Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 24, 1977 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 24, 1977
Page 5
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Saturday, December 24. 1977 HOPE (ARK. \ STAR Five 78. MISCELLANEOUS Classified FIREWOOD FOR SALE: $».» a rick, spBt $35.00 a rick. No longer than 1 feet 777-5M7. MOVIES fiO.PAINTING SERVICES GET YOUR PAINTING DONE in the off season. Special prices on staining or painting wood fences. Call anytime for free estimates. 777-5W3. 124-lmc ARTICLES FOR SALE 71. CARS OR TRUCKS INGRAM'S USED CARS - Wffl buy used cars and pickups. Call J.B. Ingram, 777-8670. WANTED: Late model Used Cars and pickups trucks. See James or Mike Gaines. Phone TTW5100. ATTENnON HUNTERS & Trappers. Baying firs at Rwy. 29 &Ave A, across from Jumbo Borger. Every Sonday 4:90 pjn. to 5:00. Absolutely Top Prices. John Boyd - Benton, Ar. 11-29-lmp "*" ' "' i H • ..... »..n .,.-. n, „ „.„ i „ 79. HOMES 1S71 BEL AIR 4 door, good gas mileage. Call 777-W41 or 7775338 after 4:00 p.m. Make Offer. 11-21-tf 1377 CHEV. VEGA, red, radio & 4 speed, $2500, Contact 777-M38. 12-2Mtp 1989 CADILLAC COUPE Deville, fully equiped, clean, mechanical sound, bargain.....777-3128. 12-24-ttc 1973 BUICK ApoDo, loaded, 350, chromes, new tires, and air shocks, runs good, looks good, call after 5:00 pjn. 7778335. 12-21-6tp PUTMAN'S USED CARS. We buy and wen used cars & pickups. 201 S. Hazel, 7775762. 12-13-tf 1968 FORD LTD - $300. 777-3703 also '74 FORD % ton Er- ployer pickup air & power $2250. 12-22-6tc 1976 FORD PICKUP, long wheel base, wide bed, exceptionally dean. Phone 7779408. After 5 777-4238. 12-22-6tc 74. FURNITURE MATTRESSES, MATTRESSES, MATTRESSES, Must seD now several name brands, all sizes, most are still in wrappers, mattress and box spring set for $68. Terms available. See Freight Sales Co. 307 W. Broad, Texarkana, Texas, 11 to 8 weekdays, Saturday 9 to 5. 12-2041 RECUNERS, RECLINERS, RECLINERS. Must sell now. Good selection of recliners including wall hugers and rocker redinera. We have 3 piece recliners with good covers for $49.95. Terms Available. Freight Sales, 307 W. Broad, Texarkana, Texas 11 to 8 weekdays, Saturday 9 to 5. 12-20-tf 78. MISCELLANEOUS WHY PAY MORE FOR LESS, When you can get the best at discount prices. All McCulloch models. Slightly used McCulloch 850-$300. HOPE OUTDOOR POWER & EQUIPMENT, Third & Hazel, 777-8585. 12-1-tf "IT'S A SONY" Your SONY Dealer in Hope is Collins Electronic Service— 1122 South Main, Phone 777-3429. Serving you for 16 years. 12-10-tf TRAPPERS - HUNTERS - Top prices for your furs. Green, dry or whole - Also deer hides. Will be in Hope Every Wednesday 2:30 p.m. - 3:00 pjna. Burger Center. Hwy S7 W. Vemon Lewis 214-822-3562. 12-5-lmp PROFESSIONALLY clean your carpets with new lightweight RINSE-N-VAC steam cleaner. Rent at T.G.&Y. Family Center-600 North Hervey-Hope. 12-21-3tc SEARS BEST MAKE Chain saw, has cut one corf of wood. 777-4218. $180. 1241-ttc FOUR BEDROOM, HOME 3% bath, brick, large kitchen and den area with bar, separate dinning room, fireplace, separate rec. room, large foyer, 2800 aq. ft of heated area. 4 acres of land. 777-8161 or 777-6495 after 5:00 pjn. Located 5% mites on Hwy 67 west 12-31-12te FOUR BEDROOM, 3 bath, brick with central beat 4 air, den, iiragroom, DR, ou 1 acre. Rocky Mound Rd. Call 777-4326. 12-21-12tp NEW HOUSE, 3 br., 1% bath, 1 3-10 acres, half brick, afl electric, near Bois 'D Arce, 777-3085. 12-14-12tp V 79B. REAL ESTATE 2.41 ACRES with 3 bedroom mobfle home. 12*xl6' barn. Just 2 mites from town on blacktop road 19 ACRES—about 12 acres tillable - 5 acres timber, weD, pump, septic, electricity. 24-X36' bam. Call JON or MARY DEWBRE 777-5600 nights 777-8836 or come by UNTIED FARM AGENCY 908 East 3rd St - Hope, AR. 12-22-4tc 83B. BOATS & MOTOR By BOB THOMAS AwKtetnf Pren Writer 'TETE*S DRAGON" is the Disney package for the holidays, and an agreeable gift it is. The cast is talented and froBcsome: Mickey Roomy, Helen Reddy, Red Bottom, Jim Date, SheBey Winters, Jim Backra and Sean Marshall, who is - Pete. The real star is Effiott, a wiuiiiiiS, i>foot actor with scales, wings, long tail and hot breath. He is a classic Disney creation, his appearance compensating for arid patches in Bte film. AI Kasha and Joel ffirschborn contribote the roOMang: score. RATED G. "TELEFOfT* is James Bond played without tongue in cheek. Charles Bronson remains straight-or rather stony-faced through the far-fetched spy adventure. We are asked to believe that loony Donald Pfeaa- ance can recite Robert Frost ("mfles to go before I steep") over the telephone and cause normal ciizens to blow up defense installations as part of an obsolete Russian plot KGB agent Bronson and dual-agent Lee Remtck have to stop him before a nuclear war starts. ' Unbelievable? Very. And yet Don Siegel keeps the pace brisk . and Bronson fans win adore it PG. "SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER" marks the emergence of John Travolta as a fflm star in much the same manner as Sylvester Stallone and "Rocky." Barbarino, of "Welcome Back, " Kotter" emerges as an actor of comedic vitality and he's an electrifying dancer as weD. He plays a paint shop salesman whose life revolves around his disco nights. The musk is loud, the talk raunchy, the sex «nf- maiis&c. Director John Badham has captured the beat and the milieu, as the young crowd will recognise. The ffta is aimed at them, not the mature and squeamish. Rated R. m"HANDLE WITH CARE" is the new title of a Paramount film released earlier this year as "Qtben's Band." It is getting a new release, and deserves it. Not just a ripoff of the CB craze, the film offers arresting character studies of people in a small Western town. There are too many coincidences in the script, brf it is directed with warm humor by Jonathan Demme. Rated PG. "SEPTEMBER 30,1966" had a brief Universal release as "9- SW5" and was withdrawn for the more explicit title (the date of James Dean's death) and sales campaign. James Bridges' autobiographical script teUs how the tragedy affected the lives of teen-agers in an Arkansas town. Bridges directed with loving care, and Richard Thomas provides a moving portrait This reviewer noted that "the air of tragedy hangs heavily over the events." Rated PG. Motion Picture Association of America rating definitions: G — General audiences. AD ages admitted. PG—Parental guidance suggested. Some material may not be suitable for children. R — Restricted. Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian. X — No one under 17 admitted. Some states may have higher age limits. NEEL—CRAFT Boat manufacturing Inc. Has moved to the Hope Proving Grounds location and invited everyones repairs or any other service that we can do for you in the fiberglass line. Call 777-6466, JAMES NEEL for free estimates or pickup and delivery. il-24-tf 84B. DOGS 2-THREE MONTH Old Labador Retriever, $75.00 registered. 777-5802 days after 6:00 pjn. 777-3748. 12-19-6tp CHINESE PUGS, Boston Terrier puppies. One Lewallen setter bird dog, 8 months old. Will hold for Christmas. Country Puppy Farm, 777-2503. 12-9-lmc 85;|VEARING APPAREL DICK'S CUSTOM SHIRTS for all members of the family. Custom shirts wfll be appreciated for Christmas. 11-28-tf SHOP BONNIE'S DRESS SHOP: Bodcaw for something different for Christmas. Beautiful * fashions, reasonable prices. Shop til 7 pjn. & Sunday afternoons. Yellow tag Sale. 12-5-lmc MAKE OVERTURE'S Your Christmas store, the gift that comes in pairs - "We have time for you." 11-28-tf BUSINESS WORLD ALMANAC'S Q&A 1. The total number of passenger cars produced in the United States in 1976 exceeded the 1975 population of New York City, True-False 2. The first woman pilot to circle the globe was (a) Amelia Earbart (b) Jacqueline Odium (c) Mrs. Jerrie Mock 3. The United States publishes 1,761 daily newspapers, according to a UNESCO report. The country that publishes the second largest number of daili^ is (a) United Kingdom (b) West Germany (c) India ANSWERS By JOHN CUNNIFF AP Business Analyst NEW YORK (AP) —Reviewing the year, one is inclined to the view mat the best Christmas present of all might be a period of reflection on what we are doing and what we hope to accomplish thereby. Without benefit of invitation, which is the spirit of gift-giving, these thoughts are offered as subjects of contemplation for: —GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS: By what alchemy does the government expect to stimulate the economy by the creation of public sector jobs? Doesn't part of the job shortfall result from government activities that weaken the private sector and prevent if from creating productive jobs that result in tax revenue rather than tax drain? One more question: Is it the rote of government to attempt eliminating all risk in life, even to the point of reducing personal options and telling people how they should run then- fives? -BUSINESS EXECUTIVES: What is the rationale behind those big incentive bonuses? Shouldn't the shareholders, or owners, expect management, their hired hands, to exert the ultimate effort at all times? And at any rate, wouldn't it be nicer to raise dividends before paying those bonuses? Another question: Why complain about the intrusion of Washington into business affairs and then run there when your own or your company's self-interest is involved? New Crop - Popershett PECANS Bay Direct and Sa»e RED RIVER PLANTATION Fulton, Ark. 501-896-2225 Take Hwy. (7 TuKcdKivrr briilgt. turn kit IZ8 ( samep «o'l (q) '£ W61 01 «(o) -z afdoad SOSJ3A £IK> e68'26fr' 7714-21-13A STAR STRUCK — Wrady SchMi M • d*wy-«y«d record i ctarfc VMNTM to b* woo«d by » rock-music star. Stw finaBy wrt* tar hurt on Ktafcy Frwdnwa, who ptay* htaMtt in American Last one: Shouldn't some companies consider stepping back from what they deem to be powerful, effective merchandising, but which many consumers consider to be outright exploitation? For everyone's good? —LABOR OFFICIALS: What can be done about the terrible maladjustment between skills needed to perform on the job and the absence of skills among high school graduates and even among mature job-seekers? Does a higher minimum wage help or hinder the unskilled? That is, does it deter some concerns from hiring the installed and thereby deny them the opportunity to team and earn a living? -CONSUMERS: Is it clear who pays the bills for all the demands made upon the system? That government expenses are always passed on in the form of taxes or inflation? That added business expenses, for cleaner environment and safer products, for example, usually result in higher consumer prices? OpflfM - Swxfof _ *» th« _ $•*.«>* - Ttl**t». OPEN 9:00 TIL 2:00 MONDAY DEC. ?6th! After Christmas Sale. 50% OFF women's outerwear. Save on a super collection of coats, pant coats, and jackets. In solids, stripes, plaids, wools, many more. Misses', juniors, extra sues 30% off all bras. Sale*2.10to*5.25 Reg. JjM to 7.5* First time ever! Save on every single women's and girls' bra styte in stock. Seamless cups, underwires, crossovers and more. All sizes and colors. 30% off all girdles. Sale 3.15 8.75 Reg. 4^9 to 12.50 First time ever! Save on all our briefs and girdles. Tummy control.criss- cross styles, all-in-ones, many more. Many colors, too. All at savings you can't ignore. Sale I .\7w Twin Reg. 2.99. A flowered vine blossoms on cotton/ polyester muslin. Full; reg. 3.99. Sate 3.29 Queen; reg. 7.99. Sate 5.99 King; reg. 9.99, Sate 7.99 23% to 30% off men's sweaters. Sale 12.99 Reg. $17. The JCPenney sweater of Orion* acrylic in solid colors. Sizes S.M.L.XL. Sale 6.99 Reg. $10. Sleeveless V-neck sweater of Orion* acrylic in solid colors. Sizes S.M.L.XL. Sale 1.99 Reg. 2.79. White sheets are durable, easy-care cotton/ polyester muslin. Full; reg. 3.59. Safe 2.99 Pillow cases, pkg. of 2; reg. 2.09. Sate 1.99 Sale 2.40 Bath Reg. $3. Soft-touch cotton/polyester velour towels add inviting luxury to your bath. Jacquard border design; fringe. Hand. reg 2 20. Sale 1.76 Washcloth; reg. 1 10. Sate BBC Save 30%. JCPenney slack. Reg. $14. Sate 9.80. Flare leg dress slack of Dacron* polyester with belt loops, and Ban-Ral* waist. Solids in men's gtm » to 42 SALE PRICES START MONDAY AND ARE IN EFFECT All WEEK SHOP9AM-5:30PM SPECIAL MONDAY HOU 859:00-2:00 JCPenney DOWNTOWN HOPE SHOP CATALOG

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