Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 22, 1941 · Page 2
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 22, 1941
Page 2
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Page Two Two Stunt Fliers To Perform in Free Air Show at Airport Copt. Johnson Loops The Loop with Big Tri-Motored Plane Cap! Bill Bwer;. Amr;t<,-!5 mrv-' famnu* announcer fit ai! !'.''.d.:,e air show* and air race.*. aimed in fit 1 "!- hng \Vprinr.--dav nioinijic to rom- arraiiKPineiits fr.t :l-,e big air at the RtPilinc nr,:r.inpM nn- port fiaturdnv and Smid«v. HP *ta'- ed that capi.. Haiold Johnson oj Colutnhu.-. O. the rmlv pilot in thr world who loons n Foul tti-motoird plane, and Kenny Ol.'on famous one-armed Blunt pilot of Krnoshn. Wis. will perform hrrp in connection with (he Sinclair flieht tialner t*sts. The program is fire of charge, and will be the greatest air <<however held in this vicinity. The trainer has been SPt up at the airport and everything is In readiness for the big two-day affair. Daylight fireworks will bp featured both days. The army and air corps recruiting units will" arrive Saturday morning. Parade Saturday Afternoon The affair will get underway Saturday afternoon at 1:30 with a parade through the business districts of both cities. The mobile units will go directly to the airport where the flight trainer will be put into operation and the air show will take place. The flight trainer, designed by Capt. Sweet, himself a pilot and a man thoroughly informed on all forms of aviation, will be operated each day from 1 to 8 p. m. Capt. Sweet, who announced the Cleveland air races, the Birmingham air Oirnlval and the- All-American air maneuvers at Miami, will explain all about the flight trainer and will also describe the maneuvers of the nationally known stunt pilous, Loop* Giant Plane Capt. Harold Johnson has won world recognition in handling hts tH-motored plane. People can hard- Jy believe their eye* when they s*e him loop his giant plane within 400 fMt of the ground. No other pilot in the world has dared attempt this difficult stunt, which is but one of the many thrills. Kenny Olson, the one-armed stunt flier of Kenoeha. Wi*.. ha* thrilled thousands by his perfect handling of a clipped wing racing monocoupe. These two pilots an second to no other pilots in the country. The army and air corp recruiting unite will show sound motion pictures In technicolor of air training •nd many thing* of interest in connection with army and air corns, life. Theta picture* will be shown until 10 p. m. both nights. Nothing will be left undone to make this a gala occasion. Daylight fireworks will be exhibited both afternoons. There I* alwaya a apeclal thrill for firework* fans when they see the daylight variety. A fine dUplay has been secured and will add much to the big ILLINOIS Describes Yellowstone i Park Scenes as Pictures Are Shown to Lions nn unu.<-'in!]\' T'ir-r)»v '".rninR s! ."ippT fif. thf rf-'lir of thf Tvri»V)v bulletin hsvlns i"«"-i rr.a: l^ri 'o thr wi\ r* nnrl Isdv i: -fiirlt. of I'M? rnirnhPif. Lion Miller. <!;;ur.'iian cf (he mrmbrr.^tiin f '• -.r-'-ri thi.< method of rl<ivk>r,E up nn mrrnb^r."! *hr» h*v r.n! l>*»n affenrting r^Riilnrlv. The p'.nn T,nikrri 100 per rfnt. the at- An in'rir.llnR .--howine nf motion pirturr.<; of *.rrnrs in Yfl- low.Mon' 1 national pnrk and other p!are.< wn.< mnrle by Lion Ah* Her, w hr> t!.;r- rlr.ccTibed ht« dimmer trip 1:1 thr nr-.M. ThPv WT«> cooH p;r- tuir.i i>nH hr (zn\f R viv<d dr.^crip- Uon nf thr *rrnr.v T.'IP rhib ivfl.s p-f.'rntrd with n pirtmm! ra^fT of thp members of thr Lion. 1 ; ^lub when Linn John PfT. c ona Kflvf n lurgr framed picture fontnminK photographs of nil mrmbrr*. nf the Hub. Trm will be huiiR In thr lobby of the Lincoln ho'rl. Thr Lions will spon.ior a basketball tmm' which will plav i*> the independent leamie this autumn find winter. Art WIer heads the team. thp personnel of which indicate/; the Lion* will have a good tenm. Next week the Lions will have as their euexts. Ml« Tonl Harding and her parents, Dr. and Mrs. A. E. Harding of Morrison. ML<w Hardini? recently returned from her trip to Hollywood. Calif., as queen of the Rock River valley, which title she won recently In a district contest sponsored by the Lions. First Rural Class in First Aid Starts in Colata Monday Night Til* AmTlfsn R**d Cro** M-»M<"-d !'. f - f!t.« T pital r!*.«r in Titf-T *id in Coir'a Mondav niRht. 'with an n' r of :n. eight children and '« Henry Br-sch of Sterling tnvr.ictoT. Mr. Beach Is an experienced fi!M airier, having Rrarl unto*) from the Red Crow summe srhriol at Oconomowoc, WL* . lhr**e wnsoi\.< aeo and ha vine taught ; bens in the nehth Rrnde at Wallac since :hen. ALoii R/>min<rton. f:r. aid chairman of the Sterling-Rot k Fall* chapter, a ho took part Hi thr 'Matting off of the group The rlf •wa* hrid Hi the Colrta school, am i will continue at that plar*- ear! Monday evening for the nrxt miv 12 Is the Still No pemand for Local Corn Pickers The local employment agency atatea that there la at ill little or no demand for corn pickers, although under ordinary conditions, the corn picking season should be well under way. The weather, has much to do with the matter: It Is far too wet to pick corn as a general rule. Not only are the husks tough and hard to open, but the ground is too wet to get Into the fields. Another reason -ior-the-laek of-demand continues to be the mechanical pickers, many of which are owned by the farmers In this vicinity. Knights Templar of Sterling at School In Dixon Tuesday Thirteen commander!** o? the Knights Templar were represented In the school of Instruction held In the Masonic temple at Dlxon Tuesday afternoon and evening,' when Paul Slocum Penniwitt, eminent grand Junior warden of the grand commandery of Illinois was the instructing officer. Mr. PennlwUt came from his home in Springfield to perform the official duties. The district to which Sterling and Dixon belong, comprise* all com- manderiea from the Mississippi river to Kane county, and as far south as Princeton. Sterling commandery had IS knights In the school of Instruction. Manual and ritualistic work was done In the school, which began Tuesday at 3:30 p. m. At 6:30 a splendid chicken dinner was served by the ladles' auxiliary of the Dlxon commandery- A number of grand commandery officers of the aintc as well as past grand commanders attended the school. There were more than 100 In attendance upon the occasion. Dates for Individual commander? Inspections were set. Sterling com- mandery inspection will be held some time In February next. This e\eiung. Ort. 2'i. Mr. Remington L<; beginning hi." advancer claw at 7.30 ftt Lincoln school Tho.T who have completrd n standard firM aid course, within the pftM throe year*, are eligible for this claw: of in iiourfi. Thif work leadi to nn advanced certificate and Is also prepara lory to the In.structors' course to be given In Sterling from D»c. 8 to Dec lf>. The chairman Is again advlMng that groups wanting one of their number to be an Instructor, to send this person to this davanced and Instructors' course to qualify. The trained Red Crow first aider has been the instrument of saving thousands of live 1 ) of injured persons, through knowledge of methods of prompt emergency care at the seen? of accidents, pending the arrival of a doctor. The Red Croas first taught first aid in 1910. developing: techniques that are now standard in America and other nations. Ball Player Here 50 Years Ago Visits Early Day Friends When Carl R. Apthorp of Shaker Heights. O., WM In Sterling and Rock Falls on a visit to his old home two week* ago he was shown a group picture of the old Sterling Park baseball club, taken about SO years ago when he was catcher, receiving the alants of the famous Terry Grogan. In the group is Mr. Apthorp. whiskers and all. the beard having been quite a sensation for so young a man then. Much to his surprise, Mr. Apthorp was presented with the picture, which he tooh home for his family to see. It was a reminder of the days when Sterling was quite a hot baseball town. Mr. Apthorp lived in Rock Falls and was a truck gardener, but of late~years he—ha-v~made his home at Shaker Heights, O., and is a professional teacher of bridge and other c&rd games. Delightful Party In Sacred Heart Hall * A successful card party was held In Sacred Heart hall Tue»day evening. when card playeri filled 33 tables for the enjoyable garnet. Mr. and Mrs. John Kraus were chairmen and Mr. and Mra. PVtnk BeckJey. cochairmen. Refreshments were served by the committee. In the games Mrs. Carrie Bowles- by and W. E. Breatler took high honors In euchre, while Mrs. William Poe and Fred Ohda were the pinochle wlnnera. For five hundred Mrs. L. Lucas and Ervln fierce claimed prlzw and for bridge Mra. Louls^JThomim Mrs. F. W. Hunsberger Entertains Class Willing Workers class of the Broadway Methodist church was entertained Tuesday evening in the home of Mrs. F. W. Hunsberger. Eighteen were prc~*nt to participate in the games and .vmix, for which Mra. Roy Newcum wt' the prize. Mrs. Ernest Stabler and Mrs. Glenn llorick assisted on the serving committee. ^ __ . The special prize winners were Carl Vock and Irvln Steinh FOR THE NEWEST in POTTERY Visit Oir Flower Shop I. N. U. Electric Output Increases in September The aystem electric output of the Illinois Northern Utilities company during September Increased 17.2 per cent over that of September, 1MO, and the output for the fint nine months of the year increased 15.2 per cent over the same period last year. It was announced by company officials today. September's output wax 14.722,672 kllowatthours, compared with 12,667,270 kllowatthoura last year, and the output for the period from January 1 to October 1, JM1, was 126.337.878 kllowatthoura compared with Wednesday, OctoKer 22, Sinking of Two More American-Owned Freighters Revealed The 9.000 ton freighter Lehlgh (above), under charter to the OnltPd Statw lines, which President Rocwe- velt «ald wa* torpedoed off the west coast of Africa Sunday nlRht. All members of the crew of thirty-nine were rewued. the ahlp line said today. Within an hour of this announcement, marine circles in New York reported that the American-owned freighter Bold Venture, ftyinu the flag of Panama, had been torpedoed en route from Baltimore to England a day before the torpedo attack on the U. 8. dpstroyrr Kearny. Fifteen of 32 non-Americans on the Bold Vrntur> were lost. 109.993.639 kllowatthours same period of 1940. for Condition of Jack Grennan 'Good' after Operation on Tuesday the Birthday Surprise Planned by Daughter For Mrs. Wm. Desmond The many local friend* of--Jack Orcnnan. son of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Grennan. will be plea.srd to learn that he underwent a successful operation Tuesday afternoon at the Presbyterian hospital. Chicago, for the removal of a cystic tumor of the brain. He WHS on the table five fiours. Tuesday afternoon his condition was pronounced as "good" and, it believed that within a few days he will be considered out of danger. He probably will be confined n the hospital for about two weeks. Jack complained of.severe pains n his head shortly after he returned to St. Ambrose college early in September. He was the starting center on the football team and played a few minutes In the open' ng "game against Drake university flept. 19. As his condition did not mprove with treatment he was tak- 'h"Urcriicago-where Tibrnin"Bpecial- st diagnosed hLi trouble as a brain umor. He entered the hospital Oct. 13 and since that time submitted to a number of examinations and treatment. BEAUTY 18 YOUR§ WHEN rov do TO THE CRTSTAL, Permanents 3,60 100 B.OO MB SHAMPOO '•*••_. riNGEB WAVE tT9C PHONE 240 Crystal Beauty Shop 111 fin* Are. . STERLING ENJOY LEISURE HOURS BY BOWLING When you want to relax after business, come «&—eve* ta our well lighted bowling alleys, You will feel better, look better and work more efficiently.* We have oj>en alleys available daily from 9 a. m. to 7 n. m. Bowl then and avoid league play. TAMPICO, ILL FrUir, (Wtlw 24,1941 DM NnTt Orehtilra Will Furnish the Music Gentlemen 50c Lodies 20c Mrs. \Villlam Desmond of 1107 East Fourth street was surprised on her birthday when n group...of friends, invited by her daughter Hope, gathered at the Desmond home Tuesday evening to enjoy an evening of bunco and a program of music by Johnny Meiers. Bennlc and Anton Nickelson. Mrs. Desmond received a number of beautiful gifts. Lunch was senred. A three-tier birthday cake formed the center piece of the table which was decorated in pink and green color.-. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Anton Nlckelson. daughter Patricia and son Leonard. Mr. and Mrs. Reman Davis. Bennle Nlckelson, John Meiers, Hope and June Desmond. Leave for Visit in National Capital Mr. and Mrs. Robert E Smith of National City. Cnllf.. former residents of this city, who have been visiting here, have left for Washington. D. C. to visit their daughter. This-wax their first visit here in 14 years. They stayed at the Bert Jurkerw home. They enjoyed meeting many of tholr old friends and were sorry they were unable to remain longer to meet more. Mrs. Martin C. Murphy of Lombard, 111., also visited in the Jurkcns home the fore nnrt of this week. READ THE CLASSIFIED ADS R AD1O Oouml Amplilic«lion i co^enn MOHI-*UTO paiTt- SERVICE COLISEUM STERLING Every TueMay Night Cola - Guthric Players CAR OF ILLINOIS COAL On Track SPECIAL PRICE FROM CAR! Plenty, of AU Other Coal and Coke D. 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Writ St. I If Nunn-Bush thoe< w*re not 1 the very finest of which we have knowledge — » we would tell m*iHi imtrtntii last Itnftr Mum-Built GRNER'S wtm Tl •nci 50' WALL PAPER SALE is the final week of our wall paper clear- f Buy now for future use and save 33 r/f to ! ; Chooce^from many lovely designs./" Iff JNMdlti, sUt wills, ctiliic •8 Itw M 99c Warner's in t IIP Granary Stocks in Whifeside County Undergo Inspection f r-normal erannry '.: '-'id* 1 rnun! 1 , and ihr r.;« SrP bfing in'pT ;rd :)i!' Mi to rlptpimirip thp rnr.riition of Rrain '.vhlrh will rrniain in 'hrojiRh th^ winter months. The Ortobpr in^ppftion Inrludf* rorn niifl whPat <torpfl nn farm' nn- rlpr RO\ Prnnirnt loan and Commodity Credit corporation rom stored In .« feel blnv In chargp of the in- sppc'inn is thr founty AAA rommlt- (PP. I.pfm \V. Nelsoti. rhainnun, »»id. Illlnon l« fortunate In having record «,<ippilr<; of .(prd erain^ which are HIP <urrM auarnntpp thai the f.ta(p «!!! mppt thp coals aligned to f under thp food pxpanMon program, Mr. Nelson .ifiirl. HP conclud- pd that safp-kpppln? of Mored feed craln^ by frpciurnt ln.«ppctlnn. f'.iml- gaflon and repair of «toraep structure. If necpR.sftrv-. Is pssential If feed reserves are to bp maintained. Farmpr* storing grains on their farms are responsible for keeping thp grain in condition. Mr. Nelson said. The government lending agency checks monthly on thp condition of its grain In the steel bins. Mony Bonfires Found In Drive About City Tuesday evening was a night of bonfires, as leaves were burned. In spite of the ofTlcial ruling many of the fires were on the pavements, a majority being along the gutters. Six Corporations Get' Ordtr to C««s« Price Maintenance Combine and five other Manufacturer*' Ju*oriaMon M have been ordered hv !h* Irnrlr rr-mmK'-Inn ' to ft'* and de.M.'t from n pfire mnm-rnar'*- combination or conspiracy he'd to b» in restraint of traclf." according ' an Associated r:??.* dispatch. The romml««ion. in Its announcement yesterday *aid that the rom- panlf* were alleged In have ajtreed to maintain prices, standard discount* and terms of sale, and grant uniform trade-in allowances on u??d equipment. Af I. O. 0. F, Conversion William Tx>c« has gone to Sprlr.f- field as a grand lodge" represent*:;!' of thf I. O. O. P. Thr convention I?' a two-day affair and cloasea tonight H* was accompanied by Harry Banr and I.pRf>v Henrtrlrlcs. tHF 1DKAL GIFT For Chrlntma*— Give A PEN 4 PENCIL SET • EVER8RARP • RHCAFFER • FJTKRBROOK REENTS PRINTING A OFFICK BUPPLT AcnMM (mm Clly Hall "Order Chrltlmaa Cardi TOBAY ONLY! 2 FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT FINDS HOTTEST STORY RIGHT UNDER HIS NOSE! War Flaah! Kitty Foyfe> boy fritad retreating befort Strawbtrry lomfet advancing •• RALPH MUAMT • OKXTOBIAf JAMMOUAJD NAYW IM»K1 • !•«• COVAD fc, LLOYD iACON A WARN!R MOS-ft. »M*.a«tt*fcw l N»a4Ah»U*i PLUS "DOCTORS DON'T TEH." IF HE TOLD IT MEANT DEATH! IF HE DIDNT IT MEANT DISGRACE! THURSDAY - FRIDAY - SATURDAY STATE THEATRE ENDS TODAY! IHE ftft/DE C/IME COD STRAND THEATBE 2fc I Ife-Tu laeteM! "STRUT OF PAINT STORE 411 Locust St. JMMM Sltvart A Dandy Picture! H with GUY KlfifiEG Here IB a Surprise Piece of Entertainment!

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