Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 24, 1977 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 24, 1977
Page 3
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Saturday, December^, 1977 IIOPK (ARK.) STAR Page Three An Ethiopian Christinas V Svhll 71 mm JIM LII » .... . . . . ... By Sybil Zimmerman JERUSALEM-While the rest of the world is dismatling Christmas trees and considering New Year's resolutions, an ancient community of black-skinned Ethiopian Christians in Jerusalem starts Its colorful Christmas cermonies in a ornately decorated chapel on the roofs of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Deep within the winding paths of the walled Old City of Jerusalem, SO black monks and 10 nuns conduct all night Christmas services on January 6 and 7, according to their special Ethiopian calender. There are perhaps another 100 Christian people from Ethiopian also live In Israel, as well as pilgrims constantly coming and going, who attend these unusual services. Many of them have sought refuge here In recent years and they have been warmly received by the Israelis. "I hope His birth has come to you in light," is the phrase uttered on Christmas by the Ethiopians in their language of Amharic. It is comparable to "Merry *ft Christmas." This greeting, -W repeated over and over, is just a part of the Christmas service so colorful in vestments, drums and music. The participants in the ceremonies dress In dramatic velvet robes. The capes, which reach to the floor, are heavily embroidered in gold and silver threads outlining such symbols as the lion of Juda and the star of David, which is also the insignia of the state of Israel. The star of David Is particularly significant to the Ethiopians because they believe that David was the grandfather of their church, which was founded by King Menellk, the son of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. ..The 40 days before the Ethiopian Christmas, members of the community prepare for the celebration with a special fast. During the entire 40-day period the Ethiopians eat only vegetables in the afternoon; they do not even allow themselves eggs or milk. On the day before Christmas, there is a strict fast, with the eating of only a little food at noon. Then nothing is consumed until the morning of Christmas day, January 6. The official Christmas prayers begin Christmas eve at about 8 p.m. In the chapel on the Church of the Holy Sepulchre In the Old City of Jerusalem. (The Church of the Holy Sepulchre is revered by Christians as the site of the •crucifixion and believed by- many to contain the tomb of Jesus from which be rose.) The church is especially holy to the Ethiopians because they say it Is adjacent to the site which was given to them in the days of King Solomon. Services in the chapel on the roof continue until two In the morning and include the use of traditional Instruments - the drum and another metal instrument resembling cymbals, used in the temples of ancient Egypt and said to have come from the temple of Jerusalem. The Ethiopians stand praying for many hours. They also carry with them a .special wooden stick about four-and-a-half feet tall with a carved silver top. In Ethiopia the lifting of the stick up and down is used for indicating rhythm in liturgical type dances. In Israel, the Ethiopians also use the stk-k for support while praying since they have been fasting and might be weakened. After the services, about three In the morning, the worshippers enjoy a meal. At five In the morning they all go to Bethlehem to pray in the Grotto of the Nativity, the traditional birth place of Jesus. These unique ceremonies are repeated year after year In Jerusalem by these dignified Christians from Africa. The Ethiopians are known in Israel for their quiet spoken politeness and their sense of charity and concern for other people. Ethiopian Christians can be found In several locations in Israel. In addition to the Archbishop's residence and Deir es-Sultan (the two chapels atop the roof of the Church of the 'Holy Sepulchre), lae Ethiopian church has six monasteries in Israel - three in Jerusalem and the others in Bethany, Jericho and near the Jordan River - the holy place believed to be the site of Jesus' baptism. These Ethiopian hly places, as all Christian sites in Israel, enjoy the help and protection of the Israeli government. EE3E3Z Comments on river bridge to be heard The bridge over the Red River on Highway 67 at Fulton was closed in April, 1977, due to the failure of Pier No. 1, which resulted in a severe sagging of the main span. As a result of this closure, the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department is conducting a study to determine the need for repairing or replacing the bridge. Representatives of the Department will be in the public library at Fulton on Wednesday, January 11, 1978, from 12 noon to 6 p.m. to solicit comments from local citizens concerning this matter. All interested parties living in the area (Hempstead or Miller County) are encouraged to come in at any time during these hours and give their comments. eo/t-Afcfc Mother Wants In' On Son's Problem _ CHRISTMAS HEALTH Lawrence E. Lamb, M.D. Lower pressure is better By Lawrence Lamb, M.D. DEAR DR. LAMB — I would like to comment that I am 68 years old with a blood pressure of 120 over 80, and I have heard all my life that 120 over 80 is normal. You say 140 over 90 is normal. Is this a change from what I have been told? DEAR READER — Most body functions have a range of normal. Blood pressure is usually considered normal if the top reading (systolic) is between 90 and 140, although we prefer the systolic reading to be below 140, particularly in younger people. The lower reading (diastolic) has a normal range of 60 to 90, and may be lower if there are no abnormalities of the heart and no symptoms. We prefer that it be below 90 for optimal risk factors. In general, the lower the blood pressure within normal range, the less risk there is of heart or vascular disease. The 140 over 90 figure then really represents the upper limits of normal but is sufficiently normal that most doctors would not recommend treatment other than a good consistent weight control and a sensible exercise program and reasonable limitations of salt intake. The blood pressure also fluctuates during the day and with different stresses, including a medical examination. To give you more information about the blood , pressure reading, I am sending you The Health Letter number 1-8, Blood Pressure. Others who want this information can send 50 cents with a long, stamped, self- addressed envelope for it to me in care of this newspaper, P.O. Box 1551, Radio City Station, New York, NY 10019. DEAR DR. LAMB — I am not overweight, but I want to lose my stomach after I had my second child. So I bought a body exerciser that hooks, onto the door knob. You use i both your arms and your legs. Instead of losing my stomach, I built up the muscles in my arms and through my shoulders. Now I hate to wear anything sleeveless because my arms look so big. Are there any exercises to make you lose your big arms and slim down through the shoulders? 1 would appreciate your help. DEAR READER — A muscle that is worked under load, as in weight lifting or with any exercise that puts a load on the muscle when it is contracting will grow. By contrast, if you do not work a muscle, it will shrink. If you want firm, small muscles, just do frequent exercise that does not involve loading the muscles. The second problem you need to keep in mind is that you can firm up slack abdominal muscles but you cannot get rid of abdominal fat unless you lose fat all over. You can't compress abdominal fat with strong abdominal muscles. My suggestion to you would be to do calesthenics that involve moving the arms but not requiring them to move against resistance or to lift any weight including body weight. Avoid any exercise that requires strength in the arms and shoulders. Concentrate on flexibility exercises by mov- inq the arms rapidly using movements that use the full range of motion of all your joints, and concentrate on exercises that use your legs, such as walking. If there is any chance that you still have some excess body fat, attention to calorie control will also help. l NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN. I • By Abigail Van Buren © 1977 by The Chicago Trlbune-N.Y.News Synd. Inc. DEAR ABBY: How much is a mother entitled to know? Should her son and his father keep secrets from mother? Here are the facts: Our oldest son, who is a freshman in college 200 miles from home, returned unannounced for the weekend to discuss "a problem" with his father. They closeted themselves in a bedroom and talked privately for several hours. My husband refuses to tell me what "the problem" was, and before our son drove back to college he told me not to worry—that he and his Dad would work it out. (The boy looked very troubled and he wasn't himself.) Abby, we've always been a very close family, and if any of our children have problems, I think I have a right to know what they are. Am I justified in feeling hurt and rejected? SHUT OUT DEAR SHUT OUT: I don't blame you for feeling as you do, but please don't nag your husband or castigate your son. Instead of feeling hurt and rejected, rejoice in the knowledge that your son and his father have such a good rapport that the young man came home in time of trouble to confer with his dad. Even though you've always been a "close" family, some sons are more comfortable talking man-to-man with their fathers, just as some daughters prefer to talk woman-to-woman with their mothers. Don't take it personally. Count your blessings. DEAR ABBY: My two nephews who are cousins will soon marry sisters in a double ceremony. I was told that the two nephews would then become brothers-in-law. I can see how each would become the brother-in-law of his wife's sister, but would they become brothers-in-law to each other? Is it true that when a man marries, he becomes the brother-in-law not only to his wife's sisters and brothers, but also to their spouses? Believe it or not, Abby, this has caused several heated arguments, but no one has been able to settle it. Can you? CONFUSED DEAR CONFUSED: According to Webster's New International Dictionary (Second Edition, Unabridged), a brother-in-law is defined as "the brother of one's husband or wife; also, the husband of one's sister; sometimes, inaccurately (emphasis my own), the husband of one's wife's (or husband's) sister." DEAR ABBY: In your recent response to ESCONDIDO GRANDMA, you said that in the case of a handicapped or ill child, the Board of Education "often" provides special tutoring. May I point out that education for the handicapped is no longer, optional for school boards, but is required as a result of federal legislation. Public Law 94-132 entitles every handicapped child in the nation to a "free, appropriate education which emphasizes special education and related services designed to meet unique needs." Abby, as a service to the handicapped and their parents, will you please spread the word? KINGSVILLE, TEXAS DEAR TEX: Consider the word spread. CONFIDENTIAL TO JULIE ANNE: Promises, promises! Next time he offers you the world on a silver platter—take the platter. •Who said the teen years are the happiest? For Abby's new booklet "What Teenagers Want to Know," write Abby: 132 Lasky Dr., Beverly Hills, Calil. 90212. Enclose $1 and a long, stamped (24 cents), self-addressed envelope, please. Miracles or UFOs? Lady of Fatima: was she part of a UFO sighting? Has there already been a mass UFO encounter similar to that in the last scene of "Close Encounters of the Third Kind"? Dr. Jacques Vallee, a computer specialist who has done extensive research into UFO reports, points out that the miraculous events at Fatimn in 1D17 were very similar to many UFO experiences. The World Almanac Bf>ok of the Strange notes that Vnllee has found reports that witnesses nt Fatima saw a bright spinning disc that foil to the earth in n rig- rag path and then sped off into the sun. The Fatima visions began in May 1917 when three peasant children saw a tiny lady in the midst of a bright light. Similar visions were repeated each month, with ever-increasing crowds of witnesses until, on October I". 1917. some 70.000 people gathered in a pouring rninto see the promised vision. According to Vallee, the various elements of Fntlma — n luminous flying disc, its zig-zag path, bright light effects, thunder clapa, buzzing sounds, and a strange fragrance — are commonly reported by people who claim close encounters with UFOs. Many of the Fatima witnesses reported that, in spite of the pouring rain, they and the ground were dry when the disc flew off into the sun. Someone's Stealing! Must Be Reported By Abigail Van Buren C01977 by Tho Chicago Trlbuno-N.Y.Nows Synd, Inc. DEAR ABBY: My mother is in a nursing home. She is 88 and partially senile, but at times she is very sharp. I have brought her new nightgowns, underwear, robes and sweaters, and even had name tapes made and sewn into her clothing. But the next time I visit her, they are nowhere to be found. The last time I was there I looked in her drawer and she didn't even have a change of underwear! I asked the head nurse what happened to my mother's clothes, and she said she didn't know. I then went to the superintendent and asked her, and she said, "Even the bed sheets disappear around here!" Abby, either the patients steal from each other or the help steals, but I can't prove anything. What should I do? HELPLESS DEAR HELPLESS: Report the nursing home to your State Department of Health and demand an investigation. Nursing homes must meet certain standards in order to be licensed, and none may operate without a license. Reasonable security for the patients and their property must be provided. DEAR ABBY: A few months ago I had a small dinner party to which I invited my husband's boss, whose wife was out of town. At the last minute, just to balance my table (and because I felt sorry for her), I invited Juliet, a young friend who had recently lost her husband. To make a long story short, my husband's boss and Juliet "discovered" each other and a torrid romance developed. Abby, I never dreamed she would look twice at a married man, and I didn't think he was the type to cheat on his wife. Now the man has left his wife and is seeing Juliet, and I am being blamed for getting these two infidels together. I swear I had nothing of the kind in mind when I invited them to my home. How can I convince the small-minded people in this little town that I am entirely innocent of any wrongdoing? INNOCENT DEAR INNOCENT: There is no way to have predicted that you husband's boss would play Romeo to your friend Juliet. Ignore the talk and don't try to establish your innocence. DEAR ABBY: My niece, who lives in New York, recently married an Italian man and moved to Italy. I was unable to attend the wedding, but I sent them a pair of expensive sterling silver candlesticks. A friend has now informed me that I imposed a very expensive burden on the young couple because they will have to pay a stiff duty on my gift that may even match the price of the gift! I feel terrible about this, and hope to make it up to the young couple in some other way. In the meantime, you could do a real service by letting others know about the high duty on gifts sent to Italy—especially since the recipients must pay the duty UNCLE SAL DEAR SAL: I am informed that wedding gifts may be imported to Italy free of customs if the bride is marrying an Italian citizen who, after the ceremony, will reside in Italy permanently. The wedding gift must be sent to Italy not later than six months after the wedding date. The marriage license and certificate of residence must be shown for exemption. DEAR ABBY: Friends of ours just had a baby. Neither one of them smokes, but the proud papa felt obligated to pass out cigars to his friends in honor of the occasion. My husband always accepts cigars from new fathers although he never smokes them. This seems like such a waste. Do you know of another way of sharing one's joy on the birth of a child? STUMPED DEAR STUMPED: I'm stumped, too. But If anyone suggests a suitable alternative, 111 pass it along. If you feel left out and lonely, or with you knew how to get people to like you, my new booklet, "How To Be Popular; You're Never Too Young or Too Old," is for you. Send $1 along with a long, velf-addretsed, stamped (24. cents) envelope to Abby, 132 Luky Drive, Beverly HiUi, Calif. 90212. "The greatest masterpieces ware once only pigments on a palette." Hen.-y Haikins Happiness N For lu«sd*y, D»C. II ASTRO-GRAPH Bernice Bede Osol 0«c. 27.1977 This coming year you will enter into an Interesting association with an older and reputable business person. This could be a very profitable arrangement, mainly through his efforts CAPRICORN (D»c.22-Jan.19) II may be best if both you and your mate keep your hands off Ihe family checkbook today. Either of you could do II severe damage. Find out who you're romatically suited to by sending for your copy of Astro- Graph Letter. Mail 50 cents for each and a long, sell- addrcssed, stamped envelope to Astro-Graph, P.O.Box 489, Radio City Station, N.Y, 10019. Be sure to specify your birth sign. AQUARIUS (Jnn.20-Feb.19) Be practical today if you're negotiating an Important matter. You have a tendency to make larger concessions than necessary. PISCES (Feb.ZO-March 20) Persons who perform work for you today should not bo overpaid. Too big a bonus will set a precedent that'll bo hard to break. ARIES (March 21-Aprll 19) Avoid the lines of least resistance today What will rtppe.v Simple is fraught with complications, while (hat which appears difficult will op slower but sure TAURUS (April JO-May 20) Tell it like it is today and you'll win the respect of your contemporaries Gild the lily and they'll have cause to doubt your fu! ( J r C S!3te?T!£r!tS. GEMINI (May 21-Jun« 20) You are better at managing the resources of others to-lay than you arc your own With yours, you tend to be careless CANCER (June ?t-July 22) Be satisfied today with a small, but lair, return from a Situation you don't control. Pressing for more could shut off the spigot LEO (July 23-Auo.22) It's possible that you might protend today that you got nothing for something that you did for another, while In actuality you received some compensation VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept.22) II will bo very discernible to observers today If you are only nice to a person you fool could do you some good. Slights breed resentment. LIBRA (S»pl. 23-Oct,23) You will attract admirers today by emphasizing your modest virtues. Flamboyance has the ox- act opposite effect. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov.22) In situations where you've been fortunate before your luck still holds today. Areas whore you've established no track record are dubious. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Doc.21) Your prospects for personal gain are quite good today, but you may not fully develop them. You'll know bettor tho next time. Oswald and Jim Jacoby Winning play for contract NORTH * A J4 V AK 109 4873 4742 BAST • 105 Q653 KJ9 24 WEST 4 96 ¥ 842 T Q 10 6 4 2 * A J 8 * Q 109 5 SOUTH 4 KQ8732 JJ7 4 AS 4 K63 Vulnerable: East-West, Dealer, South West North East South 1* Pass 2* Pass Pass 2V 44> Pass Pass Pa.ss Opening lead: Four of diamonds. holds the ace of clubs. If he tries that play he will probably wind up two down by losing a heart, a diamond and three clubs. If trumps break 2-2 there is a way to make the contract against any and all divisions of the adverse cards. He takes his ace of diamonds; cashes the queen of spades, leads a spade to dummy's ace, plays the ace- king and 10 of hearts. If East covers South ruffs, enters dummy with the lack of spades, discards a diamond on the fourth heart and is home in spite of the clubs being wrong. If East ducks, South takes an immediate diamond discard with the same result. By Oswald & James Jacoby The ruffing finesse is the name given to the play of leading card you can ruff with the intention of discard- Ing from your hand if that card is not covered. Sometimes it is a form of safety play. South wins the first diamond and sees that If everything goes well he can finesse successfully for the aueen of hearts, discard a diamond and a club on long hearts and make six if East A New Jersey reader wants to know if there arc any three generation families of life masters. We don't know of any and if there aren't any as yet there undoubtedly will be some day. (NEWSPAPEH ENTEHPIUSE ASSN.) (For a copy at JACOBY MODERN, send $1 to: "Win at Bridge." c/o this newspaper, P.O. Box 489. Radio City Station. New York. N.Y. 10019) Oswald and Jim Jacoby South begs double trouble WEST 4 A 109 I A 4 A K 10 9 6 * 10 9 8 6 NORTH 4 87543 ; K742 3 4542 EAST 4 Q2 V QJ1098653 * KQJ SOUTH 4 K J6 y _ 4 QJ87542 4 A73 Vulnerable: North-South, Dealer: East, Opening lead: Ace of hearts. West North Double Pass East South 4* 5* Pass Pass get a chance to double an eleven-trick vulnerable bid with five apparent trump tricks and two side aces and a bidding partner?" Jim: "Actually, no West player managed to collect five trump tricks. Every declarer did manage to shut at least one out. A couple were actually able to hold West to three of his five trumps. One the other hand, the defense always managed to get two spade tricks so the penalty was either 1400 or 1700," Oswald: "Not too bad considering that at tables where South stayed out of the bidding East made five hearts for plus 450 or minus SO depending on whether or not a slam was bid." By Oswald & James Jacoby Oswald: "Let's finish the year with some humorous hands, if there are any such things." Jim: "Here's one from the Tulsa regional. It is noteworthy in that of the players who felt impelled to bid five diamonds over East's four-heart opening, practically everyone was in the top expert class. Apparently ordinary citizens just passed." Oswald: "Look at the West hand. How often do you A California reader wants to know why South is always declarer in our column. Or at least almost always declarer. The answer is that since Milton Work wrote the first column almost 70 years ago, we writers have kept South as declarer to simplify things for both writers and readers. (NEWSPAPER KNTERPIUSE ASSN.) (For a copy of JACOBY MODERN, send SI to: "Win at Bridge," care of this newspaper, P.O. Box 489, Radio City Station, New York. N. Y. lOGtO. t

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