The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 3, 1914 · Page 10
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 10

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, July 3, 1914
Page 10
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' Page Ten T H E DECAT'UR R E V I E W Friday Evening, July 3, 1914. Cost of Want Ads in The Daily Review (e per line for first Insertion. 2Mc per line for each subsequent consecutive insertion. Minimum charge 20 cents. FOR RENT, HOUSES--(Co*.) FOR RENT--Modern cottage, 6 rooms end bath. 1275 N Church St. - 7494 FOR KENT--Modern 6-room house; linoleum, gas stove, shades; very desirable home. 4C7 S Oakland-. Auto 5313 7401 i RENT--5-room modern cottage. 1721 Erjuard St. Apply 1J29 N. Edward. 7487 1 llnee 3 tlmei....'. ZOc S lints 7 times COr No advertisement accepted for less than two lines Count »lx ordinary words to each line. Discontinuance of advertising Tnust b« in writing It will not be accepted oy phona. This protect! your lntere»iB ai well as ours. If You Can't Bring or Send Your Want Ad Phone Bell Auto Courteous operators, thoroughly familiar with ratt a, rules and classifications, will give you complete ln- fcrmauon. And. If ou wish, they will asjiat you In w o r d i n g your want ad. to make it most effective. Ada accepted by telephone to ac- eozamociate you If your name is in th« telephone directors', Every Home Has Use for .Review Want Ads LOST AND FOUND. LOST -- T h u r s d a y , small black purse containing ilningf and cliLck on Slew arts .Return 743 "VV. Packard 75-1 I.Ot.1 -- ^htirFrfav, a \\atch chain w i t h locket a t t a c h e d , lntnalg A, H S. Heturn 51S E Grand Av. Kewaid 7457 SITUATIONS WANTED. WANTED -- Steady work as driver, by a re- J i h l e m a n . furn f h one horne, Ftate wa$w* Addrt'S? G o-K*. taie P.pxiew 7M', "WANTED-- Position H* hou^tkceper for widower; no obloctlonp TO omt or t w o children Call or addT^s L- V , 9fi2 E ElSorado 71(K f a m l i \ Call or address, L, M C-. POT. E Eldorado. '-Wl \V\VTED -- Position bi- experienced ladv Hteno 0 TaDhcr. Cnll Bell phone i$33 74,14 WANTED -- A position in felling enl by a man ·with, severni \earV experience Address F 404, care Review. 1*04 WAITED -- By mldd o aged lady, position a* ·peopte preferred Best o.' references. Bell 1.T4T. 74$ W. Prairie "»G. HELP WANTED. W*J?TED -- A person of either sex to aid In photograph v; must have experience in amateur photographs. G 520. Review. ,5-i'J 15 POO GOVERNMENT JOBS open to men and wom"n $63 to JI50 month Write for list Franklin Institute, Dep't. G'iO, Kochester. N T. 72dt W4.KTED -- Man or woman to sell our Cine teas and coffee* baking powder, extracts and sn'ces. Best offer and premium? ^ \ r i t e us at once Athletic Tea Co. 711 Lucas Aw ' , Pt Louis, Mo ( - os HELP WANTED-- MALE. WANTED-- Barber at 122 E. -Wood. Bel] phone M3. Tj01 \TANTE--Hish-cla«« 'salesman for local conie-n- good pny to the right man. g h e *\n"rirnce in detail, state address and phoir number Address G 149, care Review. .449 V.ANTED -- Good man w i t h horse for delivery. Apply 135 8. Water. 7445 W-iXTED -- Middle-a?ec3 man to work on truck farm 1 mile south of county bridge Pell O3.i rins'll ' 41S IV A N T E D -- An energetic clerk who U a suc- -i-s8fiil amateur photographer Address F- :/'",. care Review. WXTED-- First class meat cutter; perma- nert position; must lie sober and reliable and ab'.e to «nvo AI references. Ben Eckert Lincoln. Ill '° 4S HELP WANTED-- FEMALE WANTED-- L.adv demonstrator for Val p Line toilet goofli. Call Mrs. Stanley, I^otilj Xichol's confertion»ry store t «^ tv'ANTEr* -- At once, competent cook "01 College. Hill. l s ' WANTED-- Experienced glr, for hou^eu-ork. good was", no tiafhinir: reter»nces; f a m - ilfSf t»o. Addres-s G 4W Rtv.ew. TIWl WANTED -- Experienced salesladirs. reac].- to-wear department of A Livingston ^nn-:, Bloomington. Ill To commence about A u e 15. State salary, experience. »-·* "WANTED -- Girl to h o u = ^ w n r k for her bf 1 - 1 '^ and clothes 6S2 E. Wood 71-- ·WANTED Experienced saleswomen for raadv-to-wear dept . A^o experienrerl palei-. "I r - 46 MISCELLANEOUS WANTS. WANTED -- rnrpenter work to do un-lor pome rontracror. G 447. R e v i e w 7447 WANTED -- rrep«making: switches made from comhlnes 12} E Main Bell 4R03 7441 WANTED -- All farmers to know they ran have dead stork removed free of charge. Notlfv TTUIIam Price 8C4 N. Monroe. Bell phone 2474. Auto. 3fl24 .42., -WANTED -- CarrieTiterlng shinning-. »1 SO and up; all k i n d s of repairing reasonable, new work ft* cheap as the cheapest Call A u t o 47K. 7' 20 W^VTED -- All kinds of carpenter work, ron'lng and odd .lolw of all kinds E r. Dn4v. Bell Will 7369 WANTED-- All k i n d s of icwlng Call Mi«s Oriston afier O p m Bell 4041. 7311 machine 7nnn. ^as moved to 215 N. Main, second f'onr T271 WANTED -- BoirfltnF horses at 215 W Wood Reasonabl" cliarcep Be°t of rare and feed Delivered and called for. C l i n t Bromley. Be!! 307. Au'n 1»7 TM8 »nd decorating; first clo«s work guaranteed. Condon Bros., Bel! 2361. 837 E. Conrtjt WANTED TO BTJf WANTED-- To Iriv « Hfrht wngon. 22S W King. Auto 1311. Bell JSSS. TU12 WAKTED -- To buv pood secon-hand 4-Mirner gaa stove; oven attached Bell 4*35 7436 T\7\vTEI -- To buy or leas* mllTc depot In gc^od location Bpll RS51 T444 Wanted to Buy. Wilt pay the highest cash prices lor used stoves. ruBTB and refrigerators, or will take m old furniture as first payment on nev. Home Outfitters, Anto phone 1S4L !701 BOAEDEHS WANTED. WANTED -- Boarders and roomers at 501 S Main; modern conveniences. 7514 WAITED -- Lad? to board and room; modern. B«!l 144. 1395 W. Wood. 7433 BbABD WANTED. WANTED-- Board for I or £ men. In private family; close In. G 435. care Review. 7455 FOR EENT-H01TSES. FOR RENT-- Nice *~rowm modern hoose. 129 W. Marietta, Just off of Main. W. 3. M«l- !er »69 N Main. TM 5 FOR RENT -- Houses -- one *-room, $S; two fi-room. HO. Close to Wabash shops. Bell 4623. 7423 FOR RENT-- Strictly modern S-room house, S2S E Cantrell A u t o phone 3979. 74,19 FOR RENT -- New 5-room cottage; modern, except furnace, papered. 1052 E. Main Fred Ca«BPll Auto I on S. 742R FOR RENT-- FIVE-ROOM STRICTLY MODERN COTTAGE, 347 EAST DIVISION. FOPR ROOM COTTAGE, flW SOUTH JACKSON' S^ PEG RAM COMPANY. BEL.L, 252 HOME, 1020 . 7414 1213 W Pecatur St., 5 rooms and barn.,.?15 746 E Center St., 6 rooms, modern. ... .520 1137 N Clinton St.. S rooms modern. .$22 50 1250 N. Clinton St., 8 rotfmB, modern. .$18 00 US'* W. Cottage Hill, 8 rooms, modern. .$2000 (113 S. Broadusy, G rooms, modern. .. .$22 00 1323 N Main St.. 8 rooms and garage. .J35 00 170S X College St., 9 rooms, modem., $2000 761 N. Morgan, fi rooms, newly papered. $15 00 1057 IV Grern, 6 rooms, Elec. light. .. .515 00 5(_' W M a i n St., 10 rms, modem, new. 545.00 L250 AV Decatur St., S rooma, modern, .$22.50 HIT St Louis Av , rooms barn, mod. $20 (W 22t \V Prairie Av , 5 room 1 ), city Ht .$4000 Many others at $800 to $7500. SJzee from 3 rooms to 17. Meridith Rent Co. 746S FOR RENT -- Cottago, thoroughly modern. J. L. Drake. 830 N. Main 7143 FOR KENT^-F'urmshed for summer, 4 room cottage, 146S "U" Wood, $15 per month; part I v modern A p p l v Mr Kennedy, Bell 'J77, care M u t u a l Protective League 7,'.S3 FOR RUNT -- Six room partly modern house, In good condition Apply 1412 E. North. Jos. t-wantz 7251 FOR R E N T OR SALE -- New modern 5 room cottage, S5i E. Lawrence; ono block from car Unp. 6641) FOR RENT-HATS. * FOR RENT-- r.RtB on N o r t h Main St , on 2nd and 3rd floors. Bullard Bldg. I n q u n e L W. B u l ' a r d . Citizens , u l o n d l Bank. 7415 FOR R E N T -- U-room. modern apartment, 440 "W Macon Heit and lanitor ber\ Ice See E L. Qumlan. 41s M i l h k m Bldg. Bell 21614^"2 Auto 12H! 7411 FOR I t E N T -- New six room modern f l a t s , ground floor- large sleeping porcb; close In C. McDonald. Rb3 £. %\ater 73St FOR RENT-- Thoroughly modern 5 room flat to p a r t i e s without children. Bell phone 947, ring S 7853 FOR RENT-- Seven room f l a t ; modern, with city heat and electric l l K h t ; vacuum cleaner and j a n i t o r service. Apply Drs. Brown Jack, 134-13R W. Prairie 6529 FOE BEOT-ROOMS. ern house fill X. Colleee. 7507 FOR RENT -- Five roonB, partly modern, to small family. Inquire 738 N. Church 7493 FOR RENT-- R rooms 4S7 E K i n g ; $9 Apply 75u Lincoln av. 7480 FOR RENT-- Furnished suite, strictly modern, for gentlemen; In private home. Bell 4367. f.i'l Cor. Macon and. College. 7341 FOR RENT -- Furnished room; modern; private family. 276 W. Main. 7474 FOR RENT -- Furnished rooms at 323 E Slain, 3rd flooi ; newly papered and palntad. 7476 FOR RENT -- Coolest furnished room In city; private, modern, close Bell 1120. 7468 FOR RENT -- Unfurnished room*. 3rd floor; Merchant St. T. T. Springer, 124 Merchat T451 ROOMS FOR RENT-- In newly furnisnefl flat- kitchen privileges. Bell 4693. 7442 FOR RENT -- Furnished rooms; modern conveniences 4fil N. Church 7440 FOR RENT -- Furnished and nnfuralshed rooms, upper flat. 132 W. Prairie. 7435 FOR RENT -- Furnished rooms and barn Call at 470 R. Water. 7412 FOR RENT -- Large pleasant front room furnished or unfurnished ; modern. 351 W William. 7380 FOR RENT -- Large front room on second floor, strictly modern, 448 X Church. 7307 FOR RENT -- Furnished room; modern, close In; 442 N Church, Bell 1230. 7400 FOR RENT -- Nicely furnished modern rooms, private family, R04 AV Wood. Bell phone 412^ ' 7304 FOR RENT -- Nics room In modern home and small family; gentleman preferred. Old phone 247'{ 7347 FOR R E N T -- Pleasant sleeping room; modern; gentlemen on TV 444 W. Wood. 7319 FOR RENT -- Furnished rooms. Modern, private entrance. 640 W. Main. Bell 2417. flSSS LIGHT HOUSEKEEPING. FOR RENT -- 3 rooms for light housekeeping, private, modern home, reasonable price 007 W Wood Bell 3831. 752li FOR KENT -- Two furnished rooms, light housekeeping, front and back entrance; no children 1411 N Morgan. 74S4 housekeeping; modern convanlencei No children 70S W. Wood. T477 FOR RENT -- 2 rooms furnished for light houiekeeplng 1 gas and toilet; no children 46S S Water St 7475 FOR RENT -- Sleeping and light no-uwkeT- Ing rooms. 511 E Prairie. 7479 FOR RENT -- Large room for light hoUHP- keoping 1312 N Water. 7473 FOR K1JNT -- Rooms for light housekeeping; quiet, modern. Bell 44JS6. 820 N. Monroe. 7463 FOR RENT-- 2 nlctly furnished rooms for light housekeeping; *10 n«r month. 43T N. Jarkson 7453 FOR RENT -- Light housekeeping: two, 3 or 4 g-ood rooms. Bell phone 1594. 7407 rooma for light housekeeping; modern. "20 N. Morgan. 7409 FOR RENT- Two room for light housekeeping 845 E. Orchard. 7375 FOR RENT-- One large furnished room for lierht housekeeping; modern. 844 N. Water street. 7340 FOR KENT-- Nicely furnished modern rooms for light house keeping 1209 W. Macon. 7208 FOR RENT -- Thret* nirply furnished downstairs rooms for liRht housekeeping; modern convenience* B^ll 2SflG. 1229 W. Macon. 7189 FOR BEST. BUSINESS PROPOSITION FOR RENT 150I5 -- I have a five-room residence and store building In west end, close In -- suitable for milk depot or small grocery and Ice cream. Fine location, best neighborhood. Also barn. All buildings on one lot. Thl* place his always had a good trade. Rental prire. $25 per month. If you desire this kind of place, rail before It Is gone. 0. A. BURKS. K3-3I4-325- Citizens Bank Building. 7500 FOR RENT-- 349 N, Water; store room. 18x 30: ground floor; big show window Al»o cheap room. 40xflO, pround floor, 812 N. Water. Proprietor, 34» N. Water 7418 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES. FOR SALE OR TRADE-- Dru? stock and fixtures, soda fountain. G 480 Review. 7485 FOR SALE -- Lunch room and furniture. 35ft E. Main 74«4 LIVE STOCK. . FOR SALE- OR TRAHB-- 7 head of good horses, 3 «ets of harness, S wagons, 1 surrvy: will trade for property. Call 412 B Franklin. Boll 2840 7517 rig; woula consider trade. 1848 N. Church People are sending their want ads to The Review. They call on the telephone to get their ada in The Review. They get results. Look over these columns and see the many different opportunities there are for you. If you don't find what you want, call The Review and they will help you. BELL 551 · TELEPHONES AUTO 1158 LIVE: STOCK (CON.) FOR SALE--One Jerwy and Holsteln cow, fresh; *70. Old phone 1443 1438 FOR SALE--4 milch oow«. two to five years old, w i t h calf at side. 740 W. Decatur St Bell 1903 7400 FOR BALE--Team of good heavy bay horses. Sell cheap U taken at once S miles northwest of city. Auto 7 on 22. H C. Goodrich 7330 FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE--Horse 8 years o l d ; sound; weight, 1100 pounds. Call 740 E. Sangamon from o to 8 a. m., or at noon 7410 FOR SALE--Shetland outfit; pony I years years old; forty Inches high; rubber tire 2- soated runabout. T M. Hutchison, Clarence. 111. 73S5 HOUSEHOLD GOODS. Furniture For Sale at A great sacrifice--Dining 1 tables, sideboards, buffets, kitchen cabinets, rocking chalra, iron beds, bed springs, mattresses, everything: to furnish a home, at 215 South Park St New phone 1334. 7322 S. E. Minick. See Chance for Bargains. slightly used household goods. Roll top desk* and sectional book-cases; new and used t r u n k s , platfffrm scales; hay carrier: Remington pump guns; double barrel 12 and 10 gauire, all kinds of goods stored and repaired. 1-JS X. Franklin S t , S. E corner Central park 6411 FOR RALE--i rooms of household goods at a bargain, if sold right away Auto phone 1237. 452 STORAGE FURNITURE FOR SALE * 12 BisseU's carpet sweepers 50c each 500 glass fruit ^ars 2c each ^5 iron br-cls $1 00 each 25 bed springs 50c each 25 settpes $1 f)0 each 12 ens lanses 5-1 *X) each 25 dresee-s W 00 each 12 sideboard^ *5.00 each Meridith Storage Co., S20-330 E Cerro Gordo St. 7299 Bargains. Folding beds, t8 up; center tables, 25c up, gasoline ranges, $250 and up; bedsteads, 50c and up; bed springs, 50c and up; 12 inch electric fan cheap. Other bargains too numerous to mention E'dorado and depot cars stop at store. Albert C. BHckel. 742 E Eldorado St., Auto 1591. 6S65 The- Exchange. Furniture Will pay raoet for sMghtly u»ed Ptanoa; Furniture, Carneti, Rugs, Stoves and Refrigerators; or will exchange new for old. Meridith Furniture Co. Bell phonei: 406-413. Auto: 1648. 320-.150 Cerro Gordo SL 175S Furniture I buy, soil or exchange new or iltthtly 1 furniture. *toveo. rugs, eto. M. A. Peabody ltl-8 H^North, St. FARMLANDS. Fine Illinois Farm For Sale. ISM--This farm of 74 acres 1§ located In Douglae County, Illinois., three-fourths mlla from Murdock, three-fourths mile from achool and church. Thla IB good, rich black loam with olay sub-Boll, level surface, thoroughly tiled with SO-lnch tile Four-room houa* painted blue; barn for holding 8 head of horsps, 2 cows, 300 bu, feed, 0 tons hay; 2 double cribs w i t h capacity of 1500 bu. each, smokehouse, coalhouse; w*ll, telephone, R F. D; wire and hedge fences, ] £ acre orchard This farm has the best showing crop of anv farm Jn the county. Splemlld black dirt farm fairly well Improves, Price 3200 per acre. Call me up if you want a good farm 0. A. BUBKS. 523-324-325 Citizens Bank Building 749S FOR SALE--2?i«i acres good level land, unimproved; 6 miles out; $120 per acre. 1225 E. Grand Av. 74C2 i 'R SALE--Farmer aaved $12,000, bought farm fi days before the bank failed, bargains In farms t h a t are farms, will raise good crops of corn, oats, a l f a l f a , potatoes, clover, etc, Bargains In Nebraska, Minnesota, 'Wisconsin and Montana farms and ranches. Meet me face to face, I will help you plant dimes where you ivlll harvest dollars. Write when you can come, I will arrange to meet ye. i. State where you wish to invest or lo- ratft, I will make you money. "W. K. Patton, Fairmont, Neb. 720] FOR SALE--Central Wisconsin farm, 170 acre farm with, good house, nearly new; two barns; 75 acrea under plow; price $50 per acre; will consider small stock of hardware in trade. For f u r t h e r particulars write A J, Oleson. Mont fort, "Wig. 6869 FOR SALE--IOWA LANDS; 35 GOOD IMPROVED FARMS AND TOWN LOTS AT AND AROUND FEXTON. IOWA, AND BANCROFT IOWA PHILTP WEISBROD, FENTON, IOWA ' 6637 FOR SALE--120 ar-res improved land, 3 miles northeast of Windsor; bargain if taken soon T, R. Thompson, 801 South Buckeve, Tola, Kan 6992 CITY PROPERTY, FOR BALE--Good, 7-room, modem house: full lot, *2,500. Bell 2003, 7485 FOR SALE-- !2-room rooming house, on street car line; reason for Belling. Address G 4S1. Review. 74S1 FOR SALE---room modem houae ana barn. 734 W Decatur, !2.7(yt; lot worth n.SOO: 1200 cash, balance monthly. "W C. Fearn. 318 N. Church. Bell 050. 7454 FOB SALE--$2,500 for « room, modern home, north part Bel! 2903. B823 VACANT LOTS. FOR SALE--BO-ft lot, W. Wood, ·add.: l«vel; fSSO. Auto M39. SUBURBAN FOR SAliH--The most beautiful rite In Macon county for a *uburban homa, located a mile and half north of Decatur, on Interurban line. Artistically studded br nature with fine, old elm trees, creek gracefully en- clrclea the front, affording opportunity to build artistic bridge; summer cottage now on it. "Will sell with the Improvements, on thlB one acre, for $1,00000. J. B. Tone, 146 East Prarle avenue. 7421 TO EXCHANGE. For Trade. Gould use good house and lot In exchange for one of the best restaurants In Decatur, running full blast and doing fine business. Can show vou books for past elx months. It's a money maker; owner going away. What have you to trade. Could nie vacant lots. See me for further Information. Brueck, 127 E. Prairie. TS3S WANTED--To trade for small «tor« or business. Address F-776, Review. MUSICAL GOODS. FOR SALE--KimbaU make piano, cheap for quick sale. Good condition Good reason for mWM. Ud a. SHUtnw. BfU fiuau sash N»i BICYCLES AND AUTOS. FOR SALE--Brush runabout In good working condition; also single X mo'orcycle Bar- gam for quick sale. 323 B Main. Bell 828. Auto 3641. 7518 FOR SALE--Stoddard-Dayton car; quiet, smooth running; fine condition; s. bargain of the season F-149, Review VEHICLES. FOR SALE--Peter Shutter wagon, practically new; will sell cheap. W. J. Morgan. 2064 N. Edward 7119 FOB SAIE-MISCEILA^EOUS. FOR SALE--Lot second-hand lumber, good condition; very cheap. Call 1536 N College St. 74R2 FOR SALE--4 safei, Jn good shape, cheap, at 148 S Main St Bell phone 2251. Q. G. Rupert T44fi FOR SALE--Several thousand second hand brick. 749 W Decatur St. Bell 190S. 7408 BOOK BINDING -- PRACTICAL BOOK binding and blank book manufacturing. 127 South Water street. Decatur, III. Herman Spies. Magazines bound, , name* stamped In sold on books, pochetbooki and memorandum books, toilet coaes. etc. POULTRY. BIRDS AKD PETS. FOR SAL--Some thoroughbred beagle pups, aired by the great beagle, "Uncle Ben " Apply to Llniweller Printing Co.. 2S3 N, Main. 7518 FOR SALE--HOG spring chickens; call and t a k e your choice for 50c each C A. Ha- zelrlRE, S miles north on Water street road. A u t o m a t i c phone, 1 on 7 745B FOR SALE--Brown water spaniel puppies, S weeks old. Call at 1029 \V. Howard St. or Auto phone 6177. 7448 FOR SALE--Three pure bred Collie PUP" out of working sires and dam working; black and white. Inquire Wilson barn. 240 W. Wood. 631p WRITERS FOR SALE--Underwood typen riter No. 4; new; reasonable. Call 347 Stewart Av., 0 to 11 a. m 7455 MONEY TO LOAN. MOXET TO LOAN--$1 000 on improved real estate, 3 or 5 years; 8 per cent. G E. Moeller. office Coffin Co. 7480 IF YOU have a lot, J. A Adftmi will furnish money to build you a house. Bll N ·Water. Bell 4fl«0. 715S Farm Loans. $100,000 to loan on Illinois land; loans made without delay. Call or write. 6705 J. E. Patterson, 401 Mllllkln Bldg, Decstur. 111. FARM AND CITT LOANS--Any amount, 5 and 6% interest. D D Hill. Attorney. 313314 Milllkln Bldg. Decatur. 6347 | I I I S t | S l t l { l « I S I t l l t l l l t 11 i t I U s I 11* » s s I it I i s I s I * $ Money to Loan $ I On best poislbie plan. Flr«t the lowest coat, second tha payments are arranjed to ault tha borrowtr and can be made either weekly or monthly. And I net. but not least, everything confidential. When you come ^ us for a loan, you can have* the money within an hour or two. Any amonnt from $10 00 op. You pay only for the actual Um* you keep the money. Call and. ·ee as when needing a loan. Rooms T and Conklln Bldg. Half, block north of Transfer Hou§e, 144 North Main street. Bell phone 2W3; Auto 1565. ( , . $ $ north of Transfer Houee, 144 North t ( t $ Main street. Bell phone 2W3; Auto, t | f » 1563. 05 I $ Illinois Mortgage Loan Co. --TOO CAN BORROW ANT AMOUNT-Nona too large. None too email. We lend money on Furniture. Pianos, Horaea. Carriages, Goods In Storage, Cattle. Grain, Growing Crops, etc. Eaiier termt than other brokers. Also we bay NOTES, Telephone No. 134 OLDEST LOAN OFFICE IN CITT. M- tabllihed 1882. A, T. SUMMERS ft SON, 110 "forth W»ter St. Nut to Mllllkln Natlom! Bank. MONET TO LOAN on the ea»r payment plan, $10 and up. All bustneai private. Deeatur Loan Office 202 Cltlzeni Banlc Bldg Phone: Auto. 1118; Bell, £ 819 MONET TO LOAN--ON FARM AND CITT property, loweit rate of Interest; DO com. mission. X606 Burtschi Bros. Schoenle Citizens National Bank, LITTLE BT LITTLE yon can repay a loan--or all at one*. Cara- fully explained befwe you take the money. Pay only for the time you use It We lend {10 and up on ttm squareBt terms Imaginable --private, too 1B2 Fidelity Loan Company 315 Cltliens Bank Bldg. Bell JTO: Auto'sSM. REAL ESTAT*. $17,000 Eesidence for $9,000. 14SS--This one of the b«»t built houses. In one of the beit blocks, on one of the best streets In Decatur: located on wide lot and' cost originally $17,000. New steam heating plant. E e f l n l » h f d In canvss and oil throush- ont; city and soft water throughout Garage. Present rental. $ftO per mo., or can get possession soon. I can sell It to you for 19000 and carry S4«O back on the properiy If desired If you want a first-class residence at practically 60r on the dollar for what It could be built todnv, h»re It Is. Drop In tha office and we will talk It over. C. A. BURKS. S23-S24-3M Citizens Bank Building. 1489 For Sale. r*ew B room bungalow, corner lot, electric lights and furnace, concrete basement, window shade* furnished, newly papered. On east side, rlose to shops. $300 cash, balance $15 per month: or will consider vacant lot Have three other completely modern houiei for sale on easy terms. Bell phone 18 (MM Anto phone 1891 Two Good Black Prairie Farms For Sale. Price rock bed; terms easy. Will take in one good Decatur residence. One of these farms is in Minn., the other in N. Dak. Will sell only one of thele farms, purchaser can have choice. For information see Real Estate and Live Stock Auctioneer, Decatur, 111. Bachrach Bldg. 6829 REAL ESTATE. --$200 CASH-and $25 per month buys a good f room house on North College street, close in. --13000 CASH-and assume mortgage of $4,000 buys CS lots near interurban shop and only 3 blocks from city car line, north part. Money to loan on cJty property at 6%. Also contracts for loans, maturing In a few months for K% loans repaid monthly. 7005 N. T. Watson, SIS Mllllkln Bldg., Tel, Auto 1287. For Sale. S-room houae, well, cJitem; on car line; lot 40x150, 1700. 7-room modern, close, $2,6Qttk. 9-room modern, "W Decatur $3,100 H acres, $1,300; 20 acres, $4,200; 2 lots. E side. $400; 3 lots N. "W. side,fl,800. 7450 A. 0. Allen. 119 S. Wafer. . A -12% Investment. 1900 to 9400 down burs a nice B room new cottage on car line; newly painted; fnll basement: corner lot: electricity; goo£ trell. Price $1250 Come and aee this. Rents for S1260 per month BRSS E. F. Drobisch Son., Bell 461Z. Auto 1077. 158 E Main. North Water St. J. M. Pickle 427 CltlMU Bank Bldg. Auto IS7T. Bell 1«S8. Cheap for Spot Cash. 40 aor«« level, black, well tiled Macon Co. land, or will trade on SO and pay difference. Lot and will furniBh money to build house. 040 acres, Saskatchewan, Canada, or will trade. 80 acre« ready to plat In lots. Frank Godwin, 116 Merchant St 7307 For Sale. New 6 room modern bungalow, east elde, $2400- Rood 6 room house, full lot, west side, J100 cash, balance by month; 6 room modern north part, $2530; 6 acres well lmpro\ed to trade for scatur residence property. 7262 O. L .Millburn. Fhonec H9S 401 Walt Bldg. $300 Cash, Balance monthly payments, buys ft- ft-room Modern house on E. LeaCland, near Water St Price, $2,100. 11800 take* a large lot on N. Edward St It Is a bargain. W. F. Pickle, 167 B. Main. Bell phone 2370. Auto. 173; PROFESS10HA1 Multigraph Work. Letter!, «ueclflc«.tlons, office forms, cards, etc., imitation of typewriting. OOS4 .Violet Bourne. Public Stenographer, Bell phone m 705-7 Millikin Bldg. No Drnn No Osteopath?. No Knife. Offlc* hours 8 to 12. 1 to 8. I to 8. 10 a, m. to 13 m. Landgraff Williams Chiropractors LADY ATTENDANT. Attto phone, 1250; Bell phone, 580. Room*. 214-15 Moran-Corbett building. Cor N. Water pad E. North, Deearnr. I1L 9801 SPECIAL NOTICES. GEO. W. DAVIDSON The Pioneer Piano and Sewing Machine Man IB no-iv located at 315 N. Main St., upstairs. Call »nd see the greatest bargains In pianoa and sewing machines. Also machines repaired. --7497 HeUo, Central; give me 80. Is thl« the police heftdq.uartersT Yes This Is John Smith from Boody. I have lost my wife's gold hanviled umbrella and the rest of my heir If I don't find It. You had better see Dayton, the proprietor of the Illinois Rubber Stamp Umbrella WorP-s. at 229 E Eldorado St. By heck! I remember I l*ft it there to be recovered. Thank you; good bye, 7312 City and f«rm lo»nl made »t lowwt rmtea, Johnson Ditaock DSCATtTR, ILL ' (Orer Posf» Jewelry Store) Bell 5180. 4280 Auto 1215. 730 N. Honro« It Poundmaster and Scavenger Will ramore dead stock anywhere In CITI OR COUNTY, FKEE OF CHAHOE. Call Bell ebon* JSS8. Auto 43SB. 8341 STEAMSHIP TICKETS ON ALL LINES Travelers' Cheques, Letters of Credit, Foreign Money . Exchange. ·508 North Water. THE EXCHANGE BANK POLICE DEVISE SEMAPHORE FOR STREETS. Oakland (Cal.) Traffic Signal. * Two policemen of OaLland, Cal. have adapted the railroad semaphore system to the control of street traffic. They are Jack Sherry and William Wallman. The Femaphores are placed at opposite corners of a street crossing 1 and the arms are worked exactly like those of railroad semaphores. Have Splendid Supper-Booze to Drive Wagon. SulU\ an, July 3,--The members of the Woman'* Foreign Missionary society of the Methodist church held their a n n u a l picnic supper Thursday evening at the south entrance to the new TiVjmin p a r k The supper was served about 7 o'clock and the members of the families of those belonging 1 to the society were guests of the women. The annuaj picnic supper of the society is looked forward lo each year by the members and their families with a great deal of pleasure The society is a live one and hag been glowing- rapidly. BOOZE TO DRIVE WAGON'. Lynn Booze has accepted the position as driver for two express companies in thit city, the We'lR-Fargo an dilie Ameiican, the later operates over the Illinois Central and the WeJls-Fargo operate"? oier the Wabash and Chicago and Easiein Illinois, m a k i n g thirteen trains w h i c h he has to make each day, four on the "VVabafh, three on the Illinois Central and si* on the Chicago and Eastern llinois, besides delivering express from trains which come In during the night. MOOSE TO HAVE TICKET. The Progressives in Moultrie county h a \ e decided to bring 1 out a county ticket, but no candidates h a t e be»n named so far for the d i f f e r e n t offices w h i c h are to be elected In this fall's election. BRIEFS. Mr. and Mrs. A. L Bend, of Charleston, are here for a -visit with the tetter's parents Mr, and Mrs R. P. McPheeters Mrs. Carl Thomason and little child stopped off here between trains Thursday noon, on their way to St. Paul, Minn., to Join her husband w h o has already located In that city. Mrs. Thomaeon has been !n Shelby-ville v i s i t i n g relatHes ever since they broke up housekeeping Mrs, Wesley Shanks and Mrs Charles Sel- hy were Msttoon visitors Thursclav noon between trains. Mrs. A n t h o n y Bail *as a Mattoon visitor Thursdav noon between trains Mrs, Charles L Hovey, of Decatur, arrived Thursday noon for a. visit with friends Misses Thelraa Palmer and Carmen Green arrived home from Decatur Thursday npon. where they hod been for the past "several days visiting the former's aunt, Mrs Joseph B. Miller Mr. and Mr* J. H Burns arrived home from Decatur, Thursday noon, where they had been for a -\J-eit w i t h their son, B. B. Burns, and family ^ Duett Elckleberger returned to his home In Granite C i t y Thursday noon, after a week s visit here w i t h his bister, Mrs. Harry E. Barber Mrs. Frank M. Craig and Mies Jeanle Seasa arrived home from Decatur, Thursday even- Ing-, where they had been for a short \lsit REALTY TRANSFERS. George A. Sentel to \V H. Birch, lots 1. 2. 3 and 10, in block lu of Meek'T's addition to Sullivan; 5100 Albert H. Patterson to Ernest R, Patterson, 1-3 interest In lots S and 4, in block 4 of Patterson Snvder's 2nd addition to Sullivan. $30(0 Harry Gardner to Henry Frazler, five acres n«ar Gays; 92,750. Attorney Frank J Thompson to Z. B. W h i t f l e ' d , lot :{ and tract 12UV, by 330 feet in S T. Miller's a d d i t i o n to Sullivan- $S noo Tha band concert by the S u l l i \ a n Concert band on Thuisday evening was attended by the usual large crowxJ Rev. W. B. Hopper, pastor of the Christian church, will preach at the Prairie Chapel church, near Cushman, Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock. Mrs. Janes Dunscomb and d a u g h t e r . Miss Lufe, and the former's grandson, Master Leslie Dunscomb, ^vent to Dunn Station Friday morning for a phort visit w i t h relative. Senator Raymond D Meeker and S. "W. "Wrleht transacted business in Springfield Friday. * Mies P«arl Powelf went to Moweaqua Friday morning for a visit w i t h relatives » r- 35Vz BUSHELS OF WHEAT AN ACRE Cerro Gordo News: Farmers are threshing and marketing their wheat at 70 cents a bushel. The quality i« good, and the average Is large. The crop In this vicinity will average nearly or quite 80 bushels an acre. The largest yield reported is that of Jacob Willis, 35% bushels an acre. SPECIAL NOTICES. To Net 7% First Mortgage Farm Loans Netting 7% In amounts from $250 to 12,000 Security four times the amoimt of loan Principal and Interest paj-abU here. HENRT D. SPENCER, 220 E Main, Decatur. Illinois. · 2807 LEGAL NOTICES. ADMINISTRATRIX NOTICE -- Estate of William H. Hise, flpceaod The undersigned ha% ing been appointed AdminJatratrJx of the estate of W i l l i a m H. Hice, late of the County of Macon and State oflalinnola, deceased, hereby gives notice thaT she will appear before the County Court of Macon County, at the Court House In Decatur, at the August term, on the first Monday in August next, at which time all persons having claims against said estate are notified and requested to attend for the purpose of h a v i n g the same adjusted All persons indebted to said estate are requested to make immediate payment to the undersigned Dated this 18th day of June, A. D. 1914 LIBBIE HISE. Administratrix. - 3. I* Walden, attorney. ·EXECUTOR'S NOTICE--Estate of Bridget Thorpe, deceased. The undersigned having been appointed Executor of the estate of Bridget Thorpe, late of the County of Macon and State of Illinois, deceased, hereby *l\e*s notice that he will appear before the County Court of Macon County, at the Court House in Decatur, at the September term, on the Flr^t Monday In Septpm- ber next, at which time all persona ha\ kiK claims against said estate are notified and, requested to attend for th« purpose of having 'th« same adjusted. AH persons Indebted to M.,4 estate are r«- ijntMtted to make immediate payment to the undersigned. * Dated this 23rd day of June, 1914. THOMAS THORPE, Jute* O'ilara, Attorney. £at4cutor. When the east and west arms arc raised, t r a f f i c east and west stops. After* an interval, the north and south arma arp raised and the east and west arms are dropped Thpn traffic north and south stops and traffic flows east and west. Th d crossing 1 policeman operates the semaphores by means of an electric controller. 1EJT CROP, Twenty-five and Thirty Bushels Usual Report Slacon county's wheat crop is not go* in s to be a. failure after all tha scare. Threshing is now on pretty generally throughout the county, ac- curding to reports, and in most communities it Is said to average fronj fifteen to twenty bushels, but every community also names several placca where it ranges arotmd twenty-five, thirty, and in one place, thirty-sis bushels. The thirty-six bushel report is tha highest yet heard of in Macon county, and on Charles McKinley's farm near Forsyth, where he had twenty-foufl acres of this wheat. Threshing is also going on near Nl- antic. Tha best yield around theia FO far is at James Connoghan's, -where twenty-eight acres produced twenty- five bushels to the acre, and a.t Georga Stahl's. where three acres produced thirty-two bushels to the acre. WHEAT MARKETED AT BLUE MOUND Blue ground leader.--The elevators here have been pretty busy tills weelc taking care of the wheat. The test at both elevators Is 64 pounds to the bushel and although they state that the yield is not so good as last year the grade is excellent considering the conditions of weather and trouble with insects. The price paid Wednesday was 69 cents a bushe! and considerable Is being hauled In at that price. One elevator received Wednesday 71 loads, a total of 3,600 'bushels The other elevator receives 3,000 bushels. The report of yield from Clarenc« Chrlstison Is the highest given by anyone. From 20 acres he received 660 bushels or an average of 33 bushels to the acre. He received a market price of 72 cents a bushel. The wheat teerted «l pounds to the bushel. Mr. Austin's wheat averaged -9 bushels. BUMPER CROP ABOUT WINDSOR Windsor Gazette: One of the V?!nd- sor gram firms received 5,000 bushels of wheat and 1,500 bushels of oals Tuesday. This is the largest amount of wheat that has been received in. Windsor in one day for a great man^ years, but it must be remembered that was not all the wheat received in "Windsor Tuesday, as another firm was busy, too, receiving wheat. Some »C this wheat was contracted for a,t a little more than the current price, as. owing: to the immense crop all over tha country there is a downward trend to the market Frank Quiett got forty-two bushels an acre from his wheat. John Nichols of Gays had a piece of wheat which yielded thirty-two bushels an acre. John M, Sargent's wheat tested 63, The yield was thirty bushels an aci e. An Impromptu . Philadelphia Ledger.-- Gloria, the com4 poser, who died the other day at Seattle nsF-d to tell the following storj · Once Verdi n n d T h a d apartments opposite *»ach other In Milan The street wan narrow. Verdi was w r l t l n y one of his opera*, and aff-p ·nrltlnj? one aria he sat down lo the piano and played it. I determined to play Joke on him, so I closed the shutters and when. hq got through I sat down at my piano an^ plavpd the same thing. 1 Then I peered throug-h the blind* anil saw Vprdl hang-Ing 1 half v a v out of his win-. dmv, looking In all dir" tiona I heard n» more from him piano. That eEcninff aa wa w p r e walking together. h*» ^ssTnuch pr«oc- rupied, and I askfd him what was the mat-- tcr.' "Well Glorza," he repltea, "I -wrote «. Mntf this afternoon, a song I was positive w«n original, and yet as soon as I played It iomo one else In thp neighborhood played th* pame thing. It worries me to think that C ·=hould believe another's composition was my own " Then I told him. the troth, and h« was happy. - « Wanted. "Now, my friends," aald the candidate, making another effort to ar"ou?« enthusiasm in his hearers, "what d* we need to carry this district by th« biggest majority In its history?" The response* was Immediate and en* thusiastic. "Another candidate!" yelled th« audt^ ence. i BufaeM. American Home I*lfe--Here follows an example of the alter*new of the commercial mind: A shrewd buslnefitf man was being driven In a crowded thoroughfare, when bis horses took fright and rail away. He called to his coachman: "Can you stop them?" 11 "No," replied the man. "Then." said the other, "run then* Into something cheap." _ ^ IN £V SPA PERI :1WSPAPE1

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