The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on October 4, 1974 · Page 14
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 14

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 4, 1974
Page 14
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Paul toys stock decline resident found A nd>aw Phillip sutten hurting pensions, ' _ j. ^B^B^ W mwocenf In /ury frtol $-;* •••'. ^- - • a? Bj OOKOOJl MILKY of (fit state 4 * tbrt* prtmary « the Mad to tijr • Jwry of six tte WNMB. this week of ttpbaj * We* Jury returned the ml terdkt after ap* oxtoatety (brtc (war* of TMi MMteaqr tragW •» lfuncBl btfot* tt» Jar* by AMManl DMrtct MtortMjr 8tedj. AlWf fc^^ MM of rap* by fore* #A ttrwit aad ajgrented rapt wttk urtooj bodfly to- MM tf de Mud to I«R fer «wrt, B«w|y •»•* the loScw^i *l*tmm«.» The trial, which *' Wednesday Dvltme attorney Jlauay fttBlft Jr, baaed tto defeat of Ofdonet on Ow fcaenJ |!TW» by the UM On a prctriat moOoo for dbmtaal VHOtpt had the eanfdaiaaat pfcfc the nan the •tewtt^dl feft Irtf 1 ftiMribftf firan «t froMptn itecoMHrooni Mdeh toctoded a FVmport bank cetployM «te bom a compJUJnaal pointed out %PhHHpt also bated titt dtftmcoo aa alffii catabtebed by Ord«an*s brother and cbt •Was. aB of whom with ate < parcots. Uatffitd that bt *as * at honw ariccp at the that of HM atwutt PhSb^a ia bis arfoneot before the jury coacedcd "there h ao ojuevHoa" ttt» iHMBaa bad been raped bat he ojoeatiootdthe actsvacy of the deacrtptioa aad railed ojautinni on U> fftoeratty. the ptmetuBoB plated two another Poltce tettifW »e*ry to the asked that the rate window to a he Invoked after the COBV ptataaot ft** the officer had fatUfted, after the trial that be kmked the rate became he w» afraid the state had some wttaeasee he did not kaow ahoot aad they w«r*la thai The rate ban other* are lesttlytof. Most of done to pot ban OB Ihe the defense witnesses heard do** Haa M ceaw to Uda la the teetimoay of th* com- Braiorta Owaty that w*, most ttve bekted ban to be safe? Or, la M better te oat those aa>^t*M ft^^JLuA l^aiM^*' m hw anpHMWi to j*ry »u«wed the of obe Freefioft bank et&ptoyee ta speeanace to the defendant taa> ta* dudtdrMsjthMMofthetMAd* lM W*3lttlam MM OWetffBat<»V PW|B0I aUT^|kM*d tlftOjll Waff •aStl'at^ fa tteaf flfiattlMffM Jlsf ~* * and her teathaeay she her attacker's fac* t* be ww^jTlftj* faa l^aef MeWei^waMB^Ba^ ipfCHIC HI Ww t*W**l I|WM|L. "How better cea t shew Jurors Mother person has ed the ojuaMtiea feecrtwd here The attack octurttd. »c> thaa one of the ksry cordlnji to teetlcaotty» on the OSAJB I havv oat nj^ht of May Ik shortly befcwe selected by cttnaaojtor« If there Rudnajht aod wa» reported to are twe> of West Cbtunhia ponce at l,» where is aum, - A ^ The compltteaM testified AI1H0X... her assaibtst haaped OB her r%iii *™.'l'__ ... back whUe she w*«iR bed and «C«s»iBBed from P»*» t> hoand and fagged her before ** council bas bten .b^yyj^n her s&* testified *w*y by the court*,' she tried to u* Mm out of the added. atlack aad was my COB- The court* h»»e bsfaa to lemed abottt dnrtitfhlnsj Much mphui* by both the proeecoUon aad dtfenac wet pUted oo the e»othto« te the case aad need by poiic* in seardk of the raptot. She dewribed her tttecker as ttaefcy to frame **th tag. thfe*. black hair, swarthy coropieaiioo. ftvt feet aad fear fcxbw to «teladMs taO. hto face «*t round. She tattitied (he cfc*hto« her attadur wore was a short sleeve while shirt, dark tamer** while bett and whUe Houston man charged in hit-and-run death PEABLAND - Jta> Fer- Tuoday morBU*. gaff^. of Hooctoo hat been FeraMdea was lakca late charted with Be(iife*Jt cnatody Wedwaday eight in iM^CMa IB the hM^aad-roli Hooriaa. Jaatkre of the Pw« de*th of a bicyclist here earl? HciiryEbittseth«dat«M»ai Albert Georte Mohr,». of HOUMOB ww dead M Ik* seea* at J:» a-m, Twwdey after beii« struck at the bv tenectieB of Hfefrway A aad Altee Street Mohr, who had a wtfe and two chUdrea. wa« wwhog dark dotbtae; aad showtac no Hghta. abhongh be dta) have a unaB rtflertor. poUce said. He wa» rldtag with the flow of tnflk. Wttae*««« said a Mae Chevrolet picks* was farahed to the taeidtnl. ud Ml >A- points baBetia wa» lamed (or sochatrock wMh daaut* to Che ri«bt (raol (rilL A vehkle flllisf that dtwrrtpitan was fooad at the Catena Pwk hone of a ittotive of PerBandet, bin, UadMy Mid Focur. t{w«ltiaf la (lw (few catif* an* eouW t» «*Jw» te cMua«ndal. dUHi w bowr at 0*«« Bnwvtfi tt» «DUn an* b* pHt tUHtHCj? ttt IBliJOPUti HK. Tto oMiH dtad (w h«k iJtWMM WATf3ttOSAT»V UttC bad be woed-A" I , far a Xfrfeot stria ea side of Jh* lafhway, That motion was delsaied w only Bnawefi aad l*y wfiid fcVM. Nexi to owk* * natton was ^1*—^ *fc . - - - - , .A^^ naa vntinuii wau (hat oaly that carnally la BM a* "C" CMBfaerctsi be taken at Hat way. aad IB* nat b* isaed "^A** Vatafea^BVeaJt^aal TT^Batf 1 dMd lor lack of a tecaat **W* hallrtl stt nCOCKMMM Una." Mid catJnaaa I SON SHINE IN PERSON! THE WAVES OF JOY SATURDAY, OCTOBER 5, 197410 AM to 12 NOON THEY WIU AUTOGRAPH THEJR ME* REHASt-LP AND 8 TRACKS. W S, W.MJ. <MiN Latt Dfat) SSTkioit «?'> s.t w w - *» ra -W«U 1 U te dUMd," wid hy Bowaua M||M(ad Utt (fct nayar ui» UH caaaiiMhnt MohJBg b«fc far DM mweiL Foster wigaMfd dM tfto eomniMl«« »oi» 99 a seo-fool (trip aa "C" comoMTCtii hrjf mad* U» eMSoo. and A • MHoot «. I H* Mffobfm to |oUia( be •< w aj». attard*? M taatwoed hjemeHal •fc^. *%«^4Ji •*••" •-- 4 .I mi MI i fin •*—•-** ___ ** rib* TOT. UttHJ HRffPt WWWaJF pMfBr W WV Ownfe In late Jackson. offkUto*. the infant died FHday MaTftJaf (CM- «. WW- He to arrived by Ml jUHitih, Mr. iad Mw, »** ***• *f ** W. Mulberry In A*fl*t*r. te4tira*a>*reBt*, Mr*. art Hi*. Irt A Saw of UB» Jttkfm a** Mr. «4 Mr*. afct^iewiHtef JfefWwiiarea^dMrtelietterte Lloutenant Daniels AKGUEtON - UMtfejuwl OB*****, fi, *h» died I0rt, t. 1»« to th* Ang^HQwfcwy Oefttrtl Hajfe buried to flweefsl Its* Qmttery W*-** ftuwwl »*«* ^ ^ . . rwswtl H»«* ttM »en*e* *rt t» b* held at Ch*pel »* th* «•», U a Bath eflWatk* W»« 0* *•- tteMl H*wkhM and Iwwter A-ata. la* rf ate *•*• and ct«W brother*. Ame*RM«l* are by Gwdaer fiawta! tkwa* tf Aisjlafc*, T. A. Grain T A, C»tlB. &>*« of t.A. 0»k> * of Ihvnday BMraiat lOct. I*. »W» ffeepMal In tkaja. Okto. wOl «• held ai HM|» c«MMt@«trr wolf rrAt. or •rue* fbMtea Heady. Lake 0«e«r Uacnkt UraM, Jennie VwwBU. Uk* Udtae JirwBMB*. freepofii Cynthto Ircae THURSDAY) A RaytMNM M. Sort*. Hodgw. Mr* Suaiey Caoi. AaU*»« Port bfU. QatXl Wll If, s*Jd hehnpw «MM t> » pawed by OB 0*», U.** He «*** « w*» Nnwt A* lake oiicw«**a«e»f«i« dmljJMnfct a> fll* contract* «re * itpl^*t»Bker» pwtt «f Ufi ft per towU te -Bw. o« ce«BpBiii>e» can **** a> c«m» p«r teraaBMdV te. 0» eapoty to the B*h*»** -Th» wenM tertooaty *«hct Itytr* pqhiud out. »*tk»i ks O»w J«ae» - ABMT. Msd tas ,. Aawr. T a T , Chrysltr ,.,.......- aW Dew r*rd Meter C*. .. fraakaa LUe las. fteepan MbMtiei Ceaenrf Motors .««,« . «* . *•*« . H*i . « »v ,. * , •> UM» ..»* Developer Alfred K. PimpeHof HeusloB, who owns the IMcn tract betweea the two sobdivis4oM, had M Qotf M «• Hta. Lgl. * fwwer . **• HesuKat, Cat ........»*> ««f« - «*• tfaaatteVlte <-i •«»»«- W* Manor - "! " . - «*» II *M. 3IH M«! M »H I* Nsat* ........ J, C. reaaty IMUas a*«r* .... . . TAUNT SHOW REHEARSAL SIT SUNDAY The r*w taleal •I i p,m Saadey si the te AABJMtOB, Mn. director. **Jd dktUbnaldHa Oktre IB Btereaf a nwrtety of Mtt »BB h» p**f yeBrs. SB* •Is* SBM that the ewtkre comly will »e secaad aad iMrd dMetaM anUkree to IBM. aad l+l* Trw«» •••- •.•.Kretae Rrm reports theft Jnvited %!-•' »te-», %d~' ftM To come to know tin world's greatest love To come to know the living God To conn to Im about Jeiui Christ ' i-s - f < $ l &^ t iaidOih n^H Wjl MR AUftJW IWI nMi tat HoWWaW IH *» B^^^TR WHfwr ^eyaawW^ ^e^BBBaaaaaj ** J*!J*f •*"**'* „ >>t fritty if hs of ^ip* 11 ?! 1 ****- OMHct. (MM«i «H m tti k* on .„ lnTlNV| PW i ••DkT.'WBQr* 4TPPP Wpjajli HPa» ™ W -.. . .P**j«M*«>Pj* gaik^MiajMlilM *** ** Mi WMMNl Mrf m>l> BMW bwkmwh* Rlchwood. ?Mf a* i* talk aad **» r*9» i» B^BWtftlKlikNL tfttrt «r» t* fen «*) ilw •M feu «.»>*» w w •MI mfer tHW twin ••«iMle\ w* M) ttmtun M<f (taw* t Wl «a> ' "tt JMMT I* wtar *rtm» ««t »'M»niiii«icy tt «wr« w* **? •til k«M *Nu« ft,."" I* MM I** i* iwi**i wia* **» fie* •jNi- (m^ffftui *iwwrts*^ftiMl tern***? *«fik w* wMa4fe§ IN*^ *wiw tft &$ *le««iHM, la* ***** «M IW kttlrfMtf', «M' ««• Witt um tt* «** r*«»j<(*f (MIMA *w Cyclist hurt in accident •UkTitMti _., M,«»<& TPd MVMMM *H _ Mnr *».T; *••.<«. t«9B) »** Cwaaaotty hw^Wt If fttatr *»4 t* !auJi »* * ttrwrnrt* WTO flttl snii HOlLYVIOOOj WIGS »t s««««y aool 4 wMMl «*»•<«*». M * • • DOVS ClUD "7* "»•'•» • «« I) »*t« ilw f«»*iMbty of ••* A«d edw»UM»l town *tB «** Biltt*fd». bwMpe* awef. w« •wthtklr d«r«*i the ope* hwsn of ike (fab a* an fa* tkf** *p*«t*t tinwdy *r» oa DM fat B«j» €I*A tB*a»he*» Thes* Mhidit a mossweea eeatasH* teatiBt, Ort. M. • (arhey shoot «a Me* »,s«d* pwrty Dec. M FESTIVAL I, 1174 11 MCTlDw-Slii RIFFtMimS ii MM VOBV BB^BBJ leVV Mit a*§ tt wf «li Md M aadetersalaed MBMUU ef i***<lB* WM neortad Tt«a«ky Mtista Wsfe«l Couaty eWIWBBP II III ^•B' *wW^S»,|f , "p«tt«*?J*«*2"^K t » * uroup Uorttrce PANT SUITS ••M 1 L /3 OFF Group Lion Tree MIX n' MATOi He 1/3 OFF Group Jennifer MKn 1 MATCH 1 73 " Oi Group BODYSUTRJ 20 AV/ % «;«,,, *?**» 'IT

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