Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 22, 1941 · Page 3
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 22, 1941
Page 3
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Octobtr 22, 1941. STERLING DAILY GAZETTE, STERLING. ILLINOIS Drafted Men Will Advance Rapidly, Armstrong Say 28 Percent to Become Officers or Non-Coms During First Yeor Advanrrmmt in the tsnk of rom- mivionrd or nonrommi.vtonfd of- ficpr i' m prfvp«^' •<"' 2fi P*r «"nt of sH srlp<-lP«»5 in th»ir first yenr of tralnmtr. P«u! O Arnv^tronir. the Ptfltr director of .^Iwtive wrvice. Mid forisv in B I?ttrr Rddre-V^d to the Sterlins «-l*K-ti\e wrvire rxwrd. On » ba.M5 of war d^rMirtment reports. Mr. Armstrong poinlrd out. nn ndditionsl large number of selec- tees who rrrrmm private."; throughout their first ve«r of training will Btt«in j5|)Wl«li.*t ratniRj and mib- s{«nti»! p«y mcrea-vs. Airendy 04 men inducted thrwigh the .selective service system «r« completinjc roursw »t officer candidate schools. It I* planned that 82 p«T cent of the candidate in the next cour.vs will be ch»i«i from Rplwf«w. he said. The war department estimates that out of each 1.000 men. 27S. or approximately 2* per cent, may reach commi-vioned, warrant officer or noncommissioned grade*; 307, or approximately 31 per cent, may reach the Jrrade of first cla« private, which leave* 417 out of the thousand ax privates, many of whom trill receive specialist ratings anrt pay increase*. Increased base pay for specialist ratings is over and above the (10 a month additional pay for selectees serving more than one year. Fog Delay Traffic On Mississippi River ' Traffic on the Mississippi-river was delayed Tueaday morning on account of a dense tog Whteh obaeur: ed a rtew of the channel and made j H Jmpoatible for pilots to chart their COUTM*. While many boaU have dropped further downstream for their operaUoM there are still a number of boata makmg tripe to lanaeafmUB and 8t Paul. It to pos- aiMe they will be able to travel north for two or three more weeks before danger of getting caught in a quick f reeae along the upper part of the stream. , Iowa City and Waterman I Fliers Visit Airport Joe Kali <rf Waterman Hew to Liht aterling municipal airport on buaineaa Tuesday afternoon. He flying ar-Piper-Cubr— Kenny Tan De Keah of Iowa 'City. la., landed here with a new : Meyers biplane which he was fly- Ing Craaa Detroit to Iowa City Local pifeti are taking advantage of the few hours of good weatta of late to get in flying time. «w? eral new studenU are enroil«d lw are receiving preliminary inatnic- tion. Most of them will_tox_t« SeTnlhTTlight trainer. Boptist Ladies in Maurice Ford Home The Baptist Woman's Miationary auxiliary held a meeting Tuesday evening in the home of Mrs. Maurice •Fori, who wa« aoaisted by Mrs. Irv,im"' •Weckeaaer. Fifteen members ' out and spent the evening dots* Whit* Croat work. Afterwards Mrs. Bernard Roden praeented • the ;v**oUoMl period, with Mrs. 1 and Mrs. Wytie Melville tak- tag part. Beriptura waa read by Mrs. ~Nle¥1e«ler;iterraahinenu followed: New Arrival Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Orville Baiting of 1104 East Fourteenth • daughter. Bandra Lorratee, frhrote Hopkins Bob Hopkins, 20-year-old son of Harry Hopkins, sews button on hu coat at Fort Dix, N. J., •vhere he IK a bock private in the Army, YWCA Conference /ill Convene at Mooseheart Od. 29 Chairmen and representative* of public affair* committee*, utaff and board of directors of the Young Women's" Christian Awociatiotw of Illinois and other interested folk will gather at Mooneheart. 111., on Wednesday. Oct. M. for their annual conference. Mlw ELsie Harper, national secretary of the public affairs commit- to*, will be the guest of the day. resource dUcussion leader and the luncheon speaker. Miss Harper ta a native of Birmingham. England, and a graduate of the London School of Economics. She was associated with the British National Y. W. C. A. as executive of the Industrial Law Bureau before coming to this country. Miss Harper will speak at the 13:30 luncheon on "The Role of the Y. W. C. A. in the Present Emergency." Miss Annetta Dieckmann. secretary of the metropolitan and public affairs committee of Chicago will lead the discussion on. "The Public Affairs Committee — Its Makeup, Methods and Problems." In the afternoon there will be a forum on "Local Action." where local groups can get together to dl.v cuss "What to Do" about public affairs this coming year. The conference will begin at 10:90 a. m.. daylight saving time. __The Jocal_Y..JK. C. A—will have a number of representatives at this meeting. Elect Officers of Community High GAA Mary Lou McKevltt was elected he O. A.-A. at Com munity high school for thia year, when ejection waa held Monday, The other officers are: Vice president, Hihore Apple; secretary. Patsy Clark: treasurer, Betty Rock and social chairman, Mary Jane O'Connell. Hostesses to I. 0. O. F. Members of the Rebekah lodge entertained members of the I. O. O. F. at a pfcnic supper and card party foUowteg the meeting of the Odd Fellows Monday night. There waa a * attendance. FOB D. S. DEFENSE •rgt in t« ILL MMEL lAIS. KWSPtfEU e*BJSBSBBP , ^•^P^rjgEB^BgEJPEBB^BBEy BEBEBEBEBB^BB^ 1PBBJBBJ BVEf ^P~J BBBB^ BBBBEBJEBEvy |IIJA BBBEBBEBj^BEE^ to -^^^H•-^^^g— •pur MUV Cool, New Fence or Wire WE mi wnr m mi mua Donna Yeck Plates High in Archery TournimenfafSHS Makes 34 Hits Out of 36 Arrows Fired in G. A. A. Tournament Donnp, \>rk. O A A wrrh*Tv RnnRi»r f»f Sterling Township htEh school, provwl hrr rwtnl hy plurinc ftr.«;t In n H*ld of 31 pntriw In chfn- )ourr>nm' v nt hrld In th dinm I afternoon. Prf?*s *r» to b? awarded ,r..|4_ m V^««4L C*.tM<4 boy* and jrirl* under 1« yesnt <^ TUIlV R I OUf II lOUilW who exhibit *n<1 fly thf be^t con- Workmsn.^hip and »n» the two points on vhich th* plsnfs will be Nurses Wii! Attend Meeting in Urbana Not Guilty by Jury Of Serious Charge Mnr!in« f". Thod". iniperin- of the Sterling Mi-w RiJ'h KirJc, county nur«e. and Mtv Paul flwift are amnnn the resistered nurses o? j Whife<ijde court •,• who will RO to I'rbsnn Thur>day to attend the. two-day *e«;.iir>rt of the Illinois Nurses' association. Local nurses will attend the meet- InR of the fifth district nurses' as-1 ls>rt Jordan. 23 ir.norTif of n Matu'orv i~h?:;:e hr j-rrv m circuit rrvirt T'l^'day e-, r,:na and was ordeied rrlrn-rd fro ca~iodv hy JiidRe A. .1 fce»rftil. from hi* of the Viirv ? h* vcrriirt t;rr. cirnilt that p'. In thf tournament * fliEht of SB ftrrow*. or 12 arrow* from pRch of th*- ihrer dl5Uncf», WM nhot. Miws Y*>rk pi«w>d 34 In th* tarm-l and out of a pwtfibl* 324 point,-;, scor*^ JOS. HarrlH RudXc. sophomorp. placed wrond with 32 hits and 176. white » w»nlor, Beverly Anderson, hit the Urgrt 33 tirne^ and ncored 161. An- othfr wnlor. Kda Robbins. !«corrd 31 hits and w*iv«J 155 point*. whU* Jun« Desmond, a Junior, cam* in fifth with 32 hit* and 154 for ncore, Lou ESla Hubbart was high acorer for fr*.Mitmn with 81 hit* and a score of 135. Honorable mention for good *cor«« turned in went to Leona Branch, Lulu Myern. Arlene EMnwl, Marian Hoover, Viola WelU. Dorothy Until*. Suzanne Janwen. Lillian Bern- utein. Helen Becker and Janet 8 wart ley. -1 social Ion at St. Anthony's hospital | In Molinr-next Tuesday evening to hear reports bv the delegates who attended the annual meeting in Urbana. Aviation Breakfast To Attract Fliers To Sterling Airport A fre* aviation breakfast for all pilots ha* been announced for Sunday morning at 8:15 at the Sterling municipal airport. This wUl be the first aviation breakfast served at the local airport. Aviation breakfast* are becoming quit* the thing and attract pilots from many cities. Prises will be awarded tar the oldest and youngest pilot, for the best spot landtag *nd to the pilot flying the greatest distance. These prises are open to both men and women pilots. A special priae will be awarded visiting pilots Hi their operation of the flight trainer which will be at the airport tbe aasne day. There will, be a great deal at activity at the local airport Sunday with all of the visiting ottots coming here for the breakfast and the model gas plane trials during the Preaching Mission A preaching minion will oprn Monday evening at the Church of the Brethren at 616 8i*th avenue. Rev. and Mrs. B. M. Rollins of Key- *e,r. W. V«.. will conduct the mission. (it noon T'i»v-dav and P."; read Viv Le»> \Vh;. r - rlrrk p.' f, 45 "• m The J'lrors notified the bailiff* that they had rea<-hH a verdict about B'lS. but it. wa.s n' 1 ^- iv.-ary to summon Judee SclTMie- rnan from Sterling nnrt the rlefrr- diint'.t; attorney* hrfor'- the nr-- - roiild make the rejwt Chn:^ Ref».*e of Rock Fails was the foreman of the jury. Jordan sat in his chair h*- for*» the judRp and jury R* thr clrrk unloldrd thr vrrriict mid lircnn to rrad nnd thrn n look of relief sprpfld ovrr hi^ fs^r ** IIP h^ard thp vords thnt rxotierHtrd hirrx HP thnnkrd th*> Judg^ nnd thr Jury and turnrri to rrcrivr thp congrat- made ^ *hort j talk during «rh!rh he t/v-d Jordan] that he would pppreriase his rtnm n''fT bemif held in jail f-ir should appreciate the country he ;i--inc in. wh«re every per?.Tn chare- erf, with « crime « given a lair and irr.rmr'ial 'ri 3 ' Tne rlefrndnnt tn-^ fndi'teri on a m- of n !4-\pf»r-old F^ii'on B ,7rv- Basi'v of Fulton dx-fd for sttPrriptinK '" PT- ,^'jsr:' 1 * Titn"."- 1 - lo !n;! to apppa.r nt « ra'i-" n' ifiw nnd st'Tnptme 'o •.n'-.rr.'.na'p q «; f n' 1 . 1 ^.. ;n ronnf-'ion w::;i !! - .P Jordan rn;j- pnd hw '•B. t « > ^V»A * 'lifyi'llfri 'o h" hrard TT-xt. thp fir«t count has hri«n drop;Ti and trial on the charKP rva.* h*''fr. rontin;jrri. NepSitw of Mr§, N. G. Von Sant to Be Buried In Bedford, fa., Nov. £ Mr*. N G. Van B«nt. wh« i« rls- IttnR friend* \r\ RtprlinR. will to to B<*dford. To**. "ni»trw!»v of n*xt wrek *-h^r*» *h* will make arrangements for th* b'irin! of * nephew, rvinjvld Wrxxl 23. M>n of Mr. and Mrs L«>on Wood of Lot Aneeles, Cnlif.. »hn parted away there about two weeks BRO Cnmmitta! service* prnhnhly will b» held Sunday. Nov. , S. Donald had ajtudied to become an fine position two month'! previous to his death Hi* father wa^ employed by The Os/ette fnr several wefks 1 during the per!f<d of prrpnration for the publication of the Diamond J»- edtttors which war. !-~ned in Slowly Improves knork<pd down hr « car while rros.s- inR Third str'-pt, inM. week. is j«lrivly retoverinR. She *uff*>rpd painful in- Juries. ilp plant.«; nre 41 j.t«rr.<; of thp Union m SALES W1« S^MB ....HIM art* • ....S1M2a«a> •> t*\m* m*m a«»aMi.M«M. ••>•«« . N«»«llHl lHIH.ftM«M«^Cll MM wkM » «•*•• •«•! •*••• •Klity «« C.I.T. 9 W. Fourth Stv Sterling Phone 813 &>• & .^M '''-^4^ 4^ -1': I* // i \> SHOES MAW TO WW*6 YOU V WORTH OP UimiR PERFECTION A fine savinRB on longwearing, good - looking •hoes! • Genuine Goodyear Well* • Wing, English, French Tip. • Lwg-Wearing . . . Perfect Fit • BUrk, Brown, Antique • C«rk and Leather Soles e A Perfect, Comfortable Aanured Style Unusual in every detail of style and craftsmanship! Come t , . discover the nationally fam ous quality here, TODAYI 2nd Door West of Woolworth'g Yew BUT DIBVBANCB fa* Is to keteg ear tc *a •INCLAIB PBODVCT% • aavtac I* Let a* pa* yew ear aa akaa* BINCLAIB FBODUCTB WILL SAVE WOBBT aad MOIOCY. •USHMAN'S SINCLAIR STATION CHUCK CASTLI •UPCm IBBVICB ITATIOM Mi lass Third Street NOW Is HM TDtt aa get for Winter 4aB HBMI Ma* ** iBBB) BBBV TBAINKB -" at UM aarpart Oct. U-M. We havHe ye« to vWt ear vtee 8totle« aay «taae ge* gmCLAIB PBODCCTS Win add naaafari auai Jay to EXPKBT BKBVICB DON CON KLIN •toelaar Baniea BUUe* IMt Easi Faavtk Stteai, LONG'S SINCLAIR STATION Htt** is SMvsrdtat C»ic*s« * ^outkcra Airiian u ifcc id* SiacUir Fligbi Tnia«r. SW CMS to ia* Siackir kibrinied Chicago* bsiwsaa iio«Moa. Ttrts, BEMBMBBB— GIVE YOOB CAB AN tPEcrnow. at Oaa ... We LANG'S SINCLAIR STATION in. Ike lhMBi--We •INCLAIB PmODUCTS JOHN KENNiDY (At Bras**) FaBm, IB. Did you ever thinki you might be in airplane pilot? Here's your chance to test your flying ability —free and without fear — in the Sinclair Flight Trainer. The Flight Trainer is a minia- ture plane so rigged up that it remains securely anchored to the ground while yon put it through loops, spins, banks and sideslips. It is here in the interests of National Defense. UNCLAIB PBOOVCTS DAVISON » SCHWAI itt IMk THE FLMHT TOMER WtU IE • STBHJM, IHWIS, AT STERUNI JUtfML MTUIDAT 1.ASIMMY, IT WONT BE LONG NOW , Vsrtftl Ike add days wtt t* v*h m HIUIR MOTOR INNSIRVICI ABSOLUTELY Arranged through tho courtoty of C E BRANT G. W. STEADMAN ANV BBtf UNCLAU BTATHM YAMPICO, ILU All fliBllI* •INCLAIB FOiiST INN ASK YOUR SINCUIR DEALER FOR FREE COUPONS FOR RIDES AND PLYING IIIIOMt PBBB TICKET* far law PBgkl Traaa«r Teato « .UM. ''—•-**— * * * lat La* m earviee yaw ca* PAUL YOUNG GAftAcH IBIMftJ We give ye« a Heat alaaa Jew- Wart NOMIR WILLIAMS AND SON IN bat ft* Si,. iMk f eJb m -•

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