The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 3, 1923 · Page 8
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 8

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 3, 1923
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS TUESDAY; JULY'3„ 1,923 ,1 WHEAT TODAY OF 4 POORER QUALITY (Only • Fair Demand For Mill Grain and Export Trade is i , In Slump. Nomina"i fiuoUMom* on dark v/heut Called miif'liiuipt.'i]. Sftlejj of hurtl •whfRt quality ronwhl- CTCKI inic -lHi npf.i, just fair denuiml. lilto n. numb' r of pam-ploa farritnl ovur DiiBoh!. ficiu 'KU run of vlu-at loilny hot as (j i RANGE OF OPTIONS (Bj OoIf» A Orktnar) .Inly.. .Sept lav.. AT CHICAO.O. Who.t. — ClOBOfl — Open ItlKh . 1 K>W TMay YMRy 1.0114 1.01'.4 .r,i-\T .(0 1-03J1- J.03% 1.01«i 1.03V ,1 'liv., l.M'4 1.0S Corn. .7P»i .77% .74',! .73 VJ C3'1. .01 Vi Oam. .«»<» •«» .M ,SMi Rye. J.IKty 1.03 * 1 n.'l'fr 1.06 .4014 .69 *1 AT KANSAS CITY. Wheat. .40 .66', .08% Open Closed— ITIpli Low T"duy Vrtay l J .llV .. lei »y •Sl'l .95 'hi 1 a.-i.i.. .'.'0 .1.1 i i. . 1 .t'.S ,W", ,MH Corn. .99 | .Tulv.. .7«'« .7C». .76(4 • 7C»i | :'<•!".. .70'.j 70\ 7<IV. .70"-, 1 I'l-i'. . . T. i V. .f.S'4 .1.7 si .67'/i .r.7'i-j iillly an arrivals ye':;'er- day lOxpnrl i!« juuliil v.:-r. reported as very dull today, mill •. -willy arvoiint of tho wnkm-cit "f pxcnance. II I? reported t.hiLl quite a litil" Argentine whoa: is lK-lup oil' [•••il with, no '^S! : ^lH! r " xS: j WEATHER GOOD FOR H. \\ . i^iuuv crou cs|.':!'t. rat cs vintfi- ^ii.'iit. rri.iii r, ; i!,«i(ii(.o'M) )Mirthf|»r rs{ir lug is h*'nl at HoS//"".""'-' lttiahcl*. n*tn\ of all w h.-.u S^«»..HI«I,HIMI. Hf ^:Mi !ii;i .i!'f- tbnt fi'T.'.iui' b;i.- W|l mill. . ,| l.(H .0 ,ni;ll ; t iTi'S. Will 111-: »v-+{ijnalfd ;•ji'Jd of corn Js L '.Nui.i.iHiiUNMi oci :n par«-,l with final viiMd V.iTJ. of 2,- 8SU'.7.2 ,M)0. 'Ui-i'i -iptf- of w 'ni 'iLt in 1 nil L -nin^nn tiv tl.'iy v,'. re 4 0 (-J.IT . 1 ;, tu;r y<;ir IL#O h -t '.i day. ; TIi 't oij.-tH (>r wlif ^t iii c !li <*r mark"! n : THE WHEAT HARVEST WHEAT PRICES ABOUT THE SAME Some Lower and Some Higher But Not Much Variation in the Values. Chicago, July 3.—BuyiriQ^whlch previous sellers did In order to even accounts before the holiday tomorrow, gave a lift to wheat prices today, despite the fact that the market at first was lower. The close was unsettled '/li to % c net hlijher with Sept. $1.03c to $1 .031,2, and December $1.06>4 to 'Ihis is the Shewing Made Over the State For Most of Last Week. SaliniL, 4; Wirhfta, (.1; KHUHHH (Ml; 01>; St. Ur.iK 41; o.nulla. '2T.\ ("hlraL-i.. SO; Miiiii<'a ;iini^, 1-11!, D...:<Ui, KJ'J urui WinnSpfHi. 2.' 1. K.,K !•!' vih»:it in tin- Un-;t\ rasli lil.'irkrt loduy i.Kiin.-,ai* i.'ity i>;ialsj were ti« f«' l l- 1 liir No 1 cm- No 1 i-nr N'n 1 t-ar N" 1 cm No t car :i rar." N 1 car N'i 1 car' rye. t r a!f 2 hard wheat li;ird whoa ( , . . 1! h.ird wh'fit. ,. '•'1 Iwinl whfftt :i liai-fl w hr-iti. ... .1 hard • -t 1-anl WllfHt.. 1 hard v. h»-ai . . . . 1 p !*• urailo wtic, . 1 -0(1 1 .0 1 I. (.ip 1... 1.U6 Topi-'ka, July :t.- The report on acri- I'lilturul coudltlunrt for tlio wi-'-k end- Ins .hino 30, was lsputil toiluy by utato board oi! affricuJturM in ci-opera- tio.i will) tho state farm bureau and I 'ouuty ;ij;*• n*s. tho stnt^ ui'^tijin and oiunty diijmtUt.^, iLnd the Statu Karm- U11 ion and county reporters. It or 2 t>uys; The U'niporatnro moat of Inst woos. was vory Ms factory for harvest weather, warm bill, not hot Rainfall una M-at-lortMl and lot al "over the utato, irwlu'-.4 while many Buiitheni eouutlcs report no proripii.alion. Hail, in tho wf-ati'rn and north-Oftiitral KcrtioiiB "f the did con.sidera.blo diimage. j Thu .-• 01V over thtj Btato Is In gen- I rrally ^"'od condition for growing - crops-. Jn wuni' sections tiw roil 1 B ('. A. rooper of I,yoiiK, crnp export :hPBvJly misted nB to make cultiva.- for the Central Grain and KnhoratoricH ; ti,,n pnnn;whnt difficult but fields Co, of this idly will leave t.hi« week i which were worked shorUy aft*»r the for tfio nortJuv-t'f-t. where ho will iv-j J rains are in exreUWit conditio!] main until the northwestern crop j both for tilth and crops. hui'V' j .ned. He will livadquarter at j Largely Completed. K'U'jeo, N. 1).. furuiiddtiK the local ' Wheat harvest is about completed in. MARKET NOTES conipany with rv\>f>rlh on crop condi- lioiui. He hUM eomplet"d hi* isurveyn ' in Kansas and Pmahoina j Th.* huiii*! of directors of the Hit!.' In you Hoard of Trad" have yo '•!<'• u- A \ , Chailes Colby r»-iury an.I Kti Wli;:- ! ley treasurer for the iMiHiiiiij; year. Ci ; presidjeiif of Hi-.' | the earttern .^ection. In t'ho central area it \H from 50 to 75 per cent finished .111 ;i in the western section It if* well under way. (^nitlni' has heen ratlw.-r difficult het:.urie of the larRC per cent 01 plants that are down from the fly, winds, rain and hall. Marion county reports one thresher running with the wheat testing lU. Not pnoujrh lias bfeii cut. to pet a( the yield. Oats i- 0 T!li!Jy Ye H.?J^g° Today Mr. and MIH. B, L. Meyer left to attend tho World'a Fair, Q: m AMUSEMENT FOR It's a Real Holiday But There Will Be Plenty to Do. TWO BASEBALL GAMES 1 ; ' Hippie IK tho president, board or trade. / Much interest him heen tdiown in - , , , openli.K eonditton of tho present 1 ! 11 '. 1 P"*cli< alt cm and barley market. Today Hiere were 4n car^ uf j ( ' ut new wheat on the Hutehiuswn market ' ( nrn 1S ^ row,n K v " r - v faHl Boni,i ' l.f-arly varieties have boon "laid by." ; 1 Some fields have been damaged by j hail and chinch bugr, A fe,w conn "Ihe pruln in romliiR 1 M fine," said George tiano. "The price In Hteady and until tho whj;i»t in the Northwest ia made 1 don't think thero will he any need for worry here. Tho Northwestern and Canadian wheat has atlll to K ( » through Us mom. critical period and 1 look for wheat 10 stay btoatly for Burnt; time to come," • ties still report that »nrgluiins are yet I tfclng planted Irish potatoos in the Kaw valley are Ejrowlnc very nicely, although eome I tieldt* need moisture. Some, have been J dUK and marketed. The tici-ond rntttns of alfalfa la In I progi-ehs in many places afTd some damage from worms and hoppers is ihl'.ewing. Meadowu and pastures are I In excellent roodllion Ix^th for hay and live stock. A.pule pixispectp In the northeAstern I part, of Kansas are plac.od at 80 per cent and at 6f) per cent in the Wichita Now that we have, a fairly aanejor ^.uh central area. I'ractically Ml -Fiourth of July, a** fnr an fireworks \ apricots «uul peaches were klllod. .urn ronconied, automobiles and anto- l'ears will \lehl a 20 per cent crop, nuihllc rur ea, have made the day more Haspberrie.s are being pickod In Doui- Atchison CiU'-be. j plum county. Seven Gentenced to Death. Mayence -- Bevon Oennans were neiiLtHicod to dorit'h by a French court martial lor nahotnj;e, ono other W-;LS etmdemned to n Hfo term of penal servitude and auu-therto five years. deadly Chientro, July 3.—Hears hud tho nd- vanla^e in tho wheat market today during the early dealiu^p. Favorable weather for h-arvesliuji and gniwth of the domestic crop was reported, and Liverpool quotalifm* showed a d rlin". Sellers, however, woro cautious as a p-'.-fult of black nift chance« and because of iume.j talk curront that in j-ul'ficient whnat rnU'Jit. be available he; e to fill .July contracts. Tho c»peii- inj; rauped from Vic; to %<: lower with Sept.. Sl.02Wj to $1.02% and Hec 51 or, ».i t.<» ?l.ft5V., but was f'dlowed Fiy a gradual recovery to about the s-iinic as yesterday's finish. Subsequently rains in the southwest aiul bullish reports about thc runt outlook in the northwest, aa "well RH a revival of corn rdreii£t!i tended to nialu; the wheat market r|ye. Corn ami oat a were easier with wheat. December com touched a new low price record for ,the seaeeon. After opening M10 to %c off, Sopt. .3^0 to 73%c. tho corn market underwent an additional sag ami then scored a rally. Later an r.uthoritatlvH estimate that corn acreage would be more than ,1,000.000 acres less than bad been expiated, coustd the market to bulge in price. Tho close was unsettled at v.e to lo net ndvamce, Sept. "A%c to OaU started at a shade decline to \ir t oiivaucc, Sept. Sfj^c, and then held near the initial figures. Hit-Ther quotations on hogs upheld the provision market. ' Kansas City Cash Prices. Kansas City, Mo., July 3.--Cash Wheat—Receipts 60 cars; unchanged to lc up. No. 2 dark hard £1.01^1.00; No. 3 dark hard $1.01^109; No. 2 hard 9C4I1.0T; No. S hard 95^1 .07; No. 2 red $1.01© 1.05; No. 3 red 97 & I.till. COUN'-UuchancQd to *ie down; No 2 white Sic; No. 3 white 80©' SO'Ac; No. 2 yellow 81%©82c; No. a yellow siftifclVfcc; No. 2 mixed 81% <iifc2c; No :i mixed SlffrSlVaC. 0ATS--H \i lc Irt'wer; No. 2 white 41 VJ ^42 C ; No. 3 white 40c; No, 2 mixed 41lV4."c RYli—iiric. /' DARLKY 5T«i)B9c. KAKF1H— $1.68. BHAN-*10?i't(5c. SHOUTS— $1.3b&1.40. Kansas City Closing Prices. Kansas City, Mo., July. 3.—Wli HAT --July DG'ic; Sept. S6%c; Dec. 99%c. ^ORN—July 76%c; Sept. 70%c; Dec. B7%c. t Chicago. ChlcaRO. Juh- 3.—WHEAT—July $1.03^4; Sept. $1.03%; Doc. §1.06H. CORN—July 78%c; Sept. 74*y t c; Dec. 62-%c. OATS—July 40Hc; ...Sept. 35%c; Doc. 37%c. (PORK.—Blank. LAUD—July $10.82; Sept. $11.07. RIBS—July $8.«J5; Sept. $9.17. One in Morning and One in tho Late Afternoon—Band to Play in Grandstand. BEEF STEERS ARE SOME HIGHER TODAY WALL STREET MARKET. lHKtit^M. .S.'llint; vmwsm-o was most • i-ffor-uv,. against Nnv Jiavon, Atlan"•' w > «" rK . J"'>- ""Hvy lI.niitla-,110 tijilf. Amc-riOiiii International Cor tk.n of low lu-irfil uluirca uiiM/ttli'il lc dny 'H mtH'M inaik.i. uftur itu t'Uriy jit;rU><] of intnloiatc Htrun^Llj. N '.'W low?; for til*.' ; ear wwe est;iliit»lH'il l.y mom tluut two fjcoro *itoi j luv Sal.'s "Vilitulcd 67.' .000 Miart'ii. Ni".v Vulli, July .'1-Stock juleps cxhlbilcl a firm toni: in today's oiicn- lnr iloalhiKs, The sorallcii pivi.-ti.d utorkii. I'liltcil Stiitex s'toiil, HaUtv.iu, Bt\»!«baki-r ami Aiuui'ifan Can, all «pt>i!«.d fruolionally hlijher. Oainn ot e point or more were r^gistarprt by Dun.nit. Maxwell Mulors A, Uracil"li; SH'fl. unit (.!r.'.it XortlU'rn [Jw Hoiuu of tin) rails WITS ncii\>. New llavin iiroj)|ilm; a I'.'ini. and ,N'i>\v y<irk (,'i..n;- riil, .Vorthcrn 1'iii-irio ami I'nion !'a- cifif I'li'lrnoil >(filling fractionally. Tlio '-arl> fleinanii wan moiit wf- iortiu- In tho rallu, sle^lH, oils and iiib'.ori', jaln.'i of a point or rooru lue rocoidctl l.y tho Pun-Anmrican is- eiii-s Houston, i.'nd^un Atotorb', lleth- lelii'.'M Steal, and nuvoial oibom. Thu •nnrl'.et beiamu irrt'itnlar latur when •elllni; luoatni'i" wan i>x>>rtcd acniost Daidw'in, dropiied a imlm und Mow Ikivvn, wlilch drupvud t»'° to UTii. HiiOtlwr n«v. r low. l-'orutca tliank'OM o|)i.'iicil Irregular , demand •toi'llut; toiiililns a uow low for tho year at $-l.r.i;. The miirkct developed a reactionary trend duriiif; tin; morning UH a rea.ilt of tho in term it t r-n t. liquidation of several low prii-"*d bliart'i*. ThlH aolliu:; lnduuuii a spirit oi caation on ihu p.. rt Liberty Bonds. Final prices qnotucl by tho Mc NaKliten Loan company today weror J100.1* I-'.'.'M t\% a».s 'il •I'i'.l nil.8 motor, oils, i'iiii mid uiorcliuuulaioa [ Ow'toi' at»t'»« UovWia»tnt ila'>*ii.i! of Bjiot'iilativo Ifnj.'rH ftn' tin! Ioni^ :a count, «I10 had sacctodod la marUlur. -.• up a number of tho Judupendeut stool, I 'paling \f% porafloH. t "ntral Lc-iiLlicv and Mexican Sfatsuird oonunon and the certitt- cattv, all of whi.'li dropjiod I to 2 points to nov,' low records tor th"-- yoar. Proviou.'tly I'ullnian, Pierco Arrow itri'fi'rri^l and SIJUIS Ruobuck had l .t (rii pxiMln-d up 3M) to li polnia. Call nion.-y opcn<.'d at HVJ per cent and Wii'ii eased off to t> . New York Money. New York, July 3.--Korelpi «x- i-hanKoo irroKular; u\K)latlontt in conla: Groat llritaln demand 4.55 15-16; cahlcs l.Sfi'i,; sixty day billa on banks 4 63',. l'ranco demand 5.911; caAjlea 5.93Vss- ltaly iK-tnand 4.84; cablea 4.S4V4. Ik-lninni demand 0 03; eahloa 6.03V;. tM.-mii'iiy demand .OOOGVfe; cablea .00011%. Swit/erland demand 17.45, < it t-oi:.' di'inand 2.11,1. Poland demand ,000*J. dzoclioSlovakift dotnand 2.90. Cull looney easy high 6Vi; low 4; rulfnp: rate r-. J i; c'oalns bid 4; offered at i 1 :;', loan 4; call loans against ai.<> piiin. > s -t'.j'. timo loanu firinor; nib.uil > oiaieral 60-90 days, tffi5!4; 4-11 m'/Mh:-. r.Srj \i ; prlniti commercial pujior 6, Tlnfi'l all, picnics and other forms of amusement will occupy the aton- tlon of the people of Hutchinson tomorrow, tho occasion of the 147111 birth anniversary of the republic. It will be the first "iiiisunu fourth'' In tho city for years. The rid is off so Cur as use of noisa makers and tiro- works is concerned and young Amer- icn -will be allowed to blow off his fingers and his eyes If he 6 o chooses. Trie city commission sometime ago removed tho ban on fireworks ami there nre no restrictions this year. In fact celebrations have been going on for many weeks, though the police have u\nt\e an effort to stop them. Two Good Boll Games. At the country Club tomorrow there will be Bolf tournaments for men and women and at Gano park there will be baseball uiomlnK and afternoon- Through, the co-operation of the civic clubs the ball gamea are being made especially attractive because of fourteen fine prizes lo be (riven to the fans attending the two games, seven in,the morning and seven In tho af- 'teruoon. Recipients ot the pri'/.es will be announced about the middle of the game. The two panics will wind up the first aoason of the Southwesterly league for the Shockers who have a chance lo beat out Sapulpm. for a first division iiertli if they win today and take both of tomorrow's ,:raaie?. The Municipal band vill piay in tlie Krandsiand In tlif^ afternoon and per- hap.-i in the morning. All offices and stoics will bo closed tomorrow and some 27,000 persons will be seeking amusement in soiue form here. This Is to say nothing of persons who will doubtlesrly drive to town for the baseball games. A Community Picnic. 'Illere will be. a bis Fourth of July community picnic cx'lebrutlojv at Lake Bedell tomorrow, which more than 1,0\I0 people arc expected to'4»ttend, If they turn out like they did last year. Tho park la well equipped with modern conveniences, the last addition being the large pavillion for dancing Other Grades Active to Dull at Kansas City— Hog* Some Higher. Kansas Oily, Mo., .luly 3.—CATTLE •Rocoipis ti.COO; calves 1.BO0; common and medium killing classes dull; other trades active; beet steers and fat she-stock steady to 25c higher; top heavy steers $10.90; somo held at. $11.00; belter, grade cows S-0.5001 7.00; grnssers mostly $4.60; yearlings heifers $11.25; matured good kind ?7.O05i S.tto; eanners steady to 2&c lower at ja^Oft 2.&0; fnl yearlings mostly 25c hl.vher; best $10.3.7; calves and bulls steady: belter tirade venl- ors mostly SS.f.OiipVt.CO; bulk deslrnMo bolopnas li.C'liiff 1.25; stoeliers and't rs steady to unevenly lower; Inferior to good kinds $3.O0i8'7.5O. HOOK • Receipts ' 8,000; ahlpper market laiTiiJOc higher; top V- 1() i '* !) to loO pound averages J(i.40{j'7.CO; 11H1 to 250 pound averages mostly Jti.iC.Kf7.ufl; pa-kers bidding ISlgi'iQc higher; ?7 .<ifr bitl on^clioice medium weights.- packing sows tO&Xie higher; mostly Jtl.00; stock pigs strong; bulk $i>.l»i/.6 '.50. SIU'IBI' -Itceeipts 6.000; lambs 10 f il 25c A higher; top natives $15.25; better grade* largely around $lii.00; sheep slow to about steady; Texas wethers $7.00©7.!.0. Chicago. ChleaBO. July 3.—HOGS—Receipts, 24,000; active on belief grades, 15'fl) 25c. higher; plainer grades slow- bulk good and choice 100 to 250 poutld averages mostly $7.25i!j?7.35; top $7.40; 26(1 to 350 pound butchers mostly $7.10 #7.20; packing sows mostly $6.25 5.50; strong weights pigs active mostly $t!.40'U6.r'0; heavy weight hogs $ti.75fi!7.25; medium ?G.90!ff'7.40 light $t-..S0'.i7.35; light lights J6.G0fi-7.30; packing sows smooth JK.15tfiiti.60 rough ?5.75«'tj.25; killing plga 6.25ii) 6.90. (1ATTT.B—Receipts 5.000; active on all killing rlaosea, generally 15(525k' higher; yearlings reflecting maximum advance. Number.ius sales on in-between beef steel'.-! and yearlings 50c and more above lo-w day last week. Top matured steers $11.E0; few loads 11.00011.15; most yearlings $!».50((7. 10.50; lower grades beef cows, canner and cutters strong to 15c higher; bulls steady to weak; veal calves 25t[£50c higher; stockers and feeders scarce, firm; bulk desirable voal calves to packers Jt0.00(r 111.50; upward to«ll.00 to outsiders; bulk ueslrahle bologna bulls around $4.75; few heavies $5.00; plain sausage bulls 4.25^.4-40; bulk desirable beef heifers $7.50frS.D0. SHEEP—Receipts 4.000; active; fat lambs steady to slroag; sorting llsht; bulk good and choice natives $15.50-?j> 15.75; culls $8.50©s.00; «U donbleB prime Idahos $16.25; bulk medium and -handywelght ewes J5.0O5ji6.60; extreme heavies downward lo $3.50. » Wichita. Wichita. Kan., July 3.—MOflP—He ceipts 700; 30c higher top $7 00- bulk $6.75@7.00. &EAUTY PROOF JURY BRINGS IN DEATH CHAIR VERDICT FOR PRETTY MURDERESS/ Mrs. Anna Ouxxi. New York.. The "open season" for sidered practically Impossible to con- husbands and' other-varieties of male, "game" has been closed in this city. No longer can tho fair sharpshooters shoot up their husbands and malo friends lu general and some smlto and a few tears will then be ceriain that beauty, a winsome smile and a few- tears will "warp tho jury Into the shape of a "not guilty" verdict. For a beauty-proof jury has been found at last and a precedent set which may deter th«T feminine trigger experts from letting tholr gunning expeditions become too frequent. The precedent is a verdict of "guilty of murder In the first degree." That and that alone without n recom- mondatioti of mercy spells death in Iho electric chair in the case of Anna Huzzl. Until the Huzal jury found the comely mistress of tho slala.--Bronx contractor, Frederick Schneider, guilty of murder In tho first degree for shooting him lo death while riding alon?: a country road it had been con­ vict a fair murderess. Mrs. Buzz! is fair to look upon, very fRlr in fact. And aho has an engaging smile which can be wistful at thnoa. ^ fluing a woman, she can sob in the' most, approved stylo and without tho slightest provocation. The jurors found all thin out during Mrs. Duzzl's recent .trial. But thu verdict was; Guilty. A verdict ot the kind brought in by tbo Buzz! Jury gives the court no alternative In passing sentence. It must bo "death in the electric chair." Sentence has been withheld temporarily. But when It is imposed Mrs. Biuzl will have been tho first woman in tho history or this stole to have been sentenced to the death chair. In tho (rent that pleas for a new trial fall and the decision of tho trial court la uphr-ld Mrs. Riuzi's friends, now actively engaged to save her lito, will appeal to Governor Smith for a commutation to life Imprisonment. There Is plenty of shade, swings, i 200 ^«lve^ u.^hlS«ri ?M ' ,nC """ a 5 tables, seat,, and boats for boating on | ^Monday"^stf^te^o Everything will be free, ajfjj.oo- beet cow, amif Vnif,"r-""i'i m^,- tocal orchestra to furnish muaic after- 1 r™. .r , ?, a - n . d .? eIfers ^-"OS* Hutchinson Flour and Feed. (Quoted by Wm. Kelly Milling Co.) WHKAT—No. 2, new or old, S3c. STiOril—p*r SS lb. sacks $3.15; 4S lb. BackB. $3.20; 24 lb. sacks, $3.30. OIIAUAM—Per cwt., 10-lb. sacks $3.50. COUNMEAL— per cwt., 10-lb. sacks $3.20. SHORTS—Per Cwt., J1.45. BRAN- por cwt., $1.20. SCaKEMNtSS—$1.30. Kansas City Hay. Kansas City, July 11.-11AV—Un­ changed; receipts 36 oars. ALFALFA—Choice $19.50© 21.00; No. 1 $18.00& 19.00; standard $15.50# 17 50; No. 2 $11.506-15.00; No. 3 $9.00 (hi 1.00. ' PllAiniE HAY—No. 1 $14.60© $15.00.; No. 2 $12.00#14.00; No. 3 JB.ilOfi 11.00; packing $C.00@S.OO. TIMOTHY —No. 1 $20.00/ standard $18.504j 19.60; No. 2 $17.00<5;18.00; No. 3 $14.50'.j"16.50. . (.'LOVBH—Mixed light $18.50© 19,50; No. 1 $IS.OQ<g)13.00; No. 2 $14.00 ©17.50. the lake noon and evening tor'dancing, and | ? ^ 0S ^" S 1^1^- v « ai / n i™" free boating and swimming. I ^O^cloo and f0c(lcr3 The manageanent will offer cash v ' J prizes in boating and B'winitning rtiees,; .i, <?> ~ t ^ 6 A . t : und the returns from Hie Dempsey " "" Gibbons boxing bout will be given out during the afternoon, as well as returns from the balingame here. There will be f'irecraekeu -3 for the little-folks. NEW YORK STOCKS. (Reported this afternoon by James B. Bennett & Co., S06 Uorahaugh- Wlley building, by wire from New York.) Open Clone 9S'i 577:' ARREST MAN WANTED HERE ON FRAUD CHARGE John R. Renin is under arrest at Arkansas City today awaiting return here in custody of a Reno county officer to stand trl;. 1 oil a charge of fraud, nlleend to have been perpetrated in a laud deal. Ills alleged victims in the deal are, John Gerlach, Carrie Gerlach and Lulu Schrader. A. T. & S. 1" Allied Otiamlr-al Amn. Smelling & Iteflnlntf Aniuonila O'OPer A mil. Locomotive Atlantic OaH-AVLyt Indies AllJ-i-CiialiiMTii Amn. T.-l^i-'builft & Tulc-fri-fcvO: Amn. Int'l Cerp HuthlPlltTil tillel JliiUHvin Ralllmore & Ohio J:y. OTIllIo t'utuitfr iVnlral t.eathfr Amn. <;an Corn i-'r'.Ouct.-i i;ulia Cnne Sui;:iT I'll] c'ul'.-i-.Vmn. SiHiiir ... Oneu-'-ViUi Caaa'llan J'a'iiic lt\. CiiKllll.. Ktocl N'. Y- t'omnil Hy. . . l.'nEd^n Oil (~4ian.!l.-r Motors Amn. Steel l'0'.mdi-y p'ani'.us l'laytu-s General ISlodrlc Croat NoithPiti Tty.-. Oencrut Motors .. 6S4k . . 56Vi . . JSM, . . 133'u . . IS'.i HI"* . If' US 1 .: 2t>H S7"W i:i)'.4 .145 . C.T, : ?;•••: .173»1 Kt.Oy-SiJrlngfi. Kennccott Cooper Oliluo Copp'T rvTo Martiu«tt.. Missouri Pacifli U. S. Steel Sinclair Oil .Stiidebuknr Hock L-ihuul Hy. fipiithern Hy. ... Marlaml Oil Northern Pacific Texas Co Amn. Woolen . Standard of Ind. Kales ut noon, Ity. . Ky. I.Hi S2'4 42 U% «ltt K'l'-,; 24% 33«i 3s;i 4m S3!., kthi I'll 1 ^1 64 »i 131% 10 12C' 2 17 «, 44% 41114 18". 20'S |ifi a i »0 4S\i J21t, 03 ». 173>i C4 13 '4 32 SJX 15 41Vi 11 Ci 90'4 S85k 100 :;i»i B4V4 LIVESTOCK CORRESPONDENCE. Build t|«v Tunnels. iJtft^erno—Two new tunnels are to be driven through Mont Tilanc for about nine miles, Kotir tunnels will be run under the Vossos, connecting the Alsatian und French railways. Cotton Market. New York, July 4, -Spot cotton quiet; middling 27.25c. Cotton close: July 26-00Q>02c; Oct. 23.66®70c; Doc. 23 .10i5 »>lSc NEGRO PORTER SAYS HE DIDN'T THREATEN WIFE Henry Wells, negro harbor Khop •porter who was shot and slightly wounded Sunday evening by his wife at Pratt,-ilonlod today that ho had threatened Mr.'.. Wells with a knife, lie said Hie statement he hail threatened her with a knife Sunday morn- tag could not be true as lyr'dld not leave here until Sunday afternoon. He had had words with his wife, ho admitted but did not threaten her, - - " •-- -• -' --- -v -.' ••• •<; -? ••• Kansas City Stock Yards. July 2.— Catilo receipts wore above expectations and the increase comfng at Hie beginning of a weeK that will lio interrupted by a general holiday on Wednesday eauxtid a weak to lower tendency in prices. The increase wan almost entirely Ii: the plainer clauses of fat cattle and stockers and feeders. Hog prices were lower. Heavy receipts in Chicago caused tie decline. Lambs and fat sheep were ^5 to 25 cents higher. Today'3 Receipts. Receipts today were 14.00H cattle, I 14,000 hogs and 10.000 sheep, com "Spared with 13,000 cattle, 11,000 hogs and 8,000 nhoe.p a weelt ago, and 7,000 - - cattle, 8,000 hogs and 6,000 sheep a * year ago. Beef Cattle. Hood to choice fed steers were in fairly active demand at steady prices and the other cliu-ses of killing steers wero down 10 to 15 cents. More abort and sappy cattle were offered than killers were willing to absorb without prioo eoiieoseions, and tradU) in that class was slow at the decline. However, Indications are that there will be only light supplies available -the rest of tho week and today's decline will prove only temporary. The best steers here sold at $10.25 to JlO.&i. and good to choice steers brought $9.50 to $10.20, Warmed up and coni- , ,„ moil quality fed steers Bold at $7.75 {JiJ ' to $9.40. and grass fat v stcers brought 42' i $8.75 to $7.40. Cows and heifers were 10 to 15 cents lower and best veal calves steady. ^ Stockers and Feeders. Thin cattle, suitable tor stock and feeding purposes were in liberal supply, and prices ruled 15 to 25 cents lower, After this week demand will lncre«ou aa the corn is making rapid growth and rough, feed la plentiful. Hogs. Hog rTrlces were ste-ady to 0 cents lowor, more 5 cents off than steady. Tho top price $6.85 was the same as /last week's close, and tho bulk of sales $6.60 to JC.75 was 6 cents lowor. Packing sows Bold' at $5.75 to J5.S5. Chicago receipts today, 71,000, were five times larger than those at any other market, and 60 per cent of the combined total reported at the five principal western market*. Tho holi­ day Wednesday will interrupt tho movement of hogs and receipts late this week will be light. Sheep and Lambs. Trade in sheep was active at 15 to 25 cents higher prices. Most of tho native lambs sold at $14.50 to $15.00 and Colorado lambs up to $15.25. Texas wethers brought $8.00 to $K.15, the highest prices for some time past. Some fat ewes brought $7.00. Horses and Mules. Very few horses and mules are being marketed and trade Is quiet. Volume of trade will continue light for the next six weeks. PRODUCE MARKETS Hutchinson Produce. (Quoted by Carl Nelson.) POULTRY—IUi|s over 4 lbs., 17 cts.; under 4 lbs. 14 cts.; broilers XVt to 2 lbs. 26 cts.; under 1% 20 cto.; sprbigs, 2<A lbs. and over, 18 ota.; roosters, 7 da. 1>UCKS—Young, 10c; Oeeso young 10c; turkeya. Tiena 8^4 lb. raid over 20c, young tome 12 lb. and over 20c; old toins 18cH gulnas, 30c each; pigeons, 6c each or 75c a do*.; Belgian Haree 8c#. y — 'EGGS—Frusta, cafidled loss off, IS cts. dozen. , Kansas City Produce. Kansas City, Mo„ July 3.—BUTTBR "--Unchanged; creamed 43@41c; packing 26c. BUTTERFAT—Unchanged, 32c; extra quality 35c. EGOS—Unchanged; first 19c; seconds 17c; selected case lots 27c. POULTRY—Unchanged; No. 1 hens 17c; light broilers 23c; heavy broilers 34'-ic; roosters 10c. Hutchinjorl Butterfat. (Quo-tod'by Swift & Co.) BUTTER—Creamery, 3SJ7 39 cts. BUTTERF AT—No 1, 34 cW.; No. 31 cts. EtltlS—Loose, 15 ci*. Hutchinson Produce. (Quoted by Sunflower Produce Co.) POULTRY: Cocks 7cts.; hena U cts.; light hens, 14cts.; broilers 2J cts. • Leghorns and blacks under 1H Via.. 20 cts. «1GGS: 15c dozen. Big Silk User*. Nowarkv One-third or the silk us«4- ln the United States Is artificial. Chicago Produce. Chicago, July 3 —UUTTEll- Lower creamery extras 37c; standards .'16c extra firsts 33@36c; firsts 33®-34c; j seconds 32<fi'32>4c. EGUS--lIiKher; firsts 21@21i.4c; ! ordinary firsts 19ffi20c; mlsccllano-, Qua 20'A#21c; storage packed extras 22%@34c; storage packed 23S23>4c' POl.'LTRY--Allve, lower; ,„' 21c; broilers 3li<fj>40c;\roostcrs 12c. ] POTATOKS. -'Steady; receipts tK| cars; steady; total C. s. shlpnieuts \ 332; Oklahoma sacked triumphs $2.60. ©'2.90; Oklahoma sacked cobblers $2,505/3.00. | OUR BUSINESS JS LOANING MONEY We Work at Our Tra«fc. -ask McNAGHTEN! ptllllllllllllllttlllllllllllllllllllillllllli^ | Going Camping? | = Take a Coleman Camp Stove along to make =| = the trip a success. * S ^ Fine to take along on picnics. Burns like jE Can be used in.the home. 8 —See Them at Our Store—• ODONNELL HDWE. Corner 4th and Main WeDeliver M S3 111 tSl

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