The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 3, 1914 · Page 7
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 7

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, July 3, 1914
Page 7
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Friday Evening, July 3, 1914. T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W rage Seven. Uneeda Biscuit Tempt the appetite, please the taste and nourish the body. Criap, clean and fresh-5 cents in the moisture- proof package. Baronet Biscuit Round, thin, tender-with a delightful flavor -- a p p r o p r i a t e f o r luncheon, tea and dinner. 10 cents. ZuZu Prince of appetizers. Makes daily trips from Ginger-Snap Land to waiting mouths everywhere. Say ZCL Zu to the grocer man, 5 cents. Bay bitcait baked by NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY Always look for that name RESINOL CURED AWFUL ITCHING IN ONE NIGHT Kew York--"The ekin on my hand Bot red and rough It itched" and I Begin to scratch it. It itched so-taut ·ometimes 1 could not sleep all night. I was suffering ^ery much. I Used · salve and , but they^did tiot seem to help me This went on for feuc or seven months. Then I tried JBesinol Ointment andKesmol Soap I Wsed them one night. In the morning, fo mv surprise, my hand was all well *nd the trouble has never returned. This is the absolute truth"--(Signed), (lisa Celia Kleinman, 61 Columbia St, ttpril 26, 1915. Sbthing we can say of Eesinol equals (triat others, such as Mias Kleinman, ·ay of it It does its work quickly, easily and at little cost If you ara from skin trouble, why don t ^ou try Resinol Ointment and Hesmol £oap. For trial size, fre 0 , write to Dept KK, Eesmol,. Baltimore, Md. Bold by al All sizes to 4x5. Films Developed, any size roll lOc Briny your work to th« on!y Eastman shop Vi Decatur Ue use nothing b i t . Eastman paper and chemicals The proo* o* our «u- Jl«r*or workmanship lies in tl^e fa t that J'* e snd our pr Ms ail o*er the Un tM ^tates. Hul orders ·olleit«d All work guaranteed. C. A. MORROW, 815 NOttTH WATEBST Bathing Suits Finest line in the city! Women's suits, in different trimmings, S2 to to §10. Men's and boys' bathing suits, one and two-piece suits, in cotton and wool, 50c to $5.00. Caps and shoes for bathers at ·different prices. Haines Essick _ 217 N. Water. Both Phones 1256 Officer Johnson Stops Man and Boy. CONTAINED 3 BARRELS Consigned to Moon Club on Merchant Street. An earl rnornlnt delivery of beer rom a local agency was halted by Of f'cer Johnson at 5 o'clock Thursday morning and whether or not anything comet of it in the way of prosecution t demonstrates that the police ofJl- ,ere are keeping: their eye» open for · iolations of the local option law The situation has to do with the dl- ect question of whether Intoxicants ;onsigned to one party can be taken rom the freight house by another sart and delivered to the consignee CONTAINED 3 BARRELS Officer Johnson early Thur=dav Homing san a one-horss delivery wa- :cn dri-ven b a man and a bo It was pretty early for a delivery wagon o be out ard he *ent up to it and that it contained three barrels ind a little further Investigation howed that each barrel contained ten ozen pint bottles of beer The beer was consigned bv the Irflsy Brewing ompanj to the Moon club, which has oomg on Merchant street up the old hop sue} atalrwaj Officer Johnson took the man boy nd wagon to headquarters, but there nere no lawyers abroad at that hour of he morning and tney were flna ly re- eased The deliverer said he got the .ter at the freight house the night ifcfore but dldn t have time to delner t then so he waited until morning ·lowever he did not have a bill for the hiptnent v, 1th him SEPOKTED TO A1J-/EN A report of the matte- was left with Chief Allen and he has submitted the ,ase to the state* attorney and cor- loration counsel, and it may be that larrants will be issued ASKS THE CITY TO VACATE ALLEY A petitior was received by the city council Thursday from M L. Ham general superintendent of the McKiney propert es here asking the city to acate the alley between. TV ood and Main streets from Jackson to Broad- va-i The Kas companj recently pur- ·rnsed all the propertj In this entire .lock anfl as it Is the custom of the .ouncil to grant such requests when he petitioner-; own the entire block he attorney was instructed to draw p an ordinance to this effect ASK FOR LIGHT A petition for an electric light at he corner of Third and Bast North t i e ts was referred to Commissioner 'u'hrauff and on a petition of prop- rtv owners for a sidewalk on the ..orth side of Johnson avenue from b a r r e n to Broadway the members de- ided to go out and look 01 er the Among- the bills allowed uas one for 14 63S in favor of the 'New York Con- inental Jewell Filtration company he fourteenth estimate on the amount f w o i k done by these people at the liter plant FOR NEW WALKS An ordinance was passed for a side alk on the south side of East Locust rom Jasper east to Charles street, and were read for the first time nd put over, calling £or the following South side West Green from Van ke east to the Illinois Central right f way r^orth side of Washington street ·om Cnurch street east 127 feet Th arnual appropriation oidinance n3 tho ordinance for salaries of city fficers -u pro read for the second time :id pa^d BAD STEEL DOOR Atlention was called bi the mayor o a bid steel door in the sidewalk n the west side of the b H i d i n g own- d b\ William Rothfu»s at the south de of Lincoln square just across east f the St Nicholas Commissioner ecker said he had notified the own- · to fix it a number of times, but it ad ne^er been done He also reported hat two window holes along this uilding extending out into the side- Talk werp nearlj filled with paper nd also said the building inspector went over to look at that building and ame back, recommending that the card of health look after the ent of the place \fter much talk about the place it as decided that Commissioner Becker, Ire Chief De^ ore and Building In- ectoi Wire should gn over insnect and give final orders as to what must be done there FARMERS' PICNIC AT MANN FARM Jtmonirtrntlon There July 10 of Good llltnola Farming. Almost pverv one in Illinois has card of Frank Mann s famous farm t Oilman and many have plaited U nd ^een the splendid crops he is get- ng a« a result of his sj ot°m of soil reatment In order to g n e other armere a special opportunity to vlilt us Instructive farm, there will be a ig farmers picnic held there Friday uly 10 to which every farmer in II- nois Is inMted The principal object of the dai trill e to studv th« cropt and fields on Eann s farm The wheat will be in le shock th oats well headed out, nd the corn clover and alfalfa, in hape to show up nicely the results of svstem of management t h a t has een followed Untreated strips hav« een left in nearlv all the fields so lat results will be plainly Been uides will be pro* idea to explain the ieldi Frank Mann will give a talk n soli fertility tvith especial refer- nce to his o w n experience The trip ill be ^ e i \ instructive and well orth an farmer's time The picnic is belnt held under tK« usplces of Prairie Farmer of which Mr Mann is associate editor Local interest may be added to the icnlc bj the fact that Mr Manns wife was formerl} Airs Iena 6t*phen- on ot Decatur. CANADA'S FIRST CARDINAL Increased Business on Wabash Helps Conditions. "Wabash business started cllmbln* Thursday morning with the order to add another caboose and freight train rrew to the south end «»rvice Nina trainmen who have been suffering in idleness through the alack traffic o the past two months have been recalled Into the service and will start to Tvork at onre They are Brakemen iKnotts Freeman, Pier, Warren, Barrows, Purpus, Culley, Brocker and Duncan, all of Decatur MORE PASSENGERS In the passenger branch of the service a big Increase to being shown dally. Thursday morning the Wabash added extra equipment to all passenger trains running between Decatur and Chicago and St Louis and cars filled up lapldly at the lof-a.1 station The holiday mo\ement which IB ex- rected to break records, started In earnest, anfl although most of the passengers bought tickets for short distances onlj. passenger officers here i a \ e begun to smile over the rapidl fining records Other roads operating rto the cit also put on additional cars to handle the passenger business Thursdav and w i l l iea\ e th= cars in service until Monday, CARDINAL BEGHS. Cardinal Begin of Quebec Canada, s Irst Cardinal, arrived on 'La France e 19 coming from Rome -n here he \ent to receive his red hat He was et by a delegation of clergvmen and 15 man from Quebe- only after bit chin had been badly cu WednMday atUrnooa, when hii h«ai wai caught between two parti of i big engine which wa* being repaired. 1 he apprentice wa» leaning far ove into th» bolUr and workmen ilidlni lr the heavy parts, caught hla head He wai taken to th» hoapltal. Flower Mission W. C. T V. Subject The Flower Mission was the subject f the W C T U meeting held Weil esday afternoon at the First Chi is lan church Mrs Charles MeCarter he Flower Mission superintendent lad charge of the progiam A report of the w o r k done through- mt the United States bv tnat depart ment was gUen Mrs Alice B u s h w i y gave the story of Jennie Cassia \ s (fe, who originated this d partment t work "Mrs \ M !-"UaeId read The Lamplighter The department quiz w a s also gn en ;ouching upon the - v a n o i s lines of work and telling hou tne riowcr Mis- ion could help towards securing na- lonai prohibition The subject for th next meeting will be 'Our States W h i c h H-we Cam signs on for State-^ide Pronibition Dr Jennie Kibble will he ICTI! r nur the summer months the meetings ( ill begin at 3 o clock Still Rounding Vp Grain Cart. WabaBh transportation officials rom St Louis arrived in Decatur on Thursday to make a, last disposition of grain before the opening of re big crop movement They report favorable conditions all along the line of the Wabaeh and predict that the influence in traffic made bv the large crop wlji be feU for more than three months E v e r j railroad in the country expects to h a v e a share In the piosperitj The officials will soon turn loose the captured box cars which hiv e been hoarded a w a j all over the road pending the start of the big movement and it is tho tg-ht that the entire Wahaeh equipment TV ill be required to handle the business coming- out of the west ern states Big Business on Local The ariditj of that territory between Forrest and Etreator was shown fully bj the fact that the Streator local on the ^ abash which last Sunday made ito first Sabbath trip between the two t rmimls for a score of vears brought in over $110 to the co'fers in Wabash V Louis headquarters The Sunday tram proved a success and will be continued d u r i n g the summer according to J D McNamara, "n abash general passenger agent Bend In Cnugbt. J M a h o n e j m a c h i n i s t apprentice at the \v aba«h locomotive shops narrow- 1^ rm^ed serious Injury and escaped ArtHur Officials Fine and Fire Him from City. Arthur, July 3--Herbert Walker who wai convicted of bootlegging on June 32 and who. In default ot the payment of a fine of 11(0 wai placed In th« calaboose, wag releaied on appeal bond last Friday But City Attorney Watson had a flit full of other affidavits and threatened to make It go hot for Walker that he went before the council and effected a compromise, embodying the following condition* He paid th» $190 and costn and con fesed Judgment on other counts to the amount of $800, the collection of the latter to be suspended In case he left town permanently, otherwise to stand against htm In accordarce with thii arrangement t\alker and his wife left Wednesdas W a l k e r came to Arthur about three years ago and began plying his trade For a time he wai very cautloui but a f e r got careless and an a consequence was picked u p " Hit bad windup ·hould be a good lesson to any prospective merchant of similar ambltlona Grindol'i JOw Location According to a «Ign recently placed on the lot of W H Grlndol and Son, t South Main and Washington :hat firm will soon occupy the lot with :helr monument factors and yard However, Mr Grindol saye they will probably not build before next year and nothing definite baa been decided as to the plans for a building FRECKLE-FACE SUN AND WIND BRING OUT tJGLY SPOTS. HOW TO REMOVE EASILY. Here's a chance, Miss Preekle-fnoc, to try · remedy for freckle* with thi guarantee of n reliable dealer tbat It rrlll not cost 700 · nennr unless It removes tbe frecklesi while If It does Klre Ton n clear complexion the expense Is trlflliur. Slmplv get an ounce of othlne--dou- ble strength from any dmtCKtst ana · ferr applications KhonM show ran how '·NT It Is to rid yourself of the bomelv freckles and ret · benntifnl complex. Ion. Rarely ts more than one ounce needed for the worst ons». Be sure to ask the druggist for tlm double strength othlne as this Is the prescription gold nnder guarantee of money back It It falls to remove freckles Opposite Review You Can Purchase Clothing for the 4th and never miss the money, as a payment down and A WEEK is all we ask. SPECIALS Our entire stock of Men's and Young Men's fancy Suits at .50, $17.50, $14.75, $12.50 All this season's Millinery up to $7.98, your choice while they last $1.00 Your choice from our entire stock of Women's and Misses' Suits and Coats at less than 1 PRICE Come in tonight, we are open until 10 o'clock Tomorrow we close at noon. GOODS 346 NORTH MAIN ST. ICED TEA Cooling and thirst quenching. Especially blended and flavored with orange peco, purifies water and invigorates the body. COFFEE Selected for cup quality; makes a delicious iced drink. SUGAR 25-pound cloth bags, pure cane, $1.15. Goods promptly delivered. "^ ~ Telephone ygur orders. Furnish your home with useful and beautiful articles given FREE with our premium checks. The Union Pacific Tea Co. Both Phones. 116 E. Prairie St. LADIES THINK of the convenience and comfort of an electric iron these hot days--no heat from the stove, no changing irons, You can iron 60 minutes out of each hour with an electric iron, We have General Electric, Westinghouse and Hot Point irons, Decatur Railway Light Co, 114 East William. Bell Phone 1. Auto 1167. SPECIAL FOR 30 DAYS Have you tried without success to get a plate to stay in position! These plates cannot drop out, but stick tight to place. Can bite anything with them. FOB 90 DAYS AT HALF PRICE Our Prices Gold Crowns, extra heavy ..- ^.$4,00 Plates , -.-.- ,....,,. .$5.00 and up Painless Extraction SP: 25c MASON DENTISTS Phone 616. Cor. Main and Water. NEWSPAPER! A^PAPLRf

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