Dixon Evening Telegraph from Dixon, Illinois on May 21, 1955 · Page 11
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Dixon Evening Telegraph from Dixon, Illinois · Page 11

Dixon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 21, 1955
Page 11
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1 00 WGN — News: Coughlan W'MAQ— Northwestern Piesents WBBM— News: H. Stark WLS -Festival WJJD— News: music WCFL— The Lmeup i 15 WIND— Dugout 1 25 WCFL— Sox vs. Kansas City 1 30 WGN— Dick Coughlan WMAQ— House of Music WBBM— Paul Gibson 2 no WGN— News; B. Black WMAQ— House of Music WBBM— Hal Stark s no WGN— News: B. Black " WMAQ— House of Music WBBM— News; Rayner WJJD— News; music WLS — Music Showcase 4 uu sVGN Buddy Black ' WBBM— News; Rayner WMAQ — House of Music WCFL— Scoreboard WIND— News: Album 4 30 WMAQ— Rio Rhythms ■s no WON— News: B. Black WBBM— Garden Gate WMAQ— News WLS— News; Go-Round WCFL— News; Barnes WIND— News: Miller 5 15 WBBM— Sports WMAQ— U N. Renew s 30 WGN— Buddv Black WBBM— Question of Times EVENING g oo WGN— Howard Earle. news WMAQ— Freedom House WBBM— News; Showdown WIND— News; music WLS— Music WCFL — Bob Elson g 15 WGN — Walter Trohan WMAQ— Prom Date WBBM— Airmail Special g so WGN— Jack Fuller WBBM — Gangbusters WIND — Sports Review WLS — Barn Dance 7.00 WGN— News: Fuller WBBM— Gunsmoke WMAQ— Am en can a WIND— News; Hits i'% WLS— Barn Dance -"* WCFL— Pan Americana T 30 WGN — Unshackled WMAQ— Boston Symphony WBBM — Boston Blackie WIND— News ; Musical WLS — Havloft Frolic * nn wr.H-Hawaii Calls WBBM— Two for the Money WltAy-i-"araae oi canos WLS— Barn Dance WCFL — Get Together WIND — News: Dance I -30 WGN— Lombardoland W'MAQ — Conversation WRRM— Country Style WLS— Hayloft Party 9 00 WGN— News: Norman Ross WMAQ— Long- Play WBBM — Country Style WLS— Barn Dance Party WTND — News; dance WCFL — Great White Way o :30 WLS— Catholic Order of Foresters WBBM— Capital Cloakroom WMAQ— Chan 10.00 WGN— News; B. Black WBBM — News WMAQ— News: Chan WLS— Barn Dance WCFL— Saturday Serenade ■\\IND — News: Hubbard 3 0-15 WBBM— Something New 10:30 WGN— News: B. Black WBBM— Melody Mill WMAQ— Mam bo with Chan in 45 WBBM— Tonv Weitzel 11 :00 WGN— News": B. Black WMAQ— News WTND— News; Lombardo WCFL — New in Records 11:15 WMAQ— Jack Eigen WBBM— News. Strings 11:30 WGN— Buddy Black WIND — News ; music WBBM — Aragon 11 :55 WBBM— This I Believe 12:00 WGN— News: Daddy-0 WTND— News: Nitewatch WBBM— Music 'til Dawn WCFL — Night Train 1 :00 WMAQ— News SUNDAY MORNING g-00 WTND— News; Hit Renew WMAQ-— Southern Baptist WBBM— World Ne' up WGN— News WLS— Radio Bible Class WATT— Morning Serenade W'CFl^Morning Melodies 8:05 WGN— Ernie Simon WJJD— Wings of Healing 8:15 WAIT— Rev Doane WBBM— Sundav Serenade g -25 WBBM— Musical Weatherman 8:30 WTND— News: Sunday Morning Serenade WLS— First Christian Reform Church WMAQ— Faith in Action WBBM— Sunday Serenade 8 35 WJJD— Healing Waters 8 :45 WMAQ— Art of Living 8 :55 WBBM— News 9:00 WTND— News; Parade of Hits WBBM— Church of the Air WMAQ— Nat T Radio Pulpit WGN— News WLS— News: Weather; Livestock Receipt? WAAF— Freddie Williams Carnival s Round- RADIO SATURDAY AFTERNOON W'GN — Ne1 9:05 WGN— Ernie Simon W.T.m— Melnriv Tima 9:15 WLS— Little Brown Church »:ju vyijnu— .uorsey ana L>ay vrjviAy — lyOmic weetuy iYitui WBBM — Josh Bradv 9-45 WIND— Bine- Sines 10:00 WIND— News; Record Shop WGN — News WLS— Voice of Prophecy WMAQ— News WAIT— Frank and Ernest 10:05 WGN — Ernie Simon WMAQ— Hamilton s Sunday Supplement WJJD— Stars on Parade 10:15 WAIT— Christian Science 10:30 WI3 NxSfe i's; Musical Baltimore Gospel Tabernacle WATT— Western Roundup :45 WIND — Music bv Martin 11.00 WIND— News: Dinah Shore wjjjj — peoples unurcn. WGN— News WBBM— News WILL— Student Churches 11.05 WGN-Jim Mills Show WBBM— Musical weatner- 11: in WBBM— Josh Bradv 11 .15 WTND— Home Fashion Time 11-25 WMAQ— News 11:30 WIND— News: Jim Mills WL.S — woriu tomorrow WGN — Buddy Black Show WMAQ— Eternal Litrht 12:00 WIND— News; Tune Shop WGN— News WBBM— WBBM Was There WLS— Nezro Colleee Choir iz:uo wtjriN— Eiuaav £>iaCK WJJD — Musical Caravan 12:15 WGN — Interesting Facts 12:30 WIND— News; Musical High lights WMAQ— University of Chicago Round Table WGN — Sidnev Walton WBBM— News WLS— Amateur Hour WILL — Illini Faculty Concert iz:oo wbjcsjvi — -a ports i\ews 12:40 WBBM— News 12.45 WTND— Canary Serenade WJJD— 111. Carousel Prog. WGN— Dick Coughlan WBBM— Howard K. Smith SUNDAY AFTERNOON WGN— New: WBBM— Syncopation 1:05 WGN — Dick Coughlan Show WJJD — Juke Box SDecial 1 :25 WCFL — Sox vs. Kansas City 1:30 vv mav^ — x outn wants WBBM — N. Y. Philharmonic wls— wings oi neaiing ?-nn WTND — Baseball fcont) WLS— Your Worship Hour WGN— News WMAQ — Fresh 2-05 WGN— Top Tunes 2 :30 WLS— Herald of Truth WGN— N.U. Reviewing Stand 3:00 WTND— Baseball fcont) WBBJi-uoncen c WMAQ— Weekend r Corn 3 05 WGN— Success Unlimited 3 .25 WBBM— News WBBM— Concert or Corn 3:35 WGN— Buddy Black 4.00 WLS— Light and Life Hour WMAQ— Manhattan Moods WBBM— News WGN— Rin Tin Tin 4 05 WBBM— Ray Rayner Show 4-30 WLS— Greatest story Ever Told WGN— The Masquerader WrMAQ— Don Wright Chorus 4 -55 WBBM— News 5:00 WIND— News: B. Goodman . WMAQ— Merry Mount WLS— News; music WBBM— Gene Autry WGN — Nick Carter WAIT— Time for Questions 5 -15 WLS— Paul Harvey 5 :30 WLS— Hour of Decision WGN— On the Line WBBM— Sundav Playhouse 5 45 WTND— Musical Scoreboard WGN— Sports Time SUNDAY EVENING 6-00 WTND— News; Sweet and Solid WBBM — Jack Benny WLS — Church in the Home WGN — Lutheran Hour WMAQ— Biographies in Sound 6:30 WIND— Sports Roundup WBBM— Amos 'n Andy WLS— World Church WGN — Voice of Prophecy 6 -45 WTND— King Cole Show 6-55 WMAQ— Travel Bureau 7:00 WTND— News: Tune Shop WGN— Radio Bible Class WBBM— Our Miss Brooks WLS — America's Town Meeting of the Air WMAQ— Expressions 7:15 WIND— Tune Shop 7:30 WIND— News; Musical WBBM— Mv Little Margie WGN— Back to God WMAQ— Adventures of the Abbotts * By Dick Turner L •Have .t for a song, eh? You're referring to a HIT ton* I presume! Big 4 Talks Scheduled for UN Birthday UNITED NATIONS. N. Y. W New high level East-West talks will take place at the U.N.'s 10th birth day meeting in San Francisco next month. Russia s Foreign Minister M. Molotov made that certain Fridav night when he announced he would be there. Secretary of State Dulles and France's Antoine Pinay alread; ive said thev would be at th( eeting June 20-26. British Foreign Secretary Harold MacMillan can't promise yet. It all depends on th< outcome of next week's electkms. If all four go to the meeting, they have agreed that they will make further p!a"= for a rorf»r-ence of Big Four government lead ers tentatively set for July in some still undecided neutral country. Thev agreed on this in Vienna last week when Molotov gave Russia s acceptance of the West's proposal for such a conference. WJJD— Randv Blake 7:45 WIND— Guest Star 8:00 WIND — News ; Forum of Air WLS — waiter wincnen WBBM— Rudy Vallee Show WCFL — Bethany Reform Church W'MAQ— Adventures of Sherlock Holmes wniNJ— -Piiltim Lewis Jr. 8:15 WLS— Music for Everybody wtiiN — mng urosuy e in wnsjn JJ«w Tunc. Shoo WLS — Radio Church of God d WMAQ— Easv .Money WGN— Your Senator's ReDort 8:45 WIND— Parade of Star; waN—.Tnhn T. Fvnn 9 :00 WIND — News; City Sketches WMAy— Mcuee ana -.viuny WGN— Dean Manion WLS— Paul Harvey 9 .15 WGN — Your Senators' Report WLS— Music for Everybody WMAQ— Great Gildersleeve 9:30 WIND— News; H. Miller WMAQ— Meet the Press WGN— Enchanted Hour WLS— Renval Time WBBM— Flight by Night 9.35 WBBM — Face the Nation 10.00 WIND— .News; tl miner WBBM — News WLS— News: music 10:05 WGN— On Wings of Song 10.15 W'MAQ — Meditations m WBBM— Something New WLS— Gospel of Grace VJ.6U v^HNJJ — nuv\a.iu mmci WLS— Songs m the Night WMAQ— Day's End 10:35 WGN— Lutheran vespers 10 45 WMAW— uouise u. vvngni. 11:00 WIND— News; H. Miller WMAQ— News WLS— Youth o: WBBM— News 11-05 WBBM— The Leading Ques- I The Dixon Evening Telegraph | LT1 Abner A aaiuraay, «»y ~i, ivoo ■ ■ — • -u , l m ■ " ■■ | ■ Page 11 I ( b bot ' TEH ^-^/ yas.sum.'/- kin ah, at V NO?-we're: ) ^^-APrrcMm orTHr *— - . fvJlApCTH THIS CLEANS LEAST, HAVE P KEEPING > f if STRAHGtR AM«m 'TwG LOUT LIKE XDU) TRVIN' J ME OUT.'.' f TH' PEA- Z{ THAI* FOR S, MXUAN TN'N4CKSI.TO^ STEjALINGA PEANUT/ T'LIVE FINE^^^T IS NUT?^\EV.DENCEr ) ff 1 \ W*. — - IB I ■ <i II I II m I .... - B. - By Raeburn Van Buret . M-^— *—— _ 1 vieTT^TTB r I COMT KNOW THIS PERSON'S Wt Don't be a road *i«n or • imm |^(^IH-^-^-^fliV tTtttfA »WCUIAR W I NW <a-A NAME-O* EVEN if t KNOW ^//A »ign "snopper. .'^ iv- WE haven't got much Of Took " w^IHH icokin' FOft? 1 EXACTLY J 1 WHAT SHE RCAULT y * ■ I your^-rray on the Wgh-^y^or we ^ ^""T1^^^' ^^^J^^^^^^^,/^^™^^^^^^^^^^ ^Ty \ j — ^-^^ pruUnotft0thenroad and stop or pull ll^r thAT^aSPnET J^Xr\ K OTnCTT 4~/-*^flHK^ ^Jfc^T I (tk'^&n. U ' / ^ orer to the curb end^itop.^Detw- IB Jl!j!jjjj^ ■f[Tl|^ CRABTRtE ^^^7"^^" I ^\ s^S^P^rpR J^^^^^^' Buggs Bunny ^ ^ ^ Drop Us a Line I ( f-L/ruLiPiX I Yaw/ vnu Xumm . . . no \ I Yl Sive uf>, fudosy.' "\ ( . ..but 1? 1 think 0' one lat='J, ) 7 ***VV /*• CRUNCH '\ NEVER J WONDE? I WSHT NOW I AIN'T J ^-vl'LL L£T VA KNOW.' 1 * X ^m. I WHAT ASS YOU 0WS\(i/LP.') EHM-H J OWNED 4v COULDN'T I SOT O/VF GOOD / ? -^oSTK <C }&/!!\W V IN MY CAWWOT Js* WOUUO YA / ONE. YOU V FIND IT i/ .EXCUSE FEU 9EIN' S 'IS ' PAT«* ¥ BSl-IEVc N'E IF WASCAL.* k MUNCH' ) ^HESE ... CHOMP' I Cr-S^Efc_ ^i/""^ ^~mJ<S J I TOLD YA I LOST ^-—^XCHOMPfJ ^^—^CHOMPtJi /rVSg^^K^ * slow down and try to read the V^jJ) ' {VfT lZ\ S^tF' *9l Ing in iL assorts o£ accident possi^ «"^"^'^'^'^^^r^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ bihties can arise Suddenly, you TaL-ino- It Fasv Bv V. T. Hamlin discover the car m front o£ you has Alley Oop TakUlg It H,aSJ *>! ^- Uam^ stopped. %• pedestrian has ^started rsx^^^B- , mus!ereadCS?reet'°si?rns "top out °ct ^^^^^^^^^^^^K^V^^^^^ ^O^THBR^^^m f^YOJWA^WE ^DCMTCHA B ^^^^^^^^^^^ ~ I Z Freehand Ife^d^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ " ^^^^^ l ^BF. v.cFiint The Yo-Yo ' ^ ' ^ By Jay Heavlin I ^ ^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^ ^ ^^^^^^j^ Side Glances By Galbra.th ^ ^ ^ oh) My! By Edgar Martm ^ 1^ l ^ '^j ' ^^^^^^^^^^^ \ *\Y^$n/l f ^^—^5 ~Hi6 ,5 the ^ yg^gJi 1 \ 1 f oTmtl"™ ) ™2»£uS«> \ j when vwe drove eutjjvejr^stj.ajl?':. | — _ Mfci mm. " \ k^mrr^>^^rn^mlu n mm-m NewspaperRRCHI ^ , Nl EWSPAPFR 8 i ! s U s 3 ! V 8_

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