The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 3, 1923 · Page 4
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 4

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 3, 1923
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR. rn & n u n: n ns JOIS r, x*. w 3 1 niE^HUTCHINSON NEWS T*UbtttmcU Patty b» T>-n N.uv» Comvany. W. Y. MORGAN, EDITOR. EST A DL IS M£ D 1372. Entered et tin- l *uM*>ffirn in Hutchinson, KanB»>i, Icr 11 .•ui^'-'iiv-ioii through the malts R.i «,<•••'mil- 1 In H iniiilCr. T/£LEPHONi: NO. 3. PrWfttf; Itriwifh i'vriii'i»:t-; whrn operator finfi-.vM*". »;ivi> pt'i.-i'ii ui department wanted. TERMS Or SUBSCrtlPTIONi By mull, our y *n .r SLOO Hy mull. *ix mciiilia lly ninll. Uiicc m'tith.i Hy moil, oni- i:. '.nth . • • Ily carrier 1 T> 11 uti 'i in 'ion, per week Wctkiy Now:, tuif \i 'nr X.00 MEMBER AUDIT DUREAU OF CIRCULATIONS. MEMBER AMERICAN NEWSPAPER PUBLISHERS' ASSOCIATION. MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Th- Atsoc-nti -il Pre.-u :.; f>:<'IUHively en - tilliHl to O..- u.-- for ,«-l'wl .U .HMun of ftU Dfwn rr .Mlltrd m U o\ md o» h'-rwlHc rrod- itmi m tl.l* »•«{»•'-. * h *' 1,)ral m,w9 y .\ib'.t :--.hi il h <-r *-Au, All Hunt* " f r«-C"l'lI»-iitlnn di&ti.'.J'-IK H I.C'tt'ili iUt: IlliO ' ' veil. The Sullinger Drug Co. PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS. • Telephone 111. No. 17 Noilli Main Street, I I utcltlnson. THE FUTURE. A f .-w ! see Iln- Ir a-; riliiil'-r- an now ;i Hoar, In al..!ir. ih'' hard m |ii llil- - '.' M> h dray <-: unci SMU'CI M;iv, I'll:"' t llri Ml! limn I-;.M ; inn! we Hliail ii;i: k u I'll lll.ltll-'.-; !•>•'!] doiiiilless I"-' ,1 i -A 1111*1.--, \>H'>'il ' ' ,if liity-thrcc, '.nln'.'. 1 find II. >,•.-/,-. ill, ill-' 111., vll- •v, ry >!.•). ;» .*.:»••- ' ho:-. ! I liii-i'l ; ; . i... ilii;- null 10 1-,;,.;...'. !'*'-'!• ll\i-- :-'.M-i-|' allHO? mill in.' upi 'ii , I f,.,.| the need • N ,,\v 1 lay 11111 ! nr-inii'.!!'. In do• ii HI last 1 r.-aill h .if pnln nuil in?, Willi xwcal mill tli'll Willi uu' unil 1 i,l '.'.Till' .111 lip,il--..;i "l lo i'«w my ii l»- n U«* >>'.<r» ihi;i;i win;-, around, r uu- aii- tli'UM' a? fiiiianii i v.uu'1 Karden fence to I'Hiuiiil. How can :it|. ami ">', ali-ii tin.- kii'i' lali oil alr- •t -.j, ami flivvers :-..nse cheep t'ul- uu 1 ili'.-i/.l while • i-iiiio. This v, orM , ( . sivil 't, ' ciiiniot with ,lii_-nil.v I'd id 01' pi a \. ; . a in; rlmvn lo 1 • i 1 -1 1 j..' s] air. A ml w li ii 1 > lioiin- I'm l, and 1 a iii laoii. foam, au.t -.:p;a.- imr... 1 ' 1' -in- lll'l 1 >t •! II1 loo I life. What A H hence, Mil <'U air an.I in Uu- n ;,t !'i fllU'cl 'K (in Dm (lnrti li'iivc my Book llio v'.iia'-i- 1 l-iil -l),'i (ivor'nc piivoliii 'lit. loo, iihli>* jijiiiil'ii l -.ilntod aim-? liHin -wfi 1 linoi- 1niio »r-:i roui'iil m Hi gnllin-.; far I main- tin.- Jiaro HK11 to ili 'ifl. lint 1 mllKI s!'.l|> thaso, m ^omo I I I KIIIIM I Iirlii'> car ' will iifl my l'ai'l :l 'otu> thruu^h my f.'iri-. WAl.T MAS'- IN. Knux, nnd It I H not n niattor of sur- l.rlHP that tlipy Komi lake lnmlltiK pill- lotH ami JilacoH In tliu iliurchos of America. And so It liai'inn tliat. 'rniotn.o inoach'T factory is well and favorably known to Urn fiirtfioriiioat liarl of the corUim-nt. 'I'lu- rotiiniw Uim\ PTovini'i.v' I'lcciions r.liow 11 lundslMlc: to tin* <Am- Korvativo l'ai-ty. Four years ai ;o thii 1 'nnnijrvallvc '3, who hurt, ln 'ti in iiov.i'r (IjirlriK the war. wi:ru iloti-uted liy a now party, the Vailteil Farmers, which also worked with a J AI I IOI - party. Tho tiinlon of Ihi'io 1 two clafti. parties con trolled t.ho leglKliillon and the RHV- ernmoiit for -the four ye.ars w'tn a luii.e majority. In Hie i-e'en'. ram- t«ilfin thu •OoniK.'i'vai.iyi's ilen i .mced the K.-inner part> as exti-avufrimt and as responsible tor tho hliih expenses mid taxes. Fn/nnbly the Farmers' party had dono widl, but it evidently (lid not meet the evpoi tations of Ihe people, as In the election this -week it i\un less than twenty dlali'lc;:-. out of one hundred and ton. The l.i'herals Kot alrout as many ami the Couscrva- tlves the lialiince. Vow the Farmer primier will reiil^-n alul the t'onscrva- tlyrs will eliiMise one of their number for premier, and he. will appoint all the officials ror Ontario.. As a matter of fact Ontario province is naturally I'onserviilive. it is pro- r.ri'.ish alKl liilkc. a Ki'o.U deal about Hie K.mpire. Over in Quebec the sentiment is ''ldlieral" and emphasi/jiH tie interests of t'anada ratiier than those of Great Britain. The Liberals arc in power in the Dominion parliament and recently their Royomment made a treaty with the Failed Stales without askim; or reeelvinK any advice or ^liitliority from KtiKlnml. The ('oiiserva'tiios are ytio.' ked at the lack of "patriotism", but the Liberals define patriotism as being for Canada. As usual there.are two sides to the ijii .'Kliuu ot vvha.i constitutes patriotism. There are always three sides to a disputed (iiiestioii. youv tide, the. oilier fellow's tide and the jlplit side. But the joke of (lie election is on the farmers, who ort.-ani.'.eil a poiitica, party to reduce expenses anil then had heal that party In order to stop the lu'f: raise In <»st of government and in tiueii. W. V. MOKOAN. Abe Martin j Mrs. Lafp Bud's maid has only been with her threo years an' already she linowB enough not t' fill th' water KliiHuee too tiill. No wonder th' feller that etjirlB th' day with a smile ia an optimist. SIMPLE, EASY WAY TO END DANDRUFF You enn bo sure of removing every pflrtinle of dandruff, and of hiivliiK twft, lustroua hair by tho use of the ]rtte«t iHrfcovftry of W. Fitch, widely known hair exiwrt. . Dnnclrutr Rdmover Shampoo ia a combinftttlon of the world famous tonic, and a wonderfully cleansing &hamn>o. It does whfti^no ordinary p.hampoo «m do. \Y<hmi applied, tho tonic In It Immediately dissolve the dandruff, loo-s-oiift all dirt and fuvte- itraloa the sacnlp. Tho shampoo then easily and quickly removes every trav-o of dirt, pcum, ditndruff or foreign substnBicro, an-d leav-oa the scalp fairly tinxllnp; with cJonniine »H and •hwllh and lUo hair soft, Instraus and luvuriitut. Enough FUch Dandruff Remover Shampoo to hint for months costs but ilUle at nny dr^g Ptore, and your jmmey will bo refundetl if you are not delighted with the results. und Ivloodshed. But should there bo vioton-ee—shoiiid -Mr. Reams Buffer bmlily injury—wo MiouW bear up bravely under Uie blow. \inved t-hat fwo and two can make five if you -want them ti> badly enough, I can just vision them; housewives hard pret^ed by the high cent, of liv- it\K wUo see a chantre. to <*ut <-ornera • *••#•**»*»•****#••** » TORONTO AND THE ELECTION. U-'ditnrial «"or;>•.*;•«>ndi-iiv.'u) T<iJ'«'iit(», •fJnctM'o, June Tli-: his[ linii.' I v, uti in T-"*rouu» s\ an in !iH7, jn<i ai'tov A;ii"ii(.n cuti-retl th« war in v, lil'.li I 'l'.n-.iiia had Lcvu PH- gagt'd Un- ij*'-ar[y liirt-.- ycai 'K. The peoidt .t ui Ti'trnntu wer* 1 then un fd-gt\ No i 'art of thi- ItHolf into tin- cstne ^H Uvan S Hit; proviiH't' • cai-dtal. 'flu* flrnL CaruLiiian vv>\~.-fallen upon pro 'ii ir.i Frutich In QutViu r v. < in tho, Wh.-n J •Unit time ihe. Hij-ln di'et'.s was the usual var with d th- i'.r.^s inirii oi' iuf ro had [nit L 'iiU'i' earn- of Ontario, •Mo is thn •ii :-iiittp the •i;'iitnti liunl TWO AND TWO EQUAL*—? fly UutH Cameron. and si\v© take it. One can't help but be awfully sorry for them. But everyoue w-hti thus letn hf« eaficrnesi-; rnu away with his com- intm sense makes life that much easier and plea.santer for the crook and that much, harder for the houeat merchant. How many of those-hundreds of people do you think had never laughed at the cold brick joke. Mighty few, yet they hastened to buy a sold brick labelled in letters plain enough to all •who eared to put on the- spectacles of eoimnou sr-nye through which to look at (he offer. You cannot get g-omelhins for nothing. If yon try to, you aro more likely to pet n-illiing for something. Two truths that arc worth Keeping in mind when you are about t-o accept an offer by some totally -anknown firm to Kivo you a-n almost inconciev- able bargain. We' are ItvtrlKued by tho "United 'St-a.t-es Coal >Boa.rd, wh-ich has jnat warned the anthracite miners that tho public will not stand another strike. Th« Coal Board h&& opened n«p a wido field or apcculalton, one of the n;ost Impressive phases of which, ts what the public w<m\rt do ftboU;t it. We were an innocent bystander in the eeal shortn^e* l:wt j««ar, and reached the ^ouehrsdon tiiat public something and lias ten to had been over-csMniatcd 5ECOND HAND THOUGHTS, ftv J, K. HoiiFe in tJio Philadelphia Public U'<lg<ir. V -fl- <i • ^ '!' vs' •-!- <$•- 4 This is m*tice to our ortUc, T. T. Mean w h i 1 e, w e add to onr h c nor roll th-o 11 a.w> of the M orchants* Journal of Topeka, Kansas. Tho Merchants' Journal *lso siwdl-s Mussel Shoals eorre-eUy: Writes the editor: "1 thought ourft was the only pub-Uea- tlon in Uie conntry -that was spelling it 'Muttaeb' It sot so I was ajjliained to sp-:?.ll it correctly, and have about quit uaLtig tho word, Juftt as a merchant tin»Hs» haiwlliu'g dollar wa-tehe-a when the cut-rate d*ni£ sKores bopin to eel! tiiena for seventy-thre-e cajits." Our advice to the editor of the Merchants' Journal in -that -ho Ptand fast. The theory That it is beUe.r to b« riglit than Presklont is sound, do- apUrt the fact that nobody ever demonstrated it. We -tarn from orthograph toi*satoT- lal investiture in order that wo may prose-cute a long eontetn-piate-d a ear-en. What, by the way, has beeo-tno of the old fashioned man. vito wore a bluo serge euct? It occurs to UR . Incidentally, tliat the women ai*e not standing up well under the ptntin of eit tsen-ship. Mrs. Anna Ruzzi, of New York, cried all nlpht In her cell after the jury had convicted her o-f .murder. Mrs. Mary \ 1 • tuiiversity and public buii'i ; .:ii:s had (been occupied an Itoi^iila:.-: and teui- porary quurti-rs for th.- sln'l sliuckcd unri nerve -slwittered Canadian.-i tvho had been KfiH li'iuie i•.•mi ;'ae fields of Flanders, i'he CiMi;o'ia:i contingent bail I oat he;ivi!y and iiardiy it family in Tor>ntto but wa.-i tear-eyt-**! and inouniing banded. But 110 iv thu war la I'mished. Except for jiajinK the taie; tlier« iw not much auJd on the siil»jeci. Thc.-ic vol- diei'H who returned are back in U10 oecUi"itJuu.s ui civil Hit: Toronto haa There seoiu to l'e a great many pooidt* in the world who can <xtnvhu'o themsclveft thac two and two can make five if you want them t«j hard i-noiii.h. In n ee-rtftin large city recently there was arrested a man wlto wne charged with frauJideut use uf the malls. HiH litlk) pchemo to send out Uundruls of (hgusatul*-, of circular letters oih-riiit; t<> mill a <>f fjroceri+'S for $2u and with this $'20 order to throw in Ts< iHiund: ! of su^ar, If thu piirehuHO' wa* made in the next, few days (apj uivntly he planned on a quick clean-un ami K'-'tavvay..) The ^roeerli's v .'i.'i'e sedd at as low .a prir-o an (he buyer,-; could f^^t tliciu arm. The 1 al c; ft.. ur { L . 0 s ion^ and in uddition the purchaser.; were iu receive a hnniM of Uu- MiKitr whi« Ii would be worth at least J7.f.». In other word.-., the advertiser way offering uu e<[iiiva !t -nt itt a ea:s!i re- bat..? of about $7.T>0 on a mindiaso of liU dollars worth of ,i;ood^ told as low aj H cut-price grocer could sell them. The letters were sent to people iioine distapi'c away from the rity hut an it haPiiened someone who had re- ft -ived a h't[er and who wa-s po -4:,i > f *sed of an imiuirinK turn of minii happened ti.t hav<? lundiH 'S.-; in the city, and while ther-. made it. t.ds itirfher bfibineMH to visit t'ho wludef -iiio grocery .store irom. whleh the letter came. He could not j find a rti^n of uny srneerjes on t'he. ) premises. Neither could the police wlieit he summoned them. Ho the »chomo wua nippod in the bud. H., and all -ol'ner-s interested, that e-f- i I^nprgan, accused of murdering her forts t<> involve us in an argnmeni as j husband, coHa.-ps«! while the jury was •to whether "li-ugs"* Baer is a humor-; out . 1st will lw fruitless. The fact that —' Artimr Brisbane is quoted us savins | M **. Ford's admlaa^on that he hann't Mr. itltaor is the .best p -a .ra-jrra.pher in } rt5a *d hia newspaper indicates, the world and one of the reaHy great f am °nsr other filings, tjiat hjs judg- Inunoriaw of all time doesn't prove ' myrrt °* reading matter to superior to ,e lud interested u a.: iti Toronto of erlpplod uol- stroi't ;a-.*n«, {tie . Now, of course, you aro thinking taKvix -up Its old-time march a« » l Jn B t what I thought When 1 flrat heard •progressive and p'ospcrui's city. Tor- j of hcheme: "What, a fool he was onto ia more like a t> ideal American city than are many cities .south of tho boundary. Tho population of a half million iu nearly aJl native born or American or llrltitih. There is no large foreign olement su-ch^as tliere Is in Chicago or as in Hutfalo, whore a majority of the people are foreign born and have brought l'<»ndgu lun- guag-es and customs with (mm. Toronto is on hake Ontario and has a wonderful play ground of beaches and aniuueuo.-m park:.;. It uses hard conl fuel, or elecirlc puwof from 4 water wheuls, and ihereforu ia clean and yightly. Toroiitu, as \ou may imagine from this introdue-tton ia a good town and ib ilie mtdi , o J! --.^id of a large farming and factory section. I waa intere, and cHpecJally mauufaeturen pt't-'acUcni for ited In Uie university in the colle 'ii; wliieJi >o many I'r-ebhj terian American 'I'he yeoteh ami Seotch-lrirth ato'.k which &lar(od Toronto has never failotj to control Jin policies or lis character. From rbo houwu oi these ptMplu ibo young men go to eoileVe and 00m e out ministers Xor the'" Presbytt-riaJi , church. Thero Is no protoctivo tariff ; on •j*r»jaeher«, eo mo^t of them natni"- *Hy cross to tho United States to Uik& jabs in the harvest wJilch ia ready £or the reanors. Thoy are wolt tmlno^ •and arc filJod with tho atplrl^gl John to offer t;o much. Anyone could nee that it "was impossible. Why didn 't hi: idler 10 or '20 pounds if he wanted to fool people. He must Inivo overreached himself." Hut we. an* wrong, yon and I, Within a day or two after •hi*-, tir- reKt a thotisnnd letters had beou re- ccdvt-d H -eccpt ing his of fur and con* t -atuiug money orders, FA'idently Uiorp were a thousand people who wore ready to bo con- anything to im. Mr. Ilirislwine la wrong about w -many thingti that iie might very easily be wrong about Mr. Baer. And ^n. all wo nave to Pay is that Mr. Buer ii n't on our lis-t of hinnoriats. B-at It ia perfeot-ly ail right if he is on yours. The newspaper a'ory t^iat Senator Borah now'is in accord with Mr. 1 Harding is interesting. Ko far as Is- 1 j known, It Is the first time tho Senator j ; has been -In aee<»rd with anybotly. • A-nd it probably is true. The Senator confea up if-or re-election next year, and j -he has a gric-dy fiiyht ahea-d. His attempt, at this late dait\ to »crape up an aeqik'Untance with tho Jlepublk-au P <tTty l.ft a perfectly natural and human thing to do. For that matter, a number of the boys will eoon be introiucjug them- nohra to tlw R-eimbUcan Party ano claiming they want to school with It. A Suggestion. Sir—1 suggest that the bushiens of-' free promoto the -creabUyi of a fund of $2fv0,000 for the purpose of ihuving you so Ic« all m y et e r los. hi add 11 f o u to t ; h«j M&i-Wejolhn a £Eai <r f iihero 1 B Irvin Cobb's unfinished -story of .his sinking in Chicago. Ho -described In minute detail seven sinking spells with a nurse In the room and a doctor In the next. What I would like to know la what those people did to pall htm through, if any, and if not, why? J. J. D. •his knowledge of history. NEWS DAILY. DOT PUZZLE. As we nnderBtooit It at the ti'!H<> roiul the Btory, Mir. Oobb ^va-s inking U\ it at. U\c rat« ot tw-onty cents, the ward, hi tho circumstance, Boine leeway Ui I2ie matter of iiinking.s ia permisBiWe, not to bay advised. If nny portion of tho hypothotlctil film! of J250,»-00 Is ours as a result of r easy solution of the mystery in question, the biasku-ss office lias oar address. Ami TVO add. n» nil afterthought, k would be no trouble for us to call Tor it. AVe jiaHH tho cashier's cag" on tho way out. However, as ive r <H >al'l it, tho slnkinp; took ip'.a-ce in Boston, not in Chicago. ( If vo «eom to he "catty" about the incident in question, there Is a reason. Wo -have a "tilnkintt" story which those who are familiar with it profess to belie»'e to no the! or supeitor of Mr. '('ohb'a We mice tried to discuss with the e<lltor of tho American Magazine, in Which, we believe, Mr. Clo-hli's story a.ppeared, tho matter of *ii!nriUtinK it for publ(r.-ttlon (heroin. That WOK two or -three year*! beforo Mr. Cobb's experience was reduced to print. But Un dlscusslun 'was one- ftldod. The editor contribute:] nothing to it. "Probably it ia impertinent of us to imake tile sug.gostion, but. hi view of tho wide-sprawl intcK'St lu it. wo believe the newspapers shoukl print somelul about the lliiuor queBlion. Montana la "Mifituiliig to talk rough to Jnok KearjiB, Wo iope tltera will I ho no Bhootin*. ,Wo dojriore TioJ «»o*i 43 42. 38 S7» • 58 54 We have spent 37 years building a distribution system to give you good service everywhere. Thus, with the 5^ price, the highest possible quality in a beverage is within easy reach of one and all. Can You Finish This Picture? Complete tho drawing by tracing from figure one to two and so on to the end. Tuen use your crayons or water-colors and see ljow nicely you can color it. DINNER LASTING THREE DAYS WILL MARK ROYAL NUPTIALS ToklOf—A p'ubJic dinner extending over tbroo days is planned to follow the •*"oWing ot the Prince Ragout and I'rl'ieosa Nagnko,' which, is to tjike place in the fall. Three thousand government officials, the diplomatic corps, the. foreign colony and. many others aro to he invited. The- Em press, 4be Prince Regent, Princess NaKako, who thon will be the Crown Princess, and "other members of tho royal family will aWenrJ at stated times. WOMEN SHOULD ACT QUICKLY. When a woman finds herself afflicted with backache, headaches, nervous- n6<s, tlraKslng-tluwn pains, palu in her side, irregularities ami irrllability, dark circles appear under the eyes and her complexion gets sailow, she may be sure the underlying cause is some ailment peculiar to her sex. Such women should act quickly and take, the great American remedy for such conditions, Lydla 15. Pinkuarn's Vegetable Compound, and they may be saved yt«rs of suffering. For generations this old-fashioned root and herb medicine qaa been restoring ailing women to h&allh, and it may be relied upon with perfect confidence. CORNS Safe relief in one minute For that painful corn here's iafe> speedy relief*—Dr. Sertoli's Zino- pads. They remove the cause— friction-preswrej an4 heal the irrt- r.11 ion. Thus you avoid infection from cutting your corns or using corrosive ac-ids. TAm; antiseptic, waterproof. Sizes* for corns, caU •louses, bunions. Get a box today at your druggist's or shor dealer's. DlSchoU's 2*1 no-pads Putone on—the pain Is gone ! RAILROAD TIME TABLES, SANTA FE. Westbound Train*. No. ArrrY«a 1—The Seoul C'HG pm 8—Calif, Lrrohed 3:»& pm -5 —Colo. Jtixpre .->3 6:20 pm 7—.Fargo Hipipss .... 4:15pm fi—Tr.o Navajo 4;iii urn 11—Colo. Faat Malt .... Z:ES tui 66—Local P DLHS 4;40 pin 61—Local Paca. {ex.. Sun.) 67— Py.asrng'er 8:30 am 49—H. £ 3, Pass. (SouiM Eastbound Trains. j >«o. Arrives 2—The Navajo 2:l>-i pm 4—Calif. Limited 2:50 pra 6—Chicago E K ll;2Uam 8—Santa Ke "8" 13^5 pm 10—The Bcuut 8:65 am 1C--K. C Flyer 12:35 am CC—Local I'itfl« 12;fc5 pm CS—Passenger 10:10 pm 62—Local Paaa 3:40 pm & S. Vftsa pm ROCK ISLAND. £«stbbund. No. Arrive 4—Golden Stale Urn, ll^OOarn 812—Local Pass S :a0am 3 —Thf CaJJfornlan ..10;65j>m 10— Loca.1 Freight Westbound. Ko. Atrto* 1—T \w Cftliiornlan .. 6:15 am S__G 0 -ideri State Ltm.. 8:40 pm 111—Local P JLB * 6:20 #»tn gl—Loc*I Freight ... Departa 7.0B pm pm 6.^-0 piti 4:20 pm 4:50 am 2:00 um 4:S0 pm t >:10 am 6:00 urn d:05 am Departs 2:35 pm 2:50 pm 11:40 am 21:30 j-mi &;26 am 12:-10 am 1:05 pm 10:20 p7n ex. Sun. L**vV« 11:00 am g:6& am 10;55 pio 12:15 pm Leave fl:15 am 8:40 pm 6:30 pm 1:40 pro MISSOURI PACIFIC. Westbound. South lawyer. Afrit*a lias its first "wonmu NO FEAR OF EVIL reaultmg from change of diet, water or climate, concorna thoao who take on ihe »hort trijj, oummcr vacation or long journey CHAMBERLAIN'S COLIC and DIARRHOEA REMEDY Ready f«i •uwrgency , ni,^ M J VJ .. 8:37 am' .. 5:8-1 i>m 1. 1:15 pm . .11:00 pin Poparts .. 6:-41 am ..10:43 air, .. S.f.0 pm ..10:00 am A«K*NSAS VALLEY INTERURBAN. H3?.--Passenger .r •IU—Vapseiiirer 495— I.ucul Freight 411—VujjSL.nKer Cgstbound. 412—Taescnscr ' 414—Vasaeneer 434 — Passonnur 41)0—Local Freight COWBOY AND ATLAS JOIN FORCES B UILDING materiaklealers and builders have long . known the high qual i ty of Cowboy Portland Cement. They -will be glad that to this high quality has now been added a still greater service to them through the company's acquisition by the ATLAS Portland Cement Company of Kansas, which has retained practically intact the former organization. ATLAS offers comprehensive selling assistance for the dealer, and complete information for any builder or anyone interested In building. .FJoii> well the quality of the v product will lie guarded can , be gauged by the fact that for over thirty years•wherever used. Atlas is known as "the Standard by which all other makes are measured." I THE ATLAS PORTLAND. CEMENT COMPANY (OF KANSAS) Independence, Kansas Depart Local 6:30 am Local LlmltoiJ Local .. Limited j.ocal .. Limited Locai ., Limited Arrive Local 8 :36 am Local 10:06 am Limited ...HUE am Local 12:36 pm Limited ... 2:00 jmi Local D:26 pin Limited ... j>m 7:45 am 9:16 am . .10:15 am ..12:00 n'n 1:05 pm .. 4:15 pm " 16 pro 16 pm Local o:lt pm Local S:t! pm Local ,..,,lli «0 pmj Loea. lly Tralna and ara through tralna between; Hutchinson ami , WlohiU, ami all trains Im&ko fij-rect con- , I Beciioa At Vui Arl4»l» far Nesvlon, Ivan, J Pleasing Our Guest&• b the «lmo/«vcryHot«IBr»y employee. Within nay reach of buolneoa end theatrical dlatiku. Vcpeclally convenient [for woiuon sboppera, MO Soamt, tnotttf +(th b*th . . . $1.50 up fitvapl* Xaomt 93.00 per day and up HOTEL BEAT r. cm. wo. x£ Mm

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