The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 4, 1966 · Page 9
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 9

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 4, 1966
Page 9
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Friday, March 4. 1966 Smuggled Details The cotton-spinning industry of New England is a monument to the mind of Samuel Slater, a master mechanic from Derbyshire. England. Export of English machines and designs was forbidden by royal decree, so Slater memorized details of the spinning process and smuggled them out in his head. fcYOU a By EDGAR BOUNDS Your coiffure should be a changeable asset. It must wear well with a suit or a flowered print . . . but how to do this: First, the right permanent . . . one that is crushproof. Second, a permanent that's a complete wave, not just curly ends . . . This gives more control. Third, develop the art of brushing your hair . . . Through proper brushing, vou can achieve many different effects from a tight wave to a shadow effect . . . SPECIAL NOTE: RJHEBA KARVEY has now joined -our shaff at the Lakewood Beauty Salon. Phone 566-8711- PERSONALIZED BEAUTY CARE will be yours when you put your HEAD in our HANDS . . . INDIVIDUAL HAIR STYLING especially designed to suit your personality Two salons to serve you . . . LeVille' Coifeurs. 2O12 North Main and Lakewood Beauty Salon, 7127 Bayway Dr. Lakewood-Bayway Dr. 566-8711 North Main 683-5012 What. When And Where SATURDAY Tasting B?e, 5 to 1 p.m., Robert E. Lee Cafeteria. Duplicate Bridge, 7:30 p.m., Bridget Studio. Bayshore Wagon Wheel Square Dancers Club. 8 p.m. Knights of FytMas Hall. Baytown Garden Club Lists Prize Winners Door prize winners at the annual plant sale sponsored by the Baytown Garden Club were Mrs. A. C. Kraft. Mrs. B. L. Beck, Mrs. D. F. Lefkovits, Chris Reber, H. C. Thaxton and Mrs. L. L. Kendrick. Donor's were Smith - Barrow Gardens, Henke's, Sears, Britton-Cravens and Ed Shatley's Enco station. Mrs. J. J. Johs, president, expressed the appreciation of the club for the door prizes. Culpepper's for the use of their parking lot. The Baytown Sun and KWBA for publicity. Mrs. T. A. Young. Mrs. R Davanay. Mrs. E. \V. Gipson and Mrs. Myles C. Keller, members of the ways and means committee, planed and con ducted the plant sale and bazaar. Quick canapes: spread slices of bread with deviled ham rnixec with a litOe prepared mustard. Cut each slice into three strips. Sprinkle with grated cheddar cheese and brown under the broiler. New Jersey Newsletter — Skiing, Ice Skating Are Enjoyed By Former Baytonians In The North Former Baytonians. now living in New Jersey report that they've really enjoyed the snow this year. Some have learned t ski while others have laken uj ice skating. Another popular pasttime is seeing top stars perform at the Paper Mill Playhouse at ilill- burn. Recently Dr. and Mrs. A. R. Padgett saw Gizelle McKenzie and Van Heffin in two separate shows. Mrs. Vernon Goodwin was accompanied by friends to the Short Hills Mall for a luncheon at Stauffers celebrating her Feb- urary- birthday. In the party were Mrs. G. L. Shepherd, Mrs. H. G, Comeil, Mrs. Charles Zerwekh. A New England blizzard welcomed Dr. and Mrs. R. H. Perry of Springfield. N. J.. when they pent a week in Killington, Vt.. earning to ski. They volunteered for the experimental group at the ski lodge which began with short skis and graduated to regular length skis. Another winter sport enjoyed by the group is ice skating. Seven women met recently at the home of Mrs. Al Moskoqitz in | The Fabric Shop EDNA & JTM BOYER 117 E. Tex. Ave. 4300 Decker Dr. 583-7346 566-7SU MRS. LAN WILLIAMS pre-empts spring in the popular Navv blue ensemble and Mrs. Sranvilie Laughlin models the latest styie swingy skirt. For a preview of "A Special Looit for Spring" reservaiiorvs are being taken for the style show-luncheon Tuesday at Goose Creeic Country Club. Members and their friends should make reservations. {Baytown Sun Photo) New Spring Look Previews Tuesday At Country Club New Sorority Installs Four More Members Four new members were installed at a recent meeting o the Beta Phi Chapter, Phi Sig ma Alpha, when they met at the home of Mrs. R. M. Wright. Mrs. Marilyn Busard, interna tionsl representative, who or ganized the Baytown chapter in February, returned for the presentation of the initial study program on human relations. New members are Mrs. Lee Sausley Jr., Mrs. Archie C Hale, Mrs. James E>. Poskej and Mrs. Raymond McDowell The chapter now has a fu! membership of 15. Mrs. Harold Wert, president conducted meeting. a brief busines New Providence. N. J., where she served lunch after a session of siting, In the group were Mrs. James Anderson, Mrs. Padgett. Mrs. Zerwekh. Mrs. Goodwin, Mrs. Shepherd, Mrs. Perry and Mrs. J. F. Mathis. The Zerwekhs of Summit, N.J-, entertained with a buffet dinner. Guests included Mr. and Mrs. Cornell .Mr. and Mrs. Rueben Pfennig ,Dr. and Mrs. Perry and Dr. and Mrs. Padgett. Women s MARTHA ANN HEMPHiLL Editor READY FOR ICE Skating are these former Bayionlans who now call New Jersey "home". Pictured left to fight are Mrs. A. R. Padgett. Mrs. R. H. Perry. Mrs. G. L Shepherd. Mrs. J. A. Anderson. Mrs. J. F. Mathis. Mrs., V. Goodwin and Mrs. Charles Zerwekh, Shrub Placement Important In General Landscaping <K the luxurious new beautyl Plush ' ^^ texture/ »*.*Slter«^ rrv Englander ...the new, high- textured mattress! only INNERSPR1NG OR UR ETHANE COMFO-FOAM FIRM Dramatic new elegance . . plus durability. Luxurious rayon faille is lavished with a rich, suede textured design in lovely Champagne Beige. Select innersprmg or Process 202 Comfo-Foam . . each a barg'ain in beauty! Ufilfcnfcld JJAJM T1XAJ .1341 "A Very Special Look for I' Spring'' will be previewed for |!the Ladies Association of Goose i Creek Country dub at their ! Tuesday meeting. I Reservations for the make-up 11 demonstration, style show and |! luncheon which begins at 10:30 jja.m. are being taken at the club I; office, Mrs. Tom Lipscomb, pub- jjlicity chairman, said. ; Proceeding the style show, I Mrs. Mary Lou Traxler will ['demonstrate make - up on the |i models, Mrs. Cheney Coker, Tillman O'Brien Jr., Mrs. j 1 James Bailey, Mrs. Raymond Tickner, Mrs. Granville Laughlin and Mrs. Lan Williams. ! Mrs. Al Melinger and the Style Shoppe will present an array of spring and summer fashions geared for country club living. Sportswear, casual fashions : and after 5 ensembles will be r shown. ••i' l! i Charles Tillery is furnishing decorations in spring pink for I i the show. . Mrs Bonnie Hazel Martin will Mrs. James A. Davis is chair- hostes ' s me April 5 meeting at man, with Mrs. Perry Britton and Mrs. Ken C. Offerman, assisting. her home, 1805 Richardson Lane. Jan Seamans Is Honored Names 'N Notes Richie Knudson, daughter of I;Mr. and Mrs. Glen Knudson, j! 1307 Strickland, was initiated Feb. 26 into the Delta Beta Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi so- li rority at Lamar State College liof Technology. She was also inj: stalled as activities and honors chairman. In the past, she served as secretary' of her pledge class. Miss Jan Seamans, prospective REL graduate, was entertained with a chicken dinner by Mrs. John A. Atchison. Centering the table was a graduate doll with maroon and white flowers. Corsages were presented to the honoree and her mother, Mrs. Douglas C. Seamans. A sports blanket was also presented Jan. Guests' places were marked with graduate dolls with names on each. Attending are Lounelle O'Grady. Pam Haynes, Stephanie Warren, Mary Catherine Stewart, Lynn Moseley, Kerry Katribe. Linda Enderli, JoNell Handley, Betsy Broyles, Lynr Stratton, Jeanne Oliphint, Mary Schwendeman, Mrs. Lillie Lierman, the honoree's grandmother. Food Tips Three - quarters cup of chop- cranberries and a teaspoon To perk up that tossed green salad, add diced cucumber and scallion (green onioni. or so of grated orange rind may be added to a package of nut- bread mix to vary it. Just stir the cranberries and oange rind into the batter. Next time you bake a sponge cake in a tube pan, you may enjoy the results of sprinkling the batter with shredded coconut. CHRISTOPHER Mark Beat- land son of Mr. and Mrs. D. F. Beanland of Baytown celebrated MS second birthday Thursday. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Calhoun of Texas City and Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Beanlaad of Altus, Okla. Great grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Wyatt Wells of Liberty, Mr. and Mrs, L. S. Setliff of Altug and Mrs. Susie Beanland of Duke, Okla. Trap thg sun for warmth? Make your home cooler in summer? This often can be done by proper planting of trees and shrubs. The American Association of Nurserymen says you may design both beauty and comfort into your home landscaping this way: From which direction do the coolest winds come in winter? On that side of your home a windbreak can make your home and yard warmer. In a test of a well - planted wind- areak, fuel cost was reduced 22.9 per cent Winter winds, more than the cold itself, increase fuel bills. 2. Cooling summer breezes usually — not always — tend to blow at right angles to the customary cold winter winds. Thus, by curving the windbreak slightly, opening it up in the summer breeze direction, one can direct these breezes onto his property or outdoor living area. 3. Sun may be trapped in patio areas where the winds have been shut off by plants or buildings. The usual warmth on the south side of the house can be increased in winter with evergreen plants. The area will be cooler in summer if it has a deciduous (leafy) shade tree. In shedding its leaves, such a tree will let in the winter sun when you need it. The association says that good shade tree transfers the heat in summer from th e earth level to the top of the tree -Dr. pending on the type of tree, it can be 5 to 10 degrees coller ir. the shade. 4. A landscaped swimming Women Learn Weighflifting OXNARD, Calif. (A)—Heave , ,, - , Ho! The ladies are taking up Phere while the landscapinf » * [ 3-£: _ A C1 H.«*-in« *~i* hO^T laTlJ^ pool can help moderate temper- ture in summer. Evaporation oi water absorbs considerable heat from the surrounding atmos weigh tlifting. modifies reflection of heat and SEPBRBTE US? What is it that would separate us — from God and from each other — except the walls built up in our own thinking. The power that unites is infinitely greater. Hear this public lecture, "Who Shall Separate Us?" by ELBERT R. SLAUGHTER, a member of the Board of Lectureship of The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Mass. Housewives here have joined -reduces glare their husbands' YMCA classes' on keeping fit with dumbbells,! barbells, presses and weights.! j Dante Santo, weightiifting j i teacher in the nearby Santa j Barbara YMCA, recommends women take the course. Weightlifting streamlines the figure and tones down flabbiness. "When you put a little de- j mand on your body, it works bet- iter," he said. This results inj jbetter health, relaxation and a j firm mental outlook. Santo says the average woman should start with a set of] three-pound weights even the] children can use. Results, he said, will be obvious within six weeks. Santo recommends these exercises for toning the body: leg lunges, stiff arm pullovers, dumbbell presses, flyers, curls, and situps. Situps are done while someone holds your feet, or with the feet under a heavy ooject like a couch. Situps should be done slowly, curling up the head first. Hands should be behind the neck. Housewives in Oxnard are enthusiastic about the program, already underway in Santa Barbara. Santo says that if every family devoted 10 to 30 minutes three days a week to weightlifting, their physical fitness I would improve 100 per cent. UNWANTED BAMBOO If your ornamental Japanese aamboo (Polygonum cuspida- tum) has spread to nuisance proportions, you may eliminate it from roadsides and other unwanted places with a granular form of weed-killer called pic- " >ram. Prof. A.M.S. Pridham, Cornell University horticultrist reported at a northeastern weed con- Tol conference that fall application of picloram does less harm to new spring growth of other nearby desk-able plants. He advised caution in using it near water. When the stems of roots of Japanese bamboo are cut, its growth is stimulated, so another means of killing it was sought. Recommended also at the conference was use of a weed killer called EPTC to eliminate foxtails, watergrass, barnyard grass and perennial nut sage. EPTC should be applied in subsurface bands in the soil at the time of seeding. And treatment with 2-4-DB was advised to control annual broadleaved weeds such as rag- .veed, pigweed, mustard and ence. NEW GARDEN BOOK On your hame grounds, in parks and beside highways, trees are a major feature of the landscape. Dr. Donald Wyman tells you how to pick the right tree for the right place "Trees for American Gardens." (MacmOlan Co.) He evaluates 745 species and varieties of trees in simple fashion that applies to virtually the entire United States and Canada. There are chapters hardiness, bloom, ornamental fruits and foliage colors. The book is a companion to "Shrubs and Vines." The arthor is horticulturist at Harvard University's Arnold Arboretum. Lee Drive Care For Small Children Will Be Provided Under the auspices of First Church of Christ, Scientist — Baytown, Texas LEE JUNIOR COLLEGE AUDITORIUM SUNDAY AFTERNOON MARCH 6 4:00 O'CLOCK CARE FOR SMAIi. CHHJ>BEX WHX BE PROVIDED ADMISSION FREE . EVERYONE IS WELCOME the magic touch of Spring in the children's dresses by Cinderella "Stop the Press" plaid shapes •will keep their shape—and a smooth, freshly-ironed appearance—and never need pressing-! Both are in Cinderella's special "Dan-Press" blend of 50% Fortrel" polyester, 50 ^c cotton. Carefree fashion plus! Smock stitched blue plaid empire, sizes 3 to 6x, S4.98 Dress, red p'aid with wheat skirt, sizes All Saints Women Set Lenten Supper Women of All Saints Episcopal Church discussed plans for the Lenten supper set for 6 p.m. on March 23 and the rummage sale April 22 and 23 at the last meeting which included a luncheon and discussion. Seventeen members and Mrs. O. I. Seaverson and the Rev. Peter Katt, guests, were present. Mrs. R. B. Morrison reported on the program made by Gertrude Behanna at the Women's session of the Diocesan Council in Galveston. 914 - 21* W. TCXM Hats on Parade for Spring ... at ,// f f ECONOMY 214-218 \V. TEXAS \ of newest hat styles All that's new, dramatic and most flattering caii be found in our new Easter chspeau collection. Visit us today . . . many one-of- a-kind designs. Hurry! 400 To 25 00 OPEN EVERY THURSDAY TEL S F.M. FOR YOUR SHOPPING CONVENIENCE

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