The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 3, 1923 · Page 7
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 7

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 3, 1923
Page 7
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THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. PAGE SEVEN. Just What I Wanted ! An Electric Fan All you have to do 13 call ua on the phone and we will deliver you a fan suitable for your u»e whether it be tn .home, office or fuctory. We are showing them priced as low as $7.50. 4 North Main Phone 621 ,-it5s O.Kj*%.Jtea 9 « A rtch reef refreshment with a luscious grape flavor — not unlttve a. sweet red wine—a sparKIfntf. coolintf beverage. At all icmntalna or 'by the from your grocer. Mbc«l with ft-oarv frulta, H malxes m cfaltsthtAil punch for lAwn parttau, ptcrttaa ftnd otrvor nummor enter- lotnmenta—m«y too used Uao to tf 1 vi» ' flavor to frozen, tcets and pudoUntj MUCW. ANMIUSIR-BUDCH, ST. LOUD BOUQUET ,ll/\n _ 60 per glass " a **\w*^ The Grovier-Starr Produce Co. WholciaU Dhtftbutert Hutchinson, Kans. 1O0 per bottle John Solomon, Incognito . „.. „ SYNOPSIS. which Wrexham held a deep and true C%tilo\t\ I ;m-iii n WA"iS ,a in 0 "S. •««*?«>». «» ™ £1. schooner that Louisiana bayous. She leaves the man- now lay heeled In the mud. ngemtmt to John l'hllbrlcl,, in old re- This craft was no ordinary trading talner and rnlthfu), but not a goofl R( .hooner lotinv with rotten ranrn bui>lnof.3 man. u Ah Leu. the Manchu. "fnooner, lousy wnn rotten copra, who Is trying to help Allnn, explains to stinking with molted oil In the bilge, the mysterious John Solomon. Allno'a hor deck uncalked by tropic suns. Not uncle I.iav (1 Mncarly ivnd hut son, Felix. n . sjv,,. ,..„„ Q >..., n under pruirnso of looking after her in- nt , a,u oho »a« a schooner, but a tcrcnts, plot 10 get control of tho planta- schooner in perfect mlnature, Incred- "°n. » lhly small and perfect to the final C1IAPTEH IT.-Onc of their schemes l> &<*-M}to dura tho bayou and thus dry up her A trader, indeed, yet with rather rice fields. Then they try to get .rid of tho look of a vacht. Her brasses I'hllbrlclt. Allno suspects tho Mncartya ,...„.„ nn llahnri VliMnrlnn- I, JI,/> 01m and consults jack Fortier, a young law- * u '° Ponaned, gin'orlng In the sun- yor. who taken her case. light; hor paint was scrubbed and ClfAVTEU lit.—lie finds a big fight on gloaming white. Bvoti iter furled can- hlu bunds, for tha .MacartyH are ad vn ~ ,,b «ive r ' Imm-iHilAtn .i-i. powerful. They try to bribe him off. v * s i,noweu , immaculate. Her varnlsh- r.-HAi'TKIt IV.-Then thoy Imvo him eu spars ehone against tho hluo sky Solomon' 1P ' bU ' r<,scu ' ;l1 hr John ,!ku streamers of cobweb . '"crfAl'Tryi V.--The Mnrartys drop open ' Ancl uow mls minaturo schooner hostilities rfml Invite Fortier and Aline to hiuig in the mud of a Louisiana bayou, go on their y.-.tht the VVaterHprito, to In- while the man who had trapped her BPOct the plantation. Solomon has se- „,_„ i„, lfrl .,- n „ )( , ..1,-111 m wn, cured the job of steward on the yacht. * aa laughing hi slinll mirth to see hor Just before they sail Aline gets a tela- crippled! eram by l'hiit.rlek>aying that h.;. la so- The black boy, panting, fetched the lug away for ? wl i! l( L_injdJ^b i f^ha__£j J ^^ K tatluu lu Urn... W U1HUU11 Wl**- i>ausctl - fli(1 - 8Jal| . 0(1 - tjl(jlr ey6s r0|1|ng OIIAPTEU VI.—Solomon foils an at- WroKham took the gun anti clicked a tempt to steal Filler's papers. An out- cartridge home. air named Grow M uhel a killed on tho ,, r ™ , ... . . . yacht and Thompson, tha mate, la hold "Laugh, will you?" ho roared out, for murder, chiefly through the evldenco s0 that hl8 voice lifted, and rolled of Solomon, who later oonfasscB- to POT- amaz tn g i y across the bayou. "Laugh tier that he killed tho man, and gives . ,, „ J , ? I'ortler tho l^avergno papers, which cad bo d—d! You ro not <loaliug with Thompson hnd sttflon from the lawyer, rhiibrlck now!" CHAVTBK Vir.—Captain Wrexham H & ,, ,,, d ^ takes chargo of tho plantation. Hathor "0 "stea tno 1.1 ic ana urea. Bhady of (Character, ho la prompted to With a cry of shrill and startled p 'ay straight by tho effect upon htm rago, Felix Macarty leaped upright— VHAWTCWIRS.A« t'.o .bullet had splintered the wood »>. the contents of the safe and finds a pack- tier 'hla arm. Wrexham tlirew out -the ago which Interests him and which he empty shell, clicked another into place l>ockets. .Macarty and the sheriff arrlvo nn ^ tt rfl( \ no-->in AnnthAr unllotor of lioklng for I'hilbrlck whom Macarty ana urea again. Anotner splinter 01 charges with murder of a negro. Finding wooa flow up. Macarty cursed his "Our Lives, Our Fortunes—" 0 N T July 4, 1776, our forcfatlicrs signed 4 declaration of intlependciice to which they pledged their fortunes as well as their lives and their .sacred honour. Even for nations, you see, independence may be a mat teg of money-: Your own personal independence will be all the stronger with a growing .savings account to back it. , Open that account at this bank today. FIRST NATIONAL BANK Established 1876 ^ Hutchinson, K?an. Store Closed All Day Wednesday Fourth of July Fourth of July More Glorious Each Year SCARCELY' a day on the. calendar stands out like the Fourth of July. Its gala celebrations arc long anticipated. - Hut it means more than that. This outward expression of keen enthusiasm is a symbol of the deeper significance of the Fourth of July. Thursday, July 5th, Opens July Clearance Our Sale This Sale will provide opportuniti es to meet your needs economically. Take advantage of the excellent July values that will he offered.. Included arc bargains in Bedding Wash Goods Table Linen Underwear Towels Hosiery Ready-to-Wear and Arl Goods, also other lines will he advertised in Thursday Night's News Phllbrick gone. Macarty attempts to negro, and Ills launch swung out and bribe Wrexham to hetray the Interests nen( ) ei j away aa the. powor drove her of Allco I.avorgne. Wrexham temporizes. OIle , ler _ CHAPTER IX. j Wroxham throw the bolt, lifted the rifle again. His protruding eyes'were Unsle Ned and Aunt Sapphlra, who hard and chill. Ho sighted on the between them had. kept the household back- of Macarty awl his finger drew arrangements of the plantation run--on. tho trigger; th™ he lowered tho nlng like clockwork for unnumbered rifle and shook his head regretfully, years, etood on the front gallery and "No-that s enough. Ill learn you istened rapturously. Thoy were thing*, d-n you! He handed the watching the work at the landing, rifle to tho walling boy, then looked whence the voice of Captain Wrexham down at the men below. "Any of you came to them with startling clarity. boys know Jiow to handle that mahog- ' Aunt Sapphlra rolled, her eyes, any launch and find tho way to La•Sho' is scandalous talk, Uncle Neb! I toucho? Dat man Is got de mos' masterful use o' langwidge what l; heord sonce or Jedge Lavergne—" "Hoy, Uncle Nob!" broke in a hurried voice, Cap'n say fotoh him a rifle an' shake yo' foot!" A black hoy had run up the walk from the walk and was panting below the gallery. Uncle Neb caught Cho niosage and hastoned into the house- , Captaiu Wrexham was havlTig oia troubles. With a dozen.-half-naked laughing -hlack men at work, ho had brought tho .Nautilus Into the little cove and awhored hat-bow and stern, lie had barely completed the ope/a- tton when ho dlscovored that she was aground. Tho water had gone-Ttown, swiftly and without warning—Ma- carty'a dam. was closed. The skipper swore and sweated, but in five minutes the schooner wan ntce-i ly heeled over In tho mud; only,a tug or a' raise of water could float her. It was at this Juncture that Wrexham had Eont for the rifle. He stood on the landing, while the hiaok men hastened to get tho boats and launches out to whero the water would still float them. The wharf was already high and dry. Out midstream In Calling Upon Us we feel that you have bestowcd'tipon us' a very great and scrious*responsibility. We strive to be worthy of this confidence, Our equipment, our experience, and otir time are all at your service when you turn to us for assistance. We like to feel that our service is entirely complete in every detail, LJohnson&Sons Established J88G Sherman hlnson (I I THE HUTCHINSON NEWS Delivered by Carrier, 10c Week Wrexham Shock His Fist In Air. in the bayou appeared a launch, floating with tho low current. Captain WroKham Vchewed on his clgiar and eyed this boat in malignant fury. Tho boat carried two men. In the •bow stood Felix Macarty, watching the work ashore. At the sudden, subsidence of the water, at tho grounding of tho schooner and Wrexham's storm of curses, Macarty had hroken into a wave oC hearty laughter. Across the water swept that vitriolic mirth, more deadly than Wreicham/a foulest oaths, stinging tho seaman like a whip. "Laugli at mo, will you?" Wrexham «hook his list In air. "Laugh at my craft, will you?" And ha gent the boy for a rifle. Perhaps Felix Macarty made a mU< tak« whan he laughed. thu» mockingly, II tiitr* were one tUnf et> earth let "Yas, sub!" shouted several at once. Wrexham picked, out one ol them, indicating tha handsome mahogany launch wfhich Aline had recently bought "Fill Iter with gas and got hor ready. I'm going to towu In ten minutes." "Sho' will, suh! yas, auli,"cap'n!" Whoops of eager laughter amd loud talking, suoh us black men use to dl-s- EUIBO the strain of tenso moments, ochoed In tho ears of Wrexham as ho strode up to the yreat house. Ho had brought ashore soma of his things. Now lie dressed carefully In frosh #hittw, shaved, clipped his square brown heard, changed Into newly whitod shoes. Ho made sure that he had money and Philbrick's telegram, which was addressed to Fortier. l'hllbrick had told him about Fortior. "Somo cursed ninny of a lawyer!" •thought -Wroxham scornfully. "That girl should ha' laid, oft draggliT a lawyer tato this mess." Informing Undo Noh that he was going to town for tho day, he went to the wharf. Tho water had 'ceased to subside. The schooner lay "well heolod over, -hard and fast aground. Wrex- liam surveyed her with his lips tight- •onod in a thin line, He beckoned two darkless. •* * "Carry me over that mud. It you drop me, I'll cut the houris nut of you." They grinned at this, picked him up, and waded -across the gllstoning now mud to wTiere tho launch awaited him. A moment afterward tho craft was chugging upstream. "Up the bayou," directed Wrexham. 'I want a look at the dam o' that pow­ or company. Then to town. "Yaa Sim." j Wroxham sat motionless, absorbed; In the thoughts that gripped him, un- seolug this tropic environment, Thoy could uot have been altogether pleasant, those thoughts; his eyes were suvago. , • Perhaps ho was taken back to that other day and -place., where he lisd paid a dobt to a man by mortgage of hla soul to tho devil. Perhaps ho was thinking of the two men and a woman whom he had onco~upon a time betrayed, and whoso memory luiimted hint ceaselessly. Or he might have been tulruklnr; of othor ocoaskms. He did not lack things to recur to hla mind, this man. He had muoh to remember—and, probably, he had much to forget. There was, for oxauiple, that Uhlna- man of Macassar, whose Junk had been looted and burned under Falom- hang Island, W-rexhum hiUl really forgotten this incident, eUthougli one or two long-distance threat* had followed him from Ohuen Ying. It wwi otily an Incident, and lay far hack In I1I3 life. Wrexham had never learned that It is .the Incidents which Mo far back of ivhloh one should be afraid, Ho had never learned oven to be nfrald.' The launch popped suddenly Into a largu an dopen stream, Bayou La- toueho. Here wore other boats, whistlo of a locomotive, bringing first wonder to the eyes of Wrexham, thon a laugh. A bend in the stream and Latoueha appeared, rapidly growing in SIBO, Ten mrmutes, and Wrexham toBBed hta hoy a dollar, then strode uptown to lunch and attend to business. After luncheon, Wrexham went to the railroad station and dispatched Pb.ilbriok'» ttdegram io Fortier. Thla aocomplUbed, he sought the post office and went to bo* «ea «ral-d »U7err window. "I ordered mall forwarded -and held j here, frorn San Francisco," ho said. I "Cap'n. Tom Wrexham, schooner Natl-! tilus." j Aftetr a slight delay, he was banded a letter, much marked about and forwarded, and a curious glance followed him as he turned away. When he was out in tho strnet. Wrexham examined the lottor curiously. It was from a man in Zamhoanga In the PhUipplneH, a former partner of Wrexham In many deals, a man whom Wroxham trusted. The skipper tore at the envelopo. Into his fingers camo a letter, and with it a newspaper clipping. Ills eyes widened on this clipping. His sturdy flngers'clutched It fiercely, his figure stiffened as he read the words. Astonishment flooded into his face, followed by a flush that rolfrht have j ixso! come from some Inward relief or deep , now, pleasure "If this ain't a rum go!" ho ejicu- Iatod with an oath. He lowered 'ho paper and stalred blankly boiore him. "A rum go and no mlstako! the only time in my life I was guilty of havin' a conscience—and now to find it's ail been waited!" Ho rend the clipping asaln, incredulous. No, there was no error! Tho two men and a woman, Che three whom he had betrayed, had come to no 111 end after all. His remorse had one in the place enjoyed having him I for master. Darkness had fallen when Wroxham railed Undo Neb to tho library, and stated that he was going out. Ho demanded a dark coat, which Uncle Neh produced. With thla. ho l«ft the houso and started ofr tho bayou. Two hours later he returned. Ho was met by Un-ule Nob, who was excited an dne.rvous. "Oap'n, boss, dero's been a gnnT- nian here two times ax-in' fo' you- all." said tho old darky. "OV Mlstuh Pliilbriek, suS, done said lift wa'nt to come around hoah no mo', but I reckon—" "F,h " said Wrexham, coming Into the 'hall from the gallery. "Some one here, you s*iy?" "Dat jailer .man, suh--'.Mlstuh All He's sctiln' In by de flah right Oil, ray kiwd, cap'n, 1K>HS! Why. suh, dom elegant white pants is all wet and—" Wrexham, in fact, was soaking wet to the waisl, anil stained with mud llo glanced down at himself, ami laughed. "Ah—that's the man-, eh?" "Dat's him, suh. I done- lot' him to set an' wall—" "Quite right. Uncle Neh. I'll change my clothes and be right, down." Wrexham went up stairs to the rc#im which he occupied. He got out been needless There was nothing for i fresh clothes, and laughed softly to which to blaiiio hlnise.l'f; his action I himself as he changed. Onco ho had resulted in no harm at all. Tho] glanced nt. his watch, as though ox pectiiuf something. Then ho shook his head. "Not yot— a good fifteen minutc-s yet!" ho murmured. "I wonder If Mac -Arty sent Ills chink to see me? Wants mo to run some liquor, or j niuybe somo hop, for him. That'll trap to catch Tom Wrex- Hu broke Into a cherry, albeit tune- 1 r,s, whistle--a most singular thing tor Wrexham. Vet, why not'.' This day lie had received itood news, lie was a happy man. The load that had weichied hlti mind was gene. He went down to the library feeling that twenty years had slipped from htm. He felt quite prepared for any gajne. In Oils uu;ud, he slopped Into tho library He r;ime 1'arn to Tare.with the man who rose to meet him. Wroxham stopped dead still. In the candlelight, his face went absolutely livid. Ills hand slipped to clipping told him all this. The wonder of it oppressed Wrexham. The Ironic, humor of It Btruek him and evoked a laugh. On the heels ot this feeling, n thought; Why had ho learned this fact only today? lie- cause, obviously, he had acepted the ] j 1 duty Imposed upon him by John Phil- 1 hC) a out hrloITand the girl's' aphotograi*. Hi- | 1,iim '"• wouldn t it; cause 5ie had sincerely wished to j make amends for his former actions. In a moment, this convict!ion became deeply and eradioaibly imprinted vague notion, but it fitted well with his vaguely formulated vdenn of an' overruling pi-nvkleneo and an ofiond-. ed Jehovah. Wrexham was In no sens:! religious, hut he did havo hellers,! His canons were Masonic nit-her than! theologic. It was, to him, indubitable,' that tilts Information had come to him as a reward for what be had umlor- takon -here. "A rum go and no mistake!" he repeated again, slowly, a trifle awed. He remembered the letter, and glanced over tl'.o writing. It mtido no reference to tho newspaper clipping. It was concerned only with business. There wus, howovor. a iwstscript: "P. S. I hoar that tho chink of Macassar, Ohuen Ying, pulled up stakes two or three years ago and vanished. "Thoy say he went to the Slaton, and I hear he was no chink at all, hut a blooded Mum-hit. If you meet him over there, give him my regards --andjook out!" Ohuen Ylng! For a moment Wrexham puzzled, before he remembered that burned and looleni junk under Puleniibang Island. Then be laughed "If this ain't my lucky day!" hej reflected. "I'm coniln out all right, i I tell you. Now, I'd better buy somo stuff and got back homo. No timei to waist floatin' the schooner and lrrigatln' that cursed rice crop. Warn ,1110 to .irrigate, will you? I'll do-it, blast your eyes!" Furious oxultatlon was upou him for the rest of that day. Ho could scarcely sit quiet while the launch chugged back home through the bayous. Immediately ho readied the plantation, Wroxham wont alward the schooner, clawed up tlie steeply inclined deck, and vanished below. Ho was busied there, alone, until sunset. Thon he omergod into sight, yawned and stretched himself. And -halted tho bank. A nogro in a canoe fetched him ashore. "Leave this canoe with a paddle ia It," said Wrexham. "I want to use It tonight, hut I 'll do my own padltng." "Yas, nun, cap'n," camo the answer. Wrexham dined alone that evening. Ha enjoyed being master ot this placet end k wae very certain that every ""*LL"J«P3«.» » Culicur»So.p.h. Cuticura 1 Soap and Ointment Promote Hair Health S Viu in no i Cui! v l\V.ti .'iC3 ( • Li* pyuU • tfclp rlcAn ovA lif*\'.\r. Dci'orc sr t *r. j 'Ooinx to.icb apota of dtn- dnjj'farutiKn. * n B. W uiy with Cuil<ura, OJi.tiutn-,. loft hla i>l»tol upstairs. I In <lr>'\v ;i breath anil H f.»t>il wailing, I'SiKiutuut. aa though ho wi»ro facing (loath. "tJooti evtminK," aaiii tho yellow man quietly. "You <lift not oxpi'tt to "I -I expected Ah Loo," imirinnr"<l Wroxham. Hla voice wan hollow anil dead. "I am Ah Lou," s&iid the </t.hor. Tho wrinkled yollow face Hiuiltwi. "AIMO H'm! Aftor the I am--or was -Clmen YfiiK \*t Marus- nuwa I E»l Unlay, the whole bunch sar- I havo tmixxl to s<:» you for vujy- can rouKt in- h--M" era! VPUTM. (To be ihali wo eiii. down'. 1 ' eomtinued, tomorrow.) | Notice to Electors. Notice IH iiorehy Klven that the City Clork's office will ho open at noon and nt iilfiht till 10:00 o'clock caolt day up to' and lnoludiri;; July (Jth, t 11)23, for tho [>drpo«u (xt Iti'gisl.j'-iition. 1 After tho above dat© the li"K i"at Un\ Bix>k« Will ho closed till wfUjr the •Snoolal IVjnd Mlectlon to bo held on tho L7tli day ot July. t »?.3. 27-5t KD MF/rZ. City cinrk. A doaerviug porfitm soon attractii a ,t- Ula iH >cke't, and found that, ho had tenUon.— Atohiiion i Hobo Baby >4« Your Needs Extra Care In Hot Weather In hot weather it is more important than ever to have baby's food exactly right. Take no chances. If you cannot nurse him- yourself give him the safe food for babies—• NESTLE'SFOOD For over fifty years mothers have been keeping their babies well and happy with Nestle's even in the hottest weather. Nesde's Ls a complete food—made from the milk, of healthy cows. The curds have been broken up and made soft and fleecy so that baby cannot tell tne difference from mother's milk. It is in powdered form and cannot sour. Fit EE 8AMPIE -II ro» -01 mill itu attached «MBoa it «ao« w« will be |U4 XamtU ran without etuii, tmtk MUTUri •akw «wk uillu t— «h ^M Num. Addrvl i it* rSror twriiMO^WfiiuiiM,ii n r»i

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