Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 21, 1941 · Page 13
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 13

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 21, 1941
Page 13
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'Tuesday, STERLING DAILY GAZETTE, STERLING. ILLINOIS Page Thirteen Sterling Daily Gazette to m*K«> * asm No*'.- r; on* fwl DAILT STANDARD hM 1»S8 Consul I d«t«i Jun- 24. IS' 8 "~ Manager rf 110 P»,rity, the f«rm hloc f••;*'. purity me»nt 10 per nurs . Opposite Pt*toff!c«. ~ D W Orsmfion t swr:ms U«»i in !?4"»: "Wb? Ho our ntmiwl impart of «trinir- inj H OH rniirh?" T'>rr.»V> ' :r 1 h-r^-1 '!'"*. c'v>!t:» 1 '. r w-i«» in Micw 3-8-inrh thick ! H^«t together !-2 cup cream. I '•-IP* milk. 1 rhirkrn •'• M*'t ? *">g ** f h ** r. : r; snr-'h^r ps.r, r ';rs b'i'ter p.r.n 1 ^sb'.**:-root 1 ; < fat. Add to th* h-:Mrr unrt <r.: fa! 10 tablr'tvy-i;! f'.o'ir t" rr.^ < ( •w.i.f* Pin-?.'•. -.T:T \n''~v t'r," •' »/> ;~*~ *.;:"* i.": r rs .^'-£:n 1 ".:rr,:ns > *> nnx >.n:aii r. ?r::rrrd PBV.T'. r: •;.•: t'." 1 fir .... ,,..,...,,, (•;,.,.„ ., rd cook nnd 2 1-2 3.4 i ne h *-1d- Mcm.rurc *l*ht .«m*U *Jit* in if. *?f m«it. S'.lf* fonet!* ovrn until pa* try cnist t« ho* und thick Cut esrh t,\\ct in intf snd 1-2 \n f h *:d'. ! rii.«.fi' i''h j Rrnount , ^ j Mix the measured rhKfcrn find p'f' to a brown, rrr h».k? 1 in more pme« to r.' ' ra ; snd x a ri fork f»bo-i Inr?hi<ftml P*« ct two nice larg? frf-'.'n pe/*r.v r'.iT !n h*!vr"., remove rorr.^. /rv>p r>::t son:f o! 'h* center T*- for filling Spr;nk> with :e r^m^n r-! : .-" r <"- ; i' * T ^ : " : r>Ti t!;e hot torn of en.. Ji hi if •A:,! r">! !irm;>- in trie lr*,!-.;re -lore .T-4 of 16 fe from rrcm- t'or^. to nn Pit » hsif r>n Mill 1 :*? creatn Ifnvf* of 1-3 ;•*•*• M *'-_«• PRESS Th* Ksyocwt^rt Pr*s« i« < roUUed to the us* ^ ' tlon of all ne*s dl -^» sch * to tt or not other* :~ cr thl* paper «nd - _ TERB*B OF SUBSCRIPTION reditrd! Bfmau in * «djoin- tnit countw-s-pw ^ a " $2.75. thre* month* H ' ii-.':: .-•:.; ir.' Talkine h;s ;*!]..;'\ 'f pifici'i.e weapons; ma- :.r :,».' sMr.riir:? idle 128 ho'.jl* "•]<. (.,. ;->fi of .vro In entertainment •; e aio» b>' blo^' description of fur.', between amntfura nobody on« .. Bonth 73 cent* Cash \\ order".- 1 ; it ;y:rr.".'.s is disloyal whi> r* to >nd" their . In mooth 75 cents c« Per w«k delivered tltbcr Strrllne or puvabl* ««rv Saturday n»orn- Bo ptoen «nt through the in the city carrier district «f Sterllnf • A Thought for Today (For the lx>rd thy God Is a merri- ful God;) He will not forsake thee, neither destroy thee. nor tercet the covenant of thy fathers which He " »re unto them.—Deuteronomy 4: When all thy nwrcies, O my Ood, nty rlatni iwul eurveys. transported with the view I'm lost. In wonder, Jan and pralu*.—Addison Tomorrow's Birthdays Cheater Behrens. Edward W. Bn- ..ftit, Mrs. Kendall Scott. Emma Oorxett. Mr*. Lyl« B. WUcox, Joseph IPuckatt. _Dorli Mae David. Elizabeth SwartzSoff. Ralph Powell. Mrs Charles Houck. Donald Portner, Mrs Theodocv WesseU, Ann Gartner, f^rl Olddln(i, Evelyn Darlcnc; Jacobs, fjterllng: John BRrt<el. Laurn and |Lulu Btewm, twins, Joyc* Hinds, lavonne Sue Iruley, 5. Melba La Robinson. Rock Falls; Clar- MikUea, Coteta; John 8. Rwd ; Rev. F. r. Fitch, Earl. V01e; Urm. Mike Flj-nn. West O«n«lira, Charles Anderson, Eton. Henry Hanna, 3. MUl*d(te%'ill« Oeerfe O. Olbeon. Dixon; Herbert faul flchol. MorrUon; Mrs. Harold IteAndrevs, Nelson; Mrs. Martin Welher- Wharfield, Elmhurst. Today—John Langford, 86, Rock ffellB. Monday—Douglas Curtis. 1, Rock Quillen's Quipc •-.-* I* 1110 ' Add obsolete words: "The tfovern- ' ' o thsw: . The NacU are deliberately killing •11 hopeless mental cases, except one «e could mtntion. ' "We CMI '*• la^ar plaa fer ^ what w**« Ua». H — E*. Oh, yea, w* CM. We'd Uk* t* areM be» Urked arMML Amerioc doetnt change. In 1860 Dw peopia were apathetic, Indlf- st and wnprepared. 1 There is no rest for readers, either • Bjr the Urn* they learn the geography «C ena country, the war moves {•another. , whisky: Plain cheap grain •kohol, with a little whlifcy added _4»_oamouf lage the town boy makes good" Is ; • cheerhif headline. A better one la, ~Hoae boy makes' The navy leaves no doubt about SU pollUca. it hu ruled that the ea (!• on all inaifnla must face righ faiMead of kit. But how •nnoyinf to kill yourself STAMP HEWS ii leans Honor Arona, listorion ond Educator lllfUCH «t our Uifermation about a¥ * Chile come* from a. »-wol- MWM History of Chile, by Diafo \,, Ifcrro* Arana, an educator ajU ,. lustorian who achieved lame im • JMwtfiaper work and public a*rv» He became interested in political texarch ac a youth. His first im- •«ctant w«rk was published when |M was II yeara old. Cat)* honored Arana phil»UU- tally ia th« 1*41 stamp above. ft* atamp ' eomm«mor4tr* the 4tath anniversary o( the found. inf of Santiago. Chile, birthplace af Are«a. Araaa oontinued to write during pic early tO's. • He contributed •*• newspapers and in Ift5»—at |ne afe t4 29—w«s exiled for hu |euro«Ufttic activities. Th»t, lioweytr, proved * boon the historian who »p«nt the It few years'in Europe father* -iuartorical material and v^it- national archives. Four years ir SM wai r«pi(ruil«d and wa* rectw of the Vatiooal In* upon his return to Crule :r<--rr.x'.'.:::z prr. i>er 10 groups t;:r <!:-:rib:itiori of propaganda. Whf-n :;;:.STERLING DAILY GAZETTE'S FUN FAMILY and Tnnjnr rip Onr 4 i-: ;v^ with sojp ,-:o"< 1- whitr onion/.. 12 to bui'..*. 1 1-2 q-i 1-2 cup txnifri rurrow !vt.>d ;x>t«- ar'A chirkrn HOLD EVERYTHING! "Wish I could get lime off to do • little shooting trrifrfalL* SIDE GLAICES Oalbnttb "Don't Hilen lo your father loo closely, Tom—he spent Uiree vean warmin« the bench at Slate University r THIS CURIOUS WORLD AN8WJQR: Yea. The ball j* dropped to ihj pound and , M * MN^ IB OUT OUR WAY BY J. R. WILLIAMS OUR BOARDING HOUSE with MAJOR HOOPLE /THESE BCLTtKJG ' -'~\P5 ARE 8ETTECJ LEATHER- -TVC O'L SOARED IM THERE FOR. MOKJ7HS AKJD MOS)«H3 ^ %. TMI& IS Ti4E BRIGHTEST IDE^ X EVER WCVD, A\_VtM/«—-\Nt4E.M \ I COPY MOMN LISA ON YOUR ^ BACK, \s'e C^KM 6MO»\/ IT AROUNiO AS A SAMPLE: TATTOO, AN TWt K'OS W,LL WANT ' VCXJ CAM BE KNJAGER OP AN' VS€.'LL GO so-so OM I'LL GET PLASTER. ON TWt HOME FROM SCMOOU OMORROW/^-ME'S A SPOILED BRAT WHO EVERNTH1M& ME AM' WE- CARRIES A P1ST- JL OP ^PENDING MONEV/ A^TKTTOO \SMLL r HIS LOOKS' 1 «3£=±h BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTIN FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS The Big Roundup BY MERRILL BLOSSER IT SUM IS/ - -- B*io«5. YOU AND SAM CO/** TV4t FAOMT aWTBAMCV / JOf AND "urn NINV - stvENTrv- HAMPTON 19 , AIMT IT. Jusr Mt! I/ QJ - M TUOUSANO ^•UC •\^J<II SKHUNMCO ^51 AW ^B • ' ' ' * ~ WMOS IN TMERV END OP 1UV FfMCE, AND LISTEM SK3MM./ MB IT A«»IT moor/ IWCHTOIBS Ronnit Overlooked Something 1FI SOU A 6UCCCUPUCH. THCYMMMT 6CTCUT iEPtYDCt The Eovesdropptr IY FRED HARMAN IT VUfi 1&4 tEARS AGO »f AM ALLEY 001! Hit Dope! IY V. T. HAMUN MUOk. .BUT DOCfe 6OTT X> <S<T T or P»»fv

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