Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on March 11, 1897 · Page 4
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 11, 1897
Page 4
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fb* * te o'. . O*vl««s, Ixss, fcftd Winntftiwifo, are to to tt» JwtW&l ooa*sttrto» tci- tfce . JtrtlcW areutt of ttts State of Dimoii. taflon wnsiw one i ttbH<»n rotes cast at the t»h ir?et lS§,un trftlett basis tne several cbiifities ^rart»fenMa*atotI» following number ot d<sle- 3314 11 • -- jj 18 17 wS^#S^I"~I*".T.^.--ir.".".~.,*;f28 18 'Wbit'»s)tle ^ 4... W? , 19 WtOB6l}ftgO •• - 8.242 • 27 J. H. 8TKARK8, CaairmM. JS. J. BBKHOK, Secretary. TEE "Solid South" la at last broken. Maryland, West Virginia and Ken- tncky have Republican Governors, and Jho'se States, with.MisBiBeippI, are rep- ment^&4hs^nitedHBtatea Senate by Bepublicans. Men and Women, FaoM »ed Fancies i» -* JENNINGS BRYAN continues to talk. Instead of partlcapat- ing in the inauguration ceremonies at Washington on March 4,, he was a guest of honor at a law school banquet at the Sherman House, Chicago. A CAUCUS of the Republican mem- , bera of the House of Representatives 1 will be held on Saturday.the thirteenth, When Thomas B. Beed will be selected an choice for Speaker, and the Monday following will be elected/ With.Mc- Kinley for President, Beed for Speaker , andHannaiu the Senate, a buaine?B Admi&lstration is assured. "Oh, give me," 'tirw In rhyme he sighed— "Within yonr heart A place." The literary lass replied, "Declined lor lack of space." . • Do not hang chandelier in low oom, or drape a narrow door. When Grant lived in Galena.he chop>ed wood for his kitchen stove. Write? ,olng that now. Coincidence. Let the baby cry—expands the lungs, irculates blood, develops muscle. Use no soothing syrup. Dr. Theo. Cuyler at 75 is not in pul- It, but with his pen, reaches half a million of readers every week. Ho amoking should be allowed in public buildings.or any where except in moke houses. You must not poison everybody's air. '"Wood,ofMt, Sterling, as successor to .J. 0. S. Blackburn as United States .Senator from Kentucky, to,serve until -ouch time as the Legislature, called in Special session, shall regularly elect a . Senator. The Governor has also issued /a cail for the special session to convene ' on Saturday, March 13, when the Sena• torlal fight of a year ago will be re •• aumed with intense bltterneBS. •AMONG the bills passed by the last Congress which found their way to the capacious pocket of ex-President Cleveland and failed because of the"pocket veto of that gentleman was the one appropriating $1,000,000 for the Hen- nepin Canal. Unless this bill shall be re-enacted and sighed by "the "President , prior to July 1 of this year all work on ' this canal will of necessity cease. The less -see-that this, with other needed appropriations of a like character, are cared for prior to the timei limit of expiration. , ——IT will4akfrtlmeloj:eatore_the pros perity of former years. If we cannot •promptly attain it we can resolutely tumour faces In that direction and aid its return by friendly legislation However troublesome the situation may appear, Congress will not, I am cure, be found lacking in disposition or ability to relieve It aa far as legisla- , tion can do BO. The restoration of con fidence and the revival of business which men of all parties so much de sire, depend more largely upon the prompt, energetic and Intelligent ac tion. of Congress than upon any other Bingle agency affecting the situation. Such is the utterance of Preslden McKlnley, and; straightway' the Con gress la convened In special session to act in conformity with the_ expressed will of the Executive. The specla session is called for one week from Monday. • K l f s*. W. TOURGEE, writing toth Inter Ocean under the caption, "A Bystander'* Notes," sums up the situation In Greece as follows: ' The situation in Crete is a splendid Illustration of the far-greater evils which a fear of war may entail than war itself." Because they are afraid o 1 each other, all Christian Nations of Europe unite to uphold the rule of the Sultan with all {ta infamies and enor jaitiea,' .Civilization thus becomes the etay of barbarism; peace, the cloak of massacre. It is not the "unspeakable Turk" who massacres the Christian be lievers of the Levant, but the Chris liana of Europe who protect him from revolt and compel them to submit to bis barbaric lust of cruelty and rapine One of the moat terrible despotisms of the world Is that mad rage for peace •which counts human life and the rights of weak peoples as nothing in compar Jgojj with the ease and profit, ot rich tj eft«s. That a Christian people, strug f nst to to free, should be held down fjteistiaa Europe, while lelamlsm jta Us bate both of liberty and Chris Hit; upon them,4s a fact terrible t contemplate and which any war be the leading powers would be . able to (be continuance of. e plan of adjustment proposed by i Salisbury is worthy of "a Nation {Shop-keepers," One'e prayers in * " " ' go forth to the blue-barrel the white cross .which did suit fear to leap forth against the cres * "'; is to Jba hoped that the peopl 9 wilt once snore refuse to sub : «ait to the tyraony of cowardice and the Cabinet and to f Presidant ^^M by press and pab jist*t« if r ^ yi A nc"K r !»*»: , "'~ 3 on TlsOT^a», A *Bwte 0sce In » **? rorwiry qtj*st!f»a: trot so prononocM that It 81ct(*!ly recorded and in. aotnasBSr in- :*ff6rred with tlfls prompt esBftrHsa- the appointee by the Senate. A opposition wan m*d8 to tbs appointment of Cornelius N. Bliss, as Secretary of the Interior, by the*« am* Western Senators because h« waa not a lawyer, but that opposition only extended to a protest and was Withdrawn as soon as made a&d did not Interfere wltti the confirmation. The well known business capacity of he S*5cretsry ontwelghfd ei;«ry.pbjec- ion. From England conies a wail be- ;auseofthe attitude of tnp President n the tariff.bnt that opposition shonld be considered a good omen. It is not o be expected that England would ecognlze with any degree of delight a jueinesa policy in the interest of the United States, which would be to her detriment. THIS AND THAT. for n*frHI fnn? i refuses to sce^pt ( from the qw«n. A tHI« coo Id Jjotior ths G. O M. He oe«d« 8 title no more thus Washington, Dlek told tha preacher the reason wicked folks are punished In next world is becsuee good people get It in .he neck here. Costs only three francs to cremate a rody in France. Here 850 to 8100 to burj. Too much. Earth ia cheap. In Mexico stores are looked at noon while merchants go to dlnnfcr and take nap.";"""" : '~ :~ • ;•' -:---McKinley had a smooth face, but every member of the cabinet wears a >eard. Why should men scrape their 'ace? Is the hair 6 mistake? In looking at a mirror, a San Franisco girl put her neck of Joint. A warning to our Sterling girls. Chicago Tribune thinks Harrison ihonld follow his late article, "A. Day with the President at his desk" by "An Evening at Cradle with the HXlmea rare not hard when men jpay.83. 'or seats at opera, and India , starving. A great world. • Why should P. O. refuse smooth dimes ? The government should take ts own medicine. Who Is to lose It? It is the business of the P. O. to take, and send to Washington. Nansen, Artie explorer, .sold his greasy coat to Madame Tussaud, Lon* Ion, for 85,000 for her wax figures. We'll sell two old ones, for 85, and vest thrown In. BURGLAR AT M. C. GROVE'S. slclan should help a patient who is in pain, to die. Suppose be doesn't want to? Not best to eat your heavy meal at close of day when yon are tired. Ople Reed, the romancer, Is a big fellow, C ft. 6 in stockings, with black hair, and clothes that don't fit. Ida: Sleep with your head to the north so aslo be In line of electric current around the earth. New Cong. Library at Washington is a huge edifice, 470 ft. by 340, occupy nearly two of our squares. Shall we have lower freight rates or lower passenger rates, or both? Referred to Woodlawn.- .-••-- —— Some doctor advises women to substitute salt pork and out-door exercise for caramels and drugs. But then doctors~do not know everything. ~Call-at th« office. James Whitcomb Riley, poet, has quit lecture platform. Jimmy Is making enough by his rhymes, -i—— For 30 years, father and son, Simon Cameron and then Donald, held on to a desk In U. S. Senate. Pretty good for one family. Pqlitlce, politics. Ebenezer: Eat more, fat, and less sweets. Our grandfathers lived on- mush and gravy, and see what stoul chaps they were. • In India 115 towers where Parlsees expose their dead to the vultures to eat. That Brooklyn preacher no taste when he said a woman on a bicycle looked like alright Inquirer: Whatever may have been George Wbitefleld's belief, he was a Methodist In practice, for he worked with the Wesleys, and is regarded as one of the founders of Methodism. Cleveland has saved 8125,000 In four years from his hard earnings. -We have not done so well In Sterling in fourteen years. Dr. Harper, Pres. of Chicago University, is the busiest and brightest man in America today. Just think, he was thro' college at fourteen. Does work enough every day for three men Most of us are lazy. ' With wirlnkled brows and thoughtful air, in bis blue eyes a look ot care, Inventing', doubtless, a better thing, The baby chews Us rubber ring. Eggs at 10a are cheaper than meat and certainly more tempting than leathery steak or greasy pork. Miss Bullard was engaged seven years to Henry Ward Beecher before marriage; Who la to- explain lesson ? Teacher or parent? Teachers should not senc pupils home with hard lessons for parents to worry over. Earn your money Crete and Cpba now divide our sym pathy. The unepeakable.Turk and the uneanctiiledSpaniard. , '. • Dr. Hanson calls Ingersoll 'a blatan blasphemer" and his audience, "a loto; idiots.', Give it to them, doctor; we'l stand by you. Mrs. Beecher survived her Illustrious Jinsbaud ten years. Garrison, Philips Whit tier and Beecher, What a quar tet! : .' -..- .. ; . •• Watermelons in Chicago from Flori da, but you will have to'be conten with caused tomatoes for three wontka o j n jasfefrfjsg, ! ,1f^« II The Follow Was Scared Avraf Before He Could Get In. Shortly before 4 o'clock Wednesday. Mrs. M. C. Grove was awakened by a who got up to Investigate and found the sash of a window on the east front of the house had been raised. He did not see the burglar, who bad evidently been alarmed by the noise, and made his es cape. The marauder did not e uc- ceed in getting Into the house; M. C. says that he has a good gun in the house and that he will , not hesitate to use it to the best of his ability upon any prowling thieves. BANKS WINTERS, TENOR. ANMUAS from first ery of a false guide and of the incidents which lead up to the straggle now going on. As to the outcome of the struggle, there is & great deal of uncertainty. The Cubans are fighting bravely, and are looking forward toi greater r pf ogress when the rainy sea- Bon comes; this is close at hand, ' President Gomez insists on entire liberty and the fight will be continued until it ia either won or lost. Th.« Grand Army. F. F. Klosteraan was compelled to be out of the city and his paper on the G. A. B. was read by Mrs. Klosterman. It told of the organization in I860 of the great body of patriots of the civil war and of its existence alnce that time, It Is an organization .moat im- ppaing In character and comprehene^ve In membership. Ite object Is" to strengthen that feeling, of patriotism and loyalty which led so many to give their lives for their country and to ex« tend a helping hand to the widows and orphans of the old soldiers, Its flag la the same aa that of the Knights of the Globe, Old Glory. The paper contained many interesting experiences of the writer and a glowing tribute to the organization and the banner which it follows. Tbetndtei. "The Ladles" was the subject of the toast proposed to William McDonald. The gentleman said that he intended to toast the fair creatures in the newest spring style with all the latest frills. He referred to Joan of Arc as the first lady-who was-ever A. W!nV«y to John in Oeaeses, §1,200. L»Fsj'«tt8 Bel??, to Frederick Woes- n*t, Ismd la <&ines**» §13,397,80. Fmnk E. esnas to MlnftJe A. Holt, and in Lyndea, 03,882,60. Pauline Winkey to William- A, Wlnley, iwsd in Oec«sw, §4,400. Jsisiea E. Coolejp to Orir«n W. Miller, ots in Bock Falls, 8197. &0, G. Baldwin to Benjamin Glass, and in Propbetetown, §8,6001 Frederick Hein, heirs, to. Christian Seheler, land in Montmoreney, 86,500. K. L; B&feBeH To Hefiff P. Jeb«6, and ia Erie, 83,600, . • . John D. St. John to Elizabeth Wink ot In Sterling, 81^50, ' * Orren W. Miller to Frank W. Walzeit ot« in Bock Falls, 8- ~. Egbert Aiken to John Dimhoff, land n Gardenplain, 8250. Newton Carpenter to G. B. Dillon, ots in Sterling 81,000, • • Lydla Langdon to Silas N. L&ngdon, ots in Portland, 885, August Ohms to "K;~B.~ Dart, lot In Idiind &ttf9j PROBATE OOTJBT, Estate of William Aldritt. Ordered bat administrator mall notice of fling report to each of the heirs and that te exhibit such final report on March ! .-.... I ' ' . .-,'.•-:/- - ' ' ' In re guardianship of Kinsley F, ladaway, Zotta Hadaway, Mollie and Conoid Hada way, minor heirs of Frank 3adaway,-deceased. Consent of Kinsey F, Hadaway and Zetta Hadaway to appointment of Mary K. Hadaway as guardian, filed. Petition of Mary K. Hadaway filed. Bond filed and approved and letters ordered to issue. Estate of Charles H. Payson. Inventory filed and approved.' "Estate of Warren Bond. Claims al- owed; S. W. BobTiasonT 82SE65 j"Da'vid What » Mlclilcan Paper Pays of the Fa. moni Singer, • . In speaking of the International Vaudeville-Company's—performance, The Grand Rapids (Mich.) Herald has this to say of Banks Winters: "Banks Winters,the_notedjenorjind .songicpm^ It was soon understood that his great reputation la deserved. His voice Is of a remarkably pure quality, especially fine; musical ___. He sang,Jj5inceJ:hott_.A.r.L Mine^and 'He Turned His Head.' But the Dong which will catch the favor of all with sensitive hearts is a descriptive one, portraying a conversation between a rich and a poor child about their dolls. It is simply a gem, and Mr, Winters renders it with exquisite tenderness." The International Vaudeville Company will appear at the Academy of Music Friday and Saturday evenings.' —An exchange says, young man, don'c swear. There Is no occasion for it outside of a printing office, where It is useful when the 1 paper is behind time. ; It also comes handy in proof reading and Indlspeinalble whenjtbe Ink works badly and the press begins to balk. It is some times used when the foreman Is mad, and it has been known to entirely remove that tired feeling of the editor when he looks over the paper after it is printed.; It also comes In handy to the "devil" once In a while when things don't happen to run along just as he would like to have them. Outside of a printing office it is a very foolish thing. —It is reported that the ice ia breaking up in the river. The recent rain and warm weather has caused the water to rise considerably and the Ice is pretty thoroughly honeycombed. For this reason, it ie likely that there will be no damage caused when It breaks ' ' " Mr, Vormoo, of Harmon, is hauling saw dust from this city, . George Murray, the merchant at Mai- vern, bad a load of eggs in town on Wednesday, '-•'.' Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wolber, of Milledgeville, visited and did^business In the city yesterday, . . J. H. Nye, George Burke~and T. C Drew, horse buyers from' Brocktoni Mass., were in the city on, Wednesday. They want heavy horses and they will be here a day or two. Very Low.R^te Excursion to the West and . Booth. On March 18^ April 6 and 20, the North Western Line will sell Home Seekers' excursion tickets, with favor able time limits to numerous points in the Weat and South at exceptionally low rates. For tickets and full information apply to agents Chicago & Worth Western Hallway. ing with bright remarks. The effort was excellent and was greatly enjoyed. This closed the program, but the Toaatmaster announced that the affair would not be complete without speeches from Valiant Knights McNeil and Davis. Both gentlemen responded to the request with fitting addresses. The latter announced that an Inspection Board for the Daughters of the Globe had that night been organized and that now the Garrison was an assured thing v Mr. McNeil spoke In glowing terms of the order's Captain General. ' The guests were then dismissed and all departed for their homes. . The affair was a success in every particular and was~B7credlt"t(rthe"Sterling Garrls-" on, Knights of the Globe. WEDDED IN PALMYRA. & A. B. Beede aud Georgia Sills Married • ' . Wednesday. At the home of the bride's parents In Palmyra, Lee.counfcy, A, B, Beede and Miss Georgia Bills marriage Wednesday at high noon. Bey. Cessna, of Pixoa, performed a short, excellent and Impressive cere many In the presence. of the direct relatives and a;few intimate friends. Among the latter were Mr. and Mrs. H, Y. Baldwin and daughter, Ada, of our city. The bride and groom,conneoted with qomeof Palmyra's best families, .are young people of sterling worth and integrity. They left Dixon on the 4:00 passenger for Clhcago ^Orf their return from their; wedding tour, they will be at home on their farm in Palmyra. The. STANDABD wishes the young people success and happiness. v. • ; ';•....•; JOSEPH ANTHONY DEAD. A Well Known Geneiee Man Die* in X.OI . Joseph Anthony, for many years a resident of Ge,nesee township, died at his home in Los Angeles, Gal., Satur day, Feb. 27. Death came suddenly. Mr, Anthony . was sitting in a chair reading a paper, when he breathed his last as one fallen asleep. (The funeral was held March 2, , the remains being cremated. Mr. Anthony lived on a farm near Coleta for a number of years and has been in California but five or six years.. .Ha wa& widely known and respected in this community, - IN JUDGE WARP'S COURT. Tr»DiAct»d There During the ' Week. ;-':.' '"' ; .,- SEAL ESTATE TRANSFERS. > -Mary J. Wells to N. W. Mcfilmtb land in Mt. Pleasant, 8180,: ; J, J. Bristle to Michael Deter, land in Mt. Pleasant, 810. Michael H. Deter to Ingar Rhymers land Jn Mt, Pleasant, 8800. George Y. Upton to Peajrlie A. Crump, land in Mt. Pleasant, 04,240, Eli Upton to William J. Crump, land in Mt. Pleasant, «4,240, Laura Curley to Amos G. High, lot in UnlpnvUle, 8300. ..:.•... . . James B. Peabody to Edward W Cerr, lota in Fulton, 840. M. H. Deter to J, J, Bristle, land in Mt Pieaeant, 810. George C. Heath to Eke Wilkina We place on sale to-dajf our first shipment of Snyder, $3.20; tieger & Bound,. 94.75. Estate of Thomas Bollen. Inventory and affidavit posting notices for claims filed approved. Estate ef Abram J. Delp. (Petition for letters of administration filed. Oath and bond filed and approved. . Letters ordered. Reuben C. Williams, Amos Hoover and Henry Detweller appointed appraisers.. , Estate of John Commlns. Claims allowed: Dr. A. E. MoBrlde, 913,50; Ackerman & Garwlck, $22.91. Estate of Richard Dean. Final report filed and approved. .Certificate publication notice to creditors. filed. Discharge ordered on payment of costs. States Attorney's report filed 1. Estate of Almlra Daniels,. Administrator ordered to pay real estate taxes. Estate of Franklin H. Beer.- Beport of, private 88le;filedand-approvod. In re guardianship of Lloyd A. Baer, nilnor heir of Franklin H, Baer, deceased,: Guardianta Inventory filed and approved. > Estate^of Elisabeth -JackBonr Petition of Mary L. Allen (daughter) for letters of administration filed. Oath and bond filed and approved. Letters ordered to Issue. ' ' AEstate of William L.Ege. Admlnia. tratrix's report filed and approved. MARRIAGE LICENSES. William G. Stern, Hopkins, Mary Melners, Genesee. \ John Doden, Mary Kuehl, Mt. Pleas- i William 'Watertrouse, Walnut,Mary Myers, Tampico. Walter C. Buckley; Dorothy M. Jel lerlcka, Sterling. . ., ' ' Ladies' Spriog Jacltels, Lafe' Spring Capes, Misses' Spring Jackets, (14 to 16 years.) ChilteVSp'iiii Jackets Every : garEaentIs; new tliis season, as we did,not carry over a single Jacket or Cape from last year. JACKETS for the little tots, 95C JACKETS for larger girls, $1, All of the pretty new colors— Plums, Greens, Cadets, Navy and Beds— are shown in various handsome styles. < Dress Skits All well made andVelveteen bound, in figured -Black Goods, fancy colored checks etc. Particular attention invited to a Ladys' fancy ' '''figured • ..;•'.'• , .' ,. „, ' ;', ;"...-: Black Dress Skirt v Velveteen bound and Taffeta lined, worth 82.00. : ; > Opening Sales Price v • Oppoilte Bandolph House, CHOCOLATE BOH BOHSV For* Sale By FE1CLEY & SON. To Those in Need of 1 " . - •..."• -'.--. * '- • -v. .,.-;''*• ' " •'-'''', "* ' , ( < } f Dis^c Harrows and Corn Planters* We are prepared fo offer the farmers in this vicinity exceptional bargains in DISK HARROWS and CORN PLANT- •'•';. I, « ^ . * ERS, furnishing machines that are unequalled for simplicity, durability, and superior quality of work, and urge that all parties interested call and inspect " ' ' * . • • ~ . * our samples and get our figures for Cash, before making purchases of goods in this line. : : ; : : : : : : • KEYSTONE* MFQ. CO ROCK

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