The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 3, 1923 · Page 3
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 3

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 3, 1923
Page 3
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^TUESDAY, JULY J, 1923 THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. PAGE THREE. Beginning Thursday Morning A 7 Day Special Sale of ladies' and growing girls' spring and summer footwear. These slippers and oxfords are going to be sold at a big reduction so it would be wise to make your selections early. Oxfords—Black and Brown; Pumps in Patent, Brown and Dull. All sizes but not in every style. $2.98 and $3.98 Wheat Shockers Bat In Win And Break Losing Streak Phoenix hose to match.. We AT Have you noticed our windows? .it five o'clock beginning July 1st, except Saturdays. Solomon Gets'Twenty-First and Twenty-Second Homers. YANKEES WERE HITTING Pounded Bauer for 15 Safeties But Got Started Scoring Late—Count 9 to 7. HOMERS WON IT No metal can touch you OTHER GAMES IN THE SOUTHWESTERN LEAGUE BartlesvMe 4, Topcka 1. Topolfn, July ll.—UntiiCr, new addition to Tftd Warn! IIK '» .pitehlufi made Ms Strntliweat^ni league debut ytt»:.nrdaj r by lioldnvs the Kaws -to a. I»;>iio run while the IJfNtroaU got tft Urotiv tor enough to win tho MUrd j?amo of I'Vie aftriw-* 4 to 1. Clabauifh'fi 'tvmno nin •wan Ton^U;i'» only score. IMio s«re: lUftlnfn'Hle 1 Tupeka Duller. 31> Wiliia. :fl» < 'mJiion, H» k, tci Jjfimb, c •JUitHff, j> sU> h jit) G There is leg comfort and long coiulort ia PARIS Garters. They are always higher in quality than in price. When ycu buy ask. distinctly lor PARIS. "3000 Hours of Solid Comfort" Q.STEIN & COMPANY Children", HICKORY Clinii CHICAGO NKW Yon* 35c and up Totals .Scorn l>y Hrartlesvltlo Topeka .... Summary- Topeka 1. S-base hits. Hull Olabaugh. Saci-li'ir ter, Matthews. Ibm I'i.rce, cf ."lubaiiith. rf -itinlmi. 2b -JucUskopf, llj Matthews, If •lick, 31> Ou-aves, sa Ib-tvis, l> llyres, i) Totals nh h po * 1 1 34 . 9 2 in nines: lOJ. 032 OW -4 D >0 <KU OOO-l --learned runs, HartiiMsvUli; 2. base lilt"), Willis. IIi 'VltTB. Pierce. Hemic run, i hits, l.'nshlori 1 , l>ls- lialls, off Hro»s The Wheat Shocskere weutt ou». and slugged homo a ball game yesterday, breaking tho losing streak wlilob hart attended to live eimos, pufllliif, the team from third to fourth place. TMie final score of the -welcome ohaage was 9 to 7. Bauor, who occupied the mound for liho Shoehorn, -was hit Inurd throughout but luck and his motes were with him and ho staved off the 'hostllea for five Innings. Then the visitors began bunching long hits" with walks and ran In a flock of counters. Solomon Gels Two Homers. Mose Solomon olrongtihoned his hold on the league home ran leadership by biffing out a pair, one of willed stayed In the Dark. Foster also socked one over tho fence as did Adair for tho visitors. The pame was- marked 'by spectacular fielding. Morejiotablo of tho dayVi acihleveitncnts were beautiful catches by Cart Shoots, center gardener and Sam De>men, second baseman, homi'ii took a ho! (founder over second base with his meat hand in the second" and threw U> Purtell for a fr..rce out, ii'ertiring the 'side. In the ninth Funk hit*ono -which would have humped the fence in deep right center and whiolt looked llko a certain twn- bajrger or more, S.lvoots made a great spring from left center where he was playing, caught t.ho ball and held ft tlioiigh .he crashed Into tho boards. Homers Account For Seven. The Shockers accounted for seven •runs Willi homers, Solotman driving in five and Foster two. The town talent begun hostilities early, scoring two In tho first when Purtell (singled and Soloman Jiit a hot one to center which hounded over Scott and went for four bases. Again in the third Sol's bat told. After natter Jmtl Whined PiirteU not life on a scratch infield hit. Brown took Foster's fly out l,emen singled sharply to right and Solomon knocked one clear over th:: box cars. Yanks Started in Slxth.^ The visitors tapped Bauer fo'r seven hits In 'the firat flva luivliigs but couldn't make them count. They grouped a quartet of Dingles in tho sixth for three however. Fun-k E 'ln^led and •| i wa;LoliGd on while Ilrown and A-tlair »|-flloil to Shoots. Owens waited and 0'walked and Willis doubled, Scoring __jl>"unk. Snyder walked 27 Sapuipa— * a Willis 1b B Snyder Zb 4 Soott, cf 6 Fllppln ss 4 Cleveland lb .6 , Funk c -5 Brown If 4 Adair rf 6 Owens p 2 Kelly x 1 Totals 41 Hutchinson— AB Purtell sa 3 Foster 3b 3 Lemen 2b 3 Solomon, 1b 4 Pick, It 3 Alexander rf 4 Shoots ef 4 Wales c 4 Bauer p 3 Henry p 0 R H PO 1 2 10 3 1 4 2 1 0 0 0 1 8 2 2 2 1 0 0 0 0 7 15 24 12 R H PO A 8 1 Totals 31 9 9 27 x—Batted for Owens In 9th. Score by innings: Sapulpa 000 003 022— 7 Hutchinson 203 001 21x— 9 Summary: Errors, Funk, Alexander. Runs, Willis, Snyder, Funk, Adair, Brown, Owens 2; Purtell 3, Foster, Lemen, Solomon 2, Pick 2. Earnod runs, Hutchinson 8, Sapulpa 6. 2-base hits, Willis, Scott; 3-base hits, pick. Home runs, Solomon 2, Foster, Adair. Sacrifice hit, Foster. Stolen bases, Purtell, Shoots. Wild pitch, Bauer. Bases on balls, off Owens 2, Bauer 6. Hit by pitcher, by Owens, Purtell. Strike outs, Owens 7, Bauer 5. Left on bases Hutchinson 2, Sapulpa 12. Time qf name 2:05. Umpire, Goes. BURSTS AND DUDS i, off llatllrf 1. KlriN-lt oul. by Ill'oa.i 1. \>y UalMtt ".. ilita. Urus*. 8 In six InniiiEti; ofr Byjvs. 1 in Uu-ce inniUKS. Wild pilch. Byres. Ktf .lf n base. Vhilllps. JJOuble plMyn, Km'avt'.-i u> It'x'.ksUuPt lo Menu; Cosblon to H ''lilts to lititlor. I.pfl un bsLHpa, Ba.rtleavlUv 'j, Tupfka 7. Time of punio, 1:B2. Umjihi-:), Quiffley and Moody. Sallna, <l; Muskogee, 1. Muskogee, OkVa., July 3.—Pitcher HouKon lilt a ilitmie run with two men on base and •won his own game from Miiakofiee, yesterday, 4 lo 1. Score: ^lyllllhinllhjrflbr''' 11 '"''*. iilllllln,ili <5> S> •?> * RiUlaa Gerald, aa Rentfrow, 2b Mure, If Chosbro, lb t4:irlund, rf M"yor, rf llhorlea, Sb lluiin, i! S'uttHJI. cf Houtton, V " Totals ab b lav 4 2 < 0 5 0 3 <1 2 « 1 0 i 0 S 1 3 I K V. Muskr-Euu Uabbltt, of OL^tin, MS Urauchle. 2b IVetliJ, ir fluybrank, 1h Trufrjiinn, i-r ttompe, :ib • Pornr-H, c HifHttr, If . 0Umith, If ab b po 35. 7 27 • • 4> 4> ® • • 8PORT BRIEFS. • • *$><?>e > <s><!>«'<S"3'«'<t>-f ><s>'»* Ne-«'ark, N. J.—A scheduled 12- jound hout between Mickey Walker, •welterweight oh-ainpiou of the world, end Oowlwy Padgett of Dolores, Colo., ended In tho eleventh round ' wiien Iboth fighters tumbled out of the ring, two of Padgett's ribs hglng hrokoa, rendering him unable to continue. Philadelphia—Ed "Straugler" Lov^is , „ vrorld'8 Wvy weight wrestling charn-! Mit'n'»U 2b pion, defended his title by winning! Mason, ea two of three falls tmni Itenato Gar- J Wrcnn. if dim, Italian ahantplon. »rr*«nrt 3b L^tonia, Ky.—Sweetheurt, 3-year-1 Denny, rf oW fllley, broke the track record tr, ; j? ,0 , wn " 0 the fifth race Monday when she won • IsJoo'rf the Devon I^ttrk purse, a three-<iuar- ters of a mile event, In 1:10. Dieppe, Franco—James Ockenden, ot England, won the irendh oven golf ohaniptonshlp. Burlington, la.—Three speedsters, the Miss Torre Haute, Does aad Firefly, wore sunk and the world's records were broken by Duddy of Peoria and Miss Qulucy VI of Quiney^during the first afternoon's race on tho Mbjls- slppt. 0 6 27| Totals Scoro by Inning*: _ Satlna 000 (MP300—4 Muskugea i 010 000 0:1ft -1 Summary—Honu' run, lluultoii. 2-bas« hit. Nuttall.' tiarrtfiee hits, UeraiA. Nuttall. Stolen busi'3..rit-raltl. Itabbltl. Doable play, C'HiybrOok lo O'aon to Claybrook. Struck out. by JToulton 5, by Hunter t. by Smith 1. Haiti oil baits, off Itoulton S, <•;;. Ilu.-.t.:: 5, .if? oiuiiii 1. Wild pitch, Hunter. Itlt b?Mf;nian. Sar- luiid by ITuntev. I^cft on lia-i-'s, Snllna S, Muskogee 10. Kuan. IthodtiM. l>unn. Nuttall, Houlton, Wet/.rtt, inrroi-s, Cbi^bro, Obion. Tim« of K!\nMj,- 2:00. UinpiriJa, Bondurnnt and \Vllk!n»on. CoffeyvlllB, 7; Independence, 3, Independence. Kan., July 3.—Cotfey- vllle took the oecouil garoo of its series with Independence here yesterday, winning in the eleventh, when Doyd'« otspsort. cracked. Score: Independanoa ab h pol l>"unk. Snyder walked and '.Scott hit a high fly which went for two bases wlion too many went after it. That lot in two more. Plippln singled but j Pick's great peg caught Snyder ait the plato. With two down in -the domestic portion of the sixth Pick tripled and scor- | ejl on Me.xvmdev'ft single Ao rigiu.'. Shoots -singled Alexander going to i third but Alexander was out at the ! plate on a double steal. Faster Scores Winning Run. With two burled in the heme section ot the seventh 'Piirtoli -was wounded and stole second, a'head of Jim -Foster en th home run. That won the game. Hauer launched the ship of trouble in the eighth by Walking Owens again. Willis whiffed, but Snyder -singled and went to second on Alexander':-! error. Scott singled to left, scoring both manors, Purtell threw out V'Uin>in. In tno ninth after Shoots had made his circus catch of ifunk's long drive Ilrown singled to center and itcored on Adair's home run. Henry relieved tiauer and Kelly 'ua-tllns fov O- NV^IIR hoisted one to 'Solomon. Willis ended It by sending a long .fly to Pick. BIG BALITTOSNAMENT • AT TURON TOMORROW B Turon is going to -;«.rn a fourth i»t July show of its own tomornc-w. Two good ball ga7nos beadiino the p-rogmni, the firat helng between .tho reformatory nine and the Cunnlnpham team. The will usa Miller Tomorrow sees the end of the first season. The Shock^rc will beat out the Yankees by winmr-rj today and both games tomorrow. Lets help 'em avenge those five straight defeats. First game at 10 a. m. and the matinee at 4 o'clock. Nothing to conflict. - x Boss P'.irtell lias sent. Irnns-porta- tlon ito a new man who comes highly touted .from the far west. Ilia name Is Jlurrow-s and he comes from Utah. He may work iu one of the holiday go-mas. He Is a husky right bander, —x— Johnson, who caught, on with the Rlinckers Just before thoy startod flon-fJt the. last time was given 'his release by Purtoll. Muskogee pretty soon if the fans ijult every time tho team loses a few games. —I— When Kelly came to bat in tho ninth for Owens ho grinned broadly as he saw HI Henry mount tho ruMier. Henry Is his moat, Kelly Bays. But not that time. Kelly la badly stove up and Snydor a recent acquisition is playing at tho keystone sack. Snyder looked a llltlo better yesterday and played a merry tatoo on tho horsehlde getting throe hits on four trips. —x—• Cnffeyville can hroatbe easily today. Defeat of Muskogee yesterday by Salina after five straight wins for tho Mets virtually assured Ooffeyvlllo the pennant for the first half, loosing now la very remote as tho Refiners must drop their throe ltemalnlnig games with Independence and Muskogee must win all throe from Sallna to exchange positions. —x. Houlton, Bethany college boy, who 'broke into the league by shutting out tho Wheat Shockers hore. was tho guy who 4 urt >ed back Muskogee yesterday. He. Iheld the Mets to ono run and scored three runs with his homer giving the Millers their winning margin. That independence Is fighting hard to oust iti: neighbor front its haughty place was shown by the fact that yesterday's was tho second extra Inning game of the series. The Ite- flners won in the eleventh Monday [ after dropping a 10-innlng game Sunday. —x— Dennle Meyer writes tho home fanB that ho didn 't say it meaning thnt he never charged tho fans' advice with causing his numerous defeats. Kennie advises the lmnto camp that all bo needs Is a good Ueavy-hittlnR outfielder and a good pitcher. Tho prospects are, however, thnt Meyer will soon lose, the reins in Ba- limi. l '"uns there are fed up and are reported to bo easting about for a really capable leader. - -X-- Mcfitilrc, a husky rlgjit handed hurler who haft been working liard for Ted Waring, has been released to iniiko way for Itadcliffe. a hurler from Macon of the Eastern Coast league. —x— Wo:rinig promises the Bearcat fans he wi\'i .have a muoh stronger entry for tho .seoond season wh-icih opens Friday. —x— Fred Thomas, Haliim Wesieyan pitcher who went to Topeka for a try -out, IH said to have loft tho ball park hurriedly after hitting Strobm during practice. He nevor got Ills tryout. The Summer Game Is well enjoyed if you will dress the part. A cool two-piece tropical worsted, mohair or Palm Beach will do it at little cost. $15 to $40 Prank. Isabel], the Wichita magnate was in the stands Sunday looking over the Shockers, and Wales particular. Wales tried out with the Izzios this spring and was so',.1 to -the -S-liock- ers mainly VoeauiSo Isabel) had 'four good catchers in his line-nip. —x— Wales could not have, been expected , to perform at his bust Sunday because He scored | b(J becn out ,f 0V ;l vock on ac- le latter s ; C0UU (. c ( a parbuckle on his throwing arm. Doesn't look from tho way tuO Wichita team ia going like IsocH needs j much strengthening. Alexander, the now player in the j line-up yesterday was obtained from i Wlohtta. He is a catcher but was | used In rigiht garden. He didn't look j very good on hJa 1 one chance in tho Held l>ut hit a timely single lit tho sixth after fanning on Ills first two trips to the plate, —x Pick usually bats loft handed against a riglil side hurler but on his first two trips -up yesterday stayed on the right side, gvoun-i- in.g out borli it-lmes, via IPllppin, On his third trip ho swltohcd and biffed a pn-ttv t.r'pie. ers dazzle umpires and playirrs, t:aus- ln-g fjiulty Ju'dginent. They want the fans to wear ouaOs or green shiirts. Tho outtlold at Uaiio park is in pretty fair condition tu>w, t-ne w"ee*ls lowing iboon shaved off. At .beat the out­ tlold la nttid tltui'KOi, because of thu iuud aJid tihe acciunpanying burs. Will Fight Prohibition. Paris.-•- International conference of wine producing countries of Kurope, at Its cloning session In this city, adopted resolutions solring forth the necessity of replying In kind to tho propaganda of the prohibitionists, and drew utp n set of rules bo guhlo wine growing countries to uniform action in this regard. MILITANT MEXICAN BEAUTY DIES OF HER WOUNDS Mexu o City.—The Joan d'Are of t tho .Mexican revolution. Itaiuoua I'lo- res, Is dead from th.- ot7:.>ftH i>f a wtuin-t received durllli; one of the butties lc which she was engaged ngubut thu iniops of Yicuirlauo iluer- la In 1313. Known popularly as "1/a Coroneila," Jtauiona first sotw active servlco lu tho ranks uf (Iflneral Juan CiirrlBoo. She was l»rn In Slnaloa about id years ago, and was a striking example of Mexican Indian beauty. During the last three years sho was a patient in a local sapliaiium, tho federal government mooting tho cost of hor medical (.refitment. Dale fieair went into the garden tho other day wihon ho ran out of pltobors to use as outfielders. —x— The Western Association wihlch an- nouncod at the beginning of the season it would y.fluy -but one s.-aiXMi, has changed policy and will start a now season tomorrow." The split season has its advantages for small minor -leagues because it gives a team which gets away to it bad start an opportunity to win something. Also it furnishes a littte world's serlos if two teams win. In the Southwestern league Independence won both c'liam- pionBhtps tho first year but Musko- geo and Sapulpa divided honors last year. —x— Tho OoKeyvllle Journal suggests that President Moil wear a 1)613. Coffeyvlllo apont a whole day recently trying to locate the proxy. —x— Heve'-s a new one in the way ot an alibi for 'bum umpiring and bad fielding, advancod by Cincinnati players. They tay white shirts In tho bleach' After a man 'has figured lu a breach of promise suit his soul grows faint end his knees knock at the sight of a pen.—A.tchisou Globe. Belgian Death Roll, riorlin—Tho Tasoblatt said that ths Belgian death roll In the Ithlno bridg. explosion Saturday had roachod la. THE CHAMPION AT BAY1 HE 'AN DINGS More Tea-.hera. Richmond—During tho years of 1911 to J822 tho teaching lorcrj ot the University of Wisconsin has Increased.:60 por cent, while the student body Increased .0 por cent. Totals Coffeyvillo :abdot. 3b liicbant, e O'/tyrati. II, Matthews, 2b ffrwin, if WllUg-rod. If Olass, rf Do-:Vand. ss Rljwo, cf Da.ttenfleld. p Victor, D Totals ab h po 5 44 13 33 The fight, it there is one, will bo bulletined by rounds during tho bail game tomorrow afternoon. The fight pitcher under cotkraut with the New | " ' h f ,. Same 'l" 10 .." 8 , ni.... -.. J i. . , i. ...„! afternoon game between tho Yankees and Shockers. York Giants and is a favorite lor tho first tprt&o. The winner of thto earao will play the fast Turon team in tho afternoon. John Oollopy, manager of tho Turon tooim, has offered $100 in prizes f\.>r. the teams. There will 'bo field events for tho players, Including long distance throwing, fungo hitting and obhor tMngs. . _ 42 i2 33, •Hit tor Boyd in elaventb. Scortt by InnluBs: Coffoyvlllo 010 o:e <M!1 04—7 Indopemh nc» 020 ion O'.-D 00—3 Suiumury—2-ba^e nits. SchrieiifeU, Bnwn, Glass. Sacrifice bits, ScboenfeH, T>Kttty, O'ayiiio, Knviu. .Stolen bases, Hah a, firvan*. D.nny, Urown, Victor. Basw on bans, off Boyd 2. oft Datten- fleia I. Struck out, by Boyd 0, by Hat- tcnflcld !, by Victor 1. Errors, Schoen- fr-lt 3, Mason. Mitchell, Baohant, DOr- lar.d. lKiublc plxvs, .Manor, to Mitchell to ICvans: CUi'.ss to Kahdot. Iturps. Evans, Soiiocnfolt, Brown, Matthews •>.. WIUI- Brod,..(llaE5), I>ovliind, Itou-8 2. .Tlnio of fiurou^ 2:u2. Unipbti, liodson. PUGS WILL HAVE TO ENTER RING FOR LESS • The.first conference ot'women tm- gineors has Just been hold at JJirm- lnebanv Shuc- Now Yorlt, July 3.—Tho day for big purses for .championship pugilistic matches fa past. Ton; O'Rourke, matchmaker of the Polo drounds. Eddio Banks probably will be out of (the Kiino tor several days. He showed great gameness by playing as long as ho did Sunday. — x— Barney Cleveland is corrupting tho youth of tho city. A small boy was megaphoning the tidings that there would be a hall game yesterday and'Cleveland called hlrn over to hlrn, slipped him two bits and tokl hitn to announce that Vbtrney Cleveland would pluv tM-1 base. Tiie. boy did as he waB bid—x— Koou Beck, owner of Riverside park was on hand svith a gang of jaz2 -babies who came armed 'with ukelules SOUTHWESTERN LEAOUE W. t Coffcyvllla 4: .\J iiskogeo llartlmvlUo 16 Saptilpa 38 Ht:TftHI.N"SOM SI Tf .peka M indtipendftnce 2* Sallna U .6!) .631 : r i§! Alt .378 .344 NATIONAL LEAGUB. ^itft'lctic <"lub. last night, announced! ;llKl a repertoire of songs to boost for tluit hereafter the top price for a'BcuMl'u ^Miockers and advertise their at a tillo bout would -bo $10, plus tax. i nhow. They picked on Sam Lemen The oluib was reparted to have lout I ospfceially. Now Yoi-k Ftltsburgh «> CMnulnnatl *T Droeklyn M CblcaffO 19 Kt. Louts »> Boston ft Phlladolpbla 8t> AMERICAN LEAOUE. W. N'pw York 44 PhUaaeAtihla B4 Cl*JVi*la.lld .....S3 Bt. Louis « Chlcneo S? Detroit 81 Washington .....30 Boston £4 W. I* Pol AMERICAN heavily throng 1 !! large guarantees iu ritaginjr the.roocnt Kilibane-Critiui and Viaa -WilflB championship bout-). O'Rourke faid he had reached ur.-ee- ms'nitB with the managers of loading i boxers of all divisions whereby they! Now that the Shockers hava won it tnarl consented to appear,*t tho Pb!o|is .hoped the strike will ne called off Grounds at tU» gajimma prio>-. 1 b« the taus. We'll lie lu a class with —x— The other dozen fang in the grand stand applauded tho added entertainment generously. Ht. Paul Konuaa City Louisville ... Iii'lb.mipolls Mllwiiukeo ., Minneapolis Toledo ASSOCIATION. W. L. 44 2S 41 21 SS 34 37 88 3D 43 WESTERN LEAOUB. W. Wlrihlta 41 TuWa 4S Oklahoma City 37 Oinaiiu ...30 Pes Moines 34> 3fl Bt. Joseph Jl 8: Sioux City l» si Denver 25 41 i m .514 .471 .338 .303 ret. ««T .51' ,r. .4' .41 .47 .151 .40' Pet, .s«f .433 .400 .301 Pet ,82t .m .M .:,2 .lit Four yean ago this rugged heavyweight maular w on ths championship of ths world by licking the Clant of them all, Jess Winara. Three limoi since has Dcmpscy entered th* ring to defend his title and three tlmej has he held It—with comparatlTe ease. Now, vriti the memory bt the defeat' of twe flatlc kia«i In a Uf weeks atit freeh In Ut mind h» goea the t\mt agela— to ten tack the drive oi torn Qlhb«M for hh eivTrs ani thr«*> Via «U pnbUe osMt ipatet sif, l Is dead, lung live

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