The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 8, 1973 · Page 2
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 2

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 8, 1973
Page 2
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1MK FACTS , W7J DEAR ABBY Readers talk on kindergarten INTERESTED IN RAISING herbs and special plants are Shirk? Dement and Linda Mattlwws, among the seven Brarosport Chapter members o( the Young Homemakers of Texas »too visited th* Hilltop H«b Farm in Clwdand vn a recent field trip to the Sam Houston National Korrst A lour of the gardens, a luncheon seasoned with herbs and a visit to th* country lor* wtr* highlights of the trip Th* (arm U a rtH.iranent project of Madaknea and Jun Htli Among the luiurf plans of the chapter is an August U 16 vrorkshop with morniftg sessions on creative stitcher)-, lerrariunis, sewing lcchni<ju«. crochet and picture rins*. Pentacost Sunday services planned FREEPORT - St. Paul American Lutheran Church in Freeport is planning a special observance for Pentecost Sunday with plans to include the same things that the tarty Christians did to celebrate. Al 9:U a.m. will be the regular teachings for all ages with the worship service at 10:JO with special songs accompanied by Jam« S Atkins on the trumpet. Special displays by the Vacatxxi Bible School classes will be a part o/ the service. Boys & Girls CLOTHING and accessories WHERE? >t always a large selection, always major brands, always ready to help you GIFT WRAPPING FREE By Abigail Van Bur«n V, *••• tl*. * The pastor, the Rev A. Sigebiei. will lose his message "Livi«g the Victory as a Congregation" on Acts. 2. Included m the service will be the reception of new members into the fellowship of St. Paul. A brwrf history of the local congregation, which began in I WO, will be presented including some al ttx ptooeer pastors and council members A fellowship dinner at noon has been planned for al! attending Dinners to be sold at church FREKPORT - St EmaoueJ Baptist Church, tl« East Si.Uh Street, will offer barbecue chicken dinner* and fish dinners at the church cafeteria beginning at II a m Saturday. Apple pies and cakes are also available. Proceeds will beneitl the Senior Choir. DEAR ABBY: I bav* been • kindergarten teacher for lix years and I emphatically dUagre* with your *dkk* to CBroll Ronny in kindergarten knowing he will be the young- cut and smallest child In the claaa. His lite has no relationship to the situattoo, bwt his ag« does. The younger ones uaually hav* trouble keeping up with the okkr one*. 1 think tt's better for the cntld to remain at home (or another year, evffl Uw he'* eBgibte age wise. Then when be go** to school he will be the okfa*t Imteixl erf the youag«rt in hb clasa. l^t him watch SesMte Street, go to the library, lake educational trips, and become more aware of hU environment. aad whet) he e&ter* kinderganen he will not enty be taller but better prepared SCHOOL TKACNEH DK.AK TCACIIKK: Tkaak y*« f*r ymr «kw tt • schMd tr*tt*r. ftea»e rea4 M fur the «fMM W a reader wb* WM tttr ywuge*! ami smalfeM ta het rU*«. DEAR ABBY: This is lor Ronny's mom who wa* too- cerned about starting Romny ia kindergarten beciwtM be would be the youngest a&d sinaUest la hb cla.« She taid she and Rocny's father are both smaO M Roeay would probably be small all his life. ! was the youngest and imaliest ia my clasd acd all thru wrhool 1 was the only girl on th« track team, I could abo shinny up a rope falter than anybody in my gym class. I »<u calM "Shrimp. Rnnt, Squirt. MUjfet." aad "P«e we«." but the (at kids were calkd, "Lardo" and "FaOo," aad the tali kki» were- caDe<i. "Beaapoie." So whaf I'm * gieat grandmother cow, and my t fort, 2 tech son rail* me "MlgMy Mouw" ted my * fw*, 4 tech grandson toU me to gtt on a stepladder to b* couU Itw m«. 1 juK laughed and shinnied up his teg ^ Tell Ronny'ii mom if the lad U bright, tn/oii tsira ta fchtwl. atxl be wiU find a way to ccmpnajJe fur hw iUi- ore. .AJUo, has she cawkVrtvl Uui wetting a y«ar might make Ronny the oideai and smaUeait cfclM in to cU*»' That couil poraent wws* probletBi. "MlUtfn' MOfSli" co,vrtDE.vnAL TO TKKUSG wousn IN MI,V,VE- APOUtS-. So *«<« la. More tkaa t.MI «••«• wr»te M> wk •Wrr (key c»«M pur**** fifa* fi««l«*. CONtlDKNTl-U, TO JACK S. JR. Or' U£M N. C.: A Irmikmt* wW. wMt4 write a U*y • hi* witk *o mara **trr« (or Wr rcfty b < » tet yww S*. auT V««"H IM! hrttrr H T A»»Y: Calf. Hau to write hrttmr S«4 it to A»*y. IWi «m. LM Cat MM*. Hr AMry'i kM4M, ">tow to Wrtto Uttcn f*r .Ml Kid's Crusade begins Monday Select from a wide array of thoughtful gifts. From Bar goods to diamond Kings. LAKE JACKSON - A Itsd'i cruude (or the Bnuospcrt area will be hekj Monday through Friday. June U (nxn 7 to 9 p. in. at the B«»a Elcrnentary School tn Jackson with the Rev and Mrs Albert Owen ot Lake Jackson u director* o< tbe acttvitk» Interdenominattoniii. the crutade us being sponsored by the Shady Oaks Au«mht> o/ Cod Church Special features include Jerry, the dummy. Bible puppet plays with sound and lighting effects, numerous other puppets; nightly cluUk dramas with the u*e of fkureacent paste!* and black light; and refreshment* A 10 (oot randy stick will be given to the child bnnginf the highest number of visitor* for Chapel dedication set Sunday BASTRQr BAYOU - Memb«rt of Chriit Our Saviour Lutheran Church wiU hold • dedication of Ihfir chapel on Sunday lit S pro with the I'ailw Vim (ilaenke of Houston M th* |xi*nl speaker. The coogregalioo to » new rotation eofigrefathm of the Lutheran Church. Wisconsin Synod Although relatively or* to Ttoun. Ih* Wato«(n Synod It over i century oW and welJknown throughout Uw mWwe*l (or iU Hiblkaliy conservative teaching, "IU pa lion and member* teach that all at the Bibl* M God's Werd »ml w therefor* without error, and that Cfcrtrt w the only way of Mlvatwa," I'ailof Wayn? Vcgl of the n#w c«xn<rtgati«fl nalid Th* congregation/* IIMt m**<teg »it« on Aug 3, t*W with **r*te*» at the Fin* Njl!«ej| B*nk of (tegular .terYttre* w*re U* nett Suwiay »! Uw Legion Halt ol with l*4.«ttif GUttlk* the brginalog »«».. th* IU Vogt, who wu ordained am] imlalkd on Aug «, l*», almost th* first anniversary el th* church II* U >iilt Moving Ib* eongregattofl In January l*fl, property w»» purehat«d In the woodland* aloof ilattrop ftayw* (I w went of Highway MB between the three flaMr«f» Bayow bridges, t 3 mil** down the rtM<t and to Ih* right to July mi. the coaftreiatlan changed Iti of worship ta the Saving* and (.MB in U»e Jack**}. it hat m*l until Ih* i>r«*fit time TV penKWMg*. built m Die properly •*!«, »** dedicated oo I'atro Sunday, March at, IW Lews HMIIM Jf of An«tetan *»» the fur the rttapal were hrW en J*» t) . i m »»«*> Wyatl Jwm and U** HuiMw* M contractor* In ipite of very w*« weather, pregm* *•» mad* «A ftMMtrurtitm. making the chapel ready far the dedication on Sunday pwbt* I* Mrtttd to > ih* d*dK*U<« F«r , f »0 l'*»i* j at M»-,m» ts» »»l* kfT^ at l» Haw Wa«i»* OO^X>* THE IARE FACTS CM* Mf dl Tiu: on. ijjau ««t3» H \S4V.I Ji» 1 i". > f it- (irtt rr»iiifR« ftttier INr Apples arrive COU.KUK STATIOS Crasny South N«w Zc-dUod WiU *hi!« Ifje tun ifcinra Ut It* XUtea Uttt lumitwf .M)0» *»* , 4Sil i or Fr««porf VB5 b«9/ns t.t. ?v»MVV umwtr A,MH»; emcvUcei ti Jf'j-Bt » W Sit si »i * as. \\ i * , u A H «} -\ n r, r "1! be tr»«. Vt.-i *"!-•) 1". Ititat Ktatsoe cent; tsu&nl AJkil S!S* * Sat art! in th* I" S, T*.»aV prr Angleton Baptists show film s^l3•»^Stf !t< tSi- :n t i"j'.« ' V> ,'l^lftj !i> !(-;>;!« jftBlji tft« S<^e (?.,-ii^-y 'af a f':rt£*t M *?Uitf!| i.-!. !ht J.irj^tjniit u-f N<r* '«,-;t'*. »i!3 h« ftei.J on ,ita=ii» / »5 '.* !ft »-K' * « s« «> i: I, 4 s \ jc fj.vVTU?.. W AS.TT.W " M o 1 1 ?>3" "jf ' i «•( 5 1 j •* t <i i j y »rai .-.., I *- < IIKIOAl. W)WXS A.-, m«»'if>4. thr *««k, AduJu »r* wvkoraw. So fJmaHtian fc» Nr toti> Itur of Musk progrom sef Sunday /n Brozorfa fen '!> ft* Vkirit »r*rl\*l at fc^ Y»«i'.fc' f'ilca*. fr.c of *ra:f Still *nrf if* * 4r? tki* tiwfir ««««tli ».**•<«»» fwr u**v*<k»c *'<»»»•*« »BI« »" 1 J[ t-*M*^»i ^ Ur» B«uUh HarrU and daughter. Out* MaloM erf Troop, wtre In the arra recently to vuit Sir* Harm't son. Buster lUrru. «tul« a patient in Community Hospital They abo Hopped to vuit Mr. and Mr» Dcnrmn Other gueaU U the were Mr. and Mr*. C O Bunco of flute. Mr» Verblc Wallace and Mr» Jane Flucker, both ol Lake JackJon Mr. and Mr» Thornat Garvin and family returned horn* recently following a three-day trip to A vote where they viaitod hie father, t. ft. Garvia, and bit brother. Harry Garvin, who had Ju»t returned home from Uganda, Africa, as mitatenartai Tbey will be home for one year. Vkkic Pyle oi ARgJetnn. daughter of Mr and Mr» Jimmy Pyle ipent the night recently with a fn*nd, Cheryl FattcriM) of Danbury Tbey worked on the bus route for the Braioaport Temple Bapiut Church Mehtn Carether*. at Big Spring* Air Force BMW. wi» home on leave recently and attended graduation exercises for hit brother. CharlCT, al Humber Field in Danbury, Mr. and Mr*. Lonnie Caretfam and too. Koonk, of Kt. Worth »l*o attended. A. B. Chrislenwn Jr. uaderwefit tuck turgery tit Houston recently and should hw home MOD. BKAZORIA - Tt* A»»rR>bty at Itouaien *i!i prr»ent two program* nt royflw to the (Uitiw fUp«i»8 Chxrch on Sunday *! ) p m and I *J pin The Rev A H B*rk, pa*«o». WYitM the pufciic (o »ltmri4 Friendship Baptists to begin VBS CUTTE - Friefid»fcip BapUii Chwclt. at £a*i MaiA in Dute. will begin Vacation Bible School on Monday through Friday with cia**ea from 9 30 am to It IS am On Fridjy, June IV special certificate* will be pre**nled at the end of the program with a picnic al noon. The theme will be "Men of Cod," with a different Bible hero preaented each day to the students to demantUate a principle of Christian living, The tchooi U open to all age*, including aduHi NOTICE! SUMMER Wf CARRY A COMPLETE LINE OF SABUTURA'S omc£ SUPPLY "C«mi I* Or C«l" UOt'lU SHOE SALE NOW IN PROGRESS ENTIRE STOCK OF LADIES! MEN S AND CHILDREN S SUMMER SHOES NOW ON SALE. OVER 4,000 PAIR TO CHOOSE FROM HURRY FOR BEST SELECTION I i «* r . , •, • , i V I } M • I I.I ' « I I f DOWN1OWNLAKI j A ( h '. O N H M 0 N t . , / i fik A / <j\f' '< ' • . . i , » r-HUN ( . ' ' ' ! 10-110

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