Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 17, 1959 · Page 9
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 9

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 17, 1959
Page 9
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American Bandstand Mickey Mouse All Aboard For Fun Plymouth Welk Show Ozzic & Harriet Donna Reed Frontier Wednesday Fights John Daly News Night Court Dangerous Mission Nightcap News Quotes In The News 51st Yeaf flffi PAMPA DAILY TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 1959 9 United SPRINGFIELD, 111.-West Ber l!n Mayor Willy Brandt, on a divided Germany: | "I can only tell you that the, Germans in the East and in the. West have not accepted the division of their country, and they will not accept conditions under which 'a son is separated from, his mother, a brother from his brothef." WASHINGTON Sen. Richard L. Neuberger (D-Ore.i, victor in a battle against cancer: "I owe life itself to medical" research, and if ns n senator I can press this cause, I have a duty to go on." fir, MONTE, Calif.- -Jim Glenn, 21, who heeded a tearful plea from a mother and rescuer) her five children from a blazing house: | "It's just that I can't stand to see women cry. WASHlNGTON-Sen. Alexander Wiley fR-Wis.), on negotiating with Russia: "You can talk to him and talk to him, but watch out he don'tj Board Offers Tc Renew Contracts fO MJttW NEW YORK (DPI) — WHlfflM Kockendotf, chairman of Xeciteft* dorf Hotels Corp., has annoiiilcffdl plans to construct the first majo* kick you. That's what we've gotj CANADIAN (SpU - The Ca«A-j hotf , tfl , ,„ New Vofk -we're dealing with a Jackass." school board ha*.offerer re- j c , , n 2g 6> Zeckendort Mid nevved contracts to all principals; ~* and coaches of the Canadian; schools, according to Supt. WoodW' ajn 2 ^ ^^ On The Record POCATEI.1,0, Idaho - - Miss Jo Warner, radio disc jockey, describing her auddeen collapse after jBeeiie 20!5 slecploss hours in a record! The principal of the h 1 f hj spinning marathon: j school, Johnny Cardinal, has held "One minute I'm spinning ren-jthal post for the past three years, ords and the next thing I know'.lack Sutlon is principal of Baker! I'm in bed." ! School and is completing his four-j - —. jteenth year in thnt. position. CHICAGO •- Linda Darnell's! Also re-nloctnd were head roach husband explaining why the ac-JGrady Burnett, assistant Clvcle tress underwent hypnosis to leflrn ; Blair. Charlie Bealson, basketball her linos for a new play: |cnarh. and Mose Damron, junior "She's been worried over ppr- high coach. sona.I problems. . .and hypnosis - "~ '~ helped her relax for opening \ Christian Palestine Committpc. HERBRTOGEN, Switzerland --'saying Arab refugees rannot go Father Kmil Schmid. Pvornan Cnth-'back to their homes in Israel and lie priest in this tiny Alpine vil-!should be resettled elsewhere: lage, on rumblings from a creep-1 "It wcnild be better than push- ins? landslide threatening the ham- ing them back into another cullet: ; ture which they have bsen taug-ht "It might be the beginning of to hate." the end." yea i structure wotild cost 166 million dollars find would con> M AJ THIS;-* fflM* Moon May Have Natural Power Gratitude Is Basic To Lent KIHTOKS: This I* another In a series of s|M-flal Lenten rues- sages wrltti'n for United Pri'NH International hy lending American clergymen. By Dr. Tlieophllus Mills Taylor Moderator, Th« United Presbyterian Church In The U.S.A. Written for LI'I The Lenten season is of course properly a time when, as Christiana, we meditate upon the fact that God has demonstrated the kind of love He has for us "in that while we we were yet sinners Christ died for us" (Rom. 5:8). But to meditate alone upon the sufferings of Christ and our own unworthiness of those sufferings, and to let H go at that, would be abortive meditation. If be abortive meditation. If no gratefulness wells up from our lives because He died for our sins, and no ne\v resolves gain ascendancy in our wills as a result of that gratefulness, the whole purpose of Lent has nils- fired within us. Our Lenten testimony ought to be, aa expressed in I John 3:16, 8VW By DKLOS SMITH I'i'I Science Editor NEW YORK (UPIi— The first settlers on the moon may find natural atomic power plants all ready to hook up and put to use, according to a new theory stemming from a recent observation of "volcanic" activity in one of the moon's craters. The theory depends upon two surmises. One is that some if not all the moon's craters are filled with dust to considerable but unknown depths. The other is that the moon, like the earth, has radioactive minerals deep in its interior giv*; off atomic particles. This produces heat. If the interior of the moon Is hot enough to be composed of molten or liquefied rock fas the earth's core is), the gases resulting from such heat have to escape somehow. If they don't pressure builds up until there is a tremendous explosion and molten rock spills all over the landscape. This is the "volcanic" activity we know on earth. Interior Tempmiture High Astronomers know for sure there has been no such activity on the moon for a long, long time. But that doesn't necessarily mean the moon has a cold interior; rather, it most likely means the interior temperature of the moon is high enough to keep rock liquefied but the temperature is in equilibrium that is, the pressure is relieved as it builds up. "by this we know love, that He laid down his life for us; and (italics) we ought t/> lay down our lives for the brethren." (end italcsi. And bavng declared as much we must precede to do that very thing! ] It is relieved because hot rock I is un excellent conductor of heat. The heat disperses outward from |the liquid core and the rock be- j comes more and more solid and ! less and less hot as it approaches itlie surface. You wouldn't have jthig nice equilibrium across the floors of craters, however, if those floors were buried under rock dust. j The ability of dust to disperse •hot gases is very low, and under !known moon circumstances is just i about nil, J. H. Kremlin, physi- of the University of Birming- 'ham. (Eng.) pointed out is pro- j pounding this theory, backed by i simple but. convincing mathemat- Sics, in the technical journal, "Nature." Not Highly Explosive Therefore, you'd expect "instabilities" in dust-filled moon craters. But they wouldn't be of a ihighly explosive kind as those in 'earth's volcanos, since dust is ; light find the pressure even vast j amounts of it could offer to gases jbent on escaping, would be quite low. Kremlin said the result would be something like water at a high boil in a pot, "bumping" along |and giving off puffs of steam. j "These instabilities would re- ;sult in periodic liberations of Ihot gas and dust just as the slow j liberation of marsh gas leads to ; occasional bursts of mud and gas from the bottom of a stagnant pool," he said. This, he added, i would produce the very kind of ["volcanic" activity which was observed recently on the moon. Kremlin credited his colleague, ; F. R. Stewart, with the idea that :thin could be "it large and fairly accessible source of power avail- ,abli> to the establish merits which will doubtless be set up on the moon in due course." Veta Plait?. Phillips Dolores, Burns, 1105 Huff Sylvia Grider, 92.1 K. T\yi- OENERAT, HOSPITAL NOTES Admissions Terl Rohey, Kellerville Mrs. Helen VVorley. Perry Ion Mrs. Kvie Kaves. Pnmpa Mrs. S.-illie Pnrker. 22n N. Nelson Mrs. Florence Jones, 1322 N. Russell Mrs. Pat Bailey, Kellerville Laura Marlene Moore. Wheeler Mrs. Ftiy Dellis AdMiiis. '1121 Dunciin K. S. Cm r, 307 1C. Browning O. O. Miller. 116 Purvinni-e Mrs. Ellen Kretzmeier. Pampa Baby Mary Jane Winegeart, Karmaworth W. A. Harris. Canadian Mrs. Billie Lane, Skellytown Ctirlia T^nneaster, Moheetie Mrs. Ann Taylor. 2112 N. Aspen L. B. Sublet!.', 2133 Hamilton Mrs. Marian Giles, fli.l Hnr'.el Mrs. Margaret E. Wells, 915 N. Cray Mrs. Mrs. Road Miss ford 1C. D Mrs. sell Rickie Quarles, 1008 S. Dwight Dismissals Baby Perry Skaggs. 121 E. Thut Baby Linda Miller, 727 Denver L. K. Shumate. SUcllytown \V. E. Jordan, 200 N. Faulkner Mrs. Ethel Hiron.s, 100S Varnon Drive Willard Teague. Skellylnwn Mrs, Carley Wilson, 1105 Huff Road E. J. Maehowiez, 1S26 TVilliston Walton Barnett, SUellytown C. W. Krister, 1137 Neel Road Wm. B. Nail, 705 N. Dwight Mrs. Ann MrDonald. Skellytown R. E. McCain, Pampa Mrs. Grace Green, Skellytown Mrs. Mary Ellen Powers, White Deer Mrs. Margaret Hopkins. 2213 Wil- llslon Teri Robey, Kellerville Mrs. Helen Danford, Pampa Baby Carolyn Poe, 211 K. Tuke Dave Cathey. 1325 Terrace Mrs. Lonia KTllen, Pampa i Men, Women! Old at 40,50,60! Want Pep? Want to Feel Years Younger? WASHINGTON --Rep. Barratt i O'Hara fD-HI.), the only Spanish American War veteran in the i House, explaining that he dlsa-i grecs with some history hooka on' tlu» liberation of Cuba in 1,808: : , ,, c , ,. , , . T , nit von \i ,une e* imiil^d, \wirn-otit JcHunj on ".Sometimes, from what I know j B . it .-i -n,,,,,,.,,^, « m!l ,., t |' n i vh.n „ nuu- ,*•„of the wav thine* rnjillv have; i"»< ' f " ilh <><i"-i T.m.c Tat.M« !n< <!<...<•. , , .- * ' •• , . ' CoiitiniK tun,,: iriiny m-r.,1 1,1 -Id, 50. (10. li.r happened in my lif<;, I, ],, n i y ,,1,1 H ,i,.| v . i,,.,.,,, L . i,, w ,,, ,,.,„. ,\u, c .;n all lu.iiorv." ! ''V' 1 " "'."'"i"-" 1 "-' ' l ,-' Vii.nn-M Bii i'1'n »'ip- CHfCAOO -- The Rev. Baehr, ihrector of the Ameriotin' i • r,y,f< lillV lnli,i,l>n!mv : **'"' * 'I'-iiif;[,-u t,ni.i »>:<•' fwii'nif. I or s.ilf \>. <miia Hl i- lt ,,, ie . . ('.'If. Try Herlacher, Pnmpa Helen Grimes, 618 N. RIIS- Starts Thursday La Vista ^ Pampa 3 DAY SHOWING THRU SATURDAY the Original Motion Picture Classic HARRIET BEECHER STOWE'S IMMORTAL STORY FILMED IN ALL ITS STARK REALISM A MUST FOR EVERY MAN. WOMAN AND CHILD Produced in 1927 /ruin Harriet Bct-chi'r Stow's Immortal story, it Is now enhanced with sound lra<'k of dialogiio commentary hy KAYMONn .MASSKV and Negro spiritual music. Sec soul- stirring scenes never to be forgotten . . . Kliza crossing ihe river of ice . . . the death or little Ev« . . . many others. J'lan NOW TO ATTKND. OPKN 1:45 — Kog. pricrs LAST 2 DAYS See it only from (ho Beginning.—Features at 2:22 4:14 7:(MJ 9:?»0 iloW torrid and true! The slory of Barbara Graham- The tost but never lonefy sinner who got the roughest deal life ever dealt! CARTOON Next AttrncHnn— A Modern \Veslcrn! "Till 1 : TKAP" STAR HIM.; KK'IIAKI) UIUMAHK I.EK J (OBIl OPKN 6:45 — Ends Tonite •>. v KAVM1M-AM) 'CALIFORNIA' .JOHN I1ODIAK "Desert Fury" BRIAN OONLKVY 'Enemy From Space" LKX BMtKKK MI;NGLE HEAT" DON'T FIGHT... HE'S RIGHT r Mercury's new beauty is planned for people .makes room for 6, not just 4! Htfe s p'C 1 "' ,Oj needn't $> 'b 1 ? C3i!. Meu'uiy i«, bf : ;!.\ 'i the huitip on )he Hoor f'.iS t: OTHER CARS cul in half, giving me HH MtPCURV P' : -,'O :p|? rc>0' T > ..and j t^'.-"«f ro'"v f-M P-vr' 1 '^.-! v.;-n-pd'l'^f•:•.'. of si!. Hit"e "'v>! ;i>:L' !y Yf>, ;. Ju '6 vO::'''Ofiatii> M^^r f.'..-. ^,M«SV j*»As* i Vou can save one third by making long distance calls The smart word is out. People everywhere are learning stntion-to-statioH Long Distance calls cost about ';, less than prrifoii-to-fjei'soit. service. It's like getting one call free for every two you pay for. Here's proof: i pa to NfH OHcaiis tvr»uu— i.80 sutiuii— \iKia 1.3U you $a\ e For big savings call station-to-station and talk longer for less. '-"" ' " C«// by n u m b«r . . . /'/' 4 tw i c • a* /aa/ ..... »•...... fou who IN MERCURY THERE'S MORE SEAT CUSHIONING, d,-,-per. th,, k.r. «uft«r FIRST SIDE TO SIDE WIPERS th;,t — uiidi-r the iiuii>lki ricliT. You'll find i|.'n the uiimt vuiJil'url»bl« a 5-tn»l »>ia!h. iiirtudiiig tlw > ct-ii[*'r-ul lhe-t .*r ride on [fit- roatj. Mt-rcur> give* >ou uonutil wilui t, too, for rrUxtx! ruling ihr u b.-ttt-r vwibilitt iurg<;»l u indjitut 14. NEW KIND OF RESPONSE FROM 4 GREAT ENGINES 210-HP Economy V S. 280-HP V:a<a^tr V!_newest musl advanced engine in Amenci. 322-HP MjiauJiic V 8. 345-HP NUraudef V-8. biggert of ail "V-' edgilir!. MBRCUfiV D1VI»IOM & /i /' A / MERCURY IT^DRIVI HL.AT YOUR MERCURY DEALER'! J, C, DANIELS MOTOR COMPANY 219 W. TYN6, PAMPA, TfXAS MfW UffP

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