The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 25, 1971 · Page 2
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 2

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 25, 1971
Page 2
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FACTS EDITORIAL Tradition of positive outlook THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS ! ED/TOR/At PAGE Freeport.TeJttti, Thursday, November U, IB7I. Todny Is one of lite only four holidays in the nation still observed officially by all SO states on the same date. Some of the others have been tampered with, for recreational convenience. Some are not observed at all in some places. Of the four, Labor Day is already "convenient," and the Fourth of July can't be at any other time. Three decades back, an administration got its fingers burned trying to change Thanksgiving, and Congress put it back in place. In VIPW nf Hip fp»'' thn 1 ii« ;>Ti:c'ilnr spot on the calendar has no historical significance, the survival 01 the traditional Thanksgiving holiday, like Christmas, must be regarded as an observance too special for meddling. For those who observe the holiday as something more than just another day away from work, Thanksgiving is a matter of attitude. There is scarcely a circumstance without flaw. Along with things we might count as blessings are conditions we wish were better. We can dwell on what we have not, and assign ourselves a condition of failure. Or we can be thankful for what we have, and fine! success and fortune'in what we are, what we have, what we can do. A favorite saying of after-dinner speakers is to this effect: A pessimist sorrows that his glass is half empty; the optimist rejoices that it is still half full. Had they been of different temperament, that tiny band of 55 surviving Pilgrims might have agreed that they had more cause for despair than for thanksgiving that autumn of 1B21. A year earlier, they could not have believed what suffering they would face in the harshness of a New England winter. The elements killed many, left others drained of the strength to improve shelter or food simply, or care for stricken neighbors. Autumn again, and they might now choose to despair at the approach of another winter, at the fewer numbers left to cope with a primitive life, at the great distance between themselves and the civilization they had known. Instead, their minds dwelt on the positive side of the spring ami summer conditions. The land had been productive, the hunting good, they had reptnc-cL strength. Homes had been rebuilt ami the past winter had taught (hem how to prepare for it. Perhaps more important, the New World's dangers and deprivations were faced with fresh memories of the oppression and religious persecution that went svith the comforts of the world they'd known up to then. So their dominant fet'ling was one of deep gratitude. They set uside a day of ft-stivjil to express it. And Uiereby they established a tradition of outlook that has persisted for three nnd a half centuries, j, If the descendants of thb group ;iml those who followed in the pursuit of opportunity were to rvt'Xiimiw their sense of values, we might find that we have no less cause for Thanksgiving than those who began totlay's tradition. ANDERSON MERRY-GO-ROUND PHKSIPENT TO PKKSS HARD FOH HBVBNUK SUAHINCi PIUXIHAM; AIDES SKKKI.VO EASIEST WAY TO FINANCE STATES, CIT1E8; HKP. CLAUDE PEPPEH TO INVESTIGATE PIU80N CONDITION'S H> JACKANUKIISON WA.SMINOTOV - rfc-spite eo*inre*iiwwl humility, I'rtiudvitl Nixun will prtsw hard ite&t year lor a wwiue sharing program tu rriiiie slate* it ml localities from finattdal m»u (nil) a nw>jr overhaul of thi* ta\ «v»lrtn, IMS believes, will uvc the lulioa't schools, eilim ami *tatM (rum iHruofutwn Here drt the dylurbinjj focU whidi have utrnitflhrmxl hw resolve lo share federal furait with local (.V Jor ««rOi> tocal (iruiJfanu tlsat l*it J» ruts limy trr\, than timpl) lui*!nij; !hr t(4lr-a dr»l IjLani ,\ V , TtHf laipayers, artery over th* high cost The u( government. Jfr rwoUirtj; aitaiiul lt»ofr U!i*rl t.ixi-i lit tiumy pU«r». it*) tuvc voted i cntli-ully itwiled nrw btvxi Uituen. Ai who hoped to iw fr«l«*tittl wouldn't juvmik J( up i in JffJ PAUL HARVEY NEWS Allegiance, eroding here, rises abroad Tom Jolley, a conscientious objector to war, renounced his citizenship, fled to Canada. When be returned to the United States he was determined an alien. The courts gave htm 90 days to find a country which would accept him. Meanwhile Tom Jolley is a man without a country. What are the prospects for the tens of thousands of other young Americans who fled elsewhere? To get a passport you have •to swear, allegiance to the United States. If you are a Quaker or an Adventist, you may "affirm" instead of I People NEW YORK (AP) — Things a columnist might never know if he didn't open his mail: Japan has found a new way lo solve a pollution problem- turning discarded plastic bottles into streets. The bottles are crushed, melted and then blended with other substances to make a street paving material. What makes civilization so dangerous lo the young? Accidents mostly. They are the leading cause of death among all persons from 1 to 37 years old. Accidents claim more lives among children aged 1 to 14 than the six leading diseases combined. Among youths from 15 to 24 the loll from accidents is greater than all other causes combined. The gravitational pull of the moon affecU the earth itself as well as the seas. This pull, which causes Ihe tides, can also raise the North American continent liali a loot wlwn ihe moon U directly overhead. Some anthropologists believe the human neck is getting shorter. Whether this is physically true, it isn't a bad idea. Certainly few people today want to stick their necks out very far. Quotable notables: "With the supermarket as our temple and the singing commercial as our litany, are we likely to fire the world with an irresistible vision of America's exalted purposes and inspiring way of life?"— Adlai E. Stevenson. History lesson: What U.S. president was taught to read and write at 17 by the woman he married? He was Andrew Johnson, successor to Abraham Lincoln. Johnson, a young tailor, who had never been to scowl, learned his ABC's from Eliza McCardle whom be later married in 1808 at the age of 18. He was the youngest president to marry. KacbooH Americans are ffrpfflfd to get half a billion colds Ujis year. Incidentally, tjy to~cal,lfd "common-cold" i# 9 myth. Over H» viruses $at can cause coWs have been jgfljaffflj Jt fflfl Lake ^£gk$ fa kjfS&y tte wlpfy virus to a ---•--: ej^, And by ttea swear, but you are expected to be loyal lo your homeland. A faction tried to force the Stale Department to drop this oath of allegiance. On the outspoken insistence of Frances Knight of the passport division, the Department of Justice decreed that the oath remains. But now the faction opposed is appealing through the courls. Why. do you suppose? Those opposed are not necessarily Communist. Some one-worlders are conscientious and sincere in their conviction thai nationalism must be broken down, diluted, destroyed, if mankind is to live in peace. Abo. it cf n be argued that swearing allegiance is no more meaningful or binding than the integrity of the swearer. Vet, since the un-Civil War. the passport application has included an oath of allegiance. A passport is an official document by which our government certifies the identity and citizenship of the bearer, requesting all foreign governments to lend said bearer all lawful aid and protection. The bearer is wrapped in the protection of our Flag wherever he is. Js a person—unwilling lo pledge allegiance—entitled to that protection? Under pressure, in 1966, the oath was made optional; including it in the passport application became a formality, nothing more. It was when the American Civil Liberties Union lawyers tried to delete the pledge altogether that our Department of Justice decided to re- enforce ii. Now those opposed consider the issue of sufficient importance to lie up ACLU lawyers in a court test which will likely go all the way. An observer of contemporary' history sees an interesting and perhaps ominous trans-lransilion taking place While United States of Americans arc diluting their patriotism, most other people of the world's nations are reaffirming theirs. While we are lending to lean more heavily un a United Nations, others arc disuniting under separate banners. ultra-nationalb>ttc w -i-gioful in nature. It would be a cruel poradox if elsewhere Reds and blacks and browns segregate, consolidate and grow strong While the red. white ami blue becomes a faded rag not worth saluting any more. In which cast, tomorrow's historians might have to record that we survived the attackers 1 -and succumbed to the whiltlens. BUSINESS MIRROR Vrt cut icr*a! etiw* 4ft wj slarvni lot that I Jury jrt- lurninx into v*»I >)um« Y(i*k Cll) I luu (he «jr r A^a^rti ciUr» u< Woe til War II Shartavti vii!«ii tkitptx* 4f<r itwr« co«imo« in our btjj city gtwUat ihall in itw frunli<f («•*«* at itw \ViUi i-rntuf} jgo liwjcvd. rtt) ,«lmuu>lralk*s» hav* !«»( control i»*rf wMf« wctwwst, whfcrb arc run III lll.4tt> !fl / fulling into «fc,U«rt»4!f »*»tur- AUUT4 (KiWO flfVOJt W! JJ (« »r*'Ktl! »rj» in* itfiitr (or tbi'rnl *u#«"t Ysf Sfw i»fr rriiiilttj} l<? oJirl! out ftwwc ittamr} (of the krrj) up '*tth /«j^ijf i''»£» >!«. 'iK*y Att o^ JNr hfir-Jfc vtt HU".A| rJw*3w j^J ,,\(tj* A* I'rr^stVtit Niton win it, tfw Koirf 4l » t [j !«">s»| nrtntttrnl (t5tt«! rttrarf <hartc* fnrtuar »»th ^f (f iiP fj cal gmrnurxnij nf Uir <nvi thru fusv *hwf> !»w«J lonwvfcj'.r trw AUaci •. xi;» T)ttr w!tf;a "J( !aitrft4g tTlx>€¥ pty*'ff aw*> 4fv I (utcurfKbtH!^ i" 111 '.(Mr ?Kui !»J rrtrtugr ijj Tfus cmtlkt lo (..'irjt gmrrnmrnt* it a «*•« Ui tmch ift t'.u < Ww ^. ?K«P(MT, IH OMIT laTtr TO Klf YOU John is,ux .'.sir on r Uwr * Data show two-thirds could increase prices B> JOHN CL \.MKK NKW VOKK f'AI't - As the complex economic guidelines are examined in detail it ii becoming clear that one of them, the limitation on profit margins, will have little immediate impact on must industries. The realization is apparently late in dawning on ihe consciousness of businessmen. And even when the full significance is understood, there is a hesitancy on the part of some corporate officials to act. In the words of one economist who has spent long hours studying the situation. "Once you understand what it is you have to calculate you don't know how to calculate it You don't know where to get the data." FOUNDED IK »II THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS DEDICATED TO THE GROWTH «HD PROCRESt Of BBA1O«I» COUNtf JumtrsS. N'abors Editor and Publisher Chester C.Surber Business Manager Ceorge IV. Johnson — Composing Koom Foreman Fi'iink Hu win-/ Press Hoom Foreman Nuiiellf Mallury Office Manager Bennie D. Boulet Circulation Manager KWTOIUAI.UIKPT. Olcnit llealli Managing Editor Kubcrla I)aiis,by Asst. Managing Editor John PJatzer Sports Editor PIT Mcllhenny Women's Editor AOVEKTISiNG PEPT. (ici aid Peu Kelail Advertising Manager Pi-arl Olover. ..Classified Advertising Manager Entered as Second Has* mailer March 21, Httt, »l the r'reeport Teias, Pw»i Office, under the act of Congrm «f March «, l*lfl. Published daily mi Sunday e«tpt Saturday »l 307 K. Park Ave., Fretpert. Tew* by Review PublUhm. Inc. located at 307 K. Park Ave. Freepvrt, Te*a». Jamei S. Nfttore, Fre»id«u. Subscription rate*: By carrier. daUy and Sunday. 12.15 ptr monib. Mail *ub«ripHun rate* are available on d are psyaW* 10 advance. POJMCY: tap TOtfltaf to IWi »« fe* e*jrmbw «baj) tw Kor certain, however, corpora lions will be Me to pa&s along cost mvreaws by raising price*, .ind private economists wouldn't be *urpri3«>d to wt' a Mronn trend in thw dirtttton shortly Tht.? profit ruling stairs (hat incrtviM.'s will Ix- diMllowiii if they raise profit margin* above the average level of 4 company'* profits in the two best of tlx- thrw year» IS*»1969 WO The (irsl inU-rpri-tation of this ruling was that it would seoe as a heavy lid oft profits Uncertainty of businessmen about prices .suggest that the feeling is still widespread A review of corporate profit margins shows, hint ever, thai the numU-r of industries in which price increases are pcrmissable u double (hi: number of (hose in which intri-aH-s art pruihibited One itudy, by Hmfrvt Boston Associates, list these induslnes as among many now operating below Uic i%»- I97U base: Aeroipace, auto, distilling, heating and plumbing, chemical, confectionary, paper, home furnishings, packaged food, household appliances, motion picture, department store, real estate, apparel manufacturina Atnonji the industries which may be subject tu profit margin ceilings, Hinfrel lists these: •. Brewing, air conditioning, soft coal, drugs, finance, meat packing, food chain, soap, cigarette manufacturing The immediate consequence for companies with profit margins below the base period in that they can pass along cost increase? through higher prices. It does not mean (hey can raise prices by more than their cosU have increased in order to lift margins to t>a*c- 1 levels. *tt>ck uurfcrt w qwstioruhtr. a» u an> thing involnujj !Jw slock uurkct It w ««> cnvablc Hut wn\t mijfht nu- a« llw gr«'*«t that future pro(tt» nuj{hl U- hiftht-r Ihjn forrso-n Ami lh»- most insp«iftjn! Hftirl. thr itnpjtt on the oirntmitT. « likclv to he m 'U- (onn <ii hiKhrr pfitvi l! vrnixts likr an olei vtorj THE WORRY CLINIC Invest in knowledge I'll t). Mil C.VSK S-WS; lVfcfc>, agfti 9, im? n( our griiwk-fuWrrn On U«t Mi>«h*r '» t>*>. «hc her tcranilmolhcr a And un !hc (>UrJi v*nhr>i her a rupv>> Day Thvn »he »crtbbtc<l thl» imcs comment ir,r ludtrg UUrjr i:-r. !.•• crw <st compliment «s)i' Ju>1> < for (J «< twr oWn-»( linr* hj(4 ( <.-'• \>-*\t '.;;' ,; tVfi jllr.i Jtr I'*-: In '>jtff-n:-c n:f; *(it-', "Our UN. delegation >ojrs H you fWrii Peking ij 'The Forbidden City'—you ought to see How Yo/b!" hi» A M tx-camr in our and fUNNY BUSINESS I ^2i ^ ^ I Ii fiitet* 4 "-« ^•ll^ * t' to >J» I* 1* *"* !•* '* *• By flog*' Bollea in >hc d !o wrvr j.« « jrft)«irwn fur rhildrrn I'hilip gaiiv f'h I) thtn AmrricjD for Mrvwal > ri«tnl In l*am<-i ii 4 ttlfrrMf surgeon it) U S President <tl Amcriran I>cnlitU David, our youngral, holds both live J I) and M I) dcgrrcs »o 44>rvc» «t a psychiatry professor and private mcdico-lrgal con- »ultjnl My purpoM; in citing our cluldrcn U not mere paternal boasting but lo show- that w hen you practice Ihe rule* ol the parent-child game you don't produce hippies or rioters and anii iiubliinmcnl nitwit* Fur child psychology is a science, which must be followed exactly! "An Inventmpnl in ." wid wise old Franklin, "ulwuyt pays (he Unl dividend*," My family for generations have thus consisted of teachm and preachers, to we lived on meager incomirs W« all earned our own spending money and worked our way through college. But my college educated mother stressed moral idealism and reading ability; not dc»ire for wealth or movie fame. Because we knew the value of money, since we had learned that it it merely minted human life, we were not waitreli. My $ cnUdren «JM worked tar iMr »p**4ln| irr*! (» «^> s.V ;. >.ivttra<l it vliRg \t\t <tf*\i Thai * *fs> >"•> ft* tan finrf l«w l^l< pJ«« »f<rf*lin|; art nt rrjiiini! I'rgr them tm- !« !<• !hc contpntA o( rach <U> : |M[»f livftlllk' (<>l'U (r>r«tv I (if, «-<Jitonai» finani u data. He . to diversify H* 1 -) djil) iwv»»pa(icr quu For thi» nrwspjjiicr r. ac^ lually your liKal "l'niv«-r^it) In I'rml " Your »ul»cfipli«M> |>nu- i- merely tuition' Als<), urge yo«jr ki<Mic* ti barrow library rxtofci I'a; (hi 1 in for each urn- they fim«ri including II for each uf ilu- (* books in the iliblr 1 And send for rny r>«>k!e "How lo lUmi- Vuir ctul.l'<^ School Marks." cm:lusing . long stamped, return en vclopc, plus n ccnU IAI«(|I Wilt It Ut (Hit KKtlfiftl, i HI Hit *l « lunt luti It UMf l((>i<it i«t *»• 0V SJMf l«r «M «l

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