Dixon Evening Telegraph from Dixon, Illinois on May 21, 1955 · Page 12
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Dixon Evening Telegraph from Dixon, Illinois · Page 12

Dixon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 21, 1955
Page 12
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The Dixon Evening Telegraph— Dixon. Illinois page 12 Saturday. May 21, 1955 Ike Supporters Are 'Sure' President Will Run Again WASHINGTON (iB— Two Ol President Eisenhower's most ardent supporters in the Sen&te said today they are convinced he will be a candidate for a second term hut will delay any announcement until Sen? Duff (K-Pa). one of the first Eisenhower-for-President boosters in 1952, said in an interview: "The President is held in such extraordinary public esteem that it will be almost impossible for him to refuse the nominauon, as i see u. Sen. Aiken (R-Vt), agreeing with Duff in a separate interview, said '•apparently some top Democratic party officials also are convinced that Ike will run again. Explains Hatchet Men "That is why they have some of their hatchet men busy sniping at the President," Aiken said. -These snipers are the ones that the Democrats would miss the least if they are defeated." Aiken declined to identify them but an increasing number of Democrats, both in and out of Congress, have been publicly criticising the President and his adminis- ' Duff said he saw no political indications in the weekend trips the President and Mrs. Eisenhower are making to their farm home in Pennsylvania. They are there this '•That's the most natural thing in the world." Duff said. "After all, as a soldier this is his first real home. Ke could continue to ^spend much time there during a -second term." — Will "Respond" Unless world tensions suddenly "end, Duff said he is "confident .that the President -will respond to -the call of duty just as he did the Ifirst time he ran." — Duff visited the White House Fri--day with W. Thacher Longstreth, .34-year-old Republican nominee for mayor of Philadelphia, but said he "did not raise the second-term is- ^ Aiken said the presidential de-•cision should be delayed until "sometime before next year's pri-."inaries begin." — "When he makes the announce-jhent then the ■ Democratic sniping .-will be intensified," he said. long Island Pelted by Metal Slugs " FREBPORT. N. Y. <JR — A rain of red-hot aluminum pellets from the nearby Brooklyn Polytechnic Aeronautical Laboratory fell on this quiet Long Island community All police and fire apparatus went into action as terrified resi-- dents rushed to their telephones. Three cars and four boats were set afire. There were no injuries. Authorities said that ordinarily tlie pellets are supposed to melt under extreme heat in a wind tunnel at the laboratory. Friday, h o w e v e r, they flew out solid through an exhaust pipe. The pipe normally is not opened until the missiles have dissolved. "It was like they were shot out of a cannon," said Deputy Fire Chief Donald Mittauer. ."It seemed they came out all at once and then it was over." Dr. Nathan Ness of Brookl; Polytechnic said there was no k plosion at the laboratory. He d clined to discuss the nature the experimental work performed {<.:• re, describing it a? "top seer N'E'WSl J he marble-sized missiles pelted an area several blocks wide a about a. half mile long, authoriti said. Damage to property c peared small. Jack Jouett of Virginia is calle the. "Paul Revere of the . South because of his night ride of 4 miles in 1781 that gave warning of a British plan to capture Gov. 1r,orn?.= Jefferson and the Virgi: legislature. TYPEWRITER SERVICE & REPAIR Edwards Book Store 111 First St. r ' Br STILL ON JOB — No retirement for her, says Marie Windsor, movie star. Her new hubby. Jack Hupp, wants her to keep on before the Demo Road Plan Sure Of Passage WASHINGTON (J) — Sen. Gore (D-Tenn) said today he was : confident than ever of victory for the Democratic road construction bill he is sponsoring after a full day of Senate debate on the issue. Sen. Martin (R-Pa), who has offered President Eisenhower's high way plan as a substitute, conceded in a separate interview he lieved there was small chance of a compromise to save part of the administration program. Democratic leaders expect to have a sizeable margin of votes when the showdown test conn the Martin substitute, probably next Wednesday. They are not conceding the loss of a single Democratic senator this vote, although they say some i ay be against the Gore bill o final passage. But by that timi many Republicans will support it since the alternative will be no increased road program, they say. Explain Bill The Gore bill calls for a five- year program of 517,941 .noo.000 in federal-state spending on federal niri highways, including about billions of federal funds. This would be double the present pro gram in the first year, triple by the fourth and fifth. It would increase federal ot for all four federal aid systems. and finance this nut of direct appropriations. The President's plan calls for n 38 billion dollar program over If years, with all of the increased spending— about 2S billions— devot ed to the 40,000-mile interstate system. The bulk of this interstate mon ey would come from a 30-yea bond issue, which would be out COOK With SKELGAS PROMPT SERVICE Wayne Wolfe, d.b.o. Barriage Appliance Store Phone 2-8711 Reserve Plan Up to House, Says Johnson WASHINGTON Sen. Lyndon B. Johnson (D-T#x.). said today that unless the House works out compromise, the Senate prob ably will take no action this year on the administration's military reserve plan. Johnson, the Democratic leader. told newsmen: "The Senate is not going to march up the hill and down again. Unless the House can agree on s. reserve bill, we will bring out a measure extending the military draft and let the reserve plan go i dispute over racial segrega tion, the House shelved Thursday a measure aimed at adding two million men to the organized re- s. It was designed, in part, to offset the administration's proposed 102,000-man cutback in mili tary forces by mid-1956. calendar and could call it up at iy time, but tnere was no indica tion when this would be done. The shelving action was taken to prevent outright defeat of the meas- Aoopaon of a ban on racial segregation in reserve and I*.ation-al Guard units had threatened loss of Southern support for the meas- Sen. Knowland of California, the Republican leader, said he had no doubt that opponents of the man- r cut would use any failure to approve a reserve bill as an argument against the reductions. "I tmnk the President s military budget will be approved without substantial change, but the reserve issue will give its opponents another argument." he said. War Danger Is Easing: Stevens Kansas City l/Fi— The danger of armed conflict between the East and West appears to be easing in the opinion of Robert T. Stevens, Secretary of the Army. evens, here for Armed Forces Day, told a news conference Friday night, however, that the na tional military establishment will to be maintained at its pres ent strength for fears to come. Stevens said the planned Four-Power conference of the heads of states — England. France. Russia and the United States — is an In dication no one is planning open aggression at this time in the side the federal debt limit. The bonds would be repaid from federal gasoline and other motor vehicle taxes. Vote Next Week The floor debate, which opened Friday, is to continue Monday. No •otea are likely before midweek. Gore said Friday's discussion in creased his confidence for several Among them, he said, was the disclosure that only three Republican senators of the six on the Public Works Committee would ign the minority report which criticized the Gore bill and praised the Eisenhower plan. LUTHERAN BROTHERHOOD Legal Reserve Life Insurance Pi i£B DAN METZGER, JR., F.I.C. PERFECT PARTY PLEASURE FURNACE CLEANING SPECIAL For the Months of MAY and JUNE WE WILL CLEAN CHIMNEY BASE -- FURNACE INTERIOR OIL MOTORS - SERVICE BURNERS Paint Front of Coal Furnace -- Remove All Ashes ALSO - CHECK ALL MAKES OF FURNACES SPECIAL PRICE, <7.95 CALL NOW FOR EARLY CLEANING HOLLAND FURNACE CO. 720 W. SEVENTH ST. DIXON.ILUNOIS PHONE Mtll I Harrison 21 Babylonian 22 Toward the sheltered tide 23 Seesaws 25 Plants 26 Pewter coin of Malaya 27 Through 28 Hostelry 29 Boundary (comb, form) 30 Gaze fixedly 33 River boat 37 Distant (comb, form) 38 Signal of distress 39 Learning 40 Wile 41 Pigpen 42 Raced 43 Insect 45 Meal 48 Group of soldiers 49 Get up reply Industrialist Answer to Previotie Puzxfe | U. S. President j |T j| gag]nggrg ACROSS 50 Hirelings M* 5 3* 5 1 1 5 E ±SlZ 1 President of 51 Lo<k of hair fElS W 5t= § FT 5 3 7- oTXtTI the United States. William Harrison < He was the U. S. President 11 Puff up ' 12 Idolize 13 Blackboards 14 Continued 16 Hawaiian wreath IT Dance step 18 Thickness DOWN 1 Girl's name 2 "Lily maid of Astolaf S Burmese wood sprite 4 Route (ab.) 5 Affirmative 19 His wife was 13 Lath the nose of Britain 7 Roman date 22 Antenna 8 Correlative of 24 Sea eagle neither 25 Withered S Baseball term 27 Cooking 10 Cured utensils - Symme* 15 Strong C01 1? Footlike part 32 Change* 20 Dress • 33 Kind of tauce 6 Pertaining to 21 Mythical king 34 Swamp 30 Pierce u-iti a knife alkaline* 31 Cylindrical 35 Expunges 36 Lease 38 Paces 41 Blackthorn 44 Unit of weight 45 Rodent 46 Make a mistake 47 Pastry i It B Pi 15 I k n ,|o p U j s rZZZZ" EZ — Zr w~~ — r^r"T"~r 5 1 rW\ j % ip 57 ~~36 3 _ - _ Sloan Is Dead NEW YORK !JI — Industrialist Georgre A. Sloan, who resigned in of the Metropolitan Opera Assn., died Friday following an operation at Roosevelt hospital. He would have been 62 years old on May 30. At his death he was president of the Nutrition Foundation, the In ternational Chamber of Commerce and the Blue Ridge Mutual Fund. He was also a director and member of the finance committee of the United States Steel Corp. and a director of the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co. Sloan was a spokesman for 816 Forest A1 Cahill re. Phone 3-9961 MEMORIAL DAY nrlONDAY, MAY 30th HAVE ALL YOUR CLEANING THE WAY 4 Hour Service at No Extra Charge Any Day of Week DeLUXE Cleaners -- Tailors « Hatters Clothiers 311 FIRST ST. PHONE 2-0711 South Alerted for Four Bandit s Who Took $86,000 .1ACKSONVILLK. Ala. ij» — A 'Uthwide alert for four armed bandits was issued after they •nbberi a Jacksonville bank Friday and fled with $$6,727.12. Jesse N. Wood. 30-year-old cash-•r at the First National Bank here. loid how he was forced to help the bandits stage Alabama's biggest bank robbery to protect hia afe and two young daughters, held "I knew they meant business, "hey had silencers on their pis-ols." Wood said several hours aft-r the robbery. The four men forced themselves bom T:.~n a.m Friday. Two wore iork clothes and had masks over y told Wood at first they reporters from the Anniston Star. While two remained with Mrs. Wood and the two children, the rted Wood to the bank, and tied up six women tell- :rs as they reported for work. The bank vault was opened by i time clock at S:30 a.m. and the obbers took the money, which was The leader was quiet talking, but hi;.: ■One I LITTLE alarm. The best things in life are free — until you're old enough to earn your own money. * Ht4 • Wells Six Blocks in Depth Plus Chlorination Pure Wafer DIXON WATER COMPANY JOB PRINTING STATIONERY NOTES for IUSINESSMEN: How to Profit from Look at your letterhead. Does its appearance speak well of you? Is it clean and neat? Does it contain all the necessary information? Does it sell? Call us today and have our skilled men show yon how to profit. f! MSTMft " DISPLAYS g\ •©•mm *L\ CATALOGS •^STATJOat*! B.F. SHAW Printing Co. Phone S-1811 - 3-1821 NOW Open 5 p.m. - Starts 5:30 Sunday Continuous From 1:30 31 •f testacy t*< ""^l*** ''^^ ^ w*.wtsic^coco« The Dixon Evening Telegraph Saturday, May 21, 1955 Page 12 F. X. Newcomer & Co. INSURANCE BONDS REAL ESTATE LOANS Phone 4-1621 OUon, IU. T-O-D-A-Y Glenn Ford in "THE AMERICANO" — Plus— "SECURITY RISK"' STARTING SUNDAY r/ , ■fa THE YEAR'S/ ■ BETTY MARGE mi 60WER I I GRABLE CHAMPION 1 I jack LEMMON I 1 mwmm w®mM LAST TIMES TONITE "KING OF THE KHYBER RIFLES" OPEN AT 7:00 "THE BLACK DAKOTAS" STARTS AT DUSK SUNDAY and MONDAY ^ MICHENER WROTE IT!... LIFE PUBLISHED IT! WILLIAM ORACK ~ ^ MARCH ROONEY r \V \ A Morvtlouj Production w f A on Our Suair Willi W Screon! THE FOREMOST I j{\ Mil HUMAN DRAMA / / M OF OUR TIMES! [/ / THE KIDDIES LOVE OUR PLAYGROUND PARENTS LOYE THE RELAXING ATMOSPHERE ERfleCHiVE® „ NT QOPMH/C i -N t. VV ^ f/\ r r . K 8 1 s 8 U S i i V l»

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