The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 3, 1923 · Page 10
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 10

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 3, 1923
Page 10
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PAGE TEN. ocietV\ 'K delightful inimical program will anil will bo held Friday evening at bo presentuil tomorrow I'l'.-nlni; at tho suburban homo of Mrs. 13. K. tho Country club by four of the talent-, Ynggy THE HUTCHINSON NEWS, TUESDAY, JULY 3, 1923 ."ding tlli> PERSONALS OF SOCIETY . /.\-.. •»—#—* 1 od members of tin 1 dub, prr firework p. Mlvs Virginia French who only thlsj ( Fining II'CO I V-H I H Master of Arcs lie-! & groo from Columbia rnlverHliy In j I Kew York City will play a group of, jiliino polos, anil Mm. .1. I.. Cm-mark,! Miss Sy;bll Kenimon of 1525 North one of Hutchinson's most prominent J Washington street hRa had aa her contraltos will sing u ^rou p ot ncrncH. | I UHIHO guest over tho vvetik end, Miss Mis?) Kuls Hrmvn who In Just taiw ftunrcn Hutchinson of Wichita, who from Smith n>l)eR» »l Northampton,, was. enroirte from ISetos Park, Colo., JI1198. will favor ilios" present with it. where she lias boon attending 'tho Y. group of i in|>riin<> selci-thms, anil Miss ( W. 0. A. suium-er conference. Miss Muruinx't Von L '.-onri .d, one of the Hutchinson Is president of the ; \Vloh- younger luimlcluns of tho city will Ita lli-fl. It. club. During her visit close tho prov'.r 'Aiii with scve-ral violin It*.!-"-, aim was tho honor guest at a •will foe provided those Mtttlnr »t the association rooms, Tho V. \V. <.'.. A., camp, Ungernook. at Island Park -will bo the setting for a fried chicken brea-ktast tomorrow morning. July A, -when tho girls of tho Athletic club plan to go out for an early morning breakfast, They will meet at the "Y. W." at <i o'clock ami BO out in cars that will he vrovidod. The girls employed at the Crlpe Bakery with Miss Faith Chase as cha-tr- mau have charge, of -the meal, and the following menu has been planned, fried ehlcken, bread ami butt or, fried potatocB, fruit salad and straw-berry preservos. No other moals will be served out there tomorrow. AN INFECTION PROVED FATAL -5'*- ——<S> TOMORROW .EVENTS. uolos Th<*ro will alno ho patriotic community "lii^liiK 1 ad by Mr. .1, A. J);ivis, In which everyone will take l«trt. Tilt*; I 'M 'Knun will ho presented ' Miss Sentnan Jin mediately folic wins supper. Those •who liriiiK tholr own picnic suppers will have tlu'lr'n on lawn, while tlmse nuikinp iM-HfM -viiUitnfl will have dinner In th<' clu'n hon:^\ At. the Hose i>t Die iirojrram Ihert' •will bo mi eJaboralo display of ftm- vorriM. ;iim .i\ nine oVlmk n lonal or- <-lM»nt'"i wili luri ;:;ih mii.-iir ft>r udnclng in tJ:c ''luh hiMis;-. Mnre i,hnn 3U0 'IMI 'I1 !!:'TS JiCC •' \ J t "l! tu Jllt 'UlJ tlllii hlH c 'li-bi'.V. it HI t' <m. >ri \»w uvouia^. Biuniber i«arty given Sunday evening at tho homo of Mts» (}raco 'Poo, 304 Thlrtoenlh av«mio oaaL A<Wttlonal gueHta worn MIfla La-iira Yagg:y and Mr. *nd Mre V, K. Prlpg loft today for U.U oifcooslvo western trip, visiting In Ola^Inr National Park, Portland, C»ro., SeatQo, Wiuih., and £oin« on up into I *ritlH *h Cohuivbla, visMIng ut Oarton Island and Vancouver. Mrs, Tom Lavrf.'nco will prosldo as hosteaB to th« inombera of tho Merry Matrons chih at her home north of tho city. The Blxth Annual Sunrise dance will bo given by tho members of tho Re<i Hose club at tho Slovens Pavilion from R to S o'clock. Tho memherH of the Couutry club &nd their families will enjoy a dance at tho club IIOUSP at nine o'clock following a musical program and tire- worlis. M i '5R In.-/. K .i',.th l,"hT,ami of Winfield :m-l Mr I 'ysus William Scolt of j ] tu Leii in -iMi, w u!iit t-d i :i m-ar-rhi^e ,S :i ;u.'(liiy .n 't ( rin ^ •:) MI ft -i;r fi'clock by 1H-. .1 K l^ttt} n. in the p:v5tor'« titudy or thr .M<-th ..di«t ehm.-h in WlnflaM, In tho ].r ..s «--ih-.i nf Mrn. II. B. Hart, t-]-J..'V of thn J,rid.- attd .Mr. I>art of AS'mn .dd and MIPN Ollie Wright and Mr I'ji^ei,.- M. C.v»! of Ihlf. city. Tii'- bride wure JL ROWH at navy hliio c :e];*i j.;itHiril ma.tiTial. trincucd In t-.i:i luTtTiiUiii pb-ailr.*:, with hat to umtch. Hhe worn a i-i buugiie* ot pink I'os'i bud«. Mrs. Sei>tt hn« been a bookkeeper in the offici' uf <nu> cf tho oil eom- Mra. C. S, Kernf. hap returned from (Mty, Mo, where ^ho has ht»eu vinit1ng hor no lift, Mr. I-Mg^r K' j niH «tid Mn*. K'rruy. and Mr. Hay Kerns and Mrs. Vityna for the ]*ast month. vauu*- b^re and Mr. ^oU 1 B travcHi\g , mo tor fchr-ougli yalcsitwn for tho LlKJ;eu-M.»ycrrj tobacco ctMupany with headquarters ITero. After .Inly ITi tho couple will be at !b<mio to ttu'iv frl'-ndb in HutohiTison. Mrs H. H. Dart onterUiudd at dinner Saturday evening at BIX o'clock for Hi" bridal conplt; at her homo in Winneld. Mrs P. -C. Martindell and little son, Hubert, Riid her mother Mrs. Kdwin Hrow-n 'loft today for a rthort visit in Toprka with a sister and daughter, Mr.-;, Cb*rldfe Reaiigh. •j, * <g> Mr. and "Mra. I>. W. Hills motortvl to >allna today where they were Jotnosl by their daughter. Mrs. Arthur I>aR£<Mt and will po to Kansiw City for ft Hbort >islt. -t> Mr. W. H. FiiioU wili leave today for Colorado Springs, CoVo., aecom- tfanylng his daughter, 'Mrs. F. A. Warden of Kansas City, They will CHURCH NEWS. ^—,;»—^—<g,—A— ^—«5>—*—'5>—» The lAtis H. Parker Auxiliary of the "W. F. M, S. of tho. First M. K. church sviU have a breakfast at Camp Lingornook Thursday at H o 'clock. Following breakfast, they will have their regular business session and son with Mrs It. X. Welker charge ot the titudy. in ALL BRANCHES HAVE RECRUITING OFFICES Marine Corps Send Man Here to Help Fill Vacancies With "Devil Dogs." Dr. G. A. Blasdel Died at 7 o'Clock This Morning at Kansas City llr. G. A. Dlasdol, 51, well known member of the medical profession hero died this morning at 7 o'clock In a Kansa« City hospital wlnrre ho has been re<:elyii!G treatment for an Infection which rosulted from au operation performed by Dr. Blasdel. No word as to funeral KrranKOtnent wero con- . vuyed In the message recolved by i Dr. H. M. Stewart from lir. Harry IHaadel, son of tho deceased who evidently arrived in Kansas City In time to be with his father nt 'the laat. Pr. C. A, IHaadel and Dr. Harry Bias- del hnvo been associated with Dr. Stewart In their local practice. Mrs. Blasdel had bean with hor husband since Saturday. "Following her arrival he appeared -better and hopo was held out for him. Ho called for his son and Dr. Harry Blasdel left here yesterday morning by motor car for Kansas Oily. KffortB wore being maile to find him laat night when Dr. 0. A. Blnsuel's condition Inu-ame more critical and It Is sup-, posed he was located enrrtuto. Dr. Blasdel came to Hutchinson seven veal's ago to engage in his practice after spending several years at Gamntt. Ho originally graduated from medical school In 1S9S and fir^t practiced mi'dicine at Huven. Ho later went to tlarnott. Dr. TJlasilel is survived by Mrs. Blasdel, his sen, Dr. Harry Blasdel. ul« mother and father who are makinp their home now with a brother, Km- men Blasdel of Plevna, another brother, Dr. T. D. Blasdei of Parsons and a -dister, Mrs. Phil OlUesple. It was several weeks ago that Dr. Blasdel, In performing an operation, received tho infection which caused his death. Aolmtratior 'To hnvo tho uraootli, whllo skin to* much fcdinttKt, us« Mrft. McCor- uilrk 'i Daouty Cream. SOo »ni| 60o the !«r. At ell toilet coftnteri. -9> • Ycpterdny was tho fourth birthduy «nuiv< rsary of littlo Hetty Smith and hor mother, Mm. John Smith enter- •titinod with a lawn party yesterday afternoon at th»-lr home, 713 Seventh avenue east Games wer* 1 enjoyed by tho littlo folks and at five o'clock tho hoMrsH awaViited by Mrs. 3. V. Til vers, Mrs. J. J. Plenert, Mrs. Wil- 3him and Miss Lydla BlMott served ;t d>inty birt'hdfty luncheon. Tho ;it t !»• K U "st« tucludod Walter Ijoder, l .'-ioy Preh<-lrn, Jay Andrews, J\'evn Pr.lielm. lx-o Hrice Crupper, Juuioo t'amp, Mildred Hiekrnftii, Virginia D"lano. Franc*'* I'lunoll, XSlsa- ho(h Arum Nokzei.-uv, Eleanor Rivera, 1 ftiU'fes 1 ianamou, Kvelya Cogswell, ItjiMo Spaniel, UorotSiy J^ryo. iJoruthy 1 lick in an, HesMo Woods, .Uunes Plenert. .lack Crupper. Jjoull^a Tinddl). Mary Kvelyn Jordon. Hubert 3jf.*e .lordua and the honor guest, -r .Mrf. Sf.ttt fMark pre.-urb'-d aa hostetia to the m 'lnbei -H of her bridge club at one oViorK luni-.iuMin yc -;t'»rday at the iltoralKtUi;!; Wiloy Tea Hooin and bridge at luT hume, «l'Jli Avomte A oast. Mr.'j Id. H. MuiioiT of I-Cansao City, Mi)„ wan Uie imiy jmest of the «clulj. The pr !/-es Urr hUh Booro for *th».i attenioon w-.'re wen fhy MTB. J ~ Mr. Joseph L. Atkinson, who has been viniting his sister, Mrs. R. P. B. Wilson and Mr. Wilson, has returned to his home in Pocatello, Idaho. ^ Mr. and Mra. I"). F. Metralf. ot El Paso, Toxtts, aro h^re visiting at the (homo of Mr. and Mrs. F.. R. Mouroo ami Mr. and Mra. H. It. Monroe*. Mr. Paalen Burke, of Wichita., who has been here visiting Mr. JOari Sutton of 304 Eleventh avenue east, returned to hia feomo today. <J> <*> 'j* Mra. W. P. Beal and Mra. W. H. Drookor will motor to Newton tomorrow aiid will be guents of Mr. and Mra. Frank Knofflton. Mra. J. A, CrecrUuB and small son wili leave Sunday for Elkhart nvhere they will viffLt her parenits, Mr. ujid Mra. J. A. Woodward. The .members of the horning Glorg Club and their families will have a Since the establishment oF a V: S. Marine Corps recruiting station at the post office here today, Hutchinson is a rec r ul t in g s t a t i o n for a II thr ee branches of the mflitary service. Captain J. A. Cray, who is in charge of the Marine Corps recruiting in the Kansas City area, was here today to open the brauch office here. Sergeant Deatheridge of the Marine Corps la In charge of the recruiting tor that branch of the service here. Capt. Cray stated this morning that there was a shortage of 700 men In the Marine Corps ut the present time. LETTERS FROM OUR READERS BOOZE CASES TAKE " UP TIME OF COURT Thirteen p-olleo court caws were tried yesterday afternoon before Judge W. H. S. Benedict. Tho ma b-tritv of the rase« were for being picnic mt Careys' Park tomorrow after- j drunk or drinking hut there were sev- B. JKoitu and Mrs Koscue Uambrlc The club will Uo'd no more afternoon meetings until fall, -but a meeting for the memtMr,* of the club and their hus- •' (hands will be. held Friday oveulnff, with dinner at the Knr;tbaug3i-WUey Tea Itoimi. Mrs. L. T. Child and Mrs. W. K. Quilliu will preside as hos- fterses, and .th'- evonito; rt'i'll 'be spent nt brldae at -tho Child residence, 429, First avi nue t .ast. •j. a, <i. Mrs. J, C, Graves, Miss Mwgar*< Parker and Mis.-i IJertlia J*arkt»r were Jiostesses ye-iierday at a delightful af- v teriM.'Uti i.f lirhlgo at the home of Mra. Cnncs, ;iU3 nievyuth avtinuo eaet ctiniplliutiiitlng Mrs. Adair Stewart <rf Jtos.s-ia.ire, 111. Forty guosta a -r >ent the afternoon playing bridge and the Vri'/.f'S witnt to Mrs. U. C. lloa<di of na k City, Mo.. Mrs. W. J. Squire of Burling, Mrs. Stewart and Mrs. EL J. Wiiii luii. Tho roojiiB were beautifully deenrutod In yrdlow and white with bo- A la of yell w garden florwera tlir:>nghoiit )he rooms. At a late hour, a dolidmm luncheon was served nt tiie quartet juhles. •r * <i- Mr. and Mrs, IJ. G. H-tes are entertaining at dinner this evening, at their home. 1S20 N(»rt h A ah Btreei. Th.- guests will inolude Mr. and Mro. IF. Taylor. Mr. and Mr;, Frank Knight, Mr, and Mrrf. 'l>. F. Cm\ M TB , Hetldw- Bon. Mifjs Francos Co.-. Mr. Carl Kod- d .-rson. Mr. Arlie K.stes ami the host and hostess. & Mrs, J. A. Option of 12 Twenty-H&<;- ond avenue was a( home today to about oighteoii friends, contplirnwnt- IUK Mrs. }j. \V. Coie of jJeuvor, Colo, An informal rfoeial afternoon wao upent, In eonverautiou. Mra. Colo Is « form or resident of t III-i city. Dainty refroslnnonts were f.L-rved at five o 'clock. 'I' i Tho following Hutchinson .people /will make a party to drivo to FJevna this evening and upeut July 4 camping 'urnl fittixing, Mr. and Mra. Adair i»tew- urt of RoBecluiro, 111.. Mr. and Mra. TJincolu Stewart, (Mr. and Mn». A. W. O'Brien and <M <BB Phyllis York. ^ 4t- ! Mrs. Kate Brooks entertained at luncheon today at her home, 90^ ."Koi-Ui W-almU utreot, Tlie guoBtu in noon and evening, -h & -t • M TB . Susie Klngkade of Wichita Is licro visiting her brother, Mr. Fay Smith and Mrs. Smith of Kloventh avenue west Mrs. John Martin and children loft this nvornlng lor Portland, Ore., where they will spend the month visiting her parents. Miss Dolores CSer-Ui has returned from lOmporla where flhe spent tihe weok end Ytsitlng frleudB. Editor of News: Pear Sir: In your issue ot Saturday, Juno 30, is an article~in regard to. Fifth avenue west that gives a very wrong impression about accidents, etc., on the street. I do not know of even one accident on Fifth west that was caused on account of the narrowness (?) of the street, but what few have- happened occurred at either Main, Adams or Monroe by careless speeders turning onto or crossing Fifth avenue at one ot the three streets (at a reckless speed), and not between the streets. Why not pave Sixth, Seventh or Kighth street no the ["travel from Nebraska and the north can detour to Main street from Monroe street, and from Adams street so as to make more room on Fifth avenue west from Mouroo to Main street for tho Colorado and western travel? And then maybe all the accidents will not happen on Fifth avenue west just between Monroe and Main, or maybe, paving the street car tracks might help .some. Yours for a square deal, FRED L. CLARK, 320 Fifth Avenue West. America's Change of Thought People are finding out that nothing is more extravagant than a cheap watch. They are buying watches today, not as mere pieces of Jewelry, but for what they are really worth as timekeepers. See the famous nationally advertised guar- ranteed Bulova Watches, and be convinced. The Zirtn Jewelry & Optical Co. The Mouse of Quality. Henry Zli.n Jno. P. Blrchfleld I l — 1 ll 3} Be on hand early Thursday morn- [ j ffi ing and get full advantage of our [ j S big July Clearance Sale, starting at | j ffi 19 a. m., July 5. Thousands of dol- j j S lars worth of new style Coats, Suits, E j S Dresses, Skirts ,etc, at exactly half ( J S earlier prices. Everything in our [ j jg store to be reduced for this great j 1 sale at Sawyer's. 1 1 i| Closed All Day Tomorrow MULTI GRAPH ING Malllna, Folding, Addreeilng. PHONE 670 We write advertising campaigns. All kinds of Mailing Lists. EUGENE HANDLES AOV. CO. Eugene Randies—W. Raymond Allen 3 WEST SHERMAN Y. W. C. A. NOTES. I rul othor.^ Mrs. It. M. Oliumas, who wns nr- roKtod rocoutly \vh.?iF Iit>r homo was raldtid anil ;i fitil) was found In tlie attic forfaited a $1.00 tosh l>oud by failir.g to a |>ptMir for trial. Mrj. B. L. Lyle, who %v;is f->uiul suilty of running an Immoral house at 123V4 South Main, was lined $50 and castH. Patilinn Mcl'herson "was finod 525 and rosis for beinj; Rn in- 'rial of _\rt.imr I-.on.-nz, former editor niata ot a disorderly ruomlne liou,;o. of tlb> IHIiitU Slaate Zietung, charged Henry Johnson, (!ny Moffett, Hu- with criminal Hbel afiain&t the IMJ.nois bert Moffutt, II. Owensby were eneh ileiwrtjiiciit uf the Amciiean LeKion. fined $5 and costs for drluklnii. IF. A Jury t-j try ( was completed GiiadaUiI>o forfeited a $1S bond on a'yesterday, charge of beliis drunk. 1 TRYING A LIBEL SUIT. j American Legion Brought One Against German Paper In Chicago. .... "Ohicogo,'" .Inly 3.—Hearing ot evi- MfPherson was! dence -wnll licffln hero today in tho It. .1. Smith was fined ?u0 and costs for driving an automobile while intoxicated. W. A. Norton and W. II. Morgan were fined $25 and costs for being drunk <»— Th» flonferoncp at H»toa Parle, for }U£h Scliool Oirl Reserves, closed last Thursday nl^ht and tlie girls anotored down Ui Denver Friday mornlnir. The. conference was compoaed of delegates from dlfioreait wtiites in this region and afforded a wonderful chance for Uio ffirls to meet glrla from other ptatoa and jrrow lin>ader in exchange of Ideas and viewpoints. Tho your* Sadlca from here -who attended were Miss iBabelle FYoncb, Mlaa Florence Punnan, MlFia Oharlene Forby, ailfss Murguerlto (>rlpo, Mias Marjorio Montsonjery, Miss Margaret HlrU and the faculty advisor. "Miss Ilolon Moore. In coim<^7tion with these confer- j "fucea. the laat Y. W. release speaks at 1 t , , ,. . ,, , ..ngth of tlie benoflts derived by the | The thieves took the children* H. A. Smith and R. .1. Smith wore | oonscienco, to beat do*^ every trea fined $25 and costs each for vftgraitoy. FOUR STERLING HOMES ENTERED AND ROBBED Pour homes were robbed at Sterling sometime i? juday nlplit. Two of them were those of ministers and Can total amount of money secured was only $14.50. Anions; Hie. lioines that wore ] robbed were 1 lions of llov. A. F. Wlllc- infiou. Miss Florence Crizell, M. (.'uUibertson, and Rev. (V. M. Hootz. I j.'lrl». Thoy lay aslda all their frllln and furbellows and in a uniform of middy blotis*? and bloomers, learn dumoci-ooy, self developmnnt and Inl- tiuUvo and ac'iuire new Interests and enthusiasms and a splendid health, and qx .lB*. Humraer camps for both Iwiys and are wonderfully popular with bctfh ^larenitfi and children, tho youn^ people •dare the freedom from .parental ovftralg'ht and the sKir.'nU enjoy the development of mind and body tlvat cornea >from Uilft wholesome -way of llvine and learning. Wtth tho growth of tho Y. W. O. A. Intcrnatlomilly and tho broadening of Its fiald of usefulness, the appeals that come lo It arc move rosn ^.poltt- an. Tourists eomiuK hern from all partn of the country Inquire for tho Y. W. and let it aid them. Inquiries about rooms are the most fron,uent appeals and the rftranj-vra appro -chile the fact that the rooms roeotnmended are lnsiiected. Th.. offlr-ials at tho threo railroad Hlatlons hero, <'o-operaito so well -with Iho Y. W, C A. that youui; «lrl-s who are etrandod liere lie! ween trains, «iro sent a! once to (he "Y. \v." for rooms. Parontfl are ijhoned and rootna provided in flood iioincH or hotels recommended by tho seen tary at the Y. "W. cludud Mrs. David Welch uinl Mr.i. I (I. A. for nil young ladies sent lo the Alma Walker of Newton, CUr.i. 0. M. ] Y. \V. C. A. Gray, Mrs. Lillian Mltelincr and IMrs. WtOi the revival of this lovely W. H. JLewls. weather, tennis has taken a new f r j spurt and the courts, now tu flue cou- Tho called ineetliit; of the Apollo' illtlon, are being used nearly every cluh which wau to have been hold hour of tho day. <Jnlf Is also very Thursday afternoon has been changed popular and Instruction in bulb games mite Uoxe.s whlcli were found at tho preachers homes. 2002 BUTTONS IN JAR. Winner of O. F, Sawyer's Guessing Contest Is Announced. The fiUf-;slnir contest which has been conducted by tlie O. F. Sawywr, has Just ended and tho beautiful fur cloak offered to the woman coming nearest in estimating tho number of buttons in the .glass Jnr In the window was Klvou to iMUs A. Klieken burg. She guessed 2,001 and thera wero 2,002 buttons In the Jar. I/orenz is alleged to have -written an editorial in the IlMm>ls Sta-ats Zoltung on December 13, 1S21, In which the legion -was said to be "an iiiArum-ent bought with British gold to suppress troth, to gag freedom of xpro.^sion of opinion and to betray organized labor.'- A $100,000 damage suit lias also been filed against Lorens. STILL SENDING OUT MANY MEN Farmers Ccintinue to Drive to Hutchinson for Harvest Labor Replacements. Since tho large demands for harvesters in this locality have ceased, many meu have been seut out to other counties from the Hutchinson office ( of tho Kansas Free Employment JVjreau. Thirty men. were seat to MoPho-rson this morn nig. A call was received from Pawnee iv.'.mty this morning for 50 men. laborers are being directed to Rush and Efllsworth county today. Farmers •ATv, driving In from, all ovor this country for a Jew man. la -act as replacements for those who piayed out In the field. The weather has boon very fa.orahle for the harvest work. The mildness has provonted tho usual nam hor of heat prostrations thi '3 year. The Last Tribute ' BONUS ^ ILLINOIS. Checks Are to Go Into The Mail In Short Time. • Springfield, 111., July 3.—Signed by State Treasurer Oscar Nelson, four thousand Illinois soldl'-'r bonus checks had been delivered to the state auditor this morning. Before nightfall that many and nine thousand rnor+3 that .Mr. Nelson will sign lod'iy„ will be put Into the mall, according to the state auditor, Andrew Huss-?!!, at 8 o'clock this -morning. Mr. Russell said no bonuses had 'been mailod. Ladies We can please you with a hair bob. Blllie Cain Clean Towel Barber Shop. 27-25t Household Hints By MRS. MORTON MENU HINT Broil.Hacon. C">ui(U-3. Breakfast PilH'a-Pl'te- llran Slutfins. Coffee. Luncheon, yiirhnji Salad, noils. Butt Chocolate ^Illk Mialce. " Wafers. Dinner. Creamoil Obi. ki'n over Bis" ult3. Mashed ruUctot-*. ]tuili."!ics. Or««n Onions. SLrawbnrry Sliortcuk^. Tea or Coffee. Boilers All Good But One. Tho Inspection of the steam boilers at the school buildings made by the Underwrite-".-*! Association at five closo of school showed all in good, order with the eMvpiion of the Sherman strict boiler which needed the scale removed. We Will Be Open the 4th If your supply of firecrackers, torpedoes, and fire works runs out—you can got more at the Craft Shop, tomorrow. 414 North Main. 8-lt Hair Bobbing has come to slay. Have it done our way. llillie Cain Clean Tuyvel Ilarber Shop. 27-U6t Wo will be o |M3ii all day tomorrow, July 4-th. Plenty of firoworkB. Book & Art Store. 3-lt Dauce Wed. Night at Stevens. 2-3L TODAY'S RECIPES. Bran Muffins--One egg, one cup milk (either iswect or sour), one-quarter cup sugar, one tablespoon butter or substitute, one cup flour, one oup bran, oue-half teaspoon salt, two teaspoons iiaklug powder. In case you use sour milk use half a teaspoon soda to sweeten it. Put all dry ingredients in mixing bowl, make hole in center, put in egg. milk and shortening molted, mid beat well. Put into gitiased muffin pans and buUo in miiiTfovon. Tho dry ingredients may be sifted and ready the night before you plan to uso it hem, then <by adding tlie osg unbeaten sn& the milk and shortening and beating quickly they can be ready lor tho oven In a short llmo. If you uso cooking oil you will not have ito moil your shortening. Shrimp Salad- Arrange shrimps on a bed of lottuco -with celery cut Into small plocos, green popper and a little onion if llkoil. Any preferred dressing may l>o used. Chocolate Milk Shake—<Make a chocolate syrup ^>y ptfttlng in u saucepan two squares of unsweetened chocolate shaved flue, two cups sugar, aud one of boiling water. Stir constantly and boll for three minutes. Flavor when u.uu aae teaspoon vanilla extract. 'Po preparu tor individual service place two tablespoons of the syrup in a tall glass, three tablespoons oacli ot crackod ico and whipped cream, half a cup of rich milk and a quarter of a cup of iced Appollluarls water. Shake -well and servo immediately. A small ball of vanilla, chocolate or 'cofteo ice 'cream is delicious udded to the milk shake; Creamed Chicken — Take chicken from bones «nd skin and cut in small piocos. Make a good sauce of two tablespoons chicken fat or butter, two tablespoons flour, ouo half teaspoon salt and popper to taste, add one pint of milk and cook all smooth, add chicken and boil up. Green pe.ppor or parsley chop-ped fine may be added, ono or two tablespoons being enough. SUGGESTIONS Cleaning 8llver—Keoplrg the silverware l>rlglvt and shining is one problem that all I IOUSOW I VOR must faco. It will tarnish. The sulphur that combines with the silver to tuake the tarnish (silver sulphide) In found tu the atr where coal or coal gas is used. It Is also found In foods such as eggs and In wool and rubber. It is not soluble In water so washing Is of no avail. The simplest method lo to clean by the electrolytic method. Uoe one teaspoon of .washing Boda to a quart of boiling water in an earthen, glass or enamel dish with a zinc or aluminum plate. Yon- can clean It in ait aluminum pen but the stain U then transferred to the pun -which is also attacked iby the alkaU. Aluminum plates can bo had for this purpose. If the silverware has but a slight tarnish the cleaning is iustan- Jjmeous, but If badly tarnished It will tako a few minutes to remove the stain, Hub with a soft cloth or chamois to polish. Carefully eeloctod flowers, arranged with itonder consideration, make a beautiful rferaota. branco spray, which you can purchaso here for $2.00 and up. Our funeral piocos embrace a wldo range ot singularly beautiful designs which bear the unmlstakaible mark ot the. artist In their conception. u . v v V Phone S80f> \T(HOV» 18 North Main St FGLTZ PHARMACIES -3 STORES- AT YOUR SERVICE. SAN TOX ADJUSTERS A.n efficient laxative, pleasant In taste and action. Suitable for children or adults, 'ir.fty adJuM all bodily disorders arising from constipation. T/jeae are Weal for Kwjphie the body In ffood condition during ttwi hot summer moutha. Price 25c •yr=r . 2-° & MAIN ^ ^ <A'DS\ 4-k MAIN jmWfac MAIN 9 Tubs of Water \T*~^J f° r eoch tub of clothes In the average homo about 0 tubs of water take cars of the entire family washing, . In our modern laundry there are 9 changes of water for each tub of clothes. It's this abundance ot water that gives to your things, that cleaner, whiter appearance and conserves their lite. Only ths purest of white neutral soap Is used and everything Is washed as carefully as you would wash a piece of fine linen. Just bundle up your clothes and rhona for our representative. VSCf CLEANERS ST-ttWMt $ttmk Walter Besta. U$k PHONE 44 •

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