look Mats of power. The cvidcam from im tug>«ui UwO* own, to i'reudcnt Nikw'« caua*, —7 have uutdont UM wont any rtaM OoUwttarit* to m* cauU taw ««i»iwi K *» «* iwrprWai to (M Mm mm* UM pf«M»t«r» tod«y. Nor u» rwMw Uul UM Iwe brtwm ugly "kukr»" a«d UM WH Ituud

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