The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 26, 1859 · Page 4
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 4

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 26, 1859
Page 4
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S2'~i'4' ; ^ p?r still air- inforaution hsVTing been received of "" *"""* " "* ' '"''jWastiMtt'Mt^'''-- 1 '^'''' ••••"'" ?-£--' ^ iiok tOrcUy decided tbe to tita t>y the iBtsfte Ydei" ei'^'^liBsipt-'Ciij^v'llJWA*^ i, lAinst the Russian'government ; ' ; ii»d*dBion settle* the right of Capt. Perto recover nnder hli contract to fomiih 150 tons of powder, »na 85;000 eland of anins. . The entire amount InTolredJa about S3S5,- ooo.: v-. ; -.--,..:"4^^-,:«..-^..^ i: } . The opinion ; of the ittorneyXJvneral does pot dtsoDM the claim Against theBnssian gov- ttnunent, but merely •hows how the subject la . .Rioted iy theUw of this :cpnntry, and His HBderthis thajt.the parties Interested, and not the Attoraey-General, conceive the integrity <rf the contract will be fallr maintained. Tie KilWieni^ "of the proof, however." must ba iieft to the twnBoience^f the Emperor. : -' 7 The Patent office to-day're-issued to Horace - H. Bay, assignee of Tyler & Helve, s? patent for improvement in the manufacture of India rubber goods by means of zinc compounds. Our government has been officially informed of the neutral attitude aasnmed by England and Prussia in the Italian war.and a diplomat-' le circular will be issued, declaring our own position to be like wise neutral. The decision concerning the overland route will probably be announced to-day. Mr.Holt Inclines to a weekly line in lieu of the present semi-weekly service. The adoption of this change would effect an annual saving of $150,' 000. Sec T y Toucey has not yet determined to in- creaae the Mediterranean squadron, though it ii considered imperatively necessary, us the Macedonian and the Wabash are the only U. S vessels there. The evidence collected by Com'r Bowlin and others, show the claim on Paraguay, represented by Mr. Hopkins, was of a fraudulent character. Mr: H. has been dismissed by the ' Co., for whom he acted as agent. Despatches have been received here from Oov. Cummfng-of Utah, the 28th of April— Considerable excitement, he says, still exist among tbe Mormons, and It wasi with great difficulty that be could keep them in subjection. The misunderstanding between the Oovern- or *nd Gen. Johnston remains in ttalu quo. — Nothing is mentioned about the probability of a collision between tbe army and the citizens, although Oov. C jays the latter are arming for eases of emergency. Horrible Suffering*, ST. Louis, May 28. The regular correspondent of the Democrat, writing from Denver city, on the 9th last., recounts the most deplorable condition of things on the plains ; emigrants dying of starvation, and others subsisting on prickly pear and wild onions found along the road. The stage agent reports picking up a man named Blue, reduced to B skeleton from starvation. He started with two brothers, one of whom died, and the remaining two aw bis body. Another died, and he initurn was nearly devoured by tbe surviving brother. A man named Gibbs had arrived from the mines in a starving condition, and expressed the opinion that his party, numbering nine, had all perished. Many graves are reported along the route, and much property had been destroyed and abandoned on the road. The writer of the letter says that tbe departures from the mines are about equal to the arrivals About five hundred returned emigrants reached St. Joseph ou Saturday, all of Whom confirm the previous oocounts of suffering on the plains. Republican National Committee. ALBASY, May 25. The republican national committee held a session in the executive chamber to-day, to (consider the question as to the time and place of holding tbe next national republican convention. Some 30 members are present. It ii thought the decision will be in favor of St. Louis, Mo., or Wheeling, or some other place in Virginia. Gov. Morgan entertains tbe delegates at ihe executive mansion to-night. FaUisre In Boston. Niw YOWL, May 25. Tbe failure of a large drag boose in Boston, having extensive connections in this city and Dew Orleans, was announced in Wall street yesterday. Arrival of Uie Overland Man, ST. Lotus, May 25. The advice* by the overland mail report much bad feeling existing between tbe Americans and Mexicans along the Sonora line. Several Mexicans had been killed. Gen. Walker had an agent at the Gila mines, enrolling volunteers for a filibuster expedition. Passengers from San Franotoco deny the published statement that Walker with 300 men had sailed in the steamer Orizauba for Aoa- pulco. We have advices from Honolulu to tl..- 18th of ApriL The French have abandoned the Marque- sas Island, tor military purposes, and design to establish a strong military naval depot on Hew Caledonia Island near Sidney. EiBlienxlessjcait. BOSTOS, May 25. James G.Hasten, a stock broker, was to-da held in $5000 bail, on a charge of embezzle- meat of stocks entrusted to him to negotiate fellcnr York Blatten. NEW YORK, May 25. The Express says despatches wenl out In th Persia to Judge Mason, our Minister fo Paris instructing him to intimate to tbe Frencl Government, that in case Germany should be drawn into the war, this Government will no softer any interruptions of the ao-vlee of thb Hamburg and Bremen steamers, now can-vine the U. 8. mails, so long as those steamers do not carry articles contraband of war. WASHIHOTOK, May 25 No further action is considered necessary in Mnsequence of the last reported accounts from Utah, M the instructions recently forwarded to the federal officers are calculated to present farther conflicts of Jurisdiction amQugtbem and will soon reach that territory. SeOUnsrof the Pent*. NEW TORE, May 25. TheEoyal mail steamship Persia, forJUver -'.sailed this afternoon with 280 D i, bat at hlghfr flgoni thin would be fa^ to qaoteiat ruling prlceet '^ne lot of »f 0 buih'eU of Tery rnperior wilte winter waidltposed of. ;by Horton ?f -'' of Wliconitn ioU VTehaTerartly teem tetter, Jf Indeed IU tqual uyvhcre. It was ihlpped from Pardeevllle.Ma qufite. Co., by Biliwln 4 Vandnitr, end mu jpronounctd by competent ^juagti to?be *qaaift>i^ French or Kngllih ^aalltlet that bring the hlghe«t price« In Heir Fork. Ttt ilia of nheat amount to about I8,0ob ba«. OiU were a'little more Urely at * the lame prlcW -i erteriayi vlif50o»t which figure It bai been ettttiy for «ome day§. The eslte to-day amonnt to 8,60« bus. Corn wai quiet; the only tale reported bring £00 bui at 88, being le better. \ .' ; Barley. la cot much Inquired after, aDdqwUUom only nominal at SS&70. •- : - .. Potatoes are plenty aod of rather dull (ale, froin the fact that tie shipping demand- IB next <o nothing, and the receipts more than supply the home demand.— Common kinds bring 45 to 6Cte, whlle^ Neihanocla and Pinkeyes command £9 to TOc. WeTiota a sale of Z£ bags, abrutCO b.ui at 65. ButUrls ftlio plenty and lower. Old firkin selling as low as 9c, while fresh roll brings 14Q1S for prime articles. Eggi are rather dull at 1&fHc by the bbl. Bighwlnet nominally 2} and quiet market. ITIilwmukee Wholesale Marker. Fr-lghts— advanced Xc. The White Squall loading with wheat for Oiwego ak 6c. The Wm. Case chartered same time >lnce, leaves to-night with 17,000 bns wheat for Kingston at previous prices. Tie Schr. Bal • tic loads with oats for Biffalo— freights on private terms. Flour— shade lower. Bales 200 bbls North 8tar Mills 7,26; 200 de Arena Mills 7,00; 850 lo Portage City Mills 7,00. Rye Soar— easy. Bales 200 bbls-at 6/SO. Wheat — No. 1 2? lower. Bales 800 bnt triple extra white winter for mining 1.82X; 10.000 do extra No. 1 f . o. b., l,4cjf ; 40 do white winter 1,70; BOO So triple extra 1,50; 850 do white winter l,62)f; 700 No. 1, 1,20; BOO-do.extra No. 1, 1,46; 650 do do for milling 1,45. Balrs 2,100 bns at SO; 600 do at Oats — wore active. il; 1,000 do at 49. Oorn-lc better. Sales 800 bus at 88. Provisions— Heavy mess pork firm at 20,00; light do 19,00; prime do I«,00; rumps 15,00; necks 14,00; lard bams ilQllX; shoulders 8; dried beef 10® 10X; mess beef 10®11- Salt— 1^0 Bides— green 7; green calf 10; dry hides 16. Cosl— HrookBeld (prime article) 6,00; Brtar HIU 6JKI; Pittsburg 6,00(3.6.60; Lehlgh 9,00; Blossbnrg 8,00@8 80; Chlppewa 4,00; Canal Coal 4.00; SaUnevilte 6,00. Ms I pas en tii by Lake. LAES lapoars nirerBO Tns PAST Twurrv-ror/fi BOCSUL — 8,000 fl lumber; 60 cords bark; 83 do wood; 277 tuns mdx. Una EzroRB- DDBJBO TBS PiiTTWKKTT-roc« HOOIS — 8 tons mdr, 4,004 bbls flour, 18 casks |.otaeh; 14^)00 bns •beat; lOhhdi bams; i bbls do; 1 bbl shoulders; 20 tierces do; 24 bbls lard; 5,000 bai oats! 100 do corn; 36 do poll toes, SOObags wheit; 81 bbl> fish; 20 do beer 8 do eggs; 7 do whiskey; V do Eundries; 78 pkgs do. Itallroavd itecelpi*. Kccnrn BT LtCaossi * ilawiinsi RiiLEOjD.— 1,810 • os wheat; 8'0 do oau, 200 do corn; 210 do potatoes; 644 bbls flour; 187 «acks do; 16 bbli eggn; 2^00 Its sundries, BT MiLWaciaa' ft Hoaiooi HiiuioiD — jiSibus «h at; 2.417 Co asts; 1,058 do potato^; 76 bbls floor, 10 do tggt, C d > batter, 1,1122 Ibs hides; 4,925 do sundries. •We Ur, Wanpaccaj Bo-toter Oo! fOB THE EAPID WBB OF Colds, Coughs* and J B Pflwburj.' » -«IithODr( L :D Phlllliu, E*d Wing; &y«ojir, UMenOJJwtlooiw, ;3I< Kenuo. Portage OJty: J 0-B»ocrof^-Ixm«.'Bo<>k; Jon«i-«*-_P*»body, OaMbrla; 8 Brlnk»«B*Oo; <W»UJe; J T * Co, JB« T. r .Dun; 0 T Moorei2a«t«Man; HB Jeatoo, Decowb; J 0 M Daley, J 8^-6 tt,StP»ul;HB lUaVUle,-»«ttrtown; a Kmnf, Fond aa> I*e; N D Oph»ffl, Robinson AJ, e'l, Hamilton'* Co, Barllji; * A Laneas. SHsstew; J! Ann*w*- Bspdolp*; A fl«rd»n, paccajPelton, Wright it Co, 1' da Ohltn; J lUue, toter, ttnc; Coombts ABro^K Maan, 8t Panl; W ...... ~ "" " ..... ~ CITY ADVERTISEMENTS. CIIT OOMPTBOI.II*'SOrnoi, I -\,.»i»4s»iim;>to]rJ«,w.--f •• tjEsXED proposals irill be reoelV«<J at tbli office, no- O tit Mouday, May 30th, InsL, at 8 o'clock p. n., for msklngsuch 'aUentlonl 'and. repairs In the Police S'ltlon and Municipal Com t itooms as requlre'l In the plans and specifications, which may jbe seen and examined" atthe office of Migatt 4 .-chmtdtner, where socb laformttlon as dciired may be obtained. , mafSO-dlOt K^'H. 6 ABDINIE, Comptroller. NQTiOK. PITT OotmiouJis'sOsnci, I Contract Department, Unvankee, May 24,1869. f rilBE following is a Schedule of lots, paiti of lot, and 1. parcels of land In toe Flxth Ward, or the Oily of Ullvaok^e. that will be benefited to the amount set opposite each by constructing a lewer through block 28, in said ward. ERNST HEBZCB, ~ CHKLESBD8ACK, Street Commissioners. Block. Lot. Benefits. Block. 28 23 23 28 23 28 23 Lot. 1 2 8 4 fi Benefits. 19,83 ma)24-d3t U.88 10,88 6,46 6,4« 2536 26,85 23 28 28 28 S3 £8 9 10 11 12 18 14 IS 16 2535 25, SS 5535 £5,85 25,85 £535 B. L'U 0A HDINEB, Comptroller. CITT CoarrHOu.u'8 Onncs, i Contract Department, May 24,1859. I T HK followins described lo's IB the 5th Ward of the City of Milwaukee, b; i i-solu Ion of the Common Council, adopied the ttn de< of May, 18S9, were declared pnblio nuisances by i ^ ison of stagnant water and filth thereon, viz : Lot 4 block 19; lot 5, block 19; lot 6, block 19; lot 10. blork - 1 .'; lots 1, 2. IS, 18,14,15, 1C, 11 and 10, block 2R; lots r, 7, 8 aad 9; block 86; N X 2; 8X8,10, 11, 12, 13, 14. block IB; lots 4X5,6, block 84; tots 1 2,8,4, 5,8, T, < and 9; block ST; lots 10, II and li, block 85; N >» I, N X 2, lot 8. 8 end 9, block 108; W X of 8, W Jf »r E X S and 9, block S*; lots I and 5, block 28; lot 8, L.JCk (5; lot 12, block 24; lit 9, block 11; lot 1, blick T. Milwaukee Hropvr." Lots 2, block 7; lots 1 2 an 8, block 6; lot 5 and 6, block 6; lots «, 6 and 14, block H. Walker* I'uint. Lots 4, 5 and 6, block 8*4 lot 10, mock 92; block 89, * 20 of W»WO of N X of 11 and E 80 of W 1»0 of 11 and 12; lot 11, block 11; lot U' block 14; lot T, block 12; lots, block 11. < wnere and sgents of abov described property are hereby notified 11 abate sal«i aisance irithtn tvenly- one days from the publication' uf tb*s nntice, otberwl^e the Strei-t Commissioners of ihe 5th Ward, whl csrse the same to be done and chai get! to the respective lols according to law. may24-dCt K. L'H. Qjl R DINER, Comptroller. Orrr Co'8 Orncs, I Contract Department. MIL, Msy 24, 1859. f fTTIIE follo.lnR (described lots In; the Fifth Ward M. of the city ef Milwaukee, bf resolution of the Common ( ounc^l, adopted May !>u>, 1B59, were declared a public nuisance by reason ol vl tgaant water aod filth therf on, and raid nfelsance o dtred to be abated wltb- In within — days from the i utillcttloo of this notice, viz: Lot4, blo-k 7, N X 5, block 7; 8 X 5, block 7, N X 12, block 7; 8 X I 2 , block 7; lot 18, block 7; N. X hi block 8; lot 1. block 18; In fl, block 4; lot 9, block 4; lot IU, bit ck 4, I Mil, blocl4. lot 12, block 4; N H 1, block IS; B X 1, block 18; lol C, Dlock 6; lot 7, b nek 5; lot 6, block 10. Owners and egents or abor.- described property are hereby notified to abate s&i.i nuisances wltinn the time named above, or tbe 8t- Co omlssloners of said 5th Ward will cause the same 40 b<? don? and cjitrgrd to the respective lots, according t . law. may24-d6t £. L'U. OA KOINEK, Comptroller. Crrr C< urra'iU-KB's O Contract Department, MUwiutee, Uay 24, 1859. CK, ( . I o EALED proposals will be re eivcd at this office QO* ~ t,l Friday, May 27th, 16&9. .t 10 A. M., for doing the following an&nrshcd work on 8 I street In the 6th Ward of the City of Milwaukee, thr same hsring been or dered by the Board of Oounci -jrt, June SI, 1S&4, en I concurred tn by the Board of / \dercien, June 2<, 18&6, ris . Tbe sidea-alis to be curbed and planked, aad stone gutters constructed between North street, end the north line of section 17. m»j-24-d2t E. L'H. GARDINER, Comptruller B Y v&toe.or»n executionIssued (rota said Court. In ; the! stove entitled Sx:U(>n7lo mis directed auuMdei' llveted i«alnit the personaland real proi«rty «f.-;th« ; aboreniimed defendants,! have selied *Sa levied no tfcefolloirHiRresl estate, to trit: :>•;- : {Beginning st_a point In the llnebelween • section IV, and ISO, 12SJ fleet north of the quarter! sect on cornerj'ruiinlngthence »e«ttV9jJ feet 1 to tic fast line of Fourteenth street; thence • wlttfsald eistllae of Fourteenth street, north, 764 feet to Beaublan street, or the extension of •" • thaUtreet as represented la the plot of, Vllet's Addition to the city of Ullwaakee; thence with 1 the isoplh line of said street, east 506 feet; ' thedce' with the southerly line of said street northeasterly about 210 fret to an angle In said •stre it; tbeuce with tbe south line of said street eaitt about 80 feet to tha point where the south westerly liue of the land convejeil to Abram: VI let by deed recordeil In Milwaukee County Irrvbl 61 ofileeds at psge| 310, crosses saidsouthi llnepfsald street; thencdwitulaJd southwesterly llhe of Abram Vliet's land south 47 degrees,! east aeout Cn9 feet to>a point on Eleventh! street, where said line is intersected by tbe west. llne-of Abrsm Vllet's land, sccordlng to deed recdrdeo in vol 61, of deeds at page 248; thence south with said west line of Abram Vllet's Hand 1 li.8f chains to a corner: thence west with boun- ary of said Abram Vllet's land & chains; thence south with, said boundary 615 % feet to north llnejof Sherman street; Uiunce with said north line] west 6.92 chains to section line; thence W1US section line north &9 feet to Hie place of beginning. Containing about 80.7tt acres, and being situated In the east half of tbe north fast qnaher of section 19, anil in the west half of the north west quarter of section 20, lown 7, range 22. A|so lots 9, lu, 11, 12, block 2. L4ts 2, 8, 4, 5, 6 and ?, block 8. Ldt 6, block 4. Lot 6, block 8. Lot 8, block 18. c All ilo Vllet's Addition to "the city of Mil- • wsjDKee, being in the e»l half of the north easl^quartcr of section 19 and the west tialf of N tt* i of section 20, town 7, range <2 cast.— Also, the following real estate beginning at a ooidl In section line between sections 19 and 80 il north side of Sherman street and 323 feet noru) of the quarter section earner; thence • ilrt section line north 95» feet; thence west 6f9£ feet to east side of Fourteenth street; thence with eut side of said street, south Ml feet! to north aide of an alley; thence with north side of said liiley south easterly 546 feet to Dbrlh side of Sherman street; Uience with said;- north line of Sherman street 201 feet t« «tlaoe of beginning, containing 11^ seres more or l«ss, being situated tn the co*t Imlf of the north east^uarter of sectton 19, town 7, range SSsjSst. Also Lot 4, block 89, Second; Ward. N6rth X lot 5, block 39, Second Ward. ALsO the following real estate being in thr north easVqaaner of Section U, town 7, r&n£c Z£, beginning ai a point in the west line of &aid qus^ter lection 10.06 chaiux north of the soutti wes^ corner of »aiil quarter section ml the north west corner ol lanils CQnve>c'l by LUnlel II. EiOQArils to one John P. Slioeinacher; Itience wlthisaiil west line uf Raid (|uar:<r section north to anoint S.16 cnaln* HOUlli of tin- norlli »eat corner of saitl section, thence i-aftl 14.70 chains to middle of Qreeii Uiv ro.i.l, thence along middle of saij toad south to point 10. 04 chains north of the south liue of >&nl quarter section; thence \vrat 14.70 chains lo plaej' of beginning, cunlaluin^ about 32 a*-res ind -b<- og on H.c »i-st »ldc ol tSe Green Ui) roa<L Which; said property, as aforesaid, I sh»ll cT|>o3e for >ale andisell at Public Auction at the Dourt Hou!)e In the City of Milwauter, ou Saturday, tUo I'JUl ttar Of Mairclt, 1959, at the hour o. 2 P M., of that day to satisfy Ea.ld execution, together with expen^fa of sale. Dated (Sheriffi Office, Milwaukee, Fell. 3, 1S5S. FufCUUt, Loot * M,u.». i A J I.A.NUWuttTII V, ITOs Att'ys. I Sh'lT. Jill. Co , Wu. [By TelegrapJ..] fork Market. Ns-w Toix, May 2&. flour—tbe market hesT/ snd ]5c lower; si]< 1,000 bbls at S,50@G,6u for superfine elate ; « 85^7^ or extra; 6,7596,60 for inperfine western, 6,8587,. 'ur common to good extrr western; 7,10®7,40 ( 0 round hoop Ohio. Market doling unsealed and ver heavy. Uye flour—4^0®5,2J. Wheat—very heavy and nominally lower, sales 10 100 bus very choice red western on osuide price; 1.& lor red southern 2(X> do whlu southern. Rye—quiet at 9iai,oo. Bari-y—doll; silcs 6,000 bus barley t=att at Si. Corn—heavy and deprt»ee<l, sales lO^Oj bin i 94 lor inferior Oats—1 weranddullatM&U for stale; 57®69 fo western and Canadian. Blocks—steady. C 6 S'B cf ^4 104, Mo B"s S3Ji V «-s 97X; Oumb I7X; N I 0 72* ; P H 74JJ; Erie 7,S Harl preferred 87J»; B 80; Eead 48: il L 4 )j; !i oXr, T 88K; G ta fe;i, C * E 1 61, M a M i OSWEGO SlaEKET. Oswaoo, Mey 25. Tbe absence of foreign news, and aectine In New fork, have a tendency to check buyers, and tbe mar cet is quiet (or ell description of flour and grain, p ces tend downward and Mil. club wheat be!d at 1,8 with some enquiry at 1,80. Canal Freight*—dull and unchanged. BUFFALO MiEKET. BmrriLO, May 25. Floor—dull and lower; sales 700 bbls at 6.00Q6, for State, from Chicago spring end MIL club. Wheat— ~,OOtS,",SO tor extra Michigan, Indiana an Ohio; 7,754j,8 for double extra. Corn—duB and lower; sales 4,000 bnsh at 75. Other grain demand quiet. Whstey—lower and dull: sales 100 bbls at 87. Lake Imports—1,000 bbls flour, 16.000 bus wheat 28 000 bns com. Oanal Exports—1.500 bbls flour, S.OXI bush wheat/4, 000 com, 18,001) oats. ' including Count and Madame Sartiees am She took out $2,999 000 ' Cyras W.jPield. specie. Senator Douglas. NEW OILLZANI, May 25. Senator Douglas, has arrived in this city. Hon-Anirsil Of tbe AaU. ; ;4 1 ' ST.- JOHNS, H.B, May25. Nothing has been seen or heard of the royi mail steamship Asia^ at Cape Baoe; but it 1 ttonght that she has passed that point, at toe great a distance to be observed. «*« AceMont. '' ' Boston, May 25. MissFttnces Oady, of Bbiokstone, and Miss Geor$iana Brown, of over the dam at High -Bo twentng while sailing. The' oOTered th"U morning. I lodiaiupollt, May 25. The jnotjnSag session of rte General Assem- AfterBoon aessionj-The oongideratisjn if ._.!_ ^neition was wmttimed. l)r.Xioerof"Chtoa«),oonclndea~hig* gp^ oontBenoea on Tuesday. Hewasfollowedby of Indian. Ber«. Ooniiinghani •polls. JCT»Tote was token, , xheexteorionon th« Montreal Telegraph «ompanie'silineto Farther PMntj ~*u com- ptated to ds>y, «nd thelrires to that station ar« seOwworMng beautifully. , 4 Th*pe*Bb«it of the Ase»ciat6 Prea» has Man mmomd from Birerdn Lonpto the new •tattoo, *ail the arrangesnente fbr boarding the Inward bou nd ftaamen ara much more efficient than heretofore. WHWHlfttipeatestt Wnttetbeonehasoplored MM 'almoat i naoBrmBTMe monnUln regton^ of South aeifMttea, surf ada«dlar|rtr to o«r'fex)graphlcalknowl. Meteorological. MAT 8 A. M.— Wind K. W — light— Oomulo Stratus clouds from S. W. Barometer 29, CO. Thermometer 34. 12 ».— Wind a E. gentle— sky much .the ' same ss In morning. Barometer 2$, 47. Thermometer 60. 4 r. «.— Wind Eist— light— sky hsay In Ihe wesl. Barometer 28, 48. Thermometer 02- 1t. K.— Wind N. Eu— shy hazy— heavy hire In the West. Barometer 29, 60. Thermometer M. MARINE RECORD. 1859. Port ot Milwaukee. May ARRIVED. &UT94TB. IUT25TB. Prop Tooavanda, Palmer, Buflal 14$ tons ma*. o,»,: i«v;r o — ••--—.•.—""•o, Bcnr White Squall, Leonard, Chicago. CLEARED. HAT24TH. fthr Eicnard Mott. Bead, Chicago. Stmr GazelljiBaUln, Two Elvers,! ton mdi, 100 bush corn *, Tb "'« mdrie »»«P*«rss n ndrles. ^ l^' S7!S r l. <aic " °' M >>n.h potatoes, SI ta %««l obis beer, 8 t>bl» eggs. 'T of Cleveland, IKragal, GriSd Haven. Btmr Olevelan*. Sqoler, Grand Haven, Sandy Bsj,4bbls floor. Di ? kl!on « CoMogwood, 12 casks potash L *°»»rt.O»<«BO. 14.00B bnJ wb^at. ^ 0eden§bar *' MO" b' Is flou *bU uo.l bbl sbonlders, M **Ua, Two .Rivers, S tons mdr, T bbls INTELLIGENCE. Wr Telegraph.] puted We«-0n the e&j8ofel. . On th.SSh BehooMrs tochw, Bk, John ^ WsutM»v-Th«mr»aU 19 r was delltAtfci, bUnd aid eool *Hfcy,in ittlUvg contrast iHthjesterdav , that Cmr CnnrTBOLLEa*s Ornoa, / Contra, t Depatm;nt, Milwaukee, M>y 24, I6iS. f T ll£ f»llo«m? U a schedule of lot* and piece* of liri-la in the 6lb Ward of the city of Milwaukee, thBt will IK* t>rr\^r i'ed to the amount trt opposite rsch by fl II f tbrrn « ith « tuScienl amount of turth to ibitc the nuisance* tbereori K. G. HMTDEN, FREUIUllCK VOOEU Street Commissioner*. Lou Block. B 10 12 lu 2 4 6 6 10 IS 14 6 6 6 7 6 « 10 11 li 8 Pieces of 8T 31 SI «6 18 18 IS 13 14 14 14 14 U 14 14- 121 121 1*1 IS'. 121 120 120 120 120 120 47 land Benefits. 8JB 41,63 138,15 1*5,73 693,76 6S.CS 62.K 83,25 178,83 JI3.6J 18,15 19, W IS.JS 18,75 183,70 188iT5 •Include 8,75 159,87 308,37 159^7 20,62 4S,75 60,10 127.87 L t. 11 4 9 a 7 e 6 4 i street 4 6 10 8 10 12 Block. 151 11.1 118 11.1 113 118 118 IIS U4 124 124 124 47 47 47 47 47 46 «« 48 4t 46 4« Bentnls. 66.<>0 1».\75 37,60 T24.S! 9,73 9,75 ",75 975 9,75 9.78 9.71 126J5 1S.75 111,75 Is, 75 111,75 be- lying tween B .120 and 43 being 87Ji fe«t wide, 279 X long. N. 25 feet of S. 102 f,«lof E. 175 85-100 feet oftriangle piece of land jo tbe N. K. corner of lh>- N. W. it of Bee. 6, Stl) w ard. Piece of lant. u tween 8 and 10 or may S4-dSl 113 221,63 26,62 26,62 26,6* 26,68 26.62 26,63 26,62 292,50 24S.76 124,$S E. L'H, OABDINER, Oomptroller. NOTIOK. Cm CottrraoLua's Ornoa, I Contract Depsrtrrtnl, Milwaukee, May 23, 1859 ( T HE following Is a schedule of loti fronting o River street, from Onelda il-, to Division street, I: 7th Ward of Milwaukee; also rhowlng the amoun rhlch each lot will be benefited by graveling said street, according to pUn and estimate of the City Engineer, a follows : W. A. NOTES, T1CTOB BOHULTE, Street Commissioners. Block. 47 4T 47 47 47 47 47 47 47 48 . 48 45 48 48 43 48 48 49 49 49 49 61 61 51 \61 61 63 S2 5! 62 62 62 S3 tl M 68 Lot. 1 2 8 4 6 6 7 8 9 I 2 3 4 S 6 7 8 1 2 8 4 4 5 6 T 8 1 2 3 4 5 e T 8 Benefits. 22,51 &S.67 22,81 22,81 22,61 22,51 24,61 22,51 22,51 22,51 2261 22JS1 2161 2261 22,61 22,81 22,61 22,61 80,00 Ulock. 49 41 49 49 49 49 49 60 M 60 60 60 ro so 60 60 &o 6) 61 61 51 53 53 58 OS 68 68 AS 53 54 54 64 64 51 64 64 In subdivision of lots 8*9 In 5t Lot. 5 « 7 8 9 10 U I 2 8 4 6 6 7 8 9 10 11 1 2 8 2 il 4 5 ' 6 T 8 9 1 2 3 4 6 6 1 BeneBU. 22,61 2?,61 2251 2261 42,51 22,51 22,61 88,64 2261 22,51 22,61 22,61 22,61 22,61 22,61 65,69 22,61 22,61 2261 2261 82,51 tOffl 1Zf>\ 22,51 tlfl 22,61 45,02 , K. L'H. 8ARWHBB, Oomptooller. • ' woaiasi 3T" A great many learned treatises hare been writ- i, explaining the origin of, and classifying tbe worms generated In tte human system. Scarcely any topic of medical science has ellected more acute observation and reloaded research j and yet physlelans^re very much divided In opinion on the (object. It most be admitted, that, after all, a modj qf expelling these worms, and purifying the^bo'y from their presence, Is rotor* taint than the wisest disquisitions a*, to the rigln. The expelling agtnt has st length been found— Dr.JTtane't Vtrmtfttgt, prepared byRemlngBr s. U tbe much sought after spttiac, and has already super seded all oiber worm medicines, itt efficacy being unl enkny acknowlliged by medical practitioners. Hr" Purchaser* will be,careful 1 to sale fbr BE. .'LUttfd pXUtBtUTltD VKBMUOOE, maburactur- 4 by tLtUtSQ BROS, of r-.ttsbur^h, Fa. All other ermirajtes la comparison a> e wonhless. Dr. JTtans's enalne Te'rmiruge.aisoils < eKbrated Liver Pdls, can ow;be had at all respectable drug stores. autbu «*«<>« tti ttpaalure tf r tU , , a»*a2-d»wlm - FLEMIUO BROS. 'B hereby Blven, p «»^!" NOTICE, pursuant to section 10,' Grand and PetK Jnrors /otU« June Term thatth* of toe Municipal Court, Milwaukee County, will be drasm U the law directs, on Tntsday, May IT, 1859 , tu " — -->._ of tfcatday, at tte Hnalclpah'Court „„_ , -- Main street, In the Bevectb Ward, City of Uwaukee.- 1 - -- HKNBr HILLkA ., «lsTkaftB«MnalrdB»10o«trt, .DOT.- sale is b« e r >y postponed l>li Ratur- day, tben26lh «ajf ol March, 1-&9, al the Fust-Office, at tbe hrmr.of 3 r. «. Shrrlff'l Omce, Mil . nulev, March 19, li'.S : A. J. LA -GWuKTIir, mar2oj M.lwaukee Ou. £•/* ijhe above sale 19 further v «t|Km<.il l. iV<U- tesdar, 'the t>U. tla> uf April, «t .hv .tkmr place anil lime of daj. Dai«<l Kherill'» UHirr, JLlKauJi-e. M«r. L 26 H 9. A 1 UNOWoaiHY, mai-28 Mil t>. t^?~ Tlie above sale .1 lurtlier posUtoncO loti^'nr- day, truriSlst day ut H«y,15,VJ. at life f> ll-Uince, al the tiourof 'it M., of Uiat .lay. iJaletf Shtriu '« u(n< e, MilwaukcT, Spril C, 1V>9. | : A. J. LANOWDKlUf, spr7 , DheCilI Mil wau. t e r«.. £sT~ "thf ab.>rr sale la hrreti; fujthtr po.ipantd Lu fattiida^, Ihe 2tth day of May, at Hie »au.c i>!ac« and nine of day- U.IC.J hlicrill . oa-.-r, llliunukcr. Ma; 21, l>'.a. A J LANUWoBltlf, toa,2J- rhenlM.l Co., WIs. JOS] : Mfl.ttlt f»S SAI.K. |\<-vS'a StATK CF WISCONSIN, I Ulrcoil O-'Urt. Nil»au«tc L'tunjr f I Jc»rpr> K. I'rcat, I • against Thomas Jk. Ljue, C^^l;l^l.c J. l-ynv, Jol.i. H. Wrij ami t A. Pullen. I N vlrtbe of and pursujuil to a decrrc r-n,lert:l lu caM'Cocr', In 11.e ab^i» t;nutl>.-ii >ci,,>u, diUnl Oir I^Ui dtj.of Mkl t', 1669. 1 lh«ll f Xf/.tte [or saTabtl .rll at pabucl aoru^it. &t ine Post attictf in th. city uf .Mil Banter, i>n iMainrdo)-, lllf Jd cl» J uf J u I J , lA'J, at (Tie huur o; '.' r jt ot thai diy, Ihe lojow at dcscnb«i mortpar.etl prrniuef, i,r to much Irn-rrof as may be necrsfarv tu raise iLe amoaut of laid }u>tg. menu, luterest and cosU, togetlirr with rip^i.set nt sale, to wii : • v Tbt north one hal! of lota number l«-n(lU) andjtwclve (>2), in block number forty-«<x ^40 , In tnr Elghln n aru ol the «alJ o.ty of \M»&u- kee, .-bcinK on Walter'! Point Addition to said ctty.jn Uie Coanty of Milwaukee, glair of M ts- CODS01." Dated ghtrlff '• office, Ullwaakee, April I, 1-VJ PiscHts, J.rjoa a Uiixxa, l A. J. l.AMJ«otnV, PlalntUI's Attorneys. ) Sberiff M.I Co , Wu BU3J MII:HI» t's NAI.I:. i>«-U« MATE OF WISCONSIN, i Circuit Cdun, Milwaukee County. | Lucira BbtUes, Executor of tbe last "ill aud lealarnent of Joel :Buttles, deceueil, : against Elimabetli Greenfield, widow of Adolph Oreenrielrl, .1. ceased,' Louis Auer and William Clander. Foreclosure. I N virtue of and pursuant to a judgment rendered in said jOoort, in the abore entitle,! action, Jate<i Ue eember 8Jsl, 1S5S, I shall expose >or »ale and ftel! at public auction, at the Post Omce in the cil; of Milwau kre, on Nuturdu), the 2d du) of Jul), 1S59, at dte hour ef X p. M o: Uiat da;, the foi.owiru; described mortgaged premises, <r r to mucri thereof a« may be ntcessary to raise the truounl of aaid judgment, Interest sjnd costs, together with Uie expenae^ . f »aJe, to wit : , " Lot number slxt^rn (16), In block one hundred ! and twentj-seFen <127), in Irie Second Ward of tbe city of Milwaukee, County ..(Ml wauk've, State ot Wtseoi.slo. Dated $herlff '• office, Milwaukee, April Ut 1K5<J. OGDM, Hkows t OQM.I. i A. J. LANUWOUTn V, Plalntllt's Attorney i. ( Sheriff MIL Co., » l» I ID Chancery. i I "SITF.n STATES VIAUSIIAI.'S SALE John A. Page, eiecntor of ) the last will and testaxneni | of Het«uah U Reed, rle- | ceased. > vs. David f. M all, Marian AJlorj Hall, Edwin Palmer Trnil«, Joshna Bkthawaj, Byron Wi Clark, Charles S, Clark, Robert B. Bell, Tbe farmer's t Miller's B'k lienry L-Palmer, HermanniBehwartlng, and Aofustos' Oreullch, Assignees of the People's bank of ( Haertel, Greenleaf t Company, Edward d. Tyler, Jabes H. foiter, Uorace K; Uunn and Jasper E.-Ooodrich. j I N pursuance and by virtue pf a decree made by the District Coon of Uie Uni ed States for tbe DIstrM of Wisconsin^ on the twelfth day of March, a. o., 1&&9, in the about!entitled cause, I shall sell at Public Auction, at the United States Marshal's Office, In the City of Milwaukee, on Monday, the ninth day of .May, Isa, at 11 o'clock! a. M., " The following real estate being and lying In U)e Oonnty of Milwaukee and Bute, of Wisconsin, and to(wn and described as Ihe south east quarter or tbe north west quarter of section number ten (10), In townshjp number seven (7), north of range number twenty-ti*]o (22) east; less the soath east quarter being ten (10) ^cres of the above described tract of land which Is eiiee^ted and reserved." Marshafs Office, Milwaukee, March 28 1859. ! U. J. THOMAS, U 8. Marshal. A. 0. MiT, Complt's Solicitor marit-lawtt ff Ttie above sale Is hereby adjourned to Monday the eleventh day of July, 1859, ut the same hour and place as above. Marshal's Office, Ullwaakee, M»y 9,1S59. maylO-^awtt M. J. THOMAS, U. 8. Marshal^ OUT] SHERIFF'S SALE. [Newn STATE Ot WISCONSIN, I Circuit Qourt, Milwaukee County. ( Alonio L. Kane,| ajralnst John 8. Pi Imore, George W. Peekbam and Gilbert Boe. Forecloi "••- k I N vlrtn< said Q . ,.. ktarch 18,386», I shall expose for sale and sell at Pub. " luctlon, at the Post-Office In the City of MOnaukee, satsirdayt Ihe 2dday of July 1859, atthehon of 3 r. •., of that day, the following described me rtgaged premises or 10 much thereof as may >e necessa ry to raise the amount of said judgment, In- crest and costs, together with the expenses of sale, o wit: I . '•Lot number thirteen [IS]' and Ihe east thirty ISO) fiet of lot number twelve 13), In block number seventyseren [Til, In the Fourth Ward Of the WIty of Milwaukee, ID the County of Mil. waukee and Bute of Wisconsin " : <• • Dated BBeriff's Office, Milsrabkee, April 1,18S». OoDJ,Ba6wjr40QDnt,| A. J. LANOWOBTHY, Pl'tTsi Atfysi f I"' BherlirMll.Co.,wli. Forecloi nre. neof andpnnuanttoajadgioent rendered lo Cpurt, In the above 1 entitled action, dated i,386», I shall expose for sale and sell at Pub. DC Auction, at the Post-Office In the City of Milwaukee, Barjmi^ MASS, soth Bed, ISM, • ML J.C. Arts: IdoDathMltatatOia? Uwbwtrenudy I have mr foond fbr ,TTn«ninMi, Trrtlmissy mil 1U« itant svmptomwof a OoM, Is your .Oonsr PHTWAI. Its constant uao ID my practice and 107 tkmfly for UM but too yam has ibnwn It to possee* superior virtues for the treatment of then • complaints. BBKN KNIGHT, H.D. ..., write*: «Ih»T« •mad jonr Actor* nvself and la mj nWlT mr since 700 Invented It, and believe it the best m^^^. for Its ptrrpast ever pnt otrt. With a bad cold I ahonld erjonei par twnntr-Av* dollara tat a bottle than do without It, a take any oth»r remedy." Crovp, Whooplnf Cough. Inflaeaza. BnamrnLB, Mrsa, feb. T, 18M. Bums Am: I wfll sheorfollv certify your Pectoral If the best famed/ w» poesees for the car* of whooping aragh. croup. and tha cheat dlasues oT children. Woo? yaw fraternity In th« gonth appr«dmta year akin, tad aonunend your medicine to oar people. HIRAM CONKLIN, H. D. AMOS LIB, Bio,, MORXUT, L», writes, Sd JuL, UK I baa • tedious Inflnensa, wbkh confined m* In doa •U weak*; took many medicinal without relief; dually tried your Actond by the) advtca of onr clergyman. The •nt dote raUered the eoreneei In my Ifanat and longs ; lea than one half the bottle m»j. n« completely weO. Toor medicine* are the cheapen at e»2 u the bett we eu toy, and we ejteem yoa, UocUr and yonr remedtee, •• the poor man's S-tend.* Asthma or Phthisic, and Bnmehitfa. Wai KLunanrn, Pi-, Feb. 4, ISM. tn: Y#ur Cflenj Ptetonl Is performing marrelluni •one in this notion. It bat relieved several from alarm- In* symptoms) of consumption, and to now coring a man who bat labored under an affection of the ionge fbr the latt forty yean. HENRY L. PABK8, Uerehaat. A. A. BAH8KY, U. D-, Ainoa, Hanoi Co., low*. writes, Sept. 8, ISM: "Burins; say practice of many year. I have (band nothing equal to yoar Chary Aatoral for string eate and relief to consnmwtlvs patients* or earing sitth at are curable." Ife mlfnt add vohnaea of ertteaee, tejt the •oat eon- rtndng proof of the vlrtnaaef tal* reaiedy le fctad ta In •Sfceteopon trial. Probably no one remedy hat mr bean kmowa wnlak mred to many end neb dangeraoe caeet ae thle. Sotu na homan fit can reach; but even to thoee the Ourri etatonl affonle relief and conrfort. Aeros Housi Kiw You Crrr. Much t, ISM. DoorOB Ami, LOWXLL: \ Ceel It a duty end a pleaeore lolntinn yon what year C terry Mmi ha§ done for my wife. She haa been n>e month* laboring nndur the dan- gerom eymptoma of C«n«nmpOcm, from whlcta DO eld w> eoold preeor* g»re her ranch relief. Bhe wee itaedilT nuv Ing. nntll Dr. Wrong, of tail dry, whon we h*™ «,n:« to ' advice, recommeoded a trial of your medicine. W« bleei hl» klndnen, ai we do jour iklll; for ihe hat rMoxtnd from that day. ghe b not yet at etrong u tb« oenl 1.1 be, bnt U free from her cough, and calle hnraelf 'ell. Yonre with gratitude end regard, ORLXNDO niELBY, o. eU Qmtumfttea, do Dot d*<palr tin yon Uate tried A rn't OmxT PjCTDUU. It le made by one •< the beet nudlcal chemlm In the world, and Ite curve ell ennod o> bopnak the high merit* of 1U rtrtuee. — /'AtZaderpfaa itdgrr • < « Ayer's Cathartic Pills. T 0B •daneM of Chanlxtry uid M«Hdu* hat*. b»n t&xed thai/ otmoat to prodnc* tkls b^t, m.-t p«rf»c( pnrgatlT* whleb li known to man. Innamanb^ pmob •T« Kfaotm thmt thaw Ptlia h*T* rtrtac* which erarpuii tn excttlJeBM tb« ordiiury medldoM. ud that they via an f>rec*d«<t*dly apon tb« vtoem of all men. Tltoy v»mft &ad pleaaot to tak*, bat powjrfal to cure. Their p*o«>- tndng propertJeeVftlmalmU th« Tltel MtivlttMof th« body. raaior* tha obttructlotu of tU oifanA, purify th* blood. and «rp*l diwaw. Th.»jpari»oat Uwftml bamori which bnod and grov dlstoaper, lOmoIftt* itagffiih or dinr dared orfftnctDto their natnml •ctttfo. and bopart haaJtby tone with itr«ngth to th» whole iy«Um. Not 00)7 dii thay con tba arery-dmy compUlnti of cvarj body, bat aUlD &nDldBble aod dtuigftrmu tUfurujt that h*»« baJBid tha beat of hunaa ikill. Wbile tfaay prodoca powerfhl tfflBct*, they ara at the aama tlma, ID dtmlnUbad do»«a, thi and baat phydc that can b^amployad for calldnn. tug*/<oated, thay ar» plmaaat to taka ; aad N»tii,; purely T«g«table, an fraa frem any rtak of harm. CarM bare bean made which mrpaai bailaf war* (bay DM tub- •ta%ntlat«d by man of racb vxaJtod poaltioa and chara>rter M to tbrMd tha. .maptciorj of nntmth. Many eminent cierjjBMHi and pfayticiaofl bava lent their DIBIM to certify to tha public tha reliablUty af my ramadiao, whlla oth^n ba»a aeot ma tba aa.raraBca) of their 40aT,Tktk)B that 07 Preparation.* eootHbnta fmm*n«ely to th« r*ll*>f of my Tha A^ant belew named to plea«»d to furnUh gratis my American Aimanaa, oontalalng dlract^Lotu for th«Ir BM anil carrtiflcataa of their carat, of tha following complaint* — Co*tiTra«aa, BUloni Complain t& Hhaamatavm, Dropay, Baartbom, Headarha artting from a fool ctomach, Naa- •ea. Indigestion-, Uurbid Inaction of the Bowali »nd Paia arlxtBg Uwrafrom, Flatolarwry, Una* of Appetite, all CV»r on» and Culaiieoai Dtaraaea which raqolre an e medicina, fiarrorola or Klne*! KTtL They altKs by purify ing the blood and itlnmUtinf th& ryitam, core many aumplatntj which It wonld not ba fnppoand they ccraij re*ch, •och u IWfnoM, Partial Bllndn*>aa, Neural «!* an*l HATTOOI IrrltsfiUiry. Decanfcvmmtl of th<« UT»r and KI<1- neya, Gout, and other ktndrad complain U ai WOR from • low state of tha body or obstruction of tU function*. Do not ba pat off by an principled dnlan with *um« jther pill tbcy maka more profit on. Aik fnr ATEB'I Pni.4, and taka nothing elm. No other thay <-»n &** roD rompareei with tht« In Iti tntrtaatc vaJne or rarafj»* powfra. The ftick vmnt th* Nwt aid th«r« la (hr thorn, and thay ibonld h»>*- It Prepared by Dr. J. C. ATER, Practical and AnaJytical Cti«mi»t, Lowell, Vaia. Pud US On. ra Box. FITI Bnrn mm | 1 . BOLD BT JOHN LUCa^Mliwaukc*. J. K- RKED A CO^ Chicago, »nJ */-rt 4 -n -»*•• town In the Unitrfl PtaUs. tr.M y pr -r tiw DReM'LANE's CtLKBRATKI) VERMIFUGE A V T > OIBOUlT. COOBT, I . I: Milwaukee Oonnty. f Charles W. Willard, Plaintiff, WllUm _, v _ __________ ___ _____ Brtpard fod Augqltos 0. Wood, DefbDdaatl; Sidney he BlaU of WUcoraln, to the abore named defendanta CTOD ABB hereby Sommoued and reqalred to ao- JL eTrer die complaint In thUacUon, I which 1« fil«J tn tie offlef of the Clerk of thi Clrtttit Court, for the County oftHDwaoiee, at the;Cltyof MUwaokw, la Mid Oonnty, and to (enre a copy of your annrer to W»ald complaint on the nbatrlben.: al-Uwirofflccr Noa. 8 and » Albinr Bolldlnr, In the »ld City of Mil- waokee, wlihlo twenty ilayi after tte«irlceiie«ofj ex- clmlveof Oie day of inch lerrlct; and If you fall to an§w«r, the; oompUInt- within the .time aforoald, the Jalntlff wl I apply to the Courtifor the relief demand- di& tiw^i imlaint.-~ ; "••' ''"-'''" i' '"• '" '••'•* --- ; -' •'•'' • * l •» LIVER PILLS. \\/'E beg leave to call the attention of the Tradr, and more especially the Physicians of the country, to two of the most popular remedies now before the public. We refer to Dr. Chas. Hl'Lanf'* Tflfbralfd Vermifuge and Liver Pills. We do not recommend them aj universal Cure-alls, but simply foi what their name purports, viz.: THE VERMIFUGE, For expelling Worms from th( human system. It has also beer administered with the most satisfactory results to various Animals subject-to Worms. THE LIVER PILLS, For the cure of LIVER COMPLAINTS. all BILIOUS DERANGEMENTS, SICK HEAD-ACHE, &rc. In cases of FEVER AND AGUE, preparatory to or after taking Qui-nine, they almost invariably mak« a speedy and permanent cure. As specifics for the above mentioned diseases, they are Unrivaled ind never known to fail when administered in accordance with the directions. Their unprecedented popularity has induced the proprietors, FLEMING BROTHERS, PITTSBURGH, PA. to dispose of their Drug business, in which they have been successfully engaged for the last Twenty Y"ears, and they will now give theii undivided time and attention tc ihear manufacture. And being determined that Dr. M'Lane's CeJe- Drated Vermifuge and Liver Pills shall continue to occupy the high position thejr now hold among the great remedies of the'day, they *vill continue to spare neither time (loj-.expense in procuring the Best DE. HOOFLAND'S GERMAN BITTERS, AHD OR. HOOFL,4SD'S BALSAMIC CORDIAL, The great standard medicines of the present age, Aavg acquired thnr great popularity only through years of trial. Unbounded latafae- tion is rendered by them in all cases ; <ind th* people have pronounced them worthy. liter Complaint, Byspepsla, Jaundice, Debility of the N'ervous System, Diseases of tbe Kidneys, and all diseagfa arising from a dtsorderorl licer or weakness of ihe itomjch and digestive organs, are speedily iind permanently cured by the GERMAN BITTEB3. The Balsamic Cordial lias acauirtd i reputation surpassing that »/ any nmiLtr pr-'- paration extant. It will cure, WITUULT FAIL. tht most severe and lung-standing Cough, Cold, or Hoarseness, Bronchitis, Influenza, Croup, Pneumonia, Incipient Consumption, >lnt{ hqs performed the most -\fr'i wr ltn>)Wn nt Confirmed Consumption. A few Joses u:iU a/.»o 'if <"ir* <-> tf .r. :f in t cure the most tevere Dlarrhcaa f-r •«•*.;{, <, j f"jm COLO IN THE BOWEI.D These medicines itr* pr'p>ir»>{ JACKSON & Co.. iV,,. 41 •< .t^A drlphia, I'a., 'ind ar' l<dd '>•/ dealers rn mediftnes frrryich<^-'. fer f,'j(r£s. 'The tiynatnr* -if i viU be <jn the outside scrapper 'if ><irli f In the Aimantlc published .jnn-t-i. .' propr-ietan, called EvERTBuuf < \ I. find t'*ti TTl Jil ft'tr'j l : pan. •Ttl,.h THE BHfcATES DISCOYERY OF THE AGE fh- \I will i't Jr'j *,ntj "/ '" II t K II^WIH 4" H • 1 II I I.I • I N V I r GOK A^T() K tViiiipoiiii Knlirel) ir dl I "S J. ' • •» E,. f.,r -withy fi v 1 .• r \ 11 n £ i. — : .in-- \ r> - ?*«„ ir^t J „ Wtl<'lf«alr '•LAll, Mil * **iM - HSI.I 1. N 1-, \V T li K A T M K N 1 (oufideolial A AHD Medical Ad. ire T the BaffssVlo PTITM* Ho-piiai— f cur« 'if SypMh*. ?*ctQin*l WtfAsin I aarrnillTa of V^ulfi «n<l Maturity, MJ.N, Baffin*, N. If Uttics, ;orn<;r -i r/ifl itn-l n- .•*-• r-i ID lit j)?j j 13 An tojirunnn. far the cure or (*«nital [>*t>-i.'y, -. N<-i'Lurii&J KmiseJona, mor> jm-ip^rly Known »a >*-min«i W e.T«irn--39, s4c — cau be j>«-rui.Bi.«?ntl y Mr-Mi m ' r m YOCNO MKN TASK PjRT.Cll.AK S./TUt- I>r AMO? * SON lake pl^asur^ .n .nnounnni; hat tij'-y hav.j iu»eDt4ril 1 iD'.*t importaiit a.tiru .m-i: t f r tit s U-st by the mosl cm me tit pfiyilci;ina n L"u.l<> i. P-iris, PhU«iI«lphla and New York . ilha*t>»-vn i-«-.»ir-i '.he only asefnl in»itruin«?nl ever mvuno-J ;.ir ihv -ui - jf Seminal Weakness, or »ay dlaense nf tlir- ^naA, T .r«.n!», CAOBetl fcy Ihe secret, habit i>f ynuth Cr',-* ;^-- lolUrs by mail or express A CURK .V AaiRANTKlJ. Dr. AMOS A SON have il«vru«it their •ttvutinn -< • ctuaiTeiy to this peculiar cla*s iif aialatJir-s, mi>l : i> relief UirjE/fiaTe cun>^;t)u«ntLy t>«jrn rtiablt?'] :-i r-ud«-r Lheir fellow <*r*ature», Is fuily i»-»tirt*-ii kn<l .rritctaliy ' tcfeni>w!(?rlgeti by convalescent, patients \u-l > trier* ilmity amviot' ia town from all pans jf Lhf >-ouniry for the express purpose only of consul La Linn*, wnil^ ihfir exertiooj have t>«>t!U crowueii with ttir- int>*t n<n.-n til- ; Tantayea , yet from what they ha»" <?i pf rtcrn-'-ii n -n- ^from Ihetr most simple coudiUon u> ihai .if 'ire tn-.ti i talned lh«j possibility of their prrvfnti->n in.i ? - •< -m.-w , anil likewise mvanably found that th** nmti lurr hi- : and maiij^naot (orma of jaseajtf d, uld *inn>-.i rivumniy be 'raced to oue of the fniioTinif ^atinfrj ^nuriinr^, oegleCt, or the ill tftlrcta uf UQSitillful &Dil til v>r-i ^,-r in, discoVoring, tn the telectiua of i/ieir r*mi-il i« s. * ! iafe, etTectuii and cautiou* coarse i < t 1 o«in bioattnn of remedies vhlch bear *u rqulvucai nhar-ac ter, as veil as those whose premuturt* <r lUjinllciouM *p- [ plication might b-- productiTe '.f tmd «;ni^e»iu«nrr-rt n , Ihe hands of private individuals. In ah»rt, ine i^uiii i tilt* end of their remedies >s the Ici^-nin,; .( 4 ^rt-a: ma/3 of human misery *>y ihe Ttleviatioti, r-nr-f mi KICHE ^ r>*. A '. (•'' i •! • \ \ nK.i : ! : F • \ • \ \ H <• .\ ' ' K' t .» \ • \ *. i. • i ii .---,•; • 1 V N ii .-. • it C ^ r K • < \ N rt." r'KKSfc li * ' . >• 1 - r' •< Of- it - '• Kt. >< ' j ill ' T«) THK tiKATKc-T TU THK lutK.t. i ^-i ?u tHK <T«KAr^>r TU r .i K >r IIKA TK.- : It Y 1 S 1 M , r( \ : • l\>, if \ 1 ."i J dK- 1 • • '.( ' - 1 T A 1 _-.*.» ri,"'.- . KI-.-* r v L^\ i T .-.- r- ^ -.- PIIK. i«'N ' " i f 1 * f \ f K.- . fe.N l> 1 I - P? \\ r*H " \ >. N 1 - ,['- f \ . f>Klv^ -..N I'-* ( !'.-> F \ , DIADI I)) Kilii>« or Kni|)vi reality the secret foes of life, and wh extensively surround us, i ail ali<ud '«r ,u interferenre in thrir t-jtlermmation. COUNTRY INVALIDS. Pert ns in -\ny ,-art of the world may f>e treated by forwapliog & current detail o trtth aremittHDce for Medicines, Ac. AdUress Dr. AMOS * 01>N, corner Vlam •trcet, Buffalo, N. V. ja ->ns inai »r « I h, *h».o they /RKK.^ THK FHKK." THK KRKK.'* TUh U.I' K .-I I I.I) il\ i»\. U i!V •'ul.Ii » V .«ILU UV tiw^i implaint.-~ "••' '"-''" • " ••• --- -' ••' • l ~*r- 1 WlieMtte Hon. Arthur JBcArUiar.Judde of UatV * the Circuit Court for «ald County of MD- waakee.atHIlwaubie^thUthlrty.llrrtday of March. 19M. -TTrTni ;:.-. : ^^;- - > ABPANfitttBKKO, PUlnUn"« urest material, and compound them in the most thorough manner. -Address all orders to 7 T FLBHIHO ^ROS. Pitbbnrgb, Pa. ( P.S. Dealers .and Physicians ordering ftom othen teg Bros, W do>ell to wr&• n3,yS£ and take none but Dr. JflMaft, pmarcd bt w. POtAvrgh, Fa. 1o those wfcntaitoglvt aiem a trial, wewm-forward per inslLpostpaid,"totni jart-of the United States, onVboTof^»*fa.'Srert irtfrcent po«tag» stamps, or <me vial of Vennifng* fo» fourteen three-cent stamps. All orders from Canada mnsl 5e accompanied bjr twenty cents extra, —r~~ •" *•) —=•-.*— • • ;'• o_ HjVHMHGTON ' Wholesale at d Retail, |*fiat «q4 MXana Vermifuge " ' SAI i:. i-HO STATE OF WISCONSIN, I Olrcatl Coart, Ullwiakee County, t SUn^y SheparJ, against Christian Henry Sleytr, autl Uargsrut, Ills rite, Jru S. Brown, Davt" O. f»wer, Edvanl Basse, Will! P Merrill, Nelson Webtter, Charles A. Koi-fl 'Detmer Flschbsck, B. Boddn and A. W Brla»olJ Administrators of the estate oS John 0. L«Roy, Je- ceased Ormand T. Crane, Cnsiflw t. Bode, AihnlnU- trator of the (State of Charles O. Schr* ner. ^censed, James W. Aveiell »"d He. man O. C. Kemper IN virtue of and pursuant to a Judgment rendered m laid Court In the above entltledactlon Jdated Fabraa- rv 8 1S59 1 shall expose for sale and sell at Public Auc- sa n turday" 5 «he° e »««> 1 day ol, 1^9" atthohourof 3 r. *-, of that dav, the following described mortgaged premls«s or so much Ihereof u may be necessary to raise the amount ef laid indgment, interest and coslSt together with the expenses of tale, to t3"Lot number sixteen (16) and the esat half »f lot number fifteen (13), In block fortj-nve (45), in tha Second Ward of ilia City of Milwaukee, being on Tamarack street, between Firth and Sixth streets, all In Ihe County of Mllwjokae and State or Wisconsin." Office Milwaukee, April B, 1859. A. J. LAN'.WOBTHY. Sheriff Milwaukee Co., Wla. OO6] SBEHIFfS SALE [Hewst BTATS OF W1BOON8IN, . • Circuit Court. Milwaukee County i ( James S. Brown, Joshua Hllhaiyay and Thomss L. Ogden, against ! I A. Patternn Smith and Alfred Edwards.] Foreolosure. ' I N virtue of and pursuant to a judgment rendered in said Court, In the above entitled action, .l.teJ March IT, 1SS9, I shall expose fbr sale and sell at Publlo Auction, at the Post Office, In the city of Milwaukee, on 8atnrdajr> the 2* day of July. 1S59, at .the hourof 2 p. M. of that day, the following described mortgaged; premises,or so much thereof as may be necessary to raise the amount of said jndgmefat, Interest and costs, together with the expenses of sale, u> wit: "Block number twenly-elght (43), of Clurk's addition, In the Eighth Ward; of the city of MI1- .wsmiee and coonty of Milwaukee, and State of Vtscoosln. ; : ' Dated,BneTUTs. Offlce, Ullwaakee, April 1st, 1S69. _ DAVID Bi OODEH, l A. J. LASSWORTHT, -- Pl'fl'aAti'y. f HwrtffMlLC«.,WtB»> IMI^Y 114 U.lUKKl' <T 114 M.4KK.KT ST 114 MASKKT .-IT 114 UASKKT SI' . :*r , ^ T <T .T. The ftestontiv.- , large, medium, .UK) .•etails for one Ji .;. least twenty yer .'ti retails for iwu loi.H W per ctrnt. mof i Dottle. 0. J. WOOD .t CO V"ork, ^in the i;r^)\t Uld 114 .^larket n., 3<ihl »y '' II >iti id Fancy i^oodj D Llll l«4. LoCI.M. \ N l> AM) A .M) V N n Ii J Illiil \lt\\ \ ', '1 - !lltOAl>\V V Y \ ii-j nuii tiuv iv' N ;>t. U> M., I >!,.! V K 1 N ( DR. ADWKB.L, III.. ^Hrh-.r-, ^tr.-^t, :a ol r*-^| ( .r'n.{ II EARING, een received by c»f Toronto, C. eminent ind skillful .p.-r |EY* AND Randolph, Corner .if 'workiep miracles <n the ws LOST SIGHT AND pwar.tfl a( TWO HUNUItKD li )fa C. w thin tho hint f<.ur weeks, iiuiny of trfeotn hs been bHQii for raonthn »nJ yean rmvt.- hit) their 5l(fbt restored Instantly by -lelicntt, .i»</ 'lirficuUvpemtton^ rhile others, who hay* town *utf r cr$ from dUema« v ave been miraculously cureil t.y mii,i i Dt | ijtntle treatment. The besl proof a* to htnv tir. t,' '-« lervtcea ura appr>»- clat«d !i, that he i; iially re^mnii nt^w patient* froin all parts of tho country, in. 1 -llsmiBHin^, u cured, till received caaee. F*4\a required for an exammatiun or iplnloo. _ lo CHAMB lor service that «r« «,>« ffucc«j*^.^, u *m hea the paUeat la r^ceivetl. Or. pUeaUon u

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