Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on January 27, 1888 · Page 3
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, January 27, 1888
Page 3
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THE EVENING GAZETTE: FRIDAY, JAOTABY 27, 1388. BARGAINS! Cloaks, Shawls, Dress Goods, Blankets, Bed Comfortables, Knit Underwear, Toboggan Caps, L eggins, Hosiery, Gloves, Mitten Corsets, Bustles, Handkerchiefs, Mufflers, And many other Goods to be sold very CHEAP FOR CUB To reduce stock be 1 fore fn voicing. GALL AWD SEE. Evening Gazette. THS RvBiriNa OAZBTITI ciin De had nt all tlie tews stands. PrleaTwo CHHTB. FRIDAY, JAN. 27. I HOCIKTIF» AKI> AMUHKMKXTH TO-!5I«HT. Sub Rosa party in G. A. E. hall. Kock River Lodge" No. 612, A. F. &, A. M. special work. —Yank Newell in Mnldoon'a Picnic, .ext Thursday night. —Don't lose grip on the dam ques- ion. Keep right ahead and pegging way. —Mr. Adam Smith had a fall from is sleigh this morning and hurt him- elf pretty badly. —The Fourth street M. E. church holr will take part in a Sunday school oncert at Gait tonight. —Chimes of Normandy on Tuesday vening, February 14th, next, by the terling Wednesday Club. ^Chronological^ "Today" lathei annl- ersary of the death of Audubon, the great naturalist, who died in 1851. —To-day's weather baa been delight- ol; somewhat cold, it Is true, but none he less enjoyable, because bracing. —States Attorney Morrison, of Dix- n, was here yesterday looking up evl- enpe in some case which he is to try. —The special which passed through ere a week or so ago containing prom- nent officials at the "Q" returned to nicago yesterday. They have been ut all this time on tours of inspection —Justice Alexander's docket shows hat Wood Kramer was fined 8r> and oots yesterday afternoon for being rank and disorderly the evening be- ore. —The Boulevard, a straight half mile, ot travelled, is a good place for sleigh- ng parties who desire to speed hones, nd the authorities will allow fast riving there, aa we understand. —TheChlcago Daily almanac, price 0 cents, of value to al) taking Interest 1 politics. Replete wtth political as rell as other Information. Address Chicago Dally News, Chicago Ills. —The Walton blacksmith Murphy, rho killed his assistant, Hawkins, in a uarrel some months ago, received a entence ojt..nlne_yeara in the peniten- ary, his trial having terminated at Dlxon day before yesterday, —We give extracts from a letter and nother in full, setting forth some of 38 inconveniences, horrors and dlsaa- eraof the late blizzard in Dakota. Dakota's out of the Union; take her in. nd that may. warm her up somewhat. —The services of Mr. Goelder have eon secured for the Sub Rosa party its evening, and he will play the vlo- n for the company. It ia expected lat the evening's party will be one] of he most enjoyable of the season. —C. C. Mause found a cutter of his roken and containing five men in u runken state, last night. He bad previously hired out the cutter to two men o attend the Urogan sale. There ma; e another chapter to this in tomor- ow'a GAZETTE. —Rev. A^ A. Joss, pastor of Grace Episcopal church, assisted at the uneral services over Mrs. Dr. J. P. Anthony and Mrs. Alexander McCloy o-day, the Rev. N f H. G. Fife their aster officiating, and Mr. Josa offer- ng up a prayer on both occasions. —Miss Mary A. Kelly and Mr. John \ Sullivan were married at Dixon, an. 23, the Rev. J. Tracy solemnizing. he muptlals. A party was given the appy pair by the bride's parent^ which waa attended by from 80 to 0(1 ueats. The presents were nseful and legant. —Chester Btrock, son of Mr. John F. .trock, had his arm broken by falling r being thrown, or pulled off, we ould'nt learn which, from a sled he lad "caught on to" for a ride, about ne o'clock this afternoon. One of the ones of his right .fore-arm was broken about an inch and a • halt above the wrist. Dr. Keefer set the broken bone. —We notice that just about forty-two f our weekly exchanges state that St. Valentine's day comes on the I4th of February, an item of information that s suggested as much possibly by dearth of news as purpose of conveying in for mation. We would suggest that next fourth of July comes on the 4th of fuly, and that next Christmas comes on the 25th of December. —It was but a week ago that Mrs. Anna Stevens, a devoted member ol the Presbyterian church was followed to the grave by her sorrowing friends to-day two other members of that body Mrs Anthony and Mrs. McCloy also were interred. And this suggests, too that the first-named enjoyed the friend ship and esteem of the two, whose remains were burled to-day. —It was after night fall that Mr Kauffmau picked up that man out of a snowbank this side of Empire Wednes day night, and he Informed us that the man must inevitably have frozen had be not chanced to pass by; for his arms were outstretched and somewhat rigid and be was unconscious. He was ex ceedtngly mortified when he recovered his senses, and was very anxious to have It appear that be bud been "downed" by highwaymen or somebody else. —Mrs. Fred. Schultz, of Hopkins township, died last night of old age She waa 77 years old, and went to bed seemingly ia usual health. This mom ing, a granddaughter, Emma Stern, en tering the room found she was dead Sue bad passed from the sleep of life to that of death without a sigh or a groan. Her husband, aged 88, and twc obildreu, Professor Muck's wife an< AuguAt Stwn't wife, nurviTa her. Al though Dot previously ill, lira. Sehuit b*J toco fe«t>i« from »g*. Tha funeral wUl proteafciy i*fc* plMM OB C—Cold abounds; guard against draughts of wind. —The valentine ploturps, the hideous kind, are in sight. —The EVENING GAZKTTK grows steadily and hPilthily in circulation. —The marshal is resolved to break up all fast driving except upon the boulevard. —All resolve that the coming season shall be one of unusual growth and prosperity. —Thanks to all who have sent us in newspapers containing articles upon peeial subjects. —The street railroad matter must oon be revived. That must be an in- titution of our growing city. —A hotel guest was at one of the sa- oons and Tom Megulre was sent over 3 escort him to his room. It was musing to observe said guest's confid- ng grip on Tom, but Tom's face wore ook of most anxious care as he con- eyed the stranger alonjf, his every tep growing more unsteady, and he eellng like a ship in a storm, and at same time executing -more btops ian are known to a dancing master. When Tom had got him safe within ie hotel and had given a sigh of reef and wiped the perspiration from Is brow, he said to the stranger, Next time you get on a drunk in the winter time, for goodness' sake put on pair of rubbers." —At Grogan's sale, on the Dinsmoor arm yesterday, John Stitzel bought a orse from Timothy Haley, giving Joeph Orr as surety, in a note for 8110. titzel was overtaken by Haley and wo of bis friends, John Egan and John hompson, who forcibly took the hOrse ack, alleging that the note was not ood. Stitzel proceeded to Sterling and wore out a State warrant, which offl- er Drake served upon the three men, nd put Raley and Egan in the lock- p; Thompson was not locked up, be- ause it was thought he was so drunk e could be found easily this morniLg; ut this morning when looked for 'hompson could not be found and bought that ere this he is In another tate. Haley and Egan were brought efore Justice .Alexander, State's Attor- ey Stager appeanng to prosecute, 'lie men asked a continuance until an. SO, which was granted. —Why Is it that all dread the poor ouse V Examine it from without, it is ne-of-the-most-attraGttve-and-plctur^- sque structures In our county; within t is a model of neatness. The Super- ntendent is a kind-hearted man and he B careful that the bodily wants of all re provided for. Yet ope was taken lere yesterday, a Mrs. Curtis, whose error was being finally lodged in that omicile. Poor old woman (she is 75 ears of a'ge), her children, whom she ad folded in her arms and loved as nly mother can love her young,—those hildren for whom she had made ind- ite self-denial and whose happiness he studied, deaerted and turned her drift upon the world. She tried hard o find a, home among acquaintances; tie was anxious to make herself use- ul, that she might remain wherever ome kind friend took her in fora brief pace. Alasl she waa old and feeble, nd finally It became necessary to take er to this asylum, set up by the gener- sity of a liberal people for those whose misfortunes prevent them* Idlng for themselves. Poor mother ngrateful childrenl —From the Santa Fe, New Mexico, Vew Mexican newspaper we learn that Mr. G. W. Mack; his wife (a former re- Ident of Sterling, being daughter of dr. William Wilkinson, section foreman on the Northwestern, bore) and on. had a narrow escape from death a hort time since. The center roof of he abode house in which they had ooms broke In two and came down with a crash; they heard it and in- tlnctlvely rushed to the west wall, which saved their lives, the two joists m that side holding and preventing he timbers and .debris from piling town upon them. Mr. M ack was knocked down and pinned by the dirt, and his' wife was knocked against he wall, being held upright by the earth and splintered timbers. The son, years old was felled and covered by the dirt and dust. Mr. Mack's, weak ungs suffered from the dust and he suffered most; Mrs. Mack .took to her >ed from nervous prostration, while the little fellow escaped almost miraculously. Neighbors rescued them in a short time from this perilous position All will recover.' Mr. Mack is a photo grapher of Santa Fe, having removed there a short time since. —The funeral of Mrs. Anthony and that of Mrs. McCloy took place the one this forenoon, and .the other this afternoon/and both were attended by large numbers of their friends besides their relatives. Rev. N. H. G. Fife pastor of the Presbyterian, church, o which both were members, officiated Their remains were Interred In the cemetery, where also lie so many o their former relatives, friends and ac qualntances. Sad and impressive, in deed, were both funerals. The clergy man showed his deep feeling In hi words of sorrow and consolation. Eyes unused to weeping shed team over th death of these faithful wives and devoted mothers, whose taking awa; makes desolate two hearths. Death's bauds are fearful when placed upon any; by how much more when he take for his victims those upon whom al the household had leaned for comfor in sorrow, for advice In time of doubt ing, for direction in ordinary affairs and for love and affection at all times. The supports of two households ar taken away and besides the infinite grief that cornea of losa of wife an mother it the added sorrow of con sciousneas of the Infinite loos -u-Uicec The only consolation to be had i» found not la tfaa grave* whlah ooatain th bodies of the loved, but In Ut* deptba above, whoae »Urt t«U *»<i r»*Eioa. Any one who Is affected with Teter, Salt Rheum or any itching or marting skin disease shonld try Chamberlain's Eye and Skin Ointment, 'hey will certainly never regret it. It s guaranteed to give satisfaction if old by Strlckler & Boorse. tf Piano and Organ 1 unlnc And repairing of the above Is my ustneas. Persons having Instruments ut of order may leave orders at Werntz (Vs. Music store. 83* -W. E. Fox. AUhaece to Hpeenlate. I offer for 10 days a few choice lots In First ward, Sterling, 111., at a price lat will give you a chance to make ome money. Come and see me at nee. tf GEO. VV. CUAMBERLIN. James M. Fitzgerald's Restaurant. Meals at all hours; oysters in every tyle. Prices very reasonable. Under •Ceefer's drug store, comer 3rd and Louet streets. tf 1OO Lots for *»!«. On 2d avenue Sterling Ills at *100 ach, to be paid f er in installment of 85 er month. These lota are going like ot cakes; call and see the plat at the dice of GEO. W. CHAMBERLIN. If your overshoes or rubbers wear bin at the heel, get a pair of plates put n at P. J. Unkel's. tf Lights of a Great City and the fun- lest of all comedies, A High Old ime, at the Academy of Music, Monay and Tuesday nights, Jan. SO and 1. 98 "Better late than never," but better everMate when troubled with a cough r cold\ Take Dr. Biglows* Positive ure at oncp, which cures all throat nd lung troubles speedily and horoughly. Pleasant for children. Ocents and 81. For sale by O. A. Oiler. • New Shoe Shop. Men's boots and shoes half soled for Ocents. Ladles'shoes half soled. Re- airing done neatly and at lowest rices, at M. B. Uixon's, one door west f Cochran's old stand. tf Meetings continue full of interest i Broadway Methodist Church, .fternoon service at 2:30, evening ser- Ices begin at 7 o'clock. Come along riends and help in the meetings. OS THE PASTOR. Laughing room only at the Academy f Music, Monday and Tuesday nights, an. 30 and 31. 03 See the new ad of N. Carpenter & io. tf The Boston Store Is an attractive lace. The goods are brand new, the tore has plenty of light; you can see what you are buying; the clerks are latlent, polite and accommodating; the irices are lower than the lowest. You will find there a compete assortment f dress goods of all kinds, trimmings; muslins, spool thread; flannels, hosiery, orsets; quilts, blankets, In fact, every ariety of goods sold in any dry goods tore. Try us; see our prices, and you will discover that we can't be under- old by anybody anywhere. 84 Chase & Sab horn's celebrated deli- ate aroma Java and Mocha coffees; .lao Dwlneli, Haywood & Co's Boston ava and Mocha coffees, at Bunn's, whose big stock of all kinds of best quality groceries attracts people from all quarters, all saying, his goods are jest and cheapest. Bunn's Is the place. •> 98 - What! c For the next thirty days I will sell Heating Stoves very cheap, for spot cash. H. E. Reynolds. No. 87, 1st av- inue, Sterling, Ills. mwf-tf The books of Mrs. S. A. Harden have been left at the old business place, in charge of Miss Mary Milnes. All persons indebted will please call and settle mmediately. Mrs. S. A. Harden dwtf Abraham Encampment No. 49, 1, O. 0. F., meets this evening for general work and installing of the officers. Come patriarcha and met with us. By order of the C. P. 03 A conflict for possession. When your system becomes disordered do not let disease take possession. Take St. Patrick's Pills at once. They act promptly, cure costi'veness and bilious disorders. They ward off disease and tone up tlie whole system. Strickler & Boorse/ tf The "C. H. S." ia the finest 10 cent cigar on the market. The "Velvet" and 97 for a 5 cent smoke can't be beat. First class dealers C H. Seloff, manufacturer, tf 1000 SHEETS (£W MUSIO Sterling Boom lap. Call on P. T.- Vanllorne for plans and apeciilcatlona for all kinds of buildings and cut of same. tf Dr. I. Rader, of Fulton, Kan.', says: "I have been practicing medicine for 47 years. Many times I have prescribed Chamberlain's Cough Remedy and do not believe it has an equal in the market.'. It is a certain cure for coughs, colds and hoarseness. It is a splendid expectorant. It contains no opium, chloroform or any injurious substance. 50 cents per bottle. Sold by Strickler & Boorse tf _ PEOPLE'S COLUMN, ^f We will In-iert three (ihes In this col--«| umn one time for 10 eenta, or for 40 cents a week. Each additional line will ue 6 oenta a single Insertion, or 10 cents a week. FOR RKKT. TT'URNISHED rooms, with conveniences for f heating.and board, at Mrs Krelder's, on 2d avenue, between 4th and 6tli streets. tl IJE8IDBNCE of E. W. Edson and the (tore IV room under Farwell Hall. Apply to J. A. MoCune. tf D ONT sleep out of doors when yon can get a comfortable house for from six to seven dollars per month, of F. B. Hubbard. U O FFICES torrent In Bell block, being deslr- able. and finished In elegant shape. Apply to J. B. Bell & bou. tf FOU BALK. H ARD cca', nut, range and No 4; also, soft coal In largo quantities, at lowest cash prices. John Ward. 93 T WILL sell at auction on HIT tarm, Wednesday Kebnury 1; horses, cattle, hogs, larm .... 0 ' Q jf e ; machinery, corn, oats and hay. , eefer. > CHANCE to make money. J. A. Bartlott offers one or both of his billiard parlors fur sale at » bargain. U I OFFER for sale my entire stock of goods, with Its good will, on reasonable terms. O. A. Sheets, successor to Martin & Klnttlo. tl Sterling, Ills., Dec. 17,1887. G OOD light bob-sled »'nd a democrat wagon. Enquire at this office if L LE Brewery and fixtures for sale. George E. Rogers, Sterling, Ills. Address, U -4VAMTKD- M. DcOroff want* four-or five men to chop cord wood. 83* A COM PETENTRlrl for general housework, Good wages. Enquire at 601 West Fourth street. tf THE WILD WAVES ARE SAYING, AND a PASTE IT IN YOUR HAT, SlbTERp THAT T> ()Y from 8 to 12 years old to live with family JL) In the country until he Is 21. A good home with school privileges. Apply at this office, tf FINANCIAL,. HAVE $20oOto loan on city or farm proper. ty. Edward C. Underwood. tf Constantly on, hand. Dclfona prte« 10cents a e*p|r. Stationery, (BcoJcs, Soli-ool Supplies, Chalk Crayons. Inks, all Kinds. Fuller's Book Store, O. J. 3?OI-.L.OCIC, 3D3EJKTTIEI1'. Office la Bock Kails, over tke P*«t Office. The hackman, Buizard.wfll take parties to and from Sterling to Dr. Pollock's ofltoo pee of charge. I am Prepared t* Farms, City Property ,_! \ Personal Property an •^ g\ StocksofKoods For other Freperty «KO. W. CKAXBKJRLIH.- BOOK 8, ACADEMY OF SUsIC, ;j» •^ open erenlogi. /G*Bie Dowa After Snp per and Nit bythe Opea «rate and let o» Talk fe a H a S COCHRAN SELLS THE BEST CIGARS —FOB THE— LEAST MONEY POINTER FOR THE BOYS!! SKATES! SKATES! SKATES! Where, Did Ton fay f At Reynolda hardware store; if you want to get steel traps, 87 First avenne, south of Davis & Webei's Sterling 111. mwf-tf Pay Your Taxea. Tax books for Sterling township are oow open at Sterling National Bank. Parties are requested to pay their personal taxes'on or before Feb. 20th. WM. A. CONNELLY. dwtf Collector. Ivy Lodge D. of H will hold a sociable at Union Lodge rooms tomorrow eveuing. 93 Mrs. Harden retained a large quantity of gloves, hosiery, corsets, cloaks and jerseys, when she sold her stock to Fiye & Davis. • This goods must be s Id within 20 days and will be offered regardless of cost. 60 and 00 days Riven on these goods. dwtf Summit Place. 20. lots sold .already and only opened up on Monday last. Lots offered at 8100 each on the Installment plan of J85 per month without interest or taxes. Call and see the plat. Lots 60 feetxlSS feet on the clear, alleys 24 feet and streets 60 feet. We expect to close them all out by Saturday night. GEO. W CUAMBKHLIN. 84 Agt. Academy of Music. Bananas 20 cents per dozen-.Valencia oranges 2S cents per dozen; pig's feet and tripe 10 cents. All fresh and elegant, at Bunn's. . 93 Broadway M. K. charek. Meetings are full of Interest. Due grand feature, everybody U welcomed to coma. Miss Moreland will conduct th* »er vices. Afternoon aention at a: 30. everybody. CUTLERY, , CUTLERY, HARDWARE &. STOVES, At my new store on Third street, opposite Jacob Elsie's Merchant Tailoring establishment. Lewis D.__Wynn.._ Notwithstanding Their (Rousing Holiday Trade Have Still / A Fair Assortment or CLOAKS & MUFFS STAPLE ^ FANCY <D<RY GOODS At their Usual .-, (Reasonable ^Prices. All Grades .of AT LOWEST RATES. INDEPENDENT GROCER THE Our Btoek la too large 'and mnat be reduced at once. Warranty with each Instrument. $5.00 to 310.00 per Month, CUT BATES CONTINUED. CO., ttalt Houe Block. BEEJJIVE GROCERY Is the most Independent Grocery House In Bter- . ling. We make our prices and sell GOODS SO LOW That prices astonish erery one. All good* sold at the lowest living prices; no ^ over-charging. A child can (BUY G00<b& At the BEE HIVE as low as a grown person. Tbelargrst and finest stock to select from: every thing first-class. A large stock of Fine Gat, Fhur and, Smoking ' TOBACCO'S. Bought before the recent advance*. The BSX HIVE customer* get the benefit o! the low prices before the advance. A Urn stock of Gilt Edge Come one, come all. This rock shall flea From its firm base As soon as we. WRIGHT & WILLIAMS, PLDMBERS,.GAS & STEM FITTERS Jobbing and Repairing Promptly Attended to. Dealers In Lead and Wrought Iron Pipe. Wood and Iron Pumps, of all kind. Hose, Packing, Uteam and Water &uages, Valves, Putlogs, Hewer 1'lue, &c. lUUmaiea made on Plumblag, steam & Gas Jobs Mr, B, F. WILLIAMS, Formerly with Win. UoCnne & Co.. attoadi to wood aod Iron pump setting and repairing. > Mr. E. M. WRIGHT, FormorlT with the sterling Water Co., glvei his penonat attention to all plumbing, steam and g&o ooalriicto. OUB LAMP PALACH Is complete with tbe Uteet designs In Hanging t*uiniS anil Bnwket Lamps, Burntri, Oiiimaers. &a. Price* to suit Uw tbtte*, <M! and ae* our Little aisat Jjwap atut EOr»t» 8*f«t»Var»*, AU work wwriAMd. Y»u THE URLY BIRD KATCHES THE WUBM, At 43 and 50 Cent* per Gallon. Book Candy Drips, pore white, at 7S CenU per Gallon. EOCENE OIL Non explosive; tbe best oil sold In this market, at as low price as Inferior oils are tola elxewhtro. Oont be deceived and buy low test oils and run the risk ol being burned up.; < E«member vow i buy the BEST l^I^OUK At the BEB HIVK. Snow Flake, Paragon. and Kansas Winter Wheat: aU Roller Patents and all Winter «'he»t; makes better and whiter bread; keeps moist longer than Spring Wheat Flour. Agenulu* article In Pennsylvania Buckwheat Hour!! Ten thousand pounds gold last season; Six thou&anit pounds sold so far thta Reason. This Hour has no equal In this market; Is made bytbe latest process; patent hulled; no black specks. A fln« stock ol Canned and (Qri&d Fruits. California Fruits of all kiadsa The Qeunin* Down Eaat -', MAPLE SUGAR! Un-wonb yn> b«jf at tbe SX& H R.L,, VMKwmauvs

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