The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 3, 1923 · Page 6
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 6

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 3, 1923
Page 6
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PAGE SIX. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS, TUESDAY, JULY 3, lV^-S Independence Day! In accordance with our usual custom the Store and Tea Room will remain closed for the day Wednesday. We enthusiastically welcome this opportunity for ourselves and employes and their families to participate in this patriotic and cherished birthday of our National Independence. Store and Tea Room Closed All Day Wednesday r Rorabauj/h-Wleys MIDLAND FRIVOLOUS ARE But Humorous Causes Do Not Alter Fact of Great Expense to AH Concerned. "Frivilons Strike /' have cost tho iitlfM'i'H of the K;t /iM;iN coal HeldH more than $ t i),0i)O.Oi)U in wages ami have led them to repeated violation of their coin i a i i 9. with t In 1 I 'poratorn, aeeord- tng tn a report, compiled by the ttotith- wement l;it(')"*|.nlr. Co;iJ Operator* As. Borialhm ami iMilmiiltftl to the United States Coal Coin \\\V. Minn. Hy no means tin- lt;i!d of the \tvtn- «Un «'.i -.i tn which mint> operator* aro jjiibjt'fti -d in t heir fft'ort to produce coal inr •Hit. consinntng public, It in irhowM, nrn rho^e brought about by Rgifalnm iiinoiiu; (in 1 \\ nrlcern over mat- ten-: which, wrt'c 11 11 • ir eun^equeneen not >*<« disastrous, would ho laughatdo. 'rip- Stmt hw i 1 K i urn "Association, acting in i ntiprraf inn with t.!io Bttuiniii- oii^t Operator ;V Special Commit! oo, lias compiled n \\<\ of :M.riIto calces, r<mt ".!.M Tor which miners In th" Kaunas t :el 'l;v ()iiit their work, an«l have imbmU t 'M 1 them U> i he CommiHniun (low i n vest )%u I\nx ilie IndmUry, In an effort tn show one ot the leusoilS l'of liieie.iseil coM in piwduetkin and delay in out put. Here Arc Some of Them. Soon- iif the pretuMs on which work- ri n laid down I heir tout* are s^inl by the cmmiltce to ha.- been tvlv.d and In no way juatU'h'd under the opentr;- oi in iiti i -r t. nni I 'itel;- Kxauiplcj ot tho more !'l iiuny exrnsc-; a re : \Va:-h In-U.-r. toe « old. W\odl ilt>il:;e too hot. "W'.u'tj house too dark. Wn ^h house 1 1 in tied down an (J no time to huihl ;i new cue. lUM 'uual or the in: ploy a hey &\ a nun' i.Vniard for a nru JV'tnaiid fov a new No t !;i^ on tippl". Flat: on tippH nvU Kugijieer fifteen minute* iate. Protect a ^aiiiHf t)ie K liiix.ui "h-me- ilry law " Mule.| not WatrM'l d. "A p.ii t i' ula.i!y atu 'o cam" occurred In J it nuary, 1!! 1 ',>,'' the report :* iya. "when No. 4S mine of Iho Cent rat Coal Coko Company, employing li'JO inert. v\;ri e!nned down for an entire day hecau:<e (hnv nifnerH alleged t!ia{ thej c eloi lie;) were wt." Reduce Mine Output. Some conception of the di-< int ro-mi of feet the.-e walki-ni:! had on coal production ami on fhe iivea of the nifnerH themselves and lledr famllit!,, may ho had from one paiar.raph of tho rtiport, which d'-clare..,; "All tiriil, between April 18, lOIG, ami l)n<-i>in}n>i' 21, IVlil, tltvrn iVero In the KaiiiuiH district l,!i7:J outlaw ulriUes, eaiinin^ a Ions of l,(IO'.),0-n Vi> luan-dayn, with a loss to the miners in waKes, figured at tho (lay-wane rate In eii 'i -ft at the turn- of suspension, of $ 1 (>>'.:'r.70.:K<. As a rcHiilt'of thesn «trike:t the. mine is' total financlul fain wat« ?KS3 S2." |<ho now Tuilhling until all <>r tho wlr- ' IIIK Is complete. This -will tako thn-o • weykn, according to an official statu- SIKIKr rXI llNrN thlR n>"">i »e' A.!! of tho shack» near Ulllll&u ii/VtUULU | tho mw biilUUnK aajacc-nt to tho station platform are Iminfi torn down. Praotlcftlly all of thf offlcen aro busy movliiK tlic tticords into tho record room tn tho now building. The now j bulldlnp; in undoubtedly one of tho boflt and rnont thoroughly finished/ that «in 'bo fo\md anywhere- on tho By &tom. A uonvpleto story and <le- ficripLlon of tho strueturo will ho had in tho next Ie-w days. Tho »wirliiff of the flew offiro building ts one of the niont IntrUato Jobs ono CAU Imagine. Some of tho company's best electricians- are- being used on this Job. There aro hundriHls of umall wirew that have to ho traced and connected properly. Should one of those wires we attached v/rong or lost stfiht of tiuriiu; tho work, it might mean hours or even days of work to trace it 'back. All new 'telegraph equipment Is beliu; used. All of ho inariiiuentH uro of the latest design -possible to seeme. TO BEGIN REMODELING OF LIBRARY AT ONCE WHEAT GROWERS CLOSE POOL FOR PAST YEAR Member* to Receive Checks For Contributions This Week— Larger This Year. Wor 'n of reniodclliiK tin' Hoeontl floor of tin- 1'iihlin bihr.-uy wjl! Hlart tills I month, MI that liy llu- limn tlin st-hool ytnr I H'K J II.S in Sfj ^-'iiiboi" 'tlio tlill- dr(,-n "H liln-ary will bo uiislair.i anil this rct'Ti'iiii'. library will bv^ In jilait- on Ibo noriii Kldo of iho imitdinK no-w oeoupVU by tho <-hlUlr*'n's r <K -m. A n'Ton -nt'is libr.-iriiin v. 11 J In- hlroil to tulto euro of U I'M I'haHi- of Iho work We Will Be Open tbe -1th • If your supply of l'ir«u:rnokorri, tor- pottouM, ,-tful flro worku runti out—you <aii f;ol moi o at l.ho l^raft ^ho;), tomorrow. 414 North Main. 3-lt Members of tho Kanaaa Wheat Clrowers' Association "wilt know this woek just what price they have re- ceivctl tor the wheat which thoy placed in the 1322 wheat "pool. Final payment checks -will bo mailed to all tho -members at once. The y'ear's pool ended Saturday night. H is said that the year had baen quite satisfactory, all things considered, 'but no estimato of tho average price for tho wheat pooled by the tiiomtwrs of the association can bo made until tho final checkup, ... The 11)22 .pool aKfrroKated 3,000,009 bushels of 'wheat. The old members, combined with new ones, 'represents I»,OOO,00O bushels at wheat under favorable conditions, ibut owing to tho fact, that a largo num-ber of them live in tho western part of Kansas where the wheat crop is poor this year, it Is not expected that the 1923 pool will aggreKato more than 10.000,000 bushels, according to a statement made by Ceorge It. CuUInK, head of the organl/.atlon department. Aynet Ayres Doenn't.-Belleve In Dieting. "Don't diet! Eat what you like." Now comes Agnes Ayres, one of fllmdom'B moat beautiful stars, and throws this bombshell Into the carefully evolved theory tot dtotetics. Thin -was her opening Bhot tn replying recently to the queries of some one who asked "what hor rules for the preservation of beauty and health, and began with the guefttton, "Do you dlot?" The (star was charming on tho occasion of this particular interview. She ivaa attired In a soft, luey negligee for ascertain sequence of scenes tn her latest Paramount picture, "The Heart RaWer," which will ho on Tflew at tho Midland Theatro tor 2 days, stnrllng tomorrow. "Back in the prehistoric days," she continued, "when man chose his food by instinct, the same as do tho animals, instead of trying to govern his body through his stomach by adhering to a basis of chemical formulas in hto partaking of food, there ^wasn't any poor health, and People lived longer. "I have never dieted In my life*. I believe that Nature points out thu needs of our body by whetting, our tastes for certain foods. When cattle need salt, their tastes crave salt. And the only real difference between human beings and animals Is that beings possess the faculty of reason. "My theory, therefore. Is out what you want, but don't overeat. The old rule that says to cease eating before you are fully satiated is a good one to follow." Other heauty rules advocated by the Paramount star are its follows: Regular hours of sleep. Sleep by schedule if possible. Plenty of good e.v erciso. and forced .to pa»9 coal for his pas- lADniTII TA DC ATTADllEV saga -"Wiaifna, -Sffere »6 nieets witn LUDI/WJL IV DIJ'AI lUlvnCI FOR FEDERAL LAND BANKS series of thrilling dramatic situations. This picture, which was produced hy William Vox, comes to tho Liberty theatre tomorrow and Thursday. Mix plays the role of a young ranchman who Is captured by a band of criminnls because he possesses the- secret of the location of a gold mine hidden In tho Arizona doeort. After being thrown into tho wntors of San KranclBCo Bay, he ts picked up by the crew of a tramp steamer and forced to work his way to China, whore he again meets the gang. With the ntd of soma American* sailors. Mix and the daughter of the Scientist who discovered the mine fight their way out of a Chinese den and start back to the States. You can follow tho adventures or Tom Mix In this picture when it comes to the local playhouse. Claire Adams plnys the leading feminine role and others In the cast ure Donald McDonald, Hector Sarno, Geo. Selfi/nann. 10:1- Pcii, Tom S. Guise, Minna Hodman, Etlwurd Johson, and Bthel Wales. Washington, July 3— Charles E. LoMe-l!,' mho retired us eommUdoner of the farm loan board, has been ap lan woman by the name-ot Antonl* Lippai, whOi« age la'auUMHKlralct! at 12B years. 1 STEVE O'GRADY DEAD. Former Kansas City Newspaper Man Living In Los Angeles. Los AIIROIOS , July 3—Steve 0'« adjr, pointed flseu .1 agent and general j veteran newspaperman, capet'lnUr counsel for the 12 federal land banks and the federal Intermediary credit ba-nktf\ Mr. Lobtlell will have his head- quartore in Washington. Is 125 Years Old. Paris—Tho latest entrant for International old ngo honors Is a Ilungar- well known in Kansas City nnd St, Ixiuls. but who had worked on leading newspapers In other sections of the country and acted as advance agent for many traveling theatrical companies, died In tho general hosplt- nl yesterday. He was 46 years old and a native of Kansas City. The average man speaks dlfiparog- ingly of reporters. And tho reporters tiro entitled to criticism, bemuse they lie so much. Nine times out of ten, when a man gets "fired," the report* ers stato he "has resigned,"—Atchison CJIoboi. na ^iMiient to en ' waj;es. Mit-man. MipiM 'tuteiulent. raise.l In limp. if you Kt .t stuck or have motor trouble on that picnic trip tomorrow Just call us. Phone 59. Kagiand- Klussley Motor Co. 3-lt We will lie open all- day tomorrow, July 4th. Plenty of fireworks. Book Art Store. 3-it Liird doesn't sing. Ho sells second hand floods at 712 Kansas avenue.-Atchison Cllobo. DELUXE i _ "Hearts Aflame." K**ffIiiAM Barker'-* latest production, "Hearts Aflame-," was sean for Iho first time yesterday at tho Do L#uxe Theatre, -whoro It more than, lived up to tlm nnus-uallv l-Agh hopes entertain, od for R. It proved to be a thrilling photoplay, ttV.iins a gortd story, and with episodes that should be reniu -'.Mi- benn! tor a long timo by thoso who sue it. * j Of course tho .big tiling JH IJ IO amaz- ins forest fire. Nothing ot its kind has ftvnr -Iwen dono hoforo it;-it atoiuls alono, an<l wWl for a -long time, at* an e.vanvi^o ot romarkar>lr> dlre^.tarlal craft as well KUperrlatlvo photography. Hark^r has product-d an episode that cannot I K 1 ,easily dup-liout- r»ii; -ftnd his romarkablo ai'J:Jvein-out \\QU the av>'t>Uin -8t» of the erowds which seemed to enjoy it thoroughly. Nor luis th*} dirof-tor been tmtisrie-d to confine hia activity to t'hirf oin> • thrill; he has provided two mnro, : (Ml 'iially imipresslvo. ft>r the delc -ctLition \ ot tho threatre-gocr. There la the , blowing up of an entire hllltdde in an j attempt to &tavo tho progrc-ps ot* the j fire; and the spectacle of thousands j of logs, floating down a river after a j dam had been wrecked, 1 H on© not j soon to be ipngotlen. I I De Luxe I Matlnfg 10c—Night 1Qc and JOo g II Today and Tomorrov/ Unexcelled Entertainment! JUST TWO DAYS WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY His heart was securely locked against the raids of women in general -r -and this beautiful girl, in particular. But—She forced! it open despite his precautions. Wonderful entertainment. Mahlon Hamilton in the cast. Starting Thursday 35 famous stars in the biggest picture of the seasonl PI/KER/ ft AN CES TR5K30 MONTOOMERX :o and they away NEW SANTA FE OFFICE BUILDING NEARLY READY rs'i -wlon, July 3. Tho new Hsnta l-\j ofl'lii! hiillilln,-; is pr.-n.iirnlly ready for oocupation and all of the offices will bo moved in by the first of August. A large force of men under J. W. Cook, equipment engineer, are rapidly In- iftalllnK Iho wiring in tho telegraph and dispatcher's offices. None of tho offices that aro now located in tho Dotson building will bo moved into MiiSiii 1V©!» At all fountains or ia bottle* tn Hpl '.o of vliat their fatlier Maid the twin .unit-* w;mU -d to p> 'with their grandt'at-her Hilly V-'Iiirdo-i 'H. "Wo don't e-are! We want to ; yeo what d tinye ra th ere n re.' cried, "Orandfnthor ^ 111 keep everylMn^ that ivoufd hnrt an." " "Ho ho would if lie had only you to look after. H,;t ho will have Kraud- inother \VA wi *ll aM liimiieU?t.<> protect fi• mi <lan«4'er, and -he will have to find food for them both. ' "Don't care! Don't euro' Wo "want to (ro!" "Well, yon x an't, so you nilttht jn^t a^ well stop talking about it first as luHt," naid tlnir father "Hun ijr.vny and play now," miK" ^euted their mother, "for wo wish to talk and not be ,interrupted." "No! Wo want to slay here and Jjx-ar what you aro Kofug to Hay" whlnetl one of the twina, while the other nodded In auuent. "CIo this innUint," eommanded their mother neverety, "or I wilt punish you! Vou 'fv-v are gettlnf? too unruly and iimt^rtlnent f*»r anything." And HO the twin* walked off, muttering to themtmlvcs, and -with heatlH eloao together. Could'the family have hoard what (hoy nald, thoy would have been surprised to learn that they woro plotting to t'tiliow Hilly and Nannie when they left on tho next day. "Won't Stubby nnd Button be surprised 'When thoy come back from their trip and find you two have gone •to the Imposition?" .said BiMy Jr. "They will he dluapi/olnted to think that thoy were not hero to RO with you. I think t/hey will follow you." "They would HVely do BO," said Polity, "if you two were ^oiug anywhere else than to California. Hut both of them hiving been there twice before, 1 think that, perhaps they won 't earo to #o nj^aln, and will atay hore and await your return." Tho four ta'ikod and talked unttt late that nUht, osiieclully && they were Interrupted every now and then by an old cow, or a horse, or a pig who, on hearing them talking BO earnestly tORother would como over to KOO what could be. tho matter when their vurlosity hud gotten the. better of them and they could stand It no longer. Their aurprlse was gre*t wht .-n they found out tho -ftlan nnd they spread the news throughout tho barnyard that Billy WhlRkers wan going away nn another of hfa long tripn, but that thiH time ho was going to take Nannie with him. (Tomorrow Billy and Nannie start on their trip,) LIBERTY i Tom Mix has added tho working schedule of a stoker in the hold of a Pacific, tramp steamer to his movie experiences. in hit latest picture, "Stepping Faal," Mix ia shanghaied ACNES AYRES ^ Heart Raider' mm—mmmmm—m Q, CpammouittQidm* EXTRA— TO-NITE Liberty Tomorrow and Thursday TOM MIX In His Latest Speed Pic-turo . "STEPPING FAST" Also "THE THREE GUN MAN" A Big Sunshine Cometfy. Tonite— ROY STEWART and KATHLYN WILLIAMS . «T rim S«l In Scarlet" A Feature Picture. Also "FELIX MINDS THE KID" Comedy. No Serials—Regular Admission "KICK OUT" MERMAID COMEDY With Lige Conley PATHE NEWS USUAL PRICES AND SCHEDULE "WHITE SHOULDERS" With KATHERINE MscDONALD BRYANT WASHBURN RICHARD HEADRICK Comedy— "Tea N Tea" WOW! I Johnnie Mines at the Iris on the. Fourth. COME!! PROGRAM r.H»NGEr> DAILY Evening 10c | Matinco 5«—10c FRANKLYN FARNUM "GUN SHY" A BHRppy. western comedy draina with smtlinK Franklyn Wr- uum--wli »t more can you R*k? "ONE STORMY KNIGHT" Com til y TOMORROW JOHNNIE HINES "SURE FIRE FLINT" A clomlhurst of action t Galea of iaiifditpv! llfpath-taklng •'epecdj Hi]; dramatic momenta! *.'Bure Fire" appeal! ^4 -SO A RIP-ROARING COMEDY MEET ME AT THE l

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