The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on November 2, 1916 · Page 6
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 6

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 2, 1916
Page 6
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fr i-r THE CHILLICOTHE WEEKLY CONSTITUTION THURSDAY, NOV. 2,1916. SHERIFFS SALE -- I X I'AKTITIO.V-- --OF-Clinton County Lands Bi'lcmgln^ tit tho Ivttatu of Jan. M. (,'lnrlc, dcwasc-il I Monday, Nov. 6th at 2 i. m., tho sheriff of C l i n t o n county, Missouri will ist-ll at P u b l i c A u c t i o n ul PlxATTSiiUJUJ, .MO., to t h e lilKhi-Hl bidder a p p r o x i m a t e l y 4 4 0 acres of choices uionuy.malclng f a r m land, consisting of two I C O acre tracts, ono KO acre* tract and one 33 acre tract, all of w h i c h , oxropt UK- latter tract 1» w i t h i n two iiillcs ol Iathroj, Mo., for fifteen yoarK th! homo of tlio largest horao and nink 1 market In tho world. I n t h i H Bale .will bo Included rcnldoncu p r o p e r t y In, MI.'iKourl. ThlH Halo inn;,' offur Uio o p p n r t u n l t y of a I K e t l m a , For f u r t h e r I n f o r m a t i o n call or write Frank P. Brown JSECICIVIil! LATIIHOP. MISSOU1U LOTS 01? J'lSJWJil C.U/.-, -lt,Ajl i' iSOOSTUU JjO- ! * VJCSTIOATH . THIS MI5IUT8 --OF CHIROPRACTIC -tl'I.N'AI.! ANAI.YHI8 AVIUj CdHT YOU NOTII1NO. H.H.HARWOOD C H I R O P R A C T O R Laily Attendant SBlSKIt ULDU. ---Opiioiilte Now Post OUIco-- Kiono 31B Chllllcolbo, Mo. M.aiyi.T l^inntutM Tcum KxjtccUid nn I Kui,y X'lctor)- Over tiio j l.ocul Wi|iiad. Loth of pepper, excellent j u d g e m e n t and hard work wou a tootuail game tor the local high Bchoul team over Uio f.'iiit 'Lliiucus High School leam on tho (J. B. C. atlilotic Hold Thursday al'tfruooti. A giuuo hud, been sc-hud. } u l ( t d w i t h the Draymer team, uut it bocatuo Jcnowu Thui'iiday morning I h u i a n u m b e r of Lhe Ijraymer players wcru I n u H g l l i l u and tiiiit toaul was can. ceile:!. Tlio lioavy JjluneiiK toam cunit- u v c r l a n d In c;'.rs and the giimo was called at ·! o'clock. Coach L n w l s of tlio h i g h school squud has biJi'ii svorltlng hard w i t h his toalii Hineo early season, '['lie boys d i d n ' t seom to absorb the r i g h t H p l r l i d u r i n g tho first few games, but re- (·[·ritly (hoy hai'o botn going good. Tln.:y t i ' l m i u c d tho ntronj; f l a l l a t i L tciim a weuk ago hy a iluclulvo score and '·.von from Liniit'iiH y o H l e r d u y 3 i to 0. , J'rnaeutlflg an almost i n v l n r l l i l o l i i i r a n d w o n d e r f u l intorterfiico, the loca huclc Held plowed UHHI t h e heavy Linn c u a J l n o w i t h o u t nbtlccablo resist I.NCI.' und long gains wero nanlly made t h r u thuvlino. Tim ^forward pasa.wns jildo a Kroniu! gainer for tho locala and o n l y on a few occasions.wuro they hold for firftt down. n u u i i g was u n a b l e to plhrco the local Hue appreciably and only oniso, In tho oarly part of tho game, was there danger ot Llmio'iis scoring. However tlio local lino hold for three d o w n s on Its own throe yard lino, and recovered t h n ball hy UnnoNH* failure to mako first d o w n . Tho locnlB HUir.tod In w i t h a rnuh, malilug tholr Ili-Ht goal w i t h i n the lint two iiilnuteH of pjay. I^rom thoji on It. wa» a Htondy ruxli with the ball In Chilllcolho'a liiimlll throij-foiirthfl ol t h u lime. Coach Liswlfl lias dovelopod both a u l r o n g offrjiHlvB and defensive toiim und from IHUV on tho column,will und o u l H o d l y bo ruglslorod with w l n n with no losae.1, NO. n, i. o. o, *-. 1SVKIIV MONDAY .. Black ··' f HTATIO m , UUIIB i-rompux rt'inwwruj 841--PHONES--ll^Hldonqe 71» CHESTER S P11LS ·1 UK IHAM«MI IIIIANIi, x I'i!i.i"«..i"i-/w"»"(f1flraiMf/ I'lIU hi Itt-J Mini iliihl inefulllO Until HI "S ruti ,,.. ,.ii,,,, i!',','" 1 .,!'' -V»; i ~f$ IA(i*V"-t. C 'A.w l f«i4lilW!*rl; ; N'.'rKI '$ UlA.flliWO l l l | A N I « lIU.H.(b .. l. A! rnyi, H Colorado Cor Wilson. Mlnu LlK/Jo Bryan of this city ro- cc.lvod a Inltor from !Mru, Ki'ltnlC'Cuin- uron of Colorado 8prliiic« lodiiy, ntut- IIIK Hint Oolonulo would certainly glvo AVIIaon a tromimdotifl majority, 'I'ho Oiiiiioroim formc.rly lived In I h l a I c i l y . Mrs. Ciimeron, mild: I " W i l l i a m .Tcnnlnga Bryan miokr . hern tho other availing and ' plenty early too; b u t could h a r d l y wnt (Handing room, Peoplo .kept coining In Hiieh large cvowdn -Ilia!' tho pcdlcK closed tho doorH.for «nf»ty. An nmnj' warn lur'nnd away a» got, I n l a tho hall, earn ware Hmnl for blonlm ouch Way from the hall. Toddy was horn yoajurday morning, titop- plng nt, tho depot for ft nhort. talk Only .a few wnnt to hear .him! Many p r o m i n e n t r n p i i b l l q a n B hent ii'i oonjr Ing out for Wilson." (· Mr. and Mm, Cnmoron ar« ropuh. lletini, but both will cast votes for Wilson. Now IH tl- tl-mo to lay In your coal for winter, flofore tiuylnu. ««e K. H, When You Havel ;aved $50 the question arises- "How shall I invest iU". There i no better way tltaii in a Cer ; tificatc oi' Deposit inlTlie Citizens National Bank oJ: Civil- licothc, whose resources of $850,000.00 give you assurance of absolute safety; Our CtsrtlGcates"of Deposit are Issued In sums of $53 and upwards. They boar Interest at tlie.irate of 3 yor cent, and arc rcnewalilo at the end of six or' twelve months. If yon want security, for yonr'sav, Ings and absence of all exponso ot worry Incident to . mortgages bonds, 'stocks, etc. GET A cisfmi?rcATE OK' DEPOSIT In this strong Ijanlc. The certlncates ura readily nogotl. able and as collateral security are unexcelled! For thoso who have ndved sotrio m"iif'r i n d dnslre a 'regular .In come, free f r o m the aunoyance ami worry ot other forms ot. Investment wo strongly recommend our Certificate ot Deposit " The Citizens National Bank imber Federal JlCMervo Hank IT. S. DEtOStTAlWr. | COSTS MILLION AND THM KEL'DlirjC.VXS SPJSXU- .THAX MUCH IN 1118 HlOH.VLl!'. jUomovnillo CoiiK»«islonal Committee Spend !)i'lJ,;Wa iluring tho Brush Health '· .IrilUo, Your Hair Oriuih your liaJr f»vory day with a good briiBli. This dally Jporatlon w i l l straighten your hair and Irivlgrnto yoiir scalp Our lino ot Malr .Brushes !e inrgn. Come In a n d 'select ono which will best meet your ro- qulromonlx. Yon'll find \C o pjeusurn to uso tho right Itlnil it a brutrh and will also bo- re' wordud w i t h moro ' ' l u x u r i a n t ., .. ,'.. ; . -\ hair,anil, a hnnllhy aoalp. '" Pi'lcoj frbin * 35^ " ^S'.OQ . ' . - . Ryburn's Pharm, N. W, COR. SQUARE..;' ' !. Telephone OiioIOn*! , III) United l're»».l , . Washington, Oct. 2 8,^--Tlie:.'demo- cratic conijrOBsloaal · campaign com niittoe today reported expenditures and obligations of. $-ri,383'.anl'-«ott- tiibuUous o£ b u t $2!i,6-lli. ·,,-'," Contributions .to t h o . republican i national campaign t u n d total. $l,i 667,757 to (late, It was* announced, at tho republican national comniltiee.'s heitdijuartera today. li. P, Whitney .headed the .list oi: ooulrUbutlons with $30,000;. It. T, Craiico, Jr., ,'q[ Chicago' was among those giving ?2ti,000i. u nd Clarence Mac toy donated $20,000';., : ,J.UlHis ItOBonwald gava $lDiOOO.. · ,".· - Among tlioso. contributing $1'0,000 wero Colo-nun DuEoni;'. ,Morlim'ei Schin'; J. P. Morgan; J-,6uls; Roth- ohlld; C o r n e l l u a , Vandarbilt..;-,;,:.,;r / Among the. '?BiQOO»'..cojitrlijatjbi's wore Kobort, Bacon,; Vlncout.''/As(6i. .Tamos A..,Pulton..' , ' , . . - ' . ^ A statement, from a democratic'no, tlouu.1 commlttceman last nife'ht a n - j nouitaed contributions to the..demo-i cratlc 1 campaign of $1-,BOO,283. .':*" .Expenses to date. In the campaign t 0 fllect Hughes totala-$l,57S,Sl3y.;'",. Contributions to 'the '· \ revmbllciui congressional 'campaign. -.oonijiiilttee, lund luiv'o totaled $310,930, 'aicqiSl·_ Ing lo a statement by; the treasurer, of. the committee. The. contributions wur.o, from 2,071! parwons,- aA JwQr- age of $152,.hi) sild..., '. % . : .. =''·'.',"'. Tho uampaJK'n funds ito tlio ropub' llcau national committee, this ' y e a r have como 'from 22,226, contributor!), the republican statement announced, while four years .ago,,, only.· a jlttl'c than 2;000 namos word! on .the contribution list,;l'or. .the; ^nllro cam- Irialgn, - - . . ' ,' ,-··",; , , ; '· An average of aljput D.OO. chocks tor $10 each .reached tiie'trouMiyor. dally the utatoinan£-«aldj. A«lilgh rsC' ord for small coritrlbutork ; ;wa8, made, ou October 13Ui, .wbaa-;13d))j.Checks] for $10 each .wero recejyod,.-^i Tho d'nn^ocrniliip .sttttoinoRt. given' out Iwl -night: «how.ed'."^,if882, contributions received...- ,3 » . - . YouimocognizeS.SS.Cartons Better Quality-Larger Quantity To a greater degree than you have ever-: beforeexperiencedwill the daily brushing of your teeth .become«a/ ileasuro if you use. till*-truly dentifrice. It will giveyou a new ; «TM«ninK 7 o£ the won) · · q ' '* applied to tooth paste regards its cleansing and whiten-J inc properties and the delightfully | refreshed condition whiclj it ports to the mouth, ' / W$'f: . ; - Arresta docny, makes the puma firm and'healthy, neutralizes acidity and keepa i " tooth clean, white and beautiful; · ·? Get this larger tube ot better tooth punt* tocTay gn · give 'your- mouth a glad, surprise. ^Your money back if yo BaVEO.' . ' ' ·' · ' · · ' - · ' ' : · ' - · - . . - - · · · ' . - - - . guy eo, RICE ALLEN Proprietors "the San-Tox Drug Store" Phone 552 708 Wnshin^on Hi* 17-tf H. B. HOGAN WILL BE IN OHILL1COTHE ALL THIS WEEK, NEXT WEEK AND EVERY WEEK IN THE YEAR TO TAKE YOUR MEASURE FOR A TAILOR-MADE SUIT. Not mi ordered wit, made in a factory the same a* ready-made, and called Tailor-made, but a Tailor. Made One that is made in Chillioothe. Fit, cloth and ·M'urything about it guaranteed to give satisfaction. It will cost you no more to have your suit made in Chillicothe than it will to send to some Chicago house and crot n factory made suit. SEE H B, HOGAN AND GET HIS PRICES, JOUOTEP KfTHlS DR. J. M. McKIM \ OKNtlST ' j . .. oinLiacoTiiii;, Mrssouiu r V O I I I I I I H A A N I ' I K J I A I / I ' V HIM l-'J WnNhlMKIiiii Ml, I'llllMlK-- n«r Till llli'« riiiVno Iloxldoncu I'hono ·MX . iruin.i Dr. J. E. Galloway j SPECIAL ATTENTION GIVEN TO) THI5ATMBNT Of OISffiASKS 0 NERVOUS SYSTEM, DIGESTIVE ORGANS ALL CHRONIC AILMENTS and Diseases of EYE, EAR NOSE AND THROAT Oaten Hour*--M fo 11:80 n, m, 1 to B;80 p, m. Oflko: .and Floor I"oo|l« Tnmt Co. llullillng. CONSTITUTION WANT- GET RE ULT H E L P I N G HUNGRY HOGS Lots of J'nlks l l i i n k UiaL a itos likosdirt. 80 does a Imby like t'jnuly-, niul u hoy iniaco pic, but Unwlins sa.VK too niiu'li is iiol KUOI! ('(ir'thi'tii. I t is n mistako to lliink thut mud mixi'd witk a IIOK'H feed is or l)tinvil fowiinj? floor w i l l pay tnul diuilih' i\i luii^ h e n l t h . ,» 'If von w n n t the riitlit inatojiul K I N G UP R A W L I N S AT TUB SAUNDERS-TURNER LBR. CO. PHONE Cor liiiu. A eonercto tor itself in fund saved Chillicothe Granite Works MONUMENTS Beit Work Low Prices Equiped with Up-to- Dato Machinery TELEPHONE. 534 506 WASHINGTON 8T, BEFORE YOU BUY COAL CALL VI'-, THE STANDARD COAL and JUNK CO. TELEPHONE 718 WE SKLL IT roti 1JES8, WK IAV HOKK FOB JUKK 40« Second St.. Cbinicotbe. Mo. SAYS O|i' H I M 1'UIAr PftWVHNT, HIS I l l v Ilnlrrd l*rcM, ) St. JOROph, Mo., Oct. : 26.--''.Odliiy: In 'tho trial 01 my ca«a will not pro', vent' my i'B-olocUon," jdcolaredV Oscar D, McDa.nlol, couiitj'^pr.oafjcU'tor aiiil ciuidldate'.ty.' aucca^ .li1iiii8el,fyaf.t,nV .ludftfl Ryan «dt.feifi'trial'for Noyoiiu Ixjr .OUi/tho first's;0fHhV : regular Novotnb(»r,tonn'of.court;,,'.J.'. -'.'i' "' ·.'· Tho pinijt'l of vunlretiienjipr.tho Me; Dajilcl cagp was dlBclinrBOi?by ; JiiidK! llyan at 3:30" o'clock,yeator,day.' following ftrgiimonts ot the ;(|uostlqni"" thoi nltorneyoi ',Jrtd,gpj 'fiyaa cii'HO for Novoinbar 6,'.tli6 UTS November terni 1 , jtrid ;wltn jtvnro oxcuaod uiitll that da.tO.f ';', Strop In«it8d ; ;ihatln|qre narnoH bo drawn from tha jury wnool thl f B afternoon and that tho seen)-Ing of a jury bo-proceeded wltli, 1 ovorrtilpil. . . . , ··';· . ... : AttoriHiy Strop Inolsftd'tlia^.morc J\idb'c Ryan appolntod a commlsclon of throe atlornayo t6{jnye8llg(ite th« manner lii which 'the ipjbbiaV venlro oi Jurors for the riAtrlal had;bBen drawn. Ho named H. By Will to, Of L. zwfek and iTohn Conriett, arid 'inBtructcd thotn to report In open sburt; next Monday morning at i)'cl(Jclf. , : Attorney GonoralBarlceV today de. fendCid hie position ai outlined In hln Intei-vtuw, stating that lie beHevod'the stato had been Jobbed In the Holuctlon of Mc0anjel'B Jury. ' lloforo the committee .appointed to Investigate Uarker'H charijreM that lip 'led to tho mlB_trlii,l, tbo'attorn'jy «wn. oral declared that ; the attorneys "for tho prevention wore agrnod In the bill)f lhat #evpral venlrm0n (lualiOetl \vlth reniarkubla rapidity arid that (hoy. knew more about the.cane than tlie.y protended. * - . ' ' ' · EJLJr bank pays ZBfECIAL ATTEHTIOK '. to aoeommedatiBf | TREASUHEE8 of fraternal orden, club*, wolal orgaauatioiw, e Uiuaiiy »noh offloew bold oompllmeatary ptwitioBi. They are peoted to disbune certain money* or keep them in rewrn. Often th« IOOKKEEPINO ii a BOTHEB or a WOHEY, TreMurer. who baak their fund, with u* fed IAFI, and their EEGEIFTB ar* alwaya ·OOD OEDEE. ; * Chrii Boehne "'-VOHri ·, Pres. J. D. Brookshier, Cashii IJOKS TIUH OK BOES IT NOT IfiliH'A'fm Wftshl««ftOD', Oct. 2«.~-The. Intor- titato Couimorco Comml«s)9ttileiay in; utltiitod a. «ailon wido rnye#t%At1on Into the car shortage tjlt,uutiou.,: .issuing a cnll to all eurrieris; to furnish complete information ot tho condition' upon their.lines,, '·"·' i HE QUESTION LIO IS "TO BE REDNESS Al IS AGITATING THE PUB Orf "NOT TO SB." ' We know that tbte farmers must be prepared in or.) or to raise a crop. , We have been preparing them for the last 28 -ywrnflj and are still at the old atond waiting for mare. OUR PRICES.' QUALITY OF GOODS and OOURTE8Y8 OF TREATMENT SPEATf FOR THEMSELVES. "CASH" UiOur.BlogHn. We talk it and boliuve n. it. The merchant that sells on time to .Tom, Dick and Uurry is eornpelljd to add to the price in order to take ·tiro of the iosHCB, ·"' ' ' . OUR LINES OF SEEDS, BUOOIES and FAEM !"; ACHTNERY ARE THE BEST THE MARKET CAN PRODUCE aud OUR PRICES -- WELL COME III AND SEE. 1I.COMPANY feW tn-u · ·!·*· qm pou in INEWSPA'FER; SlEWSFAPERl

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