The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 3, 1923 · Page 9
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 9

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 3, 1923
Page 9
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TUESDAY, JULY 3, 1923 THE HUTCHINSON NEWS> VAGF, NINE. NEW HOSPITAL A PROBABILITY .Fund Expected to Reach $12 Mark This Week. 5,000 COMMITTEE IS OPTIMISTIC Several Large Donations Now in Sight—All Money to Go on New Building, since Wednesday. Hurt Is "live 'feet eight inches tall, lias dark brown hair and eyeB and welsh.-} 140 pounds. Ho >left In Mo «ar to answer a telephone cull and Jailed to return. NEW WARRANT ISSUED IN STOLEN CAR SALES John Schmidt Accused of Having and Selling Machine With Altered Number. MORE LETTERS ON THE "COURT" Judge ana the Governor in Great Letter Writing Mood These Days. The Methodist hospital committee reported today that the hospital fund -will, reach tho $120,000 mark by the end or this weak. Too committee ex- •peets to organize a 10 day clean-up- campaign whl'ch will start in the near future. "The members of the committee! wore never more optlmlRtlc that thoy •will soon roach the $160,000 mark by the end of tills mouth," slated Rev. A. 10. Henry, who Is in charge ot the- cam- .palgn. "The district outside of Hutchinson has not been canvassed because It Is thought best to wait until Hutchinson ljtis the fuml on the down hill grade. Large Gifts In Sight. "Announcement will be made soon of several large donations which are iiwndlnc at. the -preftpul time. II' tuey go through nccordluK to present expectations, we will be able to go ahead with the cleanup drive sometime next week. "The campaign funds which are being raised will all K<> Into the new l>ulld!ag. None of" the money will bo used to remodel the old hospital. That building will bo disposed of or a.bamione.d . A false rumor has been circulated recently to .Hie effect that eome of iho money Is to be used on the old building." TJndcrsherlff Fay Brorfn has gone to CasUeton after ' John Schmidt for whom a state warrant was Issued today charging having a aw with altered engine number in "his fieasession and chancing sale of a car with an altered engine number. Sheriff Jesse Landlord believes thnt •Schmidt may be Implicated in the operations of iBurke. the Pretty J'rairle man who Is belnjf sought on a warrant charging hint with having stolen car in his posper.slon. "I have found three of Burke's ears which Schmidt lias handled," said Sheriff Langford. "T have now traced rho handling of seven stolen cars to Burke." ShortW Ufngford believes that If Uurkn. who escaped from him Saturday night after Jie had been arrested, Is caught, ho w'lll have an Important cog In tho .machinery by vyhieh countless stolen cars are being marketed. He has strong hopes of diurke'a apprehension. MAN PLEADED GUILTY TO ASSAULT ON A GIRL KLAN HAD INITIATION SOUTHWEST OF OTTAWA He Was Sent to Jail on Default of a Bond For a Thousand Dollars. Parsons, Kan., July 3.—-When W. W. Itayburn walked into the office of Payne H. Itatner, county attorney tills morning for legal advice he solved a puzzle that had worried Itatner lor several hours, [layburn, 21 and mar-["regulation lied, was wanted on a charge of attempted, assault on Miss Nellie Cole, Kan. He Klan i pleaded "Bullty'and went to lull when 'he was unable to make bond of $1,000. Ottawa. Kan., July 3.—About forty are raid to' have been Initial*! Into , ll^.^^.il 0 "':' 1 . Va !' Uy tho mysteries ot the Ku Khix last night in t.ho first ceremonial oT tho flaming crown conducted In thin county. Th« ceremonial WUH held in a pasture mi the Sand Hills, four anil otie-lmlf miles southwoNt of town. Only ono figure who Bti ^ul pn:inl, was rohcii and hoocie .il. T. \V, .Mutteson of Win- flcld haw beon here for aevfirul wceUa jBOliciting memherahipa for the klan. GRAIN DEALERS OF DISTRICT IN MEETING M'VAY TAXI COMPANY SUED FOR DAMAGES (l)y The Associated rresa) Topeka, Kan., July 3.—Gov, J, M. Davis, In a letter today answering one transmitted to him , last night by Judges 3./ A. McDvrmott and J. H. Crawford of the Industrial Court declared ho is content to "await the judgment of the people of the -state on a proper and reasonable adjustment of tho Industrial Court law In accordance with the powers left -with the state under the recent decision of the United Stales Supremo Court In tho Wolff Packing Company case. Tho communication .sent to the governor by the two judges was In reply to a formal recpiest made by the okief executive last week that the judges voluntarily abolish the court by refraining from drawing their sal arles: ''Because you have no work to do," and because the supreme court's decision has shorn the court J of Its tower, as contemplated by the law creating it, were the governor's reasor.s for the request. In their letter the two Republican judges refused to accede while the third member, Judge Henderson Martin, Democrat, agreed to quit drawing his pay if his associates would do likewise. "Most Remarkable." Crawford and MiiDrrmnlt characterized the governor's request as '" a most remarkable letter." In -his letter today .tho governor said; "You denominate my letter asking you to voluntarily curtail the expensed of the industrial oimrl a-s 'most remarkable.' I think your reply Is 'remarkable.' You utterly dlsregarjft" (llilef Justice Tart's lit nonage, wherein 'ho says: 'It has never been iup- posed, since the adoption of the constitution, that the business of the butoher, or the baker, the Pallor, the woo<t chopper, the mining operator or •Che miner is clothed with such a ptthHc Interest Unit the price of his product or his wages could be fixed by state After broadly stating the poiislblo activities embraced, wit-lvln this law. Justice Taft declares the law In conflict wtlh the fourteenth amendment in the specific matter betore the court, "but certainly the implied force of his declaration would say that it is in conflict in the matters Included In the broad statement given above Miss Lucy King latt Saturday after- neon for their home In Missouri. Mr. and ,Mrs. Walter Mclvcr of Hutchinson wore here Thursday calling on i'rlonds. Mr. Joe Hrazeal and Mrs. Bva Williamson were married Saturday morn- Ing.-Sune 30t,h in Hutchinson. Mrs. Cnmmlngs was remembered, with a plant by Mrs. Kthel Heavers and o- bonnet of flowers by Mrs. Madge Brldgcman, Mr. Ches. Kecce has purchased the farm owned by Mr. Wilson .Smith where Mr! Armon Malono and family have lived for some time. Mr. Fees,o and family are planning on moving thero In August. Mrs. dimming'* nleco Misa Florence Myers has been having quite a serious time with lier foot which sho run CHARGE COPELAND WITH BIG SHORTAGE Original Information Drawn Up Today hy County Attorney Harry F. Brown. * # 1> 19. J. Kml'.ey, secretary of the Kan&a» Grain Dealcra Association was hero last evening attending a meeting of the southwest district Kansas Ora!n IX'-alertf Association held at the <'bamlMir of Convmeree. Matters dealing with the marketing of the 1!W3 crop, tho condition of the , hetry and just what the ijraln dealera-] have to. face In the next few iminihs •were"tM"ontght up and freely dlfcuseed. A REWARD OFFERED. It Is For a Taxi Driver Who Has Been Missing For Somo Time. Junction City, Kan.. July 3.—Relatives t'his morning offered $25'r'eward for Information regarding William Hart, aged 23, taxi driven ml.-alng Suit was filed today In Reno county district court by bsaac and ICtta Cllne, parents of Virgil Guy Cllne, deceased gainst the Yellow Cab niv.l Baggage Co,, for $5,-182.50 damages, growing out of the death of the boy mor-i than a year ago. It Is alleged that through the negligence of agents for the eo/u- l«tny the. deceased was run down and killed on a country road. ABBYVILLE. •-•> <i> -5> <*> a nail In tho first of hist week, but she Is -better now. Myers and LMven finished work on their piece of wheat south of town Saturday, They used a harvester- thresher and tlio wheat averaged about 15 bushels. Virgil and Opal Rush tame iu from King City, Mo., Wedesdny. They are Mr. 13d Rush's twin brohtor's twintt. Mr. and Mrs. Crocker. Miss Many Welch and Mr. Wade of Hutchinson took Sunday dinner with Josephine Martin. Mis. Sawoy and Radio and Ernest Frazicr spent Sunday afternoon in Nickerson at the Frazlor home. AII BS Knoech% of Stafford is here with her sisters Mrs. Dan and Mrs. C. C. Zotlnr.'i. Dr.'and Mrs. Evans motored to Nick- ersoiuSunday afternoon. - Virgil and Opal Rush, Bornice Mirk- et. Hazel Martin .'and Vera Cade spent Sunday afternoon at I'ld, Rush's homo. Llttlo Mary Deck tms been In Hutch inson for over a" week visiting her grandmother Denton and aunt Ksther Waglov. Mr. Laurence Deck Is the owner of a new P'ordson tractor and he Is planning tin farming his land northwest of town where Mr. and Mrs. Cox and family have lived for sometime. IANYSERVICEIEN' TO INVEST IN HOMES Wiillowbrook, tho country homo of Senator Carey. It will tie an IS-hole dinner match with soven players ou each team. ONE MAN IDENTIFIED AS KANSAS CITY KILLER An original information TVAS today drawn 'by County Atlorn«y Hurry I'\ Brown, charging Conifdius (Moai) Copeland, lormor treasurer nl' the Reno County liigh ftrhnol lionrrt and SumnfT to'wnahip trusteo with oiuboz- zlomeut. This complaint hnw h»_'on halloing fire for wtit'ks, iiendiuy completion of nn audit •hs.nB ooncUu'tod. | This audit is nut i;oinpi(. j t^d yet but tho phortage is now be'.ievp<l to mnount of $17,752.61. That la Urn uinouut named In tho information signed by the count;/ proaeeutcr. County Attorntiy Urown iiaa htwn expect in.ij (). J. Wind I ate, new l.rows- urur of tno NirkeiKOii stdtool to i+woa;* to a complaint and decided to jro ahoad when tho school official did not <omo to his office. Th»> iniflfiiii? trnasnrc 1 !* is Unuiglil tti bo in Mexico and as Jon;; as in- stays theri* 'officials sec little chancu of brintrin?; him back hut Mr. Brown's idea Is to itc. prepcired. -l::opeIand wa.s for many years a farmer in Sunnier township and' wasi highly renardtHl by litft noiehbors. Ho dlsappoarod soon after tho now law mboHs-liin;; the county hljfh school and legislating him out of offioo (became effective?. REAL MOTOR RSES AT KANSAS CITY He is Charged With Beating a Non-Union Electrical Worker to Death. and PICNIC TOMORROW. Spanish-American War Veta Auxiliary to Carey Park. A biK time is planned for tomorrow when the mpnifcers of the local camp 4 >f Spanish-American War Veterans* will hold a picnic in Carey park. A biff turn-out Is expected according to justice of the Peace T. F. Cox, one, of the ring-leaders. Be Careful What You Eat. A physician Ueoiares that a man looks like what he cats. Take ft tip and avoid eggs.—Louisville Courier- Journal. <v <?> 4' <$> *?' <•• 4> 'v <i> Mr. Diven had the misfortune to loose hJB milk cow last Monday. | Mr. Roy Deck lost 2 horses In the harvest field last Tuesday. Mrs. Elmer Myers 1 M enjoying a visit from her sister Mian Create" Davis, who has been leaching school in Montana for a number of years. MI MS Davis goon back to Helena for thin coming year, this making her sixth year there. Miss Hazel Martin came In from St. Louis, Mo., Wednesday evening- Khe is staying with Mr. nnd Mrs. Will Heisonlnius aa Mrs .Hylsonlmns has been quite sick lately. Miss Lucy King spent a few days last week vlaHlng in Hutchinson with her cousin Mr. Jim Pu.::et and family. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey King 'wore Hutchinson shoppers Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Frank D UMI are hero tr«*u WindfieUit visiting relatives and friends. v Mr, and Mrs. Bowzer, who have b^en staying with Mr. Brnzeul # and little girls for the past G months and PERSONA NON GRATA TO ENGLAND Real Estate Men Getting Busy on Prospects Among Bonus Recipients. Firteen hundred and ninety-night service men in Reno county nave a,p-' plied for the (Kansas bonus iind-their applications have -been forwarded. The local bonus hoard has kept a record of every applicant and the date h-is application and discharge *vas forwarded for reference. The rwil estate men of Hutchinfwn are getting hiisy ami going after all veterans with bonus money eominy to •buy heme*. It is known that many plan to use their money aa initial payments on dwellings and thero i» a great deal of rivalry between 'the real estate men. Dale Shearman, deputy clerk of tho covin I B engage-d in preparing copies of Che list of applicants, one of which will be used by tho local Legion poyt. Kansas City, Mo., July 3. -Raymond Shults was Identified today as one. of the four men v.-ho yostenby attarkpd J. A. Hose. And C. C. Olden, mm union electrical workers, bea-tiag Hosfe fo dtath and se\erely Injuring Ohien, ac- eordiv.g to 1. f). Wait*ton, chief of de- l-'rtlvcs. ShulU with \V. J. Matthews, Wiiii arrosted last night W I UMI tliuy exiled at' police headquarters to inquire al.'out. automoliile license plalew, wliicli they v:\-\t\ had been ;.;oli;n. Tin: Id. ntifit-ation, Uetectlve \V;iI- ston said, was mude l.'.v .1. S. Harris, fureman on the job where Rose and OLU.-n W'.'i'e wurkiug when attacked. The Motor Car Number. I When the fuiir men dr.H'* away af- | ter the attack Harris look down 'the mimher of the plate on their auioino- ixlo and reported l! t<M,he police. This tuimb<r, the police said, ciirre^pouded with Uie numln-r of the tutr Sh'ilts reported stolon. Harris eo:dd not i;l»»u»,ii'y Matt hews as one of the attarl^ ra. Shults IKK I Matth.'w .A will lie taken to th*'" bedside of Olden for possible idem ifiefttiun, the chief of defectives declared. CHARGE IS CONSPIRACY TO "IMPEDE JUSTICE IT<y Th<! A3aooIa .tc(l PreK') Wflukct'ttu, III.. July 8.—A. Jury w*» comidett'd t.Mlay in Lake 'county circuit court to boar the trial of J. B. iKIeld. 'Kddln Courtney and ESddl* Kati-ffraan, charged with'irsicy to impede justice in the trial hist year ot (lov. Small of Illinois. Court then waa adjourned until !):30 a. m. Thurfl' day. that have buy. fi»- ' nny clflssifuu ails c.-in s-ti jiny'Mnjf you lu Holl. si '.-ure tinj-tt.ini: j-tiu w?Hh to Et'C vju a j:osUloi\ or R.-rtlrn hc*\P •>o> Any time you urc In iiped rl o( '.li.-si* thinga, call niitnU^r paii im-nt. -1-2*1 Elimination Heals Being Raced . Today Around Great Wooden Oval. POLICE CHIEF SAYS HE WILL RESIGN SOON Chester S. Dailey at Arkansas City is to Tender His Resig- 5V.--*- -o« Kansas City, Mo., July 3.—-Elimination tests wero.-held this afternoon for the 2. r >o-m!le automobile race at the Kanwis City speedway tomorrow. Fourteen cars were turned up for the whirl around the great wooden oval. Prominent drivers are entered anrtej advance neat sales indicate a large; attendance. Speed developed in practice is believed to forecust improvement, upon, last fall's races, the maiden CUD test of the Kansas City ape' dwny. Jimmy Murphy, who lends »o far in the season's motor car racing cham- ptvnshfp contest of tht* American An- tomid)l!e Association, nmy ciipluro it If he wins the 500 points which will go to the victor In tomorrow's race; or Tommy Milton, over whom Murphy has only a 270-point lead, may go ahead. Harry Hortz, also an (Milrant, Is likewise in a position to dispute the title with Murphy. The other drivers enteral are lOul Cooper, Ralph Do Pal ma. Frank Elliott, laddie Hearne, Jerry Wonder jlch, Loon Dnray, RennetL Hill, "llow- Wilcox, fXivo Lewis and Harlan Kenglar. The driver for the? fourteenth car has not bevii determined. The. drivers alone will occupy the cars. -TRAM TIH ».M |\S. K A N. iltiinK (s b'cu i',s:>. .MINNKAPOI.IH :2ll .f, .22. STA Kl'i iJtl>. IS .1-1* with TtlUCK TO THAI • i'ii(h. ho nl. ••nth. nn; '"[U]em> :i . Ill.ti Mnr! v. . M'it.'i", y fi.f f\\ in lUTlti p;irt K'Ul SAf.K Sixm..«|e: n h.» 2'1'< "'.. T'-n t It, sifniiSri !',•. >m >.'•>. ycluKi!, I»>..''H-C.R fvu-r.iw..'., S.nill -i;. 1 'r. fTarag^,. I' I UC I UTI I KUIH". Ka'/dfii n-« UMi-; n-S" !.\mln-8, vhniiit" vv. nnit Kt -aix-H. al --t' G0-feta l"t In c -ni wltn tiiiup". Also I M .XJ I -f ir .-n. Inj; at :V.\ lliM T MU I I. pvtw-.i r fi! ' tm, at month. (li .th pr-Mu-rt %:>:, o H-ll I'iirli si'imnil '.'Sy. iHMH'r l.-.ivhu,' (.Tall at hl's Kust Tenth or piii^io M. hiuiii - or will t(<»vn. nv. 24 ;i -*t - Two furiiinheit it.oniy ftir Arkansas City, Kair., July 3.— Ches ter S, Uailey, today amiuuiu *-d thnt. he would tender resignation as police chief to Mayor Mcintosh in a few days to take effect. August 'AO. Dailey declared h ;<3 resignation' was based on lack of co-operation from both the public aru .1 members of the police department. Dailey has been the center of a Sturm of protest for several months. Fred L. Crahhe. superintendent of the Anti-Saloon League of Kaunas declared from the-Pulpit of the Christian church here Sunnay tnat there "wan llKht h.. l'.oSt [-'Oil! rull HACK or fxchaiiRfi for ix<><>'\ iiioiovuil nuto -tOnutty in Ktmd rental prup.Ttv. flume 7fM W. i;, ;t^t OUAItANTKKD rnbullt tytiowrlOM'a of *II makru. We do ctfmntus »tul ivp-iiving. Klntzcl Typt -'w-iitcr KxclmtiK'-. Thorn- iQ2. Ti ^-2Gt* TTfl'KWHlTKU rlhbyns fur nh mak.;a'of iJ'Jjqrivvlti'ni. K «nt7 .'tl Typt'tvi IUH- vhajijf.', 2i Went Kli -Ht, phono 405. IPffipcir IHttiBi^iin)^ ileum, phone r.S 'UV Tl 25 £»( or 101 Wost SUUi. ainndl Oeaiiajuinig Wwika We clean, hv.o find aorub i nifs. W* 'lo 0-11 Kindu ruif repairInif, I'lumu 2*13 tQt ' "" Tl 26-Mt lax enforcement, of the prolUbition law r -\Vt -Bt Pirsi. in Arkamma City, and that If I had niv -------------- K. t). Day and Norman W. Day c>{ Raymond were here yesterday on bus), ness. Dave Andersen loft .today for Minneapolis, St. Paul ami other points In tile northwOMt. The Public Library will bo closed all day tomorrow -on- account of the Fourth of July being a legsil holiday. Mr. and .VIi'B. John Holllnger of H14 Twolfth avenue west, aurrounce the birth ot a son, yesterday at their home. JudgK P. P. Pi-lfig and his wlfo left today for an. extouded trip to Vancouver, 11. C. and other iioiuta along tho Pacific coast. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Corlett and Arthur llo-jrors will leave tonlffht on a trip down through tho Hio Grande Vivlley lr. Texas. Floyd Vlekeru of 720 Avenue B east, la' suffering from a broken forearm, sustained laat evening, when he attempted lo crank a ear. Mr. and Mrs. John Simllhheisler of Danville, are tho parents ot a daugli- tQr, born this morning at tho St. Klizabelh hospital. Miss Charmtto Richardson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Klrhardson Is visiting with he =r grandparents, j\lr. and Mrs. II. A. Snell la Kansas City. Little Buddy Martin, son of Mr. and Mrs. h, G. Martin ot IDS South Severance suirtained a three-Inch cut on his forehead last evening when he. fell from the .shoulderis ot a large boy who was holding him. He hit bin head on the pavement, cutting a long gash In which four Mtltchus were taken. ST. LOUISTMERICANS TURNED OVER TO FRIFX GOSSIP OF THE STREET way thero would be a shake down in the force from top to bottom." Dailey hu* nerved liH'e moro than a year. Commt 'SHloners Btuertz and Thompson attempted to have him removed a few monthw ago but failed be- e cause the mayor claimed there were no specific charge of inlaeonduct in office filed against the chief, THE OKLAHOMA BANDITS BUSY St. Ix>uis, Mo„ July 3.— B<rt> ^inn has turned over affairs ot the St. L OU I H Americans to Dill Frl»l, hlB successor as business manager, and Mr. Qulnn will depart next week for Boston, to participate In the negotiations <or -the trapBter ot the llod Sox from Harry Fraxee to a Columbus, Ohio, syndicate, it was announced tc< day. Simultaneously It was announced Qulnn would become president or the Boaton club. Broke Attendance Records—-During the recent vaca-tional school period the school held at the Qramlview school broke all records Iu attendance In the city. This school was fostered by Tour of the churches. Christian, Methodist, Presbyterian and flautist. Preparations were made for 40 children 'but Instead the average dally attendance "was 1-20 and over. x— Sell Old House—An offer ot ?>M0 for a house, on the site recently purchased by tho board of education for S'rounds for tfao proposed now building at 'Maple street school was niado yesterday and J. EJ. (Jeyer, clerk of the board, was authorized to close the deal. —x— Buy Nurse New Car—The Ford coupe -which, lias been uued lov the past i wo years by tho city nurse, Miss Elizabeth Oondoll, will be replaced by a new ! <-ur, for 'the school work commencing in September. —*— Rodkey designs—The resig'-natlou ot Ralph Rodkey, athletic couch at Sherman street school -was handed to the school board yesterday, bo will enter buslnesn hero this fall. This makes two vacancies In the teaching force, the other boiDg svfirst grade teacher. —*- - . M They settled bill—-"Robert- Nice-wander and Clievo Abney. were "urrested today by Sheriff. Jesse Langford charged with beating'a board bill of $10. Mrs. II. A. Pittihrtn was tho complaining witness. Thoy settled tor tho bill and were released. —x— Charge Double Parking—Fred Nichols of 1403 Fourth avenue east was arrested this morning tor double •jiarklug on Main street. (Continued From Pago 1.) The Kauris Crtyan e-.-ills his wife "St In." although her name Is Dorothy, according to M=> mo-thur, Mis. D. II. Northrup of Tulsa. Mrs. NVtrMirup Is endeavoring to get In touch -with her sim/she said, adding that -her. son 's' wife frequently wore eeveriy trlu-monds and that the couple may have been en route to Tulsa, last night. A Legislator Dead. Springfield, 111 A report of the death of Representative Seymour Hurst of Marshall, Democratic member of tho state legislature, iu a hospital at Paris, Illinois, was received here. EAltN EXTRA MPKN1HM1 MCNICT BY HtU.blNO THE NB'.VM AI-Tt-.R I Y. M. KACIl KVK.MNCl. I0r- STAIt'l'S YOU. APPLY TO Mil. OHAUl .1. .M-:\VS Ol'l'-ICK. Ill '.a IU WeaftiEirai SUaid® :s* & OKuco CBiBuaniiiBg C®. OLD AXi> NKW WlNIHHVS cl.l-JANBU. HUGS OUR SPECIALTY No moei-y If work In nut satisfactory. I'IIONK asi. 815 NORTH MAI'LB, HUTOlUNf'N. K8 Tl i.-abt HUTTKUMIl.K for Bull', fur nl'i.i '1.- f'-f'l, lc • t"-r uiiU'in lotn or ti-n Knll«in« <>t rnoiv. Tl-' 1 Mcrtttun Cri'umei -y Co., 4L !-:t Koulh .Mi..ii. 'J'! :'.'- l"t FVJH HA t.K Nearly new o- old b-ori], you? Phono 1U70. furnil mi-, or or whiii havi) • Tl ,UI-4t LOST- Ci .hl. orniimi'-nted I-:ik tooth. Loave at Llks Home for rewrtKl, f TT ;iti-It The Golden KB JISTOAMCE & loan, iiU: If yim need hMturari'io or n»cull mo and Iftt m« explain f0 3 tornado, nututnoblte, HaUtlHy, ctun.xmsa- tlon, htdiitn and urohlent, j c^itU.nco burfftury, and tuurlstt (lo.xtftr. 1V4 SouHi Main. Phono C^2. Tl eod 9-3Bt DEATHS AND FUNERALS Death of Baby. Frances- Brady, twenty-two months old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. W Brady o£ Penn.losa died early thle morning In a local hospital following EL short Illness. The child waa born, November'19, 1921. The body wtlt bo taken to Penajosa (or burial. Getting flown to tacts! People take Bummer vacations In •ewcii of « food time, and not beoausa they need a I real,—Atchhon aiob«4, _ , _ THE DAIIY RECORD o Amanda K. Av«. E euftt. Toyman, Deed*. Laura Mae MeKntee Lyman, lota 56 and 68 Hutchinson. Helen L. MIIIM to Amanda % Hum©.. _L D. Archibald to Norn Schubert, lot 15. bile 9, MIHor & Smith add., Hutchinson. llhoda M. Shlnn toMoNatfhtt-n Inv. Oo., lut 14, blk. 1, Farm in ft on a<M., llut '-'httiHon. F. Welly to U T. Lee, part nw'i OFFICE FORCES OF TWO CAREY PLANTS TO PLAY Momtierts ot the office forces of two' •big Carey industries here plan a pleasant Fourth of July st golt The office force Of t!ho Carey Salt Co., and the office force ot tho Hutchinson I Box Board ft Paper Co., vrtU stage a tournament tomorrow afternoon at What Has Happened In The Past We first began selling stock for $75.00 ;\ share; sonic .hundred people purchased at that price, and have seen it increase where it now has a selling price of $82.50 a share. This has occurred in one year's time. It Has Made Them About 13% on Their Money f\t the present time the stock is being sold for $82.50 to earn the investor 7\% net, and the price of the stock is still advancing. We predict that the stock will be selling" for $90.00 a share or more before very long. The" coupon attached will bring you detailed information. ui ^ u ULLMI~~, United Water, Gas & Electric Co. ;•"'" Customer Ownership Departmeut. United Water, Gas & Electric Co. Gentleman: Please send ino information about your preferred stock. Name ... ........ Address City ,....„».,„

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