Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on January 26, 1888 · Page 4
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 26, 1888
Page 4
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THE EVENING GAZETTE: THURSDAY, JANUARY, 2U 1383. Jan. ;.T—The Catick correspondent for the GAZKTTE wishes the paper a prosperous New Yesir. The Sterling GAZETTE Is the best and largest county paper published for the price. Our present winter weather Is greeting ua with a little milder atmosphere. The maroury today standing at 22 de grees above zero. People of Ustict on the sick-list are as follows: Mrs. Joseph K. Rubertson, Mra. M. Theis, Miss May Ritchie, a*, present in David City. Neb, and Jos. B. Usell, who is yet in a helpless condition. Mr. Jos. B. Gsell met with the sad accident about two miles away from home, which is aa follows: On last Thursday, Jan. 19th, as he was going to the timber to procure a load of dry wood he came near a tree which fell over him. When being removed from nnder the fallen tree remaining unconscious for _some time, being mostly hurt on the right shoulder, breast and right leg. He is yet in a helpless condition, but there is good prospect for his recovery. The present leap-year seems to have quite an Impression on,the young people of Ustlck. as quite a number of them are united in marriage in the beginning of 1888. The Cor. wishes them all much joy and prosperity In their ' new course of life. Our store keeper's companion will make a successful clerk In the store as she is very well liked by all the patrons. Mr. 1. Lapp, of Freeport, and Miss E. Lapp, and W. Hnyder, both of Adams Co., Neb., were the guests of our postmaster today. From Emptrr. Miss Eva Bush spent last Saturday and Sunday south of Rock Falls, where she used to tench school.. Mr. and Mra. J. F. Greenawalt, of Milledgeville, 111., spent lust Sunday with his brother's family tn Empire. Two new scholars in school on Monday, Irwln and Frank Baird. Keed Bros, have indulged in a new Portland cutter. Two sleighs and one horse, I think will be rather rough on the horse. Mr. D. O. (3oe brought two fine hogs -to-Wm.Jl.Jleed's_4)lace_last_fiTeuinK to have, them butchered today. They will dress about 400 pounds each. William is the boss butcher and sausage maker. The cold weuther of the past few weeks has hindered J. G. Hook in get- tinj'hla mill m running order. He placed the engine in order today and by Wednesday next expects-to be ready for business. Bring on your grists and (five him a trial. The Empire people will give another entertainment and oyster supper in the school house on Friday evening, Jan. 27th. All are Invited to come and enjoy a good time. COB. From Clyde. Jan. 24,—Mrs. W. E. Kennedy who was mentioned in last week's items, died oil Thursday morning, and was buried in the Heaton cemetery on Saturday last. • She leaves a husband who is blind, her mother and six children to mourn her loss. I), L. Maxwell spent a day in Ch ca- go last week on business. Joseph Gsell, of Ustick, met with a serious accident last week. He was hauling wood, and had a man cutting trees.. He.had stopped mVteamjust, aa the tree was ready to fall, when the roan warned him to move away, but not bearing him the tree fell on Mr. Usell,;striking Him oh the shoulders and neck; he was severely hurt, but at last accounts was improving. Rev. Jacob Garwick preached at Rock Creek school house on Sunday last Rev. J. W. Fager will preach at the same place Feb. 4, in the afternoon at 3 o'clock. . Rev. Ashley Ferguson, of Erie, preached at the Dunk&rd church on Sunday last. Regular service every two weeks at 10:30 a. m. John Brett and wife, of Iowa, former residents of Clyde came here to the funeral of her father, Mr. Donald Blue* The farmers have been pretty busy for the last week tilling their ice houses and this morning three or four teams went to Clinton.Iowa.f or saw dust. The majority ot them are filled. Daniel Long Is hauling wood from Clyde to] Fentoa for his summer and winter use at present. Rev. J. M. Dietz has been, attending the series of meetings at Milledgeville, held by the brethren in the Baptist church for weeks past. Lewis Riglln has rented the John S. Fry house for next year; he moves In about the first oil Marcb. TheMalvera P.M. has a new Deputy, he put In appearance on last Thursday " mom. AMHON. enough to tip h«*r rmt, and then went back in an upright position just as though nothing had happened. The horses did not attempt to run, therefore no damage. Miss Mary Hogan spent Sunday at W. H. Colcord's. Miss Hogaa is enjoying a pleasant and profitable year as teacher at the Washington school. Spelling school at Hazelgreen this evening. I wonder who will become champion of the etening. Miss Rachel Crouch left this morning for Shenandoah, la., to visit relatives. She is taking a much needed rest from the duties as clerk In the firm of Crouch & Ackerman and will be absent abont a month. Carpet rag bee at Mrs. G. W. Howe's this evening. Dime Sociable at O. W. Terpeny's this evening for the benefit of the M. E. church. Where is the usual crowd this even- Ing? At spelling school, dime sociable of rag bee 7 Z"~7_ ~ HZI. Chas. Ulmer has returned from a visit in Marshalltown Iowa. . Mr. F. W. Weddel butchered 8 beeves for Mr. Wm Peugh, beginning at 8 o'clock and was all finished at 3:1.1. p. m. Beat that for fust work. Mr. Walters is still in town ready to clean and repair organs which is done in a workman like manner. Frank Terpeny is attending our public school. A good example for a few more of our young men. Dr. Hagey shook hands with a few friends Monday, he and his wife took dinner with Mr. Longsdon and family. We would all have enjoyed a call from tiie jolly doctor. W, R. Jamison arrived from Davis Junction, where he la engaged in the well drilling business, to remain about a week. Frank Andrews and .las. DeGrolT, of Sterling, were up Saturday evening to rally the old Prohibition club. What success they met 1 have hot learned . The Coleta school under; the management of Misses. Anna Mathews and Clara Rye Is giving universal satisfaction. The patrons should more frequently visit the school and thus, encourage both pupil and teacher. You ask most any parent who send scholars to our^schopjj how they like the teacher? and they will say "they are doing good." Why not go and see for yourselves y and few hours spent there will do much good, and surely do no I arm, unless we go to find fault. The young people enjoyed a social dance at the residence of Win Pitman Saturday evening. Our barter is visiting at the "Hub" for a few days. It ia dangerous work to trample on our fellow men, that we ourselv<sa may be elevated, or In other words to slander our neighbor, that a point be gained, as did the Coleta correspondent In the Milledgeville Free Press of last week's issue. Remember Bro.—we are all human beings, and you may have been or might yet be -where censure will-fall ou you. Let us remember to never "kick a man that is going down hill;" that does not do in accordance with the Goldeu rule. NEXT From <rtill. H W. C. Olds, who has been visiting his parents in Como, returned to his home In Ohio, last Saturday. David Broyles and K. Lefovre will move west in the spring where they have bouehta farm and will make their home in the future. We are sorry to lose these worthy young men, but they think they can do better there. E. Olds and wife are visiting friends in Stewart, 111. We were blessed with three prohibition lectures this week; some very good and some not so good. Come again, boys; we will listen if nothing more. We hear of wedding bells again: cards are out tor next -week. ETKP. Several communications are held over from lack of space; will appear as soon as possible. MAKE ME A SONQ. Out of tho silp^c* make mo a soug. Beautiful, noil anil fioft and low; Let the lov*»Ufst nm.ilo Bound alonsc And wliif each not« with wail of woe, Dim and drear; As hope's last tear Out of the alienee make me a hymn . Whose Rounds arc shadows soft and dim. Out of the stillness la your hea • A thousand aonfta are sleeping there— •'Make me but one, thou child of art. The ftong of a hope in a last despair. Dark and low, A chant of woe; Out of the gtlllnesB, tono by tone. Soft as a inowflako. wild as a moan. Out on the dark recrasefl flash me * non#, Brightly dark and darkly bright; Let it sweep aa a lovo star awecpa along The mystical shadows of the night. Blng It sweet. Where nothing la drear, or dark, or dim. And earth songs melt Into heaven's hymn. —Father Ryan. AVK ARE POSITIVE that Komp's Snr- sai>arilla will cleanse' and purify the blood and tone up the system. We have the con'idPive to guarantee it. I'rice 81 per hittlc. A. H. Heniiiickfl, druggist. I;K .Xeversay die; Korae's building took more than i-t hours. A NASAL IN.IF.OTOU tree with each r>ottle of Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy, frice 50 cents. O. A. Oliver & Co. 2 • Blessed is he that overcoir.eth obstacles. _ _ FOK DVSPEPSI A and LiverComplaint, you have aprirt ed jjtmrantee on every bottle of Sulloh'a -Vitallzer. It never falls to cure. O.A. Oliver & Co. 2 All resolve that the coming summer shall be one of prosperity. Sim.on' CUIIE will immedlHtely relieve Croup, Whooping Cough and Bronchitis. O.A. Oliver & Co. 2 Does Oglesby know there is a northern Illinois? SHILOH'S CATARRH REMEDY—a pos itive cure for Catarrh, Dlptherla and Canker Mouth. O.A.Oliver & Co. 2 SUPERSTITIONS. OF ACTRESSES. From Cvleta. Jan. 24.— Agreeable weather. The farmers are improving the moderated "spell" and are busily engaged In hauling wood, filling Ice houses and in drawing grain to market. Last evening H. C. McCray, assisted by several of Coleta'a best vocalists, gave a free concert in the Baptist church at Milledgeville for the purpose of organizing a flinging school. The bouse was filled to overflowing by a» appreciative audience. A class was organized with 63 ruetnbere aa a starter. Mm G. A. Over, of Sterling, visited tier parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Col- eord, last Thursday, remaining until Friday. , Her. T. B. Stanley, of Erie, came home to ess "pa" and "ma" the iaiter part at the week. He la somewhat improved ia beftitto sluee hi* recent M- the vsf»on "Ffcs *bs Praia ;Mrs. Laura Hawkins,of Fremont.has accepted an invitation to take charge ot the singing and play the organ In the Baptist Sunday school the coming year. This will be'a great help to the school. The Ladies Baptist sociable was held at the residence of Mrs. Alice Bushnell's on Tuesday the 17th and all report a jolly good time. About 30 were present. " •'...« Mrs. Stevens, wire of W. W. Stevens died yesterday and will be buried today She had been a great sufferer for many months. W. O. Millard, who has been on the sick list for several days, is now on the streets again. Mr. Enoch Gregory a farmer resident of this vicinity but now of West Union, Iowa, returned home Monday after a short but pleasant visit with old friends and neighbors. . . . Miss Sue Evans, who has been stay- irig with her brother, I. N. Evans, for sdme time, left for Rising N. Y. ou fiionday where "she will make ari ex. tended visit with friends. We regret to learn that Fred North's young wife is still confined to her bed with pneumonia. Hope she may soon be able to be behind the counter again. JMr.' H. C. McCray, of Coleta, assisted by a number of good singers gave a fiiee concert at the Baptist church on Monday evening. The house was crowded and the concert good.. At the close Mr. McCray organized a singing class with sixty members. ,The citizens of-this place were greatly shocked on Monday morning when it; was learned that Lewi* Reltzel, who is* in the employ of C. B. Goshert, at the "Holler Mill*" was seriously and perhaps fatally hurt. It seems that while he was dusting thejboltinjf chest just behind the upright shafting, the sleeve of his coat caught in the cogs, which are about five feet from' the lloor, and he was rapidly being drawn through between bolting chest and shafting, while the arm, stomach and bowels were being cut and mangled by the cogs. When drawn through as far AS the lower part of the bowels the machinery gave way aud the shafting ceased to revolve. Mr. Goshert and Mr. Derr happened to be on the same floor at the time ami U; was about five minutes before 'be was extricated from his perilous position. ,Tbe shafting is 1% inches in diameter add this was sprung one inch. The only thing that saved him from a terrible death at once was the fact that ho had on an unusually heavy overcoat which kept him from setting-deeper la the cogs. Whilft bis right arm U badly lacerated, collar bone broken aud breast badly lu- | jurad, yet it ia believed that b* will r*- ftlgn of the Tom Cat—The Hunchback. _ Offenbach's Evil Eye. It is singular, In fact, to note how Farlsinii actresses are attracted—as moths round a flume that wlU Bingo them—by the belief in signs and warnings and omens. Mme. Favart, a BocletiUre at tha Theatre FrnncBise, asserts that when a cat, and especially a black torn cat, comes of Its own accord r with tall erect, purring round the stage, It is a good sign. Theo, who "sings BO delightfully vrlth her shoulders," as the Nestors of theatrical criticism aver, believes that It is very unlucky to catch sight of n hunchback and not touch his hump. The pretty actress will, in fact, go out of her way and dodge one a mile to get, a chance to do BO, aa U by accident and without being seen. Croizette, who retired from tho stage of Jtho Comedle JTrancaiBfl _on a pension and marrleJo rich banker, attributes her sac- cess In life to the fact that one day ahe picked up » horseshoe. Some cantatrlces are also highly unper- stltiouB. Among those who belong more or less to the Paris stage I may instance Adelina Patti. Adellna Maria Clorlnda Pattl—and Indeed the whole musical tribe ot the StrakoBch and Pattl brood— strongly.believe In tha jettatore, or "evil eye." Pattl will not sing where there is B cross eyed conductor, just JIB the Hondo Sarah will not play by the side of an actor whose organ of vision Is askew; and, aa those who, like Pattl, have been happy and successful are more liable to this fascination, the prlma donna never falls to, wear a bracelet or necklace of precious stones—even shells and corals will do—to counteract the malignant influence which darts from the eyeballs of certain envious and angry persons. She asserts that Offenbach, who possessed the evil eye, brought ill luck with him wherever he went; that 'ho passed through the Rue Lepcletler tho night the old opera house was destroyed by fire, when poor Emma Llvry was Inirued alive in the only"ballet Offenbach ever had represented at tho opera, and that Mme. Berthelier died while playing In the "Vie Parisienne," for which he wrote the score. I have also been told that Paola Marie, ot the Opera Comlque, and her sister Gall! Marie, both wear amulet rings to avert the snake like fascination which Is currently attributed to Count Gabrlelli, the well known boulevarder. Zulma BoufTar once told me that she never wonld think o£ washing her hands —as it often happens behind the scenes to many of the music hall singers—In the water used hy another person, not that she considered the act as so very unclean, but rather because she knew that the parties were bound to quarrel Boon after, unless one of the two spat In the basin I And I may add parenthetically that I once Baw a dancing «M, whose veracity was questioned by another member of the talent, suddenly draw back with some show of Indignation, spit on tho ground, stamp the boards with her foot, and raise her right hand, saying, "I swear 111"— Paris Cor. Inter Ocean. If Governor Oglesby dont~watotrDut, he'll forget to make up his mind about that judicial election. 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Let Sterling be made a horse market A party paid ten dollars for a horse at an auction sale. The horse was lamp, bruised all over, had the scratches, and .was terribly "galled." A bottle of Salvation Oil, costing 25 cents, was used, and In two weeks yon would not have known the animal It is now valued at two hundred dollars. •FIRST CLASS ' GARMENTS! Your Last Opportunity To (Purchase a Good Cloak a i Less Than the Cost to the -Manufacturer. Read the country corespondence: you'll (ind it interesting. Do sandwiches come from the Sandwich Islands? Of course uot, but consumption always c->mes from neglected colds. And a bottle oJ^Dr. Hull's Cough Syru"p~taken "In" time -will save iriucli suffering, • all to- A strong and a mighty gether and it will he done. pull id, Hrnrlei and YellotV Fevrrw Meiuilea, IMphilierla. Nmall-pux,Chol- era, *r. Darbys Prophylactic Fluid will destroy the mfectl .n of all fevers and all contagious and infections . dJBeases. Will keep the atmosphere of any sickroom pure and .wholesome, absorbing and destroying unhealthy effluvia and contagion resulting therefrom. Will netrallze any bad smell whatever, not by distinguishing It, but by destroying It. Use Darbys.I'rophylactio Fluid In every sick-room. ' tths Look out for urduy night. the moon eclipse Sat- New Prints, New Ginghams, finest Stock Black Dress Goods in — v 25c Per Yard Saved on every yard of Black and Colored Silk. We are the Cheapest (Dry Goods Store in Wkiteside County. Goods all ; • ' Mw. . No Old Stock. "The best on earth" can truly be said of Grlgg's Ulycerlne Salve— a speedy cure for cuta, bruises, acalds, burns, sores, piles; tetter and all skin eruptions. Try this wonder healer. 25 cts. Guaranteed. O. A. Oliver & Co. If one thing fails, try another. . Wonderful Cures. W. D. Hoyt & Co., Wholesale and Ke- tall Druggists of Home Ga., say, We bava beeu selling Dr. King's New Discovery, Electric Bitters and I5ucklen's Arnica Balve for four years. Have never handled remedies that sell as well, or give such universal satisfaction There has been some wonderful cures effected by these medicines in this city. Several cases of pronounced Consumption have been entirely cured by use of a few bottles of Dr. King's New Discovery, taken in connection with Electric . Bitters. We guarantee them always. Bold by Strickler & Boorse. Beit in the World \ BUTTEJICK'S PATTERNS }«...,„, h . N. CARPENTER & CO, Prosperity comes fort. of continuous of- The Boomerang** Cnrlout Flight. Some German scientists, seeking to discover the secret of the boomerahg's curious flight, caused a party of Australian natives to give an exhibition of boomerang throwing at Mnnster. The Instruments used were of two sizes, the larger being a slender crescent about two feet long, two and a quarter inches wide and a quarter of an Inch thick, made of on extraordinary heavy Australian Iron wood. This boomerang was jerked np Into the air about 100 yards, when It flew straight away, then turned to the left and returned in a curved .'line back to, the thrower, whirling around constantly and Whizzing unpleasantly. One badly directed projectile fell through a spectator's hit with a cut as clean aa that of a razor. A Weimar manufacturer, who has made s^me 11,000 toy boomerangs, believes that Ufa mystery of shape lies ia the.eharpor curvature in 'the middle, with unequal length of the two arms, which must be made of eqnal weight by -unequal thickness. The peculiarity of motion is due to the difference In the length of the arms, which diverges tha curve of rotation from the circular.—New Orleans Picayune. 1'erBOnal. Mr. N. II. 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You lay your money that a certain stock will go down. The shop beta it won't. "That Beema even, doesn't It? But it isn't, tor the shop keeps a portion of your toger whether you win or lose—commission, it Is culled. I eay it U odds. Ten dollars Is your bet on seven shores against f7.50 if the commission la one-quarter; and I think a man Is a fool to be constantly laying money against a smaller sum. It will break him sure. You will seldom (Ind an experienced gambler who can be Induced to have anything to do with these concerns."—New York Telegram. Looking into the Window*. i "Do you know," .said a well known plate glass dealer to a reporter, "that the great plate' glass windows that adorn large store fronts have their origin in the vanity ot women? A woman likes to see herself as others see, her. She can do that in a mirror. Whtin she Is on-the street the show windows serve as mirrors to tell her how prettily or how badly she appears, If her hat is on crooked, her back hair down or her newfangled bustle awry. •Watch the women as they saunter up and down Broadway or Sixth »venue, and you will find nine out of ten casting fni- tlve glances into the window! that reflect back their likenesses. ' They are attracted to the goods in the windows and go into the store to Inspect and buy. It was that Idea that first brought about big. plate glass windows. The old, common frames, with large numbers of panes, "gave no op- p4>rtnnlty for the ladles to e«o their roil figures. - They could only .sea their faces. Tradesmen .who observed the manner in which they looked in the windows urged the glass manufacturers' to make large panes." They gradually rnada them larger and larger until now they flll-the entire front. The men like to look in them quite aa much aa the women, too."—New York Tribune. A Planters Experience. 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Double Seoml Ooubl* Sttoll OWE DOLLAR. BOLD EVERYWHERE. Btitm Mfg. Co., Jackson, Mick Was Saved I CICIBO, RAJOLTOM Co,, IND., Kept, 19,1387.— Tho following IB ft true accouut of what your . B. S. a.bMdoD3forourUtUe<lauchter,K&fi0l. now foar yearn old. When 13 uioutbt old « lump appeared on her hoot,which ilowly grew .larger. The family phjrslcUn th rtighl U w*U . caused by a piece ot broken gla&a or netnlle, but failed to bring auj-tiling to light. Tb« ch lid became fwjblar all the time, eaemlng to loftp the uso of her leg, and Anally quit walk- lu# entirely. Tba middle finger a&d thumb. of either hand become enlarged, the flesh becoming hard. Tae hip joltiU became 1 avoir- od, »o that when nevoutecn mcmUn old fth* could not etaud, having lo«t the u«e of leg fiiiJ «rra. Partial curvature of the Hplne aUo followed. The uervDUs sy»iera wai wrecked, mu*cles contracted, and there woa Bem;r&J was ting of fierfh and muxcte. At eighteen - riontJia of O-Q ah«. was placed under tb« treatment of a promlnoat phyalcUui of Bo* ton, MH&JL, tout at tha end of ton monthi ih« had declined to iuch *. decree that the waa In ft dying condition. This waa In April, 1360. We took the child away not knowing what to do, 'In thli dreadful dilemma we were over-persuaded by friend* to try "on* Qct- tlo " of SWIFT'S Bnxxrio. which w« did. wiA , before It hftd all D*an taken we taw a cluing* lur the better tn hor ftyinptom*. < We kept U up. and have done so to thi* day, and will keep U up. If the Lord wllla, fur many dayi to come, for It haj brought our dying Haael to life, to vigor, to atrength and h*alth ag&in, Toe when, hue of her cheeks has changed to arony tint. 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Now, while we don't believe In deception of any sort, still we have such an anxiety for a sight of the "CRE*T EYE OF |THE PUBLIC," Tjiat we have been making all this talk sitnply to get you to.looking ou^'way and shall be willing to take your punishment, providing we. fall to'^ , SHOW YOU BARGAINS I Aimost equal to Gold Watches for 30 centi Don't take our word for It, but came and look for yourself, upon the most: astonishing chance ever shown if 0 THE PEOPLE OF THIS TOWN, In all sorts of useful, every-doy household necessities. Look at these bargains AND COME AND S^E 1 HE REST. apanned Walters, from 5 to 26c: Bread Ifnlves, lOc; Butcher Knives, lOc; tew Pans, 6 and lOc; Japanned foot Scrapers, lOc; Tooth Picks, large paok- re;, 6c; Mincing Knives, o and lOc; Ctirpet'Tacks, 3 packages : for 6c; »-blole Mouse Trap Cc; 4-Hole. Mouse Trap lOc; the most fashionabla NecK Scarfs.' only 26c, Worth 60o; Fine Parlor Broom, oqly 22c, worth' 356; Clothes f 'Flris, 3 doz. for 6cj 16 Inch Lamp, complete, Burner and Chimney, only 3So; Lamp Chimney, only Be; and hundreds of other things. Call and see' for yourself, GOLD WATCHES 1 06 Third Street; Sterling, Ills. S. M. BEEOHER, PLUMBER, STEiM -AND— GAS FITTER; Iron,"- Lead., Oulvert and Server lr*ipe. & CO. GAS mm A Full I4«e of Braaa Uood», Knirine Pumps and Pump Repairs, Ou uid Oil Fixture*. MlDOP OFFOtUTK POST OVFICJK OB FOUHTH 8TKEKT «S. JOHN BUCKLEY, recently-«a the employ ot 4. 8. Johnatuue as number. Wealso . Imve artnngi'riients with WALTKll A. FACKY. ! an expert Plumber, now with K, Bangui Iu the I tu-st plumbing establishment in Chlcaxo. to case 01 uny fine or eitrn work, to assist us. "We are priMinred 'o make contracts aud furnish maM- I-IKI lor all work In tho numbing, Ste&m and Gas Kilting llne v juid ke<-u In Block Iron, leadund, »««•« r pipe, brass goods, pumpi, &o.. te.; every- tliing to ue found ID a llrst-clasa establishment, in ri'HSiiiinble urlees, aud we are nowprepared to do work Iu a wUlsftu:U>ry menuer ana tuaruutee nil work und muterlal as represented. T. K. FACEV, who him been In biulnese here almost continuously for tho last ihlity-two years, willsuperluteud tlm work. His qualiflctitiona iuu" iieclmnlc are too well known to need oom- hii'iit. - MHOP AT TI1K OLU 8TAHU FACIY BLOCK. STEBLIN8.ILL BLUE TJ UlfN LNG THBEE WAGONS JEV AU goods promptly delivered to any pan of wW citT. SpecljUfy of reinoTlu 4 ptanoa. H AVE YOUR BOOKS BOUND QAZSTTS BINDERY, JRed JLdne I»Jo. 1. IKWIN McMANIQAL I. new dray, i HAS 8TABTKD A ~ to do all kinds ot »ulinz. MoTlng hoiuehold good* gad pianos .Bpoc&lty. Leave orders at Meivla ft Suur f\& Unury Johnson's grocery. iwp'Mtf , , Wondera exist in liiuasmid ot lonns.BUSare snrp^swd lit tie iimrvoi* ot InVOMUOn. Thoss who urft Iu utf.l ot profitable worn that ena b« donu wblte \\t\\\-;. at l;om,« should nt one* send their aJilr.-^ lo fiai- le!t Jt Co,. i't«tl«int, Miiiue, $n4r»c*H«, (,«e, full liUormatton howcHltcr »<*. at all*#«*, «ai cftns from M to idi per day and upwards whtromr Uteyllfo ¥ ou are >tart«d tree, C«pititl not re- unlrttd. ISamo hA7« umde orcr $00 tB ft «in lUjr »t tlii» work A.

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