Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on March 4, 1897 · Page 16
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 16

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 4, 1897
Page 16
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A LAB'"F i?t**fr Hnm-". Mr. ^nd Mrs. E, Turnroth entertained a large party of young people at home on Locnsjt street Monday with & very* pleasant party, ilnf was ,epenfc In playing games and music which tent a spice of *wrlety to the entertainment. During tbesveoing elegant refreshments were enrved, to which everybody did ample Jastice. The party broke tip about midnight and all weje sorry that the pleasant occasion had come to ft close, Mr. fcod Mrs. Turaroth have made an enviable reputation as entertainers, Which they undoubtedly fully deserve. The following is a list of the guests: Messrs. and Mesdames: Ixrols Frailer , Gus Hobrlng Misses: , Annie Lawson Chick Turnroth Nellie Johnson Bettle Turnroth Ellen Erlkson Helen Westman Hilda Tornroth Bcttle Person Freda Frundell Carlson M&He Cfissens . Tina Johnson Emma Cassons Messrs.! ' Charles Llnd John Johnson Gtist. Johnson Cbartle Larson feter Bwangon' Swan Olsen Alexander Anderson Eric Turnroth Leonard Isaacson Peter Anderson STERLING IS ALL RIGHT.- Dlxon Bti'i Reporter • Give* the Town H tlood Send Off.. A Dixon *Sun Reporter visited in SterlinB^fcently, and yesterday he gave tiff a column in bis paper. Among 1 other things, he said: "Everything • points to a prosperous year ahead for pur neighboring city, just about as it does for DIxon. Col. Moses Dillon, a former Dixon boy with a warm place atill in his heart for the old home, told m« he hnd-sold the lumber tSaturdin for tbrm nnw. residences to go. up .1m- mediHtely, and for another one. i»mt, morpintr. , •\V»rk wMMi'o coinrtH-ucrd BO •>: <•' a line ••.* A- i o'A-iihhiy 'Ilig'i >o' M. I)i i'i •, Another fpruier 1>.;\ i % v, now ut ttif head of the big Dlll<iu-ti. IB- wold wire mill, mentioned a meeting of that company to be held some time in March, when it is probable that the capital stock will be increased some 8150,000. L. E. Brookueld, 'head of a big establishment that makes hearses and fine carriages, was so busy be had hardly time to shake hands. Same all Along the line. There are evidences of a good substantial growth on every THE DIRECTORS IN SESSION. Rock River Assembly Board Meets to . Bear ThU Year's Program. Dixon Sun: The directors of Rock ^ Biver Assembly are in session today • v at'Dr. O. B. Blackman'$ office. The object of the meeting is to coLflrm_ the program committee and to make some aaggeations for the program's extension and improvement. The program • was very favorably received by the directors and they now have some of its minor.polnts under discussion. ..<_ The program committee consists of •. Dr. 0. B. 'Blackman, chairman, and Key. T. F. Dornblaser, 'of this city, and Rev. W. Hartman and O. Clymer, of Forreston. ' The directors are A. 'A. Krape, of Lena; J. Levitt Moore and W. F.Shaff, — of-Polo; Key. E. Brown, of Sterling; Rev. W, H. Uartman and O. Clymer, • of Forreston; and Dr. O. B. Blackman, O. W. Bruner and Rev. T. F. Dorn- blaaer, of this city. AH are present at the meeting except Mr. Staff, of Polo, ILLINOIS LEADS. Operate* More Miles of Railroads Thau ' .Any Other State. The annual report of the Illinois rail road and warehouse commission shows that in tbisState there are now In operation 15,024.94 miles of railroad track, of which 10,544.21 is main trackage, 1,399 la second, third and fourth tracks, while 3,985 sidings. Illinois leads all other States, in the union in the total mileage, which is 19.02 miles of road for every hundred ' square miles of territory in the State, or 38 miles of road for every 10,000 inhabitants. The capitalization of the railroads ia the entire State and thoie doing buaineefl in Illinois IB $2,669,164,US, which ifl@67,556per mile of road. The lyaouxit paid by the roads during the p*»t year in dividends lathis State ''' TALMAGE IS COMING. ,K»t«<I JQlvtu* to' be at Dixon ' ' '.'. bljp Aug«*t fi wud tt, At the meeting of the Board of Plrec- tow for the Bock itlver Assembly In'MoQfisy.^je coctmct was signed Whieh will brlog the Rev. T. DeWitfc « 3f*lm»ge to the Dixon Assembly, Aug. OnG. A,B, day Gen. Gordon will gitre IsU fanaoas lecture, "La 1 *! Day* of fifederae-y." This will a la./ be the special features of the Aa- For tUa sptHjial days the rail- PORTER'S FORECASTS. Comfnc \ftntttrr- 81, Joseph, Mo., Feb. 28.—My last bulletin gave forecasts of the storm wave to cross the continent from March 1 to 4 and 6 to 10, and the next disturbance will reach the PaclBc coast about ttfe llth, cross the west of the Rockies country toy the close of the 12th, Great Central valleys the 13th to 15th, Eastern Statfls the 16th. The warm wave will cross the west of the Eockiea country'about the lltb, the Great Central valleys the 13tb, Eastern States the i5th. Cool wave will cross tbe west of the Rockies country about the 14th, Great Central valleys the 16th, Eastern States the 18th. March and April will go into partnership this year in the weather making and reversals crused by one of the planets in March, while they will cause great weather extremes In that month, will have a decided influence on the temperature^ and rainfall of April. This will interest farmers generally, for it will determine whether we are to have an early or late spring. With good April weather large yields of oats and grasses would be assured, while a dry April makes short grass and a poor yield of oats. A cold April is very bard on gardeners whlje a warm April brings them bountiful harvests. Watch these] bulletins for April forecasts.for the weather in that month caused by disturbances in March will go to extremes. The above statements are of greater interest to all except the northeastern States, because .the rainfall of February and March will be so small that by the first of April a general drouth will be feared. ,. With'these conditions at the first of April it would be worth-millions of dollars to agriculturists, dealers in the cereals and speculators to know what the weather of April, May and June will-be. Thnue bulletins will tell; tell the truth four- titnea out of flve and that is enough to insure success. , Farmers are now preparing to plant and sow in the dark, because they are unable to see ahead and .because the weather bureau of the United States has failed to advance in their work fair enough to tell them. If the farmers knew what to plant and sow and how, In order to suit the weather, what millions could be made thereby.""- THE AWFUL MORPHJNE HABIT. Sad Case of a ,Prominent Physician of DeKalb County. ' One of the saddest'.specimens of humanity ever met is the poor unfortunate victim of'the morphine habit. In^ the DeKalb county jail is now confined Dr. Thompson, of Hlncktey, who has become crazed from the excessive use of this deadly drug. A short time ago the doctor was examined by a commission of physicians for his sanity and pronounced sane. He soon became again unmanageable and is now in jail awaiting a second hearing. When full of morphine he is not insane; but when not given the drug in large quantities he becomes wild with craving for it. He can take a dose of thirty grains of morphine without fatal results, and his body is literally coyered with pin sores where the drug has beep injected. He has taken the cure, but relapsed. ~ ELECT NEW OFFICERS. The Odd Fellow* 'Choose New Men to I«ead Them. The election of officers was '..held at Odd Fellows' meeting Monday evening. The following officers were elecr ted: : . R. B.Hull, N.G. S. W. Hurlbert, V. G. . : • Fred L. Johnson, Secretary. . .' F. A. Caugbey.PermaneritJSecretary, J. G. Loos, Treasurer. The following gentlemen were chosen as members of the Board of Trustees: A. R. Hendricks,. W. H. Over, Charles Windom, J.*C. Meister and P, L.,Mlller., . . The meeting was largely Fattended nearly every chair in the lodge room being ailed. Three members were present who were initiated thirty-one years ago. They were W, A. Golder, Chicago; George G. Keefer end A. K, Haberer. The meeting was interesting and everybody IB eritlrejy satisfied with the new corps of officers. , Agricultural .Experiment Station Bulletin No. 46 of the Illinois Agricultural Experiment Station treats of the following topics: New method of determining r yi<*d invarjety experiments Attempt to grow crimson clover in Illinois, Drainage experiments ID South- era Illinois. Effect of withholding coarse feed from young calves. Bulletin No. 47, which is in press, treats of the smut of bioom corn. The text ia to be accompanied with numer. ous cuts illustrative of the general subject. Parties Interested in>ny topic herein treated will receive the bulletins ts$& upon application, and those specially lutMesteil in agricultural litera- may hi*Y0 th«ir a&taea placed on. maliiog liat by furnish* e 1, pAVKf »<»«', Ehreetor, OUR NTtm 'By PegisUr Corrcspo^dst'ts. The Central Examination waa held »t the Gardenplaln school bouse Friday, Twenty-four pupils took the work and twenty-two pupils noa'de the required average. .Misa Mstnie Harrington, of the Mount Hope School, ranked first ia the class with Amos Burns, of Cedat Creek, a close second. Paul Doyle, of the Mount Hope School, a boy of twelve years of age, made an average of ninety per cent. The pupils all worked hard aad all did excellent work and certainly deserve much praise for their efforts, Pupils: While it is something that you can be proud of that you have a county diploma, yet it is not "all there is to work for;" no not by any means. The county diploma is simply the first step in the ladder and the top step, can be reached only by years of constant toll and struggle. Seek to reach the upper round. Misses Alice and Stella Bennett were the guests of the Misses Eaton Friday andbaturday. C. Williams spent some time visiting his wife at the Corners recently. He returned to Morrison Friday. '' Rev. McMaken returned from his visit in Chicago Friday evening. T. B. Eaton has sold a half interest in the implement business to Mr. Burghardt. John Burghardt will look after his father's Interest. We wish the new firm continued success and prosperity. Mr, and Mrs. Marcy spent Saturday night with William Slaymaker and family. Mr. and Mrs. Williams, of Morrison, were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Parker recently. : ' W.R. Lewis, who .went to Chicago to live a year ago, is expected back soon. He will be a welcome citizen to his many friends in Whiteside County. Miss .Mary Curry spent a few days this week with Mr. und Mrs. A. J, Stowell. • . Will and Curry Slaymaker.of Garden- plain, own four ferrets. They expect to raise them for the market. 'The ferret will soon exterminate the rabbit. The Aid Society met at the home of Mrs. Burnett last Friday. Quite a number of ladies were present and all enjoyed. a good dinner and social time. Mr. Startzman, who has been suffering with a severe cold, is able to be out again. • . ' „ -_J?rank JEaton mQved._tQ_Fulton to U_ve_ the first of the week. Monday was a busy day for renters, Mr, Krehner spent Friday night with E. Marcy, ' Miss Emma Hollinsbead, of Fulton, was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Will Montgomery over Sunday. T. B, Eaton made a business trip to Fulton Monday. Miss Anna Austin, teacher of tho Stone street School, opened her school Monday morning, being closed, two weeks on account of sickness. West Science Kidge. "•* Moving all the go. ' Fine weather. N. J.Bufch had a large pile of wood sawed into stove wood last Monday. David Ebersole, of Prairieville, moved on the Strock farm, recently occupied by-JobrrKr-Freyrlasr Monday; David Ebersole, who has been living on the .farm owned by the Martin Bros., moved last Tuesday to the George Shuler farm, recently occupied by Joseph Graff. •-.'..* Joseph Graff moved to the Delp farm last Monday, : Wm. Schrader moved to the farm recently vacated by J. L. Reisner, Charles Myers, of Penrose, will move on to the farm owned by William Schrader and Manuel Laudis will move on to the Martin Bros.' farm. ; s . Harry McCaslin, accompanied by his sister, Jennie, spent Saturday and Sunday the-gtieets of M. W. Jones and family. ; , .- • - ; The gravel used'for making roads now is hauled from William Scrader's pit. . ' , Miss Grace Hatting epent last Saturday with her sister 1n Sterling. Miss Mamie Reisner, of Second'ave- nue, Sterling, gave a delightful party to her many friends of, West Science Rldgejlast Saturday. Miss Reisner4e a pupil of West Science Ridge school and those who are in daily association with her will not depy her to be of a very lovable disposition.' Miss Reisner is a delightful entertainer and all who were preaeat declared they had a pleasant time; games, such as lotto, check- era* stage-coach, etc., were the chief amusement. Miss Mamie, accompanied by her sister, Mies Naomi, delivered several yocal and instrumental pieces of music, which were highly appreciated by the guests,: Refrisabaieata, consisting of cake; fruit sod candy, were eeryed at 3:SQ o'clock, Thoee present were, Misses Mabel Jones, Ella Ebersole, Agnes Halting, Edna Metzler, Anna Genkinger, Edith and Anna Nice, Jennie and Eliza Ebereole. Tits central examination of township 21, range 7, which wts held at the Weut e aeliool, Friday, ,if*b, gg, p&8S6ti a? uuewssrully. Out of tio tfkd, twelvs r«ack*d jt&a veqairfc4 average, A short pn»gwto mm teuAtrpJ by 8*¥»r«J of (he >i^e4'*^''t4?*P»***^^ 'If.' if (». i,., . ..I.. t ?? ls , % j 88 3-7 Nftra Lust, Nora Fec>ifj>l 2. 84 8-28 Horace Metr.lar 3. B2 6-7 Mollie Went feel 4. 82 2 7 Cora Jurgens 5. 81 0-7 Minnie Landis 6. 819-14 Nfellle McGinn 7, 81 ?-14 Ed Wofthisgton 9. 80 11-14 Edgar Beeler, Ira Laadifl 8,, 80 9-28 Mamie Relsner 10. , The first of March is the general moving time,' Several changes were made in this vicinity. , Mrs. J. H. Vandenburgfipent Friday wito Mrs. O. 8. Partridge. Mrs. Ed Myers la ependiog tt few days with her sister in Round Grove. Henry Jurken is ill of pneumonia, A number from Gait attended the sale at O. E, Fannlng's last Friday. Ed Robinson carao home Saturday to spend a few days with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wilkinson spent Sunday with in Gait. Mr, and Mrs. Amos Shullz an'l fami ly and Mr. and Mrs. William Kunk spent Sunday with Isaac tihulu ana family. . Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Hoak spent Sun' day with their daughter, Mrs. Harry Brown, of Corao. • Several from Gait will attend the oyster supper and entertainment at Como next Friday, March 1. Hopkins. The short month of February is past and today ushers injthe wheezy, breezy month of March. ... - - ° RuBsle George is able to again attend school, after, a week's vacation with the grip. John Miller, of Clyde, will Work for Edward Wafd the coming season, commencing March 1. .•:-'..'Miss Elsie Haye?, of Malvern.accom- panied by Miss Pinkie Birdaall, visited the Hopn«f|j ncJioo! one day last wenk. J. S Mcfi'iiiny, wo are glad to learn, has fully recovered from Ma late illness. Mr. and Mrs.; Charlie Book are rejoicing over the arrival of a baby boy, who put in an- appearance at the home last week. The German school had two days' vacation the past week on account of the minister having three weddings on hand. / •••'';; ..: r Messrs. McCauley and George sold and hauled their hogs to market, last week, .. . • :•'.'.". .'•-.'-• ,'••'.. August Stern had wood sawyers Thursday. March 1. SENT REGRETS IN VERSE. Mrs. Nettle OE. McUrath TeUs fbe Odd. Fellows Why She Couldn't CoirCe. • Mrs. N. E. McGrath, of Fulton, a prominent Rebekah, was invited to speak at the celebration of the order in this city last Friday evening. Being unable to be present, she sent her re.- grets in the following clever verses: •*' In reply to' your friendly note ,, Which you so kindly wrote, •-, ' Inviting my husband and me ; : V . ,To Join In your fesilvlty, ' / Allow me to express to you here' • - . Our thanks tor those kind words ol cheer. It Is a.year ago today, '"••... Since we gathered, tributes to pay To the order, to dear to :us all— - .-, • In your new and beautiful hall? , . '• ——WeTegMt wei caunot join you tonight ( 'And renew the lair vision to our sight,' '' : But tuo'absent from your npw hall •• We respond to the order's cull, . By attending a little party I'.ere '..•..''••• Designed to brlng'pur members cheer; Ii>ng may your temple live In "Love" . ' • Overehadowed by the "Eye" Irom abovel .- Long'may the order flourish there ' . -; And may It grow each yestr, more fair L : Fraternally ani-Cordially yours « InF.L.andT.- ' NETTIE E, McG BATH, , . - ' MARTIN H. MoGBATif. MORP ABOUT OUR CANNON. W. N. Hniikell Koceivex ft Letter from. ••• ...•.: -. . Some time ago a letter received by W, K, Haskeli .from Congressman Prince, regarding guns for the Central Park, was published in the STANDARD. At the same time Mr. Haskell ..wrote to the Secretary of the Treasury regarding the same matter,) |The follow- log letter received recently explains itself, ! ... / ' '•••.•• •.:-,-, •-.--• Washington D. C., Feb. 28, 1897. Mr. Walter ^.HaBkell, , Bterllng, Illinois. BIB:— Ypur letter of the 30th ultimo to the Secretary of the Treasury has been referred to this office, and in reply I have to 'inform you that the is.- Buea of guua under the Act of May 23, 1836,were to be made under reguiatioaa to be established by the Secretary of War. Applications under the. above act have been received for many times .the number of guns that this depart- pent has, and I will place your application with tbu others. .'.'•• Respectfully, * , , 1>, W. FLAGJ.EB,, Brig. Gen., Chief of Ordnance. — Wor4 ^ouitiB from Capt, Uiliy Smith, who |s now iu command of the,. Salvation Army Corps, af LouigyiUa, Ky., that he is eojoyiag blfctssiog^ euoh us he never «xperi@ac@4 b#foc«. HI? m twofti Uum doubJea wSaow he taeu tUesr* ^a^ he the Loylat ille WALLACE BLOCK. We have iuade extensive alterations in our store. Call and see our new improvements. Call and see oar new goods received. Call and eee our special prices on Granite Ware for this sale, We always guarantee satisfaction or money refunded. - S ; • . Our Special Prices on Granite Ware. Drinking: Cup - * - 7c Stew Pan, 2 quart, No, 1C, 15c Milk Pan, 3 quart, - 15o Wash liasiii, - - - 16c Dipper, 2 quart, - - 10o Coffee or Tea Pot - - 2Oc Dresden Kettle - - - 39c Tea Kettle, No. O, - - 49c : The following goods we will sell in this sale at prices that will ^ave you money. Turkey Ked Handkerchief 3c Embroidery, per yard, - 3c Ladies' Cotton Hose - - Co Child's Hose ' -••..-.''. 6c ALa^geTowel - 1 . 5 C Turkey Red Table Cloth lOc Fancy Tidies . : . - ia c German Yarn, % Skeins, - 14c Paper Pailh, Special for Friday and buturduy - .- ' - lOc Nursory C li. ir - - - 4l>c Willow Clothes Baskets COc Kitchen Mirrors, 12x13 - 15c Towel Holler, Cherry and 'Oak Finish T \ - 9c Brush and Crumb Tray - 14c Checked Working: Shirts 21e Pepsin Gum, per package, 2c And many other articles received which is impossible for us to mention, It will pay you to investigate. • v Stefling New Cannas, Burbank, Austria and Italia, Standard Bedding , Sorts, Madam , Crozy, Florence . Vaugham, Queen Charlotte, Chas Henderson, Alphonse Bouvler, J.W. Elliott Ehe. mannl. v Sweet Teas and 'JNastar'tibirsieed' in bulk. •' Full lines of bulbs for planting. • F. A. BELT. II I? Not By That rmf to its present Knowledge of the ho.*t«esfj» good foods, a«d fair * have done It. Our old tenners know this. We want every otie to know ft. We Wave a good supply o* *««l «** hand/ .-•ft Coe & VanSant 1 ^: M t^~ii C. E, BAILEY, 1. will sell for Cash this week at tt»a following prices. All goods gnaranteed. . 22 Ibs Gran. Sngar. ' 82 Ibs Light C Sngar, Pillsbnry Flonr, per sack, » White Satin Floor, per aacfe, 1 .lg Kansas Beauty Floor* per sack, 1*05 Iowa Ctrl Flonr, per sack, 1 «tw Lion Coffee* or Arbnckle's Coffee m 1 Ib XXXX Coffee, . If 85 Clothes Pins, . f 1 pkg Yeast Foam. •» 1 Ib llest Fine Cut Tobacco, |f 1 Ib Quality and Onantity, 29 1 Ib Best Uncolored Jap Tea, S» Same as others askOOc. 1 Ib Best Lard. & 1 Ib Good Baking Powder, 30 1 Ib Baker's Chocolate, 85 6 Bars Farorito S6ap, 26. 8 Bars Santa Clans Soap, . 25 1 Gal. Best Cider Vinegar, 15 5 Gal. Gasoline, ,*& 1 Gal. Perfection Oil, 9 1 pkg Gold Dust, > • &j> lib Best Creamery Butter, SB 1 Ib Best Dairy Butter, I* 1 Gal. Good Syrup, 2S 1 Ib Good Boasted Coffee, 1& 1 Ib California Prunes, ft 1 Ib California Evaporated Peaches, ' 81 Ib California Evaporated Apples, 61 Can Good Corn, * Table Peaches, 8 Id Can, Pnnipkln, 8 Ib Can, Oatmeal. 80 per Ib, 9 Ib fpr Cornmeal , per sack, ^ : Graham, per sack, , •$ ANNOUNCEMENTS. ALIFORN NEW ORLEANS. (Pullman .Buffet Sleeper Every Tuesday • en*" ",.'J S«turd«y nlRbt from Chicago, connecting direct <' Bt Mew Orleans with the Southern "Sunset Umlted,'* for.J^s Angeles and Baa Francisco. THROUGH KE8EBVATION8 CM-,.„ csgo to the Paclflo Coast. In addition, Paltmwn Tourist Sleeper everv .Wednesday THROUGH . WITHOUT CHANGE from Chicago to 8an ln « Franclsoo, via New Orleans, by the same routers! HttMESEEKER! EXCURSIONS From January to May, 1897, tncloslve.'.viz.: a the low rate of One Pare for the Round Trie plus *f.OO to certain points v /' * from stations on Illinois ; Central west of Iowa Fftlte j Iowa, inclusive, on the taS,S and 3rd Monday ot each* • month; east ot Iowa Falia, and north ol Cairo, IB.;< >, ._ . •;•.'_•-' '••'•' one day later, viz.: let ana 3d Tuesday. In addition, these tickets will ba sold on the flrst and third Monday and 1 uesdajr !i from Chicago and Wenona, 111., aud points sourfs ' on Illinois Central as far as Ontrnlfa, inclusive.^ Also Homeseekers' tickets will be sold from stations In Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana and stations in Iowa east ot and Including Cedar , Falls to points on Illinois Central west ot Iowa Falls, and from all stations on the Central Route,; north ol Cairo to certain points • , WESt AND SOUTHWEST on the 1ft and Sd Tuesdayof each month. •, , ^^ -Tickets and lull Information concerning alt'o|-?a; the abo?e can te bad of agents of the ueata»R Boute and connecting Haes;, A. H. HANBON.Oen. Pass. Agent, ..^ The great Four-C Remedy is doing work wherever introd«cedas nearly ml as it ever falls to the lot of any human agency to dd (I will esteem it a , favor for any pne interested to write the persons whose names appear below or anyone whose name may appear 'among these testimonials.) . MH aim Is to contlnca tlie public of BENEFACTORS OF, THE RAC£ OBoe of "KiNoyiBBBB TiMaaf' t •i . Klngflsher.Okla., Deo.J2,'8af • GIHTUMIKN:—1 believe it my duty to write yon a line in regard to the beneficial effect of Phelps' "Four 0 Remedy," so far AS 1 am personally concerned, A week ABO last Thursday, I was taken ,wlth a severe attack of la grippe aud la a short time became so hoarse I could not speak above a whisper. The night previous I had coughed nearly the entire nUtht; lust before retiring I look »teaspoonf ul.and slept Cue entire night as sweetly •s ever I did in my life, not coughing once.' I was entirely relieved before taking one bottle. Phelps' Cough, Cold «ud Croup Cura should be in every household in the land. I pend you this wholly unsolicited by anyone, for you are benefactors of th< race in giving it the Antidote for «om« of the worst affliouans to which it Is heir. ': VeryTru^you^ m?A^^n * 5 ~ J . wUh {? *•*** twtunony to ^i e F oa n y ol J" 5 "' Fou » c " *«mady in «^ and ludg ailments. As « rule I h*VB bwn™ fc tloaj of fhe merits of proprletwy^edk^i n&ve to ooofes*that s> teat of your ''Pourtl'i W; oonvluolng that ftt least one r^dym«4«»8nj»a»" £^Ktf£JSL ^L«««,f«.«•*• W?* A MIRACLE. . _ • „ Kansas City, Kansas, Deo. £4, •»! Last Friday. Deo. 19. my attending physician •tated uuless I WAS better by morning he could do nothing; for my relief. That night I com- utecoed taking Phelp'D "Four C" remedy, stopped s.11 other madialue*. The first dose stopped my cough; slept and rested well; a few more doses removed all «oren«ss from my lungs; the second dftylwasup; the third d»y I was out on the torch and to-day was up town purob&slug holiday Washington Ave. and Summit 8$. GROUP CURED. One dose of Phelps' Cough. Cold aud Crotio Cure, Hava my child Instant relief when ""—'- s with th« croup. W. £. Motijis, of Moore "•"• "—— UNBROKEN BEST AT NIGHT, J- B. HPUHO. Man Sill! i it ua*, « . J«B.HOJ4»«, i<ACUTE^ URYNQITiS. For as different from outer iifceremedi f row Vinegar,« su^tr from wind? MM, JOSEPU E. GEDBS, &31.3 M&dlspn AV& IT 13 A MIRACLE. • IV»«VM »v i'«vv>«j\jjjj^j ttiMj inK PUBLIC -"-"« Sf^^S^iU±SSl&^^^JK^^^ , it a trial oft the sbove conditioni -,-—_, I take all s, H. urn, f ^ , • - -~T- f J VtTPW | * I Vl;j| '• P0r Sak lit R«e|c Wit by fl. H. BI€iCroR0 t: In fry W, R *

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