The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 26, 1859 · Page 3
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 3

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 26, 1859
Page 3
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FURNITUR NOTES, FLERZHEIM tellomngi>iHm WMi,'Voia:M»»l>Hstl«l „$ prompt ing iWm '• • NORTH-WE ST _•_--.._ • -!••• -' •'••,<:•.• v i the!r Co-Partnership The best and largest Jtock of & SprEBINTEffD TODKQ^ MBIT BHK3K. to? & MILWAUKEE R, Leave Utfclne for Dfrvtt—ilelghti Ace Leave lUcine for lietolt— Paueoger. opened to Lake Ulchlgan./ titure fint-Clats & i" 1 ghly refitted for this route.) Ofilartford.Connecllont, ' ¥ I AM prepared to furnish the dailywithi v.:"j;^".^""" ""' ..'•'i-emiii welltnown... „_. at a fair price and iln quantities frooV a pint to a puncheon. Those wishing to be impplled, tan leave their orders with MenrsJlfahn.* Crosby, -opposite tte Wai- :ker Iloose. :-....^-.']-.;•-. *-. ::; V- ,*.~P, ABBOTT, : .• •••..- r - ' • • ' - ' -' - - >'-• •*» •_. * • «»•,.„•-• " •. AMERICAN COR NET BAND! . Al,i;x. SCOTT, CM >i?SrtfD IB NOW READY TO KJEUfaui Amr L number of Instruments, from onr to ,"lwentyHw«i for Balla, B«rtle»,fttBMjeM Kicursions, tc., Ac., at reasonable ' ratau -.,,..•.•• • • . r ;-., .,....-••, '... ,• 1..- ..*.• Apply or address ;Capt AUBL fioorr or at Hempsled's NnalcDtor*. 178, East Water rt. . ~T SHIgll . •.. .. _-. ... ••:.,. .>. - ; .MURRAY, PRIOR it 00., Seaman's Mammoth House Furnishing Moot, nUJKON STBiEET, - - uutartotfnas or, AMD IUUBJOS a fiTOVE8, llN, A (JALYANIZKD IKON HOOFING, -Cutter and Conductor Pip*. - Also, agent* for Collins' ,«elebrated Ventilators and Chimney daps, Hot Air Furnacea and Registers, Ventilators, Ac. ff Orderis thankfully received and promptly aUen- edto. mySS iSSAAO K.LNUS.L.KY, A STJtAM I'll'li FlTTI'It, NO. 291 EAST WATER BTRHtt, . WHOLKSil,* iA»D BliTAtl, DKailla II G»S AND KfKA.M PIl'ES, . r ., - •-•;,.•-. ; QAS.STKAM AMD WAW.BDOCKS, . ; , (iLOBE AND CilEOK VALVK8, , ; ; ' r i .'P - , GUAGE COCK8, Ac., Always on hand, a large assortment of •i AH iF I X 'J' P 1C JE * --. Workjfone in a workmanlike manner, *t abort notice and lowest prices. v ',: ...•':- ...: » ^ ;ie>-dly IfeiAJ^ in S The N««tereflbc Rocky Mownains, ^' '°' maylO KKTilL IielLSKS rt • I.A DIES', OKNTLKMF.N'SAN^ CHILDREN'S BttOTS, SIIOr.N :\M» (iAITRItS, MASON STREET, Opposite t h <• Walker House. raySl i ' \\ K 1 N H K N N R K , AKD caALia in HOOTS, SI1OGS AND OAITKRS, NO. 24 SPRING STREET, (>l>p«>alte American Ilonse myll Boot iV Shoe Store, NO. 4S E.4JST WATER S TUEET, JOHN PHJBL.AN, KEEPS always on hand good custom made Boots and Bhoes. Ai: kinds of Ladlce 1 and Gentlemen*^ Boots and Shoes made to order In the latest style and warranted to give satisfaction apriiS BOOKSEILLKRS AIVII STAT1OINBRS, . ^ 1C! Edtt Voter street, lUlwaulee. TjifB have' jditreceived afull nopply ofthese Celt, Tf<-brjV!d,. i PenolU..,from, the .B>anofactcrj'. of J. J. Eehbach, In HegenabnrE, Bavaria. They Jne^carefully assorted, and each grade Is dlstingniiheu » y a popntar )j r and.. Particular attention, la. called, to -he "Opeosl- tlon-Pencll,>» (ronn« M)laElc' gtltf) and !: tnl the "People's Pencil," <ronnd redglltj) t?JO to the"Engineer'a Pencil," (i.eiagon-gllt.) All of »hlch -will be found saperi- of KFaByotberpetie'Hb the market Alwaj son hand a complele assortment of black and colored lead pencils 'of all the desirable grad es. A di«- couDt allowed to theTrade proportioned to.extent of "«^et»:' L ; - apr29 JNSURANCK CO1&PAN Y, - • - INOOUPOBATED IN 1S4K " ,•/; . ..-. .-i-.^ • Of - Hartford, Connectlcnt,. Cash Qapltal and Surplus,. , .. . ....... » LAJHA1I FtitE INSURANCE Of Hew Tort, CO., ;. j. 7-j.i. ,..,. :V- • , : Ul -new.lora t . .::.-< ' • Cr wOaplIal and Surplus,.. .......... ..»2i»,OC» 33 U'KSpi,l)TJB OTNew Tor* City, ""•" .' . : ill«!l «nd.Sarplo»,. ..... . ...... $246^39 68 CITY FIUK INSURANCE COM PAN V, Of IlartTora, Oonnecltcnt, ml»ifrloBi '' . ^ 4S t sollcn bnstocss for {he-above nattad Companies, »n- •Irelyupon -their own merits and.responilbHIty, and refer to their jirompt and liberal aetl^ementof all losses ' heretofore} as a gaararrtee for the future. "Policies 1»- snetl wllhont delay/ • ' .< !• W. UENRT HOLLAND, Agent. . JOBS HOLLASO, Ass'l. Northwest cor. Alain and D. 1*. JlAJtSHUX, Bnnreyor. Wisconsin its.. Milwaukee, septi i • - ; . • • MONDAY, April 11, !Bc0, senger Tralijs will run as follow* M Pas- Bap. Drldft, d f, •Detroit, depart.! FeotobTllle, arrl* e *O>wego'*iTiTe.|. St. Jf.tios, nrrtTe. Grand 8»p|.!i), »fr. •Jraud Ilatvtt, air. i Mllgankee, arrive. •fall. P.M. fczo A.M. 9:80 10:50 r. v. 12:10 &OS «:40 A. •• Ulxed. p.«. i 4.-20, A.H.I 1^0 eas 7:40 Accom. A.M. 4:45 7:SO Night Kxpre^i- i. «. Ift'JO P. H. 8:00 2:35 S:60 p. 11. 12:16 Leave Belolt for Eaclrie—Passenger, J : jo i. M Leave Bavia for llaclne—Freight * Ace., 6 Jo A* n PaJseSgers l>y taking the' 7 A. «l. train on the Lak Suore Hattroad aMfilwaukee, comiect at ttaclue wit train to Davis; arriving at' Davis at 3:30 r. m. leaves Davlj Isr Krotjiurl on arrival of train. u. train from iiavls cohnecis at Racine wllli atiernoo Iralnson tfce Lake »ho«e Uailroad North and Sooth. reif>l.lorwarilcxl with dupatch. ' •. KUBKKT UXSJtia, Superintendent. PitUburgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago '' '' •"•'• — ^^ 1C Ail, flllJlS new and direct Route now open to New York JL- Boston, r/illsliurg)i, Phlladelpliia, llajlimore KAST United State F. lH8.Co. ALL! BONE'S v op AUTHORS. 1 , SOKPLD8........ A ceo. 29,658 00 Milwaukee, Uepwl •Oranci Haven, dep. Grand Rapldi, arr. 8L. Johns, arrive.L Owosso, arriTe. '.i. Featonvllle, arrlvf •Detroit, arrive., j Bu«. Bridge, arrirt 7:00 8:40 P. M. 9:55 Mall Ivxpr* P. •. 8:0o A. M. 4.-00 5.-20 7:36 8:8() 9!53 IP. H. 12:1B P. H, 9-.5S Mixed. .5:30 »:5S 1120 P. K. 6:80 A. U. 4:00 Nigh ill KxprV M. 12:00 p. u. 8:45 10.-.TO A. M. 1:00 2:00 6:00 P. M. 4:50 DIG TIO WARY Omce, under MItehell'i Bank, coroer of Kast Water and ;j . ._•• ,-.™ - -;, ..-. Michigan streets,! •T~A Critical., literature ana ftaud; frtm He Earliest A • cftmtt to Ute aid- die oftteninetetutn Century. Containing Ihirtj/ Thoutand Biographic* «,' viOi Forty 1 NDERPEN8ABLY n. cessary toaH who Bead, all who Write, all Clergyman, all Physicians, all Lawyers, Scientific and Llte-ary Men, Merchants an» Fanners, Manufacturers and Mechanics. IT IS A HOUSEHOLD COHf AHIOH. FUKNISHKD BT ^•^ v^^vr*^ & *TATtoS(EKr JOBBERS 136 East Wafer ttrcel. BOOK '• pnuoroaa: 1. A.HelfcnsUln, Moaes Knceland, 8. 8. Da«eU, IBamuel Bale, Q. D. Douiman, H. U Palmer, Kd«ln Townsend, SolomouAdlrr. J. A. HKLKNSTKlN.Preiident. O. D.DODSMAN. TleePreHdent. W. T. PALMER, General Agent. 8, 0. WasT.Secretary. 8. B. DAOOCTT, Treasurer. H. L. PAUIKB, Attorney. . nurlt MIL.WA1JKKK JOHN w ii4»i. i: s A i>i: inti'«oisT, NO. 8.S EAST WATER STREET, Has jasl received a full supply o Celebrated Union works Cylinder Glass, Manufactured at Clerelanil, Nev York. TranspG" 1 *^ entirely b.v vessel, it comes in perfect order, and ena- - blea in i- to sell 8,1 lev rates 1 ti^ve permanent arrangements to srll cnifl brand of Glass hereafter. myM __ _____ JOHN RICE. AKMSTUONU & JDONNh:i_.l_,Y I* A i > T 1C It N, <; K A I ^ K li s , Clsicago kU, b-.'lwccii main A- Water. (S^ ParUcalar attention paid t» Ralsomineing Oeil- InCT. _ _ mylS Ha r rper U r o t h e (KntablUked in. 1S4S,} gIQH,SUIP,OARRIAOI! AND OKNAMENTAl Painter*. «»l^zlcr» A I'apcr-llnnjfer*. IMITATORS OP WOOD AND MARBLE, NO. 3ft « IN 1C I 1> A S T K E K T , A FXWPfiORS KASTOf TffKU^Kh'fJ ffOUSX. jys __ [Prom Tlieophlns1>ar«pns, U 1. D M Profes-or of Law tn Harvard Dniveraity.1 „ C*J«Mn>oa, Jan. 6, 1859. Data 8tE :— I have had the wSFv'olume of yenr Die- ' tlonary for tome dayi. and eat siied myself thaL your p an Is excellent, and that you have carried It out " I7Breanda " tr and with judgmen.- and accuracy of its Information concerning modern authors and their works, are Indeed remark a- Me. to any one who desire th? knowledge roar b--ok purports to give— and what educated man don nolf ^ It must be oT great Interest a id value. RespecUully, Ac , a.A«. Air, > THKOPUIl.tJS PAREEn. 8. Austin Allibjne, JBsq. [From 8. Iremcus Prime, D. D , Editor N. V. Obsprvor.] _ _^ "«w Yota, Feb. 3, 1869. Uuruxn :— The finrt volume of your gn-it Dloiloo- ary of Authors, I have pcrnwd with astonishment «• d delight. It Is just what I have long desired to have, and hav,- eongtit for In vain, thousands of clergymen ntudeola, and all Uieraiy and Intelli.ent men.mnst wish to have just tM< wort; and tlier will ha»eiu when they learn t tn It Is In UH world. It deserves the most cordial reception, and I trmt lhat the culhor and the pabllshcn will have Ihe largest reward for their enterprise and labor. Yours truly, _ „ . . _ «. lEEHjKCS PRIME. Childs t Pet. rson. €'IT¥ in micbcll Building-, inirbl]ran.»i. MiLWACiEa, ~Wjaoomi«. OHAR1ERKD CAPITAL, - - $200000 Cash Paid in, $IOO,OOO. DISECTORS: J. L. Pamaa. U. D. Davis, W. A. Paotnw, K. Towisam, 8. B. Cojovia, II. KHtlsajcuT, J. n. KCU.OOG, J. UcxrBarr, JOSIPH f. UILI. J. 8. HAWS J. H. Coxon, JAB. MnaaAi. Ojiid. Gcnrjna, O. CotnTrooc, <3««. Dvaa K. TOWNSKND, President. A. L. WALKATH.Beeretary. H, L. PALsiaa, Attorney. Cf fire and Marine Risks taken at current rates. leS4 *Refresnments-fHotel In Depot at Grand Haven Boat will leave Illlwaokee on Saturdays at 8 p. u.— for Saturday Nluht's Kxpress passengers west, but 4 A. •. train wlb a * leave on Sundays. , Trains leave tcr'plnl dally, Bm»<lays| excepted. THK TRLGOBAi'H LINK Is no* open for PUBLIC Br- sinisg. : CONNKOTIONi*. AT DETROIT-GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY for all poiots_Kast— MIOH1UAN OKNTitAb and MICHIGAN SOOfUEftN RAILROADS, and CLKVE- LAND Line of Steamers. AT VRANp HAVtW—WJth "HURON" Steamer for CHICAGO, Ac., Ac. AT MltilV^CKKK—With the MISSISSIPPI, LA CROSSK, OHIDAGO, WATKRTOWN and UORI- CON RAILROADS, for all Important points West and 'Northwest, and onpHlsslssippI Elver, and with glearoeri for Ports on Lake Michigan. & WI-ll'J K General Land and Insurance Agenti ivtrt A tllli* rum.ic, &(:., OFFICK, rorner of Reed and Oretron streets, Mtyroae's Block, liaii Wiu-d. Will attend to the baying and selling of Real Estate, Insuring Goods and Buildings in responsible Compa nles. Attend IT, the Collection of Accounts, Making )ut of Deeds, Uortgw^s, Contracts, Leases, Ac. All Collccti&nrmade on accounts placed in our hand wiU.bc promptly paid over. A, 0. JONSS. jy22 Eoaxu WMIHUIAJ. „ _ IM.'Wtu>, Jan. 21,1854. MY DCAK ?la:-Wtth btler knowkdce of your book from repeateil feasts npon it, I am astern d to have written yon so commonplace an acknowledgment of Its flrat r«c ipi- Of all the storehouse of Interesting and readable matt-r tho "Dictionary of Author," gee s 11 me the most captivating. The good taste, industry, and skill of Brramrrment therein manllesitd loold n o1 b« «n -paned. >ad it wll make ior yoa a reputation very enviable. I shall try t.> make amends In print for m v apparently lnappr»clative ftret acknowledrment of the acquisition. »> ith majiy sincere thanks for tKe prize I have in the book, I remain, m> dear sir, Y< nrs, fa thfnily, 8. Austin AlUbone, Esq. may 19 I\F, W COFFEES, WHOJ^KSAJ^K & liETAIL —AT— Robert Cwtirney's «;llt iT U'EKTEUM TEA STORK 174 EAST WATER STREET, Retail prices from 10 to 25 per B> lower than any other store in the city. Coffee Roasted and Ground on tint preirises by the most 'Improved methods. Java l&o. Bio 15c. 8t. Domingo 12>j. Remember the number 174 Bagt Water St., Seaman * WjngV Old Store. jy*l- ; & imiiNorro, OOM-M1SS1ON MKKCH.ANTS, Seal Ettate and Money Broker*, NOTAKIES PUBLIC, MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN. Ornca—No. 4 Market Square, opposite the Old Post- Once, mart? E>. OOKSON, ATTORNEY AT L A W HAS removed to .Office, No. 6, State Bank Building, corner ol Kast H'atef and Michigan >treet, Mtrwankee. CAPITALISTS «aY ILL find at my office a Register, open to their IB- TV spection of Bonds and Mortgages and other ge- curitiea oTTereil for sale. Persons wishing to obtain Loans or having Don*«, Mortgages or othersecnrlUes for tale, may find it to their Interest to file with me their applications nr statement.". C. 8CHLET, ylt Opposite Walker House. i -H. BDTUU ,...»..... D. T. POOT. l>i.ery &, Boardiag Stable, Faol oflfnton. ftteet,-^on the Rioer.) PUBLISH KD BY A UOB A^D OOLPHD^ Aunt Judy's Tales. Jl VF.NI1.N CARTKKS. AND HUE fllllK undersigned is prepared to take Marine Klski M. and fire Bl«ks on froduee in store, in the North Western Insurance Co., of Oswego, New Tork, at as low rates as by other reliable Companies. The reputation of Uiis wall-known, long established Company entitle* i Ito public confidence. HORATIO HILL, Agent, nov8 _ at ..ffice of U. A J. V. uilL BY STATE AUTHORITY."" WISCONSIN OENBKAI, INSURANCE AGENCY OAK FIICE I1VR. CO., Hartford, Conn. 93 Passengers for C(reat Western Railway go on the Railway Pautr Srs-naa, K D. * M. g. Dock, leaving Dock at 8.-MI A M 'i ; o» r „ _ lnil J.JQ , „ ' NIOUT TRAIft.-i on the O.W. R. have SLEEPING CARS attached. PARCELS leflai any of the TICKCT OPF1CKS art forwarded by PAKSUQU Ta^isa AT VKSV slonss ATS RlTIS. : TheCompany'i Time-Tahles can be had at any ofihr Stations. | ' _ . *?'• K. -Til III. Gen'l Sup'l. Wnmnii A Po»Bi8, Ticket Agent, 230 East Waur st Wir-Qmnm, Prelght Agent at Comoany's Dock. H.U. WiUam, General We«lern Agent. D. A M. R. Offices, April, ISM' jprt.1 Baraboo V alley CASH ASSETS ftORTH CASH APPETS fntr. IW*. IO., Hartford, Conn. »SS4,860 06 WKSTEKM MAS*, rinr. i.\m. ro., Of I'itts&rld, Has*. OABH ASSiSTTS ................. »2n5,€99 41 FIRE INNfTRANCE Co., n r r>nnway, Slasa. ... |2«3,«" JIAJLROAI3- O N and afu-r Mn(i,|ay, April 4Ui, and until farther notice a PaSJeiiKj.r Train will leave Milwaukee from the depol,foot of fecund street, for Pewankrt , llartland Pine Lake, Oronnraoioc, tVatrrtuwn, lj.«HI, and Col- umt.usal4.20p.m..arnTinninMilwiul[eeal ' 1 .»'i a. m Passcn|rer> arrivjnp al Milwaukee by Ihe Milwaukee A Chicago R. R., La L'rt,«, A M.I tt. R , nn.l Mil. A Mbs. R. R., or by B<ial, ran prorcr.1 in the aliove plare> Connections art fciaJe al Wat-rtown with nage. for Lake MllU.Jeffersdn, Waterloo, 11.inctii-tvlllr, Kan Pra,- eie, Cottage (Iror^ and Madlsnn. Al.o at Columfcu. for Lodl, Mrrtmac.jAlseiro, Pall Rive ,1^-. d'. Cornern, Hararlen, LowTllle,jl)<.kora,yi.rk.Arlini,t.m, Urn'..I anj for all point, to tb,j West and North West. Psjnengers arrl«tng a thr Jnnrtlon from the above places make conm-Hlon* h th.- Milwaukee A MlsaU- mppl R. ft., for Jan.iville, Mailmon an.l Prairie .In Illilen and at Mitwankrt, with road« to th< Hoirth, Wrsl and North. • •Pr 3 .»- S. MCRRILL, Aiprrlntenftpil. SUMMKIi : AltKANUKMKNT. CASH ASSET Parables from Nature. Motes In the Sun Beam. fanny, the Flower Qlrl. Dncle Jack the Fault Killer. For sale by TKRRY A CLEAVER, '-> 167 East WattrsL NEW BO O K S TERRY & CLEAT BUS, 167 EAST WATSK STREET. B ARTH'fl Travels in Central Africa, 1 vol., abridged Llvinprton's Travrln in Southern Africa, 1 voL 8pterf«ons Sermons, 6th series. Higher Christian Lffie. majlfi SH1PPKKS OF C AH supply thraaselves with Bills of Lading at TERRY iOLEAVEK'S, T»° _ , _ 167 East Water «tr«L BOOKS. O UB stock Is the largest In the Weat. We sell every Book at the Publisher's price. We can furnish to order any boot which exists, elthw In the English or other languages. We receive new books at Ismed from the Press. i»nSO 8TRICKALHD A CO. School Book*. W E have every Bchool Book in demand, an them at wholosUe or fetaU. ' BTBIOKLAMB * CO. d se T HE irabscriben bate rerasved their stock from the stable formerly occupied by them, corner of Main and llarun gtrecU, to the old CTtablUhment foot of Mason street, tlins coniolldatlng the two establilh- ments, making the largest and bat appointed Livery establishment In the Welt. W-lhai! be Rlad to see uar old friends and customers, and feel confident that we can furnish them with a* good and .slyHuh a turnout a* any nmltar ertiWI«tirt*nt tn the "city. Thankful tor past patronage, we tioj.r to meet a continuance ol the same, ff Particnlar attention glve« to famishing carriages and henriea for funeral*. • myLJ BUTLEt a PORT, GOOD CHAN OK. llOU»iE ANI» LOT FOK 8ALE CHE»P. • *• HE undersigned will sell his Bouse and Lot, now B. occupied M a Tavon by tim, tltnated on Main it., Racine, Wisconsin, near the Steamboat Landng.and the B. A M.' K.B. Depot. The boose Is located on the best builnen place, and tKe House as well as the altna- Uon of theliot, would answer for any branch of business, especially for Wholesale St«r«, which branch Is already now projected i authat very locality. Those who like to make a good bargain, are requested to apply at the undersigned. ' c r JOHH BAKTH. Eaclne, January M, 1839. |angT-d8m Lninber Vessels roir • Sale. Sch«oner Fashion, 22* tons'. - ' • Schooner D. Rewhall,, : l»0 tuna. '. »eow Schooner Kneby, 108 tuns. T*eabovevesjele will be sold at very low price* for natWactory security. Good title. TAYLOR ft JCWOTT, | Buffalo, Hew Tork. Enquire of B. B. JOHIB, Mil aukee, Wisconsin. feW5 ' J , BIND UP YOUR MAGAZINES ! W E are prepared In our Bindjry to Bind Magazines, Periodicals or taythlng cite In the form ofa Book, In neat and durable styles, at low rates. <*"»> _ STBIOKLAHD t OO. Stereoscopic Views. W E nave reclved * nnelotof Sterescoplc Views .embracing views of interesting localities in . RUSSIA, SWITZERLAND, HPAI*, KG YPT, NUBIA, GKSICf, \TORS.SY, TSfLAJfD, AC., AC Also • large variety of new American Views. Mew and very desirable stvles of Btef eoscopic Instruments. STJUCKLaHD A CO., . Booksellers and Stationers, •»"•* _ 13t East Water street. Aprin^field, Mass. OASH ASSETS ..................... $225,000 GIKAKD FIRE IMS. rArnPAmv, Of Philadelphia. OAjBH ASSETS .................... -»2S4,T8» 73 J. \V. i/'rain, mar» NO. J, MARTIN BLOCK, Up STAIRS. _ Milwaukee, Wisconsin, MILLINERY GOODS. IN LIQUIDATION in Dry THAI IMMENSE BTOCK Of -AT--! I\o. 187 E: st Water Mrert MDST_BE CLOSED OUT BY THK Great Bargains ma; be £xpteted aprl7-dtf JOKEPH CA'MY, As«l(m«e. REMOVAL INCREASE t>V L ADIES—your attention Is now called to the beat stock of BONNETS, RTBBONS AND FLOWERS, Ever brought to Milwaukee, to be f«und at BLANCH ARD'S VOfllVfi'S BLOCK, irlAffl -ft. april - , SIXTH WISCONSIN »or«aleat ^ ieU> KEPOjRTB STRICKLAND 4 CO, 134 Kast Water street. PIKE'S PEAK.. A NITW HAP, shosrlog Ihe Kont« t« the Gold Regions tn Kaoaas, jut fecelvcd by .'.,. . BTBIOKLAHD»00, IM Bait Water ttrwt THE NOTICE I1VHPECTOU OF FI*tf, A PPOKfTEDby the Common Council of the City of J&. Milwaukee, In pursuance of An Act of the LegisW Jure, approved MArch II, 185% hereby gives notice flat ' ....... r weights and brands ieproMri .. r the duties of bis office. GENTLEMEN'S FUHNISH'G. NEXT DOOR TO James A Swain, , O» THB LATE HEM OF & SWAIN; Wtt* remain tit fiwflld^twrfwheshe ill fce plem.- OH ARLB8 QUENTIN & CO. AHLlB OUENTIH %.CO^ corner of Kast Water »nd i.Mon«reett,Wwa,«««, Wisconsin; havi for BeallWatt in theCtty ol Mdwukee^S large of small parcel*. Snllittkf lt*ta erttj WaMoft b <Jiiy, of MUl*ej»nd prico, for onlness or resldeno an3 on «a«y t*r«ns. Atao, small >arm« of from Q (0*30 acres,near the City-, for gardening purposes. Also, WlsconilB In quanUUetlo B. Ut^'lB B iO*B;i With -»ll. trues *«st. i>J»Wfr *•*"-? •^ ^~"T Milwaukee to ' '- auiloni at.allUn be la now furnished with the f or ihe due performance of t . By the said «Act"lUi matfed,,, dntr O f all persons- dealing In Fkh to give notice to the Inspector to hare the same duly Inspected and branded before packing. M'. Smith will be ionn-at the New Warea«u«e of Heurs. John »urlonf » Bon, #»ntfc Water at., Walker 1 * Point, where all notices are requested to be left. " Mllwa «kee, May 7.185*. B»>ylw JOHH SMITH. Inspector. ». O.«TA».. ............. ...... .....JIB. a. jnm»s. Byan it Jenkins^ COUNSKLLOliS AT LAW, WUTCUEfcl.'S BANK BCIfcOIHC, ttonter Etut Water, and Michigan Ot,, MOoavket. > ' IIV DODBLE THREAD SEWING That took the FLltST I'llEMIUM & DIPLOMA, ^or Family use, at the Wisconsin Slate Pair, October 1 *, are for nlc at the r- ' 4ewing Machine Emporiifit. YOUNO'S BLOCK. ootU ISAAC A. IIANUE * CO. tllVITEB STATES IrTARtllTAl.'S The Farmtra Loan A Trait Com 1 paby,- - | ** vs. | The Milwaukee t Superior R.,11- I road Company, i in the D. S. DIs- City of Milwaukee, JqhnBtewart, Johann 0. A. Allerding, Christian.Hahot'and Gottfried Wbotach. Vtrict Coon for the | District of WWconsln. I IB rqnity. I N pursuance and by virtue of a decree made by the District Court of th* Doited States, for the District of Wisconsin, on the nineteenth day of March. f()59, Sn the above entliled cause, I shall sell at PublW Anctldn, on Tueaday, 2nd day of Aogust, 1859, at S o'clock Jn the alternoon, from ihe step* of the Custom; Hoaie.Sn the City of Milwaukee, all and singular, the mortgaKH premises mentioned In t*e bill of complaint In sfid ca«e,»nd described as: "AB the following, present and In future to be acquired, real ana personal propar- ty and real estate ol tire sai.i defendant, the Milwaukee and Superior Railroad Company, t atlstosaj, all of the Ant diTWlon of the Eadroad of salA'BallroaoTXo m pan; Oefcndsnt, from the City of Milwaukee, to the Utty.Of.Green Bay In said State of WtsconAInl V ilfa- tanceof one hnndred anitwemty mjles, Including ihe right of w»y, and land occupied by slid Brst airtslon W said road, (subject to the righ^ OUe or claim, which the raid - 'defendants Stewart,. AUenBng, . llahm fand Woolfcn, or either of them, may have had at thetirle of jnaktagsaid decree, to land upon wUlch^ald' Kail- road Company nas located Its way, and for which no Compensation has been made to totm;} togeUier with •the«nperstrncturearjd trtKk thereon, and all rails and JotherinttBritJi taed thereon, -, bridges; vladucUli cdl- verU, fencea,eqolpmentw, neoeasary depot grounda and oioJdlngi thereon, hglonglng;to the tald RajIroad^Ootb- sjmy.and all rolling stock,'engines, tendera. rcaJr, tpvU,msrtertiil«,inacliraery, fixtttrti, and all otherWr- sonal property appertaining to laid first-division bf waldrwtd, i*d all r)|*» thereto, »nd Intereat* fobe afc- nulred by »aid defendant, the Milwaukee and Superior -.„_„_,- to^etJ»rtH«;thSaaineJik!id;hin » tlons'appertaining to the said firtt divisionof said raid, -al? ton,, Teo t. and ineome to ?be bad'or ;iivie« totj t- from, and all' corporate and other franchises, rights •odprMlegejorthefald Kallroad Company Iner to !, Milwaukee, Wls., April fl, labVU , ' ^ii^*v^S^ I !^^' :D|) ^«' fTw ^^^ ' %S^&*&*3m**h**t Wrtlrdtt; OomprtiBollclto^s. •ol-PxiirKT-- V- • ***•*•' f v»**; nVrurtBoosjea to MICHIGAN — AND— n- Western (Canada) Rail-way lINB leave the Great Central Depol, footofLak , ilrerl ChicaKO,as futlo 4:OO A. iH.—DtGTOIT ACCOMMODATION,(Sun da^a exreptt^l), arrive al 1 .-troll G.ut i-Ity, Ulevelitid, Dunkirk, UnOa-lo, Nr f alls, and all eastern citk-s. (JlQi:iunati,Cofumtias,Day ton, riprliiKiltM, Urb.iua, Zahesvin,:,steul.ei.ville, No ark and Wheeliiih", anil all Inii^rior io»u» of DM.,, 1'eno sylvania, Virginia, )fnryl.^nil, N^» Jt-rney, AI-. illnkins one Crauii Inl>,i n 11. U. i.m VKTWKKH OHIOAted L&b THS KAbT. f'A/iS AJ IM w AX AX f uTtiKi; i;ncrjc. EHr~ Those .h-siring lo go by lh!s K.iuii- will be par licular i.iJ i-l.-iuire fc.r Tickets vi i fort Wayne, there 1 avoiding tiie annoyance of recfieckluK L?ieir Ka^age TKAJAb /.4J \ & DEI VT L>.\' I ,1.V Bl'/.-KV i I'AJI.i., A* tul.t.iin.;: C:00 A. u.— Morning JlaU an,I KxprrfK, .la.lj, .^ Wilh bui ooe ciiange of cars lo Pituburgh. 'To Pittsburgh, Phlladelpliia, haltimore in.l »r» Vork connecting directly with LTalus on Uu gmi I'unnsylv nia Central Railroad, to all eastern citin. Also, witf Cleveland A Columbus Itatkoud to Clevelaiul, Ourfkirk Buffalo, Niagara Falls via New York Central and N-'i Tork A Krle Rajlroaili lo New Tork anil B.iiton Persons going east will find this route by tar Ihe mos. desirable, both from the advantagu in jibiat t>r .iistarjce variety and beauty of the country throuK^ which th, roads pass, as well as the leas frequent changes ol rar and the annoyance of re-checking baggage required by other.routes. f acllltles for the transportation of freight and l..v Block by tills route are unsurpassed. Itau-a as low i any other route, and with equal ihspaich. Tick els for sale al aJll he priiu-ipal lickel offices in Ui \Vi-«;, and al Company'^ Uflire, No. ^U m-artorn ^lr^ <ipposite Trrmnnl llouAc, Chx-ago, and at 'J,r , rlj<- r , Ihe l.ateShore Kallt.,a<l, Milwauki-r, by A (,. l..-m,j JNO. J. HoL'MTUSN, General Fri-ighl AKrnl. Piltiburxh, l-a. U. M . DOSS, General W eMerr. Afrnu, Chicago. Chicago, Mar.*h C, l^itf tnartj Wilwauket-A. < hira^o |.. |. 1859. SUMMhlli A KU/\N(iKM KNT. Great United StaUx .Vail mid Ejjtret* Ktxili. fllHK only reliable and ILL Roor> To rns CAST, SOCTH JL and NohTH-Wa^T, anj Ui^ only Linff rnakintj <mr .-ofinectinns. Ilatrfrajfr rl.^rke.l lliruUK'i lo principal points, o.i anil »Uer nis^OAV, AI'ICII. •J5Ui i I «.-,!», Trains leavr Iv-pot, corner nf H.,ri.l:i an.l H.r-(.ii .-n , a* fo4loaa : lOt^f) -l.'.ll.— KapRss»PiMs9o>H— arrivmii al Chi- c.iici. al 'i. lu r. M . •'•I •'* B*. ^l « — fcli'Kls.-i i'jii'>Bs<isji — arririnp IL (.In .-aito al 6:15 r u , an,i ma» nir rk*e coDn-cuoni, with Evrnini: frainn ami South \Ve«t, auil »iUi ibe Itacln^ an-j MmaisKippI Ka.|r..a«'. 11 i:a.-iD .ufcrluin, for li^lo.t ^ii,| olhrf Ntat.^ns • ..t. Ills' Line Freight Train leavr* st ^.:«i ji . • . arrtvr^ r. (H) r M PrelgM fnrwarileii wiih ,l t ^|nirh, an.l a l.>* ratfs. I'aurnirrr •lint,- Iravr I'ln.-air.. • r H,l»au\rr and Ihe North Wrst at 'J Ik) JL u , an. I ^ I.', f • , (rr;v,r,^ here al ) 2:» p j. K.t.1 t_ If. t •. a|.rtfl JNI.T Ml^llKV. M.«lrr Tr . ;.»p,. r ttt.. :. "F THK i .11 C.,«r>»r, V RaU&of Freight Rednc-.d Again by \cw Vork A: l-;ri«- ICailroail — AND— Norfli<>rB Transporlation f/W* E X P K K S H I TKTIL fufllft^r &„!!(-,- II, f pnc,. 'r-ini N^\r V-,ill i.l...W, |. • !,«i !„, .1,1 v, - EVER 0??ZSBD IN TUIS CITY, AT GREAT SACRIFICE FOR THK NEXT SIXTY I>\Y- THE STOCK IS IIEAVI, AND JUST US 218 and 220 East Water Str I.WAI'KEF- s. eet, VT ISI.ONs.1 \ . _____ MISCELLANEOUS. UK. n. u. i C Ki>iit:t VRTF.IIINAKV SI Urjrw>, I'OKMKRLY Ot CLJCVBLA N D 0., respBctfully mfonm ihe thecillzens nf Slihv, ,,»,._ u ,», h.-ivlnj; lurated in Dm pj^ic^i Aj! tn DRY GOODS, &C !«*»»!>. Home tr.-ai.r-l in i rn.m s»;ienCirti: sty IP. anil i;t*nt r:il ml faction A'arrantcti. lir ->.i. ne"ction wuh MI.I pra in-.- w wlllPili-k anil D....-k TUN in the moat approved *iyV; .1*1.1, (a cam the ronnilrnc« ,if tfii- public,, he refers In ilu- follow ing gentlemen, who hav,' t -m- ployeJ Mr. KVilhea.l many times professionally In Ibe course nf len yrnri. We feel jnstHiml in Maying dial h.H ur**»i<c,. u jm,*. rior to the ^enirjl run of Veterinary l*r:i.-t'i.;n'»>ri. MILW 4UKBR. J.vt.n C. Bro.lheail, Wm. Jinnsi n, Murray, Pry?r k Cn , SPRING AND SUMMER DRY GOODS! sj. ci r Judge Wilson, •• Bishop, 11 KWy, " And ^»», " Vilden, D.ict. U. A. ArLI.-y •• M. L. Wrlgln " M. L. Hrwil. WII.W.M KKlf,. -< NOW r.-,T uU Htockn . V. A. V J H'l.n, !•« Kelly. IKHKMIIA., i Koley. 1-iVfllT A Newel, The Latest Novelties nv CL«TIII.J<II Uerr ,t lUrr C. rf. Bvyn... k t .' MKMBKK.-4 ')f THK HOR.SK ilHKKDKn'l -•>< , KT i K. Curlu, Win. 1'ain. llas_M«Tchaiit, Win K. t lams %3ff~ Oilier. KlrtiyN Llvpry PUiM.-, M IM. <tn--' «|, id-dawti Itl I I AI.O. < M \ I I AM) A.V/J S Chicago Line of Screw Steamers. ! '"Of > I K N i I of t hin Lin*- will put on lh«- OIC11IN4. A 1 TICI-U mi runniOK |( » ci-uoectfOo at & CI.MTHAI. K K., lu.l ih KAL LINK MKLAN AL liUAT.-, l*n«t Wllll ucfiln< at lllr- \ L*. V fc Uvtn>ii, \U --|'ar.:d lo : I. u I \ Italian. * t.- M r. lie 11 .'n U].- p r- \ N !. ., V I 1 M .1. :C, - N .• \\ MV L>\ A J. CLOTH DEPAKIMPIN Hi- 14'Ji ctmli .ic' •i,l H ...l I.; i I r.- rhai -f A,, 1. Ol\Tn ICT.Nlt •••«. A^-ni N V C. . Vr ., I'Jl 111 i. ^ NT- K K . , Ml aV« «• 7:O« A. M—CINCINNATI EXPRESS. (guBdaji e*Cf.pted.) Arrive al Indianapolis 4:« p. «.; Ctni-lnnall S:3O p. v. fi:OO A. M.—LIGHTMNU KXPKK.-H. ,Sar.d.y» cerl'P'l,) arrival at Urtroii Trim p. 8uapen4loo or UulTAlu 4'0 •i-, KAIbaoy 2:ufl p. x.. Nrv Vork t uu f. II.; Uoslon 11 p. y. 2tBO •». M.— NI.UK-. AUl OM11ODATION, eiret, Sunday. s:uo i>. m.—NKW VORK AND BOSTON EXPRESS, (ratrepl Saturday.) Arrive al Octroi T:irf «. • ., riaspenainc bridge or Uuffa) 4:80 r. • ; Albany 4:0" ». »., New York KMkj j.. u.; '2:01 p. M. «:f>0 I'. IH—CINCINNATI ANl) LOUISVILLE KX PRtSB. (KiceptSstnrdiy.) Arrive a Cincinnati 9:1*' j. u.; Louisville 4:0. One train on Sunday at 8:00 r. •. The 3:ou A. M. and fe:00 p. M. trains connect at Part with Ui. Buffalo i take [taron Railway, for Uaffau and all points f -st; at Toronto wiUi Grand Trunk Rail way, to KlngsUa, Qgdensburg, Montreal, Quebec and aH points In Canada East, Northern Vermont, -N Hampshire and Malbe. gjij Baggage cheesed through. Through tickets ffci sale al the principal Railroad omces In the West; and at the giaeral office, corner Lake A Dearborn streets, ooposlte the Tremonl Hou.e Chicago, and at the Depot, loot of Lake street. ; R. N. RIOE.Sup'w- H. J. grimno. Qfcn. Past. Art. apria Detroit jt »i|. Railway. THE Hteamer <'lcvclnnd will take her place In line nf ihe Detroit A Milwaukee Hallway, on Maoday, the 14th March. Pass ngen wishing through tickets can be supplied on and after Monday nert, al 23d East Water street, or al the office on the dock of thd Detroit A alilwauke Railway Co.— Due no'.lce of the time of departure will be given. This will make the shortest, cheapest and qulckrsl route lo all points Ea.t. m » r » SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. flilnaitkejF! <fc RAIL HOAI). THK jSHOKTEST. AMD mo.ST E3KPEDITIODM UOUTE! TO LniiHiiii^, i^a i;ro*se, Winona, Bead's Landing, Bed Wiflg, PRKSCOTT, BTJ PA0L AND ST. ANTHONY. Chnripoof Time, Monday, April 4, 1859. TKAIN ILEAVKJ* 11 :00 A. iL, Arriving at Janesvil'e 2.SO P. M. ; 'Madison 3:35 P. iM. j Prairie du Chlen S.-00 P. H. Connecting with the Prairie da Chlen and St. Pau^ Packets, which leave Prairie dn Chlen o j the arrival of the S.-OO P. M. Train. TRAIN IJEAVKS MILWAUKEE 6:05 P. M., Arriving it Janvesvllle 8:55 P. M. : Madison Fan to all points on the Mississippi River as low as any other Konte. i WILLIAM JERV1B, _ ^aplfl , j Ocn'l Saperlntendent. LA CROSSE AND MILWAUKEE RAIL KOAD. 1859. 1859. SPKINO UKEAT N01 STATES jnAII, * EXPRESS AND ONLt^ALL RA1J, ' ROUTE. TO jiA <3RQSSiE OB the BPPEB nigSlSRIPFI RIVEH, On and after Hoddayj April 25th Two Through j Expresi Trains Daily, FEOM DEPOT »fJOT OF flHESTHCT BTBEET, , JAB rpixowi: ; "•' | *a:4.1 A. Ifl. and t2:45 P. JT1. . Trains^Ive at Milwaukee at 9:8O A. MJ ANl) a^Q f. M- .ploie^onneclionsaremadeat LaOrosse." Twice dailwcf cbwnjr with ih« Miii- ncsota Packei Company»s" Niw an»l Splendid Vri'tcdMates Mail Line • ";;. iPfSt^Wneffstd & from St. Paul 'f '• -. _ Passengers, bjr UklniUil«iroule,Vlli'«aTelOO lea in distance ami 18 boon time, from Crilcaro or IDw««ilnd^iO..I«-;!UoM ior |U PaulVoJrtan^ottier wcepte4.--tSnndayie»cepted. - - •; , EBwiifB. coontuon, - •'•••• ---•---.--•.— -» , depart *t WVKas, Arrnt, 17; Hr. %T~ .^ni|, • »il; i .m c >-v Y..rk t I:A» F. * V"k 4 i iif klrc,,^ M.t t M Tlil. ICaiiro:id. W E, tt.r u li,r tli.- . rouipanj.. h-n fit H.I ' "f,. - • ... April, at^nli it Uic l~fl, l roll, . I' i--ttt.iin Rt It. r ..rhc-r nf Mr. A. Milwaukf^, Mnrr-h Hn. 1 ^.',9 l ti r - Lt'<f DETROIT OUR JOBBING DEPARTMENT MILW AUKEE ! DRY 00uus AND YANKEE NOTION. r 11 i I! Y THK NEW YORK & ERIE RAILROAD! T nr K i-i.h: \si tit •4-K Hill |1 UK Fare t>rtwrr New YnrV l Kn< ftprht NOTJCM. OFFICE OF BI.XHOP * CO , ll P.uu-lSiiioB ••r Mil. 4 CH • U.lmikr", Ap il ; AitER.«. i n. It , i%',9. O N and after April »th, 1SS3, an lice, no pvmon in author<zr< until furt!i<T person In author'Znl to rnakr pur. h« or ci ntracl for malerial^ for Ihe Uilwaukrr anil Cb ifo Kaiiroail wtlhnut « written or.l^r fr^oi the uud«-i» ed. Itlllj will !*• |>ai.l manlhly ami aco.un < will no .ootlnue'l with any i-.,ii<-erii liiat nrj.-!.-, t, t,, rv, monlLly biin. U. B. H.ALL, lleo'l A|ft itort|;a;e» aprlC J. T. MuODY, Jl.jter of Transportation 1839. ls.19. THE rVORTHEK^ TRANSPORTATION COMPANY Will, during the present 8«-ajon, njo ihr known and |>opulj»r Line nf FirfiC da***rre% Re(ful»rly, between OOL>KNHBUliC>H &OSWKOO AND TIIF I I'I'FIt I.AKF.S I Forming a Semi-Weekly line between OguVns'mrith »n< Oswego, and Chicago, Milwaukre and lnl..rm—iaif I orts, connecting at Ogdensbareh with ih OODENi!ODBOU A VERMONT CENTRAL RAjLKOAD BOOTE, Between Ogdensburgh, nurlinpl-To, Cnnrord, Man Chester, Nashua, Lawrence, Lowell, \\'um|tfr ant Boston, and at Oiwrgo with Ihe New OswemiLlne 01 Thirty Pint Calais Canal Boats on the Knlargeil Canal between O»w-(-RO,j|-rroj-, JAltmny A New York, Oonncctlng atoo at Dunkirk with NEW YOHK AM) KK1K RAIF.KfiAD And forming a Trl-Weekly Ballroail Line between Dunkirk, Milwaukee & Chicago. ill be subject Property forwarded by thin Line to hoi One Transhipment. - Slerchanrlls- marked -*.\. T. will be forwarded from Nrw Sarpremt Freight 7'rn<n over the CO. KX- York by an York et EH, And promptly forvarded from Dunkirk^ APPL-i TO J. MTSRS, Agent N. T. Co., 177 Broadway, New Vork. J. L. ttlRJfca, Agent N 7. Cn., '1 Cienlln Slip, New Tork. Cais. R. Tarral, corner 6th and Oheinot St., Phlla. llovsr* CKAWTOKD, 0»we e o N. V. S. D. CILDWSLL, Agent, Dunkirk, S. T. CuiHBkRUi, CaAWroin A Co , Cleveland, O. JOHH Bocxixo, Agent N. T. Co., 99 State St., Bostr.n. A.CtrsanAji, Agent V. C. Line, 108 State st., Donton. J. T. ChiiBCH, Agtrrt, Rouse's Point, N. If. O«0. PAaxsa, Agcot.Ogdensburgh, N. T. L. J. UIUBY, Milwaukee, WIs., offiee LaCrosse t M B. R. Depot. •5: Office near M. A SI. R. R. Depot. N. B.— Shippers are requested to see one of the above A gent i before making contracts, .as they are prepared o offer Tfcry low rates, and their connections with the Ogdensbdrgb and Oswego routes, and especially with he New York A Erie Railroad give them unsurpassed 'icllrtles for cheap and speedy transportation. marl3-d6m-laitwlaw Notice to llontraclors. S EALED proposals will be received until noon of the 84th InH., for the grading, bridging and trsck-lay- ng required to complete the Kscme and MisiUslppI tallroad front Its preient terminus at Davis Station, to tretportj _••••• Contractors will be required to commence the work in the 1st of Junej and com lete l&e same- on or before be lit of September nexu .Information.concerning the amount and character of the work to ba done, may be obtained by application to ROBkRT HARRIS, guperlotendent, at Racine. Proposals will be addressed to the undersigned, At- oraeys for the Mortgagees of said' road, at Rice, Wla. . , -• Q. *. THOM3JN, -1 T.B.BLACKSTOHE, Eaclne, May 18,18M. may31-d4t Attorneys. rJMlRKE hnndred and twenty.two thousand dollars of JL tne Qrst mortgage bonds of the Milwaukee t Saperl- r Railroad Oa., wilt be laid, at auction ou Saturday, IheSSlh of May Instant, at 12>f r. •., at the Uhambar f Commerce. may20-d6t J«0. L. DORA* .......... . ..... .. 8I»0»I.»VT. . : Attorney and Counsellors t Law, ' ~ WaltrtX, In store, for sale. T,*TTO!r i Manufacture's price. ; : ... HAWONQtOHJB .r ,..r V. v. I four* I- V.MJi.l K- \ H. •I I •> IN |-s < I I VI I "I I 1 M I-. I 111. I , U u II Ml lie (irand tlav^n - it (.ran.l K«[.i. liriud Kapiiln. drun.l Hivcn c »; >fflwnake^. rr i.-, i new an.l . i the B^.icti whi.-h ID «<>ITII \VLLL, JK.. , w^li be >.Q applu- ed cau be liad &T~ 1 K- *er* ..n board ^ W K. ML' IK, Urneral Sup^rmtendenl, aprii)>-illin i lilr- HUN'.T I U'M-k 1>IIJ. K K id iKAHAll. L>..rk Ulti. - I- A I, I. Oh 185M. DVKJ6 & 10., I 3li KANT UAIIIU NTUEET, J.' . .1.1. :._.£,. . .......... »'Ml'«,V.S/.V Han-afacturtrt antl WtisJetrrU «-n,l /?,(,.!. li,,ilfr, ,« (. W ODU) r^sp^-tfallj annnunev t., Uimr eta, that they ttill ^,>nttnue Ui H.-ep and best lelerteil Slock of Omul round In the State, » n d will Uieir heretofore, with the intention n( nivm* ja To as manj new customers a-i may fr^l mrl U3 a call, we woulil say one nf our llrm r^i Tork, «u«l we have facilities for tll« jmrrhai* ufacttire of goods thai can aot b« exjcii*.d all limea ready lo lake advani»ir» .if Kaat.rn and have been enable.) tn reduce ihe i-ru-e kinds of goods, which we ««ial! continue lei j lowest pnc»j in Western V rkets. We are constantly receiving aiM.tlnns to «ur «ioek and will keep It no complete aa lo be «hle at ill uoifs lo All orders tor any kiml nf Saddler*', rarrmgp Trim mera' or Trunk Makers' SU)<-», and will .In »n in a mnn ner lo f^ive aaliaraction in respect to<iual>ty «ml ^ri^e^ We also keep an assortment of llent Hluff, Pol^i, Sliafta Felloes, Spoltra, llul>% Ac., Ac., ami have eon»t.intly on Inn.i, at will make to order, any kiu.l '•<, Oar rfajje, VVagoa or Team llarnein. Call and *e« for yourselves. ao K E M O V A L w AH p; HO ithcr W.,. J »uil in- ,1 "r Itr-,-li, -T, -lr l.l cust.ini H.-ep o... lari their lin- to *^ -»n.l man Art* many at tf.r v . F . it \ v r i; \ Has removed to his old itaod, NO.I IS« EAST WATEIl t .STKEKT, (Ofpa*it«J. Af. Roilt*tteJ?a Dry GotHlti&tuTf,) And having made such additions to hu facilities ft execatioi; K I N E IP O K T R A I T S I As to enab e him to say to the public with confidence hat he Is now prepared to furnish them with every Je- slrable style of Picture known to the community, an.l at such Astounding Low Prices as to defy competition , or example, Itagucrrotypes tor 12.4 € is. SIZE PHOTOGRAPH'S For only tlflO the Brst one, and Me for the Duplicates MEI.AINEOTYPE.V, A.TIURO^ItAPHS Al d In. fact every other k style of Picture, at corria- ipomllng low prices. IMPERIAL PIIOTOI^UAPIIV, Colored in either Oil or Water Colon, an.l flnishe,! In the highest style of the ArtJ] THE SXF.Eft.OTY P E, A new and popular style of Picture, Colored In Oil, which far excels In Accuracy, Boldness and Beaiuty o( nnlsh,any other Picture ever offered to the Public.— Theae Pictures have only to be seen to be a.fmlre.1. All Who are desirous of saving money ar« respectfully elicited to call ami examine Specimen.! at the Old Stand,' ffo. 186 Xott Water street, JfUwtvtte, marl3-tl6m W. t. BATLBY, Doctor €. Lander, H AVING located himself in Milwaukee, offers Ins services to the public. Dr. L, has served la the Irltiih Army for Bfteen years. In India, Barman and tn be Crimea. Surgical eases promptly attended. Office corner Huron and Tan Buren st. |febS JAPONIOA, 30 tuns foMale by 0. HAHJ At & centa. per 100 Ibs. J. ui; -A. 4a|» ami AT K A S T W WI1.1VACKKK, .KV.U, i ; i- i- ATLANTIC FA 1.1. .«*Ti*|^, WTNCLK 81 A To, IHSti, on SA 1 liliDA V 1ST o « I W a C a angU W. K. COMMISSION in. aos w » : . vr w Personal attention uivrn «n^l aUkln-lsof Proilucu. .A I ( —A r- . i I I- P 11-11 o o ^ i r o I!. TIIFluul- A < o., M KKCHA.Vl S AT Kit S 1'It Kl- T. f'A I KN'l Laa»g». h uhtie Is now favored »ilh !|IH IlK.-lT ; JL anj most ECONOMIC tl. I.KillV -v-r ,,r. equal ft not superior lo th.- b.-st Coiil ad-ipted to Uhurehvs, ll,)t,.|i, stun-s, l(,--i,|]ni- [[,,,„„, i'njule RwelllUKB, Kailroad .':ira, Ao., 4,1. A irlal wni pronre Its superiority oVcr all Puruble Lights now .n uae» it Is unlike all ..ih^r [.arapii, li,.. us ,.,,ny ,„„„.,.„. , brilliant, ecnnonilcnl. fr^e from ,niok.. ,,r , n iell' ". n.i •halls more, entirely safe from all ,|!i m .|. r ,,r .^ i on. Apply at JOHN WOODMAN'S, •W Wis , , IS. " K A " ei " '"' t isconsin street u. . AllNfu » Slate of Wmonain. n n I li SI., n r « N «• <il« Aiiivrlntii liousv KKKP3 CONSTANTLy on nand a lar K1) aMnrtmen •it Mahogany, Ijlack Walnut and other Wnod UoiDns together with rink's Uetalio Burial Cases. The office of the forest Home Mcuietery Company a at my place, where I birve ihe plala of the grounds I m "always ready to .-i.:nimpany patrons 10 iho Oeme- rey to select ioia or placeafor burial, iml can be found immy place of buamess ,Uy or night. Oomn Prim- ill klnis for sale. « U n"S 1 11Y pUre tn hny Orocertes i »ood arucle, in store, for «ale. LA7TON A PLANKINTON.

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