Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 6, 1949 · Page 6
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 6

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 6, 1949
Page 6
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Midwest Livestock Trend Good Butchers 140-150 Ibs. .. 150-1BO i«o-no 170-180 180-190 iao-2oo 180-200 2011-220 (WEDNESDAY'S Albert Lea, Minn. 50c higher Ibs S10.0D Ibs S17.00 !bs $18.00 Ibs Ibs ' Ibs Ibs 220-240 Ibs 240-270 lb>. 270-300 Ibs 300-360 Ibs 330-300 Ibs Good Packing Sows— 270-300 Ibs Ibs S17.30 • Ibs : . $16.7.") Ibs SlO.Od Ibs $15.25 Ibs 514.75 Ibs S14.75 Sin.7.-> S20.2S S20.23 S19.25 $18.00 ilS.On S17.2."> S17.50 ;iOO-3"JO 330-350 3UO-400 400-450 450-500 500-550 PRICES) Austin. Minn. 50c higher S12.C5 S14.B3 S15.U5 S18.2. r > $19.75 S20.25 S20.23 $20.25 Sltf.50 S18.7. r . $18.0(1 $17.25 8L7.50 517.25 $16.75 sis.™ SI 5.25 S15.00 515.00 .Waterloo 25c higher $18.00 S19.SO $20.00 520,0(1 S19.2. r > $18.50 S18.00 S17.30 $17.50 S17.50 S17.00 $16.50 S1G.OO $16.00 S15.50 M»$on City Glol>e-GaieUe,M»sou City. l». Jail. 5, 1949 Cedar Rapids 25c higher SI6.50 S19.UO S19.25 S'20.00 520.00 S 19.25 SIS.jO S18.00 $17.50 S1T.23 $17.25 S1G.75 Slti.25 $15.75 $15.25 $14.75 Hog Prices Shoot Upward Chicago, (U.R)—Hogs shot another $1.00 a hundred pounds higher Wednesday when receipts again fell far below trade expectations. Cattle were steady to 50 cents higher and sheep strong to 25 cents up. Good and choice butcher hogs sold i'rom $19.00 to §22.75 while sows ran from $15.00 to $18.00. (U. S. D. A.) Salable hogs 0,000: active and uneven: fully SI lusher on all hogs; spots up more, top $23 paid sparingly; moat good and choice 180 to 250 Ib. $22i'<£ 22.75; 230 to 250 Ib. S20.50Cri21.75; 260 j to 300 Ita. S19.50fu,20.75; few around 325 Ib, at 519: good and choice 3UO to 450 Ib. sows $16.50© 18; good 475 to 000 Ib. Slafilli.SO; early clearance. Salable cattle 7.500; salable calves MO; steers steady to 50 cents higher, moderately active; heifers steady; cows steady to 25 cents higher; bulls fully 25 cents higher; vealers firm; stockers and feeders firm; load lots choice 1,025 to 1,375 Ib. steers $31.SOfff34.50; top SS4.50 for 2 loads 1,025 Ib. yearlings; bulk good to low-choice steers 525(ji30.50; medium to low-good grades $22<iT24.50: load common 1.050 Ib. weights $21.50; load choice 1,050 Ib. heifers $30; bulk medium to low- choice heifers $22^27; medium nnd good sausage bulls $22.50^24.25; vealers $33 down. Salable sheep 2,500; slaughter lambs 25 cents higher; trade active: top §25.25 paid freely; ewes strong at $10.50 down. Prices Up on Grain Market (—Grains moved the board of trade Chicago, upward on Wednesday with dealings moderately active. Wheat was aided by some commercial buying against sales of flour overnight to Italy. The deferred contracts were bought on news that laws to change the present parity law had been introduced in congress. There was some short covering in all cereals, and particularly in corn, prior to President Truman's speech to congress. At noon wheat was unchanged to 1 cent higher, May $2.27J, corn was -\-l'i higher, May $1.49.1, '->ats were unchanged to i higher, May 78, and soybeans were .', lower to \ higher, March $2.61. CHICAGO GRA1X CLOSE (Wednesday's Market) Chicago, (/P) — WHEAT— High Lou- May . ........ 2.27 1 July ......... 2.12 ESTIMATED LIVESTOCK RECEIPTS (Wednesday's Market) Chicago, M v j—(U. S. D. A.I— Estimated salable livestock receipts for Thursday: 4,000 hogs. 14.000 cattle and 2,000 sheep. Local Livestock MOr.s MASON CITY—For Wednesday Twenty-five cents higher. Good light lights 1GO-170 $l(i.25 Good light lights 170-180 $18.25 Good mcd. weights 180-200 $20.00 Good mcd. weights 200-220 ?20.00 Good mcd. weights 220-240 $19.75 Good med. weights .... 240-270 $19.00 Good med. weights 270-300 $18.25 Good med. weights 300-330 $17.50 Good mcd. weights 330-3GO $17.00 Good sows 270-300 $17.50 Good sows 300-330 $17.50 Good sows 330-360 $17.00 Good sows 3GO-400 $16.50 Good sows 4OO-450 $10.00 Good sows 450-500 $10.00 No hogs received after 5 p. tn.—Jacob E. Decker & Sons. CATTLE MASON CITY—For Wednesday Choice steers and heifers 529.50-32.5J Good to choice itcers and heifers $26.00-29.00 Good steers and heifers $25.00-29.00 Medium steer? and heifers .. $24.00-26.00 Fair steers and heifers S18.0fl-19.00 Plain steers and heifers .. . $10.00-18.00 Choice cows S17.SO-19.00 Good cows S1B.50-17.00 Medium cows $16.00-17.00 Fair cows $14.50-16.00 Good bulls S18.00-22.00 Medium bulls $17.00-20.00 Bologna bulls J17.00-18.00 Canners and cutters J13.00-15.00 CALVES MASON CITY—For Wednesday Choice $28.00 Good S26.00 Common S18.00 Cull* $14.00 Good to choice J23.50 SPRING LAMBS EWES Good to choice » 1.50- 9.50 Medium $ 6.50- 7.30 Common and Culls » 5.00- 6.00 SOUTH ST. PAUL LIVESTOCK (Wednesday's Market) South St. I'aul, lU.R>— (U. S. D. A.) — Livestock: Cattle 3,000. Slaughter steers, heifers strong to 50 cents higher, trade lacking activity. Riving appearance of forced advance because of continued light receipts. Package choice 1.055 Ib. mixed yearlings $29. Few lots good slaughter steers, yearlings $24rri2(J; some high-good S27. Medium shorlleds $21(S23; few medium, good heifers $20ry24; common steers, heifers $17<ti20. Cows mostly 50 cents higher, with extremes on common, medium up as much as SI over Monday. Bulk good cows $lB.50(ft20; common-me- Sept 2.12',, Dec 2.14 CORN— May 1.403s July 1.47<U Sept 1.42 3 ; Dec 1.3G'.n OATS— May 78'i July 73'.-.I Sept. 70 ; U RYE— May 1.73 SOYBEANS— March 3.61 3 ! May 2.59' - 4 July 2.B8V* LARD-.Tan 16.20 March 16.50 Mny 16.60 July 16.67 Sept 16.75 2.10V, 2.10'.« 1.48'1.46 J 4 1.41',4 1.35 .70 U 3.71 2.57 '..i 2.56 2.33 iK.or. 16.25 18.32 18.50 16.57 Close 2.271'. 2.1 Us 2.1 Hi 2.13',., 1.49'i 1.35 7 1.72 2.61 "A 2.58 a ,« 2.56 16.12 16.42 16.55 16. lio 1G.75 Mason City Grain At 10 a. m. Wednesday No. 2 oats, 36 Ibs .......... 76c No. 2 yellow corn, Jan. . . . SI. 27 Soybeans, Dec ...... ....... $2.42 grade CHICAGO CASH GKAIN (Wednesday's Market) Chicago, (IPi — Wheat; None. Corn: No. 4 mixed $1.42', ^; No. 1 yellow $1.50; No. 2, $1.48 :> A'(51.49\b: No. 'J, $1.45'/4'i.S1.45 :I 4: No. 4, $1.37 'A<ij :' No. 5. $1.28V4fi)1.35 : iJ; sample $1.24®1.24',4; No. 4 white $1.39. Oats; No. 1 heavy mixed SR'Ac; No. 1 heavy white SS'i^SS'/ic; No. 1 extra heavy white Ktff.SSVsc; No. 2 heavy white BB'.ifiJSa^c; No. 1 heavy special red 91'ic. Barley nominal: Malting $1.02«iF, 1.20. Field seed per hundredweight nominal: Timothy $17.50(ffl8; sweet clover $l5r f ['16. Soybeans: None. dium cnnners-cutters $15ffi 16.50; beefy cutters $17. Bulls firm, medium- Rood S20.50tt;23'.50; good weighty $24; cutter-common S17.5(Kt£20. Stockcrs-feed- ers very light supply, nominally steady. Good-choice dairy cows $175 to $275; high-choice weighty $300. Calves 2,000. Venlcrs sleady to weak considering tighter sorting. Good-choice $32; high- choii-e $33«;34; common-medium culls $14f(T17. Hogs (1,000. Fifty cents higher on good- choice 170 to 240 Ib. barrows, gilts at $2041' 21. 50. Good-choice sows 50 cents higher at S17. Average cost, weight on Tuesday: Barrows, gilts $19.17. 26S Ibs.; sows $15.47, 464 Ihs. Sheep 1,000. Salable limited to around Stock Market Rally Is Short New York, (/P)—The president's state of the union message touched off a mild and short-lived rally in the stock market Wednesday. Gains ranged from fractions to a little more than a point for issues affected, mostly in the steel, rail and automobile divisions. Turnover picked up a little as the president delivered his message but activity was still nothing to get excited about. Wall Street generally rated the outline of administration policy as better than expected from a business viewpoint. In demand were U. S. Steel, Republic Steel, National Steel, Chrysler, Studebaker, Montgomery Ward, J. I. Case, Schenley, Twin Coach, Kennecott Copper, Phelps Dodge, Wcstinghouse Electric, du Pont, Allied Chemical, International Paper, Great Northern Preferred, Illinois Central, Chesapeake & Ohio, Gull: Oil, Skelly Oil, and Twentieth Century-Fox. 70(1 mixed offerings. ll«hed. Market not estab- New York Stocks By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS (Wednesday's Close) Am. Tel. & Tel. 150R Anaconda Cop. 33:; Bendix Aviat. 34 Beth. Steel 32j Boeing Airplane 2~1 Montgom. Ward 531 N. Y. Central R. R. rii Radio Corp 13i Sears Roebuck 38jt Stand Oil Ind. 39? Stand Oil N. J. 71J Texas Co. 53 U. S. Steel 70i Chrysler Corp. S^J Gen. Elec. 38J Gen. Motors 581 Illinois Central 20 Int. Harvester 27 A Produce (Qotalinn* t>j I- <• M«r»«> At 10 a. m. Wednesday Capons, 7 Ibs. up 55c Heavy hens, 5 Ibs. and up ... 30c Heavy hens, 4 to 5 Ibs 27c Light hens 24c Springs, heavy breeds 32c Springs, Leghorns 23c Old cocks, heavy breeds . Leghorn cocks Eggs, at retail Butter, Corn Country Butter, Iowa State Brand 73-75c . . . 15c 12c 48-59c 72-74c CHICAGO PRODi;CK tWctlnrsday's Market) Chicago, i.-l'i—lU. S. D. A.t—I-ivc poultry: UnbCltlcrt. Receipts 10 trucks. Prices unchanged to 1 cent a pound Imvcr on chicken:;, unchanged to '2, cents higher on clucks. F. O. B.: Fowl 41'ii42c: Ix>i:horn fowl ;;Kn32c; roasters 40'n4-lc; fryers 33f(j:i7c: broilers 32^j3fic: old roosters 26f(i27e. F. O. B. wholesale market: Ducklings nnd heavy youiHT ducks 'IS'.C 1 4:ic: liRlit <lucl<s nOft31c. "01. CHICAGO POTATOES (Wrdnenday'n MarUft) Chicago, i.,r>— (U. S. D. A.I—Potatoes: Arrivals 57. on track 148: total U. S. shipments 51C; supplies light; cftmand good; market stronger. Colorado Red Mc- Clurcs $3.75fi-UO. Idaho Russet Burbanks $4.10(U4.33. Minnesota-North Dakota Red River Valley Bliss Triumphs $3.25. Cobblers $2.BO, Pontlncs S3.85. Death Notices 1 Mrs. Ida, 84. died at the home of her daughter. Mrs. Vcrn Morphew, 413 29th S. \V.. at 12:30 noon Tuesday, following a lonn Illness. Funeral services will be held at 2 r>. m. Thursday at the Patterson-James chapel, with the Rev. Hcrherl P. Rumford. pastor of the Flrnt Bnptir.t church, officialise. Inter- ne nt will he at liio ISnciui-plI roinrtery. TTh* Patlorsmi-.l niMr ^ funer.'il home ; n < IllCAr.O VRODVCK ( Wrilnfil.iy's M'.irUrti so. '•''' — Butter wc.ik. liei'eipls Prices '~'j cents a pound lower. AA f)2 A, and P(l B all (!!<•; 89 SAVE A SHOP -The HOME of VALUE-WAY" MEATS <):', score c t;o.:.c. Eggs unsettled. Pifceipts 19,879. Prices unchanged to 1 cent a do^en lower. U. S. cK'.ras. 70 per cent and up A -We: BO to fi!>.!) per cent A 49c: U. S. standards 4j''(j4Sc; current receipts 42c; dirties 38, oc: checks 35.5c. NKW YORK PIJOOL'CE (Wednesday's SI»rktt> New York. i.Fj—Butter 688.B57. Ea;,y. Wnolesale price.s on bulk cartons: Creamery higher than 512 score and premium marks A A fl2'.*ic; 02 score A 62c: 90 score B (10'jc: flO score C S9Vjc. (New tuba visually command 'b cent a pound over the bulk cnrton price). Cheese ^44.Sfl2. Steady. Prices un- chnngcd. EERS r!8.17(J. Easy. New York spot quotations follow. Midwestern: Mixed colors: Fancy heavyweights S2ii'i:>3c: extra. No. 1 lai'Kc- 51t : rxtra. No. 2 larfio 491j;i0c; extra. No. 1 medium 44'i<4ric; pulle!-; 42'.i 4Hc: csirrrnl nt'ripls 4SW47r; dirtier 4."n-; i-iir'.-k- •<:;>•. EACH PURCHASE UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEED ALL CUTS TRIMMED OF EXCESS WEIGHT BEFORE WEIGHING PORK CHOPS Lean End Cuts 1948 NOW! Ib. 39c ALL MEAT — FRESH GROUND — NONE HIGHER GROUND BEEF DEMONSTRATION PRICE ON DECKER'S VALUE BRAND SKINLESS WIENERS Fresh Dressed FRESH DRESSED BULLHEADS RATH'S POUND CARTON ' I TENDER BEEF CLUB STEAK RATH'S MULBERRY SMOKED HAMS Roth's Tendr'd Whole or Full Half 1948 NOW! Ib. 59c HEINZ KETCHUP 23c COME AGAIN PEAS n^M^MH^HH^^^^^BMWHHBVBH^^BiH^^^^^^^^Biiv^^^^^^^^^^-^—•••— i i ...-..., .— — — STANDARD CREAM STYLE OR WHOLE KERNEL CORN 2 NO. * CANS TEXAS MARSH SEEDLESS No. 2 Can Grapefruit 1O NATCO EVAPORATED SHAEFFER DILL CALIF. GREEN ALMERIA TEXAS NEW GREEN Grapes 2 ibs. 29c Cabbage u>. 5c GOLDEN RIPE MILK 3 . 37o PICKLES t. 25c BANANAS p— 15 OUR BREAKFAST CANADIAN EXTRA FANCY MclNTOSH UUK DKCArxTAdl • CANADIAN tA IKA rANd rvtcimuan i E/\*\J JWIWK. COFFEE 3"».ba g si. 15 1 Apples 2ibs.23c Oranges 55 .. ______^^^^___—^__ • •^^^^^•••^•••^••••••••••••^^•^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ H TEXAS JUICE CLOVER CREST HARTMAN'S PASTUERIZED I PONT1AC WASHED, U. S. NO. 1 RED CLOVER CRtb I rlAK I MAIN D r/\a i UCIMX.CU' • rwi^i m** TT ^^, •--'/ ~> — • — • BUTTER ib. 67c MILK 29c | Potatoes 1O "»»• 45 WINNER BRAND MIXED WINESAP, EXTRA FANCY and FANCY Fruit Tid-Bits 25'I Apples bu.»3.99 TEXAS ROSEBUD Radishes 15c PRICES EFFECTIVE ALL DAY THURSDAY, FRIDAY AND SATURDAY

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