The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 24, 1971 · Page 17
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 17

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 24, 1971
Page 17
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103 ECONOMY Girl charged At-a-glance in WC school I. titttMt HUM H.JH I, OftKf Cl. DM. M*l M^.Wtf «Ml. It. tit I IliinoX l>«ftit, i>ni, M4t». war > I, A4(**t* n »» I. W.U«« O»«t, I ktlt to MO, tM* , IMw ti (M>|<4»> »t i.wt t lJt> t«M"I III****** Kl Hmt (» W»T m rixfwt. m*w i II, I<II«14 1 Ml HHH4- II I W II tnw»r 1 H full, « MI |).H» II ••»!<«*. Mt II*W «*«» It . II a***M, (I H IMW M 14 OM-Wf Hfrm M) >Kl M W.W II rrMMMtMwf »imti»)M ..ttmt, "I »<»»•, M1-MM hM H t Acreage tor Sate 105 f * At*fct " l*tJ*»r»*Mil I»*<**| f.rt ANGLETON COUNCIL THE BRA?'..,•' . r*ti »i , Vovem&ef 24, Itfl, Pf|*lf WAKMINUTON (API Here In brief are the major hAlTlh thfPat ™K ANGI.KTON Council met In a regular session Tuesday action* of the Pay Board and WVIIIU illl CO I ^ wj|h rncmbcfjl Dr „ D KufM M * L Pu ,talg»rt, Mayo * Prke Commission Tuesday, WP.8T COI.UMIUA - >»«. IM M . now Ivy, 0.I,. Howe and Willie Thomas prm-nl. -PAY HOAHI); Announced Charges have been filed Also |ire»enl were City ArJminlstralor Jack Garrison, City II* firsl s(«cific ruling oft against a Bratorla girl in Attorney A. It. Mawn, Oily Engineer W. K. Campbell, City merit pay r»!»e». permtlllng connection with a bomb threat Secretary Huth Hwtel, seven members of Boy Scrxil Trw>p 5)3, employers generally to at a local shcool Friday, four other visitors, and two reporters, continue granting merit In- Charged Is Jeri Cynthia M.I. VOTING was unanimous, creates to individuals ac- Horton. Id, of IJrswia, She Is A COMPLAINT was l»eard from Mrs Clara l>iggs eorwerning cording to past practice being held In UK llrnwrUi a recent sewer line projeti on her property. -PIIICK tuMMIKHION; County Jsilin lieu of \1JM) Mrs Wggs said (hat sotne men had pul In a Ursnlcd priw Increas** lo Mul wnter line on her property and the had not Bethlohem Steel. National f.twrgw w«e filed by Weil bpen notified in advance of the project. She St«*l and We»lM« Kl«lrk, Columbia Police Owf H, K. wid fiJie wa» ih«j Wiled for the new line tiut put off dmsiww on Jacob* with Justice of the Ito* council a|>oluKiz«d for tic; lack of rcqurftU from auto makm Pe«e>> A I, Is* of AnglHoft, noliflcftlion wiying they had tried to notify and coal tontpanlw Three juvenile* *ere fvwywKr bul had probably miucd J«?r The t;«v« sp*el»l coositJfraliem rdrrrt-d lo w»nty juvenile t*o)wl, they said, w» handM by a contract lo »msll ret»il*f» m»d firm* nulWuit-i> in tvnr>«iioo wilh ctjiripany, nut by city ciiiployt^s. »>y Ihe /rtw* with Ihr O»M:, Ihe [xJi«- chief wtid Mr*. l*gfcsal*,iu»id she was being charged "roLK k4k* in efltcl J»cobik said the school M^nnonth (wgarJwgepitk up, but that her garbagi: had never Atlu»ll» KsUlril administration ofltee rttreived t»r«i coll«<i«J t/> the city H •. , ' . H * call a! 2 li prn Kridjiy ^ ll ' ''- 111 " 1 '' 1 awigned OarrtMxi to work out l\*- K-*er line that Ihe itibliful «itirj of *" S<xfoiii aftd ((OiiHiir jh ut-tr- t^*ti utanltxj A f«^* ttilnutf^ t ... ., , ,. , . , «. , , Mrltiftl i-«i« ," »«•!/«' •»««• • '""^ '*1W »B*I" l! "- p ' rour 'f lU.U-rtK^ l»n.ei, bgl tlMrv ha.,- U IM(I ,. ».«! ^td II* U,ml« •**•« due ""'J 01 "*' 1 '" l * W<l|l f wparkmRordinanceon the (M rtli M di>o — — _ _ Postman's wife writes letter; he's suspended that thiee tx^nb* had l«»bl*fn* and MX tlial IUT (jarbage was tolleciw.) t«^i^i i <~.i »,i n ..i... fJIK NO I'AltKI.SG <JUI.-S.IIMI Kxrf .1 ctolk-rmelx-forc it K«l off flO«> llw )lia(i Iill<il I «,i»! ul«*lari lif ) i ir \ r that go lAi. he wid rfltcials fleartd the arid later dt&mikked .S't< U^mtrt mere fuurwj laid lilt in (hat * at (UVrfHj t, I)* fall*' Tt»r Wr».t ("«ium!«» Pottce Teen-ager's body found ji (on M! i«-i tiuli ttri. anj (JWI) tit » («.•:) tham Weather nippy in most areas COM E BY i SEC WHY FOSSEL'S REMIT 798-2700 BRA/ORIA BEST TRAILER MxJUtxi up !n M mile thr *» arid »l Arranllo up to Tt at intm\iIIr Mwth (air urAlitrt -irxt .1 • ali Mnllll t llnMl.x OTTO MOBILE HOMES SALES L LANO OCATORS Johnson dies ! wrvtcw. l« Mrs i lk\il.ih JohiiMtn ot Mr* \Vc-»t Columbia, will tx> held Saturday a( I p m .il \Vn>t Culuritbu'k Kiri»l O»urch SAVE $3000 Real EsUte Wanted NOV.ONKYIMIWX t« U 1 k«f«Ti HlftflM Will I H*/«*m I>1 41 mt >»•!« ) »•**••» !W ll»4) Investment Property IKVITM'Oh IOIIO MMUl » lurtk) »•••« !»•' «" »*i(»o*t«l f«^«ici I'tb ra.eli irm I>1« mtnln III Hoi HI )M Igltl MOXISOMtBl UnfltM »« ;*M WtlJII H<lt*. I »IOO. I HI nonlhli ittiixi (tint lAltot M vnlil II M « m M TRvrt««| COMMCNICAL 101 !»«'» . O<«> OK CI » r*i»or *i*viv il «rtii»» nut tlti *ill ! I" IM »lli<t «l IK* Mm«»t« 1)1 Uki«*w Oiix. dull J R Otrlt- , I'alitier'k lo Ihr no hut. rule would tak>: a«a\ all of the for iirsd to Thr (,</.(r.u) a|ir«-rtl to ni»J> tite no parking rule ( gi-t vbitli I'oJitt- Qu<4 C«x'il Vitngo to wr Viti ln-lore atnlhitttf wai (XIKVJ on llx: matter SKVKS MWV M01.1S v,<fc rtcog/iimJ 7>ic )< *!!rj-,dir^ tl»r riiftrtiiig as a rttjiurwnitit \ut th<- iniM-m>hi|> in tin; tr»ji,ri/um!) nirni Ui«'l)?,<- 7^w Kruup were (rt/iu Troup ill g, awl k;i)u!«i) J.'tc HOUSTON (Af'J — A Houftton poatman i* under Investigation because his wife wrote a letter lo the editor ai a lloiuiton ncv/spapcr criticizing a fired school superintendent for *ul«cr)Mng lo Playboy magaune. Mrs, Margaret McLean, wife of mailman Leslie Mcl/;an, said In the letter that ihc knew that Dr. George Oarver read Playboy because hf?r mailman huBt'td had delivered the magazine to hi* tone The letter wa* published Monday and Tuesday Houston Postmaster George J. I'oitcvi-nt ordered thai Mcl>ean be traraf erred to a section which do«,-s not lumdlt: letltrt until an inv wtigatiftn IA futnplcted Ganvr was fired by the Fire at house artf it 1 *.!;.! op«l lu AJ'I'ltoVM.tlf MIM'TKS •*.-»* .!w:. h>. A tiOM) I'KOJWTlo* (fit- nr* M-»« MIVKI- u, !i,c All-Kab ••» •*»» j;iif!i t)x- go ; Kiwai Ajtrnt H N vj ot, !h- AS) Kab ari-a r and [^ •>:»<) -*is ap lltKS US TDK (in II.MJ. rmovalMMi *«. ;<-.Hx1«i !>;<• iKi'tci! ,'fi! U.vf ttf.ttr jr\,)r<^. i»ai (o^ <rr. (*.-«« r, >• ~l\,> c'i'jrxn tS««V-<J !•.( I v«y j.x :i b»<i» «i i*iij lt<t- KT.II.T wx U«i ru MuDun. \\ »..! I ClHIl M. iAii >,'i;(3 tlii! !h< Irt- lot (i. nljiU;. rxui !i-s,» IJiifj fl.UU AS KNC.IM'.KIIIMj fiiVTUAtT. Till. Ml I'UtMSC. ,«!inA l-iitlr^; *uf i\X'!v slu.jv *»?•>' tlU. PUSH Ho Mill -*-.ii u 7V< tVMlr.tli i!;»: 1 .!',rf-'.l-<J M»Vir, 7V.<- Tilt: - it, Hi» .1 .-*«;. Si *.-.> h;. xtr/f.ij. T^f.-' k)ff<i (:«?•. sfc io Kira* up ;>r. aruiTrfin ! to the S !>»• J7 ..W rnl rr.tTlJ.iK WATKH LINKS!?, thr »u and ^ wirrai 4<-,if% i ,>ir(^.«-jj tuiti tr/< TV.r S<rirn *iiJ i« r<^4^f*^J <J. KQt II'MI ST illliS l«t A r,i- \ M Ul)l\ IMUN I'lAT A.-IS, lu n,i-»--j nt> »f**i!,.-^tj 1 «-,.s the v,sj! n>rrr\'1 !!•,«• }>!.%', ri-wiUiiit il , \( (Ul Sis l> \V\III.K -*rrc.. IKK.s »«tr sdi! undi-r (in 1 (or ail at !riem-\t t i.'.x*-, t (J n the ;...;«•! H.irl Kr.sjUi! 1. a,i!c Muimr: KJHIM- Tin- n..i\ur >.iici hi- i«>uf;'rx! oi;?v: <inj,*> arotrvd CJM h.iii 7t«'Mi'< i! i nKtrf\ir;j- 'Ou- arisuii ni»,»rliKl :r-.i-> \vi-rf Mill nt.rluiii: \»\ .1 x.hi'.u<, in thr T1IK I l.K\S II 1 KKKllIUS jfiw ilx- n-un! »mds:ort:; wrrt- Uudfi] b> thi- niavur aivd the ci.Hintil Tin- tr.j\«ir said he M j» H>liri!t».s ;inrfK.irl>4»;< - >j*i\id l>> ihr !«>;)> wimis Tin- eimm-il s,tjd i! ».i> a fast a»d Mnittlh X><». wol! dt<sr t»\ the city i'iii|ili'\rt-> AIMdl KNMKSTtdanrxivutiM- M-VMOII canu-at 11 p iv, Mrs. Barber, W, Clifton die A brother and »isier, \V U Itakt'r Funeral Hume of I'liflon of Hraiona and Mri West Columbia will be in Itunal will tw in Peaceful Kulhr Barber of Bay City bolh durgf in Itraioru d'^d Tuoday and a double Mrs Barber, a longtime with Viola Funeral Home m funeral service will be held for Brazona Count) resident, n< arrangrnicnt* ^x 1 '" at 9 30 a m Friday al diod al Malagorda Gwu-ral Mrs Johition died Monday "*• F»r»l Baptist Churvh of Hospital in B;i> City where she HI Itolntlown Braiuria Ivad resided rivently Clifton, died uhilc u patient al John QUICK QUI7 s< '*' l > ilo^P'tal m Galveslon %«wivrv \aiwiAi W(H ^ I¥ h{ , ^ ^ n fw ^^ O—How u'ti-i I'll- Coidi-ii Q~Which fastball \tark Kdf» uuli-rt'd' ' 1UI ' n * U'eateu jcutrnij cu- A---A river flowetl out ol iwcity? Kden which divided into fuur A- CU'vclaml s Municipal rivers the Pi»lmn. Oihon, Stadium with a seatinj; ca- lluldekvl and Kuphrates The pacity of 7(3.977 KuphiaU's i» the only one y—U'*iy w Jutii 1 1-i u6 retaining iti ontjinal name observed as Floy /Jay? A—In memory of the day ! |rsl in 1777 when the Continental Congress adopted the Stars and Stripes as the offi A Janet 0 ay nor, in e j a i [| ag o f t t, u United ••Si-vrnth Heaven" in 1927 States It is a legal holidav m u>wf tfroiu is the ( n ^ l >' one stale-Pennsyi- I.AKK JACK.MIN ~ A <>r< .1 hvaier reportedly came I'x/y.- causing a lire at the (.' W l^irnkin-i residence. IOS Jatiriine, about ?• HO p.rn 'f 'ut-sda y . It v.a» ri-jxjru-d Uiiit a hole •*at lAirr>«J in tr>f dining room school board here lasl August after a black member of Ihc liberal four-member majority, who said he wa» unhappy aboul Carver's handling of black teachers and administrator* in the district, voted wilh the conservative thrae-member minorily to fire him. Carver, who had been wilh Ihc district for a year and was paid for the remaining Iwo years of his contract, chose lo May in Houston. In her letter lo Ine editor which opposed the reinstatement of Dr. Carver, Mr» Mcl/ean said, "A man who reads I'layrxr/ magazine should not have a position in the nclvx/is in the firs', place " Tuesday Poilcvent said "several swdorw of thr- code it »;thir»" (or mailmen could have Ut-ri violat>.ti by the iftter The «xfc- prohrbits mail carriers from divulging the t;.f* of mail he delivers McLean refused to talk iitxjut the u.ctd«nt Tuesday iw! hi.i wife did "We kne* ihert *as a that this action could b»; when liit- h-l'.i-i wai nvniled." she xaid "We'd do (he same thing again." Dr. Oarvcr, reached at his home Tuesday night, Mid, "The issue to not what I read, but Ihe right of privacy—the right In a democracy to decide what Is appropriate for oneself. You judge a man by the way he behaves, "f sincerely feel sorry for people who feel that they must spy and snoop on other human beings, but I do not plan ta file any legal charges," he said. Mrs. Eber's rites today Funeral services were to be held at 2 p.m. today for Mrs. Martha Eber, mother of Mrs. I-eon H. Skeete of Lake Jackson. Mrs. Eber, 94, died Tuesday morning at Woodlake Nursing Home at Clute. She had lived in this area for about 10 years, Services were conducted at the Pete Etlinger Funeral Home at Scaly, where Mrs. Eber formerly resided, and entombment was there. In addition to Mrs. Skeete, survivors include a son in Sealy, and five grandchildren. I HOSPITAL ADMISSIONS I I (HMMlMr> IHISI'ITXI OK UK\/0<I'OHT I Tl IISIIAV; Mri ( Li .-Katli> \j->- GI.Acr. Krcepor; IVjit;} (Ji/.trx-ih (.MT!. ( ju;t- .'>!,•• it .1 •'.'w.-M-ra i-sra >.:iui>- trv,i* Vij)T;i- Car'Iuv. I^i^.i- J;>!:kv.;r. J*,!- Jaure^ui lit-i,.crj«, l;r.v«.r:a Tt-n. Lynji Walters 1-aKt- Jarkwxi iif.idir) K'ar! (iri-ft .Ari'lc-'-fi *i'i- V. K •Ma.roa !>une' r':!:pp i);ir;!/ur i . Mr- Kari W -Mattu- 1. . ( «,*. U-.'M-JacKv,'r "REWARDING! ABSORBING! 'li<i u<u of t/u' O. ui , A The Japanese use fer- M"ii»V.!«*S?I«"ViI7e" ! •"'•'nU'd ru-e kernels lo make Q —H'(io u'rcile under IHC jH*w name oj Kllery Queen? A—Manfred b Lee and his cousin. Frederic Daunuy. GO! A PROBlfM Call Cnsib Hotline AMlHiNG AMUSEMENT GUIDE VEUSCO LAKE SURF I W4lt » IWi.«n«i«.«ICIv»" BEACON • Mil »' i<vHu>:rn J1 »I) \Y: J V, i'.i.y-.*.. Ar:v::>-'',!. Source of oil leak in Neches sought HK.M MUSI Tci -Al 1 ' r'ur.lic.ucid ht-rr TXM*d3y »hi!e auUwr.Ui-s trwd li> learn the v.»ur«' &( jn o:l leak m the S«'lx*> Kivcf I"|K- ^('ii! '*a^ ft^ind lai»l Krsrf.iv ;inii b> Tuesday murtimg sonic K»'< barrt-ls tiad U-w. f«jmp«.-d frum the river \ K'or I'witi-U'ian. an official •*i(h !)»• Jefli-rMKi County K n v i r o n ;n <• r,'. ^ 1 Control rs<-nt. SJK! v\ to i.f-M. 1 iif oil txuld tijvt' Ut-n iti!o !ht- nn-r Hau-nian s^nd the *tvpm£ cmrwd I)} t'oliciiiil l'ipelir:-<- C« •uhuh h.o .1 iu-!d uffice SOlilh »Ji h<Tl k rtatrrtijr. viid tty w! is U-.ikinj; (r>..m MJi:,i'*hi-n.- near SmilJi 1 - Hluii all '.hi- ».i\ to a m.irn;.i near *>' '-he Neclu- pours i: Sabirx- Steak the show KNO.XMl.l.K. Tcnn Al' - The Ktn Tht-aler » ai. tK»fd after somt*iH v stole the siw« .Manager Tom Jenx-n said a thief enUTcvi tin- theater early and stole M\ reoU of film and two portable television set* Jensen estimated the value of the film. "Bit's* the Beast and the Children.' and the television sets at more than In e\xrryonc\ life thcre^ a SUMMER OF'42 STARTS WED. HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU NOW TIIKi; SAT. 7 & 10:38 U1G WKSTKKN A-C-T-l-O-N John Wayne Richard BOOM Big lake" % w •ra.'at »:« HATED GP A COLOR' STEWART HENRY FONDA THE CHEYENNE SOCIAL CLJUB <IUCOH THEATRE V. T19-4000 ROBERT MHTCHUM GOING HOME NOW SHOWING 6:30 & 8:20 Exclusive Engagement! Harry Graham is going home after ISyears in prison. He son sti wants to see him hang. METROCOLOR WOMU SUMMER OF '42 N SANSOi-iOFF-LESuE LINOER PRODUCTION Weekdays-6:45 & 8:25 SUNDAY 2:lM:«-S:Sft-J:4H:«

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