The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on November 2, 1916 · Page 7
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 7

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 2, 1916
Page 7
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OHILLICOTHI DAILY COMSTITUTIOlf THURSDAY, NOV. 2, 1916. THEATRICAL *· t n c ' t i Tn 0 l l ^ s Cormn,, B specul airangeiULnt -with \\ 11 ^\o^ the Emiire manage npnt wishe o announce the forthcoming en = ag» merit 01 thp bi? p h o t o p H x I ndei I wo 1 tgs - u i t n rhcda Bara and '11 s t i r cast ihc date is T sov J t h FOOD PRICtS JOGGLED, DRASTIC S Where Will Oar Taxes Come? ! From; J, CKICAKO in LJJ Lx hb LT? \Lt \ r i O U N F \ V 1 i t i t i l n l Ope: i ( i it Th I^d es w i n bp c p p c n l l j e r c = t i d in the di T a ot th t » uit ul d i o es ind the b( i u t f u l Oi e oat \ o n bi M -, I il c j u i h e t h n a n i i m b t i o r I f O l o n i u n c n r r c m f e d P°i Ion T O his \ 1 bo Mi^ cine 11 L i i c t i o n t j t l th at t i ji o ig n in lie Ch 11 its J L h i t Quotations on 1 \iblOlls \ I O JI I X t c l 1 UJA O \ O l .LcJxjjhoiic b Gitnip That's OIST V» e will tile 1 C\A rn il lion v, hi ch b c\\ers collect fiom us, which then customers pay of tl e c spent loi piy the und. out IilY million clollais Liquor in this st xte V/L , \ '11 You Eelieve* So -,reit \vn id \V armer rce ot r p r i p ont w h e n b 11(1 V\ 12 111CJ the s u c f c t the V\ er\ I L U - L 11 d K "Mi . Co o f C i Ho~ \ ooJ 11 i I G =aid I nt at th^ Al xjesuc 1 tie iti e on "U ed »bd \cn b th t b t l o i e t h i ' ached it-, first h u n d i e d t n u its fi j.i«souii ancl Io~n a ind the ^o c^ it tho l-.Umge I l i e i t i p n \ L \ y and cential p o i t i o n s ot Illinois j t k thei o \v as a. dem ind toi u om r \ e r \ quarteis ot the conn r\ id its f i n e 1 -ul bnen c i r i t d L i o n last to c o a = t ancl l i o m the gult to anad L b \ the out of o \ \ n i i e i i b e i b c it- cap icit\ iiidiencesi 11 1 ^ 11 c c 5, v\ o in n in c o u» nd o U F C L j r g dii 11 ., i t s \ j.i r t \ "^ oil th t i r Lt on \ i le i n t st \\ b O I L t e l It U so n^ hei ^ ith ·» tv ncal S o l ^ j n . C o m p x n i ' e\ci^ ye ir ind then be set en tj li\e million doll us to the good !\ln;h \\e ^\ ill disti ibuto inc n^ the \ \ i \ e « md diildien C h i c LCD ^ o \ _ --DJ -, ic i n d n g l! lho '^t-^nlcl Oimlon^ men of m d aip c ou \v 11 be t i k c n 111,1 $ M ^s m i federal n \ e s L i g a t i o n oL t h e oa IL pi ceb o iood. proc u°i» ] C l ^ n e L n i L e d b i Lt U t c L lu i a n n o u n c e d todi M C l j i e * d t! t I e i 1 c m it JM t h d t jo :»bLi s m r'con i Si i n. field c-nd Ea^t St Louia ho d ci i e o n v ^ i ition o\ei loiff di-^t nee tel cphonfcb a n d fi\ t h e i n c e s o L t o o l btutls \\ Q lie iKo i n i o i m e d "Mi Cl"vn^ that thebe jobbers conti j | The shc lfla of Prohibition couu on roods tli^oughoui Oh o I PI OllllDl T 10 £O"\cinot£i of G tion bt itc -The ma-voi of every p i o h i b tion city -The TI i i d e n of the penitentiaiy in j e^eiy prohibition state-- ast oo [ exepH n t t i i e p u t t i l l t II L\ 01 to i^s ln.1 s tuitio i« 1% 10 i\ i he Hoi a \r i lien l i u e ^ ivi«)M ro ive Ls i'l tl l u o u in the bodi i i e h i e J n h t le I d n c \ b once e\ e \ t h i e e m u l e l i e ! a e \ c ilt«.i t i e b l o o d i l e i oil il faht ind d i\ \ \ l i o n j i n pine i i a t t e r d ill ^ b n tin » eaUI y t i c \ r c i i o i e ui a\^ in^ri -- ealtln o j i i e I t i t ot til s i m p u r e mat er is l e t t in the blood lliib bnu to -i n nian^ dise i=es and s niptonia -- hich m \ i\idel but mi / includ 0 an in the bick lie idiche neiiotib eSb hot dri bl in iheumitic puns out gi 11 el dibordei of the ej eoight nd healing di/jiiness uregulai °iit deoiliti d i o i \ b n e b S dropsi a pObits in the unne etc Cut it )u keep the filter^ right the diuger ov ercome Doan b J^idnev Pill \ e p r o i e n in eftectiie kidnej mod ne ^vlrs ^ Chanej 62 l Bridge St ullieothe «iis I hive used Doau s dnej Pills on sevenl occasions loi vere bick iche ind shooting p unb rob* nij ludnevs I haie f o u n d em to be in excellent medicine foi is trouble rhe hue a r w a j a ought the desired benefit and 1 idl endoise them Puce 50c at ill dealers Don t npli ask for a kidnei remedi -- get an s Kidney Pills -- the same that s Chanev had Foster "Vlilbmn Props Buffalo IN Y The Boaid oi Conti ol of the btat Indllbtl il Home £oi C n l b de» i e^ to l e x p i e b b its l e g i e t it the i e b i t o n i t i o n ' 01 i b i \1 Clu I E \ \ h o idb to \ tno p ifet ten % e u s been Ule ef 10 ell 1 superintendent ot the Ho i c b u t ' u l u ib eilai^ed il neiss! i ei i\oil I 111 ippiec ate hei 1 i i h t u l s^inc 0 | h i 1 inc'ntss to t i c ^ 1^ he l si ir i p itlu and uiteiest n o icli o-io L PI un f l j ea l u t e l t o h^i i i o t t c t i o n the placing the-institution on a lii = i ei i lane lo p h v s i e 1 nent il anu jiiioiil tipiiit b v hei tintibU il 1 nc 1 - j l o i n i t u t on 11 \\ oi ind hei si le i d cl execut \ e ibiht\ V h c i e i b on t us d i e "Mi-, I\ se\ ers hei connect on i ith tlie AI soun S t i t e Industnal Home foi C u l iieie oie je it Eesol-ved llmt tho P o u d biclb l e i llre^ell iMtll l e l u c i u n c c n i\ ill al°u aj s letain a iechng ot i lend sh p ind lonlt ior hei ind th t ·nherevei sho in 11 go 01 \ h a t e i e i hei lot 111 lite she has the best 11 she of the Board And be it fuither KesolTed That a capj of these re, olutions b© piesented t 0 Mi» Ii e^ a copr sent to the local papers and a record of same =pread upon t u p minutes J\lrs Jaiues T BradshiM Mr Charle-, Comer Com ties-The banl ers and nearly ever-u othei cl iss of business men in stats after state and city aftei city -who tell of the benefits of piohibition-- ( Secne ti om Cel« j n . Co « gale of 11 u, Oi the brewers and rtistilleis who "Z".^ -----liquor ,htei I a r and Waimei at the Majestic Theatre "Wednesday Noi 8th I are In tho liquor business wholly j and solcls t o i the nionej theie is in I It' "ttbicb of those do jou thml ·^ould bo mo3t likelj to tell the tiuih' The f u i t h e r an ay 3 on get the I liquor tialfic the fciver bootleggeis j and blind ti-,ois there aie The liquor L ti ifftc biecjs these i ermin ' Theie jsn t a div in anj town or city T v h ^ i e theie aro saloons that the liciuoi la-n s of the state are not j violited Then the hquoi triffic sais p r o h i b i t on don t proh bit . d cry time the hqnoi tralTc saia | prohibition don t p i o l u b i t just th it often it p r e m i u m s itself an anaichist I At the bottom of eicry violation o( Announcement [ haie contracted with the Interna nal Harvester Co tor the full line McCormick line of f a r m machin Any one wanting repairs for r part of this line including gas Lines and cream separators will be j n i s h e d b y m e E H L4.KE one 818 506 E Webster street illicothe, Mo ite ot Ohio City of Toledo, Lucas County, ss Frank J Cheney maKes oath that j is the senior partner of the firm r J Chenev Co doing business the citj of Toledo Count} and ate c-fore^aid and that said firm ill pav the sum of ONE HUNDRED .DLL. MvS tor each and eiery case v Catanh that cannot be cured by ie use of H V1.L S CATARRH CURE FR4.Mv J CHENEY Snorn to before me and subscribed 1 mj presence this 6th day of Dec nb^r 4 D lsS6 ; ial) A W GLEASON 1 Notarv Publie I Bill s Catarrh Cure Is taken mter. 1 ly and acts direetly upon the blood o^ mucous surfaces of the system J Q |d for testimonials free |F J CHENEY CO , Toledo, O ,old bi all Druggists 75c "alee Hall s Family Pills for con. lation LOClvbPRI'SGS jMib H i m L i l l b usited it hei t thei s lien T i m e ^ p o r t 1 st ueel James Bowiei and f i m i l j m ide business tr p to Jimespoit "\tednes daj Fiank A\ ilson of Samnsel w a s in Ijock^prings ^ ednesd LI O "W "\tmnic\ and R O Erool shiei puiehased i runabout Fold the first oi the iv eek J D England visited fuends in Chillicothe Sundai "VV "W Bills and family spent the daj Sundii at J H Dawkma neai Sampsel Roi Huffman i\ill start to school in Chillicothe Monday Nov 6 The ladies of the Presbyteiian church 11 ill sene an ojster supper at the Piper hall on the night of the a p i o h i b i t i o n laiv rum tiaflio will be Co ind tho Is Is Worth While? election Noiemb«r A cordlial in vitation is extended to all Uncle G W Litton is verj poorly at this writing Rev Rutheford 13 holding a meeting at Mt. Olive church begin nmg Sunday, Oct 29 By abol shing the Hquor trafic from Missouri we will reduce the numbei of convicts In the state pen Hentiary 2 000 Is that worth while' By d r u m g the liquor traffic from Missouri we mil i educe the number of inmates in the Insane- asylum^ more thin forty per cent' Is that worth while' » Bi outlining the whiskey traffic In Mi^soun v,e mil reduce the num ber of jail commitments--more 1 than fifty per rent of which are young men--more thin sixty pet cent Is that woi th while' By stopping the manufacture of alcoholic liquors In Missouri the bliths of feeble minded children will be decreas'irt more than thirtj-three per cent' Is that worth while' And -we might go on ad inflnltum but surel} these are enough For where is ti e man In the state of Missouri who will for all the revenue paid the state of Missouri In the past quarter of a centurj willingly consign one of his oi\n flesh and blood to the state penitentiary, an insane asylum or become the father of a feeble minded child' We would like to see the color of hi3 hair I Try a Constitution Want Afl [Roach Outlasted Civilization, J Dne waj to relieve tabitual con- pation is to take regularly a mild ,ative Doan's Regulets are recctm- nded for this purpose 25c a box ! all drug stores i Plenty At Mathews 'irth-n est o£ BO rot, of Apples. orchard 5 1 2 mile* Chillicothe Hand no worms No 1 at G, No T« 2 at 40c C N Mathews Rexall Stores Straw Vote \\ ho Is going to be elected-Hughes or Wilson' That is the question The Rexall Straw Vote w i l l tell -vou How because it i, Ixational in scope No straw vote e\er taken before was national in character N o one ever had the organization to do it before How 'can the Rexall Company d 0 it' Because v,e have over 8000 store" located in every state in the Un ion in little to-nns and in cities of 6 000 000 See our windows for results Bu 1 letms coming dail This \ote is tiKen m all walks of life The popular vote in first bulletin is 180 000 rotes and Indicates that it is going to b« some race If vou w a n t to be posted study the bulletins on the Rexall windows Clark's Pharmacy "The Rexall Store'' Chillicothe, Mo. There are roads in Europe built by the Romans which ha\e outlasted the Roman civilization a thou- Band years While we are building good roads In Missouri we would better bui'd a civilization to go with them For the same things which destroyed Rome--liquor and lust-are going to destroy Missouri if we do not heed the warnings of tho past. Is It Common Sense? Is it common sense to believe that the liquor traffic would oppose pro- libitlon If prohibition increased the sale of liquor' No, you know better than that. Only a fool would fight tha enactment of a law which would Increase his business The llQUor traffic has never yet been charged with being that kind of a fool. | Who Will Pay the Taxes? | That B the question the brewers are putting up to the voters Who pays them now' They don't They simply rob the people of dollars and give back a few cents of their 111- gotten galni in taxes This Is cer taloly a most foolish way for the people ot Missouri to pay taxes. wir i *RIDAY N I G H f , NOVEMBER 3 MISS BILLIE BURKE THE SJAB SUPSEME P1JPRI -,1 NTIJL) I N lltn T H I R D OF THE SLIMES OF -ciititled- *. -* 'i ' CE OVE" "\nc-s Tjinkc "\\ill he sec i in iho pai t ol a col!o_? £*ii], with m in\ a college piank, bi^akms* blue stool J H Q i n l o s mil Htci 15 hoi beautiful opcia coat at f he Metropolitan Opeia House A beautilul p i r t n e pioduntioa A\ i t h a plcisini* stoi^ told MUSICAL SELETONSBY THE LADIES EIGHT PIEOI TJ 8 W ORCHESTRA ADULTS 10^, CHILD 5* Wednesday, November 8th ""elwyn Compan ( P i o d n o e i s of "AYiHi n r ILe Law", "Uiidci Co\ei "T ^\ in BccK" and ^ i x i -* ict Jllnn^toii in "The Lie", ete ) Presents THSTE ANiTUAL LAUGH FESTIVAL "Fair and Warmer" v. Bj Aver} Ilopwood The Faice wliicli run for One Year at the Eltinge Theatie, New Yoik, and bioke all lecords toi big business Prices--$1.50, $1 00, 75c Advance Sale of Tickets it the Music Shop Monday Morning, Nov fith. and 50c. Sale Staits Thi k Telephone Let -50111 telephone save you the woiry and inconvenience ·which is often occasioned by shopping duiin° thesa ·\vaini da\s Cultivate the habit of "shopping by phone" -- it's quick convoment and satisfactory in every way When you phone us an ordei you may be sure of the same oareful service as if y ou visited oui stoie m person CALL ONE - ONE when you need anything in drugs or other drug store goods O 1 ) when you have an emergency need -- and ask for "quick delivers " Ca 1 ! v hen "s ou have a prescription to be compounded. RY BURN'S PHARMACY "THP SERVICE STORE" TAKE YOUR Optical Question --TO-M A C D O N A L D FOR OVER T W E N T Y Y E A R S A KNOWN QUANTITY, in the successful correction of DEFECTIVF VISION and Eye Strain Mod C-.TI methods Reliable Service Reasonable Price. A.B.MacdonaM EAST SIDE SQUARE YOUR FRIENDS CAN BUY ANYHING YOU CAN GIVE THEM-- EXCEPT YOUB PHOTOGRAPH Watton Studio NORTH SIDE SQU Over Sipple's FOR QUALITY SERVICT SEND US YOUR KODAK WORK M.W. EXCLUSIVE FUNERAL LIVERY Special calls made tor Partien and Balls Phono 343. TIT a Constitution 'Want A«. SPAPLRl

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