The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 3, 1914 · Page 5
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 5

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, July 3, 1914
Page 5
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Friday Evening, July S, 1914. T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W Page Fiv» ' FOQ, THIT HA/E WE DAUGHTERS 1 NEVEtt NdTlCEO IT ) BEBOCE. But yocKZE } VOURE BTOMINMORE), r IMK IT wes, at . ; - · / ! /A: I-M LEAGUE EXPERT IT TO that Malloy makes good. He IB confident that he can deliver in new company and the fans earnestly hope that he will prove the goods. His home is in Sorrento, 111. Gold Watch For Billy Lane; Bill Harper Batted Off Mound ·Watch for Lane. Billy Lane, the star who w e n t up from the I. M., and who won last Sun- Say's game for Marinette-Menomlnee in the Wisconsin-Illinois league with l home run in the last session, was presented a gold watch by fans thi« week. l.audrr Bnroins Them Up. Adfl another to Grover Laiidermilk's ·tring of victories. Pitching for Louisville against Columbus Thursday, he held the Ohio team lo one measly sit. However, Grover hasn't e n t i i e l v j got away from that 'base on ball* idea. is he passed eight men. and try out for the backstop job. He was with Kearney, N f b . last season. Look u Selby, Selby. who was alway? easv for Decatur, held Quincy t o n e h i t yesterday. Poor Old Bill Harper. Burlington in the C. A. batted Bill Harper off the mound for Cedar Rap- Ids again Thursday but Cedar Rapids won be securing a big lead at the first of the game. "The attendance so far this season at Cedar Rapids has been Sf.,000. the week day crowds always reaching 400 or better. Springfield Out In Front. By winning two out of three. Springfield 10 one and one half games ahead nf Decatur and one Springfield paper dares to pay "have cinched third ^lace." Bimy With BmkMop*. Nick Kahl seems to have a mania for Irving' out catchers. He has now ordered H. "W. Grat of Feorin tp^report Jenkinft Brothers Star. Aided hy the Jenkin.- brothers. Joe and Dan. the former manager and the l a t t o r ;\ pitcher, the Bay City Beavers still c o n t i n u e to make a r u n a w a y ra:c in t h f Souih Michigan league. So far 1 the Kr;ivers have escaped the s l u m p whii'h u s u a l l y comes to all teams and they will have a. good m a r g i n over t h e i r near^?t competitor. n- Blue Sox Shortstop. Da^r.port has taken on Hencllev. a new shortstop, formerly of the C e n t r a l Association, and will keep him u n t i l Wentz or Vogel is able to get Into the game. Yos^l was injured more seriously than f i r s t supposed, a small bone in hi? fno! b e i n g f r a c t u r e d . Fr"d Witte Sold. Big Fret! \Vitte, with Danville la c t season, his been sold by the Denver club nf the Western league to the Torre H.iute Central league club. Another l^enffiie on Books. Tilt- South Michigan league is on the f i n a n c i a l rocks. It is f a c i n g disastea because of inadequate attendance. Kalamazoo. F l i n t and L a n s i n g f r a n - chise^ are on t h e m a r k e t . Track in Good Condition for Fast Time. Mt Zion. Jnlv S.--Everything is In readiness for the -race matinee which will be held here Saturday afternoon. The track is in f i n e shape and there ^ ill be little or no dust. Fast time Is assured. Horses entered include L'ewey. owned by Sard Giles of Macon; Maud Linton. owned by Jake Hanes nf Decatur; Jenny Tjinton. owned by John Delbridge of Decatur; Don Ora- [i,r, owned by George Lancaste'r of De- :itur. and Crazy Sam. owned by Rob Brown. Fred Cri'-kman. Bert Traugh- ter. Jim Leonard. Jim Gregory, George Hill and Tlay Marsh. The Come Across ball team will go to Champaign Saturday morning to play the Champaign Moose team on Saturday and Sunday. Owing to an Injury to Captain Wright, the team will go In charge of Center Fielder Mintun. The regular lineup will appear in Sunday's game although there T. Ill be Feveral substitutes on the team Saturday to fill the places of several of the men that also play on the Railroaders learn, -which goes to Peru Saturday to play the Peru railroaders. TRAINER M'GILL . QUITS AT U. OF I. Champaign. July 3.--Willie McGHl, trainer of University of Illinois athletic teams for the past two years, re- ·Jgncd his position Thursday. The old ttBe MB .league twiner is considering ·tveral prepositions next fall and ·ay train M another big nine 'school. He came here from the University of Chicago,-and has been a general fav- iTite with the IllinI athletes. Director Huff will fill the vacamy before football practice begins, but se far has no one In mind. White Will Claim Title. Chicago. July 3.--Fearful that Freddie Welsh will beat Willie Ritchie ; SFAFERfl R C H! V E ® _,,_ next Tuesday night and d e p r h e A m e r - ican boxins promoters of the championship l i g h t w e i g h t card, the promoters are preparing to proclaim Charlie W h i t e of Chicago l i g h t w e i g h t champion in case Kin-hie m e e t s defeat. The generally expressed opinion of the western sporting men has been that Ritchie by asrflng to fight so soon a f t e r his arrival in England and under British rules that give Welsh an a d m i t t e d advantage, is In grave danger. W h i t e holds a newspaper decision over Ritchie 8s the r e s u l t of t h n r recent go at Milwaukee. ·A!" TVnrney Leax-B Appeal. "A!" Tearney. president of the Tlire"-! league, saloon keeper and former alderman, yesterday lost an appeal f r n m the decision of the Chicago m u n i c i p a l court, f i n i n g him for violations of the 1 o'clock closing ordinance. The cases are base-i on the alleged sale of drinks in Tearnev's place after the closine hour on the morning of Sept. 2S. 1912. Wife of Rev. C. J. Green Dies at Peoria. Harry E. Haines and other Decatur men who knew him, were grieved to learn yesterday of the death of the wife of Pfev. C, J. Oreen, rf Peoria, who wag a member of the doubles tf-am which won th* 1 tennis t o u r n a m e n t on the Country club courts here last year. Mr. Green is not expected to come to Decatur for the tourney n e x t 'A eek. He was also e l a t e d to defend his title as city champion of Peoria this week, but he had to forfeit his patches. CUP ENGRAVED. The pretty little loving cup t h a t Harry Halnes will give the up in the singles at t h e Centra] Illinois t o u r n a m e n t to be held at the Country c)uh, has been received and engraved ready for presentation. Mr. Haines is very anxious to h a v e some Decatur man or two men give two cups for the runners up tn the double? tournament. He has solicited several without results. Tennis devotees are deplorably few in Decatur, or at least those who can a f f o r d to give cups. Entries continue to come In for the tournament which starts Tuesday r.iorning at 9 o'clock. Among those recently received from out of town are two names from Sullivan, Charles Lindsay -and Harry Barber. Two or three other Sullivan men are expected to enter. Up to date the, n u m b e r of Decatur entries is disappointing. Every man who can wield a racket ought to enter. The competition will not be so f a s t but w h a t he will get his money's worth. MILLER AT WORK. Phil Miller, present singles cham- j-ion, arrived home unexpectedly from to east Wednesday and immediately wt-Tit out to the c o u r t ? for a l i t t l e practice. Those who saw h i m work declare that he is at the top of his f o i m and b e l i e v e he will have no trouble to retain the cup. L. C. PECKfTEAM WINS ANOTHER The L. C. Peck grocery tram defeated the A. S. Garver tears by a score" of " to Thursday afternoon. This Is the third straight victory this season for the Peck team. The batteries for the Peck team were Morthland and Mo ran and for the Garver team Garver and Watkins. Mai! Order Price List Jos. Eck Bro., 120 N. Sixth St., Springfield, 111. Wholesale and Retail Liquor Dealers. WE MAKE A SPECIALTY OF MAIL ORDERS BOTTLED IN BOND GOODS Spring Brook, 4 full quarts $3.20 Sargamo Club, 4 full quarts $3.80 Old Elk, 4 full quarts $4.25 SUNNY BROOK, 4 full quarts $4.25 Sam Thompson. 4 full quarts, Pennsylvania Rye $4.50 STRAIGHT WHISKEY IN BULK Sam Thompson, pure Pennsylvania rye, 6 Summers old $4.00 Mellwood, 4 years old, per gallon $3.00; 2 gallons $5.50 Nelson, 5 years old, per gallon $3.00; 2 gallons $5.60 Mellwood, 6 years old $3.50 SUNNY BROOK, 4 years old $3.50 Old Grand Dad, 6 years old $3.50 Old Elk, 6 years old $4.00 Old Crow, 8 years old $5.00 We are agents for the Crown Brewing Co., Cincinnati Bottled Beer. 10 dozen small bottles, packed in barrel $8.50 Rebate of $2.25 for 10 dozen empties returned. Express Prepaid on all Whiskey orders for $3.00 or more. Joseph Eck Brother 120 N. Sixth St. Springfield, 111. Established 1875. Orders shipped same day received. Wheel Him on Diamond in Invalid's Chair. Dubuque. la.. J u l y 13.--A deciderllv novel feat Tire in a baseball way will be offered at the m u n i c i p a l a t h l e t i r field on July 30. in the form of a n "Umpire dav." r i a r e n c e Rowland and his Distillers w i l l be the opponents of the Hustlers on t h a t date. WHEELED ONTO D I A M O X D Among o t h e r novel f e a t u r e s of the program, the u m p i r e w i l l be wheeled onto the diamond in an invalid's chair and will occupy the vehicle d u r i n g the entire game. He w i l l also he c r o w n e d with a wreath of flower? and given full sway over both t h e player? and those occupying the stand. Any p l a c - er who '"kicks" on a decision will be i m m e d i a t e l y ejected fmm the p a r k and the "bugs" who occupy the s t a n d ? will be expected to cheer every r i n s e decision, good or bad. Presentc will a!-=o b* 1 Driven to "his and he will be treated l i k e a king dur ing the nine innings, KKAPP THK GOAT Manager Plass stated Tuesday morning that Umpire Knapp will probably be the arbitrator to be "the guest of honor." Knapp, it will be remembered, was the umpire who was struck In the head with a box chair here several weeks ago following a game with Davenport. The o c c u r r e n c e regretted not only by the D u b u q u p players but by all focal fans as well and Plass believes it a good idea tn show the umpire t h a t the local baseball p u b l i c entertains no "hard f e e l i n g s " againpt h i m . BLOOMER!TBUY PITCHER MALLOY A deal was closed Thursday by which Blooming ton purchases Pitcher Cy Malloy fro m Peoria It will be recalled that Peoria sold the player to Mu sea t i n e several weeks asro, but lie declined to report, m a i n t a i n i n g that he was good enough for the Three-I and t h a t in new c o m p a n y he rould pitch winning- ball. He was offered to Bloom ing ton some time ago, but the price was too high. The Distiller management finally agreed to take less m o n e y and the MONTICELLO TEAMS GO 13 INNINGS Montlcello. July 3. -- Dr. R. W. Bushee and wife returned Thursday morning from their wedding trip. The Montlcello Indians suffered defeat Thursday afternoon at the South school grounds when they met the Henpecks (old star players). The game, however, was not decided until the t h i r t e e n t h inning. The batteries were: Indians. G. RhoadeE and R. Mar- auiss; Henperks. Phiilke and A u g u s t - ine. Score: R. H.E. Indians ____ 0(13 Ono OOH 100 4--8 9 6 Henpecks ..001 000 020 100 n-- 4 10 7 TO PLAY BEMENT. The Mnntlcello Indians will play a t Bement Saturday afternoon. Sundav afternoon t h e y wili play Illiopoiis here. , The Boy Scouts went to Ivesdale Thursday afternoon and played a scrub team and were defeated by a score of H to 6. K. O. K. A. will play the Bement second team at Bement Saturday afternoon. Three-I Teams May Grab Several Good Men. Bloomington, July 3.--Representatives of the Illinois-Missouri league held a conference in this rity Thursday afternoon at the Illinois hotel. Delegates from the following cities were in attendance: Ottawa, S treat or. La Salle, Lincoln and Champaign. The magnates votPd to drop Lincoln following the decision of Kankakee to forfeit Us franchise, and, complete th« season with four clubs, Streator. La Salle, Champaign and Ottawa, Owing to the fact that Lincoln Is far removed from the other cities, involving heavy transportation expenses, and the f u r t h e r fact that Lincoln haa been drawing poorly, that association agreed to withdraw upon receipt of its guarantee of $475 from the league treasury, sufficient to pay salaries of Lincoln players. 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