The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 7, 1973 · Page 13
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 13

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 7, 1973
Page 13
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ft •$ !7?i *U* : ***- taW "* »««p tfcat rt* Clumber'* <i«iirt»*ui«i *i tfcat Urpitrienrft! tr> THi TV rfiminrv (ril to Oaoae ?•«•*« a drfl* far tet«r*ifc1.wj Sid 102 tor Silt IPS U* •«*««»« *n«t , I M *«*** t t tut* *| ww **»»'*• *f»*i»»»»t *»r» «»*»•» »•*{** »*««fr"*if»«"»rt **<« *».«*., »«» *M*,.M <**»** « _««„., w ,,,. >«,» ^^ *,,„,.„» „ ,„,, "••»i * *•« t K-W4 wnm, !•«»:•»• VuftK '*}' » ji** It* <! e K. r 1 1 U Tit* 7'i»wt wi.rf ,1 J Cut ItKttt KAl.: «A« »-atar but* uvoi far a ,t ( Tt»* By-Pass hearing Set by Hwy Dept WBST COLUMBIA ~ Th. prtwmChaflrfwmtwbm, to Nut* lugnway Dtftartmcn* g*< (he ft*fl*gi of today hai called apttWk frying for ~ Jofie M, at Colombia High Thr** route* ar« propo*«l, 7 »> o m to difcrutA *** '** ***ti*rrB rwrt«. ih* FACTC UM<,. MIX- J"^ U H| , 10 CtUBCVIW *•>-" iw—n-f ••! * i fey-tWH aresawJ «* rtly «**»ral and *lw the 1 ' • was anmwxK«4 ttet "* u1 *- **"*<* *• *• r -— at a Chamber J ** th » HJg|»way Cftmtnerte director*' *°d *'** **w ttw chettie «f thr by fkfc tx*«wi The <s «»«ftt*r <uf f.Vimrjwn* fi« t)*pa/tmml had •gain i«sju*-Hnl )fe* ytvtelftte» tn l>ii» l>f H V Mayfi*«. MMIUMB ravle M wrf ! hit Spy plans given Nixon approval claims NY Times her , Miti Ulltan AaactM J«-je», arc utiii (Jbe Sut* < tb* Ihrir horse. Ujii! m IMT KB fn«a«4» •»•«* on baad »t*e the •»•*,« ceveikd br •»» gh« by Jw%e AJtan AnMfd. Odwrs o« UK profraw »er« John Cajrle Jr., HJSHW for lie- «<ca.«wrj; Mm. Marie . cfeatrman of the Brazorta H4.««wal Sorvey Gsronvttte*; Tbarmw GuptAc. Mr*. Adeto C4$*»*H, *«5 tbf Rev Howard WUllam* Ose h-X }«'!««, |.»,t , * r tbr <v«;aji!!< »1«%*u tn itiS*s i'tw. «*r(K<d Ifat! Technology minded Kelly is choice to head FBI e iin vfi jl» r r < ^ a rr. f f , <i » ) > o a ) e J ff,".rj trjr , — ~« K*ni*« t'Hj p*!icif <h!H Kriley Tr*o Ciiv pisix* ft»c* after a ihike-up «s which Ih* chief and other for (or di>» -;. iuui (fee; sjar .Siiiift hit her* Gea Eihot 1. h*!>«!5 the hsm J f! wvth (far FB! cn-r* A» f«ctet ciari it Kob*rtr Kennedy, then the i!'.on») gesseri). waa one of !b-»«< a ho ref&mnieoded Kri!*-; !o the cstj'» potic* board prc«rara.» Keiley »ith ujtrodueiag > AJert. i W-bcor *-d«y- helicopter patrol; Metro ir. A-rrf tin- !0 iT.i (•»'.:(»!, i U Krfirv *-4i . Siwcpisi KEl MX* »twa is fau *aa»ar.-ij nil, Treasure hunters launch own barge traw. Operauoo BJJTXT. <Jeugrs«l lo prevent pecU from i the Uusourv i border, iwj the toe of eornpc:<rt to if*«! potice « ( !fc HKAUMOVT -A tiirpr iht; -utS vm r far *rdd*«.k£>rj,J P»dre ttrrt dwciar for ha.» The c i t T » nil! an* ihf *! * cvart of the ho »-Jj be are froro the ( Hea»ton Leaking nerve gas not gas but water rf the iikUcxi sJunaj AAM «»»',« psifcirutg ir«r. a r during * :?»! hai* intetrul but he w»d MM cf U» gjs» Ui e»er ieakrd into the The W «•:• pound tarje »*> t«ti! for !ht TrxA» AJUsyjilifa C<«AtxiiU(<r jrrf mil be towed in l'»d?» uacn Cari t"Uu*«s <rf Charges filed against two Houston men he !!Jo< a cot« en were uiU£$ baci so Spaas ittxT-. shrj ^er* by the fayrncaai Kkipft »ur>-tved so cirry the »lory bici faaosf. be &Jt»i Or* of the bulb »ii iocnd U« y«ar. tx- addAi. but tus re: be«a The D»et Tracy cctaponsoe Ji prodtxrt erf J pabce preij reteai« «j "Even *tU> two-way »rt*t radios and cart, Dick Tracy Kav* ir.uch over the ae KiriJi Qty dcpanmersS awi lU cftsrf " KeiJey apfurmil; came (a -»d.~!niW,ri'.tQr. atienuoo tut >«ar «ti» he took a leave of ae&eeoe u> head the rtve-maa board super* ising Kcanty arracgemeoti for the Democratic And Kepubikma | W* «•» 1 « |A«. fc, ..j.i^w,^,,,, | M 00 | ^' < ".'T **• »••* <«•»* (w«t ! Pgfciic Uptkti 130 Tbe u-, $* 103 ««»»<«« «*» *1 the Hoci) Mot* HMI UXs T»l. t "Ujr.T^J!l.' u Ctt °* r * w ° •w .•,»•*.'. M <«.r«M «. in ">«• ar»rnal'» FM ^aaa 171 i «»rTt^ C^tT!Lri!2J ^T! C<T '"* *aid Wr«inr»4a) OvaT m >Mt iff i:«-.,;», ^^n.tT «tr, u»hto a^wib, M •« >»t * » * m« w «, *. M ^. w », „, i J^ 1 '™' 1 ^ % " -•<«'» trsmi ««•-» nm> - •»<«•« * «u *• •• **«• *«f' *W** it O <*.<>» »» - . • t*> U*» |U-HS« <••*>» n no*. • «•»» Ultlll )( Ml Prepttlf Site 104 M«Nt HMt Lotj Itftt 124 m NM tt U«n *t«I.TI Ut.tU Ml IM> u«*«i >*«»* ernt* •UH.OK.O .» "« <«!><. Ml M H« MtftKAK «« M M4 M *MI MUM* tmMcw MM •».>»! Mill t* CM* 1*1(01 inc. w ***»« ••**, Out ttU»> ' »»*»( »«' **.»«»» •<»« « »„ •«»<*«-. i..*!*^ t»«Wt *** ***• •» • »• I «••». •«<«, •»«• i M ».«t . «1« tx»t».SH Al*, l-tr».» taM, M* *,.•- »',««., !,,.*«.« *M •*«*<*«•* ,•«»,« ,»., », M 'O *ti rttwMt <« HCHM . •c. , 111 M », iMff <4 .. ------- t tMU «H WWst »«•». ls» <«if*iti >Mt*i«i 0» iMk Mi«« ««« •*<«»«• t. tsM MM •**,« x *«««MIMI >**• »t<H« * •«•*•<• W DM C «. »*•*! »«««<H W . •«<*• 4M *, LftM WMOHthOr A Man charged with burglary "a fen nulUluen at - that watw had it> be m traltt^ Ute trauudg fitau to Uim> »'sck! £* to drmoaiiiate, Mid . alw 4wpi*trd NBC » ciaua (hat the J.(iK< at the aneoa.1 in cacts mto tbf ClijJ i4:ne d;rn.-;iar Ux* » detour Poticr rcfxsrtrtS th*t Houitoatact Uirr) W»hrr Crwvk. M. tnd Ptlnck A Moore. 14. »«* Uk«a bclorr < Ihc IVac* K C ,. private hunter* bav* bf\'«g)ii up maj. findt front Spanish sand hi* grtup a iflUsrxsU^ 10 the matt rub acid dniga of the th4pn ti a f tae to the cxjlturr of the era. Uatenab recxntred oill go to (jbc TCVAJ Archaeoiagical Research Laboratory for nudici and Later will be put w >. be Mkl Ha wjy^rten cr«ii{ him sttb r«luc:i^| cnme 13 Kaz^u Cil) by ±S per cent line* I5fi». tut bUcic ooromumty leaders were demanding hi» retigriation following l*M noes that left su penom de*d Cr.txs accutedjviin of cxokcucg uxiscnrauiite ute of tear RAS KeJJey U« year auifoed 10 biic-4 atftten la full-time recruttmg >a tbe black community The l,30*-ra»n force aa* include* W black officers of leaking -*S2^!± " Sflw * •»«**«> •*« ^T^Jr™ '«*kiB|." be vaid. "but they he wa* amftendM **** dtt * B * tttk * 1 b^***** U»> Uitidc of the Howard rHtcou»l Uh^»ir« 0 taftktM ( '' '* C * Ut * Cent** rarty Tfaurtda) ^^ inwtng Charged M Ktrt LaarttKV &oo« after WaUoa't liranruw. u, »t» wai laira Halemcut. Sen Ktoyd brier* JutUcc of the IVare H llaakcU, tVCoto , demar«icd « C Thoouu *tw w< bend at "nmtpieie im,t»t4galjoo and rvport" frocn the Army on the ««ni to the Hart tafeaJ !**« at the ar*enal . alter lam TburwUy "ben ih* burglar alarm Mundod A* tbey approached UK Uore. they ret«rl«d a >aucg man «rat aem front Uw ralUn. onto the (toor of Uw ttorv the manager arrived thwn w. poiice reported the maa gave no rc*i»ieorc T*o duffle b»|» bad been filled with piilolt and anuAUdiUoti froot UM aioc i tt 1 'f Mock Officer* wW e«lry dad bww mad* from the roof wter* (to ol d*ng«r»ui druj* ai Ikod *l 13 ,«0. mUu^ toul bocd oo wch nun em Greetings... To Bra 104pott Community HoapUal and Sttteoy Community HostptLaJ palieau, »e hope you «0&y r«*dtatf today'* edbuon of Tbe Br««»|>art »r* pmwted witfa the can p»im«it»9f Brttwn DoiUj la Out* utd Ui« B*Bfc (O , who wi»*> you « Out [»o tneo entered ih* sUUon "ita< dtrcctkifti to lh« *»1 *«ne beW due to tutptciouf condiltoo ted actMtu A M*rci» of tb« vtfetcte they »,«« m r««iUed in one GrfAcer mxclinsg be found i«<a tM£g)ca o< »h»l apftMrcd (o t* aurijiuaft «od 4 pUJ touk wilh «K vap hidden bctufid a tub c*p ftadiiton stolen CLUTE - Two c«r radiator* ««r« rcjKXtoi *ta.ko (JO-rn tfac garaje U R. G Fwxkr SiJ H*rg«tt, tboul 10 pm We»iu»d4> Pander rtfrartad the UMft to pottct, uying tt»t be h«d tanned of it (root wtnwxw wfa*uld Uw) twt BMO na up la the §ar«f» c*rr> o« tb* PlltO CHIOUN FRIED CHICKEN! mmi ^R!Wr^^^^^ ii J

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