Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on March 11, 1897 · Page 5
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 11, 1897
Page 5
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.T, F. Wic*. who recently returned item a <r!«Jfc with relatives la Iowa, Is fee guest of his ton, Larlsln Wlclt, And finally, •' MiM K»t* Haekett visited at Henry Morris, Sr's. Saturday and SaMay. Mlseea Z«lla and Vernie Pengh and Mr. H*s»a& Peugh spent Wednesday eveoing of last weak with Will Hoover and family. .. . f •. "• • : ' Messrs, Dirks and Falkera shelled corn foi Hlllera AfisMi Tuesday.: Misa Sylvia Taylor was a Sterling • visitor Monday and Tuesday* Ml&seff Louise and Emma Maberry and Messrs. Judson Dowd and Will ' EUtot spent Sunday at: J, C. Taylor'6. Two of Joseph Leohner*8 'children are ill with the measles. Frank Steinhagen and wife moved on the farm recently occupied by Louis Kophamer last week. John Sims and family moved into .lJti!CDew^pme_nprthpj[St«HngF^day. z. ) ^AnthonyLFpikeii^ /Jannsen with his farm labors the coming year. Louie Dirks baa the measles. . Oscar Maberry will assist Burl Jack- aoii with his farm labors the coming season, . Henry Johnson will soon change the locality of hla barber shop. He will move in one of H. Folkers' tenement booses. March 8. The weaiher continues cold and the ' roads rough and hard. We may now ; at any time have spring weather coine i uponua. ;'••> , Central Examination was held here , last Saturday. All passed with a good ! percent, but one. ., One .of'pur former lady teachers ls Miss Mary Burns and her BlsTer.Mra J. J. McKevltt, were here visiting with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Owen Burns. " < ' Samuel Boyer, a-young man, was adjudged insane last week and sent to tbe insane asylum at Kankakee. How sad for a young man to be dethroned of his'reason,:. >'.. .: ..-•-.. •..-.. :•'•>.-•-,, • • . : Samuel Manning has moved into his new home," /*••.••,'•. -, >••••••. '•• '.••,-. .. •>• 'The movers have been going every ,'day for the past two weeks. Hatry Duer has gone into the bard-ware, coal and lumber business with his brother-in-law^ ThomaVP, Long. , Mr. Hutchison is bavlng'corn shell-—ed out of-his cribs to -make-room for more. .* *., 'There is a new secret organization & being formed here. -It will admit the -/•ladies.-- . '• : ..;•---.-•-.,:.,... ,.....-,. .j.,;.-;. 5 ~ "Jameo M. Swan wenrto the:clty of Clinton, Ia., one day last week. , Charles. Smltohd went to DeKalb ' last week on business; also to Syca- . .., ._ _ : There, are several of our people here who are having bad colds. /.'>'-"•;;''' ' -'. Our merchants -have been complaining about 'dull times. They are very silent about the spring election, Usually about this time there •is a great stampede.. Mr.,Fetters, who has been sick for some time, has gone to Amboy. There is a good .business at the creamery; they now take in about ten thousand pounds of milk every other day. . '•..•••^-; 1 '.' i --'".-.-:V'='-^:'••>.',••.'•'' '---March 8. .A;..AV.\:-., ••:.::. •.••..:...... .0. F. Sippet moved his harness .buai- aess into the building recently vacated by Maxfleld & Powell on the. east side of MaJn.atreet, ' , Miss Maud Sears, of Sterling, la vis- „ with Dr, and Mrs. P. A. Lillie. Will Molntyre, of Ladd, brother of Mrs. E. L. Wroten, came to Tampico last Saturday for a visit. Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Brewer were called to Clinton last week to attend tbe funeral of their little grandson. .• Delos Craddook returned this week Monday to bis borne la Dundee, Mies '"' John. Raynor and; A. J.; White .accom M .panied him to look at the country. Jacob Bein had the misfortune to break his leg last Wednesday. He was driving cattle and the horae he was riding fell, and in doing BO, hla leg was broken. At last (accounts he waa doing j, Turner moved last Mon day into the James MoBride farm and Will Scott and family are staying at T, A. Sanders' until they can find some house in wbloh they: can move. Houses eeem to be very scarce at present •' ";" y-'i-y;-'- >':: ;-.;•>;'.• s Rev. H. A, Hoover wes . called to SUilman Valley, Ogle; Co., to preach teat Sunday, The pulpit of tbe Bap tiat church was filled during vfaiaab sea0$ by Rev, J. E.' Warner, of Cambridge, Maaa. •-:'. <•>•:,• •'•-• •'•' The KnigbtB of the, Globs gave a banquet at the Uaptiet church lest Wednesday evening. The address whiaa w&» very interesting and enjoyed b? all p«s»nt, was delivered by E®y, Case D»vis, of Sterllpg. A rnuai- c»l progrem wan reisdered. The solo by MI88 Blanche JFeli was delightfully Hiss F01I to an artist and t bM na superior ia the couaty sod 83! Joffcrs of rmwe ftr$ delighted to heat her. M!«9 Minnie Btatow went to Proph* etstown test Sfttnrdsy for « vlsU, re- rnlBf Monday, Miaa Com Patterson, who hag been visiting for some time ia Emerson, re- urned to Tampieo on Monday morn- ng the eighth lost. Miea Mattie Brjant, who has been vfslttog for some months with her rel- itives in Tampico, left Monday for her home In Chicago. Mrs. Shirk, of Walnut, mother of Mrs. Btlles Pierce, returned to her home last Monday. Mrs. George Berge and Mrs, Mary lowlett are visiting this week in New Bedford with Mrs. Frank Anderson. FredC. Glassbttrn took the train Monday morning for Chicago, where he will spend a fe'w days. Miss Margaret Browning, of 81 Paul, who has spent the winter in Tampico with Mrs. Dr. LilHe, left last Thursday for plintonffromwhich place,-af; ier a'shortviBitrwill"proceed tcr 'tier lome in St Paul. Olof Pearson, of Austin Park returned to his farm in Fair fleld last Saturday. • *, • ' .• . ..':. ." .' . ' ; •-•' The chalk talk by Harry Thomas at the Methodist church last Friday everi- ng was well attended and pronounced good. ' • John Cunningham loaded his house- lold goods and other personal property nto a car Monday, Mr. Cunningham has rented his land and will move back to his former home in Central Illinois. East Science Ridge. Maltby Detrle moved out from Stering Into one of Lev! Suavely's houses ast Monday. ' John Byera is training j_colt. " his parents over Saturday and Sunday. .. ; •-> . . " : ; .. •' Samuel Nunemaker, an enterprising farmer in this vicinity, islbecoming quite noted as a rat killer. He killed sixty-five last week., While going to Sterling last Monday morning, the .writer saw two meadow larks. Evidently thie birds were not used to this kind of weather, but their presence gives warning that spring, ia not far off. '^ ",',-.'•" Hattle Ebersole, who is ill with lung fever, ia reported to be better. Three pupils of this school will epeak at the declamatory contest which will occur sometime in the future. Revival meetings are being held at the Zlon Mennonite church this .week. Roy Evans; after an illness of several day's is able to be around again. . , , It will be onlyAfewjweeks yet until farmers will be Been working in the fields. ':"•',' ' ' ' : * '• ~ Gnrdenplaiu. • T. B,-Eaton f —who-been-connected- with the implement business In Gar- denplainfor some time- past, sold his buildings and goods to William R. and Stephen Montgomery last week. We wish the new firm abundant success. Frank George, one of our promising young men, has gone to Ustick to live with S. Murphy and family the coming season. We regret to lose Frank from our midst. , Mr, Lipkenio shipped two 'car load of cattle to Chicago Tuesday. John Burghardt and .Misa Belle Eaton made a trip to .Fulton .Thursday. •'.;'•';''• ••'•-'':'.•'•'..'•., ;; : '-• ,".'"•• ''• Miss Etta Xleorge, of Clinton, is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. A. J, Stowell thia week., ..'.'..;.. ,.. . > . ; Mr, and Mrs. J. 0, Long, of Fulton, palled upon friends at the Corners Wednesday.. ." ^ "Poverty Sociable" at the home of Mr. and Mrs., Burghardt Friday even ing; March 12. All are invited to be present. ,.,_.;'.-.. ..- -•: . •••. «. .... •, •..;..'-;'• Miss Belle iKearns, of Fulton, is spending a few weeks here in Garden plain visiting her many relatives and trlends. ' ; \ •" y ,yA/Ji Osbprni of Erie, spent Wednesday of last week the guest of Mr. and Mrs. E. Maroy, Mr. Osborn left here for Minneapolis where he expects to spend several months visiting his boya and writing a book on the money ques tion,' .,..'- ••: ?'-\ ;,--.; '•-. '/,;.;. Mrs, Hare, of Fulton, is in 'Garden- plain this week, : Mr. McMaken made a business trip to Cllntpn Monday,. March 9, ;;i :: :/: : '';r.: : ,-.Oait.^;•;-:';: , •.•' v. The roac|8 are still in a terrible condition'/'. '•.•'.'"•-' . '../'.' " : ; .••••":. •Mrs.IraSbontz spent Tuesday after noop with Mra. J. H. Vandenburg. Mrs. Frank Hall wiU give a rag bee today, ' E, H. Lane was quite badly iojujf< last Saturday by a fall from the eeaal- phore at Rock Island/ JujacUpn. Dr. Frank Anthony was called 9 aud, after an examination, stated that there were no .bones broken, although he waa badly bruised. He is getting along as well M could be expected, Hoary Jurken, who has been ill of pneumonia for some improving , r, in Pennsylvania for some lime re trned house last Sstardaty, Mist Lane, of Itochelle, Is visiting ler brother, who was Injured at Rock Island Junction last Saturday. Frank Hageraan, of Round Grove, was visiting hi* Bister* Mrs, William Wilkinson, last Tuetday. Mrs. H. M. Grime* and Mrs. J, H. Robinson spent last Friday with Mrs. J. Hi Vandenburg. Mr, aad Mrs. Ralph Allen epent Sunday with relatives ia Gait, Miai Lulu Bowman is visiting net aunt, Mri. William Runk, of Jordan. March 9. West Science KldgO, Many are absent from school on ac- sount of sickness. . Last week it waa stated that William Schrader had moved to the place vacated by John Relsner, 1 That wat was mistake. He did not move until Monday of this week, ._8ervlce!Lare,.belDg held at .the West Science Ridge church this weekr-Hevr Brink, of Pennsylvania, is presiding, Al Harting had hia wood sawed last Monday. Stern Bto'a. did the work. , Frank Ebersole,. of Prairiavllle, is working for Christ F. Miller. Miss Mamie Relsner has taken up tier abode with David M. Ebersole and family, Miss Agnes Harting is back i*t\ school after a week's' absence, assisting her Bister, Mrs. A. Magee, of Sterling. Miss Bertha Moore, of Sterling, assisted Mrs, William Schraeder with the work of moving last Monday. Miss Mabel Jones spent Sunday with her friend, Miss Mertle. Brown, of Sterling. • Little Carl Schrader's pony ran away Lfjrojn_Bchopyb-ej)tlier Mrs. Titus with her two yotjngett children, departed Saturday for her old home at Esntool, where she will visit with her mother and other relatives for two or three week*. The Epwprth League held election of officers Sunday night. Mrs, Douglas Murray was elected President Samuel Snyder has moved to Mr, Bwartz's farm west cf Harmon, recent- y vacated by George DIr. , : Quite a number from Harmon attended tbe Institute Sunday. The afternoon session of the Town- Sunday School Institute was well at* tended and very^Intereetlng, although a few that were ori the program were aot present. District Secretary Mr. Miller, of Jordan.and McClellan Fluck, of Hume, gave interesting talks on Primary work In Sunday School. Sketch of. lesson, "The Ethiopian Convert," by Mrs. Scott. Rev, John Wllllam», being unable to altend.lent his paper on "How to keep young men in the Sunday' School," which was read by Superintendent Barnum, and was very good. G. P. Perry then gave a talk on the *Need of Normal Lessons." . Dr. Franc MorrlU, Lnman Ramsay and JE. E. Jenkins being absent, others talked on the subjects assigned thorn. Miss Josie Murray then Bang a sweet solo. The evening service was not BO well attended.on account of the inclemency of the weather. The following program was rendered: BonaSerrlce Uo Philips Prayer D. O.Coe Bible Ecadlng '.... I. M. .Philips Bolo,selected Leo Philips Why Should Review toe a Part of Every Lesson?.. ., D.0.000 II the Sunday School Is for the Study of the Mrs! Andrew Brown, of Sterling, ppent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs, M. W. Jones. Miss Margarite Hax was the yictim of a very bad cold last week, so that it was with great difficulty that she spoke aloud. D. 0. Coe is very ill. A runaway caused considerable excitement on the Pennlngton road Tuesday eve. Too much bug juice the cause. ...... • : •:• ^ ••;"•. •/ •' ; Miss Mary Ebersole is now assisting Mrs. Manuel' Landis with household work.- ;'•-'-•• : ' ' . .'•••',•'' Mesdames George Hoover,' Taylor, Jake Buzzard and Arthur Magee, of Sterling, and Harry Kauff man, Of Lyndon, spent Sunday as the guests of Al Harting and family. > David M. Eberaole and family spent Sunday Twith'PherosiLeFever and fanv ily.of Penrose. : A Bachelor's Retreat with Pearl Schrader and Harry Hartingad proprietors and John Moore and Chat Ramsdell aa Besistants was kept"laat" Saturday and Sunday night in the house to which William Schrader, moved on Monday. Mrs. Al Harting, who has been confined to her bed for nine weeks is .now able to sit up for several hours each day.' :.. ; - •'';• '..' . Montinorency. v Farmers' Institute at the M, W. Ai, Hall Wednesday. The Royal Neighbors will serve dinner. . • Cyrus De La Matter finished husking corn on.Thursday of last week. Miss Pearl Frank is spending the week in Rock Falls at the home'of Mr. Scbutts.' ,• . ; .'"."-•.; '•''• •''. .':.•"•;• .' Miss Cora Sturtz had. an attack of the grip last week, but was able to be out Sunday. .. Jonathan Long, of Chicago, IB visiting his niece, Mrs.Loretta Mnrray, this week. Bert Giassburn purchased a new buggy Saturday. Suppose he will be seen going to Tampico quite often. Mr. and Mrs. MoWhorter and ..little daughter were on the slok list last week. Their many friends will be glad to hear that they are improving. ' Mesdames Giassburn and Heaton were the guests of Mre. Esther Murray last Thursday. Henry Parker, of Ida Grove, Ia., via ited relatives in Montmorenoy the lat ter part of last week. > . Mr. Walker moved to Rock Falls last Friday, Mr. Casael moved into the bouse vacated by Mr. Walker. Mrs. Helen Titus, of Rock Falls, spent Saturday with her brother, A. L. Titua..:. -' , s "':;• ' :1 : ; : . •';•• ;. ' The teachers of this vicinity expect to attend the Teachera'Institute which will be held at Rook Falls Friday even ing and Saturday. • The schools of Montmorenoy will ho!4 an elocutionary contest,at the church Friday evening,"March 19. There will be two contestants, one under and one over twelve years of age,' from each school. Prizes will be awarded to first and second beat in each grade.; An admission fee of fifteen and twenty cents will be charged. Everybody cordially invited, Paul Jamison and Ernest Ciatwor tby attended the Sunday School Intti- -tut© and visited at the home of Edgar Weo&f Sandsy. bnildinir a honsAon itio which, completed, he sod his brid« will com- - r HlDlerwfiy no$ useTUie Bible insteaa of Letaon Helps?.. Mra. Scott, I. M. Philips and Others. Solo. ...Leo Philips Prayer V.,I, M. Philips March 9. • Jordan. The roads are very muddy, but the frost IB not out very deep down, BO there is still a bottom to them, It is growing colder, so that they may be frozen up by morning. Jarnes Anderson .was fortunate in taking off his hogs on Mondays-nine loads of them. Mr. Anderson has not yet entirely recovered from lagrippe. G.' W. Livingston waa quite sick last week/but able to be upborne of the time. Mrs. Livingston was'taken sick on Monday."- Fortunately for them, they have Mr. and Mrs. Franklin there to take care of them.: ' North of here there is a great deal of sickness. One man said there were scarcely enough well ones to take care of thesick. ""^HenryWorden^bas not been~wellifor- some time, having had the grip and a cold. He was exposed to the unpleasant weather too soon; took a -relapse and it changed to typhoid pneumonia, of which he died Monday morning. His friends and neighbors can hardly realize that he has gone. He made thia world one of cheer and joy oo far as he could, He seldom met a friend without making him laugh, He IB to be buried at the Brick church on Wednesday at 11 o'clock. ....'.' _Mayhew Worden is sick, threatened with pneumonia. John Worden, of Cedar Rapids, ia here to attend his brother's, funeral. Mr, and Mrs. Healy, of Cedar Rapids, are here, called to the bedside of Mrs. Healy's father, Mr. Wordeni .. Mr. Cheeaman was taken seriously ill on Saturday evening and at last ^accounts was delirious. . Mrs, Mary Maxwell Quest was dangerously sick last week, but IB said to be out of danger now, . . • Uncle Vernon Sanford was that on Saturday he was able to Bit up and smoke hia pipe. • The young people of the Christian Endeavor of East Jordan church will hold a sociable at J. R. Anderson's on Friday evening. On Sunday, March 21, at 11 oclock, the Jordan W. C. T, U. will hold services to celebrate the ninety-third birthday of Hon, Neal Dow, at the East Jordan church. The birthday is March 80, but it was thought best to have the exercises on Sunday March 21, the pastor having to be away that day holding a quarterly meeting. Every body Is cordially invited to attend. A good program IB in preparation. The Jordan W. 0. T. U. met on March 4 at R. B. Anderson's ia Ogle county; celebrated the inaugural of President MciCinley aa well as they could, rendered a good program, at tended to considerable temperance work, knotted three comfortables, made part of a rag carpet, bad a good social time and ate a sumptuous din ner, which the union IB not expected to prepare. We think the innovation waa caused by a Sterling woman and we talked of fining her for preparing euch a feast, Gratitude for kindness would It not be? , Tha nest regular aieetlag wiU be held April i at the residence of which wil! tw :«r* at once. T»pnty-{lT*( dn!t«rt b*en sent ftotn Jordan. The Union will f nrsish dinner »t the Towa Hail on Town Meeting day fea ostial, Joe Koberstias mov*d to the Uncle Jimmy Anderson farm on Tuesday, The aickneia of Mrs. Koberetine prevented their moving last week. Ira Madison's have moved to Dixon. March fl. ; i * pBitrrART. Henry E. Worden was bom in Andes, ».-•• V* May ^ 1834, and Hied ftt its late home of double pneumonia, Monday morning, March 8, 1897, aged sixty-two years, nine months and ten : ' ' from In 1836 Mr, Worden'a parents moved toElkborn Grove, thus being among the very first pioneers to settle in this section of .. the country. There were iwelve children in the famly, Henry, ;he third child, being tbe firnt to depart this life. The early experiences •erved to build up a atrong, decisive Character, which ever afterward won the friendship and admiration of alt who came in contact with him. In 1858 Henry went to California, making the trip by the Isthmus of Panama, where he remained seven years. This period of his early life in ,he mine* and on the plains told seriously on his health In after years. Three years after hia return to Illinois, in 1868, he waa united in marriage to Helen E. O'Kane, daughter, of Mr. and Mrs. Michael O'Kane. Soon after iheir marriage they moved to Barclay Corners where they have since-lived. Into their happy home.came five children the eldest being married and now living in Cedar Rapids, Ia. Belle, Mag gie,' Mae, Sykea and Pearle, all of whom are living save one, little Maggie, who was calledJjomeJln-1877.—Itjvas£ ftTln^isTBome HfeTtEafthT true index of his character may best be found; kind, thoughtful and loving, Indulgent to a fault, v . He was converted early in manhood.' During his last illness which was of ten days duration he was an intense sufferer, yet no word of complaint escaped hia lips. The children were .all at his bedside. Of hia eleven brothers and sisters three only .were permitted to attend the funeral. Interment took- place at the brick church, Rev. Bald- Win officiating at the funeral. the MetbOiJiat efeoJK •Now" i 'Yield not to' eenes," (I) Temptatton» A , f w JSW * W , a), (8) The Blessing ora^f^au^ teleoted, ,with r**" *-'—«-- Aij -' As ——.^- >* f . men t, Master.' of Fifty-five cottpla tripped the 'antastio at Loomia' Hall Thursday evening, March 4, In honor 6£ WilUafe McKinley, who had* at uobri on tfwl lay, been inaugurated President of tht United States for a term of font $mrn. The hall waa tastefully decorated wife flaga andbunUng, two large pictures of the President adorning the walls on either side of the building. The b$U ivas a very brilliant affair indted, and ;he costumea worn by the ladlea are worthy of special mention. The Grand March waa led by Mr. and Mrj. Harry Richmond. Quite a number' from oat * town were present as guests' of tbe ilub, among whom were Mr. and Msi.: r. E. Glassburn, Misses Minnie Olson and Mabel Gifford, Messrs. Hatton and Aldrlch end Frank Stewart, and" wife of Tampico; E. C. Day and wife, Miss Miller, and Messrs. McElrath, Ed Quackehbush end H. J. Blasdell, ac- iompanied by their ladies, anSC. A* Booth, of Morrison; Mlsa Millie Rey-, lolds and Messrs. 0. G, - Harrison and uerRiley-and-MiUikanf-of-i Miss Josephine Hanks, of Albany and F. 0. Merrill, of Ladd. Weber^ orchestra, of Morrison, furnished the music. ' .";. , , , • '• '' March 10. Prophetstown. . ,, The Public School waa closed In thia place Monday morning for an indefinite time on account of diphtheria. Mrs. C. .1. Dickinson, returned from the city Monday evening after an absence of eleven weeks,. Norman Wilder left for Washington, D. C., Monday. He went In the interest of Hia patents. , • Mies Mabel Potter went to her home count of the schools closing here Misses Barnes andChatfield are vsiit- ors in Morrison this week. c \ Lawyer Allen, of Erie, made a business trip to pur city Monday, Mrs. Donahue has been on the sick list for several days. : .' •„ .•,•-•-. MesBra Tom Little'and Orris Morrille returned Tuesday from their Western trip- Mrs. Amelia Pratt is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Mark Stowell. Miss Josephine^Hanks, after spending Yeverar days among friends, returned to her home in Albany Tuesday evening. • . . E. C. Cole baa secured the, territory between Fulton and Mendota to travel in the interests of the Beaver Shirt Go. of Chicago. He will make his trips about every three months and spend the balance of tbe time in the store, Miss Florence Crook, of Sterling, called on friends in town one day last week. •-•••;....- Clarehoe'Bobth, of Morrison, came over Thursday evening to attend the Inaugural Ball and returned Friday evening. Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Smith went .to Clinton Thursday evening to attend a charity ball. Mies Lou Baldwin entertained a party of her young friends at her home last Friday evening. , . Mra.E.P. Brown aad little son, Eugene, went to Clinton, Ia., Thursday evening and returned Saturday. . The Sons of Veterans are preparing to celebrate their second anniversary as a camp inG.'A. R. Hall Tuesday evening, March 18. A program wiU be rendered and all are invited to attend.' '/'•"",.'.''• •.'•''•'- " : ; ~ : The Congregational cnurch choir won many compUmenta and receiyed great praise at their song eervice Sunday evening. The attendance very large. ' : . An entertainment will be given „. Sholea' Hall on Wednesday evening. March 17, for the benefit of Charles Bhorette. The entertainment Will coat slot of music, recitations, etc., concluded with the laughable force entitled "Popping the Question," The eionia ten and twenty cents. last waa at Pcogtamiaa Ip be gi?«a Friday Maseeh, 18, 1S97, unde? Ifea —A number of the boys on North Sixth avenue and from First Ward made things lively for a abort time. Feeling that no wedding is complete without a charivarj, thei boya voload their appreciation by making a tremendous noise. •' - .'• —Miller &Prichard have juat Completed a handsome sign for the "Little Brick Market," corner Third, and LV oust streets.^ The fllgn^ ia one of thft handsomest and most artiBtfipeclmein. of this class of elgn writing to be eeea in the community. ' •'•''' ,!'• OHIO AGO MARKETS. Furnished by Hostrawm' ft Co. Grain Brokers, of Chicago; branch office, rear First National Bank, Harrison .Telephone, 18. Long DUtanoo Bell Telephone, 89. ABXZOUU, WHBAT. May.... July .... Mac .... Corn. May..... July.... Mar .... May .... July...; Mar .... Mesoprk May .;.. July,,.. Mar .... Lard. May .... July .... Mar .... OPEN, 75% 8.40 8.52 4.15 4.25 25% 17 8.40 8.62 4.17 4.25 tow. 24 17J 8.30 8.42 4.10 4.20 OI<08B. 8,30 8AZ 8.80 4.12 4.22 4.00 12 O'CLOCK—CASH MABKKT, Wheat. No, 2 Red, 84@8C, " 8 " 78@83. ' " 2 Spring, 75. "8 " 72@74. « 2 Hard W., 78@82. ' -• • ' « 3 " "» 72@76. ," I Northern Bpring, Corn. '••'-:''•'•• -•••• '•• • No. 2 White, «« 2 f 8 Yellow" Oats. No. ? 9 White, 17@1», EOO AND OATILB Mar. lOi "97. UNIOH STOCK Hog» 25,000, Cftttlfl 14.&00. Sheen rt^OO,; ; ' Hogs left over 3,ooo. Kansas City hoj« to-4ay, U.OOO. EAoaas City cattle to-day, Omaha hogs to-day, 4,600, Omaha oattleto-day, 2,600. ovmaamn. Hogs opened strong, Mixed, 3.6008.88; good li«*w ¥ " ~5; rough, ° JBjfc<rB!r " • • ** n." L i, 't \>

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