The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 24, 1971 · Page 18
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 18

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 24, 1971
Page 18
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... %l!S KM AZOSPOKT FACTS, , Wednesday, November 24, tWt, College... ; (Continued from Pnget) thai.R can" be seen that "we have a real problem if \vc arc to keep some of these classes on our campus." "Some difficulty Is anticipated for next fall in having a sufficient number of regular classrooms available at special times In order to avoid program conflicts within a special curriculum," bo reported, U was pointed out that several of (he laboratory rooms are so specialized that it is not practical to put them to use as regular classrooms during the periods they are not in use as lobs. While already facing space problems after less than six months in Ihe new facilities, there are three major problems that have not yet been solved by the contractor. Dr. Jackson said Monday. One is the fountain. H has not yet been adjusted properly so that it remains on and does not throw a spray outside of the bowl. Also there is a problem of noise in the pipes when the (ountain shuts off. Dr, Jackson said there is to be someone here next week to inspect the fountain further. More experts are due in to look over another problem— the heating and cooling systems. This problem is apparently not unusual in new buildings. Dr. Jackson said, hut has caused some inconvenience lo students and faculty. The two-pipe system results in hot water being In the pipes in the early morning hours to ward off the chill of the night. Then, as the temperature may soar some 30 degrees, the air conditioner comes on but is blowing over still-hot pipes so is producing hot, not cool, air. Some classes were held outside when this occurred last week, he said. On Monday the same situation resulted but due to the rain, windows were opened In an effort to cool Ihe rooms. The part of the building where the administrative offices are located and some other areas have a different tour-pipe system and do not suffer from this problem, he said. The third problem concerns waterproofing in the gymnasium area where leaks have occurred over the dressing rooms. A new type of coating is being tried there. Dr. Jackson reported. The gymnasium wing was also the topic for the first project for which Dr. Jackson was asking Regents' reaction. He suggested that enclosing the open covered areas just outside of the upper floor of the gym would add considerably to the play area. lie said be would like to sec the pool tables that are now in the student center, plus ping pong tables, placed adjacent to the gym. Either the existing windows of the gym could be moved outward or new windows installed, he said. There was nodding agreement that Dr. Jackson should look into the County budget I Continued from Page I ) ... cents per $100 valuation to 75 cents. The Road and Bridge Special Tax, however, Is remaining at Its 30 cent per $100 valuation rntcx The result appears to be a proportionately higher rate of tax revenues being diverted Into road construction plans. The new budget reflects generally higher Increases In the Road and Bridge Dept. than the percentage of increase seen in General Fund and other departmental planning. Here is a look at the proposed tax cuts contained in the county budget for other, governmental agencies which use the new county valuations: —Angleton Drainage District. A reduction from $1.30 per $100 valuation to 72 cents. —Vclasco Drainage District. A cut from K cents to -ta cents, —Alvin Drainage District. No change. —Pearland Drainage District. A reduction from 60 cents to 35 cents. —Iowa Colony Drainage District. A cut from $1.33 to 77 cents. —Danbury Drainage District. A decrease from $1.24 to 78 cents. -Brazos River Harbor Navigation District, A decrease from 15 cents to 10 cents. -Road District 33 (Sweeny). A cut from 10 cents to seven cents. -Road District M (Braiusport). A '•' A comparison In the budget document 'released by County Auditor T, L, Roberta Tuesday states that last year's Road and Bridge budget was higher—an estimated W million. However, the budget document released last year showed only $3.8 million registered In a recapitulation of funds for the budget year. However, a later budget amendment did add funds anticipated for collection this reduction from 13 cents lo nine cents. —Road District 36 (Alvin). A cut from lo cents to U cents. The proposed 75 cent county rale has been allocated to the tour statutory opcrntlng funds in this manner: —General Kurtd, 40 cents per $100 valuation. —Rood and Bridge Fund. 27 cents. —Jury Fund, one cent, —Permanent Improvement Fund, two cents. The total tax rate lor operation of the county amounts tu $1 per $100 valuation Another five cents will be levied, however, for the retirement of the 1966 Road Bond Usue. It was previously a IQ-cent rale. The new budget shows that each County Commissioner Precinct has been allocated equal Road and Bridge Fund mon*y---n-M.9a! each. The total Road and Bridge prvcincl budgets amount to a total of more than $29 million. This figure coupled with Commbsiontrs Court salaries, administration and engineering, an 180,000 expenditure fur lh* second part of the industrial property rcuppraUal, and other costs, brings 'he total (toad ami Bridge IH'pt budget to $3.9 million DINE 0 Prime Steaks and Sea Food Open until 11 p.m Atop The Saratoga inn CAPTAIN'S CHAIR RESTAURANT cost of both plans. A secc-id improvement for which he said funds were available was air conditioning of the machine tools technology, welding and oceanic marine technology labs. Dr. Jackson said that it had already been discovered thai the lack of air conditioning was hard on some of th« machines, tn the long run it could be less expensive to cool the areas than lo let tho machines rust, he said. Floor covering (or the fine arts rooms and Ihe theater was also discussed. Dr. Jackson said a number of people had commented on the bare look of the theater. He said there was some money budgeted (or the fine arts rooms doors but not Ihe theater. Dr. B. R. Mayse wondered i( the heavy bleachers would damage any type o( plastic tile that might be placed on the floor. Dr. Jackson said the drama department liked the concrete door since it could be painted or otherwise given temporary treatment according to the department's current use of the staging area. Here, as with Ihe gym windows, Dr. Jackson is to come back to the board with costs. NOON CALL Stock market report DJ1I .............. S«.«S Air Reduction ....... '"'» Amer, Nafl Ins ...... T*i Amer. News ........ . I- Amcr. TAT ......... <t v » A. P Green. ........ *' Bourns, Inc .......... I* 1 * Ch«. 4 Ohio H It ..... «>« Halph U. . K. Hunon A Co HouMon N'al't ti.n Kwtnccoii ("o Combustion Knfi. ..... '* Dow Chemical ....... *•'• Dul'onl. .... ....... 1 J|1 « Fed. Sign i Signal. . . U'i Ford Motor Co ....... « Flmtkote .......... , »•» Franklin Ufv Ins ...... •» Frt*pwt Sulphur. .... IJ OwH-ral Eta; trie ..... '•* General Motors ...... **"i Gordon* Jewlry, ... -''• Gulf Oil .............. •»*' llou U.P ........... «'' Other possible projett* that came in (or brief discussion included pipe* (or sonic drainage area* wht-re hn-avy raim c.uwc spray into walk areas; placement of morv electrical switches tn dais rooms, use of acouiticai material in Ifirev high ceiling roonis. shwr drap«1« lo provide some privacy (or llxr (acuity 0/fK.ts; ami additional landscaping IBM l.ttliwi Intl Marathon Oil Motn.mlo Marfor Naku Penney J C Philip* Prlr Ctyln* Sid Oil trf Iral . . Std (til o< N J Tr-uw Gulf S«l W T ('.rant Mulujl KonJ A o is*. us Iral Trrnd Fund. ... .11.34 TPXAJ Fund. , t.xj M.iiihj it-iii Fund . t w Uld ItKotnr Fund lljM Special services ItHV/.OUIA A ThanJutgmng aicriiicc will txc h«?W by tl»* Klr»l Hdp<»»t Ctwrch o( Old To*t> 4l T 30 p.m. on "niursdjy *{ih the Hcv f| II Fletcher »» thr speaker. October, November, and December, According to the new budftet, Pet, I Comr, •Dixie Brown's budget I* a reduction of »boul 126,000 with the difference noted mottly In corutrucllon of e.xlslliig road* and construction contingencies, Maintenance, however, li higher than tail year, No change* ore reflected in Mtories. Pet. 3 Comr. John Gayle'i budget Is thown a> n $33,000 Increase, moetly In the area of maintenance Instead of new construction. Surfacing materials show an Increase of 175,000 and miscellaneous material and expense show* a hike of 133,000. Construction on existing roads shows Ihe biggest drop. That cut Is from M3.000 last year lo In the new budget. Pet, 3 Comr. Henry Jordan wilt have about 199,000 more this year than It estimated M his expenditure* last year. Large Increase* are seen In surfacing materials and existing road construction. Pet, 4 Comr, Joe Urlgance's precinct budget also reflects a large increase — about $140,000 Mo»l Increase* there are seen In salaries, road surfacing material, enisling road construction and eonlfnitencie*. Aside Irom Hrigance'* propcn«d budg*l, no tubatantial (umU are *et asid« (or Itoad and iirjdge f)vpt salary fmrreaw* < Satarie* aitd wage incrtraws, howew, ar« plannwl (or Cwutiy Kfi#ine*r William H«»h«y'* o(lk«, th« adniioUtrallvr *ccti«i o/ Hoatl and Dept. trrtxt «rvn in county ikparv tcttfrts it tiiore moctiry trt »ikk (or 1 tdlary tncrtamni *tlh only tlight in other oprralin^ i«r«i« By ik$Mftm«tl of cattijory. here t» a brtrf outltne tot ofirraltji|t allocalkmt: ..... Coonly Atxltluf T I. Retorts' l*r» ln»kr( u >,x',IK compdrni *tlh Utt yritr't! Mont of the lm-f fu»t b utt\ct talatio am] tupyltM -liuildinj! roawitfianct Tto tatrgorji w UscrrawM by iibiMt II'-.W) *Uh tnoti ot (Iw iocrvtuc altxratrd (of MlarWr*, oai«!»k wr. vkra and »upplt-nt and uiilltM* •Jail nwlnlnuiK* Tht* catc^wy U up abuut JiS.fc'X) nicMtl) wUrk^ Juitn-<- CoMfU th* Oc* tlgurr it ITJ.IWJ »tlh W.W) U»l fv-tn l(vct«-j.«« Dkitrat Cowrt A IH,w:« tncrto.** up» Ihii tu Jja wa Mu>t ot (be iivrtnK t« in -Juwmlto oWwr and Juvenile Bourd, An IrtcrwM of UJ.OW (o WM«. j -.Health Unit. U|> *»,ooo to $«,»«. I -Agricultural Extension Service, Up $S,WO to 191,800. -County Library. Up $1J.OW to $IM.»lt -Kltctlon expense, Up W.OOO lo flS.^oo. Moilly salaries and outside Mrvlcen #ml supplies. -County Welfare, Up 1 1, too to W,tM, -MenUl health, Up 11,000 to W,WO. -Service officer. Up M.IOO to »l»;i«, Mostly capital expenditure and a flight salary hike, -Tax valuation consultant. Up M.OM lo 118,970, Mwtly Mlary hike*. -Mosquito control. Up 111,000 to $167,015, Mostly salary lncrow**. -ChiW Welfare. Up ||,(X» lo laWM, -Civil defense. Up n.ofiO lo t»,«S. -Domestic Itelatiom Court, Up W,«» to t»,*B Almost all Mlary Intrratc*, -Miscellaneous. ll» million I* budgeted cwtpbml li> It S million In estimated ei- prmlilum tail year Urge Mpfwliturr* In lhi» aixouat ar* tSO.OW (or tanitary landlill. !«>,«» (or pollution control, »,»» lor Ihr rood Stamp l v ro«ram and »ltt,u» ouuuntiinK on the reappraisal wwtlract *tth (•fitchaiU and Tat AiMMMrColkctor tip »Ueu( tlOO.tttf to IOKJ.W8 Urge incr***** »f* u*fl i« and l».«o in Mp*lal rt t'ounty Ortt t'p alxwt iu JI'XKW (rf Itw liK'Iraw i« In ml;mr> t'kfk t'ji W,n^> !n l"9,,tC Vl»s! ' Hkctied tn saUtit* *tJti Mippliw .Shrtlll Ifp I3S.OM (u |:i*C I;,J Alm<Wl All in uUfir« Cotmty Judge t'p atari II,MB lo I»,.MO in uUfj and o(!Vne IU(^I!K"» , Allc»r«rj t'p «lMuI IU«:o to i jfsd etrttjtk- tfi lm|»wnrw«it Kurd 4 gtttff »l u»-»r*« o/ jhawt JiC .0:0 to ltd*. I*: afr tn in Alto c(w«Ti tn ! oi |(«» >« in (tv irfrtrs! jr«J tuntj Iwc <KUB<I »«lc (e*id !/..»•*.', iSr^T-M »t»J itfcit.n< BARBS urarm, tial thtnk u/ thf tatty uumn y*ti' —ami things Jtr tot <« t««l 4* you «-.ii)«;ct«r«l twin to I)*, ' DEER PROCESSING 3-BROTHERS WE'RE AT A NEW LOCATION THE BLACKLIGHT 412 LAKE JACKSON RD. ClUIE A BIGGER & BETTER BUILDING To Handle A Large Selection Of Meichandt« WE HAVE WATER BEDS • BLACKUGHTS POSTERS • PATCHES CAKDUS & INCENSE Special Pfke on Some Poslen; COME BY AND SEE OUR BIACKUGKT ROOM EVERYONE WELCOME TURKEY WINNERS... IN THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS ANNUAL CIRCULATION TURKEY-DAY CONTEST James Meadoi Sweeny J * Glenn Vaughan Clute Pat Cleaver lake Jackson John Huguet Freeport FOR EVERY SIX NEW SUBSCRIBERS TO THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS...YOUR CARRIER RECEIVED A FREE TURKEY TOTAl-102 New Subscribers The Bfazosport Facts The Family Daily Newspaper of Bfazoria County. Mrs Gloria Cole Surfside

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