The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 3, 1914 · Page 9
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 9

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, July 3, 1914
Page 9
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Friday firming, ihoy S, 1914. T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W Page Nine LITTLE GIRL IS ·NUT BITTEN Mildred Hodgiiu Victim of Bull Dog. SPRANG AT THROAT Dog Kept for Indications of Rabies. Mildred Hodgins, ten-year-old daughter of F. J. Hodgins. 776 East Lincoln avenue, was severely bitten by a. bul] dog. while attending: a birthday party Thursday on the Q. W. Davis tarm southeast of the city. The children had gone Into the house and were juit cominfr out door* when the dog- mutt » iprtng at the throat ot Mildred Bodtinf. JAGGED WOUNDS. She tried to push him away with her hands but the dog jumped again and this time tore Her clothes and wounded her on the chest. There are two wounds, one is jagged and about an Inch iong and the other 18 smaller but very deep. A phy»Iclan was called immediately and lattr on In tha evening the little girl was taken to her Home. Two physicians were called and while they say the girl is in a serious condition, they contemplate no serious results. The doc ha« not been killed but will be carefully watched for several days to see if there are signs of hydrophobia. CAME AOROPS OCEAN TO FIND HOMES. MED BY Some Go to Other Companies--Extra Wagon. The going out of business of th» U. 6. Exprsss company will probably jii.'ike no difference to shippers, but it makes a gOoA deal of difference to U. S. employes. It i» states In «. circular sent out by the president of the Company that there were about 15,000 of these, There were eight In Decatur. four of 'them being office men, and four wa- fcon men. The Decatur lines over which tha L". S. company operated were the C., H. D., and the Illinois Traction System. The business of the V. S. company was divided among the American, the Adams, the Wells-Fargo and the Southern Express companies. . The WeHs-1 areo company gets the C , H. D. railroad, the B. 0., which is the big line, th» Chicago 4 Eastern j Illinois ami Frisco, 'us well as *, number of other linos not in "this territory. J. M. U. Graduate Bride of Harold Pickeririg. Miss Mildred Shlpp, daughter nf Rev. and Mrs. B. F. Shlpp of Parl*, 111., and Harold Pickering of Superior, Wla., were married Thursday at high noon it the First Methodist church In Paris. The services was read by the bride's father assisted by Dr. H. S. Whltlock of Charleston. The church was elaborately decorated with vines, asparagus fern and white flowers. From the door to the altar a white lattice work covered with vines and supported by posts made the a'sle for the bridal party. SISTER BRIDESMAID. The bride wore a gown of white charmeuse trimmed with silk lace and pearls. Her veil was bordered and fastened by a, pearl ornament and she carried a shower bouquet of white sweet peas and lilies of the valley. Miss Dona Shipp, sister of the bride, w»« maid ot honor and she wore blue crepe d« chine and pearls. Her ve'l was blue and reached the knees and she carried white sweet peas. The bridesmaids were Misses Verl Freyburger of Decatur, Miss Anna New of Ft. Brant, Ind., Miss Lillian Shlpp, of New York City and Miss Clara King of Paris. These four girls wore yellow chiffon over silk and yellow veils and they carried yellow roses. Lydla Wlefler was ring nearer and six Paris girls were ushers, W. Curtis Busher, accompanied by Miss R u t h Lavery on the violin, sane* "Believe Me" and Miss Lavery also played selection. SIXTV GUESTS. The house decorations were In blue and gold. The luncheon was served at small tables and the decorations on these were blue candles tied with yellow mallne. There were about sixty guests lit the house. The couple left for a wedding trip but no one knows their destination. The bride's going away costume was a gray suit with waist and gloves to match and a blue hat. Those who attended the wedding from Decatur were Misses Edna Orr, Mary ana Caroline GIIlo«ple. Martha Mclntosh, Lydla Sloster, Edna Strader and Verne Sloeter, C'urtls Busher, Ruth Lavery and Arthur Nlodermeyer. Many Then Close Until Monday Morning. PLANS OF EMP1XDTES. , Th«.Adams gets the Illinois Traction System, ths Chicago Milwaukee traction and other lines. The depot office 01 the U. S. at the i n t f r u r b a n eiation passes into the hands of the W. R. Phillips, formerly agent for the U. S.. In Decatur, went with the "VVells-Fargo company Several weeks AKO. He was succeeded as A; K. H. Hoyt, who previously was cashier. Mr. i-Ioyt takes a rest of two or three months and will go to California When he returns he may or may cot re-entor the express service. GOES TO ADAMS. J. W. : olar.d go;s with the Adams company. The Atlantis and the America n now «,re allied in the uptown office, but "he old depot office of the t'. S. will be maintained and Mr. Po- lar.d will be the man in charge. It Is thought to be likely that the Adams ar.a the American offices will shortly be separated. O. H. Dunham, who has been cashier for the L". S., has not decided what lie wlij do. It Is understood that the eiher express companies will take care cf as many employes of the U. S. company as they can use, but Mr. Dunham may go into other business. Mr. Hoyt · Mr. Dunham are now finishing up the business of the U. S. office. EXTRA WAGONS. One of the four drivers for the U. S. enters the employment of the A-'amsi company. Ho was the night man. The Adams puts on one extra wnffon. in order to take care of the additional business that will come from the C, H. D. The other three drivers have taken Jobs with groceries or laundries. Pimples Removed With our Saxo Salve Amherst, Ohio.--"I had a pimole on my face which grew until it was ae large as a eilverdollar. Doctors said it would have to be cut out and when my druggist asked me "to try Saxo Salve, I made fun of tim bat did so, and it entirely cured me. I cannot say enough in praise of Saxo Salve."--if. R. CBANDAIX. Amherst, 0. If we can't cure your skin trouble ·with our Saxo Salve and Saxo Soap we Will buy back the empty tube. XUU'W. ArusUong, DrugcUt. D«catur, I Among the Influences created by the I American patriots who signed the flot- i ted lin» and told the old Janitor to ' r i n g out the tidings was one not un: like that exerted by old Persian and Koman astronomers and sages. The ; latter changed the reckoning of empires through arranging new calendars, but the patriots made one Friday a Saturday in Decatur. Tonight win b% Saturday night to all Intents j a n d purposes and Saturday might as Jy veil take In its shingle for the woek. STORES OPEN TONIGHT. Practically all business houses In tha city with the exception of grocery stores and barber shops, will remain open tonight until 9 o'clock for the accomodntlon of shoppers and because of the double holiday. All uptown business houset expect to do a r f g u M r Saturday night business this evening and give their w o r k i n g forces a f u l l holiday the Fourth. WOMEN WHO ARE ALWAYS TIRED May Find Help in This Letter. Five Orphan Girls. From MB to little the«« children are Xe!a Winkler, 13; Winnie Wlnkler, 10; Helens, Trench, 8; Alice Dunbar, 8; and Phyllis Dunbar, 4. They came across the ocean In charga of tha chief stewardess of the Olympic on her last voyage. All tre orphans. Phyllli nd Alice Dunoar are on their way to Omaha. where they will meet thalr roster par- ents ' who aaopted them recently abroad. Helena. Trench has been aflopted by a couple In Oklahoma City. Xela ana Winnie Winkler have «tage ambitions, They have com« here to be trained for the drama. The passengers on the Olympic were all very much interested in this little group of homeless tot« and made their voyage very happy. POSSIBLE TO FLY Dr. Bell Says it Can Be Done in 13 Hours. Washington, D. C., July 3.--The possibility of a, inns-Atlantic ocean flight In a hcavler-than-alr machine In thirteen hours Is pointed out In a communication to the National Geographic society, at Washington, D. C., £rom Dr. Alexander Graham Bell, Inventor of the telephone and former president of the society. "The distance from Newfoundland to Ireland Is less than 2,000 miles," Bays Dr. Sell. "This means that If you go at 100 miles an hour you will cross the Atlantic in 20 hours--less than a day. We have flying machines that go at a greater speed than that. We already have machines that could cross the ocean If their engines can keep going for 20 hours. Of course, these are ex- ceptiona.1 machines; but even the ordinary machines of today make 50 miles an hour with ease. "Now. a flying machine flies faster as you go higher up. because the rarer air offers less resistance to the motion. while the propeller gives the same push with the same power, whatever the elevation. As you get into the rarer air the propeller spins eround faster. A 50 mile an hour machine flying two miles high In the air--and we have machines that have gone twice as high as that--will fly much faster than 50 miles an hour. Then at an elevation of two miles high In the air there is a Constant wind blowing In the general direction of Europe n n v l n g s velocity nnywhere from 25 to 50 miles an hour. -MEANS SREAT SPEED. them can be little doubt that any ordinary machine that is able to support Itself In the air at an elevation of two miles high will attain a speed of at least 100 miles ari hour In the direction ot Europe, and that means going from America to Europe In a single day. Calculation shows that, taking all these circumstanceo Into consideration, our best machines should be ahle to cross the Atlantic in 13 hours. I hardly dare say it aloud for publication. It IB sufficiently startling to know that it is not only possible, but probable, that the passage may be made In a single day. But, If as I Imagine, it can be done in 13 hours, you mny take an early breakfast In Newfoundland and a late dinner in Ireland tha night." Arthur Man Hurt by Drouth --Sells 300 Queen*. Arthur, July S.--J. SI. Glngertch, » well to do Amlshman, living near here, who has an apiary ot almost 150 col- onlet of bees, reports that the dry weather of the pact two months was very much against his business. His bees ara producing very little honey and what they are producing II from artificial feeding. Between May SI and J u n e 21 he fed them (40 worth of sugar. However, he Is having a, good sale of queen*, tip to the present time he has sold over 300, most of which were shipped by parcels post, bringing him (240. He bad three large orders for queens from Ontario, Can,, one lor 87, one Mr 63 and'another for 54. Last, year Mr. Glngerlch's bees produced a ton of honey. LEG MANGLED BY TIGHTENING WIRES Cowdm Farmer Victim of FrlChtfal Accident. Cowden, July S,--Thornton Seller* received a-badly mangled lee Tuesday while putting up a barbed wire fence. He was stretching It Into place with the aid of a team of horses driven by Ml little daughter, Kathleen. Whtls turning a corner his lag was caught b«- tfl-een a post and the wire COlnt Into place. The horses would not stop at the efforts of the little girl and Mr. Sellers' leg was caught just bslow the knee by the tightening wire. It cut right through the flesh, sevsrlns arteries and muecles. He bled profusely and for a time it was feared he would die from loss of blood. He was taken to St. Louis 'Wednesday . night for treatment In a hospital and It Is thought he will recover, WHEAT TIEL DGOOD; The farmers are threshing their j wheat and report that the yield Is general good. W. R.. Loekaft has commenced to bullfl a six room cottage. King street, with s, porch party. Re- , The club will hold a picnic In two freshments were served. e- - The club will hold a j I weeks at Falrvfew park. Penny Grocery Penny Grocery SO 1 514 N. Water. Penny Grocery sro a 632 E. Wood. This Store Will Be Open All Day Saturday See our big bargains on fruit and vegetables and canned goods for Saturday. DEATH OF YOUNG (WOMAN NEAR DELANO ; i Deland, July 3.»-5ertrUde Brighton, of Enterprise neighborhood, died it the home of her parents Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock, after several months' illness due to complication of diseases. · WE HAVE MADE OUR CHOICE Every man entering business faces the question of whether he shall "get the money" or "build a business." Usually there is a vast difference. When we opened this store we decided to BUILD, because we wanted a permanent success. Building a business, as we see it, means building your own personalities into it--putting every ounce of energy, experience and good will into giving real value for every cent taken in over the counter. We ask your business on this sound basis, and promise to make every effort to deserve it. 1OB EAST NORTH ST. DECATUR, ILLS. PaS8eni?erS Thought it Went' Gertrude was t h e . o l d s s t daughter of e ° X T - ~-A ^ f - ~ Ytr Y3«l»t,^^ M CT,~ m. · Under Wheels. - Quite a little excitement was caused on a Riverside car Thursday ever.Inff about 7:30, when the four-year-old child of W. Phalen. a motorman. fell out of car window onto the Wabash tracks. The child was standing on the seat and leaning against a w i n d o w ! guard. White tha car . was crossing . the traaks. the guard jolted loose and the child fell out onto the tracks. The car was going at a slow speed, how- eier, and the child was not hurt. The child's father, who wae rldlnr the car. got out and picked it up ana they went on In to town. The people In the c«r were badly frightened by the screams of the child, thinking Mr. and Mrs. W. Brighton. She was eighteen years of age and popular. Mrs. A. E. Grethe Is very ill. Rev. C. F. Juvinall Is 111, threatened with appendicitis. Needle Crnft Club. The Needle Craft club was entertained Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Edward White, 455 West In new patent "Ea*r Opening Box" lOe Easiest "As a net result of all these things, t h a t It had fallen under the wheels. Swan Greek, Mich.-" I cannot speak too highly of your medicine. When through neglect- ot i overwork I get run i down and my appetite is poor and I have that weak, languid, always tired ; feeling, I get a hot- I tie of Lydia E. Pink- | ham's V e g e t a b l e ! Compound, and it I builds me up, give* me strength, and restores me to perfect health again. It IB truly a great bless- : , ing to women, and I cannot speak too ' highly of it. I take pleasure in recom- '' mending it to others."--Mrs. ANNIE CAMERON, B.F.D., No. 1, Swan Creek, Michigan. i Another Sufferer Relieved. ' Hebron, Me. --"Before taking your I remedies I was all run down, discour- I aged and had female weakness. I took Lydia E. Pinkham'a Vegetable Com pound and used the Sanative Wash, and find today that I am an entirely new woman, ready and willing to do my housework now, where before taking your medicine it was a dread. I try to Impress upon the minds of all ailing women I meet the benefits they can derive from your medicines."--Mrs. CHAKLES ROWE, R. F. D., No. i, Hebron, Maine. If you want special advice write to Lydia E. Pinfeham Medicine Co., (confidential) Lynn, Mass. Tour letter-nil be opened, read and answered by a woman and held in strict confidence. CUT PRICE MARKET 150 MERCHANT ST. SAVE 25c ON EVERY DOLLAR'S WORTH OF MEAT HERE, Saturday Special Beef roast, cut from our native beef, per pound 12c Choice tender beef steak.: 12'/zc Fancy beef boil, per pound 9c and lOc Choice pork shoulder, per pound 13'/ 2 c Fresh shoulder pork roast, per pound 12'/ 2 c Boneless pork roast, per pound 14c Nice fresh pork steak, per pound 14c Fresh spare ribs, 3 pounds 25c Sugar cured bacon, average 3 to 4 Ibs. each, extra special' 16c Choice salt pork, per pound lOc Pure lard, today only lie Bell phone 3053. ' Auto phone 1446. OPEN ALL DAY THE FOURTH NEY on furniture, pianos, live stock, wagons, etc., and we do not disturb your property. We also make loans on watches and diamonds. We give you from one to twelve months to repay your loan. Our payments are as low as 48 cents a week. You can pay either weekly or monthly as you prefer. Small Loans $5 and up Long ot Short Time? COMPANY 'Large Loans flOO Payments to Suit. Large or Small We respect Sour «onf4dence and guarantee absolute secrecy in all dealings. We make loans in all surrounding towns. Office open Sat. nrday evenings. Rooms 7-8 Conklin BIdg., 144 N. Main. Bell Phone 2041; Automatic 1595. FOR THE. FOURTH Rally Under The Flag of Economy Freedom from High Prices is Near. Let Every MAN, WOMAN, BOY and GIRL Join in this Great Money Saving Carnival LADIES'SUITS LAST CALLI Any suit in the house eves if it was originally $35 $7.98 to $11.98 MEN'S SUITS True Blue Serge-All Wool --never fade*. Also scores of fancy mixtures to «uil every taite SUMMER DRESSES We have sold more this year than erer before. The ladies cannot resist the beautiful styles and tempting values. $2.48 to $8.60 MILLINERY Ready to wear hats at your own price. Formerly no : to $ 10; while tfiey last 98c«d$1.98 JACKETS REDUCED You Will get lots of good out of one of these stylish coats in cool evenings, or if you are going away. $6.98 and $9.98 SKIRTS The new Russian effect in serge, with striped bottom is but one of the many new models we are showing. Splendid values foi $2.98 t, $4.98 WAISTS We contiuually hear exclamation! of surprise at the wonderful values. 39c for $ 1 value. Others $1.50 and $1.65. PAY US LATER A SMALL SUM EACH WEEK WHILE WEARING CHILDREN'S SUITS Play time is here, meaning lots of wear. Bay the suit here and you needn't worry --with Knicker Pants. $2.98, $3.98 LARUS-ALTHEIMER'S PEOPLES CREDIT CLOTHING CO. 129 EAST MAIN ST. i NEWSPAPER EWS'PAPER!

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