The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on November 3, 1916 · Page 2
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 2

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Friday, November 3, 1916
Page 2
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VOLUME XXVIII 8 Pages - No. 298 L COUNTY CLUB IS ORGANIZED MJSS AXXA STEAVART KLE.CTRD PRISSLDEXT. local Students :it the State TJniver- sity Plan Social Functions 1'or the AVinter. TO J-UDGES AXD CIJERKS i OP TlfE GEXEKAL EJYI5C- j TIOX XOA~E.Air.ER 7TK. . Everyone in Livingston, coun- .·. ty is extremely interested in the · o u t c o m e of next Tuesday's '? election in this county. You are 4 interested and so is every other -j t h i n k i n g citizen oL the c o u n t y . '· The Constitution is m a k i n g a · strong e f f o r t to have the com- -^ plete vote of the county tabulat- ·$ ed at this office as soon as pos- ? sible after the polls have closed · an'l with j o u r help this can be ? CHILLICOTHE, MISSOURI, FRIDAY, NOV. 3, 1916 BADLY INJURED IN ffitNCH WAND SAILORS NIX The Livingblon C o u n t y Club of lh_ University o° Missouri held its flrst!- , _ - t . . . 1- done w i t h i n a short time. We meeting of tho year last Thursday I A ar , ... evening. They elected the f o l l o w i n g ' " officeis: President--Anne Stewart. V-President--Theodore Bonderer. Secretary--Virginia Stewart. Treasurer--Nadine -Trownfleld. Sergeant at arms--FU-.rel Girdner i Plans were started for the annual _ party for the Juniors and Seniors ot the C. H S. The club has twenty- five members this year, and everyone is very enthusiastic and" full of "pep." This is going to be the best year yet for the club The members enjoyed a weinie roast last night. Plans are under, - , , ^ t . u« n unable to bear the suspicion way for a number of social functions ' during the winter season. ' AN AUTOJGCIDENT AVILLIB SPAXOUR AT -IIOSPIT^ JLiOTH XA'JUSTS .AM) AXICL/E DAILY EDITION, 5*', UROKEX. Car Which Boy's Father Was Driving Turned Over at the I'Ymr Corners AA'est of Town. THE AVAITJSn STARTED A FIGH1 AXD WAS SEVERELY CUT Xew London Police Place Blame on the Frenchman and Close the Case. ·S DEMOCRATIC SHEAKIXG «· AT COURTHOUSE AT 7:3O s OX SATURJUAV EA'EXIVG will close Livingston S ery country precinct to take it 3 upon t h e m s e H e s to see that ? ·S- someone f r o m t h a t voting pre. £ ^ cinct telephones The Constitu- y -s tion as soon as possible a f t e r $ 6- the vote has been counted, read- 'i '«· ing t 0 us the result of the count » !·$· in that precinct. This report · | : should contain the vote for Pres. · V ident, all state offices, county of- y S flee, both Democratic and Re- 5 · publican and the three amend- 3 · ments. ·'$ * f r ° m Four people had a narrow escapt ' m aa »»«°'obil 8 aceiden west ol the city Thursday attcraoon By Oultea Prc»M. IV ew London, Conn , Nov. 3 close probing into the roiv sailors trom the German ,, freighter Deutschland and a French -After row between sub-sea about 4 . 3 0 o'clock when Xoah Spain- [Baiter early today, the police this ar our lost control of his car in making tornoon decided to taKe no action " corner. Ac. The y f o u n d that the waiter wa= slightly cut when one of the sailors the t u r n south at the cording to witnesses who saw the accident Spaiuour was driving at a rap id rate of speed and when he reached corner and attempted to make the the turn th car was going so fast d of murder Richard Clark, 69 that he could not make the turn and he lost control of the machine which ran oft the west end of a culvert into a ditch, the hood of the car hitting the south bank of the ditch, turning pulled a knife. the trouble was provoked by the j -, Frenchman and that he had hit one of ?, the sailors. I * The special body of civilians detailed to investigate the Deutschland today announced that the submarine freighter is just as it was when it reached Baltimore last summer Capt THE AAT3ATHER. Generally fair tonight and Saturday. Cooler Saturday north and wesx portions and northwest portion tonight. Spring-field Core Xot Running. Springfield, No., Nov 2.--Follow, ing the riot and attack on strike breakers of the Springfield Traction Co. last night, in which three persons were dangerously injured, no cars were in operation this morning. The attack last night was the second within 24 hours . , . , , , . , . y e a r - m S the spainour boy beneath it Noah old Louis-burg, Kas shot himself in I Spainour, f a t h e r of the injured hoy the head with a revolver today. Rum- suffered a severe sprain o his b-xok - " or had it that Clark was the myster- P . Spalnour bro the machine completely over, pinion. { Koenig t h u s far has failed to file hi "" ' ' momentum. Ambassador Bernstoff at Washington spent most of the day today filing The democrats their campaign : J county w i t h a rousing meeting « ·*' at the courthouse Saturday · -' evening The meeting W1 n be ·* 5- called at 7 : 3 0 o'clock. The i ' principal speakers will be Hon. ·? | O. S Linton of Carthage, ilo. « who has just returned from a ·· speaking tour of Nebraska un. ^ der the auspices of the Demo- ·; cratic National Committee, and « Hon. Roy Rucker of Keytesville. ·«· Mo. Mr. Barton has some in- · teresting facts which he will J i present to the voters of Chil- ·$ | licothe and Livingston coun. ty who attend the meeting. There will be plenty of good music, A special invitation is extended to everyone to attend this meeting and hear the national and state issues discussed. FRENCH TOOK fT.VAliX WITHOUTLOSINGMlN STEADY BOMBAKDMEXT AXD EX- CIRCLIXU MOVEMENT COM. 1'EJJjED EVACUATION. Germans Made Attempts to Destroy the Forts Before Evacuating-French Control All of Verdun son, wealthy bachelor, who was killed while reading a newspaper in the kitchen of his home, one and one- half miles northwest of Louisburg, October IS. Accarding to the story told by Ire«- Heavy Fine. Waiter Ostrander, who pleaded guilty to the charge of bootleggins in police court 'Monday and was fined .$50 and costs, pleaded guilty to the same charge before Justice of Peace Anderson Friday afternoon and was fined $500 and given six months in neighbors of the slain man, Clark and Patterson, 52 years old, had been warm friends since they homesteaded near Louisburg years ago. Two years ago a quarrel led to a cessation of the friendship between them. Since then they have not spoken to each other. At 7 : 3 0 o'clock the evening of October 18 Patterson was shot in the neck with a shotgun fired through an open window. When his sister. Miss Mary Patterson, a trained nurse, at. ' tempted to telephone for a doctor, she j ther of Noah a thru the 800 pounds of mail brou BRITISH DESTROYER FLEET TO AA'AIT FOR DEUTSCHL.VXD New London, Conn., Nov. ± S Z^^;*TM**^: PCltiS ' *·.·«»* --- "'"·· olr i°ver by the Deutschland. ^ \*TM "-"· *-» the British na- were uninjured. They all live Kingston. Police headquarters was notified (Of United PreiM.) Paris, Nov. 3.--French troops reoccupied Ft. Vaux without the loss of a single man, it was officially announced today. The Germans evacuated the posi- ^tion under pressure of heavy French bombardment and the gradual en* circling movement of the French in- fixntry forced the evacuation. Before the taking of Ft. Vaux, the Germans caused several explosions w h i c h were planned to damage the fort. The French waited until these explosions ceased and then entered' the position w i t h o u t any trouble. All the Verdun forts are now firmly held. by the French. fBy United Preiu.) Home, November 3.--Strong bodies of Italian infantry are crashing of the accident and Chief Dorney I t h e submarine. As soon as it arrived pouches were delivered to him last 11TM 1 base a ' Hahrax will try to run against the Austrian line in one of the m g h f b y D r G Ahrens of the Embas- 9 staff and flrst officer Krapohl or with A. M_ Shelton, se ured a car and made a hurried trip to the four corners where they found the injured boy lying near the car suffering greatly from his injuries. The boy was placed in the car and brought to Drs. Grace Simpson's office where he was given flrst aid treatment and tak- the Ambassador started methodically thru it and he resumed the job early today. Whether the Deutschland is to carry United States mail on its return trip is not yet definitely decided -4mbassado^ Bernstorff said today. He the German merchant subma-! most powerful blows struck by the rine Deutschalnd when she starts on Italians since Italy entered the war! her return voyage to Germany. Information was received here today that the British will not rely wholly upon their patroling fleet of cruisers when the Deutschland starts for home but will put the trust in the agile and speedy destroyers Instead. The manifest of the Deutschlasd's Following up their successes southeast of Cruminer yesterday, the Ital. ' ians occupied a mile of the A r eoger- sko railroad and are now battling on the heights near Kamerlisce It was in this region that a major portion l o t the 4,731 prisoners were taken yet to learn whether Capt Koe- 1 car s° has been made up but not made en to the hospital. He was. reported ni S is equipped to carry postal mail 'Public. The unloading of the cargo is resting as well as could be expected 'his trip and to communicate with the this morning. It is thot he will rapidly recover from his injuries. The others were brought to town by Syl Sawyer and E A. Thorp. Mrs. Spainour was notified of the discovered the telephone wires lead, accident and in company with Sheriff j ing to the house had been cut. | Feltis f a t h e r of the FeUls b o y _ w h - ijutju ? o u u ana given six mom as in - ^-,1 i ' ·""*" 1 -* ua - ""= -"·· ^mo u u j , w uu the countv jail. The fine is equiva- ' ' eishbors TMTM*K accu5ed Glark was in the car, drove to Chillicothe lent to IS month imprisonment ° E the m u r d e r - They to!d the ooroner j Thursday. They were at the hospital Clark had threatened to "get" ^ Pat-1 W i t h t h e in;| - ured boy several h o u r g AA'as Sti-ona for Wilon. A vote among the students at High school was taken Friday morning 'which resulted in 177 in favor of President Wilson and 07 for Hughes. This shows nearly two to one in favor of President Wilson. The election was spirited and the students took a great interest in it. Death of Thoinns Stngner. Thomas Stagner, 73 years old, died It his home in Gravesville Friday , norning of acute indigestion, follow. fig an illness of two days_ The wid- w' and eight children survive The Deceased for a former resident of Breckenridge, holding the office of iiarshal for twelve years. He re- :ently removed his family to this citv, 'rom Kansas City. The body was re- noved to the Norman Jarvis' Funeral Home where it will be held until Sunday when it will be taken to Oreckenridge for interment. terson at the time of their quarrel. Clark's wife and two children hear-1 a shot in the barn lot of their home in the outskirts of Louisburg at 11:45 Thursdav. They ran into the back yard to find Clark lying on the ground dying. A bullet had passed thru his brain He had fallen on his arm and in the hand crumpled beneath hi? body was his revolver. and when informed he was not seriously home r iur brothers and Feltis them. Postofflce department. The Deutschland's flrst officer said today that there was no postal mail this time, therefore, he said, the "old girl wasn't cramed full of newspapers." ·- ! Along with the official mall was a n u m b e r of letters to Embassy employ, ees who had not heard from the Fatherland for several months. The flrst expected to begin late today. An official of the Germany Embassy- arrived today and immediately departed for Washington with a bag of official mail. Paul Hilkeu of the Eastern For- as reported in yesterday's official statement Further south the Italians center broke thru the Austrian line for an advance nearly a. mile east o£ Opeac- chiafella. The artillery attack on the enemy line reached its greatest violence in this region. The Austrian defense was pulveriz- *mKen of the Eastern Fored and infantry detachments rounded r Company, today said Count I u p the fleeing Austrians . The batt]e von Pernstorft German Ambassador,: ,, extendlng 8oua of tbe Adriatic . would come here next Tuesday to visit the Deutschland officer had a long talk with the Am- I De P ut r Colelctor J. C. Comstocli hurt they returned t o theii I bassador today. He is expected to I o£ the p o r t in Kingston, taking the Spain-, tell Bernstorff of the alleged attempt | uld ' be n P t | boy with | of American fishing boats to trap the submarine with fishing nets with- How the four escaped without be in the three mile limit on its first re- ing killed is a myracle. When the I turn to Germany, car struck the embankment and I It was also learned incidentally that o£ the p o r t of New London said there o h i t c h about the cargo (By United Prr». London, Nov. 3.--A pitched battle between German royalists and revolutionists troops is imminent unless the* t u r n e d over, P Spainour and the Fel tis boy were thrown clear of the car t was said here today that Clark wh ii e Noah Spainour and his son fell had a severe nervous attack yesterday j oe iieath the machine. and called a doctor. This morning he T n e car] lvhicn was a Dodge, was ·Capt. Koenig of the Deutschland it nowicalled Capt. "Dr." "Koenig. paid for the treatment and then went h o m e It also was said that before he shot himself he had denied to his relatives that he had anything to do with the murder. Dies at Hospital. Thn Anderson, 16 years o l d ( son of Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Anderson of Monroe township, died at the hospital Thursday evening at eight o'clock ot i c o m p H r a t i o n of ailments_ The y o u n s man was b r o u g h t to the hospital on VVerinc^day where he u n d e r w e n t an iperntion. The body was removed 0 the h o m e of William Evans on e l e v e n t h street, where it was prepar. d for b u r i a l and removed to the homp 1 j'Monroe township Friday afternoon '1 le funeral will be held at the Cath- 'i c church in L'tica Saturday morning 10 o'clock. Interment -will be in = North Catholic cemetery. Announcement. I have contracted with the Interna tional Harvester Co. for the full line of McCormick line of farm machinery. Any one wanting repairs for any part of this line, including gas engines and cream separators will be furnished by me. E H. LAKE. Phone S18. 506 E. Webster street Chillicothe, Mo. taken to the Stewart and Green garage. It was badly damaged. DEMOCRATS TtTRX OUT TO GREET CANDIDATES AT HOSMAX SCHOOJL HOUSE. One of the largest crowds which has greeted the Domocratic -county candidates d u r i n g the present campaign gathered at the Hosman school house in the northwest part of the county Thursday night and heard iMTljAVAUKBE LIMITED IX A BAJ) AATIEOK'IX IJLJLI. XOIS FIREMAX SCAJLDED of the vessel. The securities on the | allied forces of Saloniki intervene-iiri. Deutschland would not be listed in [ mediately, the manifest, it was said. It was said here today that n v I iiH..,l Prp«*.) Rock Island, 111., Nov. Deutschland crew was planning to hold luneral services in mid-Atlantic an return voyage for the crew of the lost -submarine Bretnen. Now that they are certain the Ere. men went to the bottom the crew of the Deutschland believe the most appropriate way they can give fare- i well honors to the seamen on their ! A Greek force estimated at 4,000, the 30 miles south of Katerina, the revolutionists have driven the royalistf out of town. Athens dispatches reported that King Constantine had or- 3.--The AA'ilson Gains in Ohio. Cinvinnati, O^, Nov. 3.--A state de straw vote in this state shows at President'Wilson's strength i ·owing each day. ·" The vote taker eludes persons in every walk in life id represents every line of business, id out of a total of 47.867 -rotas ,st, 2 6 , 4 9 5 favor President Wilson rainst 21,372 for Hughes. I President 'Wilson's majority over ughcs grows greater and greater ch day as counts are made. Mono} Wilson carrying the state goes jing throughout the state. N E W S P A P E R P R I C E S GOING UP Increased Production Costs are Forcing Publishers tn Risc Subscriptions But You Can Still Get The Constitution --AT-THE BARGAIN PRICE By accepting this opportunity at once t'News. Southwest Limited, the fast Milwaukee train, west bound, was wrecked at Mohno, 111., last night when it ran into an open switch. Leo Miller, fire, man of Chicago, was scalded to death P_ Skuse of Chicago, the engineer, lost his left leg and the Pullman con- j duetor sulfered a fracture of the bones of his face. The engine, baggage car and two steel coaches left the track and piled the evening was delivered by R o v ) i , HT ° . * u y l u p in a tangled mass. None ot the Rucker. All the candidates made short talks. The crowd was so larg, the school house could not accommo. dato the people and many stood al the windows and doors and lisented t j the speeches. T h e i e was no change today in the condition of F K. Thompson, whu is dangerously ill at his h o m o on South Washington street. THREE J)BAJ ASI ONE JX. .JUR.ED SEATSKBLY IX AJV AUTOMOBELE SMASH-UP passengers suffered severe i n j u r y and all were able to continue their journey. Officials of the road are making an investigation as to how the switch happened to bo open. 'ill-fated sister submarine will be to hold a memorial service at sea. Consequently it was decided today that a laurel wreath, bound with the German naval ensign, should be cast upon the "waters while prayers were said. The expenses are being borne jonc- ly by all the members of the Deutschland's crew. Completely shrouded from between the $ 1 , 0 0 0 , 0 0 0 State vi'ew, piev and her m o t h e r ship, the Willehad, the Deulschland was the scene of great activity and bustle Loday_ Every thing was ready for i lie immediate l e m o v n l ot" her cargo clered these troops to aWacK-v at once. The revolutionists troops', that have occupied the town are being reinforced from Saloniki and are well supplied with machine guns. In several parts of Cicillyr oyalists and revolutionists have had slight engagements. It is believed here that if a battle is fouight at Katerina it will re. suit in a general engagement that will plunge Greece into a civil war. inr Unltnl Prr«».) London, Nov 3.--British troop? captured a German trench east of Guedecourt in a resumption of fighting on the Somme front, Gen. Haig reported today. The position was secured last night. B e r l i n . Nov. 3.--The G'ertnans lost The cargo is much more valuable | g r o u n d in. the village of Sailly on the .ban L first was estimated, some the figure as high as $10,- Somme front yesterday but repulsed hostile attacks hi the western thea- f B y United I*reH.) -, . Minneapolis, Minn,.., Nov. 3".' young sisters and a married ·were killed and a second man .1 injured in a joy- ride auto,' The dead: sjy · j , «. . v j_-. - -f - M a b e l Segstad; ^2,;of^Minneapol', and the Kind. Y O U " Wantf .'Ida Segstah, IS, also of Minneapo- Home--Market--World Us. 3lurder Suspect a Suicide. Kas., Nov. 3.--Because I jouisburg-, Subscriptions will cost more after NOVEMBER 18th :; Send $230 --TO- The Constitution Fred-Branat ; -26 of St. Paul. Notice AA r . O. W. ! Special meeting Friday night, Nov 3, 1916,' af I. "O'.''O. V. hall. Head Consul Manlone will deliver an address. Everyone cordially invited to .attend. " f E W. McKeen, Dist. Mgr. lUSSOURlAKS A A ' l I J j MUSTER OUT IX FT. UILKY. ( U y Vnlfil l»re«"O Ft. Riley, Kas., Nov. 3.--The Missouri troops on the border and who ·will be sent home prior to April 1st, will be mustered out here according to an order received by Col^ Rivers, Post Commander this morning_ · No date for the arrival of the Missouri guardsmen was given. i 000, 0 0 0 . It was, reported the under j tre of war, it was officially announc- soa liner carried jewels, but this was ed todaj'. denied TO BfcOAV TJP NEW - " - " ·^·fEORK SUBWAY FTCUSTRATED CBr United Pren.) New- York, Nov. 3.--Six men^sai.d by the police t o he former subway guards, were arrested today im connection with the 110th block, subway explosion of October 24th. Mitchell Herlihy, said to be financial secre- ary of the strikers' union, confessed, he police say, that they had plotted to place bombs in the subway at the Times Square and elsewhere. However, it is certain ^hc carried securities in addition to drug« and chemicals. Capt. Paul Koenig was Anxious to get his boat reloaded and started on the homeward trip as soon as possible for he hopes t o make tnoather voyage before winter weather prevents it. It is possible the Deutschland may remain here only a week. The w,ireless ajpirafa^of the un. clerwater freighter v .has,jl)een sealed by United States naval authorities so she cannot cominmn'bcate with ships at sea. ' Captafn Hinsch of the Eastern For. ward Company, American agent of the owners of the Deutschland, at flrst objected t o this procedure, because Lieu-tenant Briiggs, United States Navy, was not in uniform. HoweVer, -ats soon as the proper credentials were produced, no further protest was mads Captain Koenig said he expected Attention Frccmn-son* second Regular Communication Friendship Lodge No. 89, A. F. A. M_ Friday, November 3rd. Work in the degree. Members resuested to be present. Visiting brethren cordially invited. 2-2 , . S. Mi Jarvis, W. M. Notice, Members -'Farmers Mutual Th~e adjourned session of the Annual Meeting of'the Farmers Mutual Ing Co. Tvilllbe held next Saturday, November 4, at one o'clock at the " Court House. All members are urge'd.' to come to this meeting. d-wtd J. F. Summerville, Sec.. to have no difficulty -with customs officials. New London is preparing a big reception for Captain Koenig and his lEWSPAPERr iNEWSPAFERr

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