The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 25, 1971 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 25, 1971
Page 1
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WHAT to read • ****»j)*tift# *t||Vlf*JB U) tilV We»ieni Maryland mountain* are on the wrong tide of the mill Cencrally known for butting up moonshine itilli, the government it running one of lit KWII for hutoheal purpose* I* The family daily paper of Brazoria Counfy THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS ffl uur Mth Vf»r No. I'm* Mrniber wiptmt >«**( Thursday. November 25, l!»7l, Frecporl, Texas Daily lOt'cnU I ;• Jiwt Teuutt u» I'oliiic* w» THKHK'H NO MatkiAH un official iw-»« in AiHfm Inn | .MAI'S AMU - H Uig Ttutta * * <£. l«f !(»>«• V»b«l ^ The Utijil Id a Kri«-s u< County budget adopted despite suit Aftf) T'Kit »i> J'uJ.Jir jj ' VVU-ii ririoml!i.»i«mi« OrtjH dtlupirt) (Jic c «!/))>» /x-w WJ) iiii!li«oi lAidgrt Vi(iliii-«4.i>. « i«"s!ji«Uiiii(! tittle r IDSWJ Monday IlitJit-nt •*)',!• lln- eJU-j/H/uul I </U!i!> Jmigf- Aiiof) '' ArmJd. IM-Mil^m ul thr r»>urt VM'jt? iti iigf<Mrjit*-nt I/) s*Xsii(i oij I'ct 4 < «ff;f JI.WT lltif.atx.e 1 adoption HMifjlt tin.- motion »'«> Wlali' Aiiiuli.1 miitSi,- ivj si^j: Shu! h< ; 'Aas YMII-.K ugamu! adop ',s**i ol Ux- ;.c* t.^'5jjf^i *i <?(**. f. f^ *i(yf,"jjfi?fr.*io*(i"Ts ' *.?uf t iMfi^c-ft !Vlt;fr '.i,r }!,ramjll j t,;!l[>»| I« a M/c, AlTlbkl tuggi-Mud thai TV reslrainiiiK wdtfr in dl«-ct a({;iiniit a*)|Xuin of the calls lor a Jcarin(( on Nov. M in the i«th Oittricl Court Action w Ihf adoptiMi *a» taken *iih'Aj[ rclen-ncf (/< the court wl'-r his d'-(i;incf o( th<: AK wwn a» the puMic iK'arinK (.-mini, HrtKanrv tol<l rc(wrl<Ts "1 <ion'l tlilnk Ihf injunciion t» valid am! I'll rvprnwra my Itfrtn !)»<• lillli (!w>r of !)H- f,'our,!> Courlhf/u | s<' t/ inakmi; fcfiti?rcetntrieOiuniy Jail n!(i*nvM<t, Juiljji! Arftul'i wsd hi: ilnl no! -x.ib!i !o wruitH- wliJil actiuriii iniuJi'. I* Ukcn lyy Instrif I Judgi.- 'n»'«!/,,n Siovail o( i(ota<ot> Jucl^c Mov all i>..>>u«J ihv r'^Sj/tuiiriij uf?k-r proliiSuli-'J adoption of the budget. A suit was filed by Perry McNeil), J. I*, tlryati and his wife, fjctiy Hryan, and /Via Giesccke. Stovali granted the order in answer to (h(/s« pleadings and w;t the Nov. :<i> ht-aring f'iMric-t Ally Ojjden fJasii is representing Commissioners f'ouri in (he "tun ^Wwlrwvby's public budget hearing went smoothly for fommiasioiws Court with mo*t comments crmfined to ()uw(i(m<i rather than challwiges. II II "f'xxjiA" Ouillot asked if the $15.000 increas* in the Food htamp iVfjJtrafn's budget meant a sub-station niight be i-kt.ibli.shed in the northern part of the countv (iuillot expresswl (he lifj[>.- ituit one would 'Cfjntinuedonl'age 16* Injunction looms for dock strike J !».•'. I. .'V. .-, r l JT ^c r <•! a r -. I i •.. , l £ It t jt i t, t -. j, i' ti u ji J y ;j gj'ijr^f.^jwji Asvfirto^ ? I <•<•-„•• i !r.<r,i!i ;>..,-*•,; v, 'I,,- f(.-t--.»:. s..».,'.S rhf i-'i.:j<;x-M Hot-V:Ml'.'J rcluffur^J iw .Nt-w *^f !'.* rxvif ^f-. r '.. -*;tii frfilv ITir *i^iXllilI ftly.?'j'. ! 4'.'0 ^Mfi'TIS IU>t r.t iiici-j'^'J in .in already' rf^rti <.»:. MX M rat! T'iei' t»0 .•.tsiir ti> n'."x> iw'-*-'-'•"• •••'•" ."'"« ; "^ !. r r A K i. • '' 1 <> f^'i'""' stio&d c( H.niKkjd A! K'. a•.'•'..U-: !r.d Akua «-^.'. j.tsj 1.H-.4UM. \<! :i.r cani »'.ni:<' .>f» '.«.th* !^r l j '.i.'A»V rsiifo.'«d wort.f-ri Hijacker escapes by chute j. nt iUtl l!i£.h vr«x a .,^,,., t ,,, ! . Thv ;i ? ' .'l ."i'J jK'*',i ''.*': .^J L.Vi f ^ *<• fi.'<- * ;.',-• >-,?-. '/ Sr* .»^ rr ,!^.f.^* ' \ j>"r *"«"^.! .'t ;> c.i * , ( „ AS ' . t'V, j:>Ji * '"-.I U' *J)f ^'» t*Tf- r . ' ',~>t" ', ' •' '- i * f ~-* '-'*"'*". • i * *•"«*' ' ' ""* ^.'ftl ir ' : .V a '^ "r.^^^i ^ Board meets \'.ixf-",K '.f. ; j;j,f: ; !/-.»!•-;, ••;'.•.'<-''! ',.f >f«-'^^ *>t-f'i. v :jt !• i v ;) i'tjM-r itririx i>r. :;>r ;i t -r;Kj,'i .'«r<- T!,r •,.,;< ,.ii.ii »; U;.«'rn.! rv.j!;rjr WOH11) AMI >TATK BRIEFS • i WHETHER I to go | ^:^i T ,;; 4 ,7r;;:^' w Prisoners riot in N. Jersey iir* *»'.n *</* '•! ; Tll»?> Htetu!-«Ut Ji ) >* •:• Ihr 4.iW if. Si' .\il. rs ( kwkrvt !l;r iv^.-i;! 1 •'>>: lit 1 » sr, Dw tu i.1!!-, I T'lic-x ilu 1 , t •*. mi tii I Hill .1 r.iiikin»: Si"* Jersex x^ S--IIIM,I\IN I'fiiiicr, 1 , i>"' :>i^' Mir-'-f'"-"; th.!..'.,;-,tis....! *•»- . ' - v . * r • t ^ #-,.,'*•--. ^,'',.,l-v'»'.*fc'--,,*r"-j." '*-*-- ' - ... .4w. . ^, .-J I,l> I JJ\ >i 1 «•...«.• , ..(r., 1' . . ' t l .....«., '« K.i:. i !'.-.'.; ..•• Mv-rrUtr> •->! crar.t> !.•> LU'.rt; ;>;.•.:>» vr *»j Mt^i.c^w: •>-AKl.riiUrr SXN \MiiSlii The ;>r.!>i.,.> ,:-.,; '..'.r-.r ^tfyj.. »)'.!,.<, ;,,i,. rj ] jl,i"!;' A Ox •>!•.<•. iUvifd TiiKVci Ti... i"»i-r I-K^W ,,. jr . W«-»!r.» ' i;>> :('.( 1 S Jap^n 4|li<-r •: i-r,: .,;-. • Hiir r.,r,f (»».,!„»«„ !-. Jjp»t:. )!! j'/.V t SITI II N UluNs N N K<ti i I., -..i . .liu-o .-r, '.!)(• t N Mit.M-tain'!-. ^ii) 1 - I'.cbert uv\ ;>. Sar. Ani>"i-,iu iv-.en-.ln'f •;,.- nr* j«!«-i Ht- sj.J Ihe \ IIM'I'IKK rtlANKS(il\ l\(; vkas nvjiit' ;.-,:(>;•• !(...- jrea families Uuiiiks '.M \hr i-ifi^t.-. ...f n.cmbtrs of Hr.i.-i <•.;•.."• >>! l.»-.i^u<- ui I j-.iftil Ijtin A:i;i'i u ,s!i (V.:n':.s ami j lucui The s;r'.>;jj-. liviiiiTti! tnc ^'. >ljck oi '.hi- Taiiihuna! Thanksgiving feast. C E "Gene" Murgan donati-d tht turkeys to th« ition !<»r distribution The young frvitn left. tX-nise Michele 1 IVWiie Juarez, 1: and i Morenu "> assisted in the '>! tht- fea'.ne tiii'd* to the local FOOD TO FOOTBALL T'hr N'Sii'! IY. '.I,:; l ! . ;m u»:n|; Peking i>( !.'»• 1 ristrO M.)U-j in .1 VMIIMiTUN The SHOPPING DAYS TO CHRISTMAS READ OUR AOS in fnml." Kcvivr.i! Ar( Wllmin Mitl ilurn'ij; i In 1 S*-.itl!o in llrno (light Tl«- pialM- in.iiio ilii- run ,i( )0.u») (<•«•( with its. stair-* ell i>(*'ii su llw h:.i.icki'f could biiil \xit i( l«- 1-fh.M 1 At tlut .ill.luiii' iiu u\vgi-n U.IM rtijuirni 5 een and Heard H Tin- JUv. and Wr» H. II IIANKINS of We»I Columbia, m I'awkunka, Okla , where .Mn. Haiikiii* parents, Mr and Mr* J. U. l)A\xW are celebrating their 25th wedding •inmvcriary today The KUNMK liHIKKINS of Old Ocean. the CAIU. Al.KXANDKUS and their daughter, Mrs SAUAll IKIVVKN. her daughter from Houston, and Mr and Mrs t-KO UAWKS of OKIalioma City are also attending Uie a-lebratioa . . M IC U K t K 51 A H J K NOW4K. 13-year-old daughter ufMr. «nd Mr». K. J- NUVVAK «| Kreeport. (ir»l runiwr-uj) m llx 1 null deb duisiiii) ui Ihe Di.xlru-1 IX \X(RI| Contest held mi Ihe Sam ItouMiW Stale I'niverxly (.IIJIJHIS at Hunt ».vilie K.uli cunlesl.inl lud to make her own outfit of UX> jn'rceiu American louin xxool l.VNUA III MI'IIHI V, daughter of Mr and Mrs 11 II. lit .MI'IIUKV. .'Hid UKVKItl.Y W\.V£. daugliter of Mr and Mrs U. U MILKS, receiving bids from Kapjw Alpha Fraternity at Sam Houston Stale Umvcnuly, to bet-owe their Little Sisters Both U girls are Delta '/etas UDliKK DltAKK of U. IUIIHK) the new (naintt'iianct* chief at Uraioi(Kirt College In ITS \>m;!d yti'TMi !hi- An Al' nextstnan a>ki\i stale jkilu (• l.t (iiirduii liix'ior. wiut is |i{!::cip>tl r-jH-Jki'sniali fur i'nl Davul It Ki'llx «ij«'l ;;;(«' ;*!<'(ll iif t,';e stale |hvlni-. Ale >i»si >:wiig to Murw the (irisim""' "Ye». x»e .ire. ll(vlor rejtliiHl Klexen guards were reported injunxj thrw with slab -.iimr-ds during the riulmg. which t»'gan Wtni iiesd,ix night It »as not im mediate)) knoxtn i( am in males xxerc uijutiil II also was not known how many of the 1.1W prisoners lnok part in the disorders or if an> of tliem were armed Al dawn tiKiay, slate ul- ficials and state police dcvlined to say xUielher Uie rioting was still m progress They would give no details on the prison .situation Mullms urged officials not to storm the prison and warned. "The inmates feel it is going to be another Attica " J^Xt't l«v' '.i» ',*;<• !'-l!i'^!l > first Mvitk fc'iiel e \penmrnt. a i-outl.n S'eu ^ ,,r»i Missing seaman's body found KHKl roltl The body of a missing shrimp trawler crewman was found Wed nesdax night about sex en nule-s east of Sargent by searchers from Ihe tiulf Cixist Kmergoncy Kescue S<juad The dead man. James Cudrro. ,iJ was identified by his brother, William Codero of 1134 West loth Si An inquest was conducted by Matagorda County Justice i>( the 1'eace D 1 J llmton Codero's body »as taken to Kreeporl Kuneral Home where services are pending Cixiero was lost Monday night when the trawler Good Will ran aground on Bryan ileach and broke up in heavy surf His body was found about 10 mili'i from the scene by Kenneth George, A. U Henderson, and J 1. Mariam. all of the search and rescue organ: wtion. Nation pauses for holiday observance n> \ssiu i\u:ni'iu:vs l attiitlion ! Ulljf It >LlV li»itball Manx tbcir dimrs to In Smith \ letnaiu I8o n«i ,\inericaii >erx :cen:en niarke'.l wtiat to t.v the la>! Tlianksg^ir.^ hit a:i\>lc I > nl ui IndtK'hma \xuiuira%va;> are sche\iii!t\i '.a (evlucc Ihe force to 40 i.nw next xear .•\ll the troops got the traditional turkex and trimmii'.^ a> iini I'j.uuoNaxx perstHinel atxvird airvratl carriers aiul oilier Tih Fleet slups oil Uie Vietnam coast I'ri'suk'nl and Mrs Nixon, spending their fir»! Thanksgixing awax from the While Hoii>e since he tiK-.k office, llew \xe\i iH'sdax night to their San Clemente Calil home Ttiey xvere met by a gruu{>of lix'al businessKien wuh whum the lYcsidcnt dialled atxuit the lltanksgixmg l>ay looUuii gair.e>. including the Nebraska-Oklahoma content winch he intends to watch on television When the I'resickMU was askixl i;>r a prediction on the game, Mrs Nixon laughmgix ailmoiustuti tier husband telling him "Don't make any predictions. Pick And the President Deer hit by car is given to Youth Home up shortly after the accident, and arrangements made !or its processing Uonny Demland of 105 Dyster Bend Lane reported to police at 6:« p in that he xvas xvest bound on the highxvay when his automobile ac- adently struck the deer I.AKK JACKSON A devr, accidentally struck and killed on Highway J32 near Oyster Creek Drive Wednesday, will go to Brajoria County Youth Home at Oyster Crock Game Warden James R. Middletou said Thursday morning the deer xvas picked >v;>i mi For many \oiuigsterslhedax begins wuh telexision coverage -..' ihe -!4th .uitiua! Macx parade m New York Cil> ieaturmg 10 l«-heiT.olh txilloor.M Fi.r .tn orphans from tin- St Agm-s Huii-e iur Boys at Sparkill, N H tiie dax'» highlight is a i,u» trip to West 1'omt where they -irv gui-st> oi the cadet curp» for diiuier, a !uur of the academy .•.r.ii a movie For lonelx adult> the SaKatmc. Armx w;!l »TXe thousands uC :ni- dinners at its facilities in cities across the eutmtry An i->Umated 4.UW pi-r>ons \k ill be serx ed in Chicago alone In New York, near!) a ton ot turkey xvill be served by the x iiiunleers ui America to 3.UU) men and women on the bowery. ID i'alias. Tex , more than ! joO perso/is are e.xpected for a l^vple s picnie in Park T)>e "fur anyone -,xho needs a place to eat" x^s contributed by local businessmen \\iih all the sharing aj^d ceiebraiion. the day was not without it> touch of protest and conlroxersy as well At Muang Ngai. 3ou miles northeast of Saigon, the American M\:\ Kntish staff of the Quaker Service Rehabilitation Center >jii:ed in an all-day fast for peace and total L' S withdrawal from Indochina. In I'lxmouth. Mass , where a group o! residents xvill be rwiaciing the lCi'3 Hianksgn ing celebration oi tiie Plymouth Coluiix. Indian delegates from a number of American tribes planned a protest ' To the Indian, it is the reverse 01 Thanksgiving What have we to be thankful for''" asked one delegate. 'For :iay broken treaties" For the loss of our lands"" Historians iwted it was not the first such outcry When Gov. John Jay proclaimed the first Thanksgiving in New York in 1795 to gue thanks for peace with "hostile" Indians he created a small uproar A newspaper called the Argus asked editorially: "What occasioned our ancestors to haxe euvuues ui this country but Uieur unxsuirrantabie encroacfuuents upon a soil which the God of nature had aUoUed to the native inhabitants 9 "

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